Superficial Sight.
Bond Mates.
Working Ours.

A Glasgow company has taken an innovative step by reducing the hours of ‘attendance’ for the same pay and no loss of benefits. The old alternative the three day week never really took of in a big way, seems like no one wants to work their life away. Indentured by time for money was never a comedians script or even funny.

The three day week was a concept from the seventies and eighties and still employers all hand out iron clad contracts that indenture the common mans time for wood pulp (then) and virtual credit now. The hard realities of life is we should work rest and play every single day and they inhibit this to tie a person away from other things in their life, children suffer, relationships crumble under the pressure of this artificial state of being. That cannot be found anywhere in the natural world.

To be hired to complete a job is a very different thing, for some people can do a days work in three to four hours and do not need to be tied to the office any more than one or two days a week.

As a site foreman joiner in Wales in the early eighties, with a crew of ten men and several trades, joiners, brickies, plasterers, tilers, glaziers and plumbers (electrics subbed). The agreement I had with the men was that if they completed their workloads by eleven o'clock Friday they could knock off with full pay for the rest of the day at twelve o’clock after I checked their jobs. I never got home most weekends till the Sunday as the guys took me out and kept me pissed, probably the best job I ever had if I could remember it more.

So when you have a job to do and you get a pay paid weekly if you complete the job to spec and before time the job is still done, now that would be better for all concerned. Sales and telephone industries even have quotas if you his targets you can leave or be greedy and stay but the choice will be yours then. Not the diktat of the punch clock on the entrance wall.

Clock Ticking.

The clock is ticking and the time is running out are from older days. Time is running out comes from when a sand filled glass marked the hour and so the time was running out for the hour glass turner to turn the glass over for the next hour. When analogue clocks were first brought out of someones imagination into the ‘real’ world and was then tied down into current speak. The issue of the noise comes from the fact that life was so much quieter then, the constant tick tick tick had an effect on a quieter household where noise was controlled. A household controlling the noise and bustle within its confines was usually also under punitive rules to maintain ‘propriety’ within monitored homes. This gives rise to the attention by noise that the clocks ticking had on people, the clock is ticking is an equivalent expression from time is running out to convey a need to hurry from the pay attention and be ready phrase time is running out.

Time as we measure it is an artificial concept to allow us to pace our activities and to help us to keep in mind the needs of the day, eating, play, education and sleep to name but a few. The old adage work rest and play every single day still has a good deal of unused mileage in it. The day is coming when people will no longer evaluate their life buy how much they earned, how expensive their car is, how big and well situated their house is or even how educated they are. The day is coming when the work on the bloodlines will demand a necessary investment into giving the bloodline the best advantage that we can pass on. This will includes being socially capable, emotionally durable, wise beyond the moment and able to instruct instinct and interact with intuition for growth as survival is no longer the directive for these levels of being. The cream of the crop will of course be the inspirational process and how it will elevate the self to the heights of better integration and balance as well as health and wellbeing.

Site update.

This site will be replaced next Monday the development will be completed over the weekend and is about 95% complete in development and about 65% in implementation. This is the last post for the site as it now stands as it does not look the same or behave the same. The blog will be the main page for the site and all other developments and the software can then be accessed from the blog side menu.

If there are any troubles with links on the new site from reposting direct links please let me know and I will attend to the details but the testing does not have this in mind as the clock is dictating the terms. Watch this space.

I will be moved back to my old flat from my decanted one in about three weeks and I need to get into the habit of the new site asap, to get up to speed quickly.

I would like to thank the GHA and my housing officer at The New Gorbals for the provision of the flat and for the time to recuperate it has been a good place to convalesce.

Spectrum Analysis.
Healing Rifts.
Held to Ransom.

Ever had to wait till windows updates your system under windows 10, well the bad news is all about the time it takes, minor changes to a system are just file updates that can be replaced and restarted in a few minutes. A complete install takes over an hour, so why is it that an update just took two and a half hours on a medium speed PC to make an update. Now over the internet you could back up (on a fast PC) a terabyte to two terabytes in that time. Gone are the days of the old CD, DVD updates and the free download sites as manufacturers all start to inhabit you property for their idea of how you should use their product that came free with the hardware you purchased. Pre installed and configured operating systems with suites of software or software packages are now the mainstream and not the premium packages for the premium customer. These were all being rolled out as test phases for the ubiquitous one size fits all ‘PC’ right off the shelf and straight to the work-desk. Right out of the box solutions are now delivered in a system ready state, routers, wifi, scanners, copiers, printers, tablets all now state of the art and just competing on functionality, durability and deliver of expectation and this is the VHS - Betamax rumble in the jungle event to see who comes out on top.

The days of long service desk call and tinkering over the phone are nearly over for good. All the testing and cross testing of connection, hardware differences, drives and fixes have all pretty much been flogged to a standstill, from call centers in Scotland to India for hardware and service support. All the modular development of interfaces seemed to plateau with the USB connection and that also includes the phone industry with the advent of the mini USB connector both for data transfer to PC and for charging, this includes the new genera of vapour devices. So with all of this advancement how come a complete renewal of the system is now the standard for Windows 10, this seems on the surface like a step backwards while all the other levels of service are all making advancements from the tech to the software. An industry progressing all in a forward and innovative fashion compared to the grab your platform and hold you from a half hour to up to a three hour downtime period while they dicker about in your system without any by your leave. The fact that they are displaying a ‘this may take some time disclaimer only seems to add insult to injury during their invasion of your necessary work and recreation time on your property.

These days they want absolute autonomy with access to their product on your property. All property in the world is protected under the laws of access rights still being managed as litigation. Privacy and property and all the legal infringements they bring up manage about a quarter of the present civil action in the land. For a time they were trying to force the customer or end user as they like to think of us into accepting a enforced update to the new platform as they have now stopped supporting Windows 7 and 8 some time very soon. The free upgrade, the inability to stop it or to just decline the enforcement started the ball rolling. Industry can of course be held to service and replacement contract on rented hardware or even insured corporate proprietary systems on site. The man at home still uses Windows 7 on old machines that are defying the grim reapers wear and tear on the aging tech and OS and software dinosaur's of the old systems. These old software packages are of course being supported by compatibility patches and fixes to get the old guard of their old platforms onto the modern day replacement systems that are all cloud and sky orientated for data storage and share-ability standards are heralding the new age of data and user interaction.

As an ex network (LAN) manager with a fifteen machine ring in place with a print console (old way of doing before plug and play) we could replace an entire system back to a default setting from the server, machine by machine or the whole network at once. The local library still uses this function in an effective manner to negate all virus attacks so only the user is subject to the attack as when they log of the system shuts down the platform then resets on boot up to ready status with default setting replacing all key drivers and crucial system files and application attack sensitive files ready for a clean start. The users data is their concern either by USB device or on their own platform if they use wifi on their networks.

Back in the Fight.

Well Hilary sure made big impact first round goes to her, no knockout but had her opponent on the ropes more than he could handle or come back from. Americans must be bored as they stayed up to see the event. A bit of a slug-gout match with one or two referee blindside-rs and a whole lot of jibing and slagging in the clinches. The poor man was under-prepared and had little or no responses except he did go the distance proving that if nothing else he has the stamina to still remain standing, after the winner has completed a lap of honour.

Ding ding and its back to your corners, no low blows and soon it will be seconds out for the second round, who do you put your money. Well if piers Morgan can be believed Trump is a dark horse that will bounce back from the first pummeling with many new irons in the fire. The punch drunk performance was just to fool the side betters for better odds then, or is it all just guy for guy against the bird in the bush trials.

Aspergers Humour.

There was an airwaves program on yesterday that had my full attention and circumstances stopped me getting to it. So the review of aspergers and autism spectrum of not having been known for a sense of humour has just missed the point about humour. Humour is being able to understand or see the funny side of certain things in life. Now humour, has many areas that go to make it up. Sarcasm, and wit are diverse opposites, irony and levity are in the same spectrum. What is funny is not always a well balanced thing either as sarcasm, is down on someone or something. Lampooning and lambasting is just low brow monkeying around, but the targeting of differences in shape size, intelligence and culture are still the big broad strokes canvas for the budding funny person of the day and age. The alternative comedian did a lot of damage with their over intellectualising of the whole process and then nearly killed it off altogether with a bad dose derogatory refrain.

To get the joke is as hard as customs and regions in dialect are to produce the ‘RP’ version for each continent. A Joke in America may not travel well while a dirty limerick can do the rounds for months. The aspergers symptoms usually show as having a bad sense of humour or ‘not getting it’ to bad timing or seeing a joke that no one else sees or thinks is funny. Having been told I had an inappropriate laugh, a bad or non existent sense of humour has been dogging my steps all of my life. The opinions of others that travel before me and give me a reputation that hath proceeded me is prejudice by gossip.

Whenever I see something funny (have a strong liking for word play and puns) I try to incorporate it in my writing in some fashion and have to sensor myself so rarely these days, but in the early days, my idea of funny would have offended all the little luvvies that want to hear no evil. Humour is a highly personal think and knowing what tickles your funny bone gives you a means for levity and a letting off of steam. A cultivated wit is usually an acquired taste and can take some getting used to.

But the upshot of the program has to be the overwhelming callers that stated clearly that their own experience was to the contrary, but the sense of humour was less than mainstream and could be a little edgy and sometimes tasteless (not bland but bad) and could take some getting used to. The highlight was a gay aspergers high functioning man who took over the whole of his section and was one of three outed aspergers suffers working comedians in the country, so that proves the disability is not representative of good or even mainstream humour but it does exist and is no longer seen as having modern mythical status.

Fracking Shysters.
Head Banging.
In the Blindside.

While we were sleeping the first test of Scottish stupidity docked at Grangemouth and the idiots are really coming out of the woodwork and lobbing in half baked ideas, and the worst innovation was suck it and see. The caller said that as an ex oil industry worker he could see no problems with the fracking and its damage reports to land, water tables, rivers and wildlife. They did not seem to matter to the money and power man. His advice came down to lets set up a few test drilling’s and see what happens. The argument that never came back on that was the fact that ‘test’ data is available from around the globe from comparative sites and with less of a huge water resource than Britain has. The scale of water pollution just from test sites on this small island is incalculable given the bad results from less ecologically rich lands in foreign countries. There was also no mention as to in this ecologically aware age what sort of reparation procedures did the test companies have in place for making restitution and reclaiming the land if they damage the water tables, or harm the ecology. After all we have to use fully joined up writing in the modern age. Waste management and restoration planning have to be more than a given, given that disasters have to be in the planning and thinking about ventures like this so that no company will invest the time and energy and not have a restitution plan or recovery plan in place as well as clean up programs if they are not taken forward.

The days when companies could act with impunity and think that they could get away with damage and leaving a damaged ecology in their wakes are over. All manufacturing processes must have the end details taken into the planning as well as they eye on the profit or they will have to go away and think again. As the population density grows the liability and likelihood of leaving a blot on the ecological landscape increases. The restitution costs and planning are fast becoming a must for any future savvy investors and progressive modern companies to have in their portfolio so they will be the first in line at the new developments and not the last in a long line of rejects on the don’t phone them list we all have on our smart hand-held’s.

Test Reparation.

Now if a test site is being drilled set up staged whatever you want to call the method without any real details available to make the observation, and it is this that is keeping this stupidity in the public eye. What are the clean up measures if the water table for the district is contaminated, where is the liability that should be leveled with the opportunities as they are handed out.

There are many sites in the world where the gold-diggers have gone in all gung ho and with just seed money to get to pay-dirt only to fall foul of the oversights and incidentals of circumstantial changes after beginning their threadbare and cheap attempts to mine for gold in them thar hills.

Oil spills and tankers shedding their load are just the tip of the iceberg in the long history of irresponsible wildcat developments in our history and the disaster sites are still scattered all over the world to this day.

Foul Tactics.

The labour rebels that think they can make a hostile takeover in a democratically based organisation of the people for the people by the people and that the paying membership have the last say in its management style, its rules and regulations and that will not be left up to the elected members to the top table to use executive decisions that have not been tabled before the membership before endorsement. Just to stop the kind of wildcat anti party stance these control freaks are taking to make their hostile takeover attempt. Most of these people that put their heads above the parapet recently will never be able to duck back down out of sight again. The membership have long memories and they have a historic tendency to stalk and evict the right wing extremes from their own ranks. So they may just promote their own representatives in the same labour grandee posts as independents and work in alliance with labour till all the insurgents get what they deserve. To cripple your own party to bring down a man that will bring them all to heel is an act of sabotage and those that did are all on borrowed time from the moment they showed their hand. The worst indictment against them is their timing has played right into the conservatives tactics and their continued selfish program within the party is not and could never be for the benefits of the members and this is now as clear as the writing on the wall. I can hear a bell tolling in the near distance.

Bigwigs, Head to Head.

The big standoff was not worth staying up to watch live is no real surprise to the knowing voter, most will have recorded it and flipped through the highlights as some desperate rumour monger would have been up all night and writing copy into the wee small hours to justify their claims to insightful opinion.

The lion and the sheep to slaughter did not happen and the woman gave better than she had to take and managed to take it all and still make the lion of industry seem like a kitten just out of the litter for the day.

The truth about the golden boy or even the golden girl ideology is up close and personal the reality is we are all human and to be human is to err. The great black hope and the first black American president still could not walk on water or turn the tide of world events. The most likely, the best profiles have all fallen as short in delivering the world changing leadership that is fast becoming a necessity for the future development of the human species on this ball of dirt. Water management is a world wide problem, and even Britain where it lands more frequently is just getting deluges that can no longer fall on the drought ridden lands of mans wasted developments and habitations on lands that have been over-farmed and resource raped for too long to be still usable for the future race of man.

The technological age advances are fast outpacing the needs of the current population as development is exceeding the primary use for the herd as a whole. The biggest wish on the wish list is space as we show no signs of managing population control any time in the near future. Land reclamation and restoration is a first principle planet-forming step right after atmospheric adjustments and then water delivery systems and generation programs to support life on another planet. When we can reclaim the spoiled lands of our own globe we will have a first rung to start the whole process, the other arm will develop the technology to transport life safely to the new promised lands. When we have water management and storage for warmer h2o rich environments with no polar caps we will be ready to become interstellar travelers. Until that day we have to face the accusation that we shit our own nest, act with irresponsibility in pursuing profit even to the detriment of sections of our own populaces health and wellbeing. So the golden boy and the golden girl are ideals of a state of perfection that do not exist in the human condition. Most indigenous races on the planet are more globally aware than the so called modern day man with their virtual reality world in their minds eye, while they plod through the mire they create in selfish pursuits to the cost of anyone they believe they are superior to. Ideal and paragons all have feet of clay and plod the mire of their own residential wastes, while they tread the excrement and gag in their own bile and vomit.

Ah well one fine day then, but then again the clock is ticking the goldfish bowl of dirt is filling up and the ground is about to drop out from under us all.

Taking Stock
Patiently Wait...
Third Strikers.

History is giving us a chance to prove we are better than the image we are tarred with. The Labour leadership question was answered at the weekend and the infiltrators are still hamstringing their own party better than the conservatives could ask for even if they could have paid a third element to sabotage the party.

The party poops are all taking the stance of soothsayers that are immaculate judges of not only character but political power. The membership have long memories and the poopers days are numbered as they have not gotten behind the party at all. None have toed the line and all are still active in the destruction of the effectiveness of their own party unless it has what they want in it, awe the little luvvies don’t want to play unless its got their buddies in the top slots, very conservative of them really. One hundred and sixty eight defectors, that will stamp their feet and hold their breath while they hold the electorate to ransom just to rig the game into what they want it to be. These petulant hijackers are doing their enemies work for them and the timing of it all is very suspect if the rhetoric doesn’t set your radar off then that itself should, alarmingly so.The man has won two altercations against the third reich in their ranks, that if at this time in this current climate and world platform status decide to not work for the party they now find themselves in. If god gives you lemons learn to suck it up or sugar it down as lemonade or get used to the bitter truth.

We none of us can pee with the organ we wish we had when the reality is in your hands and wishful thinking doesn’t have a say in that reality anymore than in the party issues on the media platform today.

Leadership Qualities.

The fact that the man is under attack as being out of step is flying in the face of the facts, he has appealed in a way the modern day infiltrators the so called Tory lite brigade wish they could appeal to the masses. The old guard is not dead and they are more politically savvy than the sell out generations. Now as far as leadership qualities are concerned, even Alexander the great had his Waterloo, Cesar, Churchill, Wilson, Foot all had their day and were outmaneuvered by a concerted political party killing device of the conservative and EU coalition sell out the nation for tuppence and for little benefits and personal progress.

The threatened abdication of so many canny stand the man and damn the party, is so well timed the Tories will be rubbing their hands with glee. In future careful who you let in they might look one way on paper and be another in real life. The mass abdication would force lots of by-elections and the party’s swollen ranks could muster a few old guard that know what loyalty is and to not let your personal differences get in the way of the job, something the third reich in the ranks are threatening to use to great effect, after the teddy gets tossed, the foot stamping stops and they take a long overdue breath. Because nothing they can do will change the facts, as an infiltration of saboteurs they have handed the Tories a stay of execution from having to face an effective opposition at this crucial time in the GB calender.

Helping the Enemy.

The unions were the first to get it in a two pronged attack, the British industry was undermined at the market place, and the workforce was convinced that they were being hard done by in a world where child labour powered nearly eighty percent of foreign productions. This pincer movement showed hard line resistance that stood until the metal bitch sorry Iron Lady broke the unions and the miners over her coiffed and false image of a state of normality, the very voice of reason she presented herself to be. Was a face to keep the front line focused away from the dirty infiltration tricks at work.

Industrial bases where the workforce were seen as belligerent and even bolshy pushed up the manufacturing prices for good, made future investment suspect and a decadent and even work shy populace. Who were then and are still now having to pay well over the odds for good from abroad especially America. The game was rigged against us when we could not see all of the players as the deep cover they use is very convincing and even engaging.

Breaking the unions and reducing a manufacturing footprint was a deliberation that has nearly asset stripped this country to the status of high borrowing (from the enemy to) debt driven economy while the leaders of the country still look for ways to sink us and hand us over to a diktat from a three times failed attempt to rule the world. When guns don’t manage it even twice the other level is want our business then you have to take our people into ‘key’ positions or ‘no trade’. Now in hindsight we would have been better off telling the EEC where to stick its paltry market as the infiltration has done us no good.

Now our leaders have all been guilty, they still swagger around as an unelected governing body, throwing their weight into further ways to scupper us. Buying nuclear from two dodgy back of a van salesmen, with unproven tech and soaring costs that will hike power for the consumer at the sharp end by as much as one quarter shows that even the favourites all run a crooked race and still cant get it right. A good looking portfolio and CV is no guarantee that they can do the job, most will spend to much time trying to get to know their opposite number, fine in war and on a battlefield, when the good general has a team on them to keep him up to speed in an hours briefing once a week while still getting the job at hand done, the one man show will not be able to do both jobs well and is a tactic from the divide and conquer school of stick it to your enemy in their blindside book of dirty tactics so do not be fooled that it is what anyone would do, but not what everyone will do. We all know that in key positions not just anyone will do the right or even a good job of it. The right person will do the right things and get the right results that is the difference, the idiots all repeat the same mistakes because they are not informed of others results and so the sin is compounded by ignorance and hearsay.

Ailing Health.
Poised Still.
Declaring Intentions.

Cant start the day without at least giving a nod to the Angelina Jolie problem, that by the way is no ones business. But does this stop their media fest, with constant glare and attention this is just how much of a fiasco's they can make out of public figures lives on breakdown being published for sales counts. I hope they get some peace soon but where there is a cent to be had the hacks will mine to the depths of the soul to get it.

The way the law has been turned around from innocent till proven guilty has nearly been tested to 93% effectiveness. When you start to treat all people as though they are guilty first the first thing that will bring about is a hike in lawyers. After all every case will have to prove itself from the outset. This is an effective way to stop justice and to make the criminal process a money spinning game that may or may not deliver a sense of justice. If the majority of all cases in the legal system are forced to build a defense and the sheer fact that without legal aid now the debt margins will escalate right out of the stratosphere. The judicial system would collapse under the additional case time weight and would force the cases to a minimum by virtue of collateral. They that can pay are they that can play.

The police attitude would also change and a select level of prejudice will colour the arrest process, ad to that they idea that someone wants tasers in the hands of the sharp end and it does all begin to look like a design to undermine and to create a platform for social breakdown in society. New powers for police at a time when they are the only ones on the planet that get away with murder. A get out of jail free set: uniform, badge and gun and you are one of the elite untouchable and the law will back them up even rubbishing video and eyewitness accounts because their own are such angels they would never break the law they say they are there to uphold.

Having Reserves.

The big think tanks behind the Brexit fear campaigns have all had to look at their effectiveness on the public stage post referendum. The big doom-sayers all predicted calamity and if not out and out Armageddon then at least a minor world ending, they forgot to mention that they traditionally blame all the things in their pipeline as they surface as being the fault of their opponents and any other people or unpopular decisions by rote and have done this since time began.

The fact that the ceiling has not fallen on our head chicken little is of course life is a progressive lineage and so it is aiming away from its roots to its potential heights and widths of its own exponential. This means that life in a forward motion will be facilitated and all that is stagnant, treading water or progressing in reverse will be blocked and then chopped, in an ideal world that is. The rule of thumb still is ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ still applies and of course life will aid and abet progress before stagnation and death. The insect level of life is the main hoover and clean up squad for the decaying carcasses. So let then say what they will but when more people get along and share and exchange and it is to their mutual advantage they will almost certainly stay well away from diktats that strip away their sovereign rights to rule themselves.

A manufacturing ideal that is shared world wide in its engineering and practices will have an effect of bringing all manufacturing up to a better standard, the material listings that have been destruction tested from each previous manufacturer are the last asset for sale to the new industrial base countries as they take up their place. With a list of materials and a set of universal build practices it will not take legislation from a diktat to enforce, ceasing trad will bring it all back under the banner rather than a centralised diktat making up global laws when it cannot even get the migrant crisis sorted and see how limited their thinking in enforcing their rule has done to the stagnant EU block as it has to its own growth sectors.

Final Push.

Well the Equinox is passed and light speaking says its all down here from this point.

The Autumn will soon take hold and the colours will be bright and bold. The seasons change and the leaves rearrange and the times can seem strange. The final little Indian summer that give the changeover a little glimmer. Time to reset the clocks and measures, to shift from sunny outdoor to indoor leisure's, seeking all the group level pleasures. The tide has delivered the leafs other side, as we let the summer ways slide, and dive into the autumnal tide.

First Shoots.
Interupt Us
The Bell is Tolling.

Things are moving along at a just getting back up to speed rate with all the awkward gears shifts and protocols checks to see if we are all still on form. The Paralympic vanguard landed and the teams are nearly all back on native soil. The tally is very impressive and for a nation that four years ago was told it was just the home team advantage we can all now begin to dee for ourselves.

The threats and posturing has not had the effect that the Brexit soothsayers said it would, the fear campaign has run its course and the ‘B’ team are not making any headway and may just be sticking out their collective necks a little more than is comfortable given the rhetoric that was used, the tactics that were leveled against the pensioners with a disregard as to the effects of such lies and tactics against the infirm and vulnerable.

The new threats of course comes from the sight of the much deluded man thinking that his last time in the hot seat has been forgotten. Tony Blair has shut down a lucrative earner, he is making political statements, he is calling the labour party ours, we, and other figurative title in expression. The man has not been able to tell the truth even all these years later and he is still deluded as to what he can do about it. The people of the nations of Britain had it up to the highest with him the last time but still he thinks he can jump on a white charger and come in and save party politics from a single party nation with the Conservatives as the single party. Must stick in the mans gall and grate with every reference to his defeat and the death of the Labour Party. Can this deluded man not even see that it was his personal indecision that did all the damage when he was just a lap dog to the American Bush whack.

But we are a a nation that believes in free speech and it is defended in the constitution, so let him start his new campaign and the wedge he has driven may well kill the Labour Party off where it is floundering and so will end party politics in this country as no opposition means a dictatorship with no opposition to stand against them. The lib Dem’s never fared very well trying to limit the Conservatives in their bromance at number ten and they will have even less effect now with the consensus of voters keeping them in play and demanding greater accountability. Ah well a space that might be worth the watching for things to come.

Health Hurts.

The demise of the benefits system in the UK means that the only people being targeted are the ones with no real representation and with no real justice for their plight. The NHS is a wreck waiting to happen with all the hospital closures it should reflect a reduction in the need for hospital care, except that the infirm and the afflicted are still about the same numbers and the diminishing resources and lack of cash flow will only have one inescapable result sometime in the near future. Not a good end to the fine dream that the working Brit of fifty to sixty years ago bought into paying for so their aging relatives would have something for their old age. But the thief in the night has sold of the family silver and is trying to do even more shady deals of the page under the non elected governments new Prime Minister shooed in without an election yet again by the same party that rigges everything to its own advantage.

Easily Off Ended.
The Self.
Pertaining Two.
The Letter of the Law.

The letter of the law as far as language is concerned is that there is no disclaimer on any word in the dictionary either in this ‘English’ phrasing or indeed in any language phrasing in the known world. If there was a legal objection to a word and its use it would (not likely) have a legal disclaimer on the front of the dictionary stating that certain words are illegal to use. But the reality is the word would not be allowed to be printed nor its definition shown or displayed to learn. Yet certain dictatorial people that claim exception claim that some words are ‘offensive’ even if it is not an ‘offense’ to use them.

The vocabulary we all use is a set of audible sounds that are deemed to convey meaning in a verbal structured language and that the dictionary is just the written form of those audible sounds that contain meaning. The only thing that someone who claims to be offended by a sound can do is take responsibility for the lack in themselves at being able to deal with hearing a ‘particular’ sound and then taking offence at it to hold the other person to task and ridicule for ignorance or insensitivity, all the tools of a manipulator not a fellow human being.

The most amazing thing about rights is the fact that we all have the same rights and life is two fast paced to stop and make reparation to some lame individual that likes to think their opinion outweighs your rights. That if they bleat loud enough and long enough can deny or restrict other peoples rights to being human. This includes the right to make mistakes, to saying the wrong or inappropriate thing in certain situations and to learn from them to improve themselves or to just avoid those situations because they just don’t understand the accepted rules of the group. As a species we all have the right to be human and to be human is to err. So by definition we all make mistakes and tread on toes or will upset some dictatorial bleater to the point they will try to arrest our rights by making a judicial plea for sympathy for their offended feeling. Obviously fresh out of kindergarten and still think that bleating to mummy will get them their own way in the adult world. Well kids time to inform you that what happens in the real world is live and let live people that try to control other peoples behaviour and to limit their use of their legal vocabulary are not working for the greater good of all of mankind, and are by actions and intent interested in creating a manipulative superset that assumes control. Last time we all looked that is what the law is for when people break our universally agreed laws, we give an elected group the right to apprehend and to take them to trial and so meter out agreed punishments.

One of the offended little madams took exception to the term ‘Dyke’ personally I like Dyke and will use it anywhere I like and if you are on my personal page blog and want to take exception to it take it in your own domain where it belongs, inform your friends, family that they have to tiptoe round your little madam act by using the words that you say they can and see how many you lose. If it is a good action and has a right in life you will persuade the world but the reality is you will keep losing friends and pissing off family who would all just rather say ‘get lost kid, go back to kindergarten’ and wait till you grow up enough for the real world.

The whole nature of humour is it is based on not very pleasant human qualities we are not angels are made up of a good nature and a bad nature and we are all on our own purpose as we cannot by physics occupy two spaces at the same time so we cannot live for others no matter how we may empathise with their plight. They still have to get on with the state of play in their game of life and with the ball at their feet they are the only one that can really do anything in it. Humour comes from sarcasm, nod's at spite and retort, lampoons differences including, race, religion, height weight and gender and none of these are or can be considered good but they are a true reflection of the adult world as it still stands to this day. So after all of the attacks that humour has been under humour is still one of the best tonics in life and yet it is being taken to task by the kindergarten dictators who try to impose wendyhouse rules on the laws of life. Effectively defying life's directive to adapt to survive and to try to change the world to its tastes instead. Not real life in action this artificial way of being does not reflect the life principle of this corner of the known universe.

We all know it is impossible to walk through the world of adults and to not offend some sensitive little souls fresh out from under mummy's pinny and abroad in the world, we (most of us) tend to just shoo the wee Luvs on their way. No harm no foul is one of the school of life's hard and fast laws and we all tend to get to that point eventually. Someone that is so demanding needs therapy and lets take them out of the mainstream till they get their hurt little feeling toughened up to daylight living in the real world. Night classes have a whole lot of different rules and kids are generally discouraged and they are usually given the bums rush out the nearest side door for their own good as we all understand it.

Controlling Tactics.

Controlling tactics do not come from any better place than humour does, now even against our best intentions, a smile, a snigger will still escape periodically as we walk through our daily life. The odds are that they will not be considered appropriate or even in the spectrum of good taste, by some people and not by others. In a world that believes the saying, you can fool/please/trust some of the people all of the time, you can fool/please/trust all of the people some of the time you cannot fool/please/trust all of the people all of the time.

The insecure need to control others and even the environment is a childish set of tendencies that do not reflect a healthy disposition. A healthy adult has impeccable timing and behaviour and this is still seen as the standard, for we all dress of one another, by comparison and assessment to better indicate belonging and what our aspirations or influences are as we broadcast our reflected tastes, styles and behaviours.

The fact that we grow from petty selfish emotional development by instruction as we grow, situations and groups all take an active part in this training and instruction. Leading us all to a much more mature and tolerant emotional disposition as we grow and develop. This is just the facts of life for the human condition as it stands and as it once stood in the world in time.

The whole thing about group behaviour and language protocols for the group is they are meant to integrate the group for the better benefit of the whole group. Not just for the minority or even in the worst case the individual. Groups by their definition are a set of rules for the betterment of the entire group so that the group can become more cohesive and better able to function and integrate as a functioning grouping.

The fact that the priorities are being ignored is the biggest problem with these social diktat discussions from people that are not affected by the offence directly but feel they must have their say is clouding the issue more than any other factor. The human condition covers the spectrum from childhood to adulthood and so has a greater precedence than smaller individual groupings. The social norm is being ignored, we are all here to experience and grow through interaction and experiencing the real world and how we all fit together as a cohesive whole.

When we stop allowing the tail to wag the dog we will all be back on track for the greater good of mankind. And not just the small diktats that particular groups adopt for their own house and team to exist in. Time we all grew up a little and started to apply a higher reason before accusations are leveled against any probable perpetrators or offenders.

PC Dictators.

The nature of the beast is that when someone thinks they are superior or can dictate terms for the complete group the balance of being able to fit in with people without judgment and condemnation at the core of your perceptions you will again become a valued member of the group, herd, team, family.

The problem lies not ever with the transgressor of secret safe words and group preference words and saying when they do not belong to those groups the problem lies with the unbalance personality that want to dictate, to hold the room or the moment to ransom so they can plead their case, berate and accuse their offender to the point of impatience making the group turn on them just to keep moving along and to break the deadlock.

Dictatorial tendencies in a democracy is an unconstitutional act against the agreed will of the collective, there are no exceptions to the rule. There are just the points where the offended needs to stop taking the gate as well as the fence, when they go for control. When their sensitive little kindergarten trained royal privileges to demand, dominate and to play up to get their way in a small group has no place in the wider world.

To take the attitude of dictator to the group the collective is not who we are as a tribe of man on this ball of earth. The communists do not march the streets enforcing rule and control just to keep themselves in control twenty four seven. The west is losing sight of its sense of self in the face of a change in global understanding. The world is changing and we had all better change enough to keep up with it or lose our place in time and tide.

Tune Called.
Scene on the Green.

Keep hearing from the airwaves that the IndyRef2 is over and that some rigged poles (English ones might add) say that Ruth Davis is topping some poles in Scotland, sounds like a mythical story to the ear though as the map clearly showed the returns in numbers from each region do not give them enough of a vote list to call in and even if they got every vote in the seats they won they still could not swing a two million listing to make themselves look good. Someone thinks we will believe anything we here and not wait for corroboration. The days when the impatient nature of the Scot got used against us are clearly over.

The turnout at the green was really good, masses of bikes of all varieties, tents and music and was warming up after the rain stopped play in George Square. The numbers were good and a good amount headed from the green up to George .... Sorry Freedom Square and then drifted back down so the numbers ebbed and flowed but it was a good day.

But this will not stop the biting gnats from putting on any shirt to twist the figures and influence the opinions of the thoroughly. The pests of the airwaves are set to smudge the facts, falsify the figures and to paint a bigger picture of their own imagined status in Scotland than it really is in reality. The ground troops will try flash mob backing to look good so check faces in different actions and don’t be fooled again.

Aspergers Spectrum.

The extradition of Lauri Love is yet another case of the bullish American right to decide by their rules and all other sovereign rights can go take a hike. This nation cannot condone the act of sending a vulnerable person to a fate that could be ten times longer than in this country, we do not have a comparative law or sentencing system in this type of crime. The fact that we would even consider letting him be subject to a sentence ten times large r than this country thinks is correct for the crime is a worry to our state of human rights. But worse than that we are putting another countries punitive actions and laws above our own. This is a traitorous act by the gutless to stand up and tell America where to stick their diktat just like the EU.

The skills that this man has even with his disabilities are worth a fortune and will be subject to a work order for restitution by the penal system working to close the holes while still being incarcerated. This is not how we treat our own, never mind a vulnerable person. The skill set and experience could be better served in this country to help us track the countries that are tracking inside our own system.

The fact that the state is an ass is be coming clearer with each fiasco. This country has been undermined to the point of collapse and the traitors that put another country and its laws before our own has lost the plot completely. This nation of four was an nation before the empire and is still a union now since the last election before the abdication and an unelected mob slipped on of their own into the hot seat by the back door.


This is getting a little bit of an airing at the moment and came to my attention when a friend was asking me about the move, how I was settling in and I found myself in full mansplaining mode before I could slap a hand over my mouth.

I cannot say that I have a good excuse but having disabilities my mum was always grilling me to get a better explanation of how my day was, what happened and who was involved.

The conclusion about mansplaining for most of us is we are conditioned into it by an interested mother grooming us to cough up the dirt of the day. Unless of course you know different.

Neither Hearing nor Seeing.

One the surface things look like they are falling apart. This is usually a good indication that something new is really falling together. How things tend to look is not up to scratch (imagined idea) and when you hear something it is always subject to verification as POV is a very personal thing in observational reporting. Ever tried to watch a production from up in the gods instead of relaxed in the front row.

Historic Failings.
Breaking Chaos.
Conscious Intent.

The big cheese debacle is just gaining ground now as we look at how things have turned out for us after forty years under another countries political and carte blanche rule over us. To take better stock we have to take a good honest look at who we were before, what assets and state worth we had at that time, what standing we had in the world and how effective our trading was on the world platform.

The fact that as a nation we had an effective, fleet, a strong military base, formidable development and innovative designs and products. The pound was the monetary measure that all currencies were measure against, our industrial base was being attacked by insurgencies and radicals. The trade union movement was fighting for control instead of better conditions with strong arm tactics in retaliation to military style interventions and in Scotland real military intervention. We were not borrowing any more than any other comparable nation and the attack on the industrial base was having a decimating effect on our world effectiveness. Our own peculiar characteristics were being used against us and it was only a matter of time that we would be subject to a collapse and have to succumb to the hand out. The EEC must have looked like a godsend at the time and as we were conditioned to not look a gift horse in the mouth, we now have to look at who has benefited from the demise of British manufacturing and excellence. The two culprits are looking like they are one and the same.

We find it almost inconceivable to think of leaving home to infiltrate another country when not at war with them (sappers, SAS) to bring a country to its knees and to pressurise it into submission. To say we were ripe for this sort of action is an understatement, but when a hungry and resource poor country under pressure looks at the fatted calf their interests are all purely selfish and they are never on the side of the fatted calf.

The Americans got us to outlaw Cannabis as it was used in medication in this country for their ‘war on drugs’ now that they have nearly decimated all the free worlds Cannabis providers to the point of extinction and now funny enough they are trying to copyright the plant and hand it to their pharmaceutical industry and have just had to legalise the product themselves, now they are the biggest producer of the product in the western hemisphere. Just coincidence of course just how things turned out. The export ban on British beef was just damned bad luck, the continent restrictions and American regulations on eggs are not protectionism defending the home markets, that's just our British paranoia. Course it is mate course it is. Scotland cannot export its national dish the great wild roaming haggis because of one ingredient, and then we produced the vegetarian ‘haggis’ and guess what happened to that one. Just coincidence and anything else is paranoia.

Getting fit for the open market after leaving the continental diktat means we have to be better able to defend against this modern style of subversive protectionism tactics. We as a nation have to integrate our management level with the workforce so we know our own and can effectively defend against subversive activism tearing apart our manufacturing base as we start to regrow our own footprint to compete on the world stage again. We have to look at the tactics that stripped our nation to the bone over forty years and forced a sell off of our national wealth of experience and talent to be sold off to the parasitic activity from hungry or just greedy nations. Time to get work fit and market savvy before the big kick off in two years time.

Informing Thinking.

They do say good hindsight give a person clearer foresight the current recriminations of an out-gone prime minster and ex member of parliaments actions in certain matters and the supposed legacy he may or may not have left, has just been tweaked up to world class idiocy where Libya is concerned. But seriously lets hope that we gain some twenty twenty foresight from the hindsight of his cavalier attitude to policing the baddies of the world. Britain and the West all think that they had a right to do into other countries and to police them and to change their political bias to reflect their own western set of values.

The west has raised its levels of care and provision and it has not happened overnight and no invading force could have enforced it earlier, we as nations had to grow to a better standard of human rights and it is only getting started, it also has to include a set of social (human) responsibilities. All the other nations must get there as they develop and that is a time intensive process and it is not up to us or any other exploiter to harness them for our own purposes.

We all have to grow on our own and develop as we are intended to or predisposed to be and the markers of excellence from the collective will be taken on by each nation as it becomes more capable of living it and not as subject to a behavioural custodial enslavement as a resource to a diktat.

The final legacy will spring from the most successful bloodlines and the skills-base the inherit so that when ascension happens the recipient of good character or luck will have direct or indirect access like Neo uploading a fighting program, or Jo 90 downloading a skill-set from within their own lineage. So lets hope we have good skill-sets and abilities in our lineages when that day arrives. And not from some supposed legacy to the world lets see how the good Mr Cameron is remembered in twenty years time just to illustrate the point.

Round and Round.

Every nation in the world today is here to stay even if they lose their lands like Hawaii or even (god forbid - ‘nuclear’) Japan. Every nation must rise up generation by generation and assume the ability to restrain themselves to civilised living (it does not come naturally) and to living in close quarters without tearing each other apart. Each nation must produce a stable mindset and emotional wisdom as well as their social skills and productivity abilities.

Some nations like China have been this root before and their lineages had a distinct advantage until they started to eat insects as insects are more prone to rapid adaptation and mutation than further up the food chain. The west has used severe behavioral adjustment programs to fast track to the present state of civilisation we are currently at. This is the stable keystone for the rest to arrive by aid and not instruction, by natural aptitude and not incarceration devices. The stick produces mental and emotional unstable groups that would need to be culled or bred out of the stock if we were inhuman about it. It is time to stabilise the rational, the intellect and the emotional nature of a secure base to get the next paradigm from.

Identifying how force is not a good thing in this universe is easily demonstrated from mechanics and even physics, whenever force is used there is wear and tear and undue stress brought to bear, the less moving parts a machine has the better is already in the lingo. Resistance is a natural physics reaction to the use of force, drag wind resistance proves this and that is why the fish is streamlined to its environment by generations of growth, just as birds are tailored to their environment by the same standards. We as a species are not that fortunate, we are all weather all terrain and less physical than the animus and yet we are still the highest developed species on the planet. It is about time we began to behave as though we are and not keep wishing we were one fine day to come somewhere down the timeline.

Changing Stances.

Having been headed down the road of herding and coercing other nations to raise their game and to join the fold, we have made many mistakes, but the best of developments come from mistakes and accidents. The worst for of idiocy is to know better and to still continue in an ignorant and self destructive manner when the evidence all point in another direction. Changing horses mid stream is never easy, taking a new direction requires stopping and re-orientating but it is anecessary price to pay to get onto a better track for mankind and for all the nations of the world at the stage theyare at now and how they can contribute to the greater good of us all as they mature and come on line for the defence and promotion of the earth we all live on.

More Than Is Chewable.
A Journey.
Cheesed Off.

The evidence does not support the decision, in fact the decision works in favour of EU comparative industries. Like the directive that saw us sell of and close our industries because of incidents (industrial sabotage) that were used to undermine British industry over the last forty years. This has proven to be an effective way of shaming the Brit and making him feel that it is the British worker that is the problem. Take more EU people why so they can infiltrate and undermine with derision and critique. Who were the activists that head up the unions and who was it that had their ear, Russian dissidents, Marxists and all to undermine an industry, bringing belligerence and a Bolshevik attitude into the fight for rights that literally undermined the British working mans get up and go and can do attitude as it was before this rise in attitude adjustment.

So how did foot and mouth transpire and who would best profit from industrial sabotage: a near competitor? Cadbury proved what happens to industries when the purchasers give their word before the purchase and what they will do when they own the property. The end justifies their means but this is so bad we are being deluded into aiding their cause. This is a clear case of the arrested aiding and defending their captors and tormentors. No wonder the EU wants to make a stand against nationalism, which does mean that Scotland under their wing and in their group will be heavily subjected to internal manipulations to derail the nationalistic growth factor and to inhibit the sovereignty of our nation.

How many British industries were subjected to third element infiltration to scupper our great industrial base and near domination of the world markets with a strong pound that the rest of the world had to trade against and yet we were derailed bu undermining factors and began to believe the worst of our own, management being misled about the work force, the workforce being made resentful about the breaks. How many decades has this sort of thing been going on and who in our own ranks have sold out for the foreign coin instead of our own capital and prestige. Every world coinage was once measured against the mighty pound and now it is decimated to less than its original worth. We had a workforce and manufacturing program that made us one of the most competitive in the world in the fifties. Unions were conscious of only striking and withholding labour without taking action against the sick and infirm like today's doctors had no problem doing.

This present cheese fiasco has to be orchestrated as the evidence suggests that there is nothing wrong with any of the products, so this is a tactic in action like the ones that shut a whole business down because of an egg scare. Killing off the Meat and dairy exports crippled our early industries and then cam the EU regulations and no more crippling attacks. Now with Brexit just who will benefit, and will they show their true colours by blanket banning and not just halting intake till the culprit is found. But like with the mythical Ebola in the dairy product how else do you contaminate a product in this day and age. One way is by slander and unfounded actions taken against honest and hard working manufacturers. Something stinks in this whole fiasco. The evidence says not guilty the fear reaction says fix.

If you don’t think the EU will sink so low as to hold nations to ransom and to scupper rivals and buy them out while they are flying the ‘fair man of Europe’ flag under the banner of human rights then we deserve all that they do to us. As a nation we opened this door and the door needs to be closed after all business in this country was once traded on fair minded principles and now and in this day and age that is just seen as stupidity in the face of the hard realistic facts of modern business practices.

Now in this day and age if a company in another country has a problem with product quality then they are given a time to fix it and regular testing will be used to give the all clear. The beef embargo and the egg fiasco and this cheese stench will bring about shutdowns that will harm our trade and yet it is in our best interests to keep our products up to scratch and yet there is a spoiler in our midst. Time to hunt and destroy and to force the embargo regulators to declare interests and kickbacks to ensure we are frozen out of certain markets. A truly independent choice would be a country that does not have similar products to tout and to set up one for each product line to stop the middleman fixer syndrome that seams to come out of the corrupt EU designs.

The British Europhiles are all displaying Stockholm syndrome when it comes to blind obedience to another countries diktat and no national pride about our own country, countrymen and self worth.

Holiday Ransom Policies.

Well if you still want to head for that good old European paradise retreat on the Algarve and other various little hideaway retreat then get ready to pay through the blackmailers nose for the privilege. The price of a break away is going to be hiked because we are no longer in their club and due the benefits of that clique. The best thing about the Brit is we have no problem paying the going rate if that is what it is, but when we hiked up the jacksy we tend to get really stubborn as out and out blatant profiteering still goes against the grain for most of us.

The price hike will not affect the majority (never been in a plane never left the mainland in sixty years) of people in the four nations but industry still has to pay for reps and salesmen and staff transfers and that is the price business must pay after all they are the profiteers of the planet so they should get a taste of their own poison first just to see how unpalatable it really is.

Nuclear Extortion.

May well have time to regret this much later in the day, but right now she was tied into it as a non elected leader in a nation that cannot afford to keep splashing money on overpriced goods at the tax payers expense. The last elected leader made the obligation and she is in a forced hand situation and should have grown a pear and canceled the whole thing or as the old saying goes lets call the whole thing off.

Nine years overdue, over budget, tech not up to spec and is untested and still it is being railroaded into a development and testing site in England at foreign insistence. With government approval something is not right. The price is wrong, the builders are hiking before they begin, they will not be held to a firm delivery date as the build is still under development, more excuses for a nice little cash drain to syphon off into already loaded pockets. The development as it stands is not fit for purpose and so are they hoping that in five years we will have it all sorted out. Are we entitled to compensation if it all has a meltdown. Why in the face of the evidence against it is it still going ahead. Something is wrong here very wrong.

While we were Kipping.

Nigel Farage stood up and did the one thing they cannot handle, the truth both barrels at the sell out limp parliament we have for leaders and the diktat of the Nazi youth in power from the Eurocentral control freaks on the continent. Now while we were kipping ‘U-KIP’ the EU master race has started to hike its Euro Army as the Americans will be deserting their European stations without Britain in the rank and file, now that Putin and Obama have proven they can work together and are dealing with the terrorist threats to the entire world and not just to their own concerns abroad and domestic.

Daily Express Quote.

‘I was laughed at in the referendum campaign for
suggesting a European army - well, here it is!’

Nigel Farage

Junker is showing his true colours as he side swipes Britain’s act of desertion in the face of over-bloated waste cost hiking to keep the Eurocentral fat cats fat. The side swipes included derogatory remarks and a few jibes at how puny we are as a nation.

Daily Mail Quote.

‘EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker has blamed Brexit on 40 years of 'lies' by British politicians.

The European Commission president said the UK's historic vote to leave the EU showed 'something was wrong in Britain'.

He admitted Europe was partly at fault for the vote but said people 'cannot be surprised' that voters backed Brexit because for decades politicians in the UK had circulated 'half-truths' and had branded the EU 'stupid'.

Responding to his remarks, Ukip MP Douglas Carswell dismissed the EU bureaucrat as a 'parasitical clown,' telling MailOnline: 'Herr Juncker'sarrogant disdain for the views of the British people beautifully explains why we were right to leave'.

Clear Insight.
In Unison.
Unexpected Outcomes.

Celtic got a hiding to nothing last night and it is a result like the Lester upset earlier in the year. The unexpected is seemingly still having its day, the outsider, the least likely contender are making their mark on sporting events. The Olympic tally is still showing impressive and even startling returns, proving we are in remarkable times. The run of the mill is not behaving as it normally does, so if these aren't strange or interesting time what else could qualify for the title.

The Brexit results are another point in case, the Indyref2 campaign, the things that just won’t lie down and die or just fade away are springing up in every area of human endeavour now. Live footage of police brutality, the failings of the Judicial system.

Even the wild horse cull that is being shrouded in the need for cattle-barons to get free grazing has a dog food cannery ending may well have been the real reason in the first place. All that fresh meat on the hoof going to waste when a customer will pay for the free meat in a tin for their doggy.

Then there is the land grabbing practices of big business using law enforcement to keep protectors of the land and water from making a big splash about their pipeline to the rich and powerful only ever going over the defenceless nations lands, mystically avoiding the white land owners golf courses, cattle farms, grain farms and scenic retreats.

That even though they are at it in force the word is still getting out and more and more people are responding to the press blackouts. The blatant bullying and the type of tactics that thugs and the Mafia would use being exerted by the core of a dying old guard system getting caught in the glare of the oncoming push for change peoples bandwagon bearing down on the last vestiges of their dying throes from the twitching corpse of the dinosaur generations demise. And not before time either.

Troubled Waters.

The blame mechanism is heading for a schism, the airwaves and the media is using the cover of accountability to harass and harangue anyone that falls into their glaring spotlight to sensationalize every account they report on. The fact that accountability is based on known and proven and suspected or unproven is the loophole hiding just out of sight of their limited vision of responsibility.

The media speculation about Hilary’s smoldering moment, The Pauline Cafferkey case and its speculative (after the fact retro-fit-up) delivery of the assumption that a court can ‘prove’ intent on speculation what has the law become but an ass.

The other side of the coin is of course the anti Brexit rhetoric that has never made a dent in the whole program, the attempt to cover up and suppress things and to mislead the public is still failing to achieve what their originators intend. Police brutality caught on camera, the concerted media campaign against Hilary by the misogynistic middle western male voters club. The great wild horse roundup for free grazing for the cattle barons and free product for the dog food industry 45,000 potential corpses. The great Dakota pipeline cover up and the corporate employment of the judicial forces before they even win a case against the water and land protectors. Nothing fishy there then nothing to worry about as your tax invested political dollar is hard at work keeping corporations happy and not defending the tax payers rights, and civil liberties. Then the most powerful head of state hands a massive cheque to the Israel war machines coffers and that now confirms the US stance on the subject.

Ho hum just another day in bedlam just next to purgatory here in ice cold human hell.

Core Strength.

The dad that dreads the paralympics coming round, because he feels that it is not representative of the disabled as his daughter does not reflect the paralympic ideal. This has much in common with the common able bodied person and their perceived inferiority to the Olympic ideal. The ideal is never the run of the mill from the common stock. To achieve excellence takes a core strength that is not the stock standard it takes an exceptional will and drive to strive past the limitations we find ourselves in in life. The standards are set too high for the common stock to ever achieve them. The standards by which we are being judged and assessed against are too unrealistic and will keep producing greater numbers of failures and fewer successes. This will mean that the successes will be of such a calibre that they are the elite of their type and so will be well out of the common stocks league.

The insecurities that this rankles in people who feel they are being made to compete or are being compared to such paragons is the core of the problem. Most of us do not try to evaluate ourselves against the paragons or the elites we all tend to set our standards for self assessment to much more achievable and realistic goals instead. The problem is when other people hold someone up in judgement is where the point of comparison has to be regulated not by similarity but by standards of being and levels of interest and strengths to draw on.

The fact that the mainstream evaluates the disabled against a paradigm that is set even above the healthy and body able standards that the normal's are all held up to is beginning to show that this is an abusive system for comparison and to evaluate against. The norm is in no way going to try to develop themselves towards an unrealistic heigh as the main drive for all of us is to fit in within our peer groups, family and friends even just school or work. The fact that the elite term or even the word exceptional indicates that the likelihood of becoming one is the exception to the rule and so should never be the evaluator to measure the standard up against.

The fact that the impaired need a standard that is representative of them and their handicap in life and not against a model that does not have a comparative handicap and that makes allowances for the fact that we are not all the same and a one size fits all is an accountants device for fudging figures to balance the unbalancable. Life is not perfect and even the exceptional's will be the first to raise their own human frailties. It is past time that the abusive perfect bashing stopped, if there is a provable state of perfection in this world it is passed time that it was produced for all to see. Anyone using a perfect standard or an elite stance as a measure better start to prove a state of provable perfection in this known world.

Dynastic Legacies.
Gossamer Strands.
The Final Curtain.

An ex prime minister is retiring at a reasonable age and with some of his once youthful appeal still intact. The words legacy and worth were bandied about as if they define the man. The job done is not in doubt, no one knows us like we know ourselves and it is becoming clear, though we know ourselves we still have no clear idea how we are seen by others. A normal and very human frailty and nothing to cause undue worry given our most recent achievement's. But the larger statement is still clear that we evaluate ourselves not by sight, we reserve that for others in the meeting, the eye is still very critical. While the inner self assessment is an emotive evaluator and not a critical vision of self. The idea that we leave a legacy is not strictly true as most of us just leave a collection of bric-a-brac, most of which will be passed on or sold off when we leave. Leaving a mark on history is also a time delayed thing in as much as it will become something in the retrospective that it never was in the presumptive.

Looking back from the end of time to a historic point in the development or exploration faze of the world will have a different perspective looking back than looking forward into uncertainty. What we think we are achieving by pushing the load from the back up a slope does not have the same certainty as seeing it in its final resting place at the top of the rise.

So Mr Cameron you are leaving and trying to define the legacy you leave, please do as this will be the addendum at the end of days that will condemn the ego of thinking you are as historic a character as Winston, Gladstone and to be frank in their company you seem to lack the stones to join their happy band, way out there in historic land. A non reigning Queen just trumped your play by just living that extra day. Now we will see what future history will say, one fine day .....

Behavioural Faults.

There has been a lot of talking about behavioural responsibility being enforced, by the morons that think they rule, they do inform thinking in the herd, the people that need others to think for them and just need to be told what to do and how to do it.

The prosecution of Pauline Cafferkey is another form of witch hunt that will have no conclusive results, people all make mistakes, it is her human condition that is on trial under the guise of fairness and accountability for her own actions. I could be mistaken of course but does it take the results from a test to prove that you are not just having a Hilary moment or a hot flush, a valid use for a temperature reducer. After the fact looking back is a prosecutors domain for retrofitting facts and non declaration of all the facts as they have aversion to tell and a pay to earn. So fudging the facts to fit the requirements is a crooked job but someone has got to do it then in a crooked world that has never walked the straight and narrow in its entire puff.

The whole idea of personal responsibility is based on disclosure if you suspect you do not broadcast in a panicable environment, you check and make sure before speculating on anything, so without conformation and corroboration is their any liability in non disclosure of non facts but speculative worry. So lets see where they can pin the tail on that donkey of an assumption.

Dictatorial Demands.

The emissions problem has had a resurgence and the diktat is as relentless as it was at the last round of blame chucking and character besmirching mud slinging events of old. The over zealous behaviour of the recovering smoker tactics to bludgeon the truth into submission is again being aired by the black and white brigade of thinkers and judger's of all things less than their lofty ideals.

The animal involvement in the production of green house gasses in a hermetically sealed eco environment now that the ozone layer is healed up. This closed gap with no escaping gasses equals a warming planet is finally being brushed aside in favour of getting the gas guzzlers instead.

It would take five or ten modern cars to produce the same emissions as one car made ten to twelve years ago. This means little when they say there are now more cars on the street today, and the average lazy motor jerk will jump in it to go several hundred yards instead of just walking to the local shop and back making a bigger emissions footprint over a smaller are than their predecessors. This is the generation that was ferried to school by the ten to twelve year before parental driver, out of house into car, stop at shop, drop at school, pick up from school stop at garage home, no walking so who do you think made them like that then.

So animal farts idiots that never learned to walk, pushed in buggies up to well past the time our generation was, ferried everywhere by car and transport. Using the thing like a skateboard and teaching their own sprogs the same thing, a congenital sin of the fathers in the making, yeah best of luck getting them to change their demanding behaviour to save the planet.

Belittling Condescension's.
Its for Uhu.
You Talking to Me.

Journalism has a few terrible traits associated with the trade. Putting someone on the spot to see if they can be rattled is still valid in the interviewing situation as once a chink in the armour has been seen it will never be forgotten. We tend to summarise our perceptions with people and situations by the last thing we saw, remember or believe to be true about it. This leaves us open to small manipulations, pride, not wanting to be seen as stupid or not up to speed or knowing enough about our subject.

It is second nature to put people on the defensive if we are in a weakened position ourselves. It is easier to accuse than to take the blame and it is always better if the other fella takes the fall and we can slip by on the QT.

Hilary and her band of never show a weakness to the press variety of helpers and advisers have all closed ranks on the fainting in front of the all seeing glare of the unforgivable eye of critical opinion. The upshot is she has a thing called ‘walking pneumonia’ whatever that is and seemingly she will be on her feet trooping along to the never show a weakness jingo.

So character blacking and muck raking aside it is all is she fit for purpose and does she have a leg to stand on if not the proverbial pot for taking a break in.

Hot Seating.

Putting the new guy on the block in the hot seat was the accusation leveled at an interviewer and it caused an uproar. The minister in question felt vulnerable and made an accusation of sexual harassment She continued by naming a few other people of similar status to herself not receiving the same treatment from the interviewer. This was picked up on the internet and sexual harassment was the bottom line of the bickering that flew up around the piece in question.

The minister was new to the position and was still being advised and briefed as any top level position in this fast paced more connected and wired positions of power today demand. This of course left her vulnerable to not being immersed and up to speed with all that the position entails, who is who and what is what still being a sticking point for all people new to a position. The goading the idiot and baiting the fledgling stance the interviewer took was typical of the nature of the beast. The minister must have been feeling more than a little inadequate by the reaction and it had to be more than just from the interviewer as it had an outpouring and therefore was a welling under pressure.

The fact that media entertainment has to resort to low blows and digs to get a rise out of the newbie are in this day and age the normal reserve of the old guard or are they. Just how much sexism still raises its ugly head under the what happens in Vegas rules of the off the reservation youth of today and will like my generation only come to light in the memoirs of the current young Turks in two to three generations time.

The first objective of every newbie is to settle into the hot seat to get the discomfort level dealt with in short term, after all getting up to speed is the first order of attention. So orientating on the opposite number is not exactly top of the priority lists when an imminent engagement is needed it is better to bone up the essential before the meeting as the details will be fresh to mind and recall and that time will make a familiarity with the people we engage with.

Given a hectic agenda we cannot expect anyone to be fully prepared and focused on all things, we bone up for a specific meeting before hand as the interviewer will be all to familiar with but good old twitter Joe public doesn't care about that.

Alliances and Associations.

The American and Russian need to produce a concerted effort with Syria is making a big splash on the media pages. It will be interesting to see how these two different political and social styles square up on the actual battlefield, they have to start to coordinate efforts and yet they cannot agree on targets as their enemy is still playing piggy in the middle of the unformed structure that is Syrias sorry state ‘State’ of affairs.

Virtual Movement.
Held Still.
Changing Landscapes.

Well it seams like a certain Northern Korea leader is still strutting and posturing on the world stage, a small and over inflated ego insecurely making a world class ass of itself for its own pompous internal self esteem. This time even the Chinese have taken a negative neutral stance with him, while rest are all dismayed at the blatant disregard for the problems that develop from continued nuclear testing. Especially when there is no need in this day and age to threaten the instability of the world mantle or crust and to affect the global weather change stability just to prove a political point.

The fact that in this day and age no country will seriously consider actually using the weapons. Especially with the effect that poisoning a water supply or staple food sources will do to an entire nation instead and the land will be usable and not be irradiated. Then there is the effect of chemical weapons next gen that are all about distribution over area and they no longer need a contagious (Viral) effect to spread it by. After all with a leaderless Korea it will have the effect of cutting of the serpents head the body will flounder and may not just lay down immediately but without a mind to drive it is just a matter of time before it does.

Now a paranoid leader that is reputed to be cutting of the means for the viper in the nest to flourish, by killing of anyone that does not reflect his view one hundred percent. Then he is well aware that the best way from the world to live safely is for someone close to the seat of power to eliminate the problem.

This is this mans fifth strike ignoring all world level requests and treaties to stop testing nuclear explosions in the crusts mantle, a four point five magnitude earthquake is not to be sneezed at just to strut about like a peacock king of a backwater closed nation. We cannot keep testing nuclear warhead grade explosions in the mantle without incurring future costs, the present climate could be the accumulation from all the pacific testing from way back when.

Golden Greats.

Congratulation to Sarah Story on her first event becoming a record breaking winner and a potential record setting position in her Paralympics event. The lineup in the Paralympics team GB has the potential to carry on where the Olympic GB team left off. The whole nation is very aware that this is a special time for the British Isles to leave a world profile in a medal trail that is showing for a small Island Archipelago we are proving we can as a nation of four still punch above our weight on the world stage.

The whole nation is watching and your best effort is good enough for us as the tally is resetting the nations self esteem with every display, gold or no gold our very best wishes to the Paralympic team GB.

As a footnote the esteem that Andy Murray has brought to the nation means that after twenty six straight wins you have nothing to apologise for. No one is superhuman and we as a nation are still proud of our two time gold medal winner the first in many a non productive decade who helped to take us to a new height that may well inspire the next generation of athletes for future world stage events.

Virtual Horizons.

The American electorate are really being given a devils testing in the run up to the elections for arguably the most powerful elected office on the world stage at this time in history. Emerging nations are reviewing their world standing and status and the US is having a navel gazing moment as it has to make the devils decision. Better the devil you know than the one waiting in the wings, this is a serious problem if it was not such a candidate joke.

On the one hand we have the point from the red camp the republican candidate Donald Duck sorry Trump, even though he is coming across as more than a little quacker’s. Every time he opens a dialog you can almost hear the bill wagging but it is still elusive and never substantiated. So he comes across as all promise and no chance of delivery (fur-coat and no knickers doesn't quite fit here) leaving the electorate, liking the spectacle but reserving their final commitment for on the day weigh ups. Hope they don’t rely on eany meany miney no, or pin a tail on the donkey to decide.

On the other hand we have the nations first credible female candidate and she is on a steady running course of keeping her skirts down in the high wind of her previous history creeping up and blustering to flash her smalls in public. Her career as a cuckold first lady and her dark and even probable nefarious past as a solicitor, with property and litigation question marks in almost every media report since the outset of her run for the position. All go to make her a deplorable firs first female President of the US.

Now the real trick of course is an unpopular man for all the people that believe even a bad man is better than a scandalous or questionable woman in the hot seat. The evidence is the Bush dynasty none to popular but had the nation putting them in to the job no one wants now that Obama has had his time at the wheel. One to watch, would you vote for a woman or do you think only a man will do the job. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


The act of harassing a driver in front of you by getting alarmingly close to the rear of his vehicle till you make the scardy cat speed up a little to get away from you. The Nipping and tucking in the US election run ups has a flavour of this with more and more media speculation and exposes coming to light.

The out and out winner though has to be the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline tactics, attack dog, mace and then they run to the governor of Dakota to step in on their behalf. Not an American company as they know better, but a dark stalking horse being used to break the deadlocks from landowners rights that they and the government have no rights to interfere on. The media coverage is scandalous till you realise oil investments in media and retail outlets and oil based goods outlets. What the land grabbing white man with forked tongue who writes treaties just to tear them up when it suits them have done to the indigenous races of the Americas is a black mark in history that is still smudging the present day timeline with a greasy smear on the industries copybook.

Funny how the treaties with any white enemy in history like even the German and Nazi got better treatment than the five hundred years of victimising that the American peoples elected government has dished out to the native American. Come to think of it even the Japanese got a better deal than the continuous breaking of treaties, stealing of land, intimidation and a steady campaign of victimisation the tribes get at the hands of the land grabbers.

Latest Quote.

‘The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others are trying to stop the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, saying it threatens their drinking water and has disturbed sacred sites.

The association, made up of tribal leaders in the Dakotas and Nebraska, aims to defend tribal rights.

President John Yellow Bird Steele sent a letter to Lynch on Thursday saying protesters have been attacked by private security with guard dogs and that racial profiling is occurring. Authorities say some protesters are armed with hatchets and knives, and Saturday's protest injured guards and dogs.

Lynch's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg says he'll rule by the end of Friday on the tribe's challenge to the pipeline, which will carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois.’

Monotheistic Uniformity.
The Self.
You Looking at .. .
Dressing Up.

Well a head teacher has started a hooraw with a diktat. The educational league tables are of course all taken from the best turned out students only and those that conform to wearing their uniform as a future worker will have to wear the working one in our non military state when they get into the man as a commodity market place. Any and all disobedience will of course be dealt with by no education for the cheapskate, the willfully disobedient, after all money is no object for the ones that can afford to buy a house in a good schools catchment area now is it. What a nice little world this modern day Mussolini (foot fetish and all spit and polish types to) must hail from.

The fact that a head teacher can come out with words like, ‘I want to impress on my students the need to be well presented’, no idea that the kids do not pay for the uniforms, this man is teaching and supervising teaching and is this out of touch. Unless he can say with certainty the current financial state of the parents incomes. Or were they just lucky enough to be in their catchment area and didn't buy to invest in the sprogs futures. Then the idiot (I will call him appropriate to his level of stupidity on my blog) turns around and says this: ‘They were told and given plenty of warning to be ready for it. Those that did are Ok and we will sort out the minority that didn’t do as they were asked.’. Now does that sound like an ask when it implies retribution for non compliance, it is a compelling argument is it not.

Now today the stakes just went up again and the diktat took a scattergun approach to abusing someone elses children just because you think you can. The behaviour of any teacher doing the same would be lynched the same day but an earns as much as a prime minister heedie can just put the heed inttae it. Of course the man could turn round and say, today I am teaching your children about handling rejection and being held responsible for your actions (I don’t care if you cant afford the kit) and that of course will be the last cop out for the fascist.

Dressing Down.

The Sports Direct fiasco is taking a nice little media roasting, which may get to well done very soon. The drop in shares and business are a direct indication as to why the company was abusing the zero hours contracts. Then there was the sizzling stir fry sensation of the wad of dosh in the box for special delivery tip included of course. See what you get when you gamble guys fresh from the casino, sounds like petty cash for pressing the flesh mate but that may be another story. Who carries any more than fifty if they have to and most carry less than a tenner with plastic so easy to use.

Now as for the indentured serfs and slaves on the company press gang contract the instant hero to zero in one small signature. Try getting a mortgage or home loan with aero hours and no declared income to assess the loan by. Well that is what does happen no declarable wages equals no ability to calculate the repayments so that's a classic BHS failure right there, no cash-flow problems stealing from the pensions of the future incomes.

Banks are closing down all over the place, what with , phone transactions and banking, online banking and payments by cards, and holes in the walls filling in the gaps, who needs a branch when you can virtually access the entire trunk.

The Dakota land Grab.

Why is this not making the airwaves news over here and why is it being held of the mainstream media shows in America, oh yeah silly me, we all need to keep the gas guzzling up or the horseless carriage will end up a discard of the modern day scrap heaps.

Why is is a corporate body can apply to steal someone elses land, or get an injunction to waver the owners rights and to use force and the law enforcement powers to keep the legitimate owner out of their way as they do as they please.

They like to say that the law is an ass and that under the light of this and the amount of ramping up on coloured arrests ending in perp deaths says a whole different order is going on and that it is in no way an ass, it is just rigged to someone elses needs not ours.

There have been five hundred years of land grabbing, handing out dud treaties, genocide, encamping and detaining the rightful god given owners of the land, but the superior man thinks that he can be as savage as he likes to a heathen, was the first order of excuse they used to justify their crimes. They broke every treaty, they murdered entire nations, stole lands, killed of gods bounty for profit (the buffalo) creating a dependency on their domesticated stock. After the two world wars and the Vietnam thing the American State has kept their word, paid their dues dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, with other genocidal mass murdering white nations, but a native or tribesman level of humanity is not human and not deserving of the rights of the superior white man. The old forked tongued, land grabbing, raping and murdering cheats to any fledgling nation but good old pals to any from their own ranks. Makes you think still think its an ass yet.

Seconds Out.

Well the clock on the wall is calling time again and this time its banks on the punch out line. The need for a face to face is getting less and less likely for the future of banking, with online applications, stock details of guarantors it will be off into the either faster than you can say wtf was that all about.

From Hero to Zero.

The zero hour slave labour social stigma stick it to the idiot useless piece of paper, was getting a slagging this morning. Some people actually stood up for the damned thing.

If you are on a zero hours contract with a company that regularly uses you as casual labour when the orders are fluctuating and the work is not steady, try getting a mortgage, a loan and see what happens. No calculable wage coupled with inconsistent payments equals a bank managers ‘on yer bike mate’ stock response.

This is the most demeaning form of work there is it is being used to stop casual and cash in hand, but all it is doing is giving struggling companies with large differences in orders and without steady re-ordering going on a ready and willing workforce to treat as they like. This can only happen by the directive of the employer as the employee (loosest possible terms) has no rights what so ever. When a company only offers zero hours contracts that is the time to head for the door with your best excuses ready to hand. It has to be a mutual choice and selection and it has to be able to ensure the holiday pay, and the representation on the workers behalf. If all they have is zero hours contracts, they will not last long and will be ticking over by the time you get there, with a high turnover of manpower because of conditions and hours.

Third String.
Exceeding Bounds.
Putting Back In.

The funny thing about something that has run its course and it closes down or drops out of the running is if it ever gets resurrected it will never be the same again. Woolworth, VW Beetle to name two are a case in point. When a thing has run its course it has to be understood that the crest of its drive and life course was halted and it will be starting again from a standing start. This inertia has a distinct lack of momentum and is on an uphill climb to get moving laterally.

Woolworth had a nostalgic appeal it grew over quite a few decades and generations but the newer generations had a change of shopping outlets that suited a much different lifestyle to their predecessors. The changes to shopping needs, lifestyle working hours, pressures of a higher materialistic work all hours workforce, with less sentimentality than the previous generations. Are the weight against success that the shopping chain was up against, and it had already fallen out of the shopping stops of its own aging nostalgic fan base when it was closed down the first time. Even adapting to the streamlined needs of a modern shopping chain the pressures to succeed will always get it tagged with the accusations ‘not as good as it used to be’, ‘its just not the same anymore’ being leveled against it if it manages to make the transitions to the modern retail outlet profile for success. You just need to look at the fate of modern day retail outlets like BHS as their very public fate is a glaring signpost to all the modern day retail outlets about the trends from the new technologies and lifestyles of the less sentimental sensation seeking generations in a burn up drive to burn brighter and to extinguish quicker. Their motto could even be ‘Better to burn up, than to fade away’ always the rally call of the immortal youth of the day and never on the lips of the dregs of their clan in their inevitable old age.

The love bug had a different continuum, as opposed to a nostalgic investment to resurrect a faded glory. The owners of the old model loved their motor so much and took such great care of them they drove a need for spare parts for the motor. The impetus and the resulting wave brought an entrepreneurial investment to an existing bespoke market need and started tailoring parts for the need. This of course is a case of two very different animals but the fact for both is they needed investment to get back into play in their respective niche markets. The beetle was responding to a market drive and this brought about an opening investors could see from the ground up. While good old Woolies was being driven by a supposed or perceived view from media related features a more top down view from reading stats and not from chat forums as it would be spied on today for trend and market opportunities. A nostalgia effect that never really got of the ground and back into the retail stratosphere. The odds are against the resurrection of on old concept must have a funeral and a period of mourning and the nostalgia has to gain momentum before an investor should be raking over the graveyard bones for any worthwhile skeletons for the visitors of the crypt to pay to view.

Nature has proven that once something has had its day sentiment has no part to play in resurrecting a dodo or a dinosaur sometimes it is best to leave the past and its fossils alone and undisturbed. The Dakota pipeline land grabbers need to listen to this as we still guard the preserve of our ancestors and the forked tongue white man who has broken every treaty they signed with the American nations. Through every generation for five hundred years and this generation of land grabbers and thieves steal for their own needs and disrespect the needs of the real land owners as it is still in their genes, the very sins of the fathers still being perpetrated by the next generation machine mindset of man.

A Burnout Waiting to Happen.

The modern day lifestyle of the sensation seeker generations three of four now in the pen, have to look at the final destination (destiny) that their road, path, course will take them. A relentless drive with a full on speed and drive will only lead to one destination and lets hope that when bone fatigue, stress delayed syndrome, muscular wear and tear all have a hospital and care sort of final scenario in the travel brochure. A varied life speed and a balance of work rest and play is a better model for less physical and emotional and mental wear and tear. The lifestyle of emotional saturation has a spectrum from the healthy end to the self destructive end of the range. The healthy is non drug assisted or immersion saturation's into the emotional and euphoric mind states and emotional experiences. The destructive end is much more predictable, the psychotropic and emotional dependencies of using a drug to augment emotional immersion will have a terrible price tag attached to it.

Emotional indulgences are an immersion experience that is the base root to addiction and obsessiveness or even compulsiveness. With or without a drug fueled injection system attached to the process. The fact that sensation: thrills, exhilaration and stimulus are all when overindulged and sought in a concerted drive to keep it going will only have one eventual outcome, like emotional saturation, living the moment, and being true to the feel of the moment are again when indulged in in a concerted continuous drive will engage the obsessive reflex or even be subject to emotive compulsions from the reflex level.

There are more kinds of immersion experiences like, base jumping, skiing, abseiling, skateboarding, game-box game-playing, than there with drugs. But they share one thing in common it is indulging the senses or the perceptions and insights and the emotional payoffs. The sport level demands that it is limited as life still has to be lived to get the fix/hit at periodic moments for a few hours to a day except with game play (first person) especially as it is there to indulge when you get home and there until you tire and are forced to retire and get back to the world next day. But without something else to offset the PC time with and to break it up it will hit the dependency level of emotional need. Like the person that drinks a glass of wine with every meal and then when tolerances grow it becomes a bottle before they know it. It is the slippery slope when it is beneath conscious controlling mechanisms.

The Four Corners.

The changing face of the modern world is still dragging its feet about committing to the digital age and embracing it as the first stage for the next development of man. The analogue overhang from the last millennium has not been completely replaced with the new digital footprint its stamp is still treading gingerly rather than softly. There is as any old museum of previous tech will testify no place for the redundant tech except in a museum. Good for the next generation to see where it all came from but it will never have a practical application again in the moving horizon of progress as it recedes away forward from their landmark status in time.

What was of the past should receive the treatment of what happens in Vegas should just remain where it was last useful. The way forward is not by looking backwards, keep a good memory of your roots and what it took for you to get to the point that you are at and you will with a good self knowledge have a clearer understanding of where the course of your life is heading.

So a couple of watchwords for the new generations, ‘know thyself’ comes from getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and to rid denial of all kinds out of your system.

Second Fiddling.
New Shoots.
The Trouble with Scotland.

An undercover policeman that wrote a book about his times undercover was on an airwaves broadcast this morning and the gist of his insight was how the so called ‘war on drugs’ was not working, another police representative of the force with no undercover experience came in with the party line and self promotion and preservation dialogue for keeping himself and his colleagues in a nice little earner.

The author was a bit subjugated by the insistent out to prove a point stance of the observational lacking in direct experiences opinion of how he believes the truth of the point the authors book was trying to get across. Every time he stressed a point the author was talked down, interrupted and the fact that the ‘met rep’ had read the book and his take on it outweighed the authors view was getting annoying in the extreme.

The ‘met rep’ did also bring up the Scottish statistics for drink and drugs into the argument the author failed to seize the moment and was subsequently kept on the side lines for the rest of the debate.

A famous line from a well known film was delivered by the actor playing Longshanks and was ‘The trouble with Scotland is its full of Scots’ and this is not the real problem either. The Scottish predisposition has a few hampering qualities in our characteristic makeup. They are namely a Scot does not know when he has lost or accepts he is beaten, his never say die attitude and his persistent harrying the bone after the meal is almost as famous as all our other better qualities together.

The fact that the Scottish mindset is prone to obsessive behaviour is clearly showing through in the obesity, drink and drugs culture of our emotional makeup. The criminal element behind the drug culture shows that it is pased time that we as a nation start to regulate the drug and drink culture both legally and socially to better manage the problem and its impact on the cultural level of life north of the border. Being able to stay focussed on one thing unerringly is a useful thing in an army recruit, way back when we were the main enlistment back in the day that we had battalions and regiments up here. The ability to stay and see the job through and the focus to stay well past good sense and self preservation is also all part of the obsessiveness cycle of addiction. So the imbalance makes us prone to O.C.D. more than most other nations. The well balanced part is where a good set of coping systems are in place and give a modicum to control. Now with such an impressive set of skills harnessed by people that know them and just shackle other nations and use them for their own gain. Good thing the divorce settlement includes a three hundred year investment in the British Isles, The British Empire and the Great Britain before the arrival of the so called UK (UcK), and the 8.4% of the trillion gives us a reasonable settlement and the rest is about the alimony for damages, corporate theft, asset stripping to name but a few before the bell for the final round goes. You just know unbalanced or well balanced this is one bone we will not be letting go of. Good job we are so well disposed to this form of leveling the playing field.

Home Hurting.

Working from the old homestead and how it is taking its toll on the needs for feedback that most people have, reassurances, even criticisms that make up the human need contact level of day to day existence.

Working from home was getting a dig on the airwaves with more of the ‘should’ dialogue statements peppering the broadcast at every opportunity. The poor work from home bandwagoner that jumped at the chance for more autonomy is struggling with missing his colleagues, awe poor wee luvvy. It takes a particular mindset to have the discipline to work from home, to not only stay on track but to keep up to date and ahead of the competition, it takes a great deal of faith to keep it up day after day after day.

The so called stress levels from not getting to be at the Monday meeting, hear the gossip at the water cooler, see the secretary strut by is having its toll on the work from home entrepreneur. So this is the self employed home grafters table of gripes for you try and separate the resentment ones from the actual grievances.

Having to pay for internet when office workers get it free.
Stuck with the electricity and heating costs.
No cleaner to keep the place tidy.
No canteen means having to cook.

Don’t know about you but it looks like gripping about the swings and the roundabouts, so what are the benefits then. Answers on the back of a £5 note and send them to my fire recovery appeal at ...... 999 my house was having a house warming with me in it, but I survived..... Worth a try is it no.

Over the Hill.

Over sixty is over the hill that sex is not good for over sixties is being touted by the media mind manipulators. If you believe in the we are all the same at the core measure of being then maybe. But if you are an individual and set your own course and are not truly more prone to other peoples opinions and so insecure that some so called ‘expert’ that has no insight into what makes you ‘you’. Can with his/her magical slide rule and secret table of unrelated facts and figures have the perception to know what will happen for you in your timeline. The audience shouting out their opinions are a means of letting off steam, but the player with the ball at their feet is the only one who can tell if they can make the play or must pass the ball. No other can decide for you, but if you start to only listen to so called ‘experts’ then you may well be already over the hill and on that fated slippery slope.

To live in fear and to lose faith in your own ability to decide for yourself is the rot setting in. Ask for as many opinions as you like but never delegate your autonomy to some side lines ‘expert’, unless you have never been able to make good decisions and you feel the need for being led by your insecurities. Or you can just accept your mistakes, take stock of your successes and accept things do slow down with age, but you can keep the pace up to comfortable without losing all of your drives. Time to check all your own meters and to leave the advice of the crowd in the terraces for the people you are playing against and just keep on playing.

IT Doesn't Fly.

Why is it for a country that has reduced its manufacturing footprint and are building and promoting a service based exporting base still has an IT infrastructure that is quite frankly laughable in the face of foreign country investments, we are playing tightfisted to match.

Without investment there can be no growth to required yields. If a farmer was to not feed his crop he is aware that it will seriously affect the yield of his crop, but to have bottlenecks and no reception areas on a small island archipelago like the British Isles is laughable in the face of the evidence. Now if we wanted and planned to be bottom of the world league tables we are hitting the right levels of non investment in the structural base to easily reach that position. Must take after the football teams aspirations and pay levels all benefits out and no payback. No targets achieved and no trophies in the display cabinet. Very British if we just look at our historic performance levels in all areas from manufacturing, to health and social provision.

Careful what air travel provider you book in with and you may still have to live with the obligatory lost luggage lottery as to whether you and said baggage will reach the same destination and whether it will be at the same time as you arrive. If it does not disappear into the great mythical wash room sock gremlins domain of the airport bag handlers simpatico worm hole.

The Aftermath.
Team Members.
Cloudy Waters.

Well the Brexit debate is acting like a first time extra on a zombie movie and just when you though that it was put to bed here it is regurgitated all over the media. This time it may even be good to talk as the grey areas are the main sticking point in a ‘U Turn’ on a failed experiment, and the air is definitely needing cleared about that.

The main argument is always whatever is going on now and the last few months is not a direct result of a recent decision that has not even been implemented yet. This is what they use every time and the people fall for the fact that the media pick it up and try and run with the trends being time specific results. Everything in the pipeline is the results of months and years to make so don’t think the changes from this decision will show fully until after they have been implemented for at least six months. All negotiations and new talks about deals are just that, the main deals have yet to be sealed.

It is still a case of waiting till the dust has settled here. The new deal offers are so far all media led and there have not been showing seed crops let alone first shoots. Austerity has failed and will continue to fail. But the G20 buddies are all thrashing out the threat of a destabilised Europe more than pressing on with failed political clout and big stick action on the helpless and trapped.

The main thing austerity was tabled for was to give a kick start to the role hardship plays at tough times in producing exceptional, people that come from behind the eight ball of bad luck and climb and innovate as they create their dynasties. The fact that this is an artificial construct seams to have escaped the notice of the sterile secular testing thinkers. Take life out of its comfort zone and try and instill hardship the failures in a cultured environment are nearly 99% of the returns. The seed has been increasingly secularised over the last five or six decades and the the irrepressible will to overcome and survive has all but been behaviour adjusted to universal obedience.

So time to think again, just what do all those leaders do at the big boys club the UN retreat that old nickle plated G20 really get up to and just what is the game of the season. If Obama and Putin eyeballing for the pup fiction ‘news’ reports we are being set up to swallow a media line of what is going on off the world stage page.

No Fooling Nature.

The Paralympics Games where given a toke airwaves spot this morning which had more than a few surprises in it. How do most of the successful ones manage their own disability to the point of excellence.

The main thrust was living with and managing their physical disablement's, how did they keep up an often gruelling regime under these circumstances. The main points in return where how they were more in tune with their physicality and any changes in wellbeing and energy and mobility than the average man or woman going about their daily lives with no real need to monitor their wellbeing unless they are struck by an illness or have an accident. The types of mindful attention exercises all got a nod as did the need for reserves and to be able to bounce back from disappointment with a resilience that is not right out of the factory floor product coming out of the assembly line human factory.

Springing Steps.
A Journey.
Stepping Up.
Targeting Crimes.

Tazer deaths from so called approved weapons training users still happen, yet they are seen as a restraining device to control violent people. The effectiveness of a device that is needed to restrain that has such blatant failures in its short history.

How do you police someone feeling the need to use their weapon in any situation that gives them the chance to air their urge. Itchy trigger finger syndrome is being ignored and yet if the profiling and benchmarking of the use of weapons to control extreme situations in other countries is pretty much being ignored. Now the amount of incidences on ‘trains’ in Scotland is negligible and does not warrant even a cursory look at placing death dealing weaponry in so called ‘trained’ operatives hands. Given the record from other arms bearing countries this is worrying situation for a non arms bearing country to find its enforcement arm pushing to change our status from this peaceful position. Giving this form of pressurisation under the disguise of a so called ‘imminent’ terrorist threat that has never materialised in any cohesive form since the excuse was first raised more than a decade ago. In point of fact the lack of incidences is a better indicator of the truth of this manufactured situation, than the needs of any trigger happy servants of the people drive for a new set of powers and the arms to bring them to bear.

The fact that people misinterpret situations all the time and the growth of population since records began is showing results of still fewer incidences. This says something about the behavior of people. We all make mistakes, we all misinterpret, get the wrong end of the stick. It is human and the human condition says we all need to agree to certain behaviour, to moderate interactions and to find non violent and not armed responses in our ‘peace keeping’ forces.

The idea that it is working as a deterrent is a lie, that we as civilised nations have proven over time. To bear arms means that it will have the effect of escalating the resistance and the evidence bears this out more than the current drive to change our peaceful status. The big stick will find a bigger stick eventually but they are only carried by thugs that want to enforce their authority and rule. How can you tell the physical health of someone before you choose to subdue the situation (a known fear reaction in itself) and deploy a weapon that has killed. And is there a limitation as to how many times in a disruptive situation is it advisable to ‘keep on’ deploying the weapon and what will happen at the likely loss of life due to this sort of messy situation developing. If the facts can be believed, nothing to the person that kills to control, time to look at tranquillisers. The kind of calibre of person capable of making good judgments in tense situations is not the run of the mill, a firearms officer may well be necessary once in every few years but to arm the dumb heard is the making of future folly. When every officer is exemplary and is above reproach, only then in a non arm bearing country, with a docile and well behaved population, so where is the evidence for the need for these weapons being brought into daily street life and will by the calibre of the man in the uniform be just putting the weapon into the wrong hands. When the crime figures in our country and all of Europe do not bear out the need for the changes they are asking for. Terrorism the bogeyman of the new millennium is not enough to sway public opinion or to get stronger legislative changes. The real question is who wants this and why.

The very fact that certain factions in power and authority are pushing for this is the most worrying part of the whole sad story. Power does nothing but create resentments and backlashes, invade and kill and ramp up the insurgency. Force in this world will always escalate by the resistance it finds, generates and is then subject to, the very worst form of self fulfilling philosophy. The quickest way to make an enemy is to take protective stances of more powers and greater arms being born for so called ‘self defense’. The truth is this will bring about escalation because force is not necessary in a country that does not bear arms or has the statutes to allow it.

The philosophy that this will bring to light the suppressed urges of the resistant to the surface is a stale and non productive form of thinking. This does nothing but seek to give a dominance that is not needed in a well organised society, to a power base that is facing a drop in the crime rate year on consecutive year for the last four decades or more. With a rising population the opposite should have been true but the consistent fall says the ratio is diminishing even across a broader population base. A society that is at the present moment in time is a balanced and self regulating stance in its state of development. That has no peeks and very few troughs, has no need for escalation of powers and weapons being handed to people that do not have a rise in situations enough to warrant it. There is no rise in terrorist activity in this union and that means Scotland as well as England and Wales.

Control and manipulation of a society is a drive for the exploiter, the whole thing is a society that is self regulating and policing has no need for jails, police and a judiciary. This is not at present an achievable state of living for the human community. But we are no longer carrying side arms, swords, guns and knifes. We are not having daily, weekly, monthly even yearly ‘terrorist attacks’ ever few years something pops up. Violent anti police crimes will only escalate where the police escalate their brutality for control, the facts bear this reality out. An armed response unit for those once in a blue moon incidents is enough for a peaceful nation and union of nations to have in place in case.

Scratch the surface of most domestic situations and you will unearth the failing levels of the mental health act in this country. The argument is speculative and based on unfounded fears of a not very likely probability materialising where at present the fact indicate a distinct lack of the need for the changes. So a fear based directive and the facts don’t bear the fear out. So what is really going on under this smoke screen action.

Power intimidates and provokes check the facts history will bear this out, we as a race are not competent enough to allow a group of people whose profile is power and control orientated to wander around armed ‘just in case’ and so called responsibly trained to use the weapons. The argument that a Tazer is a good and effective response to a knife wielding attacker, the statistics do not bear out that this is how they are justifiably deployed. The facts do not validate the requester’s arguments. The fact that the term ‘highly trained’ is meaningless except when you realise they are not given a justifiable response limitation. A non armed and big person could when provoked be made to justify the use of. Go on tell me they are above that. Why are the police (all nations) the only people on the planet that cannot be found guilty of murder, that have and consistently get away with murder and some idiots want to arm them all. So the real point of the debate should have been who wants this change, and what justifies the need for this change as terrorism is just an excuse. The main question as always is why now.

Walled In.

The EU exit is being dragged out because of all the people who are invested in always getting what they want getting their investments securely out of the EU pots they placed them in. The shock wave from the 17.4 million votes to ditch the Brussels diktat took all the self preservation societies not only by surprise, but their bets of a shoo-in were all suddenly at risk. No game no bet and with all bets off, the slow an painful process of extricating the cash from the greedy grubby hands the cash is now in will take time. There is nothing as slow and painful as getting cash back once it has changed hands, no one likes giving back anything they have gained.

So why are we waiting we think your stance is faking, why are we waiting, how much is left for the taking.

Money and power so difficult to separate the two, the litigation that is used as the excuse is a smoke screen, the reality is they are all trying to not lose out in their arrogant investment in getting their own way. Funny how independent earnings are up, freer trade is happening and they all stand around looking lost and are mumbling and fumbling and milling around looking incapable of making a good decision between them. The riggers and player of we rule our way and you lot just do as we say has proven this is all for their self interest not our better benefits. The elephant in the room has brought another dodgy animal to the fore the dog did not ‘do’ in the night. The lie fell flat, we are better where they are not just self serving and we follow their selfish rule. We have a voice and we have a choice and it is showing in the fear in their eyes. The majority of people have had it with the control mechanism holding us all down or back from the trough because they have established their own place at the head table.

Political Fatigue.

The Independence referendum in 2014, the EU referendum this year and the whole country is being told it is suffering from political fatigue. That we are feeling sleepy and we are tired of wanting to change the statusquo you can just begin to hear the hypnotic suggestion getting a more varied outlest, subliminalising the message to get it under our radar. If we were all still dreaming we are in a world of their and not our own design. The full weight of seventeen point four million votes against the will of the leadership really put the wind up them and that is the best dampener to any suggestions they seep out into the media outlets.

If changing the political map of a four nation union is us fatigued then woe betide them as the tide has turned and they can king Canute it all they like they have no dominion over an awake and focused populace finding the controller filching the populaces lives to provide for their well of existences. So not fatigue but a bleary eyed waking up and all the babble will no longer work. An awake and empowered populace has no place for controllers. The heavy hand was the thing that brought about a rough awakening, so thanks could not be here without your own greed and bloody minded control methods.

Flowing On.

The way ahead is foggy, the lights are on and the speed is steady, distances are measured and the feeling is leisured. Then up pops the growling fear factor, the whispering sound of doubt not even from the inner ear but from the advocates of fear. That old back seat driver that has your ear, knows from the situation and your reactions you are prone to fear.

This collective of the school of Thomas the doubter likes to lay it on thick, setting resolution and resolve and stopping listening to the outer doubt leaves us with the little one percent within to deal with. That when faced it is experience and trust that will see it out of the front space of the mind so that dealing with the job at hand becomes easier.

We do not need armed police, the need of them is only in situations like football, dance halls and other statistically identified situations from proven case histories. The health issue and concerns for the over use of the device is criminal with no ruling to restrict its use. This weapon not just kills it has killed, fact not fiction. The overuse and unrestricted actions of people that clearly do not have the judgment to know not to use it or when to stop. When they get caught up in enforcing control clearly show that this cannot ever be taught it is a matter of calibre. There are no statistic to support the use of the side arm on trains in Scotland, but then again Scotland is an easy testing ground for the southern rulers since Maggie just did as she pleased with the country.

Time to cut of the flow, time to redress the balance and to nip this in the bud as we are all now starting to understand why this nation (Scotland) should have the reigns of the carriage in this abusive marriage.

Terms of Agreement.
The Harvest.
Reaping Rewards.
Terms of Agreement.
A Poem
Chris Millar

When you arrive and know more about the plan
Than you can ever second guess about the man
Like you know much more about the script of the play
More than you can ever see of the way or answer the say.

Is equal to the admin of being able to never weigh the feel
Because the mainline for the line you take is all about the deal
Then prepare to pay that price, obedience love and honour in a trice
You will be conquered and bound, as the new acquisition found.

If you arrive in the know and can keep up with all on the go
Bring as well the seed you will reap for to sow, as that is how it is so
When you aid the who where and how, you lay the furrow of the plough
If you carry all life does need, you need never fear the breed, or deed.

If you are doing it without knowing it, then your obviously showing it
As captain of your unconscious tide, no passenger along for the ride
Intent and bias become clear, stripped of the cloy and cling of fear
Either support to his lead, queen of his heart and bearer of life’s seed.

Not a silk purse form a sow, or the great holly cow, its all then in the now
As two lives meet and their worlds collide, responsibility has no place to hide
Looking for how two worlds can meet, one will end up in the drivers seat
As the relationship will age, the head over the heart is just part of the wage.

Negotiating the prices to be paid, is balanced in the sacrifices to be made
Terms of agreements will be thrashed out, just what the dickering is all about
It may take two to have a dance, it takes discussion to eliminate chance
Even when the exchange is all in the glance, deciding our position and stance.