The IChing is an ancient and venerable system for inquiry, the present development of the IChing in the Talisman suite uses the ancient system of interpretations based on an early translation into English, they do say that something's get lost in translation, but with all the applications in the this program any random reading will still be more of a hit or a miss, as with any kind of interpretation (an electronic version) as opposed to using the sticks or the coins, Runes or Cards, it is always going to be more beneficial if the user inputs their own hexagram choices base on the traditional manual system.

Once you have drawn the sticks or the discs, you can select the card from the right hand pop out menu, just click on the small grey box with an inward facing arrow and the selector will pop out onto the image area and clicking on the correct hexagram, they are numbered top left no '1' to bottom right number '64' and are laid out eight to a row, click the number of your choice, then the selection will be displayed on the IChing reading screen. Then you select your Client from the client list in the 'Client Inf' box on the main screen, if you have not already done so. Or for practice purposes just leave it for client '0' 'Everybody' & 'Anybody' and then output the reading for emailing.

For practicing a reading press control and 'n' and a random selection, based on a small statistical analyser will produce a high percentage hexagram on screen, then press control 'o' to output the reading, then you can add your assessment at the base or at the heading of the reading and just use the traditional meaning as a footnote, your program your choice.

There is no editor for the IChing as the original meanings are already a translation and it is all about the translation so use the output facility to clarify the reading for the client.


The Output

The output of a reading brings up an in line rich text editor facility that allows you to edit the reading in any way you like or to just leave the clients details as the header and to add a footnote as you choose.

Talisman Suite VI

This is the first release of the compendium suite that consists of a Tarot program, a Rune program with the IChing and a Biorhythm program all integrated into one.

This program is freeware and you are welcome to set up a sign in to the site by using a valid email (username) and a password of your selection. Then when you login you can access the download page to receive the completed artwork. See the registration page for further details and to sign up.

If you are a Tarot or Rune reader you, will have to set the program up for your cards, meanings and images or just accept the program defaults, then you can input your client list and store their details using the client inputter. The Tarot, Rune and IChing programs produce automatic readings for practice and also allows the inputting of real readings from a deck of cards, bag of stones or from the IChing coins or hexagrams.

The program is developed for output to Windows 7 and a version for XP for older machines. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768, the higher the resolution the better it looks on screen.

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