The Tarot program is the strongest tool in the Talisman toolbox, its primary development was as an aid to reading the Tarot better by using the Tutor to learn the meanings in a visual format. You can use the program in a similar fashion by using the Tutor to learn the meanings of the cards from the database. You can use the Editor to enter the specific meanings from your own deck i.e. the Rider Waite etc. Then when you have the meanings leaned the reader application will allow you to generate readings and to save them under the clients information and to retrieve any clients reading at a future time to review the reading (minus notes and stats) see the Reader page for more details.

The main screen has at the top right hand of the display a drop down selection box with the seven layouts that are considered to be the most popular with an additional one the Four Elements a new style reading that takes advantage of the statistical analyser for the readings.

There are two parts to the Tarot The Editor/Tutor and the Reader. The Editor can be used to replace all of the meanings for the 'Talisman' Deck to reflect your own personal deck for output purposes you would need to scan the deck or search the net to download your deck and enter them into the program for when you read for a client and inputy the reading into the Tarot reader. When you toggled the editor off (browse mode) and you can browse the database to learn the meanings of the cards, using it as a tutor.


The client information is displayed at the right hand bottom of the layout area and any established clients can be selected from the drop down box. The client information is the backbone of the program and allows the quick selection of a reading for the client and the ability to switch between clients, so don't save until you are sure the client is the correct one and the reading has been full input for that client, outputting the reading is no problem if you output to the wrong client just close the editor and then from the reader just select the correct client from the drop down box or input a new client from the Clients menu and simply accept the input and then re output the reading. No foul no penalty.

Create a Reading

Creating a reading for a client is simple once you layout the reading with the deck and you have the cards before you can then input the reading using the drag and drop facility to enter the cards into the application. The drag and drop panel is accessed from the right of the readings page at the edge of the display to the right of the second information display is a grey rectangular box with a inward facing dark arrow head. click on this to open the panel.

There is a known issue with this display, you must first click on a card to verify it then you can drag and drop it onto the position that you wish to enter that card in. The suits are accessible by selecting the buttons at the top of the panel this will change the display in the panel to reflect the selection. When you have dragged a card over to a position in the layout and dropped it you can see that it is always in the upright position to reverse the card simply right click on the card and right click again to undo it. When you have input the reading from your deck then you select the client (or input a new one and accept it) then you can save or output as you please. The delay is caused by the fact that the cards stats are being assessed when you click and not when you drag as this was causing lots of problems. So it adds half a second to each card which is still faster than inputting them by hand from the database manually.

For training and practice purposes just pressing control 'n' will enter a new high probability reading for the practice session, you are advised to use client 0 to store these if you are just practicing, this is also useful for non subscribing 'one off' customers.

Reading Stats

The reading stats are automatic are shown whenever you click on a card a set of coloured text boxes appear on the right of the card (except the number two card in the Celtic Cross layout) they refer to the selected card only.

Information Boxes

The boxes appear on the right hand of the card except for the only exception position two in the Celtic Cross layout. The information is arranged to display in the first (top) box a capital M for Major Arcana, a small m for the Minor Arcana, The second box displays a U for Upright facing cards and an R for reversed ones, the third one show and O for odd numbered cards or an E for even numbered cards. The final box if shown displays the pairs, triples, quads and quins with the appropriate number 2, 3 etc.

Suit Tab

This display when selected and a reading is entered or created shows the number of Major Arcana/Minor Arcana, the number of Cups, Coins, Staffs and Swords distribution in the reading and any pairs, trebles, quads and quin cards, if any are present in the layout. You can then click on any of the ones you wish to check and the information will be displayed in the layout. A colour border and the coloured information boxes on the right hand will show the other stats. Click the left hand column of the grid for the selection you wish to display.

Multy Tab

This panel display the other information about the reading starting with upright and reversed cards, then the odd and even followed by any pairs, triples, quads or quins if they exist in the drawn reading. Clicking the left hand column of a row will display all of the odds or evens with a coloured outline around the cards, the stats boxes will also appear on the right of each card in the reading that pertains to that selection.

Summary Tab

This is the work horse for the professional reader you have the ability to enter your own card specific information, the generated statistics for each card and a heading for the complete reading are also there, you can replace the header with your own.

Header Tab

The great strength of this in reading facility is the ability to as you read for the client, either replace the stats with e.g. "Hello Mary like I told you in the last reading some specifics are still showing from it etc..." or you can add it to the bottom of the stats and have it all output, this is all while you do the reading. Whatever is in this box will be output to the document, either way replace prefix or suffix your own write-up or its all up to you.

Notes Tab

The notes tab has a card specific orientation that allows the inputting of specific information for that card the information is stored for each card and will be redisplayed when you click on another and go back to it, this information is also output to the client document under each meaning for the card, or under the stats for the cards if that is selected for output.

Stats Tab

The stats tab hold the card specific stats, Major, Minor, Upright/Reversed, Odd/Even and the pairings or multiples that apply to that cards as well as its specific placement in any multy grouping with a reference to the others in the grouping.

The Output Editor

The output of a reading brings up an in line Editor facility that allows you to replace the text that was input in the reader, and to replace the statistics or just to add a header or footer as suits your reading style.


The Output

The output of a reading brings up an in line Editor facility that allows you to replace the text that was input in the reader, and to replace the statistics or just to add a header or footer as suits your reading style. The images that come with the Suite are still being completed and will be finished by Jan or February 2014, the image manager will allow you to view the existing Tarot, Runes and IChing graphics and replace them using the left hand directory viewer to navigate to your own images and to just select either the Tarot, Runes or IChing you wish to replace, then drag and drop the new card onto the existing one seen in the right hand display as thumbnails and you will have replaced the image with your own. For more details on the functions of the Image Manager see the relevant page from the left hand menu.

Talisman Suite VI

This is the first release of the compendium suite that consists of a Tarot program, a Rune program with the IChing and a Biorhythm program all integrated into one.

This program is freeware and you are welcome to set up a sign in to the site by using a valid email (username) and a password of your selection. Then when you login you can access the download page to receive the completed artwork. See the registration page for further details and to sign up.

If you are a Tarot or Rune reader you, will have to set the program up for your cards, meanings and images or just accept the program defaults, then you can input your client list and store their details using the client inputter. The Tarot, Rune and IChing programs produce automatic readings for practice and also allows the inputting of real readings from a deck of cards, bag of stones or from the IChing coins or hexagrams.

The program is developed for output to Windows 7 and a version for XP for older machines. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768, the higher the resolution the better it looks on screen.

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