The main concept behind the Talisman Suit is to facilitate the tracking of customer or 'client' readings, the database will store the readings by pressing control 's' in the individual readers, Tarot, Runes. The reading will be stored for the selected client on the display screens client information area, so make sure you select the correct client before inputting the reading and saving it or outputting it.

Inputting clients details will require, the user (you) to select the clients icon from the main screen area, this will start the Client Input application. Adding a new record (+ button) will let you add a new record, input the clients details then move up or down to commit the changes. A new record will, require three bits of information, Forename, Surname and DOB (Date Of Birth), if they are not input any move will lose the input and revert to the last record. The DOB is for the Biorhythms program so that they can have an accurate assessment of the bios. The program was going to contain a Horoscope application that would also require client DOB,

If a Clients details are inaccurately input don't worry the details can be edited and then just move up or down or click accept to commit the changes. It's as simple as that. When you click the accept button that client is accepted as the current client and any readings done, saved or output will contain their details, you can of course select any already stored clients details from within all of the applications (Tarot, Runes, IChing and Bios) for outputting for emailing.

Talisman Suite VI

This is the first release of the compendium suite that consists of a Tarot program, a Rune program with the IChing and a Biorhythm program all integrated into one.

This program is freeware and you are welcome to set up a sign in to the site by using a valid email (username) and a password of your selection. Then when you login you can access the download page to receive the completed artwork. See the registration page for further details and to sign up.

If you are a Tarot or Rune reader you, will have to set the program up for your cards, meanings and images or just accept the program defaults, then you can input your client list and store their details using the client inputter. The Tarot, Rune and IChing programs produce automatic readings for practice and also allows the inputting of real readings from a deck of cards, bag of stones or from the IChing coins or hexagrams.

The program is developed for output to Windows 7 and a version for XP for older machines. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768, the higher the resolution the better it looks on screen.