Talisman Suite VI

This is the first release of the compendium suite that consists of a Tarot program, a Rune program with the IChing and a Biorhythm program all integrated into one.

The main objective of the program suite is to allow you to use the Tarot and Runes and even the IChing as a client orientated reading system to input actual readings, using a simple drag and drop facility. When you input the reading you can save it under the clients details or just output the reading to a document for emailing, the interface is developed to be as simple and as straight forward as possible to use with a collection of quick key presses to achieve the main functions in a reading as quickly as possible great for doing telephone readings. The Tarot and Runes allow you to input the header for the reading, either replacing the statistical one or just writing before or after it, and also allows the inputting of single notes for each card or stone in the reading, for the output you can choose to not output or to output the notes as befits your reading style. The output can then be spell checked in a standalone documenter, e.g. MS Word, Kingsoft etc. then added as an attachment to an email for your client to read. The IChing is a single object reading and needs no internal notes it can all be done from the inline editor when you output the reading.

The IChing and the Biorhythm programs were really included to use as free monthly output for a specific subscription client list, a free IChing and monthly Biorhythm emailed to client is a good PR device in that it also serves to remind them that you value their custom. You can of course use it in any fashion you choose, free or charged it's up to you.

This program is freeware and you are welcome to set up a sign in to the site by using a valid email (username) and a password of your selection. Then when you login you can access the download page to receive the completed artwork. See the registration page for further details and to sign up.

If you are a Tarot or Rune reader you, will have to set the program up for your cards, meanings and images or just accept the program defaults, then you can input your client list and store their details using the client inputter. The Tarot, Rune and I Ching programs produce automatic readings for practice and also allows the inputting of real readings from a deck of cards, bag of stones or from the I Ching coins or hexagrams.

The program is developed for output to Windows 7 and a version for XP for older machines. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768, the higher the resolution the better it looks on screen