This site is the main staging area for my blog and software, Talisman Suite. The future developments will include an audio and a visual blog as space permits.

Rapture Reject's Blog

This blog covers a wide range of topics and is more a listing of articles than anything else, at the moment the Blog is hand coded but the next development front page will have an automatic listing from the blogs by year and month for easy navigation. The front page will have the most current article. The older articles can be stepped back through at the moment. A link to my old wordpress blog will take you to the historic blogs some two hundred and seventy articles in total.

July 2016 'The latest addition to the site is a rune reading popup, the exit button is the little 'x' at the bottom right hand corner of the popup. The blog page is getting too large and the left hand menu can't handle more than fourteen entries so its time to make it smaller than it is. This means that it has been made into a two and a three menu sections by date for each month as the 'Daily Bugle' effect takes hold. The production of material for the blog will only be affected by updates to the site as required, expect something every day even if it is only a poem or some art. The inclusion of a cartoon is under development and may be several weeks from airing yet, having trouble with the lipsinking but it will be mastered soon.'

The current blogs have a tick to indicate the revision status in the sidebar menu next to the item. Final revision blogs will have a green tick Final Revision in the first selection to indicate their status. If an article has a blue tick Second Revision it is a first revision stage article, and if it has a red tick Rough Draughtit is a rough draught and will only become final when it is revised and has a blue and then finaly a green tick to indicate it is complete. The monthly listing menu shows how many articles are in that months section, if there is only one item then no menu will show for other articles.

The date and a topic have been added to the article header and the latest article is at the top and the older ones are listed bellow in chronological order.

The 2015 Blogs are all in the final proof stage and are complete at this moment in time. They are still listed in the sidebar menu untill the 2016 blogs are several months in then they will be accessed from the top year menu only as the 2016 articles start to fill up the sidebar menu.

Talisman Suite

Talisman Suite is currently standing at revision 6.78. The program consists of A Tarot, Runes IChing and Biorythms program.

The Tarot, Runes And IChing programs alows the inputting of readings into the reader facilities, or generating a random reading for practice (just select a hexagram in the IChing or a random choice. Thenoutputting the clients readings or saving them to the database. loading readings and editing and revewing a clients email output from the output editor.

The three main programs all come with an editor tutor facility to input your own meanings to reflect your deck and you can also change all the graphics to suit the same deck you have eg: Rider Waite.

The Biorythms program has the same facility for outputting a reading to email to the client load and save and review.

The current release of the software was developed for the Windows 7 platform and is not a x64 release. The Next revision is in current development and is in the final stages of building but there is no release date at this moment in time.

The artwork for the program is still incomplete and they are needing funding to get them ready for release, when they are finished ther will also be various other designs for sale to registered users. The software will remain free even the next revision suite seven. The only means of income will be donations and art sales for the programs three decks which are at this moment are just in the design stage and will get to development after the first deck is completed. This may have to be crowd funded as it is getting past time to make an income again.


The contents page is still under development at this time as my old site copy is out of date.