The registration process is only concerned with the online application when it is finished. it will be a two part one, you must sign in to the website to access the download pages for to get the latest graphics and to see the screen shots and access the support sites 'video tutorials', facebook and my blog. Registered user can use facebook to bring up glitches that need addressing in the program and posts will be used to let everyone know when fixes have been made. It's your business you run that, it's my business to make the software for you.

When you sign into the site it will require you putting in a valid email address and a password of your choice, this will only be used when you pay the registration fee of ten pounds, and can acces the download gallery to choose which deck you wish to purchase and download, a database upgrader is being developed to allow the user to access various deck meanings and apply them to their program.

The first level registration (signing into the site will allow you to access the download pages, and the, video tutorials and help files (with screenshots) and to access the contact sites. The software allows you to use your own Tarot deck of cards, and you can edit the database to reflect them, and keep that local or use the site version to keep all your client records online with a local backup facility.

The Output in both the registered version and the online suite are different at the moment as the online one will allow the compiling of email runs that can be sent at the end of the session. While the program as it stands just makes the attachments files and you need to then send them manually. The cost of the first year's subscription for the online version of the program has not been determined yet. The version 'Talisman VI' makes the output for emailing but does not generate an emailing list for the days email clients and then emails them for you, that is what is now being developed for the online version of the program. The present client list that you use will remain the same, by using your local database from the original program, thus saving you from re entering their details, these can be backed up to an online record store under your account in case you need to rebuild the list for any reason. The local definitions for your own deck will also be preserved and so anything that you currently use from the freeware version will still be held locally, or you can set an auto backup feature when you subscribe to keep an online copy of your local database. An online version is more capable of internal auto emailing than a standalone pc version of the program, hence the release of this version as freeware.

You are welcome to the freeware version, which will stop being developed and supported when the online version is up and running. But by then it should be well debugged and very stable and will last for years to come. You will still be responsible for your own emailing, cleaning out the 'clients' folder, or not but that will just continue to fill up hard drive space, one file at a time. The tutorials are all now on to show the user of the freeware version how to import, add clients, output, enter readings for the Tarot and the Runes.

The Online Talisman Suite VII

The online version Talisman Suite VII, will offer the subscriber (you), the service of emailing your stored and generated emails to your selected client list, it will then move the emails to a client folder, or delete them whichever you prefer. This service will save you and additional hour a day to two hours a day, allowing you to have that extra free time for a mere thirty two pounds and fifty pence a year, that works out at just two pound and fifty pence per twenty eight day period, or thirteen lunar months to the year.