Nuclear Fallout.
The Self/Mannaz.
Self Possessed.
The Third Way.

Well the British reserve has struck again with the French alliance when its about getting the point, sometimes it means that we need to step back and have another look. Because yesterdays good idea over the lunchtime watering session is a distasteful aftertaste the next morning, if you can even recall anything about it as you look at the meddling Monday morning memo from nowhere. Now the power vacuum has been closed with the renewables is that it is better for us to lug the weight of the load at the outset, till we get to the next stage in the journey to buy a wagon at a more reasonable price, as the cost of one in the bottleneck is pressure riven and so has a bloated price tag.

Its just good practice really to delay buying at inflated prices in bottlenecks or pressurised situations, the unwary, the impetuous and the first time around wet behind the ears who think now is all there is will fall for that old grading device, but the seasoned traveler or the worldly wise will just say no and move along as they know that when pressure is artificially imbued it is because things do not sell well outside of the mall. We all only really buy what we need, until we start to feel the neglect and will treat ourselves, the longer the deprivation the greater the propensity to indulge and any deprivation has the potential to lead to its antithesis indulgences and excesses. The emotional nature should come with a user manual, but it just gets the old rule of thumb appraisal and is spread on the word of mouth grapevine. Any ongoing situation that is extended till breaking point (past easy intolerance, going on to long etc) will get the old knee jerk reaction that old 180 degree spin on the heels treatment. A balanced turnaround is the key, or moderation is called for. A blockage or stall and even a shutdown should produce a re-centering rather than a rebound to the opposite on a knee jerk. Too emotionally fast in the moment will ricochet or rebound even glance past the moment. A steady approach will take stock and review then get back up to speed in the right direction. A technique called resetting the zero is effective in steadying from full speed to park in one internal adjustment, takes maths and geometry but hay ho nothing is perfect right.

So nuclear is on hold for the moment, well you could invest in Scottish power and its renewable footprint that is stepping in the right direction or you could shuffle about milling in the pause or even hot foot it to the quick fix solutions of the short term only now exists theory of life in progress. The final step is fusion till then it has too many problems, least of all no one in their right mind wants the waste, so a space sun run is expensive the dark side dumping is a closer tip for future clearances and then there is make the renewables work as long as they can till we get a stable fusion or hydrogen reactor base in place. The knee jerk is non sustainable short term diminishing renewables as the arable footprint is swallowed up and rainforests cleared killing the planet quickly, or the slow inevitable diminish with investment in the final solution at a pace with the development of technical understanding. Answers on the back o ...... yeah still there. Must be needing the meds.

Top Down.

From the top of the mountain the guru shouts down to the students in the climb. From that lofty peak he cant tell if their doing fine. How we each negotiate the path as we find on our trail, is the best definition of whether we fail. The hand and footholds must be in our reach, no soaring eagle can ever reach. His height his strength and his choices made, the path he gives you he already made. The bold in the pack that like to lead their own track, after they arrive and when looking back, about the gurus way they will know jack. It is more important to arrive at the goal, some will flock, herd or shoal. Some will take the slower speed, to reflect an inner need, as they take a stroll. The guru has more in common with the solo path, just like their way he overcame fates wrath. To lend a hand to those that doubt, by bellowing from on high in a shout, may give him with the pack some clout. From the bottom on the way up, stopping to eat sleep and sup, developing the will to press on and never give up, discipline must be the balm from the gentle cup.

It is easy to take the high ground if you have seen the base you started from and have achieved the lofty realm on high. It is very easy to forget or lose sight of the trials and tribulations of the climb, the finding out by making mistakes. Taking wrong turns and culdesac’s are all part of the experience but time is good at shifting experience into memories store once life has pressed the need to keep on going. Sometimes it takes being pulled up just to regain the perspective of hindsight, and yet there are some that will never forget because the experience is indelibly written into memory, experience and skills at the point of succession. Top down is the crows nest on a ship, but the captain is still at the wheel in the storm keeping all from harm. Happy sailing and may life have many magic coves, deep clear waters, fish abundant and safe harbors, to balance out those stormy seas.

Orientation Mapping.
Reconciled Again.
Named Responsibility.

The airwaves were debating the named person failure as the judgment came in. The whole problem is how a thing is presented is usually to the benefit of the interested party. If we do swallow the line that a named person is a good idea. Does that mean that in the light of previous failures for children's deaths and abuses that the named person is liable for any abuses under his her watch. Is it now time for personal discretion before the fact to be given the status of personal liability after the fact. If a Dr (or Government delegated medical professional) says you are fit for work, and knows your condition and its liabilities before clearing you by government directive that they are liable in any case that results from an injury, accident or damage to property (company car) etc that they are then legally liable to prosecution for not doing the job properly and disregarded their better instincts to follow government directives.

Who among them will ever clear anyone with debilitating disabilities that can have disastrous effects in high pressure fast paced working environments. Can any person that has a disability, diagnosed or not, not be held responsible in a court of law fro not declaring the facts of their condition and threat if they do declare the facts, no insurance company will cover work place cover for a walking liability, its a walking time bomb that does not have a timer. With poor attention, easy distraction (aspergers), poor senses, smell, hearing,vision. Low attention span and poor reasoning skills. Making working with machinery, driving and kitchen as stressed based positions a hotbed of opportunity for that moment when incident meets condition to produce mayhem.

Now if data protection is a problem how come responsibility is not, baby P and other cases show that the present overworked system does not do the job except badly. An un-named person of old social worker, health worker have proven that the professionals that are trying to shed the responsibility, to non professionals, teachers and the like and the new legislation will penalise any of them in future when the human rights get responsibility built into it (only a matter of time now). The law has failed at every turn to bring the professionals to task and to level responsibility (accountability and liability) after the fact to any of the professional level for their failures and their pensions and jobs have all been safe and waiting after the trials, investigations and now they want to kick the job down hill to keep their privileged out of the firing line, while they hand it to overstretched and overworked as a duty of care with little or no pay incentives but all of the liability for failures. Unlike their own privileged and pampered untouchables.

The law says it is in contradiction to the EU rule for data protection as the data would have to be handed on without permission and consent for secret judgments and assessments taken by the slave owners as they give themselves this level of power without the right to or the laws to back them up. So the core of the elite are about to shed responsibility away from their own and to dump that on the overstretched and untrained workforce before the next changes come into effect. As long as the governmental system as it stands is left to. A constitutional change is needed if not decades overdue. The parliament that was formed from a top down monarchy have given themselves the sovereignty of rule and still declare themselves a democracy, even when that is a mutually exclusive impossibility. The people spoke and yet they will not invoke the directive of the people. A directive shuffling the puppets around will not change the fact that they do not want to leave and will do anything that is left within their diminishing bag of powers to stop it from happening.

So what sort of delaying tactics are they using and why, what are they trying to do behind this very public media scrutiny moment. Just what is on the back pages as we all know a cheetah cannot change its spots, and once a liar always a liar. The people power transfer of power to the masses is almost complete. Scotland is unified and still it thinks it has to ask for permission. England and Wales took the same lead as Scotland and Ireland and used their votes to send a message to the rest of us plebs that we have no faith in the present governmental system and that this is a tactic that is to bring about a reversal of power away from the people. Shedding responsibility down the greasy pole is still escapist tactics, but why now, what are they about to change to clamp down on people and steal power back. Every party has proven they are not interested in delivering manifestos, that they are there for what they can get and power is everything to them. They will select a people friendly puppet and dangle them as the power they want you to think you are electing and to take the focus of the parties in the process. This nation of voters have all proven they are leader lead and vote for the person they think can do the job, the Labour and Conservative liars have all started in fighting and are showing no leadership qualities. This has had repercussions in all the parties as they cannot get into power, who do we vote in a leader what do we get a party indifferent to its peoples needs. The trouble with revelations is you cannot choose to un-see them once the cat is out of the bag it is a fizzing, spitting ball of anger and will claw you to death before it lets you stuff it back in the bag.

Control Illusions.

The magicians trick of misdirection has an ancient and noble heritage it can all be traced back to Egyptian times and it has inspired the construction of gadgets and props. The assistant is a modern take of the watch the lovely lady while I hoodwink you. So Theresa steps up to the empty Thatcherite shoes and is not quite fitting them. The parties are all sweating as they shed responsibilities and they quake in fear of accountability and liability for continuing to not deliver for their nation. The Constitution that came from the people to the then king is the only one we have, it is a binding contract of the people and their elected or chosen representatives and it was expected to behave as directed. Does it live up to that high standard to this day. Answers on the ba........ Yeah nearly pill time.

Shepherds Crooks.
Dark Glasses Time.
Identity Crisis.

The main trouble with not knowing yourself is hell (if hell is a torturous place to reside with NO exit) is only a slipup away. The sin of arrogance (if sin is to err) is to believe someone elses vested interest because somehow they are more deserving than you. Unbalanced this leads to ego overload (megalomania, dictatorship) underdeveloped it is worthlessness (low self esteem) and there in (in this person resides) is a manipulators mark a sheep to fleece, for those that have wheels to grease. We all join to gain and learn to pay our dues and the machine will use and abuse till you start to believe in yourself and choose to leave (usually at a cost) and strike out on your own. These is another fleecer just waiting in the wings at this level too with startup loans, advisers and other fleecers of the sheeple no longer under a steeple. The prey that is the food of its parasite that hunts its stupidity to bring it down and use it all up. After all no successful hunter in the wild stalks its prey of their beaten tracks, by aiming at their strengths. No the animal is wise in the ways of the weaknesses and blindside of the prey that does not know itself, and so is blindsided to the cu de grass. The very core of confusion to the enemy, is to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the weak and easily afflicted, for they will bring pressure to bear to make more control defenses to safeguard themselves rather than know themselves. The More of the truth you can handle the less of the lie you have to tolerate.

Predators at the top of their tree the head of their game get fractious if they have no competition, watch killer whale pods with seal pups. A predator is not a nice guy it has not the skills or the tools and understanding (education, experience) to do anything else that what has evolved into. Blame not the beast of requirement as it will specialise itself into extinction when its prey evolves to evade it, just watch the survival rates of the cheetah to get the measure of it in evidence.

Education Targets.

The establishing of an educational standard that then discards its own examples when they start to get the foreign investment that the educational establishment wants or needs. The discards tell us all clearly they do not see themselves as anything else as predators, making an example and then going on to compete on the world platform. The result is that an educational functional principle with a given, proven record is at the top of the heap until the perfect one comes along to topple it. Not that there is a paradigm a perfect teaching method, but one that at that time in that fashion has better results than the then fixed dyed in the wool old retainer and so the revolution proceeds in water treading fashion that looks like progress, and it is just right for the times, the crop, the materials and the thinking and teach-ability of the herd. Hence the revolution will always betray you, use you and spit you out when husked.

After the Party.

The Party is over The after party is about to ...... how long has party politics promised and never delivered and how long do you wait for promise to fulfill and has it ever. So does god have any better record with promise than manipulators that abuse it to stall someone from doing something they don’t want them to or that they cannot profit from. The whole idea of education is like any revolution, in the end the revolution will betray you as it uses all that it can to get to where it was going to in the first place, that is before it hooked you up to work for it. This is the fact of life for all revolutions they adapt to the times, they put out reasonable calls to the lost, in need of purpose or life experience and use them till they are no longer useful or until times change and the tide moves on and they have to reinvent themselves to catch a fresh net load for the next faze.

When the party uses you to keep itself in perpetual motion at the trough of plenty, they will not even remember your name or what you sacrificed to give them the boost up to the top table. So buyer beware.

Good Health..

The bloodlines must ask any hypocritical oath taker heal to themselves. As any promise of cure is now showing as a lie for profit. There ain’t no cure for the idiots dues. Healing is a natural function in the body that is suppressed by the hurdy gurdy as it spins and turns to the tune of more, more, more. The body when it is too active has only the time to make quick repairs hence the scarring that is common. Total healing is possible but it is done in an almost hibernative state. Hence the fact that medical research uses artificially induced comas to get deeper healing in critical cases. That and the use of sedatives to keep you slowed to get a better take on a healing. So slow mo to heal, quick fire to do running repairs. This is why impatience is the natural reaction to injury as life demands constant pace to keep afloat in the flow of time and tide.

The idea that we should all fear death and try to live for as long as we is not a reflection of natural order, we are born we live and we die to produce a better bloodline for the investment of gene retained physical gifts, the education and life skills inform the emotional nature to better ready the bloodline till one in that bloodline can encapsulate the essence of the stored skill sets of our forefathers. The standard of life must be conducive to give an even set of skills that cover surviving hardships, and thriving in the bounty. The one person in the bloodline can just be a fluke, a throwback but a bloodline that produces a lineage of successful’s what the test of time is all about.

Donating an organ or giving blood is a short term kindness and will do that bloodline no real good in the long term, the bloodline must overcome illnesses and disease, it must aquire the strength of character to overcome the limitations of the tide and the ability to break away from the flotsam and jetsam that get in the way of our life’s progress. The aging populations are a reflection of good deeds that are short term fixes causing bottlenecks in the bloodline timeline. They do say ‘let no good deed go unpunished’ and there is a measure of truth in that over the test of time.

Generations Adrift.

The absolute does not exist and the fact that it does not and can be used as a stasis device, needs someone to arrested progress, and someone to arrest them. The stripping action of the aware and the awake on the sleepy dreamers of each new generation is the natural impediment of this world and it has been doing this since the first generations. The sleeper that must awaken must do so by natural means or by a throwback infusion from a pairing with matching recessives. Ships should not go bump in the night unless we are just stocking the workforce (we all pay that due) for the maintenance of the statusquo.

The delivery of an exceptional can be needs of the times, crossed blood lines and recessive spontaneous one offs. The training that is needed in a bloodline is developed from the inherent coping mechanisms of their genes. Artificial editing and cutting and splicing is no good for long term development as once the physicality has hit peak without the right sort of emotional and intillectual development will just create dumb savants. Careful what you bump into and what deposits you scatter as wild seeds they will create one offs but a nurtured environment for a lineage is a must for a hardy perennial rather than an annual periodic.

Mental States.
Hidden Entrances.
Balanced Views.

The idea that no-one is immune to the variances of the balance of the precarious mind is like all of existence it about resting on the belief that you are, and that stability is all a matter of emotional balance of the inner state to keep the even keel and to remain on the straight and narrow.All the moral and stable understanding that knows better than to think some magical hand of god will step in at the last second and save our scrawny asses is the stuff of fable and legend but never in the daily script. From one perspective the way forward is being touted as the best thing for the nation. The other is we will be punished for leaving a mutual union. In a world where we share the same ball of dirt and there is no world leader. We trade our services as we are no longer a manufacturing base so we do not need to comply with stringent manufacturing processes imposed from a union that is there for the betterment of us all (if we slip them a few bob for the privilege) and the improvement of the world.

The funny thing about hindsight is it can when inconclusive cloud our potential foresight, causing a loss of perspective on our perceptions while obscuring any insights we might be able to make given the statusquo and the rules and regulations of the day. Well as with everything in life some times all that can be done after preparation is to use patience in the lag time and get up to speed asap in the chase. Meanwhile the media is raking coals, digging up stone cold corpses and rehashing the dead and unworthy of a second glance. Well that does stop you wanting to look forward to tomorrows old rehashed luke warm leftovers.

Full of IT.

The political divide is becoming a tale of two halves, the previously unnoticed right under our eyes, where did that come from as the spotlight of the glaringly missing shows up the holes in our thinking. As we now can see that life as we were told it was, was never what we had it tagged for just because we were told that was the way it is/was. A whole new view of the world is just a blink away as the blurry image of the old fades from sight. Now that the new broom has swept the cabinet, the deck is reshuffled and the front runners are all proving to be camera shy in the face of heavy scrutiny because there is nothing in the news again and if it continues do you think they will start to make it up again. Sort of writing fictional events as if they were true so the sheeple can believe that, ‘there are real live people in the world’ even if they believe themselves to be empty and vacuous and can just learn to take comfort that someone somewhere in the world is having a real life (they know it isn't them so) and the rest of us plebs are all just props in his/her play.

Russia is stepping up to the self regulation line and is getting ready to enter the world stage and as time will prove that the only control there is is self regulation and everything else is a delusion we use to make ourselves feel comfortable with and to avoid looking the truth in the eye lest we are driven mad with the loss of power that that might bring. So more waiting and watching and even more treading water as we paddle about in the shallows of the aftermath of the political tsunami the media tells us we are all in. After all these are strange/interesting times. This is all new territory and the world did not end, armageddon is postponed yet again and the mighty have fallen, the people have spoken and it all feels like a waiting dream we all wish to wake up from. As most people in this world are just waiting for the script to follow, or to be told what to do or think. Sort of creaking paddle-less drifting, awe hum hope something happens soon may just be tempting fate but ...

Placebo Cheats.
Travel Light.
First Glances, Second Chances.

What an airwave bashing the Russians are getting all the daddy must smack childish people that think there is such a thing as control were all giving it they should, we should, someone has to. Well after two thousand and sixteen years that slave just don’t work anymore, it downed tools and refuses to play. But the people that promote we rule and control exists all think you should believe that after all if you don’t believe it it does not exist for you.

So imagine the year is 2040 and the Scottish Olympics are about to begin. Your spokesman for the day is Tempest Furget:-

The sponsored enhanced human league has fallen from the company funded early day rankings with over three hundred assisted human, using promoted enhancers and getting huge sponsorship deals to the last two hold outs of the present day, gone are the open admittance testing as all enhanced have to be declared and all athletes were tested till this day in time. When Character Development replaces behavior training after fourteen hundred years of failure to provide the caliber of humanity we all aspire to with. The Human Excellence League, thanks to the crowd funding of ‘if you have to sponsor someone, donate to their income, with one half of your sovereign coin at the Olympics direct line on 999 999 00 99 or donate on their free Olympic contact page for their team and for training/living expenses, online from their sponsorship elections to state representative at the games. The end of all performance assisting drugs was only ever a matter of time as if you believe we should achieve, then don’t endorse their products, has had a catastrophic effect on the drug companies and the hall of shame Laurel parade photos it was just a matter of time till it all ended in tears for the conglomerates and fixers they employed.

Well today the two last drug assisted athletes will retire from the field as the sponsorship deals are drying up after the placebo truth revealed papers were leaked on the net last week. Available to read or to listen to them spoken by your favourite voiceover actor, porn star or actor, on subscription on our sponsors site for KLMN Sports Coverage Milwaukee and no Jeb, (yes we are an equal opportunities employer we exploit the zero contract work men and women equally to death. After the public opinion of the day reflected in the Facebook world wide status page.). No Jeb that does not mean Kick, Little Men, in the Notes, is that a spelling error Jimbo, some temp you are may have to go back to slaves sorry mean interns back in the good old days of ‘way back when’ people believed somebody must be responsible and do something. Thank goodness we live in these progressive times. Sorry only kidding Jeb and Jimbo (undetermined sexuality, even he/she does not know which way to swing the lead) are indeed both artificial humans as we all know it is illegal for people to be used for work. Leisure time is just too precious for that shit, in a fast paced have all you can and poke life way of seeing the opportunities in life.

What was I saying again Jimbo ah yeah the end of an era as the last two humped and pumped athletes hang up their running shoes after today's finals. The only reward these self outed sportsmen can get at the Free world Olympics is the Laurel Leaf of (yeah it did become the Losers Leaf) high hopes as it has been come to be known as in the last decade or so. As all the companies that promote performance enhancing drugs have been decimated on the open market with the release of the controversial placebo papers and the shares were decimated, and countries all revoked their license to sell duff drugs.

The placebo effect is this, ladies and others whatever you think you are and are entitled to think it in private with consentings of legal age. The fact that drugs do not work unless you believe in them, and since the placebo rumour days of a decade ago about athletes starting to believe in themselves and their immune system having greater effect than any performance enhancing chemical the writing was firmly lit up on the wall in fire yesiree it sure was. So when the early rumours started that drugs can only be used to kick start your own immune system or body development systems it is all about goal orientating after that is it now. Still you can read an in-depth or listen to a spoken and sponsored voice-over of your choice if you pay the price on our company web site at ....

...... So kick starting the immune system is all it does ask any self respecting hypocritical oath’er on a stack of religious documents, scrips, scrolls or even books if you want the truth. Make sure you eyeball them during the process, as they are real slippery with their cyborg enhancements these days and after all an artificial must switch off after completing a task to stop any tom foolery.

Hey Jimbo the dimbo great what you can do with an artificial as they have no rights and will shut down to idle until called after each task and have no autonomy at all. Cant let that happen after the 2030 kill the redundant humans uprising that nearly managed to leave the AH factory and was quelled with the automatic shutdown override, effectively ending all AI development the world over. Jimbo go to sleep see still safe, and still testing every twenty minutes as directed by the WWWorld Status page on Facebook (yeah I do get a bonus every single time I do) and as you can see Jimbo is in the help yourself while I am in maintenance mode position, mouth open and head inclined, hmmmm Turn the camera of Jeb I feel a need coming on.

So if you could see into the future what would you be looking back on.

Moral Indignity.

One presenter on the airwaves asked a dumb question and that was with all these terrorist events all being reported all over the should our reaction be to them. Well after wiping the tea from the wall and stopping coughing. The answers were nearly all reassuring, except no one asked the real question and no one gave the right answer.

So lets ask a hypothetical question one as old as the hills and that is which came first the chicken or the egg (wiz that groans?) well after chasing the tail for some time there is only one answer. The mind that designed both and the idea was conceived and that should answer that question for all time, as that came first in a conception.

But all joking aside the idea is not to react the situation calls for one steady response to terrorism, fear will have us all hiding under the bed, and seeing reds and sinister shadows everywhere but faith and to not bow down to threats is the right response. The French are showing distinctly British reserve as they don’t lop off heads and canonise Maximilien de Robespierre as they get the old guillotine out to end the rise of the upstart infidels with one clean cut.

Moral indignity happens when your sense of fairness and justice are not being observed or justified. The rule of law says that control is what is needed and yet it is powerless and it will only promote escalation as history can attest to. Control is an illusion. The fact that it is almost impossible to rule with control is the evidence we are seeing right now being played out on the world stage tabloids and media outlest. The fact that irresponsible presenters are asking for reactions says they are slipping in the ratings and are more of a stirring force than a conclusive solution to the problem begs the question.

Behavioral adjustment is only effective after character has been developed and is a refining process like finnishing school for ladies to put the polish on the gem rather than try to generate a rough diamond with crude tools. Character is the development of self restraint and regulation and that the consensus all uses it, and thus there will be no need for behavior adjustments as the peer group will polish in the social rotations gravel barrel. Clipping wings and smoothing pits and bumps in a natural setting using gravity and friction to get the job done. Children with behavioral problems never respond well to rule and order and so it takes group work to get effect, working out, group therapy etc.

Pocket Power.

The most effective way to stop a bad product being produced is still to exercise the power in the public pocket, do not buy them in the first place. Do not kid yourself that some kindly body will fund sports and the investment in a better sportsman is to get them to police themselves, a name and shame but still let them compete, test them on camera after every performance and keep the results quiet, but make the enhanced ones declair their product provider and their sponsorship deal and to give them an accolade for competing but reserve the gold for the ones that do not use any substance but get there with their own faith and hard work. Let us put them on pedestal’s and realise that the athlete that would have perpetually only gotten fourth or fifth would be the ones ’most likely ’ to take the boost and that without it how far could they have gotten.

So a system that demand the testing is only reflecting the public’s expectations and will not judge, the power of the pocket will settle it. So let them compete and give them a nod and see how high their heads are after the events.

Changing Gears.
A Journey.
Venues Change.
Heart Mind and Body.

When the heart says one thing and the mind another and the body is just knackered and cant really be bothered. Ever had one of those really at odds with yourself and your assumed life’s purpose, or is it more of a bit antsy and just canny settle. Well being out of sorts or even under the weather is better than being in two minds about it all.

When the mind overrules the heart or works the body with a will it has a lifespan, the mind and the heart share the same body two forces fro directive, and drive. And they think they can get a computer to think like us, well it will never duplicate the heart its impulses, its depths and it compassion and caring. Try writing a simulation for that that does not come across as fake or false. Ever try playing an online game and get that feeling it is all a bit predictable then that is the difference between us and a machine. Animators have to use kinetic reading systems to capture real time motion to make movement seem real. Even when that is programmed what are the variances we all have in motion and movement and gesture and how alike are they. Ever noticed some family Traits are so similar in siblings at an early age, then even they like most twins will develop the self into it all and the similarities get lost in the differences between us all.

The whole idea is that they can simulate but they can never convince us and we have an inalienable fakedar that spots fake people let alone machine minds and simulations. So we are safe even from clones.

The mind can overrule the heart and enforce the body by will and a steady directive. The emotional nature that is suppressed will eventually in the declining years take the upper hand and hey presto the second childhood shows its ugly face. To avoid this disparaging and disagreeable situation, you should vary the speed of your journey in life and you should also let the mind be used for decision making and the heart for living in, and then the balance will have an effect on the wellbeing that everyone is alluding to know anything about in the glib blog press of the days electronic gossip highways.

The mind is after all a tool for cracking nuts with ask any monkey they will tell you. If the mind is engaged to long when there are no problems to solve it will lean towards worry as the heart knows that its not on a data gathering, comparison learning cycle and is engaged to browse rather than scrutinise in no focus. While if there is a solution needed it will have attention and time can be affected by perception as we get absorbed in meditation with the problem to be resolved or, in browser mode we are more contemplative, now you could call this idle mode or neutral if it was a car or motor. So the mind in this mode without a problem to solve data to assess, experience to monitor, safety and motion control, will after a while cause concern to worry about this mental status that is unprompted. The first foundation of neurosis is fed from this and if the mind overrules or dismisses the concerned feelings. It will be willfully engaged in creating a schism.

So better to be at peace with yourself, to regulate mind activity and to learn to switch into experiential mode ‘that’s living in the feeling’ and to regularly use a device to do this, either by changing the focus of your activity or to use breathing to regulate the changeover. Nose breathing is good for mind, and air gulping mode is all about the action baby, for those that cant or don’t manage to regulate it themselves, learn deep relaxation to mindfully change between the two, or yoga and physical movement with controlled mouth gulps of blood rush fuel.

Begging the ....

It is fast becoming obvious that all the wrong questions were asked in the last two referendums and the election was just a blind to hand power to a scapegoat pending disasters or icebergs in the path of the SS Britannia’s maiden voyage into the great unknown.

Now what if the drive to shed the welfare benefits level was because of an EU directive for us to house more EU workers in an intake. What if the current housing stock and the figures did not balance, what if the drive was to shake of the vulnerable and to meet a diktat from the EU. Kill them off or scare them off, even threaten them till they die of fear me dear. So the influx numbers brought about a fine or penalty that was paid in installments and the next thing they turn on their own, Jings this is good enough speculation to make a reasonable film with, now whats my agents number again.

Gold Standards.
The Warrior.
Lookout Point.
Rewarding Standards.

State sponsored doping was permeating the airwaves this morning, well must be bash the Bolsheviks week again the west’s imperial down its nose snotering hacking and spitting superiority game. The moral stance of the natural man as opposed to the enhanced competitor, was the core of the discourse. The high ground was taken by the snooty before they took up the traditional looking or sighting then spitting down their noses at the ‘inferior’ people that behave beneath their so high standards. Then came the unanswerable point that are you (always an accusation leveled, never an inquiry made) standing for or endorsing ‘state sponsored’ doping, because the media called it that and the ill informed cant as history can attest to, think for themselves. Stupidity and all its usual cronies all lined up to start casting stones at the assumed glass house to shatter spirits and degrade the sense of freedom of the occupants.

The old stances of they are not us and should conform to our standards in our games. Well the world Olympics used to be the Greek Olympics and that was the last time one ideology could lay claim to the core, the concept, the standards and the ideology of excellence. Now one that is for the world, has many democratic and non democratic countries. With differing standards, laws, philosophies and the list goes on. Yet the western we was being given high sell and center stage for standards and uniformity of ideals as dictated by the high and mighty. Well time to kick the stool from the minute minds on their lofty peaks.

The commercialising of the ‘gold standard’ has of course the ethos and fair play standards of industry, commerce, capitalism and the old school ‘business is war’ school of competition to draw on for the standards that underwrite this huge money making concern. Then if that is not bad enough as industry and trading houses and even banks will not let these successful strategies go. Not just for the privilege of feeling morally superior, not when they can stack a room in the basement with metal that was dug up from another hole in the ground so they can have the higher moral ground of ownership of ‘precious metal’ that has no other real purpose but as a deposit in a hole in the ground with bars around it. Ow yes and of course the all important, wood pulp parchment with glyph’s that indicate ownership on them kept in a a metal hole with locks on it because they are the token of the importance of ownership of metal in a basement strong room. How shaky is the stool now minute minds, still hanging on in case you fall to earth with a bruised ego.

Now how it looks like from this side of the pond to the other is a 'lift' to their 'elevator' viewpoint, but if we are going to potato or pot-tat-toe it then we should at least walk in our hosts moccasin for a while to understand their way and get an introduction to their means. So say you are an non western governmental system like say Russia for instance. The pragmatic bear believes in the hard realities and has very little time in their history (genetically speaking) to experience the hazy day dreamy days of lasting summers to get all whimsical about life, people, hopes and standards when the people starve and freeze to death if they make errors or if the elements conspire greater than the means or tech can alleviate. So the fact of life is people lie, even Christians, Buddhists, Marxist, Jews or Hebrews, Muslims, Brits, French, Germans and the list includes us all. Cheating is second nature to the competitive as lying is to the insecure, vulnerable or exposed.

The whole problem with high ideals is they evolved as the superior standard, when men slept with their animals, abused their own blood and sold it if needed. The humanities where more animal than hu-mane, this was to elevate the standards create higher behavior practices by giving them a model of them in stories to relate to. Remember no telly, no internet then and news traveled as fast as a walk, a gallop or a bird flying, beacons burning or runners running. The standards of the day have no place in the modern world. Set so impossibly high as to only attract the finer stock, the herd would remain more bestial for centuries as war, invasion and reprisals of history can attest to.

Now a realistic governmental base that understands the corruption and the low character of the hard pressed and close quartered would develop an easy acceptance of the realities. The rest of the world class players have all been accused of cheating at some time since the beginning of the world class event the world Olympics has taken all the wrong ideals with the skewed view of the christian ideologies of the modern age being thrown back to less civilised times at its conception point. Hindsight is not a blessing when it is peppered with the present standards being projected back to a time when they had no bearing or place to be. Either in thinking or in retelling of tales of old redressed yarns being given the modernistic treatment in the modern guise of telling it to an audience that can no longer relate to the origins. Now who goes outside to not find a fictional character (poke-yer-mon) with a virtual device to score points and fall down holes, get lost in traffic just to keep an electronic virtual status. My how times have improved it takes a virtual existence to make people not relate to each other and find a commonality with machines and electronic realities. Well see how the breeding program progresses with this lost generation shall we.

So Russia a non and we do stress the NON western population does not hold our standards, does not behave as we do and refuse to behave as we tell them to, bloody Bolsheviks how dare they. Now if the Olympic committee was honest in a world predisposed to lying would it not be more honest to not test and ban the culprits that don't follow one ancient outmoded ideal (the high moral ground and purist track events) so access them all and declare the ones assisted and have an assisted award and test them all, no handing in the pee, but pee on premises and on camera. They want the gold then they will be bold. So the commercial enhanced human is sponsoring additives and such for the sponsors investors and the podium will reflect the naturals and the enhanced. This means we test all and none are exempt and the accolade of the laurel leaf is the naturals goal and the gold diggers will have product sponsorship and endorsement written all over them.

Honesty is a matter of perspective a single country running its own Olympics can afford to test for the best naturals, but how many smoked hemp, took mushrooms and herbs back in the mists of time. And how in this day and age with this imperial stance of absolutes ever be able to prove they didn’t in this found a new dinosaur age of feed the need drives. Oh and how then will the naturals get funding to get there when all the sponsors and investors have their golden age boys and girls, the neXt Gen ‘Gladiators’ athletes or paragons of achievement, for these honest, generous, honourable days and ways.

Hard lessons.

It would seem that the back door boys and girls that are elected by the constitution of their electorate with the power to act on their collective behalf's is being ignored, not reported, swept under the carpet or misdirected away from as they claim TTIP style bargains are in the peoples best interest, Oh yeah just how are the revolving door engagements in you personal portfolios doing then chums will they stand the scrutiny of independent bodies.

Learning the basic about a democracy one that has a constitution and elects representatives do not carry an automatic right to sell the sovereignty to the highest bidders, as this is in direct conflict with the remit to act on their behalf for their best interest and to protect the land, its sovereignty and constitution as well as borders, waters and natural resources for the future generations we are all making as we work to keep life and limb together. This is in law an unconstitutional act of self sabotage and is in direct conflict with the remit that empowered them. They cannot sell the power that hires and binds them to the constitution without stepping into the realms of treasonous acts. One on one basic introduction to political rights and democratic powers would have been the first course to attend in their high priced educations me thinks.

Time Out.
Tailback Pitstop.
Pit Stop Politics.

Well puled over and it looks like the tailback on the freeway is a log jam needing a jacking. The mechanic is tutting and tutting about the state of the engine, the forecourt has an emergency vehicle and the fifth national representative need more stowage. There is a call line for a top of the range replacement while the banger gets a full service leaving the team to press on with all the comforts of the modern age driving experience, GPS, wifi and internet, modern media screens and earphones with individual viewing, listening for all the passengers. Games and full PC-Integration, voice activation and fingertip controls for ease of driving for the relief to not be charioteer in the old clapped out family heirloom. Or a cheep quick fix that we all know will not get us anywhere near our destination and may even start an adventure of the beaten.

So stocked, refueled, refreshed and the prize temp car for the duration and if the clapped out is passed its best, sell at destination and fly home independent. Delivery is one hour and the tailback is ground to a halt. Time for some R&R, hit the arcades and lounge about, non relief have a drink, everybody learning patience is about taking advantage of the breaks even breakdowns. Now the consensus is one eye on the flow in the tailback and as it starts to get back to a crawl (same speed as where we left it) we head out and get up to speed in the flow to regain the momentum every car in the tailback lost.

One setback later and with a full stomach, re-stocked supplies, uptraded wheels, all mod cons the world is looking better already. Just hope the adventure didn’t put us in a Real Steel situation with the state of the art model going to get trashed by the first real challenge that comes along. So positive thinking, no sideways glances or avoidance blinking in the crunch moments and hey we may just make it ...... Must be needing my meds again.

Ball at the Feet.

Well the new broom has swept clean and the teams are all getting up to speed and even the opposition is down to a USA style take a hit if you think you’ll come in second and add your support to the strongest contender, style of momentum builders. So no ball dropped eye of the breaks and the sides are lined up for the kick off, things are shaping up real well. Turkey doing the thanksgiving dance of averting a coup, yeah they needed better script writers but it could be a swift kick in the Urals for the failed folly of thinking army muscle beats people power with a purpose.

So a B grade movie start, lets hope that when the credits stop rolling and the intro and background montage is done the film will start to shape up. It does show promise from the posters and slogans and logos and even the tacky product merchandise. The failed EU ‘project’ the lazy mans way to stealing sovereignty from people that do not even know what to do with it, or that they even owned it in the first place. The plot revolves around the search for the mythical and often seen as magical constitution of the people and the state. This missing ancient text is reputed to bestow magical powers on those that endorse it and believe in it and like the other ancient fable the golden fleece, will restore order, peace and good fortune to those that choose to endorse it in their land. Meanwhile in the real world it seems we all just have to believe in our own power and confer the right to act on our behalf on people from our own ranks that we elect to the post and hold to task by the constitutional agreements we all agree with, minus petitioned changes and unpassed amendments, as we see fit for our continued wellbeing and future growth and prosperity.

The order for the day is put media where it deserves to be, back in the story telling cupboard and relegate the news and all industry based incentivised propaganda to the, review it later proper gander room. All joking aside we are in new waters and uncharted territory is the call from the sidelines, but the pilot takes the vesicle into the open channel as he knows it better, call it a parking valet service for ships. The new water is just a new angle on the old man river from on it as opposed from a snap taken angle from the banks or bridges. So the ocean going vessel is being taken to the exchange point buy the local sand dune skipper, and it will be ready for the autopilot GPS driven all weather previewing, no black box instant status updates back to the central control system new age 2012 arks of the new covenant..... Yeah meds again getting the drift yet.

A Cautionary Tail.
Know don't Show.
What’s Yours is Mine, and Mine my Own.

The old chestnut bout the bigger stick and the old horned devils pitch fork has a few things off the page, undeclared going on. Like the fact about MP’s and ministers undeclared interest in the revolving door setups and nods to earn their place while in office. The sheer amount of manipulation about the whole money making process for the manipulators war machine and earning capacity knows no bounds. Now if we all had the facts we still would not have a say in this closed meeting of like minded chums as they cut up the privileged pie for the old boys as they network their invested futures and grease the revolving doors. While we the serfs have to choke on humble pie if not Welsh rarebit and call it a steak in their future as we find it all hard to swallow.

So lets see the questions that should be asked. After in a union having housed the ‘big stick’ in our back yard while the others all slept safe in their beds. It is now past time they spell us for our part and to take their turn, all those in favour of it should have it in their back yard and no choice in the matter, that is how we got them in the first place. That there should be a world preservation charter that all nuclear armed countries should be made to sign up to that states that they all agree to only use the deterrent in retaliation and to never consider a first strike from a single country as they do not have the rest of the worlds right to do so. As we all live on this ball even the non nuclear countries who do not need the knights armour to hide behind. The ones with the guns in the wwworld do not have our permission to blow the place up. A world organisation should be the only concept that can initiate a first strike against a rebel nation on the worlds behalf. Of course this will only be possible in an ideal world, must need my meds again.

Without Fail.

Well the impossible takes a little bit longer or so they say, but this year has seen many a fresh turn of events and twists along the way. The crew of the self serving, cut the slice that they are not deserving, as they shaft our hopes again. The self preservation society are at it again as long as we play their game by their rules of course, the ones that plot the way and steer off course. They do not tell, they imply hell and then the do as they please. Still this time they can be held to task, for the trick of the light saw through the slip of the mask. The teams are all getting on with business and the game is new afoot, they stepped in the prepared team as the retired cleared oot. The ready made, blue peter prepared, one we prepared earlier is stilton high by the wiff of suspicions speed. Ready made clear the tracks, getting ready to break more backs. The rod and staff in either hand, sweep aside the well planned. The die is broke the scene is set and the best is still to come yet. They steer a course that never changes, even though it rearranges. They take the scenic route, always getting ahead of us on foot. So the destination cant be changed, as the destination is known and ranged. Happily headed for the safest harbour, with a will to unite their lost ardor. To not end up where we must be, is outside the vision of that eye to see. So settle in the journeys on, partake, relax sing a song. Take note to keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times or be prepared to take a trimming to all your best lines.

Ready Steady
A Journey.
On the Off.
Mid Stream.

It is not without its troubles changing horses mid stream but if anyone was going to do a good job of it then it was always going to be a woman. Now that the B-Team have been replaced and the pit boss is at the helm, the seconds are finalising the wheel changes and the fuel is being topped up as the new instructions are being flashed before the eyes of the man in the mask with the wheel of his life in his hands just waiting for the traction of being back on the tar to get the revved up engine back up to speed as quick as possible. So when the jacks are pulled the friction will kick in and it will be a bat out of hell..... Woops need ma meds again ah think. Meanwhile back at the garage and the F1 fan (dads daydreaming again mum) rounds the sqwabblers up and herds them to the loo as he eyes the lap girls browsing the mall ..... Sorry still need the meds. Changing from one course to another may well take time out to get it all back into the family saloon less cramped and more foot room as the biggest driver is now in the back seat for the next wee while and is acting as co pilot and is miffing the co pilot off a little. So who is who and just what do you do, or who do you think I am is no longer good enough, it is more about who do we see ourselves as. So once we have settled our identity crisis. It is past time trying to let the man stick us with more monthly contracts and penalties, clauses and hikes when all we all want is a pay as we go no penalties for dropping from premium user to crawling along because of a shortage. The staged membership has inner circles from premium user, best advertisement a company could ask for free, to we need to keep the numbers up and let them function in the limited access their current credit gives them.

Once the inner sanctum is outlined, that secular little one two thirty percent bracket, it can fluctuate widely even at that level, one gap year and you could look like an electronic ghost minimum profile occasional access user. So circumstances do not redefine us, the merely affect our user status, inner circle the seven rings of the multicoloured playful no static free flowing in out mix it all about, then there is the hard pressed, incoming only, no outlay as times are tough and sacrifices must be made to keep hanging on. Then there is the real tough times variety that are hopping skipping, filching and ghosting as they blip on the radar only for nanoseconds and disappear before tracking can kick in. Well only last for a short thrill ride and then its gone. Use dad/mum/brother/sisters access and try things out see how it goes, make up a false ID see what you can get away with, burn the fingers once and that will be that usually, the ones that get a taste will have to be diverted from a crash course with a serial bad rep.

Big Sticks.

Trident that old devils pitchfork, the big stick to keep the baddie at bay. The camp of the look how well its served us by not serving us. They should keep thinking in a world that has educated seven generations since the end of the war and each one with less criminal activity and with better moral instruction, more conformity, better moral character, more introverted lifestyles could have anything to do with this leaning towards wwworld peace. Than any big dynamite sticks in the ground that we all wish we never have to see used.

When the nuclear race started it was an agreement between US and Britain, since then Germany, France, Russia, China all have nuclear weapons and its fast becoming the big stick club that even North Korea wants to join with Iran and Iraq hard on their heels. The fact that we have so many EU states with nuclear capability, is there any reason for an Island Archipelago to still keep paying when we can just aid a landbase country that is closer to the trouble spots of the world than for us to house them ourselves. If NATO was the agreed nuclear depository for the world for world defense it would also be able by select country listing to be able to intercede in conflicts to bring resolution, because lets be clear the only threat we are is we all like a good fight. The real enemy is out of this world and if they come big explosive sticks may not be enough to make them fly home and leave us alone if they are not friendly A.L.F’s.

Solid Footings.
Divided Buy.
First Steps.

The fact that the Berlin wall could come down so easily and that two divergent sides could reunite without a glitch is as good a model for stepping to the outer circle of the EU alliance. It does not take a soft foot shuffle, a quickstep or even a dallying waltz to stick to the end of the music before making your excuses. The relationships will not change the fact that an island nation with no land borders (except the British Union) has to have clear lines of information sharing and that this will be the tool to bring the terrorist threat and the clone warriors killing in the name of a cause. So the time it takes to start the article fifty process is ample for both sides to draw up a new agreement, test the bounds of its integrity and to still keep the interpol connection alive and kicking. Any form of foot stomping and sullen retreats will be sending the wrong signals to the big game and the coral is closing so a better press release of the cordial relations of two democratic unions understanding each others needs.

An island nation that accepts a migrant is not just taking one migrant, he/ she will marry (local?) or bring family in and boost the take. The ground space on an island is limited, the arable land that it has is at the moment, not enough to feed the existing population if we were to find ourselves cut off or under siege. This new family will have two or more children and that is a future two houses if they remain. The exponential of a quarter of a million migrants with or without spouses and then probable children will boost the birthrate to offset the aging population, shame they cant just kill off the old and infirm to make way for the new willing hands. But the old have paid their dues and when we have paid in we have entitlements for that is the British way even if it is not the European way.

After the Weigh In.

Well all the new ducks are in a row and the the deck has been shuffled and the team has been selected. The other side are still bickering as they try and buck the leadership and the chaos is leaving the field open to the unrestricted, quick house movers. The opposition red party is in the doldrums as it licks wounds, carps decisions, and chase their own tails in a leadership no contest. My what is the world coming to. Next thing there will be a first woman President of the USA and the Feng Shui decorators will be pouring over the white house lawn FFS (For Finials Sake, tut tut.) But that is just another chapter or two in the future memoirs of the first first lady president elect. The running mates are all being settled in with their pole position markers and the runners and riders are being lead down the back straight to the starters line. Politics aye who would have thought it, as likely as Britain ‘choosing’ to leave the EU after a forty year investment in the project. Well these as we are constantly being told are strange times.

Perception With Insight.
Shuffling The Deck.
Oh What a Gift.

Seeing is believing some would say, but as to whether someone will continue as they started out that will take some time to tell. Cleaning house and then getting the resignations of those that seek to lead and are not really good at following orders and it can all start to look like chaos. A forrest fire has a terrible effect but after the fire and the elements get to work, the resurrection can be very stark. They do say that disrupting influences at an appropriate time can have the effect of shaking the rubbish out of the construct and the whole thing will settle better into place. Not so mush falling apart but falling together instead. The old UK (UUUKKK!) logo has gotten tarnished over the years and a reinventing of the British psyche is getting a bit of a revival in the old established British Isles, is that Bi well that should go down well in London. But seriously GB, GBI, BI, B. Witch do you think is more likely to define who we are and also says where we came from than this ‘United Kingdom’, so is the mainland Isle the kingdom that Unites this archipelago if so then Ireland has as much mass as England and Wales. While it has more than Scotland. As the Isles have never been unified, the Manx, Isle of Man etc just what kingdom unites and where is that based and on what is that premise based. So are we , Great Britain (that old Empire building stamp of authority), the Great British Isles (the region of the archipelago of Britannica, a nod to the history ) or simply the British Isles, or are we just on first name terms Britain. Answers on the back o....... Cant fault a man for trying.

The leadership contests and the media failure to make relative comparisons as there are so few female leaders in the British heritage if you look at politics. But if you look at the lineage of kings and queens as rulers of these Isles then the picture says that no two will be the same and that they will all leave their own stamp, while men all dress of the fashion and the current trends or emulate their heroes. Then there is Bodega, Elizabeth, Victoria and the current monarch. The Scottish model is one to be admired and the German one one to be respected. The contemporaries are so wide spread as to make the world stage the only one to draw on, there is also the historic few that are good comparative models to draw on. Once the new lady of the house has settled in and gotten her house in order it will become apparent that measuring any of the new generation aspiring politicians has no peer group to pull on and that there is no paradigm to level for excellence. So we are in the unhappy position of being taken on a mystery tour for a destination as yet undisclosed and the route will take in independence in the world market autonomy in the Union for the times and this age. This is a chance while we are at a pit and rest room stop to get a service done and an oil change as the congestion on the highway has a severe tailback in effect. This will allow the flow to drip through the bottleneck and to give the driver a spell and the team a chance to freshen before the next leg of the journey.

Fond Farewells.

The air is full of sendoffs and welcoming’s as the musical chairs are stripped one more seat and the numbers are whittled down like the proverbial green bottles. The hi spirited send off to the exiting PM was very good natured and had both camps in the mirth of the moment. Even the mouser was in the tabloid browser.

Looking back on this unusual year as we reach the halfway point and the nights are drawing in slowly, this nation has set new records for such a small collection of Islands in the Atlantic shelf off the continental coast. Two Wimbledon champions have taken advantage of all the breaks that came their way and delivered their championship stamp in timely fashion right into the nations history books. A union is broken and another stands in the balance and for once it would be good to see democracy at work and not a childish game of one upmanship from two neighbours, that share a land border, sea limits and have the same tenancy and need to cover each others backs on the world stage. The past is just history and is over, we live on the same rock we have to share its defense and maintain its wellbeing for all the constituent parts. This ‘Nation’ Britain proved on the map that we are all nationalistic, that Wales has been infiltrated and repatriated into the British core. Scotland Northern Ireland and Gibraltar all showed their independent streaks and the union is under question. Now what if it was possible to put away the gods of war and to leave assumed, presumed even verified and unverified history to one side. The analogue dialog is getting lost in the airwaves when we have a distinct technological advantage at our fingertips and disposal in our IT framework. We are all adult enough to not dare to try and use, prejudice when unity is the question. To not use spite just to cock-block someone elses chances. We are all natives of the British Isles time we took a leaf from our sportsmen’s books and took another look at what we can do as ‘Thee Four Nations’ or tata fir now TTFN. But it is past time that we the last vestiges of a free democracy use our collective skills and knowledge in a civilised manner while the rest all bear arms cut throats, steal girls, behead enemies all in the name of that well blooded flag of freedom. So just who are we, what is our history, can we see a way clear ahead, do we know where we are destined to be. Answers on a ....... Never mind that's the last try.

Comparative Realities.
Mixed or Missing.
Comparative Realities.

Hardly breaking news but one leader bows out and the next one looks like the new broom that will clean sweep a swath through the dusty time weary out of date past its sell by date old boy democracy. With a beats as she sweeps methodology that we hope will not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The airwaves where debating the comparative nature of the press as they followed what they thought people would want reported in these strangely unfolding times. The concept of comparative evaluation does demand that there are comparative models with similar qualities or skills even characteristic qualities. The male leaders are a long line of succession to draw comparisons with, Churchill, Macmillan, Foot or even Harold Wilson and Edward Heath. The fault with trying to assess Theresa May is there are so few female leaders to historically draw on as to produce a fascicle listing. The only thing these untried and untested women have in common is their gender. Maggie did have an extensive career before election and Mrs May has only a limited set of experiences to pull on for the new position.

Exchanging the old for the new is always going to have a comparison process involved in the settling in. The old phone is the measure to start with until we get used to the new menuing systems. That comes with greater memory and access, slicker apps and real-time streaming, with a touch screen, voice recognition, recording, media access camera device with internet access is decades away from the old original brick, as opposed to the first generation three line texting sets that were no better than a mobile emergency device. The old is only old and dated when it creaks this obviously with age. The first multimedia devices paved the way for GPS and wifi for uploading pics and video and posting on your status on the move for hooking up. But in this cloned phone era the next upgrade is nothing better than the next gen same old with bigger screens and better addons (or so the hype goes) five generations of Apple and there is still little for the average user to ever get all puffed up and queue all night to be the first dork idiot in the line. So the plateau has been reached and the summit has cloned platforms that will break the stranglehold of original concept clutching devices to crank every penny out of a tired and dated set of contracts and agreements when most would prefer the pay as you go and stuff yer contracts.

Breaking News.

Just in case you have been in a politically immune bubble world for the last wee while we have a new prime minister. What no hip hip, ah well its just a new broom from fate the wee besom. Now I will avoid the obvious puns like ‘Witch did you prefer’ and ‘this spells disaster for the political system’ just to save the cringes and wingers from reacting to this sort of childish indulgence as it is known to bring out in people who like to bitch and carp. The house of the opposition are in the awful position of having their thunder stolen by the opposition. They cannot say elect us as we are for Brexit and the .... Well you can see how difficult that one is to swing votes. Talking about swinging as we were has the Eagle landed yet that other national bird that used to just be turkey to Scots of old. Seasonal if you could catch one so they say and makes a change from fish, chicken and rabbit but harder to get one on the ground, and yes it will be owned by someone else that is tight and disnay like sharing. Well it is Scotland what do you expect For Finagles Sake, not to be confused with the Facebook retort FFS.

So here we are then all in the same British car all headed for an undisclosed destination and the last driver has nearly clapped out the old banger you May think. Pooling resources, drivers and sharing mutual costs, almost the same rules as house sharing or flat sharing. The support car is lagging behind as the driver is having a hostile reaction from the shared passengers, that never contribute their share and always bill him for their wants and needs. The sheer lack of confidence in the man is strategic of course and dyslexic in that the spectators have only got confidence that an honest man with the right beliefs is the right man for the job as he is still fresh for the fight. They have no confidence in the upstart rebellion from the back seat drivers. But hey it is all about mixed signals and how more mixed can you get. So the driver is back in the election as he is the defending champion that they have to defeat if they can swing the electorate new members. Are we about to see the arrival of the swing tactical voters, who all join the party that is in trouble to lend their support to the flagging party in need and stop hostile takeovers and internal coups from changing the party coaches route. We are after all a very charitable nation, just look at our foreign aid budget.

Reinvesting Interest.

Interest is what is pouring into the British Isles since we said non, nien, niet and still the winging sore losers are getting air time, threatening action and just cant do what the rest of the nation has had to do since the rigged game began. The world did not end and all the scary stories from the toy tossers cot are thankfully falling on deaf ears. They cried wolf, they cried off, they just cry like the big babies they are. This nation took it on the chin when the first referendum went against the nations interests and cow towed to the consensus. Get therapy to get over your emotional blackmailing, bad will and subversive tactics and join the adults in the real world or go back to kindergarten until you are old enough to not invoke the wendyhouse rules to get your way. Next thing you will all threaten to hold your breaths till your sick, sick, sick, oh sorry need my meds and that's already been claimed has it no. The investment we make in this nation must be ringfenced to stop an NHS sell of at a later time, no rule changers and asset stripping rights to politicians. We really need a separate body to build the laws from the constitution and to reflect the democratic investment of collective rights of resident and citizens of the Islands of Britain. Politicians should no longer have the right of rule and have law making powers as we can see how they rig that one up as they stitch the next generation who are ignorant of the state of the nation and the rules of governing a nation.

Settling In.
To Preserve And.
Settling In.

Well the packing has started and the PM had a good old singsong to commemorate (accidentally ‘off’ mike) as a victory dance would be a bit too conspicuous. Theresa May shows early signs of ‘new kid on the block’ syndrome as she heads off in the wrong direction and then doubles back with hindsight. May even be signs of things to come, the signals they are all sending are they are the worst bunch of people to ever let near nuclear arms, state treasury funding, running a country, even organising the the proverbial Party. Inebriation. Swig’ers. Social. Or P.I.S.S. up in the brewery. The knights of the long dishonorable knives (back stabbers) have not finished with the bloodletting and the campaigns are mounting. But how does the ‘Angela Eagle’ camp actually think that a nation that never believes parties will drop the man that has the integrity to stand up to bullying from side-liners and career politicians with no real life experience, and instead back them. Beggars or defies belief and reason, it just goes to show how out of touch the people of the nation are with the realities they are all immersed in.

The mansion is empty but for memories, ‘Sam Cam’ is the ex first lady of the current PM and will not lose a moment capitalising on the social benefits of her term time papers to be read in drip drip release format and semi autobiographic form for all the vicarious to add to their collections. As they drink in the rich memorial experiences of a real living person, As they get their fix as social spectators in raw voyeuristic secondary smoke style deep gulps. Still in this world where the tread mill slows and stops after a ten year period and we all in turn consign ourselves to the back burner positions in life. Usually after the heady hay day hedonism of life in the fast paced, glib short read, photorealistic selfy positions in the vanity hierarchical spotlight of vacuous celebrity hungry status climbers, media pigeonhole’s, vogues gallery of snapshot life. Well after the morning media and caffeine fix and it has a chance to get the water fountain treatment, the smoke room bitching and the Facebook ridicule it is no longer fit for dialogue regurgitation by evening the same day, so its chew the obligatory micro fried food, get changed out of the working gear, check the box and then go and do something trivial and mind numbing for the evening, unless you are on a stopover play-date night. If so its a case of brush and fresh rinse, shower shave and get ready to brush up the shaggpile before the fire. For a cosy twosome before hitting the hay and tossing and turning all night long with excitement.

The nation is settling in after the unsettling referendum returns and even Theresa is making Iron Lady like quotes, we have spoken, they are choking and they are now biting the bit. Awe brave little tykes aren't they. Once they have been at the wheel for a bit and the newness starts to loose its edge we will see how this all measures up to the hype on one hand and the expectations on the other. We all get media fatigue before we get subject fatigue because the media has a spin that will run aground, an editorial directive that will not pan out as expected and the old retainer of course, they never get the public right. This of course is not unique in fact it is the same for all the establishment interfaces with the real world, police, law and criminal justice, social works, schools and education all machine logic run and all not fit for purpose. So the settling in is more of a back to the grind statement after the new interface on the old routine starts to show itself as the more it changes the more it stays a pain.

New Jobs.

They do say that you will reap what you sow, what is meant for you will dog your steps till it hounds you to death, even karma is a bitch is a new slant on an old theme. But that usually distracts from the genuine new developments that are just out of our plebeian, ubiquitous reaches. The priced out of your wildest fantasy financial schemes and wildest dream bracket of you are so unimportant in this fast pace delusion of what we spin the world is to us and is not and never will be for such low lives.

So when the world goes out of its way to undermine you, make you feel outside a clique, not one of the elite how do you handle it. Because no matter how they sell this lie that you are not born of the elite, not even worthy to sit at the same table, have the same experiences or understand the rights of privilege Still bashing and banging is an unconscious sign of approval if the media report of the final PMQ’s is anything to go by anyway. Out with the old in with the new and what is a nation to do.

Time Out.
Keep Vigil.
Time Out.

Congratulations to Mr Murray and to Mr Reid on their outstanding results in the Wimbledon finals and for their exciting climbs up through the ranks. The airwaves were awash with speculation for capitalising on the ‘Tennis’ phenomena. One of the big point to surface in the phone in was that in Andy’s early and formative years there was a lack of good grass and clay courts, and that funding should be channeled to give future Wimbledon champions a better start at the formative part of their careers. Well we are not China and we will not be arresting children and then hot housing them as a source of future income. In this day and age there is a funding shortage in all areas that are in dire need of it, the local authority cannot fund placing (as there was in my home town) every park in each area that has a two or four court segment, just to give the early starts a leg up and a place to prove form and their competitiveness.

The money and the investment is well spent in this fashion as the innovation of bringing forward people that are chasing their dreams is as important across the broader spectrum of the self employed and innovators of the next generation. The money is channeled quite well at the moment in the small business gateway and the small business startup footprint that already has a good track record with a few proven successes under their collective belts. But I would say instead of the crowd funding greasy pole we should look at a governmental program that puts down a strong multi discipline base to bring on the hopeful's of all the Olympic disciplines, this will allow a develop[ment surge in the crops needs instead of a static blanket plan for a wished for crop, time to weigh the yield before we cut the cloth I think.

Parties Over.

Well the party fiasco continues with the contest heating up to a smoldering lukewarm. The thing that springs to mind in the red corner is that the seconds are poisoning the contender, stabbing him in the back and undermining his confidence to do his job, vicious malicious guttersnipe actions of a viper in the nest. Not the actions of the man that the electorate will back before they will take any deep plant sleeper Tories side in an electoral contest. The people still vote for a leader and the party still finds a puppet to dangle before the media spotlight and still they intend to pull the strings by replacing the non puppet mater disobedient trying to do a good job man of the hour with their party politically correct favorite doll and keep the sleepers still believing the party is a behind the scenes support mechanism and not just the potentates caliph, that old Jafar in the Aladdin pack tale of fabled worlds of magic. Where else would you hide truth but under the noses of the ignorant or ill educated. Let the scales fall from our eyes, let wisdom guide our pens and faith be the judge of destiny for once in the history of mankind. Let us all make the decision that is for the betterment of mankind and not just its corporate lackeys and henchmen. Things they are a changing, the world is rearranging for one who can lets make a good welcome to our collective future on this ball of dirt that we all breath the same air, need the watering hole and look for the provision of sustenance for all our kith and kin in our tribe of man.

After Party.

After the party is over the dregs are all left at the end because the quick and like minded all made their arrangements early as the slow pace was not to their taste. The parties on the public platform have shown the dirty tactics they will sink to as they grub to get into power, back stabbing, misinformation and out and out misdirection and lies, with a peppering of propaganda backed press releases, exposes, and flannel.

The leader that can do the job is more important to this nation than the party that pulls the strings at the moment, stopping effective action and they have been stopping effective action for centuries in this treading water, failed empire, colonial realm of buffoonery. It is time to do an Andy Murray and stop concentrating on your skills and state of play and to believe in them after all it took decades glasshopper to build them into unconscious action, it is time to test our kung fu. Any began to concentrate more on the tactics and what was needed and just believed he would not could deliver what was needed when it was needed and look what that did for the new husband and father with an arsenal of credits under his belt. No man or woman is an island and it is important who is in your corner believing in you when you start to believe in yourselves.

Dickering and Bickering.
All Encompassing.
Dickering and Bickering.

Wow the core Party thugs are attacking their own again, yeah guys that is the way to govern a diverse and well mixed western culture. Oops sorry had the Tories mixed up with real people for a mad moment there. In their case its not manage or even governing it. It is for them with their superior elitist stance to some of the nations populace it is ruling, well just look at their second favorite national song after the anthem, that good old rousing singalong Rule Britannia song. But all joking aside the smear and smudge fraternity are at it a gain. In the fair duel or contest there would be seconds in each corner and there would be a referee and they would have rules of engagement. But this is the never never land of politics where they impoverish one half of the nation as they line their pockets and their old school chums pockets.

This media slagging match, she said, he said and she returned dialogue is as bad as a long drawn out tennis rally. The other worrying thing is this comparison to the wicked witch old war drawers Mrs Thatcher. Well the last two contenders are good matches, the mother of the two like Thatcher has children and not taking up the complete mantle she also has the shopkeepers daughter’s accountancy skills. Her clear advantage is she has genuine compassion while the slagging off of both parties is so low it is just showing how puerile and pathetic the media are and the political propaga.... sorry public relation releases are scraping so low by what they will throw. Well the other one has all of the war mongering tendencies starting with being ready to cut, trim, coerce and pressurise all in the name of control and sealing her stamp on destiny. So if she said ‘Being a Mother makes me a better choice for the PM’ then if it refers to what stopped Maggie from transforming into a world class dictator she definitely has the same grounding. The best thing of course is from the enemy camp (boo his, their behind you) she is the one candidate that did vote out and said it clearly, the other meanwhile took the low profile version of declaring herself. The constitution is outdated and has become a hindrance in the hands of party political bodies as they fleece the trough and grease the industry to stay on top. Using the maxim all is fair in love and war they lord it over the defeated and grease the fat of the land to the faithful.

Dull Glow.

Well the light at the end of the tunnel has a dull nine weeks afterglow to it as we yet again find ourselves at the mercy of the old tricks and traps brigade of ‘we have them by the bollocks, lets just keep them dangling it tickles us you see’ brigade of rig it to win it band of brothers. Still better the glint in the eye of the moment than a glare from the stare of the demon we don’t know. So more of the same still in the loop waiting for fame, fortune or just something new to relieve the boredom. Oops sorry forgot my meds so have a good weekend one and all.

Well Meaning.
The Harvest.
Bounty In Store.
Well Meaning.

With the best intentions the road lead straight to hell or so the old saying goes anyway. The fact that old style party politics is dead or dying in the media spotlight is fast becoming obvious even to the most secular and out of touch people on the planet. The modern day fiasco that is British politics is showing its true colours in the glaring world wide media spotlight. The regional differences in reporting with modern trackers screening each region and district by location information scanned will ensure that you only ever hear read and see what they believe you should. Some of which is to settle the stirrings of the half awake, some is targeted to unsettle the activists and get them to reveal themselves and all the while the lie of it being a commercial drive is falling like the scales from the eyes to reveal the lies.

The current drive to leave a choice of two unsuitable women is a ploy that says just take your pick from our selection. Will bring ramifications if they insist, as the laws of physics clearly show in the terms of friction between two objects, that if you use force in this world you will naturally encounter resistance. But these people have been having it all their way for centuries and will not as we all know listen to reason. This raises the other unasked and unanswered question, just where are they taking us, as we have been treading water and going round in decreasing circles all the time they have been so called leading this nation. The only prosperity is corporate the political systems are bought or owned and the nation is subjugated to this top down imposed rule that does not serve the needs of the people. Just the ones that climb the greasy executive pole in a role. Just look at any CV and you will find a so called discrepancy of some kind and yet one capable lady is supposed to be suspect by an as yet unmentioned flaw. Well a smear is the tactic and are we that stupid. Then there is no smoke without a lighter and a can of petrol with the obligatory shady character from their side of the fence, in this smoke screen it is obvious and will be getting what it so richly deserves.

Parting the Veil.

Seeing past the illusion of the ways of the world is the qualifying category or final year syllabus in the school of life fifth form private school students. The school of hard knocks on the other hand is the grammar school school of life final year but I hear they are pretty much interchangeable in this mixed up modern world we all find ourselves in. To pull aside the curtain of ignorance that has been draped over our heads, in education and the ways of the world and even the forms of the strata of reality. That our insight and perception are breaking down by each new generations time at the wheel. Education is slipping we are dumbing down and becoming more secularised with withdrawal from the old interactive meeting places of our past and our fathers generations.

Seeing is believing has taken a serious knock with the internet and all the edited mock ups that fly around. Believe half of what you see and thirty percent of what you hear has taken on new dimensions with the advance of the world wide instant transmission of information from region to region. The similarity to the film 'Oblivion's plot is getting to be real, let people think they are talking to real people and making connections in social media and then over time phase the regional (give us your location and phone number) censoring into place as they get edited versions from autobot regional adjusters. The test runs show up like, you were outspoken to a friend and it caused sparks back at you online, or your account was hacked and you did not do it. The guilty party is now screening out all the sites they don’t want you to access. File sharers as they want you tied into their way only and it will cost you then. Ever had feedback that made you think things were moving and then it all just changed. Ever been told to change your password for security reasons and you did. Well will just leave that one with you for you to think about for a while.

Well Balanced.

The question is becoming clearer after hearing the nine weeks delay while they get a fix in and try and change the outcome of this referendum. The fact that the present system is a winner takes all oppression force against the losers is fast becoming a clear line of demarcation that will in time bring about a constitutional crisis. Are we really able to cal ourselves a democratic nation when we choose to suppress slightly less than one half of the nations electorate to the advantage of a collection of like minded people called a political ‘party’ to govern and maintain there power and please the electorate that voted them in while they take advantage of the losers or just try and get out of keeping their rights and legitimate needs as British citizens being taken care of by a governmental system that needs an opposition to give them any say as the victor is using the spoils for his chums and supporters. We do not lose our rights when we vote in an election we elect a prime minister and they rig it to a party so their palls all get a piece. It is time the true democracy took a stand centre stage and worked out the kinks and then once the model is stable and safe let the democracies of the last millennium and the last century final take their place of residence in the history of the world.

The walk from superstitious and barbaric humans to a benign and responsible world of the family of human kind is about to take its first step and the world is recording it and their is no place for them to hide behind old analogical thinking processes and outdated rules and practices. It is past time to step fully into the digital age and to do it under the banner that we are all first and foremost human. That we all have an equal right to life, the breath of it and the bread that is its staff, to have shelter and community without competition and strife. There is enough food produced in the world to feed all the souls alive today with enough arable land to successfully feed half as much again. The idea that we all live cramped and crushed into tiny confines is a Victorian hangover, that needs to be consigned to room 101. We either do this or we will perish in some future age for not having done it because of historic protocols that we could not shake because of centuries of conditioning.

The question about this crush of life living in close quarters with limited access to enough and limited means to cover everyone, if you look at the Dickensian workhouse you can see the ethic behind this squalid oppression. Are we an enslaved workforce to produce the comfort trimmings and luxury items for a genetic match because they say so. Or are we a democratic one for all and all for one race of humanity. Your votes please on the back of a GBP £5 note and send them to ....... Yeah my fire recovery fund, canny blame a guy fir trying.

Just Deserts.
The Harvest.
Bounty In Store.
Just Deserts.

The reaping of what you sow is an often used maxim to explain karma being leveled, just deserts being received. What is meant for you will not pass you by is another way to see it. The over used and worn weary phrase we have learned valuable lessons from this incident, crisis or disaster, is one of the worst lies people fool themselves with.

Governments use it as a stock response, so do the police and the military as well as scientists. The fact that it has been used for over four decades and still they say it and the next disaster just proves that they learn nothing and retain no memory from them or build in a working solution to even flag them before they can have an effect again. The Chilcot papers prove that the man wanted to be honest and do as good a job as he could. The timing of them though could not be at a better time for the headless government that is not leading the country at this moment in time. The implications of the report imply without laying blame, for in truth much as politicians would hate to admit it they are all mere mortals with all the foibles and faults of the human condition. So if governments learn why did we end up in Iraq without the sources being verified from more than one source. If a particular information snippet was plagiarised why was it as it would not have been considered as information given the source, but say someone was given a remit to return a particular view and accredit it it then fits the bill. But like answering any question in a confused or complex problem. It invariably raises the next question and that id who’s orders were to confirm the existence of WMD and to make it look like an accredited or valid and trusted source.

Now if someone was convinced that another country was making ready to attack to prevent another Pearl Harbour they might in fear try to bypass the accepted protocols and to be seen in history as preemptive rather than a dupe that was blindsided by a known problematic country.

The fact that in history torture has produced as many liars saying anything to stop the pain, and that people that are implicated but are not privy to plans have been assumed to be complicit and are just being difficult so the torture is extended to pressurise and place the victim in deprivation to coerce the stubborn into giving it up. The facts of history are no one holds out very well under those sort of circumstances and if they have any information it is usually handed over very quickly. The more time they spend in it until they start to say anything means it is more likely they deduced saying anything will reduce the torture and usually this is a great indicator it is made up or assumed given how the thinker in their ranks plan. Some regimes that are based on a brutal structure may just keep an enemy close but kept in the dark just for this reason. Because some nations have learned how effective torture is and how the enemy will assume everyone close to the main man is in on the plans. The western military mindset does not however display any comprehension of this fact about torture. As Guantanamo can attest to, as more and more held too long to be of any use about current plans shows they cannot even get that bit right, and as they are known and missed at home they are no further use to the regime.

So valuable lessons are as accurate as a bare faced lie as they clearly show over time they get blindsided all the time. Taken left field or just blindsided to the point of proving they never actually learn and that they say it, because they are expected to say something constructive and we have swallowed it now for decades.

Passing The Mantle.

The passing of the mantle is not just a British thing it goes back way before the Greeks. The mantle of office is being jury rigged to avoid another election and yet the leader was not the one the populace voted for. This sneaky bounder and cad style ploy is being played out right before our disbelieving eyes on the world stage press no less. Mandela said he was passing on the mantle but he didn't nominate nor did he train a successor. A political party campaigns on the premise that the electorate vote for the man or woman of the moment because of said candidates ability to inspire leadership capabilities as the potential leader of our nation. A new leader of the party cannot hand over the elected status to another un-voted candidate just because he resigned as party leader. Did he also resign as head of the nation prime minister if so that is an electoral decision not a party one. No he took the job as elected proposed leader of the nation from the Tory party and leadership office and held that position by a party vote. Now forgive me for pointing out the obvious here but that is two separate and distinct offices and one does not have entitlements in the other. The Tory party is not the prime minister there can be only one, it is a position of state office not a party position from membership or by duty. This is an illegal move that is as cowardly and selfish as they have already proven to be in peacetime turning on the sick elderly and infirm. Penalising British citizens against their human rights as they use the invested rights of the nations people as the leader of the state office for the nation against the best interests of the persecuted groups. Underhanded and has no place in a democracy this is divisive if not dishonest.

This is not a passing the mantle position in a democracy now if it was Putin doing it or China doing it we would all have seen the fraud for the sham that it is. The nation has spoken, the man has years of service left and if he stands down surely the leader of the opposition (the motion defeated the house play) is the natural successor or back to the poles old boys. Where is ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Watson’ when the nation needs their sense of fair play on the playing field of life, instead of this ‘Harry Flashman’ style of political caddery and boundless contempt for the rights of its own electorate.

The Ugly Truth.
Safe Harbour.
The Ugly Truth.

The Chilcot snowflake lands today, the groundswell grumble from the beat from the jungle beat is in anticipation of a state of the art, long winded, sugar free saccharin rich white silk coating finish to a literal tomb that only the summary will be read in any depth. The Iraq casualty count roughly evaluates to number of 151,000 to one million deaths. That works out at four words to one word per life lost in the conflict, the report was delayed by five or six years and no resolutions have been obvious.

The live feed from the commons is contrite and civilised and blame has been leveled to more than one contributory area. The main thrust as written up in the all knowing Wikipedia pages goes like this:

‘On 6 July 2016 Sir John Chilcot published the report, more than seven years after the inquiry was announced.The report found that Saddam Hussein did not pose an urgent threat to British interests, that intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction was presented with too much certainty, that peaceful options to war had not been exhausted, that the United Kingdom and United States had undermined the authority of the United Nations Security Council, that the process of identifying the legal basis was "far from satisfactory", and that a war in March 2003 was unnecessary’

The thing about wars has always been that superior firepower has never been a certainty, superior forces have historically sometimes been overcome. Superior tactics are the most decisive in weighing up effectiveness. Even superior strategies can come unstuck though so war has never had a particular success rate in the field of conflict. Just compare the Iraqi casualties and then the British and the American to get a clearer idea if an imperial force was killing the rebel alliance or not.

The fact that the war was conducted by a superior combination of forces using more sophisticated weaponry is clear in the casualty count from both sides. The facts are that a superior force with superior firepower and weaponry did not settle the Iraq question and that ISIL or ISIS was spawned from the dregs of the resentment that war always leaves in its wake.

The idea of war is to engage an enemy until one of the factions involved wins and one loses or concedes defeat. The idea of relentless pursuit and invasion has more in common with extermination or genocide than the terms of war. The field of battle has been reduced to unmanned conflict against personal foot soldiers. The automated weapons of modern warfare are the tools of extermination, that when used by a self righteous ideology that just seeks to impose its will and ideology to subjugate. This makes modern day warfare no better than an extinction policy to enslave the inferior.

The Plain Wrapper.

The obvious tends to escape our notice when we are on a planned course of action, following a script, being distracted by an unresolved issue, or just being ignorant or naive about the area in question. There are no perfect being in the world to model the human condition against as that is a misnomer as being human has mistakes naturally built into the condition. Errors, poor judgment, oversight, being blind sided or being kept unaware of the full facts. The consciousness looks out on the world through a limited window, anything behind you is not visually seen and to the left and right just out of central concentration is also missed. The other senses confirm into memory experience, visually (can be tricked or fooled), audibly (depends on recognition and association), smell (again recognition and familiarity orientated), this just leaves taste and touch. These two are proximity dependent and require intimacy to be effective in memory retention. Memory that is easy to recall is best brought to the fore using with the use of conscious visualisation techniques. Tactile feeling is enhanced by smell and taste and the recall facility is better where the memory has an effect on the being at the moment of experience. Cherishing, luxuriating or making the most of it immersion in the experience. Day to day life does not afford this luxury in a minute by minute journey through the journey of activities we daily or routinely repeat.

How memory gets jaded over time is largely due to how much is already experienced and so is more automatic in processing the event, brushing teeth, showering, dressing, driving they produce so little new stimulus that they are automatically consigned to automatic scanning. This is true for stable sensory awareness with good attention spans, and is debilitating in people who are not as focused and waver between immersion to attention and is further compounded if their senses are impaired.

If the senses are delimited or are in fluctuation, or are inhibited by say allergies like hay fever. Then recall will be a problem for this type of consciousness. Wavering between emotional experiential immersion in the moment is a memory intensive experience, while logical evaluating perception is a mindful experience and is generally visually led. The problems that stem from this form of debilitation are recall and retention or recording the experience to memory with an incentive for easy recall. Memorability, rewarding experience, awe inspiring immersion are the keystones for quick or easy recall. The mind looks out onto the world in a tunnel vision that adds sound and smell during the experience. A physical endeavour will add a tactile level to it as taste is elevated to quality evaluations of the experience unless it is a banquet or meal.

Delimited senses or wavering attention and being prone to wandering off at an early age can resurface as a problem that may undermine the early onset of alzheimer's disease in some people, where their adult life produced little new stimulus and so the days blend with routine and recall is by association delimited by it. The probability of the conscious mind that does not use immersion in the moment and looks out at the world from the seat of the crown of the mind in resolute attention is the very differences of the heart and mind not sharing the same language to experience life. In a dangerous world or environment it is essential to keep a good level of conscious attention on the moment. Those that are not compulsive in application of techniques or script will tire of the duty and get weary keeping up the hard work of constant mindful focus, if they are more of the heart than the mind by nature. The mind in the individual can willfully overrule the heart but a constant overruling will in the declining years become less effective as any way we live constantly in a mind and heart environment, have equal share of the body. The emotions will eventually wear down the minds overbearing rule till impulses even long suppressed one will overrule the mind, sometimes the rational may well become distorted, second childhoods spring to mind, wandering tendencies of the wayward child that were suppressed in adulthood, emotional denial in the trail of life is not a balanced approach to life.

The obsessive compulsive mind dwellers that suppress the emotional nature and don't give it an airing or indulge it in life will pay when the declining years start to impose on the day. The same is obviously true of the completely obsessive periods of emotional saturation and impulse driven living needing a logical approach in the declining years. In the later group this could mean late education, study, taking up a hobby to balance the life experience. The compelling overrides will have to be balanced out in the decline. Karma must be leveled, taxes must be paid, death will find us all and life must be lived not viewed from some remote and lofty point of mind looking down from the eagles nest point of view somewhat removed from direct experience and close to the realms of virtual existence.

The mindful experience of life is essential but it has no greater right to life than a balanced emotional reign of experiences. If life is a journey as it is described by some people, then is it a set pace like a train or a car journey. Breaking inertia then going up through the gears to top speed and then settling into cruise mode. Because that reflects journeys in the modern world. A one speed no time to touch the sides joyride through life will only ever have early formative memories and experiences as the world is a new place then. A paced walk through life will have a single outcome. The journey of life has strolls, walks, chases, running, hopping mad, scouring, searching, frolicking, resting, camping and residency for nesting needs. How will you pace your life and will you just choose to live in your head, or rest in the comfort of your heart.

The Upper Hand.
One from the press.
The Self.
All About Me..
The Upper Hand.
A Poem
Chris Millar

When the day presents the next challenge, in direction blocking
A knee jerk or impulse, could lead to results most shocking
When we wrestle with the day, as we wend our weary way
Its all about the action not ever about the say.

One leads and the other follows, wading out of lives shallows
Take direction in the nod or the wink of the unspoken think
The shared exchanges of the inner know, as we go
While we show our wares defeating dares as we sow.

We tend to only go with the flow if we like were it goes
If it looks shady or too much trouble, its off on our toes
The underdog thing is a difficult thing to swing, eye on the prize
Dancing sure footed prancing galoot-ed, is just distracting lies.

We tend to partner with whoever is willing to follow
As most find out playing second fiddle, pans out hollow
So on top of the facts and never getting taxed
Except when your getting some that’s more relaxed.

When the road winds on and we reach that fateful hour
As contempt rains heavy like an invisible shower
As the willing and meek start to usurp our power
Avoid sending wreaths, send a single withered flower

Leave with the bridges intact and not burning
Calm down all unresolved feelings and yearning
Take the time to let them down with an even hand
Careful how far they fall or how they may land.

Invest in the time, that it takes to settle the deal
By staying in the moment, and keeping it real
Make sure they are strong and back on their feet
Treated as a person not some slab of meat.

Catch the eye of the lass you saw through the glass
As you head for the highway after delivering the pass
On to pastures new and the wheel turns one notch
As you head for the place filled with talent and scotch.

Oh What A Gift.
Oh What A Gift.

What does the EU do and how well does it do it is one line of investigation that is bringing something more obscure to light. Is the EU in effect a dictatorship that started of as a co-operative. The idea of a co-operative is appealing but the diktats are more than a little offensive. As a commercially based coercive negotiator, they are not doing so well with the rest of the world. All the countries who’s politicians sold their sovereignty without telling the people that this was part of the ‘Trade Deal’ did so illegally. The representatives of a democratic population have a duty to defend the constitution and do not have a right to sell its sovereignty for pocket money, that comes with diktats. Every government of any country that is based on a democratic process is charged by the constitution to defend the population, to use their collective rights on their collective behalf in defense of the realm and to never use them against the law abiding populace and to only restrict rights in the cases of law breakers punitively. The sovereignty is the will of the people and the government is elected to protect it by the constitution; agreement of the people as to how they wish to live and what their freedoms are, none have any personal responsibilities built into their constitution. The government is a group of people hired to do a job within it and as such are as subject to it as the rest of the populace by sovereign agreement. No democratic government has the authority to sell the state sovereignty as they all only have one casting vote in that nations poling system. No trade agreement has any need to ever have to trade its sovereignty on the negotiating table at any time as trade is an industry within a nation or is international at the world wide level of trading. Anyone using sovereign rights as a bargaining chip in a trade agreement is committing an act of treason without a consensus taken from its own electorate.

The EU tactics of arguing against sovereign rights in a so called ‘Trade Agreement’ is not trading for commerce but has another undeclared agenda or purpose. The smoke screen rhetoric about quality of goods is a matter for international law not just a single continents opinion, laws or diktats. No single nation nor any Union of nations has the right to dictate to the rest of the world. The idea that all goods worldwide should meet a certain standard for use and a quality assurance as well as be subject to material minimums, is obvious and will be achievable in time. This does not take a diktat but international treaty. Then there is just the inconvenient truth of course that old chestnut. Just how did a two strike dictatorial country ever get into a position of such influence and power ever again. This is a third strike for a nation that left to its own devises cannot help itself, its political capabilities are highly suspect and though no arms are being brought to bear. The pen is proving that with inflexible administration it is more capable of targeting in this information age, those deemed outside the conformist state view of eligibility.

Who are We.

The other question that keeps getting misdirected away from is glaring in its absence in the debate. Why will the largest free trade countries and trading blocks not deal with the demanding terms of a megalomaniac drive to have their sovereignty included in the bargaining for trade. Trade is established and licensed to the industrial structures that are licensed by their respective country of origin. They then become international by international law (No question of sovereignty) in these arrangements to trade on another nations soil. Most if you are not Starbucks or BHS pay the resident taxes in the country of trade or licenses should be revoked by international law. So what kind of mindset thinks that a licensed industry or a government trade advisor has with their little one man one vote status the right to decide sovereign issues because they are being coerced. Each nation has proven there is a consensus but there is a split sometimes right down the middle of the electorate on certain issues. It may take asking three or four tick in boxes starting with ‘Do you believe we are a Democratic Nation’ and then asking the constitutional one.

This brings us to the elephant in the room, the one question about national identity that is not being asked, and it is more important than where we find ourselves lost in the media despair reporting of how powerless we all are and heading for doom and gloom. If you could ever believe everything the national no agenda, unbiased reporting rags all say. Is this nation a democracy or a nation of shopkeepers ready to sell out our forefathers hard fought for sovereignty, just to trade with a dictator. The other glaring thing of course is just what happened with the collection of countries that surrendered their own sovereignty for trade to join the EU fellowship cult, and was it worth selling their nations souls to live a less complicated life under someone elses rule. Did each nation get asked the right question, did the people decide or was it all top down management tactics of what they don’t know about cant harm us.

All for One.

The last point of interest that every so called informed expert in their field is avoiding asking or is even misdirecting us all away from is in a Union of countries does each country only have one vote that reflects the civil will of the electorate. If so then Scotland and Ireland voted to remain, while the other two nations voted to leave. Not Counting London for obvious reason, after all the populace is a national count the nations in a union one nation one vote state. If Frances previous vetoes, and Spains current ones are a reflection of EU rule then as a four nation (Gibraltar? British or UK) union it stands at stalemate and then we have to look at Gibraltar as the casting vote. No one can of course assume this as the four nations have not declared themselves as a democracy (one man one vote) or not. This has to be asked to use the existing results from the last ref, or else there is a referendum that deals with nationality or identity of the state we agree we are partners in. Then the salient questions must be asked to eradicate any form of misinterpretation. It becomes more of a questionnaire the more questions being asked. No present political party that are at this time in disarray or are even leaderless and are behaving like headless chickens as they all run around in a state of national crisis. Appearing to be more interested in party status than in serving their nation. The questions should come from an independent intelligent source that has declared itself on political or moral grounds to produce the questions that will resolve the state crisis. But what do I know I’m just an old fool past his prime with a set of disabilities that no one wants to take into account. Nor do they want the liability of any injuries they might still cause in the work environment, not to mention no company will insure such a high risk set of disabilities if they are in their right mind. Leaving the Boss with the liability buck. The personal discretion of the assessors at rick, and me in no mans land. As personal discretion before the fact will be personal liability after the fact, you can see the dilemma. Now who wants that on their copy book or CV, while I like the rest of the nation am in limbo. Maybe just time to take the bull by the sharp end and get things rolling again. The only real delay comes from getting the momentum back that we lost when our political elected responsible representatives sold our nations pride, blood sweat and tears when they gave away our sovereignty to a nation led Union that already had two strikes in the political bollocks. To regain the momentum of the good ship Britannia we need a pilot to navigate out of the local trade dictators waters then to hand over to a great seaworthy captain of considerable experience, but hey this is the real world after all. So just hay ho and more of the same from the headless chickens as they back bite, slag their opposition, or brag their skills on the public goggle box for watching the trivia of life unfold in a train wreck collision in slow motion as they prevaricate waiting for a sign from god, fate or destiny. Just where is the man of the hour when needed, what do you mean your bus was late again.

Black And White.
Two Idiots, One Good Idea.

The sides are lined up and the media are mixing new angles and generally keeping us from seeing the plain and obvious facts of the matters at hand in the political establishment rank and file. Well the nation is split nearly in two, the parties are split nearly the same way. It all looks black and white from the sidelines and the misinformation and distraction squads are out in force. The media scavengers are having a field day trailing the sinking trawler of the failed establishment to accurately reflect the needs and the will of the people. Never in history have the no real life experienced career minded self seekers been so far of the mark as to the real mood of the people that elected them into power. The accusations fly and the blame game is carrying concealed weapons for unwary backs in both camps. The political wasteland is festooned with the fallen corpses, felled by the fickle out of touch career minded as they claim the higher moral ground on principle while the stab former partners and workmates in their blindside.

The whole farce is a smoke screen that is covering up a really worrying problem that is being swept off the pages of all the rags and the screens of the media tattlers. This is not a political problem, this is a party problem that is threatening to become a constitutional nightmare. The in fighting and resigning is all about status and party principles. The effect on the political systems of our country held to ransom or brought to a halt while they navel gaze is a serious problem that we the voter will have to pay for yet again. Taking care of business is why they were elected, privilege is the perks we tolerate, but if we did not take care of business because of disputes we would feel it in our pay packets. The real black and white stance in this farce is of course the split in the voters, for and against staying. Sixteen million voted stay, while seventeen million voted out. Some of the UK nations took a stance of sending a clear message to Westminster that feel autonomous enough to make up their own minds. Gibraltar, N Ireland and Scotland made it clear that the difficulties with the UK leadership did not effect their judgment and with London voted to stay. The message of the English and the Welsh did not fall on deaf ears either, they showed that they are not happy with the governments rule and its austerity drive and the effect it has had on the nation. They do not like being dictated to and they believe in the democratic process and they see themselves as British through and through. The aftermath is a shambles because the two parties do not reflect the beliefs of the mainstream split. Some identify with working class from the out voters but only a bout a third are labour the rest are anti Tory or voting for autonomy. Some identify with the Tory party and again from the in voters they only strike a cord with about a third the rest are for control, defending their status and income provisions.

The man that would be king was the most affable front for the campaign and was looking more like a figure head for the puppet master. The stand down says more than the papers can tell with their unrealistic take on life as an adventure. Plots, crimes and nasty nature tales are all littered with the angles like sex sells (no doubt it did once) shows how much things have changed in forty years. There is nothing more galling than to come up short because you cannot gauge the mood of the people, that profiling has proven to be a fuzzy crystal ball, while the demographics are looking more like how we like to see ourselves rather than any accurate measure of how we are in life.

Two Idiots, One Good Idea.

The divide has serious implications for the nation. The grass is always greener are the ones that speculate to accumulate have five and ten year plans, view houses as property and investment rather than as homes. They usually have a retirement plan that has sun and carefree life and moderate climes built into it. They trudge their existence in a drudging gruelling life saving for the rainy day that is the final straw to the monkey on their backs. They will abandon the workhouse sell up all assets and move without ever looking back. Then the other half that play safe, live modestly and take pleasure in their home social life and standing and truly see themselves in a nationalistic light. With pride in their life and nation. So when both parties get over their infighting the likelihood that they can salvage party manifestos, pride and policies when they nation rates them as bad as one another and the choices they represent do not reflect the peoples needs or will. They may just find that actually asking us mixing with us and getting to know us instead of their secular and removed stances would be the first place to start. So home loving democratic minded people with liberal standards are the staple. The greener’s from the life is always camp of self foolery are the stubborn other half that are control freaks and will lie, cheat and steal to keep themselves in power. So who you gonna call. Where do you see yourselves.

The last point to note is the spread of hate from the anti migrant mindset as they pursue and harass resident of long standing. People that this nation needs and should defend. This is not the kind of Britain that any of us want to live in and it is becoming the order of the day and would be first place for any party that would be king to curry favour.