The Runes program is built around the same principle as the Tarot program in that it is a client orientated reading development, with saving and outputting. The tutorial facility to create a high probability reading is an added tool for the reader to practice readings to help you produce high quality client readings.

Create a Reading

Before you create a reading it is advisable to start with selecting a client from your available dropdown listed clients, then to select the layout from the dropdown list and then to open the drag and drop panel on the right hand edge of the reader window to input the reading.

Creating a reading for a client is simple once you layout the reading with the stones and you have the runes before you can then input the reading using the drag and drop facility to enter the reading into the application. The drag and drop panel is accessed from the right of the editor page at the edge of the display by the second information display is a grey rectangular box with a inward facing dark arrow head. click on this to open the panel. Right clicking on a stone when it is entered will flip the stone and unflip it.


The client information is displayed at the right hand bottom of the layout area and any established clients can be selected from the drop down box. The client information is the backbone of the program and allows the quick selection of a reading for the client and the ability to switch between clients, so don't save until you are sure the client is the correct one and the reading has been fully input for that client, outputting the reading is no problem if you output to the wrong client just close the editor and then from the reader just select the correct client from the drop down box or input a new client from the Clients menu and simply accept the input and then re output the reading. No foul no penalty.

The Tabs

The rune program is designed to facilitate all that the Tarot program does, The main thrust of the Rune program is that like the Tarot it has layouts that can be selected from the drop down bar on the right of the screen there are four to choose from. The note feature of the program like the Tarot can be accessed from the 'Stats Tab', the client information is displayed at the right hand bottom of the layout area and any established clients can be selected from the drop down box. There are three Tabs, you can view the image up close, you can select the Stats tab to enter the write-up for each stone or for the complete reading, The Cycles Tab is used as a reading tool for displaying the 'Cycles' that any stone in the reading belongs to.

Image Tab

The image tab is for viewing each stone individually, it only comes into its own with the new graphics that are available to the paid up registered user. The Standard card is just the original freeware image that comes with the freeware version.

Cycles Tab

When you click on a displayed cycle in the grid (clicking the left hand column) will highlight the specific cards in the grouping, The other Cycles that it belongs to are indicated by the letter boxes that appear on the left of each stone in the selection Freyr etc.

Stats Tab

The Stats tab has three sub tabs that can be used to display the readings statistics from the 'Header' tab, the individual users notes that can be entered for the selected stone from the 'Stone Notes' tab and last it there is the 'Stone Stats' for the selected stone in the layout. You can check the Output Notes (default on) to output your notes for each stone, to the readings documentation in the editor, you can also choose to output the Stats.

The Header is editable as are the stats as well as your individual notes, outputting them all is a useful tool for the emailing process for final summary writing, away from the reading page.

The Output

The output of a reading brings up an in line rich text editor facility that allows you to replace the text that was input in the reader, and to replace the statistics or just to add a header or footer as suits your reading style. For a more detailed over view of the Editor select the Output option from the left hand menu on the Tarot page.

The Rune program has the same quick key presses for quick practice and output, control 'n' makes a new reading, control 's' saves the reading and control 'o' outputs the reading to the editor. The layout is similar except that the images of the stones are not shown. Using control 't' will switch the display from single turning mode to showing the complete reading at once.

Talisman Suite VI

This is the first release of the compendium suite that consists of a Tarot program, a Rune program with the IChing and a Biorhythm program all integrated into one.

This program is freeware and you are welcome to set up a sign in to the site by using a valid email (username) and a password of your selection. Then when you login you can access the download page to receive the completed artwork. See the registration page for further details and to sign up.

If you are a Tarot or Rune reader you, will have to set the program up for your cards, meanings and images or just accept the program defaults, then you can input your client list and store their details using the client inputter. The Tarot, Rune and IChing programs produce automatic readings for practice and also allows the inputting of real readings from a deck of cards, bag of stones or from the IChing coins or hexagrams.

The program is developed for output to Windows 7 and a version for XP for older machines. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768, the higher the resolution the better it looks on screen.

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