Don’t wake the Sleepwalker.
Spiritual Guardian.
Two Strands short of a Monkey.

Well the airwaves abound with the discussion on dementia and the effects that it has on sufferers, and techniques that are being used to destress the neurosis that the feelings of loss of memory prompts. The distress that is felt comes from the fact that the sense of smell is the strongest prompt for recall that there is for deeply felt memories too deep to be fully assessed at the moment. Those that have always (like me) had a poor sense of smell so the amount of triggers for such deep rooted memories are not as well stimulated in someone that has been a hayfever sufferer for most of their conscious life. The fact that the situation was experienced at a purely unconscious point or purely experiential point of experience dictates that the recall trigger is more likely to be associated with a smell rather than any other senses or by direct ‘image’ retained in the imagination or imaging recall. Most other memories will be distributed to whatever the focus of experience was fixated on at the point of recording (experiencing) the situation and committing it to memory for recall. The distress in a dementia sufferer is that the state is arrived at by different means. The neurosis is basically distorted by when they have been hiding loss of memory all their lives they accumulate a point of view that makes them feel less than others. If this is not caught early the effects can be distressing to watch and treat, in the declining years as their memories are not easily recalled or were dismissed by the stress of the situations they went through.. The other main areas for repression or creation of buried memories are, distraction, senses too immature to process the whole experience, confusion as to the meaning of the experience. The worst offense is direct rejection of memory of a life you don’t want to recall as it contains to many hurtful experiences or are just to painful to be considered for any type of future recall. Blocking out painful experiences is not new and has more than one instigator to the same result. Adversely when the experience engages the entire senses a moment of awe or an epiphany might equally ensue. This flip side to memory storage and the recall set of triggers associated with the process clearly shows the duel nature of the process itself. A multy sensory experience has an easier set of triggers for recall where all of the senses are active and a focused immersion in the situation will allow greater recall at a later date. The term for experiencing life is often stated as ‘making memories’.

Memory especially formative experience memory will be fixated on the play of emotions at the time of direct experience, a purely visually stimulated experience will be visually recorded and the trigger will be a sound (stillness of a glade, is a lack of sound but no less registered) an object (a tactile or touch related) or sensation, a taste and then a smell, smell is only really needed for a precaution for taste and is more widely associated with women in any other manner, ‘remember to stop and smell the roses’ springs to mind sometimes not aimed at men then but for recall in the later years. In the newly undermined sense of worth from functionality, being fit for purpose, a comparison is being made by the self and the history of poor memory is a prolonged indictment they use against themselves. Or in the worst case scenario it has been used against them in a derogatory manner and they will believe in others more than themselves and will defer to the strongest influence or the most persistent form of reinforced peer pressure. Whichever wolf was fed is the one that will be dogging their emotional self worth. A neurotic disposition will be the natural inheritance of a persecuted involvement that was meant to overpower the victim. Older siblings or a more dominant one, overbearing parent or guardian. group, class or peer victimisation or exploitation are an example of the areas this can come from. Whatever has undermined their initial self image at a formative time when coupled with poor attention, this will inhibit image memories, food allergies, food faddiness and the senses of taste and smell will be effected. My earliest memory is a dream of sensation one of jaggedness and then flowing into feelings of a warmth and comfort, so my sense of touch was always under par, clumsiness, tripping and falling, black eyes and almost no retention or awareness to avoid it the next time. It nearly always took three to four events before it started to penetrate. A permanent summer cold and a runny nose as a child brought all the wrong sort of attention to a happy but sappy child.

As science is finding with cancer that the way that people contract it is from different angles. Like diabetes the food consumption and bad diet (overeating, wrong content for metabolism) is one way. A hyper active production of insulin in the blood stream would inhibit the feeling full factor, that may result in a shutdown of the processing of sugars causing diabetes stage one. The diatry one is more associated to second stage diabetes indicating a dietary problem rather than an organ instability. This when it is coupled with rates of metabolism can produce compounded and often confusing results. Cancer in specific locations do not all have anything more in common with one another than they are a hyper production of unnecessary cells that are called growths. What if the process just lacked the imagination or planning to say rejuvenate the cells and the process being warped is causing the effect we see as ‘growths’ what if the lack of an enzyme or quality the cells must have achieved is the problem with the illness we call cancer. What if the hypocrites needed to go back to the stalags and check their modern day findings and especially look at the areas they automatically dismissed as too superstitious or even just plain old myth or legend. What if they were misled about a spear because as a martial nation they would believe that, before they would seek a cup of grace. Many paths lead to certain inescapable cruxes, crossroads and junctions. Many illnesses will be activated by different causes, there never was or is any form or kind of one size fits all solution to the problems of medical condition causes. Even when so many share the same symptoms they may not have the same causes, similarities are being placed under the same banners because of the need for progress.

The gastric band debate is getting an airwaves bashing with the judgmental non afflicted thinking they can judge better for the sufferers of weight problems because of cash concerns, to much of a personal interest to shed the excess weight with an impatient dismissal for to keep things moving. Than any form of concerned interest in a cure, they just want it stopped, so Cesar’s audience they all give it a thumbs down for personal results or satisfactions. Do the audience that is there to indulge its own satisfactions of choice by venue, have the right to decide for another life because of position in life. When we are more caring it will become less of a public pillory for people to display their nasty nature with rotten fruit or acts of violence with the sweep of an administrators budget a life is sanctioned. All the acts of enlightened sentient caring beings. Maybe the overweight the sick and infirm are just the living proof of the base nature of the well to do or the privileged as they sit in judgment of lives they have no direct experience of. Maybe the problem that will not go away is the nature of the healthy as they look down on the inferior and decide they just shouldn't exist in their perfect world. Asking the wrong question misdirects us to the details that we are intended to see as opposed to thinking for ourselves as the script for life is still, petty and conflict based on a forced timescale based on impatience to be constantly moving forward for the sake of something called progress.

Progress is an illusion as we have found out recently as the advent of the hand-held device has reached epic proportions in just a couple of decades. The app in the device has made us lazier, it has reduced our knowledge as we continually defer to a machine as our compass on life. The inner compass of experiential growth is being corroded by the devices of so called progress. The world is under elemental, weather problems and their related problems. And the increase in natural disasters is demanding attention. The oversight of the so called enlightened scientific community that when faced with a warming planet, took the governmental funding and it is now taxable and leaves a very dirty footprint in the sands of mans time on this ball of dirt. They never took into account excess water in the air in a warmer planet that is no longer storing water naturally in ice at the caps in the same volumes as it did when the world was in balance. Before mass deforestation, supplanting the natural lungs of the world with less oxygen producing palm oil crops for the little people that print their own tokens and still try to call it wealth. Excess water needs better land mass trapping to offset the drive towards a warmer half of the planet turning more water into the atmosphere and making the western half of the planet the deluge platform because it is cooler then the warming drought afflicted half of the ball. So greater education in the hands of isolated and emotionally stunted minds, see the problems from a purely modeling platform that had this deficit of knowing what needs to be done for the re-balancing of our balls weather patterns.

The small boy that fell in the gorilla pen and caused the highlighting of the blame mechanism and how it is structured so it can be exploited by a legal negotiator for a remittance is the problem with the sheer lack of personal responsibility of each of the parties involved. It doesn't need an advocate to realise every criminal is trying to diminish responsibility to reduce the punishment, hence the fantastic stories and so called alibis. The fence was inadequate to exclude all potential forms of rick from a distracted spectator with sensory and interest distractions going on. The human condition is being penalised. The fencing was inadequate and the responsibility for that lies with the entertainer looking out for the fact that their spectacle will have this effect on the basic human condition that pays for the privilege to be entertained and distracted for the day to get away from the continuous focus that the daily grind imposes on all of us the rest of the pressing days of our tedium. So it is up to us as adults to be more attentive and so one designated guardian is not a concept right now but it was usually the mother in my day, but the present indulged generations since my day and age do not feel that the child has anymore right to be indulged that the whole group. Those sort of parenting skills just are not taught and passed on as the child is indulged at every turn and pampered in the home situation and the parent may emotionally see it as their day off to.How often does a child that is ignored do more outrageous things to get attention from someone who is to involved in something else they see as being more pressing or important. This has to be addressed before the ‘blame’ mechanism is brought into play, as this now, now, generation go straight for the big guns too quickly for good relations to continue or even exist in the future as the pace of progress for the needy and the greedy will dictate the beat of the dance to come. But the designated driver concept is a good model to inform people based on these sort of tragedies of people resorting to form because they are incapable of thinking outside the box.

Awareness is to the warrior the stance that allows the experience of past troubles and triumphs to become better informed and to instruct our evolving awareness with the fruits of hindsight informing our foresight's mechanism to learn and grow.

May all your foresight's be seeded with the best of your hindsight's successes.

This one was written on the 30/01/2011.
A Journey.
A Single Step.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The risen sleepy head, that when fully awakes
Takes stock of the now, before returning to what it takes
The urges of latent drives warm in the ebb and flow
Limbs stretch and senses clear, before the up and go.

The groggy and the weak become the early meal
The wary and the cautious need to keep it real
The leviathans of the deep stir to take life’s chance
Every living being is subject to the lord of the dance.

The tune starts subtle, to set a gentle sway
Till the light takes dominion of the greater day
Ebbing and flowing on the seaborne tide
Slipstreamed in hidden currents for the quantum ride.

Shoaling in the shallows like birds that flock
Turning in formation always taking stock
Following the run to the spawning ground
Back to the waters where life was first found.

Gently grazing in the shallows on the nibblers to be had
Living to flow with the good and tolerate the bad
Drifting in the still waters on the river bed
Always being mindful to never lose the head.

Never alone always part of the shoal
Flocking and turning like one hive soul
Gliding the currents power is conserved
Gleaning the advantage of the deserved.

The shoals numbers are the source of their strength
Each contributes no matter their size, shape or length
Following an order side by side and nose to tail
Knowing their strength of numbers will never fail.

This one was written on the 25/06/2013.
Freeze Sucker.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The Centaur rears to gain the sight
Arrow notched and set for flight
The target is sighted, never an easy goal
Instilled in the herd from the very first foal.

Chiron’s kin favour the learning of the mind
Studying life and the mysteries of all kind
The eternal student of the spiritual ken
Ancient teacher to the immortals of men.

Master of the plains, the forests and the heights
Scaling lofty cliffs to gain better insights
Grounding the knowledge in pragmatic skills
Forging new understandings to perceptions thrills.

The archers eye and the hunters knowledge
A fount of wisdom in life’s great college
An arbitrator for the worries of the day
Imparting sage advice as they disclose the way.

The journey of life is not lived at a single pace
Sometimes a walk, a trot or at times a race
Enjoyed with the wisdom of an easy cantor
And all the fun of good natured banter.

The herd is mindful of the change of seasons
The traveling lifestyle formed by these reasons
Held in the bonds of family and the embrace of friends
Following the cycle of life that never ends.

To bear a burden, support a friend or carry the weary child
The depths of compassion that defy the call of the wild
Teacher, advisor, counselor with sage wisdom, a true friend
Once fealty is given it is given till the very end.

Backdoor Eugenics.
Pride And .
Self Anointed.

Doctors asking women on a regular basis, this can only happen with people that are regularly under a doctors care in the first place so it has targeting written all over it. This will only be aimed at the ill, overweight, genetic defects, immune deficiencies, congenital defects. A Medical fish barrel. They are the problem area for the fit active working and in charge to be used as the standard they are judged by, now a sliding scale of the disable by the disabled is an accurate reflection of a fair judgment system. The normal standard does not have any common basses for comparison with someone who is less capable. Why do the healthy use healthy standards against the infirm, must be a purpose, some people will have their disability from birth to death and the quality of life they can have is marred by the perfect ideal measurement and comparison that they will always fail against being toted as the de facto standard of all life. The normal couple will not be more than a little concerned, they will have the hope the positive attitude, that leads them to expect or have the faith in their bloodlines to expect a normal healthy child. The low income because of intellectual, emotional or physical deficiencies and educational or behavior problems are not of the same measure as the standards being used against them. The self anointed and self appointed record keepers and controllers of the whole process are just the helpful helping us to our own standards that they are not imposing. The day of the gun is finally over and the pen will ink a stain on history of man and his false ideals limited vision goggles of the diktat of the genetic superiority as they elect themselves the best of humanity. Will not rule the day but rue it if they march down this dark corridor that is ignoring the recessives in every bloodline, what will happen to the genetic throwbacks in that once and superior future for the elite self anointed and self appointed.

The whole idea that no one is asking who are these people that need to ask ‘will you breed’, ‘when do you wish to breed’ and ‘who with’ like they are helping someone to guarantee a perfect child. This lie is being hidden behind the asking of the question and how it is being leveled. How the process has an assumed we know better for you and we can, we, us and no one has asked who are you to ask. Did we the democratic electorate of our world appoint you judge jury and executioner of the standards of life that are being cut out by the splicing and breeding programs of the modern day Dr Gorbals students, Dr Mengele apostles of the we have an ideal and we will make you choose it by never tabling it directly and associating it with convenience. As you will sell out all your rights to our superiority for the sake of convenience. As we harry all forms of freedom and make them inconvenient and let us think for you and make these decisions for you as you are all to feeble minded and immature or just plain stupid or too lazy to know any better. This from the people that designed the educational systems we are subject to by law, that test us to not think for ourselves, unlike the public schools the private schools do teach self worth, self reliance, self awareness and how to rationalise and reason, to produce answers and write down their working out. Instead of pick a choice as in life we will give you a choice but don't ever try and think for yourselves as in our opinion you cannot. It is better left to your betters so get back in yer box and keep yer head down.

This form of robotic programmed lack of humanity is a slave to scheduling every action interaction and associations from birth to the grave. And woe betide the natural exceptions, the natural states of being. Now if there was a united world, all of our nations working together to a purpose built and agreed future paradigm for life as it is not some false set of ideals with their various impossible standards of perfection that every one in life will automatically fail to even get a look at the ballpark let alone ever in eternity achieve them. The human condition is not a recessive state of perfection in waiting. It has never demonstrated genius bloodlines in all our history, it has never achieved a physical state of perfection, an emotional state of excellence and has never demonstrated a spiritual state of grace. All societies are imperfect and have never had a utopia anywhere in our history. Yet this world economy has proven industry and commerce are a lie and they do not work as they are sold. Markets regularly get wiped out, billions get wiped of the value of shares, there is no next big thing in any of the over fished heavily monitored business startup channels just waiting to take the world markets by storm.

An imposed state on a set of genetics that have proven they are less than perfect, have either been subject to splicing since the initial eugenics days of the Nazis or was instituted when the mapping began the idea that recessives can be gene spliced out of the pool is to forget how regression works. Regression is when a bloodline peaks and the line regresses to a basic state. To maintain a perfect state has to have an artificially engineered environment and life process organisation that is just not in the natural order or nature of the normal or natural set of human genetics. The fact that the Ape has more strands of genetic code than we do says that we are an engineered and inoculated workforce to give the genetic superiors service to live a life of pure self indulgence with no accountability to anyone. Least of all the genetically engineered work force that is no longer needed in such great numbers as we have automated nearly every manufacturing process known to man. Miniaturised it and got production down to minimum or material costings, almost making labour obsolete. Now how long have we been subjected to engineering and why are we kept limited never allowed to reach any form of fulfillment. Told what to think, how to think and all of our luxuries and pastimes are laden with consumption of poisons and self destructive activities. This environment and way of life are increasingly becoming under threat and the severely limited end of the gene pool will be first, then all the other levels that capitulated thinking themselves exempt will follow. The revolution always betrays us in the end as the end we are told we are working towards is not the end they are working towards. Non of us work on projects to save the world, to better mankind, all research is weapons, manufacturing, medical developments are already being priced out of the market. The genetic products of enhanced life, started before the genome was mapped, with hormone replacement, cosmetic surgery. Ideals were formed before we could even see the trap we are born into. Charities since they began have raised enough money to feed the world and save it from destruction many times over since we first chipped into those unregulated and never monitored pots of gold. The crisis in Haiti showed the truth about the levels of where money actually gets to these projects that an elite would not want to work and the cash to do anything about it will no longer be in our pockets when needed as it has been leached by our sense of goodwill being sucker punched by those that manipulate your thinking and your belief systems and know enough about your nature and its weaknesses to exploit it to their own gain.

Every system that is currently in place at this moment in time is being subject to tactics that will raise the question of you deciding for other lives based on a set of scales that were handed to you and which you will accept as if they were your own invention. Yet with no clear set of rights that each person that has achieved life that lives and breaths and provides or contributes has the same basic right to life as those that would cast the first stone. The sheer lack of humanity in this process is being masked by the propaganda that you are paying for someone elses kids and life, where commerce does not work, every nation is in debt, businesses all have a limited shelf life. Banks lie cheat and steal, then make you bail them out after gambling your hard earned. Backed by a government that has never ever served the interests of the common man at any time in history. Guarding the elite superior sub set of being and closed ranks to protect their own at every level of societies mechanisms, law, finance, theology and study, and education.There is no next big thing and hasn’t been in over a decade and a half. We have peeked and the genetic breeder level has been too well cared for and without purpose it is time to turn the ego superior idiots against the simple minded and easily goaded to let them wipe themselves out and leave the genetic model of the Gatica generation to inherit the ball of mud. So if you think the EU being punted by the upper strata has the greater good of the common man in mind, why are they draining pensions to make savings that seems counter intuitive and contrary to purpose. This is cheapening the product for a quick sale, a bargain to you sir, for a knock down price of no overheads. The whole idea is to stick to the original purpose which is to raise the industry standard against cheap Chinese imports. To make and sell quality takes a payment package that must have some form of security built in so who was raiding the pot before the rot? Careful what they tell you it will only ever be what they want you to think as they never educated you in how to and how to think well. They just trained you to do as your told and to roll over when pressed, now be a good little pen of livestock and keep thinking you will get a real vote in the referendum. The outcome is already set it is public support that is not in place, they learned that public support means you do it for them. So they just have to present the arguments that will bring about the results they want from you and that is all there is to it, unless of course everyone really does wake up just before the precise and save the world of man and removes the Gatica level of superior man from the mix.

This one was written on the 31/01/2011.
Solitary Stance.
A Poem
Chris Millar

As the warmth of the early thaw takes hold
Winters store of waters released from the cold
Begins the melting of the icy grip on the frozen land
Delivering the lifeblood, to irrigate, like nature planned.

To nurture the seed that the land held in sleep
To release creation from winters frozen keep
As light sweeps night into the shade of the day
Creation stirs deep, and will have its sway.

The maiden carries with ease what the ox must yolk
No duty of burden, not the stuff of common folk
Astride the elements one foot in water, one on land
Balanced in air, feet rooted, setting a solid stand.

Wading pools and streams, mistress of the tide and flow
Plumbs the depths to where the sediment will go
By trickling pools great stillness and peace is found
To still the heart and ease the mind, not one sound.

From lands cradling and funneling the crashing flow
Or damning the relentless surging of the tidal overthrow
Torrents of aqua cascade to the sedimentary base
The lifeblood of the world, not just for the human race.

To quench the seed at the bowels of what is hidden
The light calls forth the seeds to the seasons bidding
The seed uncurls, sucks life from the dark underground
Pushing toward the light no longer darkness bound.

The winter sleepers start to stir and rouse or wake
The early risers brought aware by a need to slake
Tools get sharpened, anticipating an early dish
Repairs and chores, build an appetite for an early fish.

Not in our house.
This one is hot of the presses.
Solitary Stance.
Not in our house you Don’t.
A Poem
Chris Millar

When in a mutual agreement of choice
Each side at least should have a voice
To be the gofer and the fetch and carry boy
After forty years of fagging brings no joy.

When does the mouse that turned and roared
Stop coughing up to the greedy masters hoard
Our forefathers paid with their life's blood
So we wouldn't be cattle just chewing the cud.

Four decades of paying our collective dues
Never hear that one on the BBC news
Even a cow that gets fed can still fend for itself
Were straight off the factory line straight to the shelf.

When we join a union it is a two way street
We all part on the square at the place we all meet
Not pay into a bottomless foreign money pit
Not just doing as were told and treated like shit.

While the nation that lead the fight against fascism
Is on the couch now being treated for a schism
The six nations of the many headed beast, is biblically hexed
Throwing threats and stepping out the steps of that ancient text.

The last vestiges of a nation that’s still paying its dues
Is now at odds with a myriad of divergent views
A nation with an identity crisis is open to pressure
By a Eurocratic hex that is not up to the measure.

When we remember who we are in our souls
And once again aim for the right sort of goals
As we again defend the poor and the vulnerable
Not chasing false ideals, making plans that are able.

Sitting down as equals at a negotiating table
Not tied to a dream in someone elses fable
We once ruled the waves, now don’t rule our land
Just like the writer of ‘Mine Campf ‘planned.

What you Want.
Joy (Rev).
Not what you Get.

The EU fiasco of mud slinging and fear mongering is taking the facts out of the whole situation, while it is true that no one can accurately predict the future that is in heavy flux, yet some predictions do get the outsider luck and nail it right from the start. The main facts that are being ignored, conveniently sidetracked and in some cases deliberately misdirected away from are now going to get an airing just to level the field and give us all the chance to make the best informed decisions we can given the state of the country. The nature of the beast and the undisclosed interests of our ‘honourable’ ladies and gentlemen, in this national disagreement and possible party split representatives, is not looking good for the in campaign as we hear nothing but speculation of after the facts scare stories, so no facts and figures will be forthcoming from them any time soon then. The out have at least looked at our actual output, collateral and assets in a pragmatic fashion and have looked at the markets in the world with a competitive point of view. They have also understood that we understand the nature of competitiveness and feel that we could do better by dealing for ourselves with a keener eye for markets and profits than most other nations vieing to get into the cash cow EU, like Turkey who will be an enormous drain on its already stretched resources and every other well to do nations contributions for decades to come. Or they will be the biggest source of cheep labour next to china and the bamboo curtain for a more local source of migrant workers. Say even a10% increase for them until they contribute enough to the collective to be viable members. Or special measure will have to be used like with Greece and its debt burden.

Since the IndyRef (first one) the first one this nation has still been subject to not getting what it has asked for, it has still been given cut backs and is still being blocked by its ‘just trust in me’ speech from the diktat of the ‘No Vote’ from next door. So when they have been held to task by their EU masters in turn and still made to stump up the cash they thought they could get out of paying, one point seven billion I think it was. What chance do we have of staying in it to change it from within when a nation of sixty six million is still treated like the fag of the year at an old boy school. Never happened for the diktat from next door. They have never won any concessions with that same tactic, they have had fifty nine straight failures before the EU stepped back from the frightful free thinking Brit at home’s drive to have a better say in the type of rules and their effects on our nation have on us, that do not share one single border with any of the EU countries as an Island Nation. The diktat after diktat from the Mid Europe nation of six (we were the seventh EEC join up) and after forty years of full paid up membership we are no nearer having paid our dues, or to getting any say in the EU structure and how it affects us. Which we never joined but were converted from the EEC membership and we should have had a senior partnership at least after the conversion instead of the cash cow status we actually have. As the dogsbody of the EU sacred hex that inner core of the many headed daemon we are getting the contempt of the original nations as we are continually getting the voter responses of the European Song Contest variety. Try denying that one then Frau Merkel, Her Junker. All that the EU will do when and if we kowtow to a dictator is exactly what our next door neighbour with dictatorial tendencies did, is get right back to whatever has been in their long term invested plans and will slowly wind back up to speed to spread the disappointment at having been suckered by the EU secret six. Not what we could tell our fathers and grandfathers who fought and died to keep this nation a free democracy and subject to no dictators or fascist rulers. Have we all become so pussy whipped that we are afraid to stand up for ourselves and to trade with the rest of the free world to our own mutual advantage instead of being subject to a Eurocratic Diktat.

Careful how you vote, you will not get what you expect from the smoke screen of the fear mongering propagandists. The EU has already proven they will not listen to our case and they will bill us and penalise us as they see fit as they always have. Why be a part of an exclusive clique that will never let us into the inner sanctum even after forty years of contribution. Our membership of this collective money raker’s is what has given it its status on the world markets, not the other way around. Their track record, our continued failure as a nation of sixty six million not being listened to and still expected to bend over for a spanking at the masters pleasure does not convey partnership, equality, members rights, founder member status. No it says very clearly that the stalags now have clauses instead of barbed wire. The guards are now the IT economic and local authority rights strippers. The spotlight is, all citizens can and will be stopped and searched and made to prove who they are and where they are going and we will decide if they have that right. We will empower our police to stop and search and hold all up to scrutiny unless of course you are us, if not then shut up and put up.

If we are ever this stupid to ignore their history (EEC to EU only) their track record with us and how they treat land locked countries that are not in their cabal then we deserve to be mastered and become slave to the EU diktats. Once this little blip on their radar is over they will continue right where they left off and will asset strip all citizens rights and make our lives totally transparent while the luvvies of this world and any on the inside of the diktat club can pay to hide theirs from any of us. The power is still in our hands at this moment and if you are that stupid we will sink without a trace as we are absorbed by the third rise from Germany and its bribed and controlled little cabal of six.

Democratic Mutuality.
Mutual I'm Sure.
Goosing the Gander.

Well before I T off on this fairway of the airwaves, FOUR. That little shout out is a matter of safety and manners something we all accept as the way of the game. But the blatant mood of the powerless stating on the airwaves that a concept is outdated and should be discarded because it is dated. Like protecting women and children in emergency situations in this day and age, or the decline of manners over the last fifty years. Gender has no greater rights than life itself, but try and abolish that one when you try to dictate in a democracy that your mob rule diktat is the one that has the most behind it and therefore will have its will over the lesser numbers. So it is past time that men were prosecuted for their abuses instead of given the old boys network protections in the rigged system. Rather than telling a private club it needs to get with the times daddy oh. It didn't work in the sixties and that mob rule by greater numbers is not what a democracy is all about. The equality of rights should start with the assumed right that only mothers can bring up children, that a mother can legally ostracise a man from ever seeing his children again and the ass that is the law that old beast of ‘settlement’ burdens backs them to the hilt 99% of the time. So if we are going for equality then when men and women have equal rights in life they can dictate to no private club with private members that have taken it upon themselves to have a place away from other women to go to when the wife makes it clear she wants us out from under her feet. The garden shed is the only other place we had (dog house) when we were brushed out the door. So would you rather it was a lap dance club, or is a lads only (NO WOMEN) club where cheating is excluded by membership or a lads bar where its part of the culture. They do say and it is well repeated and it has been around since I was a boy, women do not know what they want so they are the ones that think they can have it all.

Democracy to educate the mob rule ageist PC Diktat of the kill our rights and bully the inarticulate into giving up even more of our already eroded rights to the interfering state. You can own a house and under property laws it is your property. Yet the diktat of the day says it has rules that they can enforce for us to comply with their interfering non rights. The institutions of this world are the services we empower on our behalf and they are only allowed to use force against law breakers to keep the peace and protect life and property. So when did the diktat become that property you own is subject to a coercion diktat from the employed services, we pay their wages they service our needs, if you can call picking up the rubbish once a fortnight service, roads falling into disrepair. After all cant pay the wages of the thing and pay for the materials to actually upkeep the infrastructure now can they. The bloated fiddle is not raking it in and the social resentment is growing, when the law states that property is the sole ownership of one person, or a cooperative of people who invest their cash in purchasing it. The idea that the law can impose to raise capital says there is something wrong with the system. The state bill is enough and if it is corrupt and uses its imposing methods to squeeze people out of cash for liberty or a blemish on their record. Is it not time to remove this before invading the private domain. The property that you purchase is yours and no one elses. If there is a fault that causes injury, if a public right of way is being restricted then we will collectively manage these by law. But building with out permission, must ask mummy first, when did we give up this much of our rights, cant remember that referendum. The diktat of the mob is not what democracy is all about. We as a people have the same inalienable rights as every one else in the group. If two million people share the same bad idea it counts as one bad idea. The two million still have to live with the other four million who don't share it. The system must provide the services that are needed by the people that make up the electorate, and that includes all of the opposition. Freedom of speech and action must have a clause that stipulates that you cannot knowingly impede anyone elses rights as this will negate your right to yours. When this is established, this local and governmental diktat will be stopped. While no personal responsibility is built into the human rights to protect others rights to preserve our own. Disagreeing with people is not contesting their right or restricting their right to their opinion. When they inflict that opinion denying the other person their right to their opinion even if it disagrees with theirs the are subject to the loss of their own rights as protected by the system by all our mutual agreement. Not some mythical time limited belief of what people should be thinking doing as we see it. That is still dictating against the rights of others. If you value your own rights then they apply to all humans, regardless of creed, colour, beliefs, station, status or background, this goes for the privileged and the under privileged to. We either all have the same rights or there are none and we will be subject to mob rule and the diktat of the loudest or most threatening. Being insistent about speaking for the mass without any provable consensus is still trying to pull a fast one against the less articulate. But when the representatives all start to do the same thing they are abandoning their duty of care to their electorate. This type of treacherous behavior should have a special place in hell reserved for it and its supporters. When the referendum needed to change fundamental constitutional laws and methods of management on behalf of the electorates best interests and greater good. This needs better penmanship for this day and age as it is clear that the Magna Carta is no longer fit for purpose. A charter of the people for the people, by the people is needed for this day and age and to ensure no further erosion of our inherent rights and to preserve or ringfence them for future generation until they are no longer fit for purpose. The reasoning behind dumbing down the populace and taking political power away from the electorate is the hard physical existence that is still imposed on third world life. The western countries all enjoy a better state of basics and is less hard pressed by life and so it was imposed by rule and law.

A true partnership is needed, women cannot dictate the terms of life if they deny the man his rights, man did this to women when women were treated as property, denied education and opportunities. When women could not hold property, when a man would always get custody and the woman denied access. When troublesome women were institutionalised and hidden away, when women got the vote and started invading men only enclaves and retreats they did so with suspicion and used their growing legal influence to pressurised the system into penal action. Well revenge is a meal best served cold and this war of contrition has gone on long enough. Whenever one side or the other gets the upper hand retribution ensues. The wake of destruction can best be seen in the divorce courts of the world, where the fight for property and share has had devastating effects on the children. When do we call the truce and respect each others rights and give them dominion of their own share of the world to self govern their own, to defend the rights of others is to strengthen our own. To place the state where it should be back in service to the greater good of its constituent parts and to set a new constitutional agreement of the people for those collective rights and services. This is in no way a utopic there are still people who will not comply and this will still leave a clearer set of guidelines for as to how to deal with them. This will reflect the will of the consensus of the people of the nations of the world and could establish a precedent that can be the best that can be achieved in an imperfect world. Man and woman are not perfect and nothing in this world displays the characteristics or qualities of perfection, so using a perfect ideal to judge by is a rigged game doomed to failure give the quality of humanity at its most base. The bullying of people to comply to the will of an assumed collective is the most undemocratic act of an invader, or the tactic of a usurper. But hey that's only one opinion from only one perspective. This opinion is not time delimited and moving with the times daddy oh is as much bull now as it was in the sixties, take it from one that was born in the fifties in the last century in the last millennium. Men had their time being unreasonable and having the upper hand, they got the property, a willful wife could be sanctioned away from prying eyes and hearing sympathies. The kids were his by assumed stances in the law. Those days are gone. Man is reduced to few possessions, the garden shed is the only room in the house they can lay claim to. Just which room in the house ladies is the mans room, his decoration, his furniture, his property. The bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the toilet was my dads place of respite, he would take the paper, his glasses, his pipe and lock the door to get peace. Before we moved to that flat it was the garden shed. It was not just my mum he was getting away from it was us to. So when will this war ever get to a truce. When women have had their fill and can again empathise with men as equals that is when. So when men have equal say in their children’s life and input into their development and they are not just women’s property, or men’s for that matter.

So people have the right to form groups by mutual consent and to set their own rules on private land without the interference of self anointed, self appointed dictators. Butting in where they do not have any rights on someone elses property or right to run their own groups by mutual consent under agreed rules. When you buy a record, or a tape, or a DVD or any other media. The property is yours to do with as you will, keep show or sell on. To copy it is illegal, and is dealt with under counterfeiting laws, except for backup purposes in case of damage. To mass produce it for illicit gains is dealt with under the same law. But the actual property you buy is ours and to miss quote an Americanism ‘They can have it when they prise it from our cold dead hands brother’. So maybe time to think again and to see the war is nearing a conclusion. Men have been changed from the property owner to the dog house occupant and we are still waiting on women getting over all that power they now have. Anyone for a truce?

Remains of the Day.
Treading Water.
Waiting Is.

The initiative to test primary school children was getting an airwaves bashing today. The idea that the primary school should be a peaceful and stress free experience, a shelter from the storm for infants to youths (pre teen) was lacking in conviction by one salient point. Children in troubled households or ones subject to a dictatorship or totalitarian state, let alone the ones that are being abused, need a place of safety where they can get that said respite. The safe harbour the only safe space and environment that some will have that do not have aunts, grandparents to get out of the blast radius of the type of hard line, hard tack full on driven environment that this is typical of. Was not even brought up, the idea that it should not be used to test and keep testing kids making more stressful situations for the afflicted, while sponsoring an ideal introduction to the emotionally well nourished who will flourish in the competitive struggles to get ahead. The idea that all children are the same and what is good enough for one is good enough for all was not even raised. A one size fits all is the solution of the secure enclave survivors with no real experience of other environments on the development of some children. The tack that is taken is ‘it is cost effective’ it has produced results for the majority, but when did we accept collateral damage figures or appraisal systems where our children are concerned. Must have fallen asleep for half a century or so because its not the world I was born into. Not the world that the fallen of two world wars fought and died to give to their children were enlisted to defend or endorse with their blood.

When did politicians stop serving their country and their electorate, when did they desert their obligations to defend their nation and to stop invasive practices from unfriendly nations and investors. To stop national industries falling into foreign hands to take them over and to sell them off and to take them out of the country like Cadbury’s and Nestley. British coal, steel, fishing and all the rest of the family silver our forefathers and their forefathers fought and died to stop from happening, when did they betray our country in favour of getting kick backs and concessions for selling us all out. No wonder they dumb down the education structure to box ticking to produce non thinking generations with limited skills and potential. When did we become a has been nation and who sold off the family silver, not they say they as they increase their expenses claims by 40% after giving themselves a pay rise the likes of which the hard working of the nation has never had. And bribing the doctors to get back to the front lines and man the stations by giving them a pay rise the likes of which the hard working populace has never and will never get under their rule. Work hard all your life and you will not even get a pension as they regularly raided that old piggy bank when needed. And shut up and be grateful for what little you get or they will squeeze us again, or make us bail out yet another system failure like the banks that blew it all and still get bonuses. An automated accountancy system will remove the need for any workers in a financial environment soon and the bonuses will still go the the head of the overseers of it all. Some you canny win some you never will. We are the lose, lose scenario that keeps them in a win, win situation for them and their own.

Ran out of pain killers with a week to go, so this blog may get a bit pithy so if it offends then have the decency to take heed and leave rather than say you were not warned.

A woman turned round on air and said she had given her man permission to take lovers as she found she was without any libido. This brought about a lot of virtual kudos from the public at large, then the next day the man says to the papers (second bite of the apple?) that he was not given permission. Well turns out she is a loose woman and doesn't even fit the job description, but it went over the heads of the media hounds as they had a fest on it. The whole idea of losing your mojo or sex drive is common in the animus level of being where sex is a breeding device and when your brood lasts for more than a decade and a half or even two too two and a half till they leave the nest. It in the fishbowl will have a hormonal directive to suppress the need at close quarters and even make it feel repulsive. In people with their higher senses awake and are more mindful this will not be the norm and may appear as a throwback in some bloodlines. The emotionally well nourished and the contented by nature that are fulfilled by partnerships will be of course exempt from this as a rule and will only be subject to exception and throwback random outbreaks. The human condition with more cerebral awareness, higher emotional awareness and even in the few that are capable spiritually aware and active (at the low end of the spectrum) will not have this defect of proximity and the full nest syndrome effects in their lives. The higher the spiritual awareness or universal connection then sex is not as much of a priority and may well be left out of the life drive urges with prolonged seclusion and introspection as a way of being as a life choice lifestyle. The few like myself been celibate since 2003, will experience it when they are ill and know that they are toxic to others, being depressed, suicidal and prone to a neurotic or psychological condition that is out of control and may be harmful may well find that their drive and needs are affected by the condition. To not inflict your disability and condition in close quarters is a sign of the need to heel or to withdraw from the world. The lucky few like myself will turn the corner and not end up in a pine box, by accepting the conditions and the afflictions they are prone to and get the meds and the management systems in place to deal with it and to be as up front as possible so the other potential partner is for armed as to what to expect.

Some conditions are luckily treatable and you can with the right support get back into a near normal living situation. But few people in a fast paced world are that considerate or altruistic to the needs of others and to how your condition can be toxic they just like the lorry driver that crashed into people in Glasgow hide it (I did for all my life) and try and keep pretending to be normal. Which does not exist anywhere in this world. I took myself out of the NCB after a series of accidents some a danger to myself and others, most just to me. Then trained as a joiner and again after a decade of incidents and accidents had to face the cold hard facts when I had a last severe accident had to put down the tools and retrain again. I thought at least with computers I could not kill anyone or harm them luckily that proved to be true so far. My condition though was behind my house fire and two out of four previous fires in my life, many accident and incidents, numerous black eyes, twisted ankles, wrists, staved thumbs and other clumsiness related accidents, even injuring others with loss of attention, memory problems from the age of seven to the present day. Having to admit it is not curable and is not alzheimer's, that when coupled with a state of emotional blindness, not getting the gist, losing the plot, and not getting the right meaning, getting left and right mixed up, passing out at the wheel four times (1-2 minutes) driving on motorways so even had to stop driving voluntarily in 1998. So when you are well and can face all the facts that is when the system will no longer take care of it as it has not got the money, like when I was thirteen and under a child psycologist who went to our house to tell me and my mum that he was leaving, there was no more money and after five years I was a hopeless case they could not help, I became worse and was thrown on the street at fifteen. So lets see if they will man up and take responsibility. After all if they say I am fit for work and use personal discretion to pressure me into a dangerous work situation ignoring my condition and its history. If anyone is damaged I will sue them for their negligence and lack of due care and attention to a real condition with real effects just because they have an agenda to keep. After all personal discretion is personal liability if they are your advisor is it not. Watch this space.

Read Between Them.
Fits and Starts.
Left and Right Diddle the Middle.

Well the ISIS lie is being given a bashing, the EU border barriers put paid to the underground safe houses that were instigated when the armed patrols were put on airports (yes that long ago) and the change in strategy to EU countries and a migrant influx to plant people in is all they have left for infiltration. So Mr Cameron you can try and use scare tactics all you like, but crying wolf too many times has an adverse effect on believability. And believe me you have none. The knives that are also out to bring down IDS at this time is no coincidence, the Euromongers are out in force in Scotland as well as the rest of the mainland and islands. The more damage that can be done by smearing is all they are interested in as they do not have better mandates, or policies and cannot stand up to an in depth scrutiny of their affairs. Two SNP married men fell to the Mata Hari of the press pathways the self confessed commando girl of the political bedrooms of powerful men (now you know her switch) with loose associations and morals, let alone any sense of loyalty or duty to vows. Men are notorious when it comes to being suckered by the naked, available and willing offers of the fem fetal. When it is laid on the line and the moment is presented as intimate (no prying eyes) with an assumed off the record setting. They fall for it nearly all of the time, just like the catnip to businessmen is sex, power and greed. All the old favorites from the depths of the seven deadly idiot tests from hell. So with nothing better to offer this late in the day out come the old stock in trade tools of desperate distraction to blind the one eyed (single focus, undecided minds) with a poke in their stupidity sensors after all it has worked since the dawn of time, and each new influx of morons and imbeciles will have to go through the same old rigmarole as we all did. So get ready for a steady stream of Westminster muck chucking and so called national press exclusive expose-a’s to keep the feeble minded distracted. To all of you who cannot be so easily (million at the last count) be fooled who know their tactics and do not spread their shite to cultivate their lies. You know what we must do and what we must achieve and we are all aware of our own agenda and time lines and the targets and landmarks on the way to our main goal. Never take your eye off the ball with party political distractions, this nation and its people are indivisible and all parties will swear an oath to the nation on the peoples behalf and we are already on that path now.

The blue and red infestation that is nipping at the fringes of the heartland of the newly awakened Scottish political heartbeat is dancing to its own drummer these days and the tune is marshaling the movement to stand firm, keep your own council, do not show your hand, pass on no rumours and wait for conformation from more than one source. Don’t make snap judgments and know your course and the terrain that it will take you over and provide for the worst but plan for success. The word of our own is all on the inside track and believe that the liar always tips their hand in the presence of honest and open sincerity. Opportunities are now the course of action to strengthen our purpose and to further the cause, consolidate new ground and do not rush into hasty prompts, if it is meant it will have a lasting impact a sure start and a solid feel to it, everything else is propaganda. We know what we intend and it includes them in our lands that do not see it from our stance, we still have to live with them afterwards. We however will not be imposing sanctions and restrictions and leveling austerity or penalising the unfortunate and the infirm. We will stabilise our homeland and protect our people, we will invest for our children’s future and their children’s futures. We will stand as equal partners at our rightful place in mutual package for mutual benefits with no penalties in a two way membership of agreements for the mainland island and all the British Isles.

The fundamental changes that have affected Scotland since the last referendum have grown from strength to strength, the very fact that our national galvanisation is against distinctly inhumane acts from disaffected and aloof people that think they rule because they print paper and give themselves the power to make laws to govern the people they are elected by, must be a top down sorta demockery then for the we need to be told what to do version of the British person. We lent kings to their nation and what did they do with them, they stole our land parceled it up and sold it to their buddies, they asset stripped our industry and decimated out fishing, mines and all for controll or to wim favour at the EU top table. When will the four nations that joined the European Economic Community forty years ago take their place with the original six nations instead of finding itself outside an inner cabal or clique that takes new member nations to the inner sanctum while we are still outside of the decision making and development level of our forty year investment. This nation has paid its dues and is still being treated as the new boy or fag to the inner cabal, just to get what we pay into for. Or why do we still pay into something that does not any longer serve our people and their needs and we are always being imposed on by foreign rule and diktat.

The EU Reading.
Opportunity Knocks.
The Second Reading.

The reading is a fresh update on the EU referendum. The fact that it is now less than four weeks away is making it look like a very contentious situation. These are the stones that came up today for the Three Stone layout.

On Guard.
Opportunity Knocks.
Strong Silent.

The present situation is the first stone in the reading from left to right. Followed by Action what is required and the last is the New situation that will come into being if things continue as they are at the time of the reading.

The first stone is Eihwaz or Defense, in the first position it speaks of being guarded, almost playing your cards close to the chest and not giving anything away, so the message for the moment is to keep your own council and give the rags little or nothing to start speculating about. The whole idea is that in our defense if they get us out of the EU, they will use the fear of the human rights to make us vote stay in, because as we all know there are or were 55% ball bags in the land the last time it came to the moment of truth and fear won the day then. So the best form of defense for this nation (Scotland) is to do what is right for the nation. We do not want to swap one set of money grabbing dictators for another set that we will never have any authority with and will be so far down their table that the last forty years will be negated by a Brexit. But as with any nation that deals with its own business out in the real world we will deal with our mistakes as well as our successes and cut our cloth according till we amass a wealth that will be the investment for our children and their children’s futures.

The action that is required is occupied with the stone Kuno or Opening, in this position in a three stone spread as it is action opening would imply looking for or creating/making openings that help bring about a stronger stance in the situation under review. The final position the new situation has Uruz or Strength as the stone that signifies the likely outcome from this point if the action is taken to ensure a stronger stance in the situation. The reading is still about caution as defense as much as securing the strongest positions and keeping them under guard and to not get complacent by the known or expected, as we all know surprise is the element of an attacker who attacks a strong defended stance so its not what we know and can see that we need to focus on it is the misdirection and cover ups of the opposition to us achieving a stronger position in its outcome.

The initial reading was similar about biding time like a pregnancy as it gets up to term, the wait can be pensive or peaceful only by a dispositional change of attitude. Very easy to say but a piece of work to achieve this emotional and dispositional alchemy. A three stone reading for each week will help as they will all add up and give a better reflection as to how things are swaying and what is stabilised and settling in. The final reading will be done the morning of the referendum and it will be posted as soon as it is done hot off the press. All just a bit of fun really after all who can predict the future, not I said the fly fifer, that old pied fifer as he whistled to the tune of the drum. A single rune for the day is in the usual place for those that know where to look, and it is just a coincidence honest, it was drawn as a single rune.

Shadows on the Wall.
This one is hot of the presses.
To the World.
Shadows on the Wall.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Way back in time thanks tae the NCB
Comes back fair memories for the likes of me
Dad would take a pan of coals fae the fire
Walked tae oor bedroom and his shadow grew higher.

Ma maw sayin jist tae take the cauld aff oh the room
Dah never dropped it, nae need fir the broom
Half an oor till it wis time fir us tae get ready fir bed
As years wore on, it wis more dun and less said.

Tae line up and gee dad a kiss goodnight then
Still the ritual ran on till a wiz nearly ten
The fire in the room cast shadows on the wall
Three brothers casting shadow puppets one and all.

The fire guards wid awe be hung with the washing
After the auld mangler and washboard took a bashing
There wiz rabbits and faces cast by the firelight
Nae shapes wid win prizes we wirnae that bright.

Ma mum wid cum in tae check on the wash
Takin aff the dry and pittin on a new stash
We would play wi the shadows till the yawns wid start
Then the heat fi the fire would in time dae its part.

Things were never the same when we moved tae a flat
Ma mum could finally get us tae wipe oor feet on a mat
But central heating leaves casting shadows oot owe the plot
Only when its gone did we ken whit we’d got.

The garden wis missed as much as the fires
Ma dad wiz well past it and then easily tires
Dad wiz retired fae the pit we saw life as less sunny
The veg fae his plot wiz another dent in the money.

Looking back is no rosie and better wi sight
Dark wiz still dark, but the light wiz fair bright
Way before the trouble that started a split
We awe take the time tae remember the best bit.

The Bankers Gambit.
Mutual Benefits.
BBC Bloomers.

The news for Fred the Shred is as he expected, yet again a system that holds its people accountable for their every intention and actions. While they close ranks and ignore the bulk of other pertinent evidence and have given themselves a clean sheet to keep up the good work from. Not what happens for the small defaulter or incidental mistakes for the common man or woman. The banks that needed bailing out, the investment money behind party sponsors, the white wash about campaign spending. All the more reason to send Westminster packing, the game and the rules are theirs the pieces and the stakes are all ours. Time to stop the world monopoly game of international financiers and investors as they play god with our lives. The power to do this is in the constitutional stance of every country and its electorate. The reason that the pseudo democracy that we are told we are does not behave like one and has double standards like, Britain giving aid to the ‘wrong’ governments, laundering illegal billions from asset stripped countries by their corrupt leaders, is further evidence of the lie. The lie that tells us we have human rights, that a democracy is of the people, for the people, by the people. Yet it is an out of touch elite base that rules and is financed to do so, while they keep the illusion alive. Asking the lion how to feed it is not the best way for the new keeper to survive his first shift. Playing Westminster politics only ever benefits Westminster investors and as a nation we are more of a genuine democracy that any of the other three nations in this Union. Time for a Scotland concentric and orientated approach to running our own affairs and taking our own chances without the cut going to the spendthrift that has to enforce austerity because they are bad with any other persons money as they don’t play about with their own capital ever. Now that the banks that were hiring gamblers to run high risk investment portfolios looking for that old elusive big score, crashed world economies and walked away from prosecution courtesy of their friends in the state judiciary and their backing from right up to ministerial levels. Have just been given the seal of approval to get back in and Do as they please yet again are telling us that without the EU we as a nation are a bad investment, well no pressure there then is there. Nothing fishy going on there now is there its all a bad dream just roll over and keep taking the daily dosage of state and corporate mind-wipes. As they are delivered from the propaganda outlets on the net and every station that still bleats out over the land aerial to aerial. So these people that made their millions and dumped their losses are worried we might lose out from the EU, well it has been everyone's experience they don’t give a monkeys toss about us and only ever look out for their own interests or they would have stopped the economic collapse before it happened and taken the hit for the nation now wouldn't we, but never them. So if you have two wolves in your heart one bad and one good fighting for supremacy, which wolf wins. The one that you feed, by buying into the fear campaign you will realise your fears as you feed them. By buying into hope and self worth and faith in ourselves we will shed a selfish and petty master and be masters of our own destiny as we were before and we will learn to elect a better leadership that can and will be held to account to the people they serve not any other parties picky preferences or opposing stances.

The good old Aunty Beeb has to pull itself out of the frying pan after jumping into the state propaganda skillet and took the easy cash by force of law instead of ability, quality of product and service and revenue earned. Eleven years may seem like a long time but when you look at the nature of the beast you can see they did this to themselves. Pay for view is the price they have to take into account. They extract a wedge by state enforcement and are not allowed by law to earn from any other means, so much so that they have to be content with selling the franchise to series abroad. The foreign market is not a British one and is fair game for them. But to charge a fee for viewing is illegal under the contract terms and no lawyer can do a thing about it, so they will have you prove your license details online to use their service. Now other people do a better job of unbiased news reporting than the BBC has demonstrated for the last six decades, and continues to lay that old state bias into every angle they can to earn that judicial prosecution enforcement arm of the law to get their quota. So cant earn wont get if they don’t up their services but to be better is to drop the state propaganda and unbiasedly report the news the facts and keep us all informed of the truth as much as humanly possible. The likelihood is that that will happen, right after pigs are seen flying over Westminster looking for Davids autograph. The BBC can stop you and I getting into their site but they cannot stop legitimate users logging in and if I am not mistaken, the property act is if you own a copy of it it is still yours to do with as you like as no one believes the twaddle of intellectual property rights. If you choose to give it away or let people view it they have no leg to stand on that is how the internet is eroding the lie of intellectual rights, once we buy it like Nestle proved it is ours to do with as we please and under the dictionary definition of property and ownership the law will not even try to pursue this one. So better class of news elsewhere and the old rag is on its last legs.

The whole bloated question of partnerships is for a nation that believes in paying its dues, when does forty years of paying in, having to change legislation and manufacturing processes to fit someone elses ‘rules’ and not the laws we live by. When have we paid them and what is the elder status we have achieved by joining this group that we don’t even share a border with. So when is a partnership not a partnership? A: When it is not mutual. How can you tell that its not mutual when more is going out than coming in, when its all one way traffic, when whatever you say is vetoed by the clique that run it. So partnership is not the way to describe what we have in any so called union that we are currently members of. Maybe time for a new constitution of the people, for the people, by the people. Not an absentee landlord agreement that was enforced on us three hundred years ago. With a landlord that lets the place run down and just turns up for the cash, does no repairs and treats it like he owns it not leases it by mutual agreement.

Gaffs and Chavs.
Ready to Push.
Messages from on High.

Well what a debate, was it a very staged moment to convey messages and just who was the intended audience. The fact that we all have to make the most of meetings that are so rare they have to be scheduled will put a heavy emphasis on speaking candidly as there just isn't the time for the polite protocols. We all use short speak and we all stage our encounters to manage messaging the people we wish to get our messages. Were the Chinese upset no they would by nature be amused at the self defecating Brit twittering about the incidentals while some nations are comfortable with the fact that personal reactions aside we are all here for a purpose. When the purpose for nations id the greater good and long term planning for their nation and all of its people, the ball that requires the critical eye is attention to the task at hand. The early indications are that no damage was done and no offense was taken. The rattled rags are again showing they can only take an angle on the truth of the moment and still do not know that tattle tales and hear say and as the church tells us hearsay is not proper reporting it is just money spinning muck raking. Now what if an astute diplomacy old hand was making it clear to her nation that she has some personal views about the subject and that they will not interfere with doing what is in the nations best interest. What if an astute politician was indicating that the structure by comparison on a known league table was quite lowly ranked. That there was not a personal reference to the expected delegates and representative play them back and listen again to the diplomacy at that assumed level and then strip out the gossip rag angle and what you are left with is it is better left in their most capable hands as we keep getting it wrong in reaction. Nuff said.

One topic on the Airwaves showed the ignorance that surrounds the thinking process about emotive subjects at all the base levels of society. The subject was in response to the secretary being forced to accept an obviously sexist ‘rule’ to wear two inch stilettos in the work place. Every clothes specific rule in the workplace has safety, functionality for the tasks of the job but this obviously cosmetic addition to pander to the thinking of the sexist mentality that a little distraction for the punter makes the mark easier to hit by the master magician. The very fact that our dialogue has obviously sexist identifiers in it like him, her, bloke, girl, woman each an identifier of gender specific labeling. These are acceptable where gender is being referenced because of specific gender conditions and title honours. She as the boss is an honorific title that says we as a progressive company have a female boss. So the terms and the lines are blurred when old fashioned manners and public and personal politeness was abandoned more than three decades ago. Bird, bint, slag and any other term of sexual identifier that is derogatory is not okay if one of the opposite gender uses it, yet if a woman calls a girl her bird it is her term of endearment and it is none of our business to but into that territory. Chav, dick, wanker and other references used by a woman to a man is the same form of reference, yet if a man calls his sweetie his personal dick who are you to say anything of a term of endearment or a backhanded compliment as to his powers. The mine field is laden with pseudo mandarins of the moral hi ground, that dish out their take on the polite etiquette of sexual referencing and social gaffs of reference that are spoken in the short-speak, when guards are assumed to be right to be down as trust is assumed in that moment. You know in the company of trusted people that would never stoop to prosecuting you in gossip and tattle tales behind your back. After all they can only do that once or twice if they are lucky and they will then find themselves on the do not respond listing on all our phones and devices. So as a rough rule of thumb if it is not a specific sexual connotation attached to it then it is a slipped reference and those that like to take offense usually like to take the gate as well, taking it well past good taste and good sense usually. Just another candidate for the do not accept or return their calls listings in our phone (recognition of a known number only 'caller ID') or device. Mother, daughter, Father, Son etc that refer to gender for genders identification is acceptable, sexual con-notated referencing is a no no in any person on either side of the divides books and they have the right to pull it up and see how it is dealt with before anything else is done about it. Blatant and directed and sustained sexual referencing is to belittle and to coerce and this is one area that the law needs to address one day.

The three rune reading for the EU referendum was Fertility, followed by Disruption then ended with Movement. The whole thing suggests a pregnancy as opposed to a birth, more the start of a process that has a known conclusion. Because once fertilised the body’s natural rhythms are disrupted by the gestation processes. The movement as a finality instead of Opening or Breakthrough suggesting a process up to the birth. This reading states movement and this is unmistakable about coming to term and all about the process of birth rather than the delivery with say Warrior, Self, Joy, Gateway or Harvest to indicate the birth or its offspring. So the EU referendum will have all the trials and tribulations of carrying the seed to term and will require a steadfast resolution to see the final birthing and to have prepared the way for the new arrival so that the inner sanctum occupant is delivered into the extended womb of preparation and provision sometimes called providence. The full truth about the pregnancy as opposed to the birth is the upheaval it has on the body as it takes up residence as a womb Mate. The movement is referencing the preparation and the gestation period, this identifies that there is still some time to decide which wolf we will feed, the wolf of fear or the wolf of faith in our ability to go solo after having paid our dues for forty years into a so called Union (suggests equals) and are still paying in three hundred and fifty million a week by our English benefactors on our behalf (out of our income and we get the balance back) as they really don't need the Union it is us that does and the Irish that do. Being notoriously hard line believing spare the rod and spoil the child is a good rule of thumb for producing hardier stock with better social skills, if not just with a more tolerant nature or better manners.

Swallowing the Line.
Cutting out the Middleman.

The EU debate took the airwaves by storm this morning as this is the biggest issue the British Isles will ever have to face. Forty years of diktats into every area of British life has more than begun to take its tole on an electorate that is having its constitutional rights eroded and its Sovereignty negated in a supposed mutual partnership entered into for so called mutual benefits. Now if we had a corporation in partnership with another corporation and were investing say three hundred and fifty million pounds a week into that partnership it would not have to take forty years to see it is a one way street and is a drain on our income that is showing no real benefits to its investors. The fishing industry quota system by the EU has handed uncapped quotas to its own and has tied our hands to the point of killing our own industry. The weights and measures, the decimation of our money from imperial systems to the decimated loose change version from a corrupt and self serving entity like the EU was all advantage EU nil point GB. The start of the rot is when a group of countries that we don't even share a border with was allowing terrorists to pass through their open door policy giving them an easy route of safe houses and was sheltering cells that they claimed no rel knowledge of. The Paris attacks and the subsequent problems in Greece and the unrestricted flow of migrants into the EU state was the first the one eyed single purpose self serving idiots had to start looking at border controls that still allow free movement of EU citizens while restricting non EU migrants into asylum and migrant lines for sorting. Now some countries would see this as an opportunity for jobs and would find funding to expand it. But the EU just wants to dictate and to reap the protection money from their captive states.

The final insult from this land locked many headed hydra rising out of the Aegean sea is its tactics and rule is no better than a Mafioso gang lords control of the rules that every one they say must follow or face penalties. They negotiate trade deals and like mamma giving the kids pocket money they cream the profits we get the goods at their prices. The World Fair Trade Organisation is a full member centered grouping that gives each member the right to its own rights but the EU does not. Last time this nation did some naval gazing we are still a democracy hence the referendum. This country has gone from a nation with a great industrial and service sector base with more than just credit in the bank, to a nation of just services in the last forty years. The national wealth has been drained away and frittered on tearing out each parties investments as the new broom sweeps its new authority when it gets into office. The fact that parties are elected to work for the greater good is an unspoken assumption of every democratic country in the world but when you look at the nation that uses its entrusted rights against its own something is very wrong with the process. The sheer fact that some people are not being supported and in some cases are being penalised and even persecuted by the state that is supposed to work for them is not the act of a progressive democracy, this is an act of self mutilation and is a clear call fro help and counseling.

We do not have anywhere in the world of today a perfect or utopic model for the world to use as a blueprint, but even worse than that is the idea that an imperfect system should still be corrupt and therefore exploitable is well beyond any reasoned argument. The nature of man is not modeled on honesty and integrity as the sons of Cain the model does not reflect the best of human nature or high moral propensity. This does not mean that with a definite divide of the dark and light this planet is subject to and the dominance over the cycle of the seasons of the year from winter dark to summer bright, the nature of the two wolves in the heart as life ebbs and flows in the dance and we step it out daily in reflection on the world stage. The winner of the fight of the two wolves will always be the one that you feed will be the victor, knowing this why are we still selling doom and gloom, lies and deception and still claiming to be the high moral imperative as the dominant species on the ball of dirt. So which wolf are you feeding the most, if you feed both equally you continue the battle eternal, if you feed the dark on you are its eventual subject and possession. If on the other hand you choose to take the side of light then the battle will leave this world and the soul will achieve Ascension rights and all that is left is the thirteenth house to prove you are the master of the twelve houses of the wheel.

Respite from the Storm.
States of Feeling.
P & Q.

There is little in the offerings of the day to give anyone reasons for Joy, yet there are a few of the mainstream tidbits. Guess the age of the woman is a good one her daughter is in the picture with her and the answer will amaze you, this little offering came from the listings of the Daily Mail no less. It is hard to take any southern papers reporting of politics, even financial and economic news seriously and should be administered with the old faithful pinch of salt or obligatory spoonful of sweetness. Still the one to read is the kids answers won’t spoil it for you go and enjoy.

The whole point of Joy is it is a subjective experience of a chemical release in the brain. The old chestnut about the legalising of drugs got an airing today and the fight was good and clean and both parties went to their respective corners when asked to by the airwaves adjudicator. The fact that all stimulants only ever release a set of hormones, and chemical enzymes that respond to the chemical input into the bloodstream so we are technically only ever addicted to our own chemicals. The euphoria that is bliss and the states of nirvana are a contemplative process for the consciousness to attain. In a world like this the attainment must be qualified by whatever it takes for the seeker to justify it for themselves. The person brought up in hardship will expect the journey to the peeks of peace to be filled with tests of character, states of progress and the serenity of achievement to be worth the trials and tribulations. The fact that someone from the more privileged facets of our society may have to dive to depths of effort and pass greater hardships to achieve the same result and is more likely to never reach the summits of serenity. The fact that one book states that the lowest will become the highest, the poorest the richest, the helpless the powerful, clearly outlines the fact that we start of in one state of being and that the progress towards our chosen life goals will be away from the state we started out in. Opposite’s are the common knee jerk to the state of origin, even Crowley became the opposite of the son of a preacher man and named himself the wickedest man in the process. The states of inner bliss that joy is just an hors D'oeuvre on the starter trolley of the spectrum. The states are best marked by how much and how easily you laughed as a child and that with every exposure to any stimulus we increase our resistances to it. So to head of in the general direction of bliss for the joy of it will only ever have one outcome. This too will pass is the underlying truism that correctly reflects the outcome of this form of endeavour.

Alcohol and drugs all produce chemical releases, hormones, enzymes that enhance or inhibit the experiencing of the drug of choice. The fact that we raise our tolerances to the poisons we take is a fact of life. The users of medical marijuana will at some point end up having no effect and when that day comes the heavy habitual user will be craving their high and the old weed plant will not be able to produce the effects that they wish to have. The medical use for controlling pain also has the same sort of side effect on day they like pharmaceutic drugs will stop having an effect as the body raises its tolerances to the ingested drug. So in life it is best to stick to paracetamol for general pain and to learn to tolerate more than you did before, so that after a long and hopefully happy life if you are in extreme pain something will be able to work just when you need it the most. So take only whatever gets you by till then. Who knows a pain free death is what most terminal patients would wish for. So careful what you wish for you may just get it.

Ready and Alert.
Prepared and Aware.
Preparation and Patience.

The airwaves and the tabloids were all on the project fear campaign the big bad Tory wolf was growling and prowling about the front pages about the shear lack of wisdom of anyone that might vote to stay in a dictatorship and we being a democracy should have no problem with that, obviously. Still we must be pretty dumb to allow a governmental system that is rigged to never allow a majority win, the same with the the other UK partners the Irish and the Welsh. So no real problem there then as the Westminster governing system is rigged/designed to do just that for a stronger leadership or just a more powerful diktat, but what do we know we are just ignorant plebs.

We will lose nothing if we leave the EU as we are held to its diktats and have to tow the line to its ways, means, measures and packaging as well as storage ‘rules’ not a law in any sovereign countries own constitution but a ‘partners’ rules well says it all really does it not.

The powers that the police have are very reminiscent of the brown shirts of old Germany pre 1945, stop and search, prove who you are and we give ourselves the right to do this to the people that elect us, oh yeah in what constitution is that one written, no magna carta verse to it and no public charter. No state of the democratic union and no hand over of personal power. The elected representatives of the electorate me thinks are getting above their station and the enforcement arm need its wings clipped. More than a decade of spouting about terrorists and with only a handful even being found and only the 911 and the London bombings being the worst they did. When the border control of the EU had to be reinstated the safe house trail from the middle east meant getting to Britain is now too hard that they now just attack the EU countries they were hiding in, in the first place. We would not wish this on our worst enemy, but a non regulated open border policy that would let the Turkish nation have free and unrestricted access to our borders is not an ideal situation for any country on so called terrorist alert stances. Is fate just taking the piss or what these days.

The fallout from the Scottish election is just about subsiding now as all the parties settle into the new facts of life. No majority for the SNP but historic statistics none the less. No elegance’s and alliances is the order of the day and the next task is the old chestnut in and out of the EU diktat machine. The Tories are distancing themselves from the toxic Westminster brand after Cameron’s blatant attempt to platform their result as if the Tory party was responsible for this obvious leadership election device that was used as opposed to a party political bandwagon rolling out with the usual suspects, dirt digging researchers and flaky manifestos. The no mythical sightings of a Labour presence in Scotland are well on their way to becoming the stuff of legends and myths. Still Nessy has nothing to worry about in those stakes it is safe to say, she is still the biggest mystery in Scotland next to where are the new seasons Haggis beastie to be found and what are its mating season dates. So five more years and still no signs of a Scottish leader worth his/her salt and the SNP would just swap one political master for another is a very worrying place to be. But that is old home week for the Scottish nation, if life starts to treat us nice we get all suspicious and tend to look the gift horse in the mouth so we do.

The Dust Settles.
Building Momentum.
Out of the Mists.

Well the fact are all there to see, the split vote showed the true colours of the nation. The blue invasion and the red rash can be seen on the golden complexion of the land base pictures. The warbling Tory party leader is crowing with pride that he has no right to and the fighting talk is starting in earnest. The strong MSP front is what the party wanted most and their EU preferences will be better reflected there, so that’s almost a given then. The labour rash is a pimple on the landscape while the blue infection is a hemline discolouration. The fact that the first minister has another five year term and has set new historic highs for the nation and its political awakening was offset by the 45% that did not want to play Westminster politics and will hold out till the next Indiref or a UDI Ticket to put the boot in at the right time when they can make their mark on history. So Holyrood will echo with the fierce campaigns of the self anointed SNP hounders, the Westminster blue meanies and if you believe someone of the battle cries of the just scrapped ins, that do not have the support of the majority of the electorate ‘she is doing it for the people of Scotland’, self anointed, self appointed is still just self justification, as the numbers do not back her.

Seams that a Stirling School has closed for problems with walls, the same contracted situation is said to be behind the construction of the afflicted property. There may be smoke with that fire rather than it all being just smoke and mirrors. The whole building regulations and inspection process we would hope will come under the microscope in the near future and will not get the political excuse of a lick and a spit of a whitewash at the hands of those that fear for their own positions.

The Donald is making news again and is being given (on this side of the pond) the heavy comparisons to Hitler when he first went into politics and started his campaign before getting into power. He like the present Tory party started with playing on the fears of those with the most to lose and the most to defend to insinuate himself into the political elite of pre war Germany. He gave the police powers to stop and search innocent citizens and the countries electorate, he assumed the stance that he and the police had the right to have its citizens prove themselves with identification papers. The present western world now does the same by corporate influence instead of political power. The man has been getting away with whipping up anti Muslim feelings and has so far managed to appeal to the misogynistic gun carrying western backwater mentality of what should have been by now a bygone age. To give himself a political angle onto a political platform, that is easy to manipulate for a man like him. That aside the men of America that stood fearful of a Black president and did all that they could to reduce his effectiveness in office, will all no doubt be standing by to keep a potential first woman president out of the white house. Fear at all levels of politics will have adverse effect on the effective and efficient running of the state and its offices leaving it vulnerable to exploitation.

The Morning After.
This one is hot of the presses.
See what Grows.
The Morning After.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The morning after the night before
Election campaigns are just a bore
Counting the cost is such a chore
Is that all, is there nothing more.

The thrill of the ride with dips and rises
Produced an outcome with a few surprises
Labour got trashed across the land
Best of intentions and still not as planned.

The mythical sightings of the Scottish Tory
Their tale of turning is a different story
Started on the trail to secure second place
Became the dark horse of the crazy race.

From each parties time on the campaign trail
Gave no indications as to who would fail
Each candidate has their fifteen minutes of fame
As the new order lines up for the coming game.

New players in the field, ripe for further changes
As the balance of power shifts and rearranges
Alliances will be sought and allegiances made
To bring the state of play up to a better grade.

The gains and losses will take their toll
A delicate touch to heal this nation whole
With a fairer course to a the greater goal
Of unifying this nations fractured soul.

As the newbies settle, in their new places
With an initial rush like a day at the races
Like the wheat and chaff the test of fettle
The path they trod will test their mettle.

A stable democratic rule for the new day
As they test the water and find their way
Make sure they remember its the people they serve
Getting out whats put in or what they deserve.

Presence of mind to weigh up the moment
Make peace with the past for a future content
Management of resources and time better spent
With a foresight seeded from lessons best kent.

The pen of destiny writes the tale of this event
Black or white with the evidence of intent
So think what you would rather was written
Nothing’s more painful than the biter that’s bitten.

Trivial Days.
Swings both ways.
Nothing to Report.

The airwaves were awash with the sound that Aberdeen will be getting city wide free wifi access, the news was reportedly received with a spectrum of responses from raspberries blown, ‘who cares’ to whoops of ‘yeah that’s ok’. Not as big news on a pole day as we have come to expect. Then came that must know question, ‘what is the most disliked word in the dictionary’ answer will be revealed in an hours time, stay tuned for the revelation of this riveting must know. Doing the wash in the launderette with the radio on the phone, could not tune into any other station. Know now what a trapped audience must feel like.

The news sheets had a variety of so what items just like the airwaves like. Some voters in London were turned away from voting as the poling station did not have an up to date register of voters. Seemingly it took a few hours to fix the problem. As of two o'clock this afternoon they were told they could use a proxy vote. The other big thing was the Labour leader getting a ragging from David Cameron, the incident was reported as being over the top and just not how we Brits do politics. Again not a lot on the go and not a lot to say about nothing to report.

The Royal Navy fires a warning shot at a Spanish patrol boat ‘hassling’ a US nuclear sub. This is the live game of tag that is just a test of nerves from the Russians and the Americans to the Chinese it is just a sign of the times. Battle drills are better when they are truly spontaneous and are a better test of readiness than a drill that is planned and walked through for the sake of experience. We just have to trust our boys and girls to hold their nerve and to do the right thing after all no one not called Kim jong-un would want that on their report card at the end of time now would they.

Hope you all take the time to go and make your mark in history so go out and give it a big double kiss one beige and the other lilac. The old one two is the thing to do, make your mark count in the only way we can. The opening is like a gateway to the future the future is formed in the changes we make in the moment. If we do not contribute then we cannot complain about the way things turn out. We cannot win it if we are not in it. So lets make our mark by excluding the Westminster intrusion into Scottish politics to reflect the way we were shut out of their local decision making processes. What is sauce for the goose may need a good gander. So opportunity calls and will we be found wanting. All hands to the wheel and lets make it real. We have the strongest stance this nation has had in three hundred years and this is just the second skirmish. Put your mark where it can count. Use both votes for the same party mine has been on the SNP as they fight for Scotland, no I don’t agree with all of their policies and will be voting to leave the EU when that one comes up. This nation is leaderless but is not without an adequate candidate ready for the time to come.

The Gap is Closing.
Healing Wounds.
Healing the Rift.

The wee storm in the teacup about a party leader holding a questionable rag with an article in it that has a positive story about her party has at last been consigned to room 101, where it deserves to be. It is very human to get caught up in the moment and to not see all of the ramifications of the moment and hindsight is a great leveler for us all because of this very human fact. The lack of something to say if you listened to your mother has always been if you do not have something positive to say then say nothing This issue has brought to light the need for politicians to sell the manifesto that they will use to represent the electorate while in office working for the people as their elected representative. As it says on the tin. The other big misnomer has to be that an elected government of the people for the people by the people is answerable to the people and the results will be reflected in the next pole. The internet level of involvement in the new electoral process has brought to light that pressure groups and online petitions are the feedback device that will effectively reduce the need for the schizophrenic split of one party in power and the other dogging their effectiveness. The fact that the opposition attacks the elected government on every front when it is only on certain issues that the electorate would want to see an intervention to allow them to do their work unhindered in the areas they are doing well in. This form of immediate feedback is definitely the way forward to heal the schism of the punch and judy show that the Westminster model has become and to help heal the split in the Scottish psyche.

Gary Lineker has spoken out about the difficulty of getting a divorce and would like to see it being easier in future. The whole idea of making it hard is it will give people to get over the heat of the moment bad decisions that we are all prone to making. The idea of making it easier would cause chaos in the judicial process tying up more lawyers and court time of the judicial system and its resources straining it to breaking point. Especially when you take into account the children of the me me, now, now generation who still discard anything and everything more or less on impulse at first looks. Even in the face of changes that the present youth generation are trying to make in having more meaningful lives and to make their way in the world with a greater sense of purpose and responsibility if not out and out accountability. Breaking the News had a great take on Gary’s drive for the easier split device, one of them was asked if they thought that he had a point, the response was ‘what like a purpose’ you could almost hear the audience thinking. ‘Move over Mrs Liniker, make room for the new Mrs Liniker’. If not the wife is gone long live the wife, then something akin to the idea the.

The question of the treatment of the Hillsborough disaster survivors and families and loved ones is bringing to light that there is something inherently wrong in the police system as it presently stands even twenty seven years after the event. The question has a valid place when you take into account that a drunk man died because of a tackle by a crowd control officer who brought down a staggering obviously worse for ware peaceful man with an unprovoked tackle proven on camera and by witnesses. The man died as a result and the policeman was let of by the system that he is employed by. Something is not right in the system and the police are just one part of it. When the system closes ranks and defends one of their own and claim incarceration would be a death sentence to one such law enforcer is a world wide problem. The solution is for nations to take the offenders of a companion country and swap them with their own and to then incarcerate them for the crimes they committed in a safe environment. The time for a full judicial review by an external body is long overdue. They are no better as an institution than the church closing ranks and protecting the black sheep in their midst. It is past time for every institution to understand that the wrong kind of people will with the right incentive penetrate the inner sanctum with the right act and script and they can then do their damage from within the safe enclave of the inner sanctum. No institution is above human error and an uniform does not transform a human being into a saint or put them above the laws of the land.

The Dark Horse.
On Guard.
Late Starters.

The fairy tale ending for Leicester City, is very reminiscent of the Rocky underdog making good in the face of overwhelming odds. Coming from behind and beset by obstacles and interventions to get the golden thread at the end when it counts is the stuff of films and heroic tales, Herbie would not be out of place in this plot and there is going to be a biopic. Rich pickings for the studio that gets the rights as the fan base is extensive in its region and the tale will appeal to the wider football fans even if they are not supporters. The fact that the boys did good is brilliant and the future income must be very welcome to the club, best wishes to the team hope the future continues as bright as it starts out.

The best form of defense they say is a good offense and yet kungfu teaches preparedness and to work against attack to defend until the point of escalation or conceding. The stance of the attacker if held resolute will have the effect after a while of setting the defenders stance to disabling the attacker and risks enraging him/her to the point of escalation. The fact that when politicians take the stance of the mud slinger means that they are without a leg to stand on. No manifesto worth promoting and no policy worth defending all that is left is to slate the opposition. The time is already past in all of the election run ups that the voters have all made their minds up and know what they will be doing. Especially in the Scottish elections it is still in the Scottish peoples best interest to have ourselves represented in the Westminster and Hollyrood houses by our own people who know our needs and can better represent us in a foreign house and in our domestic environment better than some transient weekday worker with one eye on the train timetables or with half a mind on departure and check-in times. The front runner in the home race is never a foregone conclusion but I think its safe to say that Leicester City has any other late developers chances of pulling one out of the hat at the last gasp, well trumped. Even the Trumpeting yank is bellowing his victory campaign point of no return by the finding of the next play off. Well famous last word and all, what if America is just showing its displeasure to the establishment and is just playing with the hopefuls hopes and dreams. One to watch even the outgoing man has a good humour about it all with his foreign office jibe at ‘The Donald’ and a few others worth the dig, he even had a go at himself and his appearance since he took office. It may just have been all too much to hope for that the first black president did not get all that he hoped for in office. Well what would life be like for the first Woman president of the USA be like.

The whole principle of defense is about preparedness, ready to respond and to be in a mode of unstructured anticipation to better interpret real threats from false passes. The open minded approach that relies on the discipline and the training with a self assurance of well practiced action to draw on. Not the bow strung and notched, rather the bow strung and to hand only loading the device when a target is achieved. This is the only way to keep a prejudgment from creating a reaction instead of a needed response.