Spring Madness
Treading Water.
Getting Clarity.

The airwaves abound with campaign soundbites from the impulsive trough combatants. The statement that rings as loud a klaxon as the retraction by the Trumpeting Cavalier over the pond is the Scottish Tory saying they would make all prescriptions cost eight pound and the presumed income increase from this sort of levy would be ‘poured’ into funding the education budget shortfall the state assassins have wrought on the masses. The woman obviously has no idea what austerity does to the income levels of the sick and infirm, this shows how too removed from the realities at the sharp end they are in their lofty towers. This showed up recently after they started their attack on the PIP benefit, that allows some autonomy to the infirm. They have said they are no longer targeting the poor and here in a stealth measure they have shown that the rhetoric has changed but the juggernaut of social assassinations are still their primary target. The fact that the sick and infirm and vulnerable have had their income decimated. That prescription charges for the conditions they are not responsible for will be a penile attack on their reduced income to live with the disabilities of the illness that afflicts them or the conditions they are born with. Seems to have escaped their lofty notice, the sheer disconnected view of the remote governance by a group of people that cannot connect with or even comprehend the effects that their little economic shuffling will have on vulnerable groups. Shows that they are not fit to rule and are not remotely representative of the populace and instead favour an elite minded minority in the national psyche that share their own lofty ideals.

The search for clarity on the Scottish water question was aired this morning, the listener was asked to sample the tap product and to phone in their take on the quality of the water for human consumption. The fluorite question was also addressed and the input was wet to say the least. The region by region test of phone coverage and clarity of signal seemed to be a subject being vetted under the guise of water consumption and quality and was more than a little distracting. The idea of an Island and Isles wide broadband and mobile phone network coverage is still to be addressed and no doubt will become a subject of consequence after the next election is safely in the bag. The quality of the water had a mixed reaction and most complaints seemed to come from people that had been moved from a local or private supply to the chemical treated for ‘water purity’ and fitness for consumption suppliers that now make up Scottish water. The whole idea behind the putting of chemicals and minerals in the water is to reduce or eliminate microbes. The history of Scottish water is that our health for hundreds of years has only ever deteriorated with the interference's of the so called improvers. Our bad health areas are produced from bad modern lifestyle choices and dietary influences rather than any water borne microbes. The whole thing smacks of rigging and it stinks someone is making money out of putting something into a perfectly good natural product made to sustain life. The problems with water began when the tanks in the home had to be gotten rid of as stagnant and open tanks were a source of bad health and it was better to remove them than to treat the problems they cause or to educate people to use the water more regularly. The next problem was lead pipes and all the health issues they brought to light. But it is odd in the age of Scottish spring waters market appeal all private suppliers are being snapped up and all regular feeds are from reservoirs and treated water sources. Odd cant just be the greedy getting the idiots to drink the gunk they would not drink themselves. Oops sorry must be time for some medication. The more it changes the more it stays the same, shafted by the crafty and fleeced by the greedy and greased with the smooth talking sales pitches.

If the Scottish people have learned anything lets just hope it is that with Westminster exclusion from our country run matters we suddenly have more powers, while the opposition the power envy lobby are all looking in through the green eyed haze of wishful thinking. This nation is now at its strongest since before the ‘union’ with the diktat of the southerners. The very questions we raised in the Independence Referendum are the arguments that are being banded about by the English sales pitch in the EU referendum. This nation is better at running its own affairs and is close enough to commute to for those that like the income bracket that it provides for its workforce and so nothing else needs to change when we stand up for ourselves and start to make our own way in the world now that we are coming of age. The SNP as a political party still have a long way to go to get up to scratch for the whole nation but as a defender of the Scottish foothold in the UK democracy they are doing a great job as the terrier at the door keeping out the unwanted and unwelcome advances of the invader and dictator we have been saddled with for over three hundred years. All we need is to get them to stop being as interfering as them on the imposition of the Named Person thing, The Nuclear question and to stop fracking about for crumbs when we are capable of better than all the bad practices of our southern masters.

Penny Pinching Policies.
Held back by.
Strait ahead is not always the best way forward.

The roaring airwaves has a two pronged approach to asking pertinent questions, the male approach is as expected more aggressive if not blatantly glee driven in its accusatory stance with its feel of the steady stalking hunter closing in on its pray backed against the far wall of its old bolthole. The presenter in question was relentless in his pursuit of the sheer lack of any valid policies and no mandate or manifesto declarations as they bleat and protest about the powers of the new governmental base in the British isles emerging northern powerhouse. The sheer lack of any political substance coming for the second place runner ups in the lead up to the next elections. Is more than a little worrying in itself but when you couple that with the fact that there is less and less maneuvering room under the mantle of an imposed remote directive for austerity as the great savior of the nation and the whole world economic and fiscal salvation is the elephant in the room, begging the inconvenient question. The collection of penny pinchers that have never paid the full pound of flesh to prevent anything reducing the overall quality of products and to set the standards of the goods to a marketable prestige level and who behave as if a political structure should function like an economic one is clearly ignoring the parallels like the one that if the global economic state is the result of the business practices of the penny pinchers (downsizing, cheaper processes, materials etc) then the future stability of a political structure that mirrors this bad practice must face the writing on the wall even if that is after the fact as they keep rattling cages and throwing blame instead of finding solutions and leading by example or even good sound decision making. The fact that no one is prepared to take the bull by the horns and say hang on a minute there is only one possible outcome from this continued ‘we have started so we will finish’ flogging of the old state dead horse. Says volumes in the areas of fortitude, planning by good results instead of economic penny pinching dickensian practices, or even to acknowledge that what worked in a Victorian or even as far back as the Georgian era has no comparable relations to the modern day world with its current problems and pressures. The models used then were for the times and the realities that they faced then, the modern day lack of initiative and basic inventiveness that starts with an old outdated and inappropriate model and just tries to adapt the handy discard out of necessity to fit into a modern progressive and so technologically advanced worlds solutions war chest is the height of lunacy in the face of the greater global demands.

The female airwaves informer and mediator is less of a stirrer and protagonist as her male counterpart and has instead taken the other foot to put the boot in with. The script they appear to be following is to ask all the awkward and inconvenient truths at the glaring failure end of political systems to manage the running of countries let alone world management structures, if they make this big a domestic mess just imagine it magnified by the sheer ignorance and attitude problems they are displaying on the world stage at this moment. The sheer fact that this behavior is not localised to our own little isle if you just watch the Trump card being played at this moment in time. The self funded money man will cover the costs of his wayward mans actions and so will foot the legal bill with ease and no publicity is bad publicity is the obvious tactic behind it. But it all smacks of stage management and media hype and speculation that fits the purse strings of a wealthy man to pay for as well as has enough speculation to give a journalist or reporter some credit for coverage, if not a fatter wallet for the right favour. Asking the questions is only one part of the process though as the media airwaves maids of might use the tactics of leveling the questions and then setting up the antagonists and then they just have to mediate the punch ups as they show signs of developing. Good broadcasts can still benefit from the notoriety of staging the discussions and them being contested to the point of blowups and moody little outbursts if not steaming vents for suppressed outrage or ire. All this goes to make a great platform of ready material for the podcast media storage banks as they rack up the repeat sales.

The News that Tata may well be saying ta ta to quite a large investment in the British Steel industry is bad news for the Welsh and even worse news to the beleaguered British steel industry at large. The fact that power costs so much and power generation is drawn from the grid at UK prices is the stranglehold on all forms of power intensive British industry at large. The fact is that if industry could generate power off the grid to cover its own domestic use at general consumption levels would reduce the grid quota to manageable pricing levels may have to become the topic of conversation for future power intensive industry in the British Isles. The manageability of a national industry structure that used to fill the old empires stock portfolio days are surely a thing of the past and belong more in the realms of nostalgic retrospectives than in future planning strategies for the modern age. The news of the redundancies will not be well received by the Welsh workforce with its share of the unemployment figures for the region reflecting the current trend that decimated the mining and manufacturing base that this nation once took so much pride in before the ghost of bad past decisions reared its spectral head in its present guise as aunty austerity, your friendly neighborhood hard lines for hard times solution to keeping the elite from feeling the pinch.

The man on the plane with the half thought out plan of reunion with his estranged ex is about the same level of planning that man can expect from his half thought out, convert any half cocked out of date plan and try and turn it to good use school of thinking from the current incarnation of bottom line politicians. This again raises the ugly question about how fit is man to run his own affairs, what is mans current fitness for purpose evaluation even on a country by country basis let alone letting any of them have the global reigns. The current state of man is not in the best of health either emotionally or intellectually. The delusional psychosis we are all currently suffering from is that our every action gives us control over outcomes and produces expected results, can ever meet deadlines and is resolving world class issues by the day. The facts of life dear world class reader is that is a dyslexic view that the facts do not support and indeed support the exact opposite in the balance column of the ‘do something produces something’ book of universal equations from the camp of the keep them too busy to notice we are fleecing them school of tricksters and misdirectionists. The emotional nutshell of neurotic assumptions leads us all to believe that doing something is better than to wait and see what the facts are, to assess the situation against resources, manpower and current understanding to better deal with the issues as more of the same will surely just produce more of the same if not create even more unexpected issues from the actions we continue to rehash to no better use than to let us feel that we are doing something.

The issue about the religious and the political homicidal maniacs is already being clouded to the point of appearing ridiculous. The fact that some people in other countries including Ireland in the west still think that it is all right to kill to make a political point. The fact that some nations still think that killing on religious grounds is somehow sanctified by a more sentient being beggars disbelief in the extreme. A homicidal maniac will gravitate towards any situation that will allow them to exorcise their predispositions and inclinations that in all forms of enlightened societies are the worst form of behavior imaginable. The inclinations that someone has to take a life under the upbringing strategies of said society will have to go to extreme lengths to justify their actions under the banner of a cause or a religious prejudice. The whole idea that a god that could make universes, galaxies and ecosystems to evolve life in the conditions that each life supporting planetary environment can provide for life. Has to enlist the microscopic aid of one kind of life to destroy their enemies as they see it and that said deity will condescend to the ants level to help them rid themselves of another competitive colony because that is ‘his will’ beggars belief beyond the realms of sanity.

The hard cold facts of life are that we need to take more than a figurative step back and look at this artificial system that has us all running around collecting status point because of the amounts of self valued and printed paper threatening to be just credit if ‘they’ have their way, for feelings of self worth and to make it seem as if we are achieving something in life. The fact that we are penalising the largest sections of the planets populace by exclusion by managed and artificial means does not suit the needs of the entire race. This planet needs our attention and its stability needs our willing cooperation, this fact can no longer be ignored and propping up an elite one percent is not in the best interests of the entire planetary population. There is enough food in the world food production system to feed the entire planet, we do not have a supply problem we have a delivery problem. We have artificially inflated prices to exclude people in hard times from the pressures of economic factors. If we are to ever become a truly enlightened and beneficent race of beings then we need to engage the higher centers and leave the roller coaster episode of our origins in the youthful experience building section of the races autobiography of man on the third ball of dirt from the big burning gas ball in this galaxy. To better concentrate on our biography we wish to take to the stars and for other enlightened races to look at as we request to be allowed to join the ranks of the real elite of life’s great purpose for creations experiential existences.

Mystic Maiden.
This was first Released in 2001.
Reading Signs.
Mystic Maiden.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The Priestess sits on lofty throne
Between two pillars all alone
An open scroll in her hand
Contains all knowledge of our land.

Silent is her knowing voice
Is this mistress of your choice
This lady of secret knowing
Maintains how you are as your going.

On swift wings she does fly
To return the answer to you're why
No matter what the quests about
She has the answer to your doubt.

Regally throned between two poles
Vestal Maiden of your goals
This Mystic Maiden deep inside
Is the Universal bride.

Between a dark pillar and a white
Silver is her gentle might
Balancing out her twins of Chi
Is her secret and hidden Key.

The Magus when he weds this Miss
They radiates as a solar kiss
Bound in the Universal ring
The Magician is then crowned King.

Three parts to this plan
To Free the Solar man
Logic is the bones as reason is the flesh
A heart of understanding lets them both mesh.

As young lovers they now fly
From the world into the sky
Entwined around Hermes rod
Never needing a path to trod.

This priestess full of grace
Is Mother to the human race
Like the lovers you will find
Her doorway is in your mind.

The Misdirection.
Just Waiting Till.
Rearguard Actions.

The morning airwaves phone in walked a very delicate line by asking the probability question and a lot of propaganda and electioneering platforming responses had to be dealt with to stick to the question. Which was are you glad or sad that today is not our National Independence Day. The fielding had to be strong and fair doos it was handled well. Sad or happy was the question but reasons poured and one woman declared she would have moved if the vote had gone the other way. It is a shame that some people cannot tell that they are really a Brit/Scot and not a Scot/Brit, the British person that sees him/herself as born in Scotland a part of Britain, and the other is a Scot that is in a union with England and Wales and Ireland. One obviously knows their place in the scheme of things and the other did not have a good enough excuse to desert her roots as she in her Hyacinth Bouquet mode had outgrown her inferiors. This is a shame but she is not the first to never felt like she belongs in her own home land. Just ask lady muck from platex manor how it is in the new home she will never fit into or Gordon the son of a preacher-man that sold his nation our for a pittance and for personal and party gains. We are not better together in an unequal partnership and six million to sixty million has no real comparisons and will only raise resentments by force of numbers. A small nation like Scotland can still aspire and cross the border to the big toon to get further ahead in the world but for some of us our own little bit of home is all we need.

Well one for this independence day that never was, has all the sell outs that keep claiming they would leave their ‘own’ country are telling their tales to deaf ears as usual as any true nationalist (person born to their nation, believing in it and will defend it with their lives) can attest if you will leave at any little excuse then you never were a true Scot just a Briton born in the northern half of the unified island. Claiming lineage is an English trait, we prefer heritage. While living and breathing it is another manner of Scot entirely. If you feel the need to move please don’t let us stop you, but any excuse is no excuse for desertion in tough times and against popular beliefs. If you cannot stand by your country and take another countries stand you were never a Scot/Brit but a Brit/Scot. The traitor is someone who helped coin the term collaborator was doing what they felt would keep the peace and preserve them not accept the invader and their rule as any surviving French resistance fighter. The term Scot is used to mean someone that feels the nation they are born to was a nation before its neighbour decided to invade, steal, provoke, land clear and still could not winkle out the defiant nature we have against all the children of the invaders as they claim Scottish lineage. So leave and leave it tidy for our own and to offer to people that wish to enter our nation where they will be welcome and helped to fit in, without this mock exodus from the children of the blue blood invaders, the wavers of the butchers apron when it suits them are not nor have they ever been a saltire or rampant banner waver at any time and never will be. So if you do decide to leave don’t blame those that stay and will keep fighting for what they believe in. You can have as many advisor as you like when you choose to make a royal proclamation but only a king or an imperialist deserts its lands and people because things are tough. The biters are the dogs of the bulldog breed and they are not us but if they guise themselves in the dress up and you wish to believe it you are using excuses or are easily driven off. We would rather hear from the people that can take it on the chin, will not bite back and give these infiltrators the satisfaction of driving them from their home. If you look at the present refugee crisis it takes more than a little baiting and much worse than hard economic times to make someone leave the land they were born in and love and would do anything to not have to leave it. The native Scot is not a barking dog and has been defending from all sides for three hundred years and is still taking it on the chin and can tell the difference between a barking unionist than a Scottish terrier that will never let go. So if you must leave then do so by naming the culprits and shaming them so we can at least find the little barkers, but if you are a false flag show then just make yer fuss, cast yer blame and remember you will leave in shame. You will not be missed except by blood for you hold no place in the Scottish community.

The EU are again following the media breadcrumbs and locking into what they were left as a distraction to occupy their little minds with as the withdrawal and exodus of the infiltrators can proceed of the media pages as the sacrificial cells that are told to do what they are told to do all fall on their swords in a public distraction to hold their attention. All the while the rats sneak out before all the doors close on the easy routes they set up to get to the soft underbelly of the stupid that see only the similarities of mankind and are too politically correct to ever look at the major differences that segregate us in realities. The media cannon fodder viewer fest can be milked and create a spotlight away from the real enemy action, always good for viewing figures after all no news is boring, oh yes it is. They hide in a guise that is aimed at the idiots that only see the things they fear in life, that will label anything that looks the part or seems to look it as the real thing and will cause such a stir about it to their greater advantages over us using our systems and ignorance's against us. Wonder what the movements have been like heading out of the problem area to the homelands or their neighbours and affiliate's. Or just get some munchies and soft drinks and park your lard in front of the nice looking media distractions that will raise your skills at awe, oowws and ahhhs, after all the media prides itself in stimulating its audiences and improving their language skills. How do the present generation of the armed forces advisors and even generals not mentioned how the present action is the same as the actions of those caught behind enemy lines and that this sort of holding action is designed to cause disruption, keep attention away from the exodus and to give time to the retreaters to get under cover. They will not be dressed as ‘Muslims’ with hijabs and beards they will be blending in after all only the recruiters need to act the part the press ganged have already left all behind to infiltrate.

The medical life preservers have shown us how they are all now the correct workforce for a modern enterprising new generation fit for purpose business of the day. They are striking for money and over time as they always have but now they adopt the business mindset of ‘let them die for our causes, after all we deserve it’. The original carer and healer is now a thing of the past, it is time to learn our own wellbeing skills and mental health techniques for the new age. After all in this day and age you only go to hospital and put your life into the hands of the modern day cash and bonus orientated lifestyle chaser with a grievance and you will be their pawn to improve their lot by so at least your life will have been sacrificed in a good cause. As one of my relatives once said ‘hospitals stay away from them min, you only ever go there to die at the hands of someone learning how to cover their track and mistakes’. So are we the Guinea Pig and lab rats for the wanna be rich and lucrative earners of the modern day racketeers of the new age, fleece and grease mechanisms for reducing the population. This in no way is having a go at the GP who by comparison has commands the greatest respect for the job they do and the manner they bring to the task.

All excuses aside it is past time that we stopped throwing stones, blame and keeping smoke screens up, the pretenses we keep between ourselves are being used against us. Listening to the first thing you hear and believing it is helping the enemy, where once loose lips sunk ships it is another lack of discipline that is causing loopholes for them to exploit. We as a nation need to be triple wide in what we hear what we are told and what we believe. If you can find the information in at least three unrelated sources and it can then be backed up by some direct input from the experience (someone who was there) or some litigation is being brought and fought in the issue then it at least holds credibility, everything else is either gossip, one sided or a lie. The next thing to gauge is are you hearing just what you would want to hear in the information you are being given, told or is being brought to your attention. Or did you come across the information yourself and not on the jungle grapevine the old enemy used to such great advantage in our history. If it still works don’t knock it is one of their motto's even to this day. Then just because it says its Scottish and speaks with a guid brogue is no guarantee of anything from the nation of players accent is nothing, but intent and result is everything. So get triple wide and raise your savvy. Think once for origin, think twice about intended target, then think who would get the real advantage from a blow up or knee jerk reaction, not this nation that is for sure.

Unlocking The Rights.
Six Degrees Of.
Fairweather Lends.

This mornings debate about apprenticeships had a mixed bag for input and a cloudy outcome as expected when you approach an emotive subject from the objective view. The loudest complaints had more to do with opinions about the current generations work ethic, starting with their reactions to being asked to sweep up. The fact that the modern generation of children are being brought up to never know what it is to hoover their own rooms and even to take the trash out, leads them to believe that the good fairy is responsible for that level of life and they would be doing something that is normally beneath their notice or direct experience, this produced the usual suspect responses and knee jerks from both sides. Next in line came the investment of time and effort on low pay as being seen as an investment to a good prospective employer being weighed and measured against the unscrupulous cheep labour hirers that hire then sack before the evaluation date and start the cycle again with a new batch. This sort of exploitation is mostly overlooked for a while by the authorities especially as they may be in a niche market or a growth sector. Blatant flaunting is still not being addressed and this is a problem that has been around in various guises since the seventies and eighties. The sales pitch that if you vet the correct caliber of candidate then add a living wage that this is a fair starting point because the investment will be reaped by the company as well as the future employee. The bonuses and returns in accredited qualifications are assured for both the apprentice and the employer down the line and it becomes a mutual investment and takes the likelihood of labour scammers out of the equation.

The Apple debate is again bringing the worrying prospects of two much power being asked for by the law keepers. They do not have the right to break into everyone's property just in case they might find something. They say that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it well this is like the British cops asking for secret service powers. The user, us have the right to our life and liberty without some unappointed person or unelected people that do not have a clear consensus of the opinions of an entire nation, just access to the biggest megaphones claiming the greater good by supposed and uncounted accent. The user has the right to their integrity of their data and the company has the obligation to the user on the one hand, the court can ask for the right of the nation to the details of a suspects contact list and call records and duration and to nothing else without a leveling of higher powers. To hand this power to the plod at the gunhappy getting away with murder level of civil obedience says we should not let them anywhere near that sort of unrestricted access to any one they choose to’s records and information and contacts lists. The abuses of the powers they already have are not being given due process as they stand. The enlistment of a hackers solution is the law breaking the law to keep the law for the unknown and un-named greater good by a consensus of their opinion and nothing else to substantiate it. If no crime is committed then no extra powers are needed. All law enforcement without a ‘Minority Report’ grade precognition factor is always a case of following the clue crumbs after the fact processing of law and order that we already have. The rights to get the transcripts of calls and the numbers of the contacts list anything else takes secret service level access and that is the correct path for a law abiding, peaceful nation with a reasonably exemplary record on human rights and law keeping to take a stand on. They already went to far with Guantanamo lets keep this dog of war in check until a war status is declared and is justified by facts and figures and not just speculation and fear based propaganda media releases.

The Belgium problem is a case in point about realities of a minority using the open door policy to sneak into the EU to get a better shot at Britain from a network of safe houses and underground cells is showing how a handful of dedicated hard core individuals can make it look like they are bigger and more powerful than they really are. That in no way takes away the damage they can do under the radar and so close to their targets. The closing and policing of borders has left quite a few of these cells cut off behind enemy lines.The final acts of the cut off and isolated cells is a sappers approach to war with a rear guard action to maximise damage with whatever resources they have left to shock and freeze us into inaction, giving the leaders the chance to get out. The collapsing of bridges, the blowing up of power stations and water plants was a WWII and WWI (WW = world war) sappers handbook for maximising effect with minimum resources. The closing door has shut down as much as possible the off the radar approach to getting to your enemy. Now that they cannot reach Britain as easily as they once did they will now target the host countries they were leaving for last. Security was not ramped up, extra powers were not delegated and the infiltration lines, safe houses and manpower and resources are being brought to light with the right powers in the right hands that are trained to the best of our abilities to deal with these things as we get a handle on them. The guard dog isn’t needed in a peaceful western country. Where a baggage handler can step up to the plate and stop someone from bombing as they please, where the plod with the powers they have already cannot do that for some health and safety rule not law stopping them from saving a woman from drowning. Yet they say they need more powers, more like they need more common sense.

Ian Duncan Smith fell on his sword and had a wee word with Andrew Marr and all the conspiracy theorists were pouring out onto the social media platforms with suspicion and derision. The fact is like Kesia Dugdale not addressing the SNP party but pointedly aiming her attacks at its leader is missing the point about elected chains of command. IDS was the head of a department and it has a remit given to it by the elected governments manifesto or leadership policies. The SNP may well be the majority party in Scotland but like IDS it is under the direct governance of the leaderships laws rules and diktats. To make personal references says that the person is the job and that they are therefore the place the puck stops is lazy and incisive and is incendiary. To say that IDS was any more than a man doing a remit under the party leadership steerage is again misdirecting away from the fact that he could no longer blindly follow those rules regulations or silently put up with an unpopular policy because the company policy is such and such about disclosure and transparency. The working stiff is well used to shutting up and following orders and not being seen to break ranks otherwise we all know the kind of targetting that will take place when or if we do, ask any whistle blower or look at the WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is a case in point as to what happens to you if you do. Not a choice easily reached and not without some deep soul searching do we ever get to the point where we end our earning capacity so lightly, especially when it will impact our dependents so heavily in the expected repercussion for doing so. It is past time that the impatient who are calling for the use of powers were vetted as to why they seek to be in power, when the Scottish government has taken other legitimate actions to ensure the deficits are balanced instead of getting out the last order of business. This is of course to a well balanced person the tactics of using a sledge to crack a peanut. Some one voted these people in and their rhetoric got them a seat in the big house but that in no way means that these use the ultimate power to make household changes to the running costs of the country. The tactics of the quick fixers that will be long gone when the troubles that are inherent in the quick and cheap is that they usually bring nasty and long lasting stink in a time delayed wake. The session of parliament is over and the glory road calls all the worthies to the election clarion call for the faithful. It has to be said that even though we may not agree with certain issues, like Fracking, nuclear weapons, the EU et al, it has to be said that splitting Scotland in two again at this strong point clearly shows that someone would rather we were a nation divided against itself again and I have to point out the usual suspects. Changing horses before the race is over is losing sight that we began this to get an Elected Scottish government in our own parliament, to limit the interference's of the Westminster remote government puppeteers and we have done that, now is not the time to start infighting only a weak party dirty tricks mindset will try that Edward Longshanks decision to turn or buy the Bruce when the faithful are distracted and cannot see the in-fill-traitors to our nation. This nation must learn to defend against this type of action it is endemic in world political structures and will need to be defended against. This nation is a nation of people for the people by the people, our government structure will differ from the world paradigm in this one respect. We the people of Scotland enlist our government to work on our collective part to defend our nation in our collective interest, to never use our collective ignorance and our lent collective power against our interests or national safety. Remember before you vote, that to change the statusquo mid stream is an opening to an opportunist and more than that to an invader, ready to drive the wedge back into place for their remote control masters that commute here only when they have to.

The World comes to Glasgow.
This was first Released in March 2006.
Making Moves.
The World comes to Glasgow.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The world comes to Glasgow
Where we give them a lively show
With culture and heritage
Sprinkled with some beverage.

Historic buildings and our parks
Win us most of their Marks
Entertainment from the Kelvinhall to the SECC
Though it hardly seems enough to me.

Enough though to bring them back
Some first class some backpack
Some seek the lineage of their clans
None come to work on their tans.

Some just love our Scottish brogue
In call center’s its all the vogue
Braveheart cast a curious light
An epic tale of courageous might.

Passing through our cultured city
In a flow that’s nice and steady
Heading further outward bound
Where beautiful scenery can be found.

All things Scottish wet their appetite
And we yen for their dollars all right
On the woolen or whiskey trail
Selling shortbread and trinkets never fail.

The native Scot puts on a memorable show
Just like native Navajo
In the hurry to get the pound
Lets just hope they keep coming round.

Signs of the Times.
This was first Released in March 2006.
A Cycle Completed.
Signs of the Times.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Now Ireland is an unanswered question
Its solution will demand great invention
Clinton has become the 'Teflon Man'
As nothing sticks except for his tan.

Hurrah 'Free Willie' is finally let out
Only took 19 years, I could just shout
Robbie William’s Angels were thanked
And George Micheal's tour was spanked.

Looks like there's a crisis of faith
While Blair thinks that jobs are safe
Well his still has a few more years
And the hell, with your fears.

That Mythical Beast the Scottish Tory
The writing's on the wall for that sad story
Russia dodged the 'Ticky Man'
The Communist Party sticks to its plan

The NHS is struck down with ailing health
We share its symptom it’s a lack of wealth
While industry would blame the strong pound
Not flogging a workhorse into the ground

Is a 55% interest rate, really greed?
As industry always exceeds its need
It's probably just the nature of the Beast
After all aren't sheep meant to be fleeced?

For George Square they said sorry?
And that we didn’t need to worry
That strategy, once built an Iron Curtain
Now their intentions are certain

Manchester United was finally sold
And Celtics value is now pure Gold
Did you hear? scary spice is getting spliced
Now doesn’t that make all things nice?

The Rape of George Square.
This was first Released in 22nd of March 2006.
The Rape of George Square.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The heinous crime in George Square
You canny see the trees that once stood there
Raped with a chainsaw then a JCB
They never asked you, and they never asked me.

Sanctioned by some faceless men
Why it's happened we'll never ken
Their best excuse was a pathetic reason
Not the first in this crazy season.

We canny trust them with our finance
Why do we play these games of chance
The place is bare where trees once stood
And people gather to eat their food.

These half-wits and imbeciles
With doubtful taste and principles
Should get a trimming with garden shears
To get a taste of primal fears.

Before we nip them in the bud
Give them time to chew the cud
Before they go and trim more twigs
Let's cut to size, our own bigwigs.

They will never put it right
You weren't told to evade a fight
Like the trees I know where they should go
What else are they doing that we should know.

Facing the day.
Tripping Out.
Facing the day.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Get up and get ready to face the day
Take care with the things that come your way
Check the itinerary and then dress to impress
Best foot forward, taking good care nothing less.

Stoke the boiler or break the fast
Navigate the fallout from last nights blast
Best face on and ready to please
Now where did you leave the car keys.

Time for a pit stop to fill the tank
Check yer mail and get ready to thank
To your friends that drank and danced
All the unwelcome were socially lanced.

The drive to work is the normal stops and starts
Time to reminisce about the beating of hearts
She turned up late but looked a dream
And you gawped like an idiot on full beam.

The early part the meal for four
Went smooth and easy and was no chore
The drink flowed well but never drunk
She danced and stayed and didn’t skip or bunk.

She called a cab then apologised for leaving early
She and a friend had an date doing something girly
She said come to hers on Saturday, shed cook a meal
Give her a bell by the feel, or be there seven keeps it real.

The other two jumped to share the cab
Didn’t get the chance for a proper gab
So gave her a peck and squeezed her hand
Saying ‘I’ll be there like you planned’.

Traffic moves and the way is clear
Mundanity sweeps away the fond and dear
Parked the car and into the lift
Two days to Saturday not counting this shift.

Six Degrees Of.
Six Degrees Of.
There But For.

Well the newly almost contrite ‘The Donald’ seems to have lost his trousers and taken a brow beaten step back from the war cry and the rallying call to the arms for change banner he started the program on. Well changing horses mid stream is a very difficult thing to do either gracefully or with any sense of smoothness in the transitions. Still as he keeps yelling us from his megawatt self funded platform he still has a goal. Now can he produce substance from form after all the mud slinging and decrying of the early skirmishes. After all minding his P and Q’s as he appears to be doing may well be just the petulant child having to conform rather than any real recognition of the fact that the highest seat in the western hemisphere has a new level of prestige to be protected or just preserved in the trading pits of the west that is still run on the agreements that the opposition has put in place and have been trading on for five years or more of investments. These investors in the patriotic freedoms of a nation that likes to lead the way or just be seen as first among equals has obligations to they that are all still honouring and trading with these existing agreements at this moment in time. With his claims to be the sweeping new brush will he compromise his ideological evangelic zeal to maintain the statusquo for the traders and marketers who are invested up to the hilt with many having staked the kitchen sink in these hard times. Or will he press on with a perceived knee jerk perspective for a need for change as the new brush sweeping away the others investments to the cost of the nation for the cost of replacements. Will he throw the baby out with the bath water or does there lurk some good sense in his back pocket to temper the feel and lighten the reigns as the needs require, rather than bull ahead because of popular rhetoric. Last minute changes in policy and direction at this sensitive period of leveling that is happening in the world markets is not one that will have a good outcome. Lets just hope that some of that much acclaimed Scottish lineage and bloodline begins to help the modern day apprentice Wallace from marching into London to smack the king just to prove a point.

The idea that the UC (Universal Credit) has been slashed to the bone and that their benefit trimmings have been removed from the system. The current government drive to give the nation a streamlined benefit system as the propaganda sold to the nation, has produced real term reductions in costs on the one hand. On the other the winkles in the system have made for bad figure results with a raised death rate from the most vulnerable not really being served and are still falling through the cracks in the machine minds ways and means and systematic approach to streamlining a more simplified system to do the job that it must do within real terms budget limitation and deadlines. The bare gall of the institute after cutting the benefits in some areas by as much as thirty pounds a week has the cheek to challenge the lowest in the land to try and save from five pounds a month to twenty five pounds a month for nine two years and to then keep it intact for two years smacks of baiting from the bull pits and bear pits of the secular realms of the fantasists of the elite spires of the high and bloody minded. Or is it that if you can save consistently for two years then you can make payments on loans is this a bank drive for future debtors. Rather than any informed and guardian status of a system that looks after the interests of all of its electorate, either way the likelihood of saving that much per week is just outside the remit for the hard pressed only those from their own stable on a long leash from bank mom and dad are the right sort of demographic for the program. At a cost of around seventy million pounds to fund and run it it looks like the prognosis is only good for those that seek to work the ticket with such a poor response being anticipated from any takers before it even gets into policy. More jobs for the boys and less substance of effective management of limited resources being used to invest in programs that can meet positively anticipated results. The bottom line for this is that if any can actually do this at all then peter will be heavily robbed by the sons of paulianity and the bonuses won (six hundred pound to do with as they please) will only have to retrospectively cover debts accrued by the process. The few in the pack that realise this is a tax free startup sum with some savings to fall back on will miss the majority of the demographics mainstream, unless they are not the demographic to start with. More evidence of second hand thinking meeting third rate planning rather than evidence of good strategies from the finer thinking mindset they are capable of producing as the needs and methods of negotiating life changes on the move and in the wake of the strong wind of change that has cleared away most of the dust covered assets that have lain undiscovered in the metaphysical spare rooms and storehouses of our historic certainties. The anticipated benefits from this price match reward. This can be found in the time to adjust period which is for the two years to get the target payment period reached while the saver is saving and if no further trimmings are to be expected, and they manage to hang on to it can be better aided in putting a business plan together, buying the kit, getting the qualifications etc, they need to work in the area of interest and to get 'gateway monitoring' to streamline their thinking, expectations and time resource and manpower management skills to match their target niches. All very jolly hockysticks and old school tie expectations being applied to the salt of the earth, may just have the effect of missing the target audience or going over their heads, but you can bet it will reach their target demographic, oh yes they will and no he's not behind you. Nice to see Mr Corbin joining the ranks instead of standing back and thinking the world should accept him as he is (it does) and he can ignore the customs, dress codes that all the employees he will represent have been donning safety gear, hairnets, taking jewelry off just to get half the pay he gets and are not so prima donna about it. Welcome to the ranks and hope to see what you have to bring to the table (so do the opposition we learn from one another). And all the best adjusting to what we have all been adjusted to for decades. Dress codes, acceptable behavior parameters and expected inclusions, paying our dues and meeting each others expected social and work based parameters.

Some American millionaire has declared an interest in having his consciousness uploaded to a computer system in a vain attempt to prolong life. The uploaded consciousness will only ever be a copy of personal tastes, experience and interpretations up to the point of transfer and will never be the person that donated the mapping to the project. May as well commission a clone for all of the vanity payback a mindset with limited experience will offer the project. A better use of the time and resources needed to build a legacy program like this would be better served by the development of set skill sets for dedicated purposes. So that an automated unit can Joe 90 a set of skills like Neo for the next generation for single purposes, with limited autonomy and a fixed scope for improvising for the program at hand will help keep AI away from the temptation to think for itself outside of a fixed remit. The lack of self image or self awareness will keep the unit servile and with no real self image the unit will be limited to set responses within parameters and so stick to the program within the remit for the allotted duration. Who needs a set of personality and character quirks with recessives in a storehouse of characters. An artificial character will keep the human machine divide in place and the machine will have no reason to think it is human.

The brave and the bold have just delivered a progressive budget for the year 2016 that should have been part of the dynamic of a fully autonomous sovereign nations makeup as it was before the EU enforcement camps started throwing their weight about. Nice to see The anti immigration opposition party gaining enough ground to light a fire under the complacent Merkle camps laurels. How well the budget goes down is still to be seen since the best that Corbin could mangle together at such short notice was a tirade of failures, must be suffering from media whiplash in the wake of pundit pounder’s acerbic fashion and character assassination attempts, so we will see what his think-tanks come back with after the dust has settled in a few days time. The flood spending and the building trade foundations are a big step forward for any self respecting party of governance must address and have in their stock and trade for dealings of the people for the people by the people. The drive to reduce passing down the timestream the debts of the fathers is again the sort of rhetoric that any viable opposition camp will have to instill in their manifestos to keep the new generations of politically active NeXt-Gen will play to willingly and so stay engaged with for the foreseeable.

Life's First Steps.
The First Steps.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Goals set, bags packed, kit checked
Faith set, fears faced and decked
Guarantees are a thing of the past
Die cast not deluded by fast or last.

Thinking in the moment will produce undone
Practiced knowing, replaced this before begun
Knowing the pace will shift from walk to run
Responding to need, not played just for fun.

Checklist burned and traveling light
Have the skills to avoid any fight
Let others get trapped by might or right
Ashes burned, now for the phoenix flight.

Head level, heart sound, soul steady
Waiting the push that says its ready
No saintly light no goals shiny bright
Cleared vision perceives sight beyond sight.

Step by step ready to unwrap the present
Firm resolve, focus clear, strength is lent
Patiently calmed as time ticks by as it’s meant
Waiting fills with purpose for the heaven sent.

Power when called realises an internal surge
Clearly distinct from instincts impulsive urge
While knowing anticipates a responsive focus
Practiced meditations, gifts of the inner locus.

Strength of purpose replaces any distracting goal
In action mind body and soul are whole
All bad traits consumed in the phoenix burn
Character defines bearing at every turn.

Heard This Wan Before.
The Mask Slips.
Heard This Wan Before.
A Poem
Chris Millar

So yeh ken where yer going and yeve got it awe sussed
And yer convincing me cause your no feard or fussed
Yeve learned fae the past and yer no bein flash
But tae get it goin yeh just need some startup cash

What a surprise min, pull the other wan
Knew where it was goin before yeh began
You on some program or an edjits plan
There you go talkin big, like yer the man.

So this is yer fith try tae get on yer feet
Do you no ken when fate has yeh beat
Last wan something wiz wrang or hawdin yeh back
Before that yeh took a wrang turn then got the sack.

So let me see if ah got yeh right
Before yeh were stupid and no sae bright
So yeve learned no tae make they mistakes again
So it’ll then be new wans that will bring fresh pain.

Look a would like tae help but a did twice before
A had some cash then but no any more
Invested it in good causes that gave nothing back
So i’m gonny have tae decline, yer on yer own there Jack.

Ebbing and Flowing.
Light at the End.
The Turning of the Tide.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The seasons change and much may remain the same
The wheel does turn and lots are cast in life's great game
Where the greedy seek wealth and the petty seek fame
After each turn of the cards nothing is ever the same.

The illusions that we are all connected by heart and mind
Is a delusion of the most insidious and nefarious kind
Yet when sought the most needed is the hardest to find
That while you were pressured some pockets got lined.

Misdirection is the mask from the fast players tools
Expertly used to glean and garner from the fools
A waking nightmare, the world was sold out while we slept
Sold out then handed over to the greedy by the inept.

When the mask slips and the player is then revealed
As the Adam of the age makes the seven unsealed
The rule of the ruler calls for a new deck to be dealed
As the infant eight sets the standard that is then sealed.

When time and tide has left the late behind
Abandoned by schedules from a well ordered mind
The Sheparding of the flock will become warm and kind
The founding of the lost will become the more easy to find.

When after the deed when time takes its tole
The flocking will prove there is no lost soul
Standing shoulder to shoulder to heal ourselves whole
Mankind can then target ‘true lifes’ first goal.

The Tide of Life.

The Single Party State.
A Door Opens.
Mixed Signals.

Trump the only man that is trying to lose an election and is only finding out how stupid the electorate are as they take his bleating for real. This man does not want the job and is finding himself being swept along cresting a wave of unpopular disbelief, it must be horrendous to be carried forward to something you don’t want by the swell of a populations need for change and to take the bit from the old guard. This man has tried taking what would be to a sentient and tolerant race, an intolerant stance for his ticket in the race towards the hottest and most contested seat in the western hemisphere. The fact that he is bringing the most intolerant in the land out of the closet and onto the public stage is very reflective of the emergence into British politics for the BNP way back in the day and we all know how that one turned out for them. It is good and healthy for every country to reveal itself warts and all as it is better for us to evaluate the positive aspects that are in the PR statements and brochures for each member state of the world countries. This will lessen the need for distance remote viewing by the clandestine brotherhood of the nefarious creed to asses the negative qualities of each member state and will work a long way towards each nation cleaning up its own acts by changes in policy and direction towards a better seat on the world stage of an emerging Galaxy class planetary system. The present incline to the rule of the big four bullies that have shown clear intentions towards rigging markets and using economic leverage to throw their bullish weight around the schoolyard and not just at playtime but insist in interfering in all levels of life policy, trade, commerce, law and so called world states of peace. While the four playground bullies could argue that the end justifies their means for the present rush towards securing their rule while the world is distracted by minutia from their control devices that are in place at this moment in time and behave like a cankerous disease to do just that. All the while they try to close all the loopholes that will leave them in charge and can cut the proceeds up as they see fit. Undeclared intentions and mechanisms to use force are not the preserve of the ranks of the ‘hail fellow well met mate’ they are the tools of a dictator. While the world was sleeping and dreams of avarice and control were forming in their minds. It would seem that they forgot that to sit on top of a mass and to milk it requires the docile acceptance of the mass or its total subjugation. However try that with a fully awake and aware mass that has its own intentions and will loosen their ties to one another and the group or hive mindset to make personal choices that will stand in opposition to the parasitic tactics of the space flotsam and jetsam that seek to fleece and grease them.

A large percentage of the mass is coming aware and a great deal are fully awake and hiding it as they assess the situation as they are no longer afraid or cowed down by the order of the day. This will mean that any parasitic style of saddling the mass will be cut by the strings they hope to use. Money and spending will become the astute political tool of choice to sever the illfavoured and to invest in the perceived mutual exchange of the continued partnerships. This will have the affect that they will have to fight among themselves to gain a new footing and to get a better latch onto the teat of the milk and honey dispensations of the willing but wild herd. The political vote will recede to become a paled little exercise for the half awake and aware as the real decisions will be managed by boycotting investment houses and their portfolio companies and restrictive policies to thin out the parasites from the base up.

And talking about invasive actions the Tory advances on the Scottish electorate with accusations of a single party state and likening it to Nazi Germany and the fascist states that spawned two world wars comes from the governmental base of the old political party stance of democratic governance. A party based political animal is incentive driven and still has contentious behavior and expectations in its mental and psychological makeup. While a single state that is answerable to the people of the country does not exist anywhere yet, but under Scottish rule our idea of a non party based democracy that will be held accountable to their electorate as the SNP have been saying since day one. Will become the new order of this Galaxy class planet for this solar system, yes you are being watched and no you will not be interfered with (that's your bag) but if you show signs of being rabid and unreasonable you will be sectioned off or put down as to dangerous to exist for the sake of others, but don’t let that stop you. After all don’t you all subscribe to the Kergin philosophy ‘It’s better to burn up than to fade away’. This is an alien concept to the Tory mindset that lives for profit will never understand leadership that does not rake it in or that cannot be allowed to coin it in to fill their own pockets, as they wheel and deal their career on their rickety path to more of the same cycles of keep it going or we all stagnate. The mythical Scottish Tories have set out their stall aimed at the fifty five percent that obediently heard their masters voice and so followed the foreigners choice of selling out to their masters, they are of course talking to the bulldog breed that are pretending to be Scottish while barking at the crowds, and are getting no takers from the quietly reserved and assured nationalistic Scot, you know the one that believes in his own country and in his sovereign rights and its place at a mutual table and no longer in fiscal chains and subject to the tactics of harassment and left to subsist on pocket money handouts from mummy state.

The question about the use of a UDI evaluation of the country was brought up in the run up to the Referendum not the EU one but the member state one about our status in a dictatorial union where someone else makes up the rules that govern your lives. Where fiscal autonomy is coerced by imposed trading agreements and implied embargoes and sanctions are the first order of attack to quell insurrection in the ranks. Can anyone see any parallel's in the rhetoric that is coming out of the Tory better together approach to the non border alliances with a set of eclectic nations, from a nation that ruled the waves and paved the way in aeronautics with their American cousins opening up the sky for all.

Just why the use of current driven sky transportation for freight was not developed meant a gain in revenue from roads and rail. A old sail ship driven dirigible that can be held in an air current or slip stream, and can be lowered or raise to take advantage of the best air currents can produce power for any remote region cheaper than laying down land lines which would prove to be too costly, because of the living wages impact on manual workforce's. Where the largest percentage that will make up the base body is that cheap labour will come from the penal strata of the minimum wagers. Now air freight that uses a similar clipper sailing tech from old marine style sailing ships could be the answer to reducing the cost of power generation that is currently consuming non renewable energy sources at an alarming rate. The old style sea vessels that use the friction of the fixed weight in water can be replicated with a series of tie lines that have electromagnetic fastenings to allow purchase for drive and so reduce the drift by pulleys to keep the vehicle level with the twin ties on a parallel link. Repeaters can allow the flow between open expanses between pylons in a three catch pass system to reduce the time delay and to ensure a tied and smooth transitional linkup to cover greater distances. Set routes will have to be established and maintained and crews will have to be kept on maintenance standby but passenger staging will not be required on a freight only warehouse to warehouse turnaround system. The strength of electromagnetic coupling is also the breaking system to slow the momentum to manageable measures to allow safe starting and stopping. The height of the pylons will mean that no crossover will exist and no collisions will be experience by shared and crossed lanes of traffic.

Sometimes the way forward for progress is by taking a step back and looking again at intention, resources and costs and then to gauge effectiveness of directives by results so far to see if the heading still holds true to purpose and goals. At sometime the tech will prove to be limited by the effective use of power and its production from a renewable source or sources. To use up a stock of non renewable resources first and foremost will leave everyone without any form of power needs reduced to facing the lights going off to quickly. This would raise the question is it worthwhile to continue watching the diminishing reserves that are being gobbled up, which will only have the effect of forcing a nuclear decision by a power base that seeks to get into central power to ensure that is what will happen. The blatant disregard of the general populace about conservative use of power falls on deaf ears when the volume of power that must be maintained for industry and daily use would make even the smallest contributions to conservancy a big step forward. Economic sanctions are falling on deaf ears as pricing it out of their pockets is out of the question with the living wage materialising after having been stalled and sidelined for over three decades to produce this coming showdown of power over power. We are not the nations of our forefathers but we do stand tall on the shoulders that were broad enough to make the foundation of this modern Galaxy class world.

Now the dirty footprint we leave behind has to be dealt with in manufacturing, waste disposal and get the plastic and the shit out of the seas or it will literally be the death of us all. So the pathway to the stars starts with cleaning up our dirty little habits and lazy ways. Convenience is what dumped the shit in the sea to start with and it will take a better plan to clean it up, for all the worlds we might be allowed to inhabit in the future may just be the toxic leavings of another dirty neighbour and so this may well prove to be the first form of teraforming control's for world acclimations. We may be seen as being scavengers or bottom feeders if we still live in the stink of our own wastes, because we are lazy, selfish and care nothing for the world we inhabit and that gives us our life from its wealth of resources that we squander in ignorance.

Elated Electioneering.
Elated Electioneering.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Some are in, some out, now shake them all about
Too much shaking will cause a falling Out
Mixed Signals could cause a voting rout
Or bring stagnation from too much doubt.

How to steer a steady course for the party line
The top table is seated and almost ready to dine
While claim jumpers are nearly ready to sign
Those kept cooling will grumble when not feeling fine.

The doom merchants chant mantras like a sad lament
The sheep are all willing to be led by someones bent
The faithful will give gladly at this time of lent
The begged borrowed and stolen are now overspent.

Now come all the trials of the media crew
Asking uncomfortable questions like answers are their due
Not giving any ground as is the custom of their ilk and lieu
Stepping back from lines that if crossed will let someone sue.

Public spectacle and bating is their only pleasure
The facts that figure will be used as their golden measure
Lined up on camera taking aim with studied leisure
Goading for to glean prime times little treasure.

When the spectacle is over and the dust not yet settled
Wounded prides will slink from stinging barbs that nettled
One or two may shine apart from being better prepared
Waiting for the dailies to hear just how they fared.

Then when the ticker-tape has been swept from the stage
The floaters will cast their votes for what is the current rage
The hardliners will cast to the figures on the forecast page
The primaries will rehearse speeches, clever warm or sage.

The dust is the last thing to settle on the ground
The miffed and slighted will repeat rumours flying round
The pledges promised will be weighed pound for pound
As elated cheering will silence truth to a whispered sound.

Named Person.
By ones
The Self.
Unstated Qualification.

The big question on the airwaves in the few days has been about this demand for a professional intruder in every child’s life. The biggest interference in the past has come from the oversights by so called designated professionals. Baby P is a benchmark of shame that will haunt the authorities that think that every little detail of every life is micromanageable by the right sort of departments and by the right quality of systems directed by the right quality of people, for some decades still to come. Sadly the evidence is that systems breakdown and departments are delimited by the human condition and are subject to underperformance at one extreme and downright abuse by personal ambition or intent by ego and its course in professional life. The limitations of the human condition in a fast paced high responsible workforce with so many safety procedures and rules that will be used to penalise in a grudge based retributional focused environment. The plain old fact is that the human condition and the level of awareness, limitation of view and depth of concentration are not universally quantified for all people. A particular level of education and a supposed acceptance of competence because of it will still be prone to distraction (meditation), oversight (forgetfulness to ignorance) and then all that is seen and assumed to produce consistent results in every given situation suggests how the world is presented does not in any way match how it is in reality. The recognised and prescribed model of the world is one that is suggested by the systems that inhabit it that all of life is manageable and that because of the level of complexity that it is presented by as merely needing greater, knowledge, experience and understanding coupled with better systems of interaction and our interfacing connection would improve with practice and time. Yet the failures are still calamitous the discrepancies and the stuff off the front page features and stories of the media devices of the day.

The facts of life about how people are less effective in given situations has more to do with how they view working life, some view it as what can they do to get into a particular income bracket, and do not see what they have to offer as being an essential part of their personal view of the process. The worst offenders in key positions come from the ones that are the lifestyle chasers who see the actual work as an interference or encroaching factor in their goal of the lifestyle they are in pursuit of. They are there for the benefits rather than the need to contribute, or feeling they should earn their pay. The use of leaderboards and inter departmental reward systems is mostly lost on this level of naked ambition, that does not measure more as better but where perceived entitled access is the only criteria that holds any meaning for these people.

Goals are the one things that separate us more than anything else. The things that motivate us are not all the same. In 2005 it became clear while volunteering at a local charity that not everyone was there for the same reasons. Word came back from the Tsunami disaster that all the charities where their to do their bit and were often at odds with one another in the initial stages. It took time for small individual charities to learn to not just put a finger in the dyke but work with others to either shore the dyke or repair the whole section.

In a country that can pride itself for its improving care system and that has a judicial system that is a jewel in the western hemisphere it is more than a little bit worrying that the police are asking for secret service level powers. The secret services those unsung heroes of the present Isis crisis have kept this little island safe in a way that the police cant claim the same success with their already extended powers with the advent of asbos has made them a little insecure at their loss of effectiveness. No good has ever come from ramping up the powers of the peace keepers of a civilised society it has usually had catastrophic results on the society that the peacekeepers say they need more powers to defend, against who, they cannot identify an enemy any better than the secret services and most prosecutions are still made from there is no charge till a crime is committed. This is a harsh truth but without a smoking weapon in a guilty hand it will lead the thin blue line into the realms of the thought police dictators.

Sometimes the only course of action that is left is to leave well enough alone an let those that can access this level of power to pursue the suspected as they are aware on better levels of its uses and possible missuses than training a force to this level when most cant even detect their own errors in judgment and where they still trip over their own feet. Or can be swayed by public ‘probable’ ridicule or plain old public opinion to not investigate allegations of sex trafficking in their own back yard. When they get as good at their day job at clearing up their own books and Joe public cant use their softness or blindside against them in our own judicial system then they might just qualify for consideration. Till then stick to the day job and leave the night school curriculum to the grown ups that could not have been hog tied by the colour bar.

Way to go.
The Self.
The Self.
Way to go.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Take back your life and set a new path
Doesn't take genius or higher math
Walk in faith lean on that inner staff
Needed when dealing with the other half.

Eyes straight ahead shoulders square set
Deal from the stance of hail fellow well met
When all dealings started as no outcome yet
Cast your lot in faith and not as rash as a bet.

Carry no burdens just a sack of your skills
Even a safe little journey may have some thrills
Believe in your body then temper those pills
Harden the resolve to all of life's chills.

When some take the journey all on their own
Keeping joint at the hip with their hi tech phone
When life sets that challenge wherever they are
No cavalry to charge in cause they drifted to far.

Left to their skills and reserves to dig deep
Or finally praying to a shepherd as sheep
Calling out vows that you promise to keep
Left by the wayside as resolve will soon seep.

To face the dark knight one eye on the dawn
Takes more than the strength of physical brawn
Deep within life's experience laden pack
Not in a satchel nor carried on our back.

To survive the trial and meet the new day
Plants the feet on a much firmer way
Strong is the shoot that can stand by itself
Experience delays us ending up on the shelf.

Seasonal Changes.
In the...
Seasonal Changes.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The cold leaves tracks in winter time
From the winter chill into the logside fine
A cabin fire that warms the soul
A steaming drink keeps the body whole.

The stride is quickening into the fray
That seeds sprout from the dark to the day
The stem grow up founded on roots set down
Stretching and branching to a glorious crown.

The cubs and litters are all out to play
With instincts guide they find their way
When flowers and then fruits can be found
By all the wary as they seek around.

The world does tilt and the crown is then shed
The discarded leafs blanket the harvests bed
The seeds are formed and then are sown
The investment of the year to all they have grown.

The year is made complete as the cycle is set
Success is measured by circumstances well met
The seed is stored and the surplus sold
More precious than any metals shine of gold.

Supposing, Supposing.
That Old Hokey Cokey.

In out lets shake it all about is the loudest rallying call from the audible airwaves concerning the EU question. Should we shouldn't we, almost a sub plot from an old American detective agency serial with its protracted ‘will they won’t they’ scenario getting more hype than its worth. The returns and accountable figures from this kind of campaign have all been historically fudged is not to be ignored when you consider the in camps rallying call and challenge to the ousters to put their facts on the table. This let us see where you are coming from stance is a low blow in the early stages of the opening round. The whole idea that they must be able to prove facts and figure for an as yet unquantifiable set of statistics has largely ignore the glaring fact that we have established agreements with the EU that prohibit other forms of agreements that they do not endorse. As our trade with them suggests that we buy more from them than they buy from us and yet they still bill us for our membership fees while they do nothing and have done nothing in the last two decades to address this deficit, is somehow not even getting a mention. Any and all new trade agreements a probable liberated UK will make is all down to our ability to make new agreements and to haggle a better deal for our nation than the one we are currently being held over a barrel to. The fact that this suits the EU stance that it believes that they can enforce their diktat with little or no opposition from any non central members corners is just simply a matter for history to report, provided they don’t try to step in and gag the figures. Why has the UK got a granny score of 72 negative actions strike rate for tabling motions, against the central diktat of the EU core country decision making cabal. Why has it taken the threat of a referendum to get a first result of any significance in from presenting our specific needs to a normally deaf ears response of the EU ruling body.

Why is the first response from a partnership based collaboration of mutual countries threatening us with retaliatory responses instead of incentives if it is not simply a diktat on its own started so it will finish course of actions. It is looking more and more like they will brook no retaliation and will quell insurrection rather than deal with the glaring problems with an antiquated system that is just now having to face policing its own borders after opening the floodgates to other countries that do not share the same responsible attitude to this form of openness and are instead just trying to take advantage of all of the loopholes that they can. Border control is a problem every nation has to address even America is up in arms in response to this trump card being played so early in the blood feud of their left and right hand battle for the kings seat at the high table of their nation. Britain has a long history of forging its way ahead even in tough weather and this obstacle to our own Independence will prove to be no exception no matter what is railed against our own directives. The politicians can and will level all that they can muster from their respective camps to ensure that they all do their utmost to inform the voting populace in the run up to the vote and then it will all be in the lap of the gods as to which way the die will be cast. Fear is not the firm footed start that anyone would want as a first step in the right direction so it is becoming clear that only positive campaigns will stand any chance of not falling on deaf ears.

The iron grip is supposed to be reserved for hard times and for unsure terrain, but we as a nation thrive on a challenge and have been wallowing on our ancient laurels and were in a degenerative decline from this till the issue of sovereignty was raised and national pride was pricked after having received a recent investment since the last Olympics. A new approach to taking a better stock of ourselves and our abilities as well as resources has galvanised a deeper rooted sense of nationalism than this country has seen since the days of Churchill. If any nation threatened us with extortion practices that we were not tied to in the past and holding us to their line we would not sit still for it or just stand around and take it on the chin. The terrorist will threaten with retaliatory action as a first attack against its perceived enemies and the use of economic threats my any mutual partner in a mutual union is not working in the collective interest. The action that is being tabled as there were be consequences is just a fact of life. Life is a series of trade off, the swings and the roundabouts facts of life are well known and in a world that has no guarantees in any of its opportunities or in any of our own services and alliances is just a fact of the matter of life on this spinning ball of dirt in space. Threats and promises of retaliation and other forms of challenge and rebuke are the dialogue of the divorce court and have no place in the marriage counciling services of the healing process. Human nature is what it is and wishing it to somehow reflect the highest ideals of a benign and beneficent sentient race is pretty much still outside the capabilities of this race as we stand at this point in time and space. The facts do not support the application of the highest ideal being set against the lowest grade of our nature that is simply setting us up to an eternal process of continual failure. We need to take better stock of who we are as a race at this moment in our development, to grade ourselves not by race, creed or colour or even religion or politics but capability, maturity and effectiveness. To show the scale of us and the range we cover and to better address how to raise all our levels of being to a better starting point to take the first steps towards what we believe is a better future for all of mankind. The first point of sentience has to stem from how well we integrate with our host planet and work and live within its extremes in a harmony of man and nature. For the consequences of failing to do this could prove catastrophic to all the nations of the world bar none. To let ourselves be side tracked into economic arguments because of our selfish protection of what we see as our share of the spoils of this world is the tactics of a looter or footsoldier on the take and not the actions of a benefactor to the world and its inhabitants.

Policing the Police.
Fox in the Hen House.

The realms of stupidity are really being stretched to the limit of incredulity. The powers that be are even considering this and the weak excuse of the daily bombing in this country, the insurrection from deep cover attack teams that are patrolling the nations streets subversively taking people hostage, blowing up essential services and well known landmarks. Knows no bound in the tabloid daily reporting of the mayhem on the streets from this middle eastern land locked state. Now back off and lets get back to the reality. Every new powers for the police have not ever reduced crime on the streets. The nations security is not in the hands of the plod on the beat it is the sole preserve of the nations guard dog services MI5 and various nameless and headless collections of patriotic people that are trained to do this function and are doing a great job or there would be more stories than the mythical ones in this opening statement. Plod has already got stop and search and the abuses of this power is still in litigation to this day. The fact is that too many powers to the home guard have never worked out in the nations benefits. We are in such a state with the behavior of the good old boys in blue are still the subject of internal reviews as it is without giving them the sense that they are the last line of defense as well as the first line of defense. People die in their custody and they are never prosecuted, they are the worst judges of character in the land with their stock phrases like ‘how can we tell what you are likely to do in those circumstances’ they are known for having to follow orders to the letter because when they go off the reservation they make horrendous personal choices, they are the worst at screening their own and the state is having to look at putting cameras on the front line that will be used to police the police as they cannot be trusted in every situation and we know that this is so before giving them any other new powers. The ego problems will be rife, the mistakes and the off reservation complaints will go through the roof. Then there is the case of them turning a blind eye to sex abuse gangs like the Rochdale gang because of their limited experience and expertise.

The facts of life about the truth about law and order and the civil obedience a nation has is guarded by the people themselves, the man and woman in the street is the first line of the defense of the laws of our respective nations. Without this fact of life each nation would exist at the whims of peoples willingness to follow the laws of the land. The fact that western nations all enjoy a stable democratic base is without question where the day to day stability of the law abiding actions from their respective populations. The need for enforcement only arises when there is a break down of this agreement between a nation and its electorate. The diminishing crime rate is more of an indictment of the good intentions of the will of the people and the active defense of the laws of our land is maintained by the upholding of those laws and rules that we all agree to live our lives by.

Punitive action by the state is currently under a heavy review, the moral maze and other airwaves broadcast media have been tabling the debate about this very subject. Do we prosecute as a revenge mechanism for the victims, the active growth of seeking settlements for damages perceived or actually received has seen an unhealthy growth in this form of litigation. Then there is the argument that punishment in the form of incarceration has come under the microscope because of the figures and the rate of re-offending. There is also a need to see how effective any established rehabilitation measure that are already in place are being effective and producing usable figures to justify this measure of judicial action and to validate this form of investment. The bottom line is still what is cost effective based on perceivable results and figures of over fifty years of accumulated numbers and how the rehabilitation measure has to engage more of a support system for the released felon and how long this has to be in place till rehabilitation measures have been met. So the cost of incarceration is the second bite into the budgets as the arrest the investigation the allocation of legal representation and then the reintegration and its extensive support mechanisms are the main bites into the apple.

The awful thing about a fear based or negative campaign is always the fact that the other side of the situation is either dismissed completely or is deliberately overlooked as being not part of the investigation. More policing powers have not been formative in the facts of the safety of any nation in history. The facts are that a raising of standards in education has been instrumental in the raising of expectations and the greater access to opportunities and resources has had a greater impact than any steroid solution of pumping up the enforcement of police powers or even litigation rules and laws. History has shown that countries that have too heavy an enforcement set of policies will produce a greater abuse of the powers than a better and more stable state for the good of the people.

The idea that we are under daily threat from a supposed terrorist has over the last fifteen years of middle eastern conflicts have shown that the influx of Muslims who are being painted as the bad guys of the storyline of the piece, have never been seen to have materialised in reality. The facts and figures are just not there to support the call to arms for the people that are so paranoid they see trouble where none exist, the secret services the ones with those sort of powers have done an effective and sterling job so far, so it begs the question who wants to unmuzzle and let loose the dogs of war. The numbers do not support any real need to raise more powers that will bring us nearer to a police state than endorse the strengths of an already powerful and stable democratic country. That already has an impressive set of records in the world league table for keeping the peace and facilitating its people to pursue the course of their lives reasonably uninhibited not only on a day by day day, or a year by year basis but more effective on a decade by decade set of supportive figures.

Faith or Paranoia.
The Harvest
Reaping This.
Hand In Glove.

The recent government knee jerk to all but label state paid servants of the nation as untrustworthy with seeing sensitive information that does not reflect their own views or beliefs and that they might be liable to use said information in a negative fashion to support their own purposes instead of serving the best interests of the elected government and its purposes. This does send a mixed message to the electorate. That on the one hand it suggests that this means that they believe that in their own ranks they believe that there are unscrupulous people that will put their own interests before the national security or wellbeing of our nation. Or even to impede this nations trading capabilities to either the nations detriment or to further their own cause at its expense. Or that there are people in their own ranks that because they do not follow the current stance of the government. Will be unscrupulous with any sensitive information they have to have access to, to do their job in the best interests of the nation and its standing in its present contacted relationships trade agreements and national security matters. It seems like something no self respecting person would do to actively put their own interests above the need to keep the nation ticking over until the fight is over. The other way to look at the problem is that there are some things in the present pipeline that are being put into place that are too high a caliber state of sensitivity for the yes campaign to have access to as this will give them an arsenal of almost unstoppable insider information that could seriously scupper the stay campaign beyond recovery if the information ends up in the oppositions hands. Whichever it is the stance that they have taken is unprecedented in the history of our political establishment. The seeds of distrust once sown cannot but be harvested.

It is a bad indictment of either human nature across the spectrum of humanity or it is a bad reflection of the specific nature of politicians in the fray. The idea that humanity does not function on trust has only one specific destination for all of us as a race. A world that is run on a lack of trust and at least hope is one that will always be focused on the expectation of things going wrong and will have the effect of running on a single spot and never reaching a destination of any kind. Progress is the achievement of advances made against the grain of any probable good expectations or bad outcomes. The whole notion that as a race we have managed to evolve from a brutal species of ape like cave dwellers into if you believe the recent scientific hype to the ‘dominant species’ on the planet. Well dominant is right but sentient or benign are not even on the same page with that one. The best will in the world will not suddenly make man a more beneficent or sentient creature as last time it was looked at just wishing it to be so will not make it so.

As a species, we hide our intentions, mask our feelings, lie about everything and cover our tracks and actions with a paranoid scrutiny to the details. Not exactly the character profile for the good guy in the script of the ‘Fantasy life of an Earthman’ that will never be shown at a cinema no where near you nor anybody on this planet. The character profile and the natural ways of being we reflect are more near the profile for one of the bad guys henchmen rather than any of the so called good guys. But even though this is true we still expect our leaders to all be above reproach knowing what human nature and behavior are like in reality. If there ever was such a thing as integrity and character befitting a gentleman then why do we expect it of a normal human being just doing a particular type of job for a pay at the end of the day.

So maybe the government stance on not disclosing their EU dealings with what they perceive to be traitors in their midst is just good old common sense given the nature of the naked ape as we all know ourselves to be in truth. But it is a two edged sword just what is it that they feel they have to hide from one of their own party, unless it is all a sham to give a show of full representation to the so called ‘other half of the coin’ in a media driven spectacle that has no bearing in real life. After all if it was addressed properly in a foregone conclusion that is already settled off the page, then claims of foul later would hamper the acceptance of the new diktat. They are nothing after all if not clever at tabling a subject before it can be raised against them and dismissing it as under review, being adjusted or that they are learning lessons about it all the time, meaningless babble to take the wind from the oppositions sails is still another filibustering tool in the dirty tricks war chest of the we love to rule and will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power, sorry their rhetoric will read something like this:

We will do all that is in our power to keep ourselves at the helm to better steer this nation to the best place for its people to be.

What they will not say is in their opinion only they can do that and giving themselves two pay rises in a year has nothing at all to do with why, that is just purely coincidence.

Broken Coding.
The Self
Compossing One.
Environmental Constraints.

There was a debate this morning on the local sonic airwaves about the fact that science and its mapping of the genome has not identified specific genes that relate to the consciousness specific and had only related genes to the physicality and that there is no definitive mapping to the esoteric state of mind, spirit and consciousness. The body on the other hand has been mapped to physical characteristics. Height, colouring, physicality and except for the odd throwback or missed generation are beginning to be the done deal. However the advocate for the argument for genetic mapping over nurture for the formulation of the indefinable, character, personality, mental state, spirit and all the vaporous parts that go to make up the human states of mind, spirit and consciousness. It is a bit humorous to look at the obvious, none of these esoteric states have ever shown up in a microscope, and so are not likely to ever be found at the bottom of a test tube or be measured by a sliding rule either. The facts of life that are being sited that nurture has more of a formative input in education and character development and that opportunity and lack of resources or aid is the key factors that distinguish the differences between those that progress in a positive fashion and those that are seen as failures. The environment and the nurture and the resources are what make a successful strain in any and all life forms on this planet. Yet this will not get the geneticist more funding and another extension looking for the god gene with capital that will just retrospectively be seen as throwing good money into a static state after the deal is done and the returns are known.

The lack of opportunities and resources are the differences in how a community thrives or takes a dive. The history of the transient races is all about picking up your goods and migrating to better prospects. The obvious winter and summer factors are what come into play for a migrating race after they know the areas that they will be migrating to, experience and passing on the knowledge makes for a successful community as opposed to ones that do not adapt and evolve and retain and pass on knowledge. What we as a race choose to invest our resources in at this time is the definitive point for our possible future paths. Blame and accusation and the fear based driving forces of our ignorant forebears have served their purposes and yet those that cannot adapt or adopt new ways are setting into stone the flogging of this dead horse by a generation that do not know how to evolve and learn new ways. There is enough uncertainty in life just in the daily grind without compounding the difficulties with induced hardship and deprivation when we have already mapped the highs and lows of what character and fortitude with minimal resources can be made to achieve, but to induce this just for an observational record keepers own personal journal and data set is getting tantamount to abuse for the sake of curiosity.

True wealth based on a valued commodity and its scarcity is what underpins the present monetary system that we use to limit progress, squandering of resources, spread of the urban footprint and to penalise the wrong doers and socially excluded from the reality behind the device it has become. Wealth in the old fashioned sense is a part of history, the major storyline sub plot in a film or moral tale. Gold as a commodity is still the building bricks that banks use to underwrite their world economic status in the so called free market enterprise exchange houses of the global trade and stocks warehouse movement game of restrain supply and build demand to coin a better return. So if we have chosen to reach a wider market with the phrase ‘stack em high and sell em cheap’ we have further undermined this form of enterprise by ignoring the manufacturing costs of a cheap and hard to dispose of disposable commodities market place. The major faults with this form of waste driven resourcing, funding, power requirements, loss of renewable’s for energy production, non disposable and biodegradable wastes. Then there is the marketing nightmare, packaging, storage, distribution and advertising. So what genius thought up this plan to produce with cheaper materials that are less fit for purpose and have a shorter lifespan, that will not break down for centuries passing on the waste problem down the time line to the next generations yet to be born. Then loss of non renewable reserves are all being squandered first as they are easier to get to and are convenient for the lazy nature of the industrialist that wants cheap and easy and quick solutions for every enterprise they are willing to invest a minimum sum for a maximum return over a particular timescale.

So nurture as opposed to nature does not always show up in all of the endeavors of man. Renewable and sustainable has to be brought back into the equation for power generation as coal and oil have a limited shelf life and are already a diminishing resource. Then what are we all going to do when the lights do finally go out because of this immediate need being met with a lazy and cheap set of solutions because of a presumed time constraint. Now at this time before the press of humanity that cannot regulate its own breading programs creates a population nightmare that in rabbits requires culling we have to face the long term inconvenient truths about our chances of a long and pleasant stay in this world. Resources that are consumed that cannot be replaced will effectively create a vacuum in our future. Now unless there is a super resource just waiting in the wings or in some backroom research and development laboratory that we know nothing about. We have to face the fact that now is the time when we can all cut back before the numbers make it an impossibility for the future generations. That we can reduce our power consumption now to conserve the diminishing stock of non renewable’s as we increase our renewable stores to meet the current demands and its percentage of growth that reflects our projected population growth requirements for the foreseeable future generations. Nuclear is a dirty solution and we are not good enough at handling the technology to keep ourselves safe and we have not the knowledge to foresee every contingency that could make a future disaster that could make Chernobyl and Japan look like a a couple of school yard milk run spills by comparison. Clean and renewable so it does not cause future headaches, not cheap and easy for the sake of profit. Given the nature of this continually rearing beasts tendencies to keep on coming back like a winter bear awoken and on the prowl through lack of stored fats and to cold a climate to raid our bins and ransack our homes or even waylay our unwary. It is well past time that we began nurturing future developments that are for the benefits of ourselves in the moment, our children as they provide and our grandchildren to inherit our better thinking from our better planning for a more stable future for a larger population that does not penalise with paper we print ourselves that does not act as a promissory redeemable note (receipt in layman's terms) that will be paid out in silver of any mythical poundage.

The facts that lineage will give certain physical characteristic advantages from the bloodlines breeding program is undeniable, the additional nurture that is instilled will enhance certain skills and characteristic traits that are seen as advantageous this is also certain. Money and privilege do not produce great bloodlines or the evidence would show clearly advanced family sets and they would all have gravitated to the highest most privileged positions in society and the greater environment and if that fantasy was real this would still be a great nation. Nobility always came from the ranks and is a characteristic trait and it does not have a single related gene in the genome, it is simply a case of character overcoming deprivation and succeeding against the odds and the restrictions of the order of the day. It is a clear and present fact of life that good genetics are just the icing on the cake but the substance of the cake is all character, good quantative mixing, the right ingredients and the best cooking times known to our best bakers.

The fact that some people in this world think that all of life is reduced to chemicals, resources and nothing else gives them the same status as the Nazi regime that used a breading program to make a master race that has never resurfaced in the spotlight of the world since the fall of the regime. So there is a case in both camps in the nature versus nurture argument for the evidence of failures in either house that are more than just muddying the waters a little. The Nazi regime predated the Jews and asset stripped their wealth and assets, then tried to erase the crime from the annuls of the already infamous history of mankind heritage stakes for the race. They recruited the best physical specimens of the Aryan type, funny how they never showed any of the characteristic defects that its perpetrator had. They indoctrinated them with a nurturing environment for supremacy and superiority and then were defeated by everyone ganging up on them like a ravenous wolf pack attacking a lone elk. And they say the rest is history. So where are these indoctrinated supermen and women, where did all that money go to. How come the tactics of the dictator are all now starting to underpin all of the capitalistic rhetoric and legalese that is being rolled out from these mysterious international corporate investors and backers of the new age of reason for mankind as they tie everyone down to servile existence instead of free life and mutual interaction and benefit. So how is it that large sums of money are wiped off the free market trading blocks investment houses with alarming regularity and so there is not enough free capital in the world to oppose this creeping stealth of an undisclosed new order, as it seeks to tie countries into legal binding an penalising agreements to the big four blockheads waiting in the wings to spring their surprise. Or is that just like the geneticist that thinks each and every chemical base thing in life is quantifiable and mapped to the nth degree and that if you cannot see it, weigh it, or measure it in some fashion it doesn't exist. So let me see gentlemen of the purely physical perspective of reality, just how much does mind weigh, how much of an area does it occupy, please specify height, width and depth, then you can tell us how it is physically anchored in the body. And lastly you can then pay attention to the final irony that the thing you insist on using to dispel its own existence is the thing you cannot quantify in physical terms in the first place. Oh and to add insult to injury, if you use mind as a tool to disprove mind exists except as an existential product of chemicals then chat is the chemical composition of mind. I rest my case and wait the prosecutions closing arguments, I thank you milud for your indulgence in this endeavour. Man ah could murder a pint right now and a nip to chase it wi.