Undermining Foundations.
Wallace Monument
The High Ground.
The Convenience Store Bargains.

Just when you think you have the whole problem licked, right at that moment or very soon after comes the side swipe, the unforeseen event. The we didn’t see that coming blinkered thinking that gets us every time. If a job is too easy there is an unseen problem inherent in it and the salesman and the after care teams will leave you talking to a recording while they sun themselves in the mediterranean. The whole we have a standard contract, ready off the shelf, just add water, from the sleep your way to riches guru book of solutions for lazy and impatient people is still a standard gag for the worlds initiation processes. Send the apprentice for a long stand at the stores, is an initiation to keep the boy aware that all things that take time that will last, if its up quick it will be down quicker is the bottom line to this quick fix world. Now if this world teaches that, why is there still the standard contract, the off the peg where everyone wants the bespoke lifestyle with the tailored contract, after all a company that insists that you sell yourselves to them in a world that headhunts the real talent is just keeping the apprentice standing about or chasing all the exits painted as openings or opportunities. You have to face the fact that this is the long stand to make you go away and reevaluate yourselves to find your true worth, put it on display and in the right market viewers and this is the competitive edge of the trial of selling your unique talents instead of surviving on your mediocre ones to make ends meet. Foundation problems all stem from the blinkered thinking we all have from seeing the world from a fixed focus limited perspective position.

Any singularity is enhanced quickly by sharing with others and they will cover your six as we all cover each others. This in itself is the best first principle action for a speedy gang mindset developing as egos vie for top slot, privileges, spoils and the trimmings, or even that biggest delusion of them all prestige and position, that old flattery driven pit of stupidity for the apprentice ego in the pack.

The mind is one of the greatest tools that creation could give us as a resource. It is in its infancy a blank computer without any software, just an operating system, with all the drivers in place to handle the hardware and to stay upright and balanced as we learn to negotiate our way in the limited world of the den then by slow introduction the wider local. The right out of the wrapper newly arrived still have the design and growth methods that get it on its feet and interacting in the world to get through before the gestating nurturing and nature training is started in earnest to get the unit strong on its feet and cognitive in the world. Once up and running so to speak it is badly in need of data and experience and so comes the need to group and to feel we belong someplace else besides the den, often mistakenly called trying to make your mark. We just simply gravitate to like developed groupings, age, language and dialect, background and of course in our own region and within easy access, then the obvious takes over and the distraction phase gets under way. Once the data input part is over and the experiential part is, getting to be steady and when we think we have it sussed we look for the automatic coasting gearshift to cruse a little. Then if we are lucky and the instruction takes hold we will find less need for close quarters defenders as we begin to develop the sense to guard our blindsides ourselves. The need for self reliance can have several points that it can arise from. An unhealthy one is where you feel that being the butt of the joke all the time and constantly being shown up is getting too much and we isolate ourselves to spare ourselves the embarrassment. The funny thing is we never ask why someone or two or three people continue to great lengths after the initial stages are over, envy, spite and other malformed purposes are in the frame for blame. The old drive the highlander out because he is different is still the usual suspect for the ego though. If we look at the pack mindset we know that as a potential alpha is growing in the midst of a competitive and aggressive pack the contenders will sub pack to drive the lone wolf out to better ensure their own place in the pack and at the turning point you are taken as enemy and so those tactics now apply, while in plain sight they must still appear to fit in as they work their way into the graces of the aging pack leader, they intend to supplant. The healthy reason of course is that you begin to see that you make better decisions and judgments than your peers and siblings and that their temperament and behavior no longer sits well with you, also called outgrowing the nest. This will have a fond farewell or a slinking in the night to make the break.

The best tool in the mind tool box is the imagination it can with the aid of well grounded experience and accumulated good data and information, with a clear storing and retrieving faculty prove to be the main asset for your future life. Not developing this will mean fitting in and getting on is the way forward. Or striking out on your own, this in the early days of the great wild outdoors had a big failure rate or made Kublai Khan’s and Alexander’s. The foundations on which we set out our store in the market of life will determine the coursed that we can follow. Setting our foundation to feel included with people that we feel better than or bigger than or even cleverer than not to mention different from is a fools choice. So when you know you don’t fit in and you know you don’t want to harm we move out. If not we fight to keep our place in the group as we see it. This is not a choice it is all determined by how we are, how we relate, and what similarities still remain after the outset of the group as it starts to arrive individually at its settling down points, mates, work, social sets etc.

The foundations of first thinking principles can if they are the wrong materials in the wrong climate and region and the wrong design to take advantage of them properly be the quagmire that drags an industry to its knees and to stagnate and wallow in the market, degenerates into the idiots sales drives, after all the wary will hang on and just not buy off the shelf prepackaged cheap materials, poor design and badly located tosh, but there is still life's little apprentices with their goggle eyes all misted up and running virtual cartoon world scenarios in their limited imaginations, a shark salesman's dream, you can almost hear them rubbing their hands in glee.

Now a heavy water course set of countries like the British isles, that has a lot of water at ground levels lakes and lochs of the stuff even. Marshy ground and ponds used to be all over the land until fifty or sixty years ago, land reform bills are still waiting till the water table drops some for some long term held waste land to become better capable to build on. This in this climate may well be just wishful thinking in both the long term and especially in the current short term climactic conditions. It is time to put away the one size fits all gag and just better educate then indoctrinate than still running the ‘find out by experience’ and ‘learn from your own mistake’ and ridicule forms of hard knocks that are still lingering past their best by dates for use by volume of returns measurement. Even if that means spoiling someone that feels they are owed some payback fun at the expense of another. The puck has to eventually stop somewhere and someone will be the last in that particular line of folly for the new way forward to start to get established. Forgiveness is too big a word it will come down to just choosing to not pass on the same mistakes that were inflicted in your line.

Take the recent water problem from the flooding from rivers that fill up too quickly and don't run off fast enough and flood the local region, just from an increase in rainfall. Has brought to light just how bad water has always been for habitat builders, location, location, location and yet they still don't have plans in the bag of tricks to fix it or even know how to tackle the problem in light of the fact that everyone is looking around at each other waiting and making a stagnant point in the proceedings. Short term quick fix solutions got us here in the first place, so they are not part of the long term management that needs to be put into place as the water volume we have is in pools, seas, rivers, lakes, lochs, and reservoirs. Then there is the volume of water that is stored in ice at the diminishing caps of the spinning ball of dirt, and finally there is the hidden and unquantified volume of humidity in the air and clouds that is the rain that is the current pain.

The landmasses that make up Britain vary in their soil types water tables and elemental exposures region by region and yet the building industry in its own arrogance choose to not cut according to their cloth but to use a stable of accepted types using the same building principles or regulations to build them by and the aesthetics are the price differences by finished design. All nice and well for building a business. But lets look as the old entry level device for building on uneven ground that old front stairs that lead up to the front door that has all but been banished by the make a flat foundation, minimal airspace and airflow, good DPC section to limit water absorption and reduce the damp rising. This little trick could be raised to safer levels in a design update for flood risk housing of the future. Another thing is why is there little or no research into making a ground course brick that is not water soluble or degradable as part of the foundation level bellow the DPC (Damp Proof Course). So we have land clearances and leveling, lower foundations on a fixed base and all to keep the water course damage to a minimum, better more water durable and resistant building materials are not taken in a region by region one size fits all solution. As it is sold to us from the we have prepared one earlier for a unified utopic picture of how we believe the world really is, regardless of what the facts tell us viewpoint. From the don't rock the boat if the bait is being taken school of sucker punchers. So where is the R&D funding or the educational courses that are teaching the next generation of to busy to question must hurry and earn generation of fixers and cowboy builders. Where are the design that take into account the flood risks and how to build up if not on stilts then at least so the water rises are only ever kept bellow the DPC level of the each and every building they build or is this to sensible an idea in a joke driven never getting it right way to run the world into the abyss style of management. So who has got your six on this one for it will come back to bite you in the bank balance of future incomes.

Just when you thought it was safe in the water
Following the lambs of to the slaughter
The herd of lemmings heading for the cliff
You can tell the bull by the unmistakable whiff

Reincarnating the mistakes from the picture so little
Not paring the waste with deft handed whittle
Time to lay out a new rule foundation
Before you unbalance the state of creation.

The New Foundations.
The Self
The Self.
Figure This.

The main problem seems to at last, to be being taken seriously, well that’s the media slant on what is in the open discussion forums and media talk ins. The problem is not what has been taken out of early house design that removed water storage from the house design, but the thinking behind it that lead to a conscious drive to improve house design to make things better. To understand the problem better we need to examine the purpose of the directive and to see what the thinking was that brought these changes into play in the first place.

The rhetoric that was used in the sales pitch idea that was pitched at the industry was to be better in a cost effective way to reduce costs to so called make housing more affordable. Well looking at house prices today and then looking at wages the whole idea missed the market by a few light years as the so called affordable housing for the masses has never actually been realised. The price of housing is still way outside any margin that could be considered affordable by any but an out of touch accountants guesses and fantasies that all normal plebs are on a comparable income level to themselves. When you consider that it was an accountancy drive to improve it and the condition of the high prices being more than the twenty five year markup to settle the bill and realise the home owners ability to meet the interest rate hikes over the time period. A lot of repossessions were happening because of the movement swings in the rigged cost of living fluctuations. So much so that thirty to forty years ago it just was not a good working model that would ever reach its desired outcome as promoted in the sales pitch for the new directives of the day.

When you consider that the mammon base for a cyclic lifeforce of mankind, that is born, lives, breeds and then dies, while the basic building blocks that are to support life must remain, so all property must eventually be returned to the warehouse that must remain in place. Even god made the world first before adding the worlds of life that teemed in the abundant crucible of life. So the foundation for each new generation must remain till life has reached its own purpose for man and his charge as he was given dominion over all life. And since that first point of taking charge he has only managed to upset that balance and for all of the dominion of diverse life has found itself in the charge of the nations of man that seek to impose his will on all things that he can dominate and that man has never tried to fit in and establish a balance with his living environment except at a tribal or clan level. As modern man and so called civilised man are still that arrogant that they think they can compete with the will of creation and its purpose for this place and impose their collective will on the container. Like you have to give a willful child its head till it all goes tits up and has to be taken from him to stop absolute destruction at the hands of the destructive nature of the child. You would not hand the nuclear button to a child but it is somehow ok to hand him the decisive power to steer the course of action for the complete herd. Must be a safety valve ready to hand to take the pedals over and stop him from steering the course and over the edge of the abyss.

So what was behind the thinking that thought that money was a good way to control the whole process of facilitating life in an eternally renewing cycle, in the midst of a planet wide heat exchanger and that not working in balance with an unstable planetary orbit could be ignored in the pursuit of gain. The destabilised planet is in need of assistance.

Lets look at what the heat trapping was all about. The first look at the thinking is achieved by looking at the outcomes of the established process and to assume that it is as was intended. From this initial point the effect of heating property that is made from cheaper materials should have had the effect of keeping the properties that must remain for the next influx from the wheel of life in mammon's property listings. We have to look at what was happening to property before the changes to understand the thinking a little better. A common joke from the times summed up the problem quite well it goes like this:

A woman asks her housing officer to visit as she had a health issue with the condition of the house as she had an infestation of rats that needed to be seen to be believed. The housing officer arrives and she takes the man into the kitchen as she explains that the sheer size of the vermin was frightening, and he had to see it for himself to realise the extent of her problem. Once in the kitchen she gets a loaf of bread from the drainer and takes a slice from the packet. Looks at the housing officer and says

‘when I drop this slice watch the area by the fridge’

the man nods and she drops the slice of bread. Just as the slice was about to hit the floor a giant rat the size of a small cat darts out from the side of the fridge, grabs the slice of bread and then returns to its hiding place in the blink of an eye. The man exclaims

‘wow that was huge, and fast’

he then asks her to repeat it for him, so she takes out another slice and again before it hits the floor the rat darts out grabs and returns to its hidey hole in the blink of an eye. She says to the man now do you get it. He looks at her and says

‘can you do that one more time please it was all so fast I can hardly believe my eyes’.

So the woman again gets a slice drops it and the whole process is repeated in the blink of an eye. When it was gone he said to her

‘every time that you did that a salmon slid down the wall’,

he had an incredulous look on his face at the whole process. To this she simply replied

‘never mind the damp man your here for the rats’.

The problem with housing in the local authority stock was the poorer people that lived in it could not afford to heat the property enough to keep the property in good enough condition to give each property a longer lifespan and to be real value for money, the repairs and renovation bills were astronomical and the rent prices would never meet the needs for good property upkeep. In steps the super hero accountant with a set of rules that would make each property cost effective to heat due to insulation, so some things had to be sacrificed in the cost of the build, better water supplies negated the need for attic tanks and the deal with the devil was made. Wages would have to improve to maintain the properties at a good level of warmth to eradicate the damp problem and condensation so leaky and condensation traps like tanks were seen as the enemy of the progressive drive for maintinance costs, and this damage that was the underlying problem from the poorly paid occupants, came from the fact that they choose to only heat a single room with coal, wood or oil and the better off with newfangled gas and electricity, so burst pipes and leaks were common. So that was not a complete cure and further thinking was needed. So central heating using a minimum level of water was again brought forward as a cost effective way to heat a complete property enough to preserve the stock of the council property base and to reduce most of the damage repairs from damp and mildew. This when it was coupled with the newfangled insulation heat trapping was a miracle of modern invention that saved the short term problem. This then allowed the next stage for progress for better wages and the instituting of a more affluent and comfortable lifestyle for the lower paid while preserving stock property for longer periods. Well hindsight is a wonderful thing after the fact and a bit of a gamble before the facts are all known from the litmus test that is the test of time. The increase of wages put an additional stain on the types of repairs that the lifestyles of the transient workforce would bring, broken windows, doors, plumbing and electrical were all outdated and needed to be improved and the costs reduced. But from the amount of well off plumbers, glaziers and electricians as well as builders the hiked strangle hold the unions had to raise wages, put paid to the so called financial solution of the accountants advisers.

Lets leap forward to the present day, while the lets bill you for the problems with the weathers current incarnations of the we can make it all cost effective and still reach the solution that the world of man needs for his growing population base. Sure heat is trapped at ground level and houses made with cheaper materials with central heating and good insulation reduce the need for constant maintenance. This could if the costs of power were cheap enough bring the solution that was first needed as a solution to the original problem, be the on paper answer to the real need for not using ideals to judge life by. But the whole weather problem crept unobtrusively into place over a thirty to forty years period till we find ourselves in the present position of greater water retention in the atmosphere, shrinking ice caps more ground level heat retention in built up city areas, and pressing accumulative weather spikes taking their toll on us all over the little ball of spinning dirt. There are always cost saving in the short term where it is subsidised to get a quick start, but without a good overview of the long term problems that interfering with the heat exchanger would bring the present situation was inevitable from the book of the quick returns of accountancy set of solutions.

So lets look at the real heat problems from the gound up and stop blaming the usual suspects, cow farts and vehicle exhaust and you the punter as the criminal they can bill for the next solution if you buy their view of the problem, but lets look at the other known heat sources that radiate heat as opposed to funneled heat escaping directly into the atmosphere in a continuous stream. Well there is a mass of heat generated from the combustion engine still even with massive improvements to the cooling designs we currently use. Body heat from every living being, and the trapped heat that radiates down into the foundation level that with the aid of a damp course keeps the water seepage at bay and seeps into the ground trapping a larger area of heat than is good for the heat exchanger to work as intended in a natural way. We have every radiant heat source at ground level adding to the trapped heat at ground source dissipating instead of streaming naturally as heat is intended to do. Forcing our hands yet again to find a cost effective means as the accountants still hold the bottom line in this solution seeking problem of excess water with no real management unless it has a profit in their balance sheets. The sheer population growth figures have had a gigantic impact on the problem that is not being taken into account. The solution is to minimise heat production from excessive movement for the body input part of the equation. The next big area it to produce power without burning anything to add to the heat buildup and to take the heat out of all kinds of production and manufacture. To once again let the cold winter build up water as ice in a cooler ground level as it is better balanced and more stable weather in this pattern. Of course just think of this on a warmer planet if you will, take a look at the insect kingdom and its numbers are huge, there is enough insects to consume every body as a cadaver from every animal and mankind in the world today. Now imagine giving them a warmer more conducive breeding environment, now if that creepy crawly idea doesn’t get you. Imagine them being more agressive in the greater heat. Get the point yet.

This problem is compounded in the Arizona water drought problem. So some early thinking was to cut the size of engines and this did help when the population was smaller, but what sort of heat buildup do you think is happening in several mile long several hour tailbacks of traffic in jams with all those idling engines blaring heat and hot exhaust fumes into the warming globe as it heads into its warm up phase, that is already fifty to sixty years into its first transition phase. Not just from them but add to that the accumulated input from all over the whole world. India, Europe, America, Britain where the sheer traffic volume in the daylight hours the warm faze of the day, and then the night shift kicks in warming up the night, which should be the cooling part of the day and all the little countries too as they tailback and trap greater heat at ground level compounding the problem. It is not just the exhausts that are the problem but the accumulated volume of traffic from the increased population of the present day car owning workforce of the entire work level of modern society. And still no apparent insight into ways to deal with the added water from the melted ice caps, large exposed water masses evaporation in warmer climates and even cooler climates evaporate more with artificially heating the ground space to drive water saturation down, even if it is at a slower pace. Now when will the fat controller wake up and put away the calculator as it is now very late in the day to be still trying to make everything cost effective when the needs of the situation now outweigh the possibility of it ever paying for itself in cash, and the final payment will almost certainly be the cost to life itself. Lets see what quick fix they try to keep the we print our own modern day version of wealth providers in a credit based quantative easing capitalist society comes up with. To not have to pay what they owe for their rush towards to profit at our expense. And off course what plans do they have to get out of paying for their mistakes and bill you for the problem and for the solution to it as they never pay. Just look at the behavior of bankers and politicians that give so generously to themselves in their own pay rises and bonuses while they deny you a living wage. So don’t buy the financial problem lie any more it is all a cover up, to make us feel guilty for the bad or cheap designs and solutions that they keep selling us. So just who is the guilty party here in a blame driven society of the burgomaster book of solutions.

This now brings us to the old cloud seeding problem, with the old chem trail lie tied to its tail of woes. No luck there guys is there and the scare stories are getting rife from the fear minded little scared of everything's store of excuses and tools for manipulation. So how do you reestablish the balance of sufficient cloud cover for the Arizona hole in the cloud banks and the Australian hole over such a large continental area. Hmm decisions decisions decisions, just when you are at the trying it all out for size phase of the make the masses feel guilty and make them pay to fix this problem you created with your short sighted vision of a better future that pays for itself as it goes. In a utopic fairyland paradise where want and deprivation will be eradicated from the Grimm’s tail book of childish solutions for a better world. Used to keep the slumbering from getting restless as they dream the idiots dream on this man made conveyor belt straight to your man made hell of a future that only you can see and only you will want. For it like every other man made solution, device and dream that ever came out of your quick fix solutions book of don't pay if you don't have to, spend anybody else’s money but your own and blame any idiot that cannot defend himself or even see it coming that will never ever live up to expectations from the little book of fairy tails you keep selling each generation.

Lets take a look at the emotional response level of man, and also take into account the sensation level of experiencing interaction. Bear with me there is a point to this seeming tangent to the theme. With emotions that are now being controlled by behavior modification programs, the final outcome for them should be the mold for the basis of character development, the emotional swing from high to low has to be stabilised and using a trellis or support mechanism will make a cultured beginning for something that is being hot housed. The secular start will make a more gregarious and outgoing conclusion to an indoor plant once it is planted in the nice neat rows and cultivated gardens of the backwater tributaries of the little oasis’s of life that are the scatterings of the cultivated seed of man. Now in comparison life that has no experiential input no stimulus will stagnate and at worst case scenario become maligned demanding a mortal solution at its extremes. Like water that has no impurities cannot support life the balance between purity and acceptable bacteria is a tricky business. Now the sensation seeker that has escalated their need on an exponential basis with little or no regulation will find that the senses have a tendency to dull down when recognition is achieved, take a fresh smell that will awaken the sense to the fragrance. Sit in it long enough and you become less aware to it and become inured or acclimatised to it and concentration demands your attention elsewhere, and the awareness recedes into the greater collective. You just simply become less aware of it and it is passed into the background process of sampling till something new and more pungent awakens the recognition factor again. Now the worst sort of sensation overdrives from the over achievers school of saturate yourself and escalate to the heavens graduation classes of yesteryear's old boy network of self indulgent deviants. Will when the process is in auto shut down because it has been recognised, and the attention has moved on, in the obsessive they will try to extend the time in the sensation to saturation point where it will be shut down completely as continuous escalation is not a life purpose intent. So what do these sensation junkies do next add another sensation to it, add risk to the dulled down process to get their fix again. Then when open areas are a source of fear of exposure and doing things in the open with a chance of being caught where you know what you are doing is just wrong. Then the final phase near death and asphyxiation is the last part of the trap that a weary soul not getting the same returns from their habit will succumb to the final release and expire accident waiting to happen as they become more absorbed in the little bit left to be had. The fact that escalation is a defect in any and all aberrations to the norm or perceived norm is just a fact of life. The problem is how to kick the habit before the inclusion point and the whole process leaves the rails completely. Well they are trying to override the recognition level of awareness and it is recognition of the problem that is being overridden so the solution is being negated to stay in the sensation. If ever there was a definition for the old catch 22 problem it is this plain old fact. This is anti life, because all of life's functions are directly traced to the recognition factor from the senses to the group or family, to the ways and means or customs or to what we call the tribal effect, feelings that stem from the recognition of familiar traits in others that make us feel like we belong. All subjective of course at a purely intellectual level, because we emulate each other at an unconscious level we see the similarities we recognise in ourselves in others before we see the differences. So the bottom line for illness is or anti life actions and responses is, ignoring the facts to stick to your single purpose, you have started so you will bloodymindedly keep on keeping on regardless of better advice as you are seeking to control not recognise. So why do you not recognise the truth right before your eyes, you do not wish to as it will lose you the feeling of being in control and being able to work your will as you see fit to get the results you want. Now can there ever be a better analogy from the addicts relentless pursuit of its payoffs in its habits, that can ever model or reflect the same condition in the so called ruling classes behavior as they seek to work their will instead of work in harmony because the little bits of paper they print for their own selves as they see fit is not enough to go around somehow. This just seems like a lame excuse to remain in control and to deny the real problem and worse still to admit their part in creating it. Denial, denial, denial, decisions, decisions, decisions. So just when will it be time to enlist the conscious help of the newly awakening without the indoctrination process to the secret order of silence, that still uses the tactics of confusion to the enemy of their control.

It is past time to take an obsolete system that is clunking along on an assumed outdated set of understandings from a bygone age and to take the bold approach of building a few prototype models and to take the best results lines from them to see what is better needed for the day and age we live in. Gays exist get over it, man is complicated deal with it, the so called ill educated still retain a natural savvy that knows better than your lies and can hear it every time you open with your shpeal speaking script that they will never swallow. This is the fact you will never be able to overcome, get a workaround for or master in any way shape or form. The hard realities are that you have overridden and suppressed the recognition factor to the point that the periphery of their collective awareness's are being attention grabbed and the filtration will produce a backlash if you are still the control freak keeping on keeping on when their attention becomes focused with the new dawning of awareness to the problem and its causes (the real ones) and the supposed defenders of it, trying to keep it secret, will only display guilt and so raise even more suspicion in their early warning targetting systems. So it is now time for a completely open and honest revelation or you can just take your place against the wall for the first volley from the first ranks of the peoples of the worlds revolution on their search for truth and freedom from incarceration from the masters of the known universe. On a ball of dirt like this, where can you run to and where can you hide when they get you in their focus and convince themselves of your collective and ancestral guilt. Madam guillotine is a blood thirsty mistress of the tactics of the new broom sweeping a cutting swathe through the ranks of the enemy. You might want to think again that denial, and misdirection and hiding your part in it all and wrongly thinking that is the way to go forward. They may just leave you in a room with a single shot gun and let you know that if you fall on your own swords your children will survive and a good story will be written for some mythical services rendered as a fitting epitaph. To jump or be pushed, a solution right out of your own bag of dirty tricks, hoisted by your own practices the price of arrogance against the ignorant of the facts. In a world that makes us pay and you let yourselves away with everything there will be a reckoning and there will be a bottom line in the fall from on high. It is not the fall that kills you as the man that jumped from the top of a high rise flat was heard to say as he passed each window on the way down, ‘so far so good’ at each level of his fall. It is the sudden stop at the end that will stott the carcass in a jig on the rebound at the point of impact. Watch out for the bottom step it is a doowsey.

The Birds Eye View..
The Self
The Self.
The Eye of the Beholder.

Well imagine that, Scotland isn’t being fair to its ethnic education superstars, they are just not getting the opportunities because we have total autonomy in tax raising and investment powers to invest in their opportunities after they have achieved better standards than the facilitators of their new found educational statuses. Yeah well that is all a matter of perspective for a distracting media campaign to keep the real purse string controllers out of the picture. The volunteers have all taken a back step when the call for volunteers went up. The purses got shut as the industries got shut down, coal, manufacturing, shipping and the defense budget, getting slashed, then power generation and now the oil industry American glut of expensively stockpiled oil at original prices of $100 a barrel flooding the market to bring prices down to the $30 dollar prices of the unrigged circumstantial point of the daily grind, in response to the blackmarket glut from the middle east terrorist style businessmen of the religious front of the non materialistic religions fundraising arm for the Islamic state. This flys in the face that god does not need the help of man to establish his dominion on earth that is a vanity of the man. God does not need or use the man made token for time effort and energy to bring about changes in the material world. The very world that he made before he made all of the diversity of life worlds that occupy it in his dominion. As caretakers and stewards for his dominion will the wanton destruction of the environment for the sake of man made coinage sit well with him. When he finally does take dominion to occupy the seat of his power on his earth, and what sort of payment is there for this sin of the pride of the beast as it beats its chest and rail's against the fates to make its stamp on its presumed dominion. Imagine thinking that an interpretation from you that cannot control the weather and have not got any real power over the domain that is someone else’s creation. Call it arrogance, plead the ignorance card if you feel like playing the joker card as a last line of defense but never forget that you are only halfway into the fall and that the return is all uphill and all excuses are already known by him. Best ask the liar for a loan of his advocate. To argue the better in the final court of succession. But never loose sight of the fact that the throne is the final arbitrator (arguable traitor?) and what makes you think that your will (fee will in an obedient race is willingness) where willfulness reaps retribution and not justice, for the ego hides in that argument.

This environment was made first with all of its defects and was made to nurture life that is impelled to survive and thrive in the environments that it finds itself in, adapt and survive, continue till you thrive is the only criteria that will be evaluated. Even if he hears all the arguments out and even applauds the presentation and gives due to the one that demands it, even he knows that the final decision rests with the true seat of power of creation. Not with the ego of the little engineering feats of the toolmakers and dictators in their execution of their own burgomaster decisions.

Scotland is an asset stripped and subjugated annex to a money, resource and manpower draining centralised autonomy. They that believe that they can remain seated in the house of god are not arrogant and will not receive the final dispensation for their sin of pride as instilled by the religions bodies that swayed the decisions of kings and queens to ensure their own influences on monarchy. This includes the English, the French and the Spanish for invading the nations of the world to annihilate their own culture to implant their own in no way reflects an ego filled with self important pride. To the detriment of all other cultures for a sigle minded ideal. Where do you think a false ideal leads to in a world of diversity, when it has but a single view and purpose in all its drives.

The brain drain on Scotland has been in place to draw the very best of our own indigenous crop to the corrupt central hub of an ego competitive central point of dominion on the southern tip of the main archipelago land mass. The people that are fighting and quite rightly that were facilitated to subsidised education in a nation like any other that does not take full advantage of its own facilities. Nothing new there then in the tribes of man, the very red flag to the bull them aside and take their goods policy of an invader. When you understand that we are now becoming resistant to this drain on our own home grown talent, after centuries of being asset stripped as an empire builders resources. It must now fall on the heads of the better able to understand to see that they are now the draining resource that the southern capital will harvest for its own uses. By their own ambition they will be fished to the greater need to establish the foundation of its own fading empire status. This last and final stage of its decline is best seen in its criminal application of austerity on its own populace with undue care and attention to the periphery of its declining star as they cannibalise and fight to preserve what little they still have in the way of materials, resources and dominion. All the dominions of man are subject to the test of time and it is fast becoming clear that nothing that man makes lasts or has permanence, and all that god creates has stood that test and shows improvement with each passing generation. In a rigged game devised to eradicate the ego’s pride that it is if anything in his sight, excempt what he intends for man and will not be swayed by mans own myopic view from his own seat of self importance, in his world, just thought you should hear the closing arguments before you present your well worded and devised case for appeal.

So please don’t turn on the hand that fought to keep education freely available to those that have the foresight to understand its importance. For those that have the discipline and the will to avail themselves of its benefits and then to take the handout and to only try to usurp the self preservation practices that have had to be developed in a world that is driven by the recognition that we all pay our dues and there is no exception. So if man says there are only two certainties in life and that is death and taxes. Then in his dominion there is only one, become what he intends and leave all your little ambitions for the trails that all men must pass through on lifes journey. You are now our greatest asset and we are proud to have been instrumental in giving you what was denied you in your own homelands and would have cost you dearly down south. So please do not rock our boats on the backs of a media campaign which is being used to usurp the need for this little country to get off its knees to stand at the table that they have invested three hundred years in life, blood and resources to earn our right of passage that is life's good investment. Please do not let your investment in your education be lost in the ignorance of joining a wheeled out bandwagon platform that is just another tool to undermine us and keep us on our collective knees for yet another war driven imperative from a southern dictator using their velvet glove to suckerpunch the unwary as they seek to finance further subjugation of other races to their high ideals. Please take the opportunity to improve your lot you are our best resource in this three hundred year stalemate to give us a chance, and please on your journey to a better provision for your children remember where you were given this new found resource to better your selves and to better provide in the greater market of the entire British Isle. We would prefer it if you would just commute further for greater rewards and allow your children and their children to take advantage of our educational system as we re motivate our own to take better advantage of this ready resource, for our own future needs. Be better aware of any directive from the south. Especially if it comes from so called open discussions on any BBC broadcast media. For it will be presented in a different manner that it is viewed at its source, so keep in mind that we are not the Westminster government and are subject to its rule for the next little while. We are sorry how this affects you but you are now more capable to take advantage of the situation if you are aware of all of the facts and not just the PR release of how it is presented to your presumed prejudices. Your educational levels are now astute enough to know when you are being used by a nation that has historically used others to work its will on the ignorant or less informed.

Congratulations on your diploma now comes the school of life the refining process of learning the ways of the world and to not allow the unscrupulous to use you to their advantage and to guard against the ploys of the rulers. To graduate in the school of life is by direct experience, to learn and grow and have the right to further integrate is earned. This is where you will begin to understand the socialist underpinning of the local Scottish mindset, we are many and we are all in the queue and many have been queuing for decades in the lines of our forefathers that stretches back hundreds of years of servitude and domination from an invader, surely you more than any other should understand this and appreciate what it takes to stand in the face of a relentless onslaught from an unforgiving foe, that has intentions on your land, people and resources for their own purposes. Thank you for at least listening to this humble request from your benefactors even in our tireless fight for self preservation we will still lend a hand to those that can best benefit from it and with such limited resources to squander we must make prudent decisions for the greater good of us all. For we seek to leave none behind and we will not leave our ill, aged and infirm to the devices of an absent ruler that has no real understanding of why we do that. As they choose to farm out their parents in their old age for someone else to keep and look after. To never forget the debt that all men owe their sires and dams for the life breath they continue to draw from the sacrifices that were made for their futures.

Come join us one and all at the tap owe our meager table
Bring wan bring all that are inclined and find themselves better able
Sit yeh doon weel bunch up and make a wee bit more room tae sit
Were no that proud or that mean that we grudge this little bit.

For though we haveny got a lot in store to spread aboot
We might even gee yeh the test of the daft galoot
That minor tall tale to check yer speed as a welcome test
So we dinnae offend as we put yeh through oor we jest.

Yer welcome and that’s nae lie tae make yeh feel welcome
Its in the hope fae oor hospitality yeh learn tae dish back some
There’s room fir awe his children at Tam McTavishes table
Ah swear its true and this is no some modern worn out fable.

So when the tables cleared and we awe get up tae dance
Well get a ceilidh on the go fir that auld glance and chance
And when that's done and are fed watered and found fit fir life
Some leave the hall quenched from the quaiche with maybe a future wife.

The rest will stay tae clear the tables and hae a last we dram
The spotlight calls all the players from the sire and the dam
We'll take the floor as they do the chore, in poem and in song
About that place where we hear the call and the heart forever will long.

Of fond tidings or great deeds of those that came before
If yer feet don’t tap to the lilting voice, while the aged snore
You see some must stay behind and pass it on to the new night time breed
In ode and song that stirs the new till their yearning hearts will bleed.

But some must make sure that the older ones wake to a friendly face
Bundled up in a warm and friendly waking then head them safe to their place
Where no welcome will be waiting, flown the coop leaves an empty nest
After a partner leaves the dance early, is not life’s best test

The final walk for all mankind is a lonely one in truth
Into the mists of time not remembered by no others from your youth
The clutch will be there to put you in the ground
To repay the investment of the penny by paying the final pound.

Mortal Mistakes.
The Runic Tree
The Runic Tree.
A Different Drum.

They say that to turn the other cheek is not just asking for more of the same, no according to a renowned philosophy it is the mark of the superior man. Well so they say anyway but it is a good manacle to bind the masses with. To keep them docile and obedient, the husbandry rules applied to the herd. If you choose to take a book on faith the wages of misinterpretation will have a terrible cost for the unwary. The limits of perception is what sort of comprehension the viewer has, if you have a problem and seek help to get a solution and ask a carpenter for a solution, you will get the wood solution of a carpenter. If you take the same problem to a metal worker you will be given a metal based solution, a lawyer a legal solution. The life experience database of the viewer or so called expert is the limitations to the solutions that you can hope to get for your problem.

The idea that any one man or any one being can hold the data and the knowledge and understanding of the data for all things is not a realistic expectation from a mind that is considered leaky in the first place, prone to oversights, distraction and memory failures (dope moments aside) this still leaves the logic limitations for storage, and the limitations of the hard drive to retain the data needed. The human brain is not that good at the moment with its limited genetic makeup, a further genesis is needed for the storage, processing and retention of any given knowledgebase, let alone all the known knowledge disciplines for the known universe.

Man that little observation record keeper variety of passive non interactor in the process voyeurs. Tells us that there are 23 pairs of chromosomes 22 pairs are autosomes and one pair are the sex chromosomes. The idea that there are 46 chromosomes that are split into pairs as they are joined for creation is a scientific view and not a creators view, the view from within the secular vision of the percieved. One set from the male and one set from the female as they enter the marriage arc of the crucible of life. The dominant traits are the most prolific while there are recessives and bad mixes producing varied results. So what is all this interest in getting it all mapped out and why do they insist on slicing and dicing to get investment from the eternal youth seekers. The very material is degradable and is finite in its life expectancy. So why decode it at such a cost and over fifty years of research and investment and still it is ongoing, surely there are no eternal materials that can be spliced to the makeup of the genetic base, it requires a transformation trigger if you believe those old texts. The materials of the periodic table discount that hypothetical theory that it is elemental in origin. The spiritual path teaches that once the wheel is complete for the bloodline recipient of life’s great lottery that life eternally renewing will cease in an epiphany of 'realisation' and transmute the being into an eternal lifer. But science isn’t made up from this kind of life’s faith school fellows thinking patterns. They wouldn’t waste the time the effort or the energy on something so hairy fairy to their thinking. So just what are the backroom boys up to. Lets speculate shall we after all glowing pigs from genetic manipulation from glow in the dark fish DNA was a hoot and a gag but who except for a drug taking ... sorry self medicating clubber that tattoos themselves with glow in the dark ink would want it, it just doesn’t fit the bill for the backroom boys profile and demographic base.

So to get a better picture of the idea behind the mapping, the social experimentation and psychological profiling, demographics study are the nuts and bolts of the concept idea in action, the mapping of the robotic body with its random pairing over generations. That no selective breeding program has ever produced a super human cannot be lost on the record keepers unless we get the edited version of life as they wish us to believe it is. Can’t say what is done of the page not privy to that secular information just speculating from the holes in the data. With the advent of 3D printing technology, and we do have small scale devices to test the prototyping of much larger scale manufacturing, the bio expense of creating a body in a cloned manner is too time and cost prohibitive in the minds of the big thinkers to be a viable option. So a printed body is a likely long term probability study and its the development of the first prototypes are now only a matter of time, financed by the sales pitch boys to the eternal youth investors. The mind is being mapped, the social dynamics of the species is being modeled and then how to marry the two to create a ready made workforce minus the belligerence and the worst traits from the breeding pool. Manufacturing is becoming an automated process that will see less need for a workforce. Which will reduce the need for large populations of ill educated workers. This will still leave the need for a maintenance crew and supervisors skeleton crews. This will be even better if you only need to grow what you need for a specific job and download the dynamics of a mindset that is obedient and can be instructed Joe 90 style, or for the modern generation Matrix style with the skill sets to do specific jobs down loadable from a terminal. The limitations of the DNA means they will have short enough lives to not be a problem and can be replaced every five to ten years because wear and tear ages and delimits the old human carcass and a enthusiastic sleep is a final solution instead of repair or maintenance into old age. The upside of the technical applications is if you can map the psyche of an individual and retaining all of its memories. Man will be just a commodity and instead of warehousing or stabling the herd, just print of what you need at the age you require and keep their hopes and expectations down to manageable levels dumb as they need to be to still do the job, but not to buck the system overlords. The real ‘The Island’ solution to a replaceable workforce for the needs of the day, instead of keeping a sub standard gene poop for body parts and spares, when you can grow what you need as it is needed instead, time, costs yadyadyada.

The applications for this are extensive if you are the master race in the program, you can send a manned space ship or even an unmanned ship to another place in space that has enough raw materials, print out the human carcass from the genetic information for the egg head of your choice, then download all his memories and mind into the cadaver or golem (old testament, not lord of the rings) and you have a replica of the egg head at an ideal age for his genetics and with the updates on the sciences broadcast to the deep explorer to get him/her up to the latest tech before landing. Science fiction has been the progenitor of more than one modern day device, just take Space 1999 and look at the device in your pocket, radio , video and data as well as a smart OS, the mobile phone. then its not too far fetched is it. Computers, travel and all of the sciences owe something to science fiction writers of the past and will probably owe as big a debt to the future ones yet to come. If you believe the small readily available 3D printers potential it is only a matter of time that the synthetic output that can be achieved by biological mapping will be in the exclusive one percent off the page marketplace set o wares for the elite. This will make apples and pears of a likeness to the original, if they ever get consistency built in to the slurry the ploop into place under pressure an in high heat. And initially food products from slurry and insects will be used as the protein level as they are in abundance, industries old favorite free and can be bread in captivity a ready and renewable source of protein in canned and ready meals. Who knows this may even become the backbone of feeding an overpopulated world as it will be all done on the QT of course don’t want to rouse the natives now do we. All joking aside the tech and the knowhow is still in its infancy and if that wasn’t the original intention it will become the suggested next stage by necessity.

The Manufacturing Process.
The Self
The Self.
Made in Mediocrity.

How the cheapening of material is one thing but the bigger picture hides a sinister and savage need for excessive power to fire up the process. The sheer fact that previous manufacturers made it policy to cheapen the process to widen the distribution of cheap goods or in the sales pitch jargon of the times: ‘make it more affordable’ for the masses the only real consumers on the planet. The sheer magnitude of power that was used, the non renewable resources that went down that sink hole all to sell plastic rubbish to people that will discard it when done. Making a landfill problem for future generations. Unless its just shops and their plastic bags clogging up the sea life balance for a quick profit. The salesman solution is of course ‘sell the bags the little morons will take more care with what they have to buy’, like that will ever happen only the responsible level will take the extra care, the care less don’t give a monkeys. Ignorance of all of the facts still has the need to do something from the forward rush that says there is no hiatus in life, do something, do something approach from the we have started so we must continue book of directions for life. That’s a speed rush heading for a brick wall if ever there was one.

The fact that we cannot go back in time because it has been used up in the ever present moment is an undeniable statement of fact, Hitler still did, Christ still was, Korea still happened, not a change has ever happened to the timeline from any form of technological wishful thinking or aspirations. The sheer fact that tomorrow never comes cannot be lost on anyone. The future is built in the ever present being unwrapped to suit certain overriding needs, as interpreted by the profits of the day. There was an article in a paper showing a picture of an apprentice plummer putting a new toilet pan in a small room. The picture was taken by the journeyman as the job was being completed. The apprentice was asked was he pleased with his effort, he replied: ‘it was touch and go at the start but i am well pleased with the result.’. The journeyman then said now try and close the door and then it became apparent that the lad had taken the easiest course for himself, he opened the door to place the pan and WC and just gave himself the most room to work in that he could. Not liking or being able to work in small spaces is a common condition for people that are stressed by confines. But when the job demands it you have to adapt to the situation to get the job done satisfactorily.

The idea that this world is ours says more about the arrogance of the ant in the ant heap thinking the world is its to command than any real reflection of the ants dominion capabilities. There are many worlds within this big spinning ball of dirt, water, magma and air than just the ants or its greater collective the insect world’s view of how they see themselves in their own dominion than in relation to the greater world we all live in, can reflect any truth in anybodies realities. There is the elemental phases of life on the tree, the denizens of the sea. Have their big fish all the way down to minnows and even their insect level the microbes and plankton base. The landmass animals all have their big species as well as the flocking and herding animals (man to) right down to the insects and the microbes. The air element has lots of flocking species and it also supports solitary types as well, but what is their insect level, carrion the eaters of the dead and dying, after all the insect life and the bottom feeders are the carrion clean up crews for each element. Now all these worlds live inside a giant heat exchanger and the rest of the elemental denizens all manage to fit in and establish a balance of having, while not upsetting that delicate symbiosis of environment versus needs. Still is there any evidence that if the life flow stops or is stemmed is stagnation the only result. If life is sluiced off from the flow to create a tributary it must have the right life balance to stock life in a shallow paced flow but to never stop or dam the process. So a deep basin with a trickle in and out will hold life in the backwater from the high paced rapids of the main river and will stock and feed the downriver torrents enough to sediment the river mouth and so extend the land basin naturally. The fear that slowing down will automatically cease the flow is irrational and the thrill junkie on their thrill ride has an aversion to being slowed down. The polarity of worlds apart thinking is the result of this conundrum of subjective (POV of the subject) perception of the complete picture as seen from the inside of the container. Trying to understand other worlds will always be assessed in the viewers thinking as they have no rational to understand any other kind of view and how to assess it in any other than its own learned or evolved ways of seeing assessing and interpreting.

The arrogance of a species that does not know to reign in its own trashing of the planet. Not while there is still a pile of self printed paper to be gained at someone else’s expense. Why use good sense when keeping on keeping on is not stagnation, so never slow down just to check the flow and the damage it is doing until it all blows up in our faces. After all from the book of why do today what can wait till tomorrow is the philosophy of the quick return, too busy to take the time and loose the profit in the slowed doldrums.

Do you think it is possible that any life that is isolated in a container has any real perspective of life outside their own inner sphere. If they do will it in any way reflect the greater world doctrine or will it be listed under the terms of their limited understanding as imposed by the confines of the little room with the door open to better get the comfortable job done. So what happens when one of the worlds that exist within the greater world container, thinks that it can continue to grow as it likes. Taking what it wants, invade any territory it chooses, inflict its rules on all that it sees as subordinate or beneath its exalted self proclaimed importance and status, and has not the grace to know that it is a dictator and a bully to other worlds that are not of its own making. To lack the perception to recognise this glaring fact even to a monotheistic mindset, that the creature worlds and their harmonious lifestyles are what is keeping the balance of the greater world. Obviously lost on a nation of being that thinks it holds dominion on this world, and that sweeping species aside to give itself more room will not have consequences is arrogant to say the least. That this action will come back to bite every world contained in the greater spinning ball of dirt and water heat exchanger that they think they can push around as they see fit, is the lilliputian view from the specimen jar hermetically sealed environment. The arrogance of ignorance is that it thinks that it holds the greatest understanding of all things as they named it all and can identify it all in their own evaluation procedure ’we already have it all mapped, tagged, bagged and summed up’ said the man on the inside looking out the scope of his imprisoned POV to the limits of his vision. Yeah right mate and the cheque is in the post, mind the last step it is a dewsy. After all its not what you know that side swipes you in life, its what you don’t that will take you unaware. Its never what you can see that gets you every time, its what is outside of your limited vision. What does happen when two worlds collide, what no experience of that well that is a shame is it not old one eye in the land of the blind. It may be time to pair up for a better perspective, you lack the depth of perception to get any real insight on the problem. The solution is outside of your limitations and the root of the problem (symptoms) are to, so what ya gonna do. Why not just keep on totting that barge lifting that bale, if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail. Never tell the potentate while he hold the power that he is a dickhead, always wait till the foundations of his seat of power are crumbling and then let rip.

When the other worlds in this world are subject to your trampling
From the lofty towers as you vaingloriously go a nature rambling
The seat of power for the tributary god, with the world at his feet
Is hastened to the chase, excited by what he just might meet

The world is the seeding place for all kinds of dominion
Not subject to a despots rules or his high and mighty opinion
It is not what you know that come to get you in your end
Its whats out of sight beyond the next u bend

What you know is bagged and tagged and seen as done and dusted
You never look again at what is tried, tested and now is trusted
Did your mother never tell you open your weather eye instead
Rushing to the plate half cocked or dashing off full steam ahead

Well past time for another quick fix as we head off where were led
Laying here in daydreaming delusions from our own self made bed
The clock is ticking and the clues are all hidden in the past
Subject to your own petard, if your not fast your last.

The Introverted View.
The Self
The Self.
Inside Out, Backside Foremost.

Must be something of a drive on radio at the moment to get the whole idea of podcast’s into the wider spectrum listening domain. It is getting a steady and low key airing periodically on every other program, and being personally promoted by guest speakers and by the DJ’s and then there is the normal promotions giving the whole idea that it is a growing trend. Well marketed and a good device to try to circumvent the knee jerk reaction to the old fashioned hard fired and wired direct promotional campaigns. From that old media failure of the bygone era of the fixed POV of the four channel box in the corner generation of pile it high and sell it cheep dinosaur mindset of the bottom line thinkers from the old fifties and sixties hippy controllers and dominators. The masters of the old fashioned ideological killers from the concrete mindset of all things in life can be reduced to a subset of amino acids, proteins and chemicals, genes and systems, that can be compartmentalised and tagged bagged and turned out of a factory production line process at will. Like all you need to do is change the compound in your cartridge in your 3D printer device and you can grow yourself weird science style the objects of your desires, it is life Jim but not as we know it.

The reality is a lot less ideal in execution and will never live up to the hype just like all man made things they lack the life spark. When art used to take months or years of meticulous work it was highly prized and became collectible, but in the production line computer assisted developments of this impersonal state we live in today. Art became the modern day second cousin twice removed from the main bloodline for the times and has been diluted down to design with style for the pretentious with lots of cash and no style to think they are buying worth with their hard earned. Well done to the people that took out of the process the very thing that made art collectible in the first place the amount of intense concentration that influenced the gaze of the pretentious (easily fascinated, influenced or captivated by the idea of what it took, in time effort and energy to make it) that they could perceive in the final object not just what it took to make the object, but knew what the process involved. Even getting into high brow interpretations of style, colour balance and form over materials and history (other works by the same artist). Until like those that like to boast of their superior palate discuss the finesse of the taste of a grape drink that was originally produced just to wash food down and clean the palette between sittings.

The pretentiousness of the self involved viewer and the finery of his cultivated sense of appreciation and even honed senses to break taste down to constituent parts knows no ego bounds for either its heights or the depths that it will eventually sink to in its limited short lifetime in a faster paced production line results base introspective self obsessed society of the new plastic era children of the me, me, me generation of Thatcherites. All this in a generation of soapboxer’s with nothing to add but new takes on old themes, rehashed or regurgitated drivel that never held a wide appeal in its day and is a cold smorgasbord of tidbits under the artificial glare of the stimulate me, I am bored generation of quick fixers as they brows the wares of the second hand ideals from the previous generation of failed gurus and big thinkers books of how to get someones attention as you fleece their pockets. All the while trying to keep its wares off the get two for one sales techniques right out of the nobody is buying this tosh, sales handbooks of the lesser productive tit’s habitats and ways of the failed empire of yesteryear bargain box and rummage box shelves as they aim for the prestigious single plinth well lit and presented jewelers displays of the precious artifacts for the elite, or discerning customer. A tall order in a diminishing range of new takes on old themes.

The advantage of the monotheistic point of view is it knows no comparisons, the disadvantage to too much choice is the confusion it brings and so the duplicity for the dumb has held sway for generations, that old black and white view of the world. It in no way is any better than the single minded, but it gives an alternative that does not get lost in countless ways to look at life, methods, situations, knowledge et al. The idea about meditation is the ability to focus concentrated attention (wrongly called mindfulness technique) to view a problem from a single perspective until the realisation process of the observer kicks in and can then be trained over time (it is a willful and wayward process) to look from a single perspective and to turn the problem around in the confines of the mind and even the imagination if you are so highly evolved until the complete process is seen and known and the golden thread of realisation starts to see with the complete understanding of the entire process being the reward for the diligent. Being able to ‘see’ its constituent parts and its environment, materials and makeup as well as interactions it must go through to reveal its limitations and extents that it can achieve. A modern day approach is to use the ‘grain’ of truth without the mumbojumbo of the discarded pearl of wisdom that preserved this ‘grain’ down through the ages of man. This whole loss of attention and focus needs a gentle discipline, when you notice you are or have tripped out then its back to the grindstone. To succeed it takes letting go, going back to the breathing to gain the focus then letting it settle into an unconscious interaction with an enforced rhythm, then as the awareness tries to get away from the boring pattern, a higher state is achieved for perspective. From this point true contemplation is possible. Then it is just practice, practice at seeing the contemplation, through the quick fix early solutions and answers from the snap judgments and quick insight, the child of impatience that has an agenda to keep will produce. Until you eventually get to the point that you look, see and know as the mind hates the confines of contemplative thinking and will find faster and better unconscious processed that can aid the need to know until it looks like genius in action and may even be worthy of a display of approval from the appendage slappers voyeuristic automated response mechanisms. That’s an old fashioned round of applause to you and me.

Now that the process is laid bare take a look at what it used to take to create a work of art in the past. A dedication to purpose, a contemplative perspective, the interaction of unconscious activities (very yoga like), The contemplation held in the imagination over a long period of time that is resurrected at each new session right back where it was left off, once the artist gets back into it and gets up to speed again for the duration of the session. The unconscious is being schooled in light, materials, methods and an understanding of perspective on subject in local, material folds, hue of colour and all the intricacies of the known and perceived world summed in a skill of observation and knowledge of the physics and forms of reality. Not from logic's POV, but from the rational base for the fruit of knowledge's need to understand, not just to quantify and label and compartmentalise but to see the in focus locus of reality with an advanced level of insight with perspective. If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh, a consciousness of understanding is how they infuse and mesh.

The wrong perspective for the extrovert is to take the stance that they can in any way judge for the introvert. The standards the perceived rewards, the means the methods and the ways are alien by their nature are just simply put, worlds apart. The idea that an extrovert is motivated by the look at me directive is just alien to the type. While the introverted being is motivated by I don’t like your attention and find it intrusive seems to be lost on the genius of the need for attention and to feel included need to judges the people of not just another world, but to judge the people of a polar world apart, by their own perceived standards. All this from the monotheistic stance with no insight into why does an introvert make a statement. Rather than being motivated to get up under egos insecure need for reassurance that it is worthwhile and can feel included in an attention seeking exercise called entertaining or performing for the sound of a collections approval from the appendage slappers book of show them they are needed and have your approval book of ancient limited thinking practices. The whole idea of the spotlight is that not all spotlights that you can be subjected to have approval as the pay off and not all audiences of the sticking yourself out there variety come with a good audience or a good outcome for the spotlighted involved for all. Yet another example of how the judgmental all try to use a one size fits all approach to every problem.

So the little abusers with their need to push people around see nothing wrong with using the same tactics against an introvert, almost unaware that their approach smacks of the very same tactics employed to ridicule, berate, and outright victimise the introvert in the first place. Maybe you don’t understand the idea of polar differences, the compulsion to bring to peoples attention for an introvert is dictated by the need in the group and this is the seed in the imperative that the data, information and presentation is needed by some overriding directive from the requirements of the time for the group. Only something that has a strong enough imperative to override the introversion training will bring an introvert out of their shell and only from the inside out, there is nothing that can ever coerce, entice, cajole, berate, implore, compel, trick, entreat, buy or wangle and angle the winkle from its shell. If you do not understand the shell or the nature of the winkle or how it was entrenched in the first place, then you are the wrong solution for an alien to your person and predicament. Best cure scenario don’t make introverts, reign in yer dogs of war, if there is no illness (ounce) in the first place then there is no need (pound) for a cure.

Take the case for comedy, people have undermined comedy with the delimiting judgments from the dictatorial (PC) handbooks correctness section. Then the mission creep that comes from the moreish behavior of man saw it leap disciplines and spread like a cankerous disease into all the aspects of modern life in a polar shift knee jerk reaction to the ‘Hippy’ love and peace daydream right into the grunge and spit and vinegar of the punks of the killjoy religion of the anti hero. The modern day killjoy and enjoyment thief who delights in stealing the joy out of the moment (teachers? Ask any kid) and reducing it to their own egos standards because we are all supposed to be the same. Well we all have the obvious to rely on for this. We all have one head and torso each, two arms, two legs and all the various parts for waste and gender. So ergo we must all be the same. Well if you clone anyone you will still never be able to remake them as they were with all of their understanding, experience and insights and perspectives ever. This has more than anything been the subject for the investigation into twins, triplets and multiple births, even those separated at birth in the lets find out for ourselves view that we are all commodities to the herders of the ‘hippy children’s daydream’, and have a greater need to know. So stand away from the petri dish and keep your opinions where they can be see at all times. The fact that the lessons of a bygone age are lost on the cut to basics, new age reduced soup of modern quick snacks mankind’s drive to scratch the current itch is a little too little for the needs of the day and a little too late to change the course back to the right path. Well with no roadmap no guide and the idiots helper GPS for the dumbed down morons of the choose and tick an answer from four options education system of no brainer’s just who yah gonna call when the question is outside of your own systems parameters and the solution or answer is outside of the limits of your knowledgebase. What you gonna do about it now up this side creek without the necessary.

The sheer cost to change horses mid stream is extortionate to say the least, all previous investment lost all expected returns no longer the goal, all shortcuts negated. Retracing the steps is the first order of the day in this case, but it would mean going back to as far as the original users of the grains of truth that are the grain within the pearls of ancient wisdom. Then you have to formulate the grains of truth to amalgamate the philosophers stone for the present side stream that you now find yourselves up the proverbial creek in. And of course in the mean time there is not enough time left on the hurry quickly, we are late in the day schedule left to complete the thing on time for any form of majority. Decision, decisions, decisions. This is where you get to when you are more concerned with getting everything and everybody up to speed on a timed schedule. This is where you will be marooned and washed up on strange shores when the foundation is changed for a mobile habitat for greater ‘progress’ that old illusion from movements perspective. The realities of man and resource management processes can be broken into necessary areas for quantification and monitoring purposes, but control yet another delusion to fuel a drive towards yet another deluded state of certainty and conclusion. In a world where movement is the act of life, then surely arrival is death to its purpose.

Man is not fit to judge anything outside of its own limited knowledge, understanding and experience. Yet that is the ego that is the arrogant beast on its hind legs. The core of the naked ape, that took centuries of wearing clothes to rub the skin to reduce body hair, the naked ape walks in false pride that it is different to its hirsute cousins. The arrogance that could not work out it lives in a massive heat exchanger and that it would eventually be the end of the line of those that ignore this and don’t learn to live in harmony with their environment. That from the political states that populate the globe, man is not fit for power to govern and to look after the whole family, when they can cull the old, weak and infirm in their midst. When production of the ideal state is still not evident in any selective breeding program in millennium of life on a spinning ball. Man has never tried to understand anything that is not themselves at any time in his history. Yet the outgoing think there is a similarity in their need for attention and someone who feels compelled by the need for the content they have for to bring it to the areas that it is needed in, is to them still seen as a need for attention as that is how they themselves are wired. Entertainment that old look at me spotlight for the insecure, the needy and the glare will burn off the ego's disguise under the Heckle and Jeckle device as they polish the content and work on the act of presentation to better get the much needed if not craved returns for their efforts.

We are not fit to judge that which is not ourselves, for we are not fit to make good judgments of our own yet. We are no way near having life all mapped out and quantified and qualified and are just in the infancy of the process. The pressing need of a growing populace with no brakes on the breeding program, in a finite resource domain that is one unstable environment. Has only a nasty conclusion in store for an aggressive, petty and greed and need driven animal that clearly shows no sentient capabilities for to produce solutions for the entire race and chooses to inflict its will on a delicately unbalanced environment. Not without it coming down to the martial knee jerk response of collateral damage. Triage rules will be used and then comes the base evaluators, what constitutes a worthwhile life in the assessment of who gets a seat on the save the populace stick the planet set of solutions to their perspective of the global problem.

If the headlong rush towards some indistinct possible future ideal state is the carrot to get motivation going as stagnation is not life, and if it ever needed a closer look then that time is now. The best engineering project for the we must justify our existence is to look at these fuzzy future ideal states and set a staging position as an interim goal on the path to the ideal state. Each journey has a route and it will go through or pass by certain landmarks on route to the final destination. The fact that each journey that starts, starts with a single step, this cannot be lost on even the monotheistic mindsets. But it is just an exploitable opportunity to the duplicitous mindset that plays one set against the other. We are not fit to judge and not fit to rule yet rule we must and judge we do. The best that can be achieved is to change the criteria that we choose to judge by and to raise the standards to show some potential or form for that once and future state of benign being yet to come. One little change that will decide the final quality of being, life and potential. Until we have walked a mile in the others moccasins we need to learn to not interfere with the progress and ways of others. Judge not lest you get what you richly deserve.

The Filing Ranks.
The Harvest
The Bitter Harvest.
Breeding Lines.

The fact that some of the aristocracy breeding lines have a tendency to peak at a particular point in history is not lost on the modern day time scanning voyeur as they scry down the timeline into the mists of before from the needs of the now. It is also apparent that when an exceptional is produced in a particular lineage that with a good selective breeding program they may even produce several notables over a few hundred years in their decadency, but the likelihood that they will not be subject to so called skipped generation syndrome is still as valid for the selective breeders as it is for the rest of the tribe. Though the whole process is a little bit like horse breeding, you don’t always get what you expect from a prime pair that are measured by the observers set of standards. The horse breeders rules for form, definition and skills may be balked by the intervention of the throwback, the recessive side swipe, or even the random turn-up from the book of Murphy’s laws quirks of fate chapter and verse. All the best intentions and match making skills in the world cannot evade the random splicing of genes in the natural process of creation.

The fact that there is not a dominant lineage is in itself a good thing as the ego of man and his Cesar complex when he gets into a heritage or lifetime rule over the masses is not a pretty sight in the history books. Take a look at the double term efforts of any political party that has ever left a note that the coffers were empty. To the thuggery and arrogance that comes from the drunkenness of too little a man getting too much power for any length of time. That once getting into his lofty position on the tree of his peers, history can attest to the Caesar of the past that got there with suppressed or unresolved issues accumulated on route to the powerhouses of the states of the global empire. The fact that absolute power or even just localised power can tip the balance of the unprepared or unschooled persons reasoning into the edge of madness, is the stuff of history for even kings called George. Castro and his extended control of a nation was brought into being to try and deal with excessive greed and corruption in the previous administrations. To give power back to the people and to not turn his beloved country into a new consumer capital for the western worlds pile them high and sell them cheep propaganda releases. Mao like Castro was not dynastic, but China had enough of the endemic corruption that comes from absolute power in mans hands, that is institutional in dynastic foundations for government, as they get lazier by building systems that make the populace do their jobs for them, until it reaches the point that the end up not getting the job done at all never mind doing it well. All record keepers of the world take note. It is your job to keep out of the way of life and to not impede its progress and to stop the steerage by historic repeat patterns of redundancy for each generation as it surfaces. As that which is not helping is hindering or is the chaos in the machine.

The Japanese have a dynastic leadership that has no equal for succession in the annals of history for the so called dominant species on this ball of spinning dirt and water. Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) was one of the painted bad ones for the timing of pearl harbour, and for perceived act of atrocities by their armed forces in a war, but for a nation that developed from a feudal system with warring fractions in its makeup one bad egg is not really a bad record all in all. But one massive error that will scar the countries psyche for decades to come even yet. But an impatient nation that was unwilling to enter the war in the first place took the stance in impatience, and under pressure form it’s accountancy advisers to wipe out the will to continue the war program in a quick atomic fashion. Not sure if the situation warranted it in the closing stages of a war on the turned tide just not what the campaign needed what with the German war machine loosing steam. This was not a good clean decision, but a decisive result is its own rewards in some books and the saving of countless future lives was the end that justified the use of such destructive means. This clearly shows that playing the divinity card has certain advantages until divinity is actually called out by fate or destiny or even just plain old needs of the times. Repeated deals of men solutions and the imperial state solutions that have challenged divinities children and have turned the tables on the divine, has had the effect on the masses that they are losing faith in droves. Well in light of recent events and lessons taught and learned, even the machine can be proven to be a lie that suits only a minority in a world of the great masses of man. That is no longer a satisfactory solution for the current needs of the star seed flotsam and jetsam of the universes waste dispersal program, or for any self respecting man or woman of faith in the jaw of the faithless machines turning and churning wheels from the turn of the screw to: to hell with you. Not exactly a match made in heaven but more of a marriage of conveniences and conveyances. For any former dictators 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing, ask any penny pinching accountants for the bottom line on that list of go figures.

So back to the tale of the lineage from the little bit of tail, the idea that a divine line will have unbroken succession and not have the defect of the Buddhist need to fish the new seed has as yet to be proven one way or the other. While some lineages do have lives that do rebirth in their own bloodlines is true and is kept off the radar for the machine has no authority over the programmer. After all the machine can only ever adjust to changes as they are required by circumstances. This is not an accident of design but a criteria. So for the sake of speculation what if the circumstances that make the machine change and evolve were learned by the mass. That they could with a concerted will develop the circumstances to bring about desired responsive changes to better facilitate expansive growth. In a system where the all inclusive clauses that are absent from the original programming spec, are showing \ glaring hole in the facilitation. This may well require the nearly redundant system to make necessary changes in direction and protocols. Using this form of indirect action is crucial for the changes at the sharp point of awareness to bring about direct rewrites from the redundancies evaluators. Direct action to facilitate and direct non compliance to halt or stem the flows. Once the savvy wise pack gets the point it is all a matter of time and there is not a lot of spare to go around so a one shot is all you prevaricators have left in the chamber so get it right or run like mad,. In this day and age just why do so many people think they have to hit the ground running. The lineage of the house of David has Solomon and of course Christ in their family tree but that must have been the pick of the crop in their season to be choice. Some two thousand years after the resurrection it would take an extreme throwback to produce anything from a present lineage as it would be compelled to act in this pressing time.

Of course the looking at successful bloodlines with any notables in its history will always bring to light that everything has a harvest and a season to be harvested in. In an unnatural environment like mans present habitat the artificial stimulus is creating out of sequence maturation and flowering and seeding by timed imperatives from a machine on a program, cancer is just a symptom of the hothousing effect. The idea of an unbroken lineage is still in the future but the seeds of it are always in the present, just how do we better identify the potentials and know how to remove them from the safe greenhouse kindergarten, and plant the sturdiest in the real world with the right startup to become self sustaining, while keeping the attendance up in the crucial stages of development and establishment. Well ask any gardener and remember that this habitat that is a giant ecosystem heat exchanger has been unbalanced by the infestation of man. It has inbuilt prerogatives to deal with infestations should the critical mass prove ingrained and does not keep impeding the heat exchange. Fire to early in the hands of man has defeated the hardy development, all weather all terrain stage of the maturation process in the western hot housed flowers of their own lofty spires and ideals. And is actively impeding the ground level heat dispersal with heat trapping habitats, Insulating, no water retention, there is a price to pay for ignoring the warnings. So start water management for a warmer environment now and this will be the pound in advance and ahead of time burgomaster, or if you shortchange the costings of the divine created environment that has nurtured a belligerant willful species for millennium. The the blood sacrifice of the future children in this black and white scenario will demand a space and time build costing trillions and the lives of your children and their children in continued service in a race against time to fix your tightwad errors in long term judgment. So either pay the pied fifer now the pound of flesh and get a future that has freedom and growth built into it for generations to come. Or pay the ultimate cost in lives and servitude to a slavish necessity in a space heat filter the cost of which run by industry and investors will hike till they bleed you all dry. Just who you gonna call, step away from the communication device, put your hands in the two red circles spread your feet and remain silent your life is in danger if you do not comply with the needs of the fifth element to balance the four in the heat exchanger as the motins of life cycles.

The idea of a scorched earth and the missing bump in the wobble that is the turning sphere of existence is best seen in this little google earth skit, the first one shows the so called normal cycle and the panama canal is exempt from the scorching. The second shows that California has a raised latitude and is on a different line of applicability, so if it ain’t a bump its a wobble wanna bet, no just kidding see the video for the final analysis.

Now the final insight has to be just how a cat or kitten in the cold crawls into an engine block in a parked car for heat and shelter to survive from the hot environment from a cooling stationary vehicle is quite a bit of savvy from a dumb animal adapting to its environment. Now how is it that man being born into a heat exchanging environment that used to spread out naturally over the globe in a balanced and established seasonal shifting dance thinks that farts and exhaust fumes are the culprit for unbalancing the natural order. The arrogant little empire builder strutting the globe and laying down ideologies on the topology like tin pot Cesar's from a bygone era and still think they can bill the stupid and lean on their unresolved guilt to fleece the money for even more grand ego driven false ideals for a phony world. That does not in truth exist anywhere in reality, but only in the architectural drawings of tiny little localised imaginations that have no world scope bigger picture in their own repertoire. So fit in to the warm and manage water better or end up with a shell like mars with old canals still in evidence from doing to little too late. The world does not revolve on an even latitude look at the jump from panama up to California in the scorched earth link and even the cold water Mexican basin is not quite a north Atlantic chilly fish store. Something is out of whack but can be fixed when understood.

The Blindly Led.
The Harvest
The Harvest.
Keep a good weather eye open.

Having to stop tuning into fake radio phone ins or have to get more selective about what you take from them is fast becoming a priority these days. Media mindless drivel at one end, repeat golden oldies and all the ego platformers vieing for a spotlight to air their own experiences, promote their wares or just brag of their exclusive lifestyles. But just heard a wee gem just now. Not a football fan myself but the radio was on while setting up some work, background noise style of listening. This debate was about calling some hooligans with an attitude problem that let of fireworks at a match ‘names’ and labeling them as branding.

The first caller taking the extreme PC stance states it is not right to call these bored and fractious youth ‘idiots’ or ‘numpties’ for doing this thoughtless act and so called putting lives in danger. As far as I heard no one was killed and no serious injuries occurred, yet this PC dictator says:

“We need to engage with the fans more (sounds like a club PR?) as the Germans do”, he then goes on to outline how well run the German model is and how out of touch the modern money losing machine that is football, is failing on the British isle. He then states that it is irresponsible to start name calling and mud flinging as it just will alienate the punter from their firm even more (sounds like it?) and will take engaging and listening to them to resolve these types of incidents in the future (planning any more are we?) of the wonderful game.

Well after this in comes a fan with an opening statement that did not mince words and cut right through the flimflam of the official stance with. “see these numpties and idiots and .” and is then cut of by Mr officious stating that is not acceptable and goes on to take a filibustering stance on the new caller, not giving him a chance to speak talking over him and laying down his diktat. All the while the man is left cut off at every turn, talked over with amazing rudeness and disregard for healthy debate stance of hear the man out before you assume or tar him by your prejudices. At ever turn the second caller uses words like ‘idiots’, ‘morons’ and ‘numpties’ and is jumped on for every word till the first caller takes over and raises the pitch and volume to drown the man out. Then finally the radio presenter must have been nudged by her editor as she steps in and asks the man to give the second caller his right to speak and give his opinion which was asked for by the program remit in the first place.

So the second caller again doesn’t change his words still flashing the bait that is the red flag, peppering his sentences with ‘idiot’, ‘morons’ and then goes on to elaborate that calling a spade a spade and shaming it for its actions will have a greater effect than pandering to an indulged belligerent child. He then goes on to state that the first callers barrage at his seemingly ‘offensive’ words was the opposite tack to the one he had promoted. That was that engagement and listening to the other side was his words from his mouth and that he chose in the face of unwelcome or frowned upon language to filibuster and talk over and drown out the other point of view instead of his proposed stance. He concluded that he made no apology for using the words that he used as they summed up the irresponsible behavior that led to letting of fireworks in enclosed close quarter situations with people that were unaware of their intent and were oblivious to the dangers in their midst. Now any firm that seeks to engage with the clients and bill payers only when something goes wrong has already lost the plot. The pound of cure will eventually kill the golden goose, with diminishing gates and mediocre matches being the daily grind of the mill.

The use of colourful language and people that take offense to it are items from a long lost barely remembered culture before our collective memories, that are no longer applicable to the modern age of man as he stands. A PC dictator that dictates the modes of decorum from a Victorian or even as far back as Georgian era are easy now to shoot down as they are becoming glaring in their out of date expectation for behavior with their histrionic language and phrasing. We just need to look at the replacement mechanism for manners which is instructed behavior and we immediately see that there is that lack of expected or presumed, behavior norms from class, background and upbringing. The homogenous whole is a bit of hotchpotch mismatch that comes primarily from the mixing down of the herd to a behavior driven obedience based society, that has no life but a purpose to working, existing and then to die in due order. The self annihilation process has been very thorough and its about to show a glaring truth that no one wants to admit. We are not all the same, there are divergent differences in type, skills, knowledge, history, experience and understanding. The most glaring differences are in the genetics. This is where typing or mapping may help to identify the divergences and except for a slice and dice cloning expectation from the genome mapping. This will only ever be a one off exercise with little or no chance of passing on the grafted strains without the experience that gained it will be just a money making exercise for fleecing the vain and self deluded. Then there is the genetic advantages of race and creed, these will help to better identify their best applications in the new needs of the imperiled world as it heads into a warmer phase. Or is it just purging the excess heat to start cooling down again after thirty years of warming, the hole in the ozone layer is fixed is it not and the hermetic seal is again in place is it not.

The offense taken from the use of language is an odd cultural norm that is the last best vestige of the desperate, as they use the failing leverage of this antiquated PC diktat device to cling to a fading power. All this in a new world that is embracing the technology, that will be instrumental in dealing with a genuine world concern. So words are just audible containers for meaning and those that choose to dictate how meaning is acceptably presented to them as they hold court, is finally on its way out the door as real pressing needs are beginning to make themselves felt in the real world. Language is the use of audible containers (sounds) for meaning that are then used to relay information, understanding and intent to another audible capable creature of the same ilk. Anything else is a control mechanism that is well up the autism spectrum for making the world and the people in it conform to your ways and faddy means, they live by fickle and picky needs that they dictate to everyone around them so they need never change and adapt which is the life forces imperative to evolve. To give someone or all others the right to ignore your rights by giving way to another’s sway is subjugating your self and relinquishing your own rights to someone else’s egotistical view of their own station. The balance is; let them have their say, then reiterate your point of view and agree to differ. If they become persistent back them of with words, do not be provoked. Remember that you cannot make anyone do anything if they will not comply. That force is the last vestige of the ignorant and is a tool in the armoury of the dictator, or simply the plaything of an instigator and stirrer.

Standing up for yourself is paramount, defending your own right is a necessity and not being talked off your game is crucial. To complete the later you may well end up losing people in your life that only want you for what you can bring to them or for what you mean to them as they will never be there for you or your needs when you need them, they will still be on their own agenda and following their own path for their own needs. This is not the right of a child, a child should be raised without choice in the day to day matters of household life at the hearth and home. The rights that are the dominion of the rights of passage from childhood to the big scary or wide open and exciting world have to be gained, gleaned or earned. The areas of choice for a child should be under the same world pressures that an adult has to make, is there enough money, do we have enough time for this and is there the will to see it through. Food, clothing and benefits (toys, gadgets, phone access) all have to be a lineage decision based on a parental in focus locus’es point of view. Cold food never killed any child and still manages to fill the belly. It all boils down to how much whining can you take, and when does bleating in a child promote the need for silence in some genetic lineages that are living the life more stealthy to produce an alarming response to an incessant cry, that in their lineage would bring a predator down on their heads any second.

Language is just a communication tool for relaying meaning, we all have our own ways and agree to a universal language to facilitate a more comprehensive inclusion for all. The tools for this include, give every person their place, with the same rights you perceive as your own. Take turns and learn to pass the spoon, sharing used to be the device for this and it is being phased out in the we provide for ourselves so should you level of selfish life teachings. While the main problem areas for man are the state of ignorance in knowledge and its much needed fruit understanding. For the fruit of the tree of knowledge is understanding and it is not a bitter fruit or a stimulant. It is the core of meditation that is without self in the process to ego trip you from the best solutions. Each situation demands an understanding. All problem areas are highlighted by the glaring absence of comprehension when there are still questions unanswered, where questions are still being raised and solutions are glaringly absent.

Man as he is keeps proving on a daily basis that he has not the wisdom of the ages to handle true knowledge nor does he display the capacity to understand enough for his own good or future development. It may be past time for another purge of the infestation that is man, unless of course at the brink he really can wake up, cut the shit, stand his ground and put away the weapons of control and start to invoke the collective will of the whole of mankind to a single dedicated purpose. Stop shitting in the well, don’t pee in the larder. The Torah gave us the foundations of modern hygiene way back in the day, the Bible taught moral responsibility, the state took the lessons of each and put a new wrapper around them in the forms of science and etiquette. The time is now at hand for the Adam of the age to appear and woe betide us if he chooses that we are not worth his time, effort and life energy. So what would you pay for what is needed in a world that bills you for everything, and then still PC dictates a tip in the process. Dig deep this will cost the world one way or the other depending which way our collective willingness (fee will from an obedience based god?) tips the balance one way or the other. We can all agree to pay the ounce as a penny pinching people, paying only what we have to, only what we can afford in the burgomaster tradition of budgeting and cost effective techniques right out of the child catchers handbook for fishing from the gullible. Or we can for once in this ball of dirt’s history pay the pound willingly in full up front and ahead of time to sluice the present time flow away from the rapids and falls just around the next bend.

The cost of not doing this will be visited on our children and their future as we piss down the time stream on their possible future that should have better prospects than our own at this point in time. We are all dealing with the aftermath of the bad decisions of our forefathers lack of foresight and wisdom as the ball of dirt warms and cools as it spins on its erratic journey round the big local star. Nuclear testing and the pacific basin are a case in point. Responsibility is not even mentioned in the bill of human rights yet personal responsibility is the initiative for the next needs that will develop from ignoring because of cost (accountants decisions) for development, study and construction, then integrating the new model into all aspects of so called civilised mans ways for community and exchange between nations.

The Australian and California droughts and water problems are still not being managed properly as we have no viable solutions on the table. If all crisis meetings are governed by the one area of modern life accountancy, that just looks at a bottom line for returns or profit then if it is not viable it will not even reach discussions or the much needed modeling and development process just to learn the truth of the situation and what if anything can be done about it. The recent investigating into the political survey rigging to get a universal model and missed the actual results that were produced at the poles. Clearly showed that they were rigged to give the false or misleading results that they did. They have been doing this for long enough to know where to pole to get the results they need, and the profiling of all demographic areas are already known and shown, so who do they think they are kidding Mr Fiddler while the world burns.

It is odd to note that the German base of the EU has had an open door policy at the core of its manifesto since the very beginning and yet they did not have the foresight to see any problems from that naive stance somewhere down the line from then till now. Maybe just a case of long on guilt and short on foresight for a so called world class leader.

A final note to this daily bugle, does the PC dick-tator hate sexual innuendo and any form of slighted reference in their presence because there is a dick in it and their insecurity for their need to control others leaves them feeling exposed?. After all the PC diktats theatrical offense to the word F!cking (in the vernacular: ‘where one person gets all of the pleasure and the other is used as a convenience’) as a guttural reference for copulation is so offensive to their little ears, says more about their immature moral indignity, meaning they are not fit for the adult world and deserve to be back in the kindergarten with the PC set of Wendy house rules that indulge the royal petulance of the little princess and princesses. Nuff said.

Now you see it.
Drama Masks
Drama Masks
Then you didn’t.

The US power play is stepping up in the we will rule the world stakes as the man gets ready for his final episode at the end of his term at the helm. Nice speeches aside words are cheep hell mine are free in a country that allows freedom of speech shows that it has a place still to be found ahead of its precarious moments in the pratfalls of the west-end farces that are modern day politics. The fact that the west has manipulated world food, raw goods and oil prices and that this control of other free enterprise countries that do not hold the same ideological views as themselves is not news. But in the last year a few unlikely things have happened on the world political stage. This has all the hallmarks of a classic three part play, or a west-end farce on a global scale.

Act I:- the Tories managed to find a twenty seven billion pound note down the back of the party couch.

Hardly likely in a cash strapped Britain, but we are the land of the Carry on and Hammer house of horror films and not the Hollywood blockbuster film factory, so it may just be a bad writer doing the cheep west end script.

Act II:- Just how does an American OPEC staller and inhibitor, manage to squirrel away enough barrels of oil in the period of the highest priced oil in the worlds history a ten year period.

Could be differences between world market prices vs home market subsidies/prices. All this hoarding in the face of an oil crisis with the specter of the BP last spill and thrill, and are still reeling from the last natural disaster.

Act III:- North sea deep drilling has now become too expensive for the big oil companies at this time dear Oliver.

The current oil price reached an all time high of one hundred dollars a barrel and yet they managed to stock pile enough to float the market to bring on a price crash on crude. The current price is now down to about thirty dollars a barrel.

This will also have a serious effect on the black market oil from the Isil Islamic state. It will bring any of the hard pressed countries that are under sanctions by the west to the hard lines of reality of losing a cheep market alternative. All this in already hard times for them in this winter period as they will no longer be able to buy oil at a cut price rate unless Isil think a percentage of something is better than 100% of nothing, and still undercut the western price manipulations of the so called free trade market. But the revolution is not know for recruiting or attracting workers and their recruitment practices are kidnap, coercion and extortion creating a black market, people trafficking and more to come, this does not hit the expectations for the work based bonus package the well groomed employment applicant has in mind. And talking of head hunting practices and taking good advice from good well informed advisers to the safety of the realm. Where does a country leader that has witnessed the likes of Jihadi John and Jihadi Sid as the current incarnation of his ilk think that Muslim women that do not speak ‘English’ well is the root of the surge of ex pat Muslims children being seduced into returning to the mother country to fight the holy war. In the wake of so many being killed by their ‘own’ for being to western, something just doesn’t add up, is this the madness of King George filtering into the breeding pool or did it originate in their ranks. Hmmm cat pigeons, no sir not I, I is the messenger only, me sir yes sir.

All joking aside it is past time for a more stable governance from the founders of modern democracy where freedom of speech is still defended, where the poor are taken care of and where the infirm can wallow in private beds and will be taxed by industry for their sugar addictions. Oops sorry nodded off again to the land of nod. Meanwhile back in the real world the child catchers and their ilk are abroad in the realm.

The Last Dance.
The Self
The Self
Dinny save the last dance fir me .
A Poem
Chris Millar

In the world of the soft shoe dance
Life disnae dish jist wan last chance
If all yer chances go when the music stops
Their changing the song in the music hops

Time tae look at yer partner and check your incline
If shes hanging about the next dance looks fine
If shes off on her heals back tae her clutch
Try no tae take it to personal sae much

Then as the night goes on and yev had more dances
Yev exchanged mare than a few quick glances
The drink and the watchin if anybody else is trying
Yeh kin tell by the looks that naebody else is buying

Then time takes its tole and the last dance is up next
Dinney drap the ball, wi too much dink and being being pure vexed
Pit doon the drink an catch her eye, so she knows yer coming
When yeh get that slight nod the walk is pure humming

If she stays close to the pace and waits fir yer move
Is it a word or a squeeze yeh exchange in the groove
When it starts off afar and gets closer the gether
That it could be enough tae bother her mither

Before yeh know it the tune is over and up come the lights
There’s been wan or two skirmishes but nae outright fights
Yeh still couldny find words tae tell her you like
So its time fir the bus and the hameward hike.

Yer in the que and yer gein yer sel a ragging
Awe they fine feelings are now jist flagging
Yeh pay the man and head upstairs tae the back oh the wagin
Whos that sittin wi her pall’s pure braggin

Hyperactive Genes.
The Harvest
The Harvest.
The Cold Disposition.

The weather in Glasgow is settling into a nice little pattern with bright mornings, cooler evenings and cold and crisp nights some ground frost but without rainfall (or snow in these temperatures) it is better than could be hoped given the deluges of just the last few weeks. Now if the weather pattern of wet winters is out of step with the seasons then the water falls too early and the cold is to late to tackle the heavy stuff, four to six inches of snow at times excluding drifts used to be the pattern for winter in the late fifties and early sixties. Way back then the sync would hit around the last of December to the first two weeks of January, and in the harsher winters could last right up to the end of February or mid March in the extreme times. There is just a slight dusting of snow on the hills more of a bad frost than anything and it look like the wet weather is settling back into its old patterns as the dusting gets wiped every few days so far.

The case for the industry for life has its roots in the cold climate dwellers of the globe as they have to keep warm if provisions are scarce. If there is sufficient provision for cold weather dwellers then it is a case of staying in the warmth and only venturing out when you have to into Baltic conditions. An island nation that wiped out its largest livestock at one time and was reduced to the provision from domesticated husbandry would have experienced the hardship in cold winter times enough to know that movement and activity is life and stagnation and resting is death. This would become an established gene pool memory for the generations to come. So a feast in winter would be a big thing a statement that rails against the fates if you like to a small island nation like this. On the other hand if the Laplander or the children of the steps of Russia and even the Inuit tribes are taken into account for their genetic dispositions, the picture changes dramatically. The level of provision for the populaces of large land based terrains paints a different picture than the secularised with limited stocks to pull on in times of need. The idea of provision from a well stocked larder would not produce the survival rebellion and railing into the deep dark night of deadly winter to make the statement ‘I am alive’ I can provide against the fates. This sort of hard pressed life style would breed mistrust as a mobile to keep alive active populace is always watching what others are doing and what they have and are they weaker than you and your group and cannot hold out against a raiding. This reinforced behavior being instilled in the strongest survivors genes will end up as the collective pool for the race.

The idea would be alien to any other nation that did not over hunt its natural larder and would have encouraged teaching the survival trick of the wild. The need for settlements would not be under the same pressures as the island mindset with hungry predators but would be for keeping the community in place for to give the gene pool a better stock to replenish from and for the ability to form teams for longer hunts in hard times.

It is so easy to look at an island nation that has no large wildlife (enough to feed the family or tribe) and has eradicated its own predators and blames the weather and other forms of no breeding programs that promote women as part of the family and subjugate them and creates a society that is godless and male dominated. That gets to the point that women are treated as sex objects and just jump to the conclusion that the blame lies in the the gene pool and so implicating the race by default. This is a narrow view that needs to be stepped back from for perspective and the missing bits will start to fall into place when you have all of the facts. How it look at first glance is not how it got to that state in the first place.

Imagine if you will a nation that has a golden period going on like say the Saxons for instance, that through envy or greed is attacked and harassed and persecuted by an invader that stripes their natural food stocks to the bone on an island nation that uses a domesticated animal from the genetic pool of the marauders bloodline, grazing animals can be driven with them and allows them to lay siege against the shut in huddling befuddled object of their campaign. Imagine what the survivors of such tactics will be forced into to survive, as their natural larder is raided they are inhibited to the point of servitude and resistance is met with slaughter and persecution. Lets say the marauder gets bored and loses the will or just decides it has all that it can have, the survivors would start the process to rebuild their stocks and may then be forced to accept animal husbandry while seeds grow, the hunting would be sparse, rabbits, hares, foxes, fowl and fish is all that is left to get through the lean times till a harvest can be had. Then just before they get back on their feet and now living with the remnants and discards from the last invaders campaign, they get invaded again. Winters are harsh, summers are lean and cooler and the rain is temperamental and unseasonable. The war of contrition will kill the soft hearted and would start to seed the gene pool with harder attitudes and leaner survival instincts. Let the whole thing marinate for a few decades. Then the invader relents and leaves, leaving a much reduced gene pool in the indigenous population. Repeat the process several times until one invader stays and uses land clearances, acts of contrition and other oppressive tactics to clear out the natural populace or drives them from the central core to the edges of the domain and are left to the scraps from their master stable to scrimp along by.

Well it is winter and a time for fireside tales. After all it is unthinkable that there is any race on the planet that lives like this, that invades, persecutes as they asset strip and then drives the populace out to steal their lands and natural goods. The actions of all the races of the planet that go to war, historically show that they are ruthless away from home and decent men and women do terrible things when they think they are not being watched by their moral judges at home. That they would never do in the safe harbour of their own back yards. War by nature is not a nice business, it is the business of warriors to kill, to strike fear into the natural citizens to drive them off, by acts of terror, rape, mutilations, murders, then persecution and harassment to drive the last off. It is an act of acquisition for land and goods and of course there is the spoils of war for the foot rats. The whole effect of these acts is that they tend to produce this form of behavior in the populace or the target in their campaigns The resultant dispositional changes would then be reinforced in the bloodlines that survive placing a race in its war mode by genetic disposition when they are not living in a time of war.

So to go back to the marauding cattle driving invader of the first instances, they would have to have links that go as far back as the mongols or even further to realise how deep seated the problem is. The long term effect is the damage that has been done to nations that have been constantly invaded over periods of time and the damage would show in their genetic lineage for generations to come, racial xenophobia or tribal hatred would be a natural stance for the surviving gene pool. After all it is unthinkable that one race would seek to dominate all other races for their own good and would not as a so called civilised society take the humanist view of an established well provided culture that manages its resources so well and has a stable economy to prove their point by. Only a cheap manufacturing process with the cheapest materials that uses slave labour and so has minimum costs would want to subjugate any other race, in their non superior, stable and economically sound society. The proof is in the profit and loss accountancy. Any nation in debt and that cannot balance the books is already in trouble on the world stage. Thank goodness for automated manufacturing processes and cheap materials. But with a new world concern to cool the planet taking the heat from the diktat, it is just a case of saved by the bell for the so called world rulers competitors at this point in time as the world needs all nations to the wheel. Even the latent ones will come on board when they are up to speed and they will be the ones that finish the task that we all undertake to start right now. Time is of the essence: can you hear me world, ‘hello world’ is the new program for the nations and creeds of mankind. If this ball is to continue its wobbly course around the big ball of fire for any length of time.

The State is Meaner
The Grass in no Longer Greener.

The wheel is turning yet again as surely as the seasons illusional dance from the mere tilt of a ball of dirt spinning in space. Everything changes on closer inspection, what looks more appealing from a distance means that we feel bogged down where we are standing and it never lives up to expectations when we get there.

Stagnation is a hiatus in movement and progress that if left unchecked will result in a sedimentary casting in trapped water. All that is swept up in the forward and rushing motion of the river water will cast a settlement into the still pool that is a water trap. Motion picks up many hangers on and a rush will accumulate more than a steady stream. This illusion seen from the stagnant pool is the effect of release from continuous motion that feels lost in the culdesac that is contrary to the nature of water. Water is not known for patience it has a press it is a relentless flow as it fights to return to its natural sea levels. The air pressure over land at heights where the water is forced out onto the higher land is a dissipated model of a fountain. These founts are under the movement of the ball of dirt’s rotation, the water is compelled by movement and air pressure over land restrictions, settling into pools and lakes against its own natural directive. If the depth and width of an area in a rivers courses washes away enough loose dirt and silt. This basin will become a natural cistern with more water being contained in the pool basin from the flow of the waters course, than is entering and leaving its two point access in the rivers path creating a microcosm for life in its course of action, creating a natural dam with a steady runoff a natural ingredient for a stable river population at the pond life perspective for water life organisms.

The local authorities in every region in every land have always been held to living of their meager means until the population level is greater than the flow of new life and the steady decline at the other end. With shallow pockets there is not enough held in reserve at the local level, just as there is at the big pay level from the that will keep it to a backwater minnow pool level of reserve in the state run provision tank. This form of control is a deliberate central government ploy that has been in place since the very beginning of the whole sham game, from the ‘we are removed enough to govern better than you are at the sharp end, from our lofty spires than you are down there in the dirt’ is the now custom stance of the disconnected ruler. The power that is given away for the convenience of feeling movement or progress is the old flimflam that has been around since a woman gave a man a forbidden fruit. As old as time the trickle into the life pool is the fresh stream that stirs the pool with gentle motion that over time and with movement will reach the other end of the flow having eddied, supported other life and settled in its turn as it passed till under the pressure of forward relentless movement it will well out of the pool of life at the other end.

An inevitability of the nature of the interactions of the other elements in the process, in the heat exchange is a regulating force in the interactions of the three. Heat in the equation takes from the expanse of exposed water, it is said by science that old observational record keeper of the OCD process, setup and repeat till we see stability or repeatability school of blinkered thinking. It seemingly takes a ratio of two to one to achieve the lift, that’s two air to ever single h2o water particle to raise water into the atmosphere. Then the obvious question is not being answered where is the heat in this airlifting process. Science tells us that heat stimulates activity and that it is the heat rising from the expanse where does that figure in the whole process. An interaction of three elements water air and heat the product of fire. All actively participating in a process in life that man has no power over and that regulates the water levels of this ball of dirt. Left to its own devices the world without man would harmonise and settle into a steady exchange process towards it own eventual outcome. But water that is too pure carries no life is the empty state of the hermetic process. The water is a medium for water based life it is a provider of oxygen and it brings nutrients that settle to enhance the life needs of the animus in its environment. Watch the shimmer of the heat rise from the hot tarmac and then imagine the force collecting in its rising force all the lightening as they heat water molecules and it paints a different picture, feel the waves of heat as they move things in their ascent, a discarded bag, stick a candle suspended in an upturned bag and we have lift. Two to one is a way of looking at it for the OCD need to itemise and categorise and then to evaluate and give the process a ratio. All naturally occurring processes in life.

The Pack Mindset.

The air breathing life forces are in need of water and nutrition as well as heat or basic shelter to survive that over time have taken to secular residency from early cave dwelling, to the modern 'man made' cave system of building our own caves as dwellings in this so called modern civilisation of man. Now where the wolf will takes steps in their group to defend their own from the weakest and most vulnerable to the fittest by a strong alpha leadership, man will insist on culling his own in the next generation feeling the stagnation from being held back and getting to the point of actively reducing the herd by culling the weak and infirm or aged dependents. This is not any form of natural selection in action this is the actions of a herder managing his stock, not seen in any herd in the natural worlds own natural makeup, ask any observational record keeper. This gaping observation is not so well reported funny enough. Some colonies that do this husbandry do so with alien species for food or breeding environments. This glaring discrepancy in the reporting of the two tier system of man is beginning to raise a few disquieting questions. There is a group in man that acts as the herdsman for the group? A schism in nature? as this does not naturally occur in nature anywhere just how has man become this two tier population. How is it that one tier benefits from the controlled and heavily managed activities of the other tier. The two ways of looking at it is that the base tier that is being predated and are being used in a parasitic action, and are somehow less evolved than the top tier. The genetic actions of a herdsman using husbandry rules to predate its stock for provision.

Now what kind of being in the natural world predates its own? It is a more likely scenario that it is a branch apart, that thinks social or captive slavery is ok for some of their own, as long as it isn't them. The other side of the evaluation process is that some species of man have delimited the genetic progress of a subset of the genetic pool that over time has outgrown the restraints imposed upon them. The western man and his treatment of African tribesmen caused the slave trade is a case in point, as history can attest ‘man’ has been doing this since the early days its even mentioned in the bible and even Islam thought that it was a right of the elite. The main division in this day between master and slave is in education, access to resources and living stress free in a conducive environment is the level of privilege. While the deprived are subjugated and under pressure and are given less provision and are kept in a state of feeling that they don’t fit in or belong as a ‘social device’ for driving and suppressing the herd to a docile point of manageability.

The glaring fact that economy and all forms of commerce are beginning to be seen for the lie that they are, is just becoming visible as the misty lies of terrorist is settling in the dust of the previous propaganda devices for control. The whole thing about slavery is better seen and understood from the standpoint of the question why? If there is not enough to live off in a monetary instead of a trade and bargaining process is it does not pay, no pay greater profits the backbone of the slave industry for the modern day American profiteer. The cost of materials and the labour, overheads, power, buildings, transport and storage the cost grows and the public wont pay for labour produced products, except the wealthy who prise high art and custom jeweler. Where the mindset of the manufacturer is more concerned with everything else before labour costs has meant that the drive to create more automated processes to replace a greedy grubby lower level that are always needing and getting up on their high horses when they think they are being short changed for their time effort and energy. The cheek of the belligerent workforce, working to rule, striking for grievances, where will it all end. When all that is really wanted from any work force is obedience. Now why is it that the hard pressed take it on the chin and do little to rock the boat at the bottom of the heap, while the doing well by comparison are the first to down tools and bleat about how hard pressed they are as they try to get pity, sympathy and support from the harder pressed, market testing in the media spotlight maybe.

Now we come to the hub of the problem, why do we all hate paying more for anything and want cheaply produced goods and that all of our systems reflect this. We resent paying enough for the goods to give anyone a real pay, to live better by. This market force is the nub of the problem in that it will never pay to work. Services are a reflection of the needs of people and they are something that we will pay what we feel it is worth even having a tipping system built into the whole service sector. Either the expectation for a hearty and well meant thank you at the cheap end to a gratuity at the top and this is getting meaner under the herdsman’s practices of taking a cut from everything that is going on around them in their perceived territory.

Isn't it funny that the long period of high priced oil and world grade austerity that it somehow gave the American continent the natural opportunity to stockpile reserves enough to flood the current market to undercut the hiked oil prices of the last decade. Has the effect of suppressing any new oil reserves that have just been found from taking any of the market share in a so called free market enterprise. Now that gives them the ability to turn up the pressure on the upstarts that are threatening their perceived market share. And so the flow goes. Going with the flow is the fastest way down the stream, but the being going through it will have only one experience of the journey as life will appear as a rush and will be over before they know it. At least they will be back in the greater pool of life as quick as the flow can carry them. The other more of a meandering and curiosity driven journey will have experienced all the aspects of being in the flow and being silted, eddied and steady flowing drive towards the same destination. The kept busy will not ever know what hey have missed and will end up at the same place. The privileged get there in a meander of greater scope but it is the singular state POV of ‘mine is better than yours’ that hogs the middle ground. For the impatient the rush is all the thrill they need, but for the fish out of water neither is good enough. Life is not supposed to be a single paced journey, the tide of life flows on at different paces depending on the conditions, to drive with a waterfall will to the descent is not what life is all about experience is a slow dawning process not an OCD indulgence of the seven dwarves Dopies solution to kissing the princess, just keep rushing back in for the same thrill again an again till its all over. Their epitaph should read ‘What a rush, but missed the point’.

The whole idea that money flows, trickles and gushes and is held in reserve is as far as the analogy goes. Water supports life and facilitates all of life in its bounds, money is a control device to segregate people in a so called same group of beings called mankind, so just what ‘kind’ of man is this herdsman. That treats some of the ‘so called’ same breed as chattel to be used for his benefits and to the cost of the herd that is just stock in their trade.

The other stance that is simply not of the master slave view of the process is that man is a divergent range of development stages all coexisting at the same time on the same spinning globe. That some are at a stunted stage in their development due to the environment they find themselves in and by the facilities for their current set of needs. We tend to take advantage of all that we can and we hate to lose in exchanges as a breed, regardless of the current state of development. This is a provable theme in all of mankind regardless of the development of the tribe or clan being viewed. The more primitive state of man is emotional driven and from this comes the woes of the historic world in its destructive lineage. The logic of the method approach to life is by and far the most stable way to progress, it is also the road to a more calloused approach that will lead if unchecked to an inhumane strand of the herd. ‘If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh’. The state and all forms of communal provision is the very scaffold that supports the form of all vertebrae life, if you like the skeleton that holds the flesh in place. The fact that the skeleton has no knowledge of the life of the flesh is the difference between logical provision in response to need. The flesh of man owes its ability to keep the body moving as the blood is aided by the white cell production from the bone. One cannot exist without the other and yet without the life blood the body will cease to exist. Yet the third point is the mind that experiences all of the rush of life is unaware of the actions of the bone the flow of the blood and its sensation of need, as experience is the minds primary focus. Each part in its resident place of being in a separate act has a function and will fulfill that purpose till the means, resources or provision ceases. The cooperation of all of this interaction of single function activity produces the set of the mind and the containment of the heart that is the seat of life in every body that is currently drawing breath at this moment in time.

The argument becomes moot about who thinks they are at the top of a supposed tree of life. Not every leader is a good leader, circumstances can make an ordinary man a legend, Mandela is a case in point. That one man can capture the imagination of a nation in a gladiatorial action against the lack of love for any jumped up Caesar is attested to again and again in history. Just wish the observational record keepers would get that point and make available the necessary information to make the next transition in the collective herds requirements to better manage the elements that make up our environment.

The fact that some things do not add up is glaring in the fact that some level of man is predating its own. Yet if anything is to be taken from history it is that when the used, downtrodden get the message, it has never turned out to well for the jailer. When any system fails the first in the firing line are the incarcerators pet lackeys that will be the first point of retaliation. The sacking of Rome the fall of the Greek empire saw the mass get to the point of no more patience and the flashpoint had the far reaching repercussions of the limitations of the ground estate they held at the time. Control by manipulation has the ‘trustee’ state seen as populated buy so called ‘repentant slaves’ eager to pay their dues, but history does not prove this to be the case. They are then used to herd for the master, the probationary trustees that are the bait to feed the pack in case (when it repeats in history, tactic?) a hasty retreat is needed. The present day trustee herder will be the first in the firing line, and like any self respecting South American drug lord or a Saddam Hussein the master will have a planned escape route. That if things deteriorate to the point of retaliations and the final repercussions are too much to bear. For this to happen in this modern epoch will have a much greater reach than any isolated empire estates of some small historic race memory, like the Romans or the Greeks. The masters will again have the opportunity to abscond into the now infamous underground tunnels and on the escape routes they plan to let it all collapse on the trustees with enough savvy for self preservation to try to follow them out as they make their escape with the swag blag in hand.

The fact that money is just a tool for control and to keep the wheels turning is a fact of established life, it was developed for that task. In the old world that is fast receding from our present day race memory. Very few still exist in this day and age from the first world war as even as the numbers of survivors from the period of the second world war are fast becoming a lost memory, to the generation with their digital upbringing and focus on their virtual connectivity instead of making any real ties to group and herd. The new generations are more disconnected from the previous generations and are more secularised to their own generations than at any time in any living memory.

The sudden appearance of a stock pile of oil that appears from the ranks of the world oil price manipulators hidden pockets. Just at the same time as a world class reserve of oil has just been found and is now being price reduced to control the process of repercussions from this sudden oil windfall. Maybe it is time to cut the ties and buckle down and keep it in reserve as the inflated prices will only have one outcome a buyers market fueled by their dwindling reserves as they try to frack up a sand storm to cover their real depletion. Cheap petrol will be guzzled at fast paces as the modern day convenience driven media instructed will just Buy! Buy! Buy! to their collective rights for the convenience of the quick and very limited return. This is almost as suspicious as finding a twenty seven billion pound note down the back of the comfortable Tory couch just when you need it to pull your fat out of the fire. So do we still take the driving whip of the masters that they are ‘working’ in our collective best interests when the failure of care funding for the most hard pressed cases in our collective care are dying (276 last year) because of the lack in the right care getting to the greatest need at critical times in their lives. While resources magically appear to bolster the control of nations and resources that are seen as the territory of those that think it is their land to rule as they see fit. The lie that there is a terrorist state is fast becoming a facade of the wizard of Oz’s need to keep the wool pulled over our eyes. Misdirection eases the experience of those lost in the ‘flow’ of life and are too engrossed in the thrill of the ride to notice what is happening off their radar, beneath their notice or in their blind spot.

The bottom feeders are all to wary to rock the boat as the nibbles they feed on are to precarious to do anything else, while the barracuda and pike will descend to feed of them if they feel the need and that it is becoming more frequent and less sporadic, so the tiddlers tend to keep a low profile, while they blend in and camouflage themselves or try to confuse the dedicated single pursuant in the old safety in numbers ploy. Now there has to be a bigger problem of provision at the top when they are actively targeting the bottom feeder to keep themselves in the pink. Just what is wrong at the top of the tree in the sane and well provided enclaves of the master race of man that they are hard targeting the poor. Are they worrying about the numbers being so large in the mass when control is now an illusion and is slipping. What if its all propaganda that the masses pay the money back into the state coffers enough to pay for the services that a larger society needs. Refuse collection, schools, hospitals and police, the judiciary and jails, housing stock and its costly cousin maintenance just ain’t getting the cash they need, while the quantative easing has been keeping the state model afloat with living expenses while this diminishing returns has been going on. This lack of payback would certainly answer the question about the provision for the bottom feeders being abandoned. This smacks of the kind of desperate act from the ‘vertical limit’s’ variety of solutions. Man mind thy self springs to mind and is the first port of call when the system fails in the historic tales of the fall of empires. It is fast looking like the veil is slipping in the old soft shoe shuffle that has shown us that over the last ten years political mechanisms are threatening and posturing and blaming instead of getting the job done and producing any signs of progress. Yet they spark wars and trade disagreements as they refuse to face their own ineffectual rule in the minds of the masses and are seen as being not fit for purpose and are misdirecting to divert attention to fake wars on so called terrorist states. More people die from a single year of gun crimes from the so called peaceful gun carrying populace of the main terrorist hunters own country than by the hands of the people of any so called terrorist state. As they do not show any kind of effective management for ‘all’, but for some? All this in a population the size of which this globe has never had to provide for in its living history.

It is not so much that something is wrong or that this cannot be fixed, it is the fact that this keeps repeating showing that it is cyclic and not the result of randomness. The very idea that money is ‘regularly wiped’ of the stock market, is more like the actions of a beekeepers harvest of the honey than incidental acts of fate. The bee is devastated by the losses and is then encouraged to go make more and they will lose that when the keeper sees fit to harvest again. Still if it doesn’t add up in an accountants world view and they are still left to keep losing money at the top end of the spectrum regularly, can we still count on them to profit for all of us.

Moving along here massa so ah is boss, jis moving along boss.

Shedding Pounds
The Self
The Self.
Unhealthy Myths.

The whole idea that the body uses to store fat is for to use in the winter as latent fuel to survive the cold and lack of food, the hibernating animals of the world do not get out the fitness cycles, or the treadmills or even rush back to the cave to get the dumbbells out. Stating the obvious is that stored fat is a less filling substitute and is meant to be used in a slow release and even a dormant state. The dormant states need for warmth is more of a catalyst to the program than any kill yourself by excessive energy burn trial and error money making programs the idiots try to sell the stupid or dumb

Take your less than average bear he stocks up on the salmon, harasses or plays up to the gawpers with their cameras and generally will in hard pressed times raid the bins to get the store they need to keep life and limb together in their dormant state. But how do you make money from dumb people (windows for dummies) who are gullible and will swallow anything that they are told by any dumber fool in a white coat or has a books sales profile, writing just off the vanity press but never getting very high up the best sellers list, called a grifter in old parlance, or just someone working their ticket in the new vernacular.

So get under a blanket and reduce the food intake (no more than a third) and aim to drink more (double the water you take now) and to keep your evening in a dormant state like the bear. Minimise the daily high stressed situations, if you are going to take a leaf out of old Yogi’s book it is that the food accumulation period, except for the salmon run can be very stressful and this is why stress which is a large part of enforced physical exercise is not conducive to good or ‘even’ fat consumption The exception is when you reach the point where you achieve a better standard of fitness and stress is then handled better. So even starting off unfit will have a steep curve after an initial gain. The intake of water will also help with the bad breath problems from a gurning stomach that is enforcing its infantile bottle time feed me program to drive regular and sustained levels of energy in a demanding world.

Holding definition and a yoga approach to posture and balance is good for short periods of time. The whole trick is to get the thing started and to use a stable and balanced diet but to reduce the portions. If you are from a colder climate then the process will naturalise in the winter, your metabolism will know what to do, do not increase the heating and force the body to make up the differences and acclimatise to the situation and to start the slow fat to energy exchange needed to get the ball rolling, be sensible about food intake and let the lapses go after them get back on the program slowly. Reduced food does not mean starving yourself or just eating low nutrition food in bulk, this is a dangerous practice and could lead to complications, it should result in a loss of between three to five pounds a week and be kept to this variance as you will relent a few times but do not call that a fail, the metabolism will require what it needs as it needs it so don’t fight these learn to incorporate them and to go with the flow, regular weighing and watching your intake and stools action regularity will be the guideline, involve someone else in the program to monitor you if you are prone to lapses and if you are in doubt do not use this method unless you have a modicum of fitness and are reasonably active to begin with.

The stomach will shrink and your appetite will become sharper, you will begin to enjoy food again and to anticipate the meals you do eat. This is an extreme use for a natural occurring method for fat store metabolising, that is only meant to be taken advantage of not to replace your normal dietary needs.

This is not being written to advertise this method, or to promote it in any way as it is taking hold on its own, but is being written to bring the caution back into it, as heavy weight loss is not a good thing on this program and it should not replace your normal eating program. The lower exercise regime is to ensure that there is no muscle wastage in the process as the body will tend to cannibalise what it needs in deprivating periods to get by, just like redundant muscle use in the space station has a muscle consuming side effect from lack of daily use. So extended jaunts into space are not a good idea if you are of slight build in the first place and do not use an exercise program to keep up the body mass index.

Last current loss over a six week period was an average of four pounds a week. That’s one and a half stone and in the six weeks and two new notches on the belt. But this is s controlled situation that needs a constant approach and no cavalier attitudes from the successes making you think you can speed it up by doing more. This is the main point of worry in this process. So for all those that are just beginning to hear about this for the first time take advice from a professional or someone who has got through it once and is back on their sensible diet, it would help to have someone to talk to in the hungry periods. If in doubt it is better to err on the side of caution and only attempt it for a month. If you are bipolar this is not the solution for you, the elation points will bring about the wrong thinking practices that can escalate problems quite quickly. If you suffer from OCD this is not for you seek a professional weight loss program that has a good results gallery. Any neurosis in your makeup or mental problems like depression and paranoid delusion again this is not for you. You must have a healthy well nourished emotional state, with a reasonable health stance to start from. It is only to kick start a latent process that once started will need a balanced diet and regular health activity, it does not need to be ‘exercise’ not trying to make money only add a word of caution to this process as it is in the category ‘EXTREME’ and should never be a first choice selection for anyone.

The Final Revelation.
Men of Harlech (Zulu)
The Shadow Falls.

Well the winter blues are back again as the strikers of the state pets are all lining up for their perceived overdue pay rises. The mollycoddling state is interfering to much. not so much big brother as interfering nanny on steroids if you listen to the grumblers and whingers camp of grippers, but if you tune into the we deserve more nanny from the Oliver camp of thought they are being hard pressed by not enough access to the coddling tit and are griping for more access after all its their dues, they are the state extortion arm in action mewling for more more more. Time to change the channel the gripe is giving the state wind and the weather may emulate that, after the deluge of the weeping hearts we have just had, if the weather does reflect the mood of the region and science is all modern day baloney with its white coated priests of the myopic eye device with microscopic attention to the minutia and no clue of the bigger picture just outside of their scope. Greed envy and dissent, wonder who is stirring up all this sediment at the bottom feeders level, the seeds of mistrust and the designers of doom smack of a 007 plot in the writing. Space lasers heat deflectors and that global warming is being seen more for what it is a natural process that happens periodically as history can attest to from tropical periods to ice ages if you can see as far as the day after tomorrow. The warmer climate with a bigger populace than the world has ever held at any point in its history, will demand not building property below a specific sea height, a program to dredge the problem rivers before the new rainy season, in old money that was winter, to either put a sluice that is auto managed and minimum maintenance for lower running costs at an area above the flood settlements and to run the excess water off, regulated by pressure and height activated valves, into non arable basins with a slow runoff into smaller tributaries to spread the deluges. At inner city or larger towns that will be affected, dig an underground tunnel moat system with the same valve system in place to keep the little peoples feet dry, to bypass the urban sprawl and again spread it over one or two slow runoff holding areas or directly into the downstream of the same river or any other tributaries that are handy in the local. All of this will take money her burgomaster, except the state diktat has no more money, harder times are coming and all the rest of the doom and gloom state press releases rhetoric propaganda: ‘that the coffers are empty’ so go fend for yourself caring sharing state hands out in state gruel knee jerk response. Well it is shaping up from austere to interesting and the next year will reach a tipping point in the mass reflecting a disengagement from the old rock of ages and to break the chains of servitude to mean and miserable leadership. The need to ditch the party politics that will penalise and short change its populace and fill its own pockets, they just get better at hiding it, it did not stop and they have not learned. They still give themselves a pay rise as they see fit and you lot (us) can like it or lump it is the last nail in the coffin of the doomed political state from the top down managers of misery and dickensian rule. Maybe should have titled this one dumb and dumber but the OCD just kicked in again, so started so to finish is nagging the need.

The press is telling us that the Isil bombers and gunmen are all little cell groups that are all coincidentally new converts to Islam closely resembles that old directive in the anarchists handbook from the section confusion to the enemy. Anyway back to the plot, all these informed deep researchers are telling us as they sit at the data gathering centers before their editors tell them which to ‘follow up’ and to turn in their copy by such and such time. That these cells are made up from the ranks of the easily impressed, and easily led and are press ganged by words spoken by some evangelical preacher of the hate school of (?)Islam, that is taking new converts into a bloody cycle of destructive decline that will eventually reach bloodbath proportions. No something just doesn't add up yet again in an accountable world that comes with fixed penalties. Well what a thrill ride from the backwoods thinking camp of the dumber. The only reason to go faith shopping is disillusionment with your current belief system not being reflected in your reality experience (day to day grind), the seeker is looking for greater meaning and to have something to place their faith in. Or for the new-found to lose their faith in the materialistic viewpoint and to look for something that might give meaning to your existence as any new age seeker from the golden guru era (70’s - 80’s) could attest to if any still exist and would readily admit to being that dumb at the time. So why chase a guru when the spark of life is in you and everyone else’s P.O.V. is the point of view of a spectator, telling the ref he is blind. The ball is at your feet and if you lose faith in you, you will dribble the game away, the spectator is there to be played to and not to be asked for their advice. After all even animals have an opinion and can express it, but the man in the street is only too willing to feel important at your request for their insights, what a powerful position you give away so easily when you lose faith in yourself. Now a coach that is a different matter and a whole new ball game, they can give the benefits of their own experience and help to polish your skills, but the audience! come on grow a pair will you. So lets look at some other extreme situations and scenarios that have produced the explosive behavior that results in people blowing themselves up, or shooting and killing innocent people where the only final outcome is their carnage will result in their own final solution. Either at their own hands or by forcing someone else to terminate them. Like even going up to the front door of a police station baiting them with emblems (costume and rhetoric) of the (feared) state enemy until their little masquerade brings about their wished for conclusions, provoke the beast and it will revert to type or trained behavior and they really train to be that much of a knee jerk honestly.

Alternatively from the daily delusional rags viewpoint, could it be that there is a collective of world weary souls that are intent on dying for a cause. Could a group exist that have lead such disillusioned or persecuted existences. And in this day and age of the information highway could they be staying off the radar by hand passed non electric exchanges and drops, well it works for James Bond and why not. That these anti life covenanters feel their lives are a waste of space and that they wish to die for something worth the payback or the price of death in the name of disinformation, what if a large portion of them really are in a terminal health situation anyway and have nothing to leave a struggling family to survive on. That this form of confusion to the enemy (perceived or real) has in the past produced martyrs. Not from the rational pro life lobby, but when you consider evil is live backwards and that, that may just be all that it takes to understand the anti life as we wish to understand the mindset of the Antichrist. Christ is the epitome of selfless life to the western mindset, just as Buddha is the eastern archetypal figurehead for the same post. Christ is known by his teachings to have made the sacrifice, giving his existence in healing the sick caring for the poor and the penultimate act of dying for the sake of all mankind's sins. The modern day terrorist that dresses up as one half of the divide that are in contention and infiltrates the death wish mob is one side of the tactics of the middle ground, while a strong mouthpiece and group of non life terminals that can shift and slide about the inner sanctum of the assumed the same on the other side, fitting in playing the part of one of the faithful while stirring up trouble trying to create chaos in a stable but hard pressed world as it goes through some unsettling and transitory times. This is the definitions of anyone's view of the essence of an ‘Antichrist’ but if we are only reading the papers reviews of the world stage play of life, we are only seeing the characters and not the actors playing the parts. We always get the autopsy of current events and even the TV coverage says that without all of the facts we are left speculating about what we don't understand or just assuming its more of the same as before. Misdirection is still the best tool that is in their toolbox. This shadow boxer is the real enemy, when both sides compare themselves by their similarities, then the grey areas that the infiltrators traditionally hide in will become obvious and the third ‘reich’ will be seen for who they truly are. The lie is only ever revealed by the shadow it casts as the light of understanding is thrown into the darkest recesses or the dim edges of the middle grounders with one foot in both worlds. The trouble is not in the established camps they are the known factors it is the off road and off the page shadow plot that is fooling our willingness to believe the worst first. So the shadow is the areas of our own ignorance of all of the facts because if there is any confusion there is an absence of some of the relevant facts because when all the facts are known and the players are all identified it will all make sense. Deliberate lack of the facts or just circumstantially clouded by the wood in the trees?

The evidence as it looks from the good old bumbling camp of the home grown buffoon, the average everyday dumb persons camp runs something like this.... The fact that each new cell is made up of new converts is in no way suspicious that is just life (can hear you thinking box of chocolates mind runners), its just a fact of modern day life we hear it all the time on the trustworthy news. The fact that infiltration into known training programs just gives them a credible surface lineage, but how are ordinary people with so called normal lives recruited by an external shadow organisation and taught how to look as if they belong and are, the real deal in action. But what if that is only one arm of the many headed hydra, what if each organised section deals with the recruitment of the sick of lifers stock in a different way. What if another arm builds evidence against perverse people with sick and degrading practices and harbour murderous intent and then step in to turn them to a a particular task at a given time that could maximise disinformation or prejudice one or other camp in the public eye. They recruit and give them the tools, the means and the task and promise them that non disclosure of their sordid lifestyles to their remaining family is the only reward they will get, and any surviving children they might have will be looked after in the country they die in. The specter of this type of organised deployment for a specific end is the antithesis of the life principle organised for the furtherance of life on this spinning ball of dust and puddles. Life is stranger than fiction and so its more extreme realities tend to be dismissed by the middle ground pasture grazing sheep as they mull and chew things over daily trying to make sense of the day and their part in it.

The fact that things do not add up is becoming clearer and clearer to the vast amounts of waking grazers as they sicken of chewing the same old cud day after day. The big oil find in Scotland did not make the Scottish walk away, it made the nation dig in. An incentive under the artificially stimulated pre-indyref oil prices for the fool hardy to jump on the bandwagon had the opposite effect, but strangely they didn’t take the bait instead they did the unprecedented thing, they banded under one banner the great Scottish hope of a democratic solution to re-negotiating the union but this time from a position of strength from the standpoint of a unified and united Scotland. One that has three hundred years of investment in the British product and its accumulated stocks bonds and shares. Our national investment as one of the first four that make up the phony British state is Scotland, Wales and Ireland and not just that invasive northern foothold but the whole of the British isles have equal shares in the British model, logo and prestige. The fact that England as the major negotiator thinks that it owns it all and can shake us off to keep from paying their dues is not a viable option. Just what do they owe the Welsh the men of Harlech fame and legend, for these three nations under English rule have invested their sons, that have shed their blood in the terrible game of empire building. And for to have shed it for a nation that is guilty of taking over their land suppressing their culture using them as they saw fit for hundreds of years, to take everything and not even give recognition for services rendered blood spilled and stands taken is no recompense for the short changing tactics of the modern dickensian dish of gruel and more hard times while they lavishly their treat own. The Irish nation was also invaded and its resources and manpower commandeered for their own national interest without the courtesy of even a union agreement. The Scottish question is still being resolved but invasion under a sham treaty of union is just not washing well in the political thinking Scott of the day. Economics is again being used to lower oil prices artificially to bring Scotland to the point of jumping ship to better regulate our own resources. This use of the economic machine to chide punish and to delimit, while facilitating their own drives for their own good, is getting to be an unpalatable diet of more of the same. The uncomfortable fact that we are only ever British when it suits them and their historic treatment of the other three nations in the union is the evidence of the facts, that is affecting the sickening stomach of the other three nations, it may be time for us to unite and to ditch the driver of the car as they cannot read the map and drive well without seeing to their own needs first and foremost.

So when the mask slips will the manipulative Ozymandias be given a fair treatment by the duped or is there a rope that they are being given just enough to do a particular job, or will that final swing in the swings and the roundabouts game of life bring us all to the end of our collective tethers.

Survival Rates.
Runic Cubed
Runic Cubed
The Delusional State.

The arrogance of ignorance knows no bounds, how a secular state views a country is by what it knows them for or by. The last influx of sex tourists to Germany says more about what sort of brochure’s the tourists have been browsing for potential destinations, and why so many choose the Scandinavian and Norway links says more about choice than chance. Is a sexually liberal country a high ranker on the migrants ‘viable countries’ ticking list and is the sexually repressed Brit falling out of favour. Just what is on the minds of the potential migrants considerations as they pack their bags and head off to the new world, just how are they motivated, well it may be time to take a leaf out of the wildlife presenters book and watch the migration habits of the different types and species as well as have a look at the gender biases of each in the process, especially their flocking habits and their warmer climes destination choices. The single men are seemingly as easy to predict as teenagers at their first dance. The family man with the family in tow is another breed entirely by comparison, while the single migrant female is a rarity and usually is in fear of their lives. The most glaringly worrying profile by far is the large amount of itinerant children only looking to have a greater selection of scraps from the masters table to give them a greater survival opportunity. With no parents and little education it takes a strong will to walk great distances through other countries and to just survive on the scraps or donations that they find on route, to whatever destination that shows the greatest potential for a chance at surviving the daily grind as ‘the ‘west’ is a big place and they are all rich compared to me’ must figure heavily in the thinking of a hard pressed child with no protector or provider. Just how many are in this position because their provider died on route and for them there is no going back.

Just how a nation of people is formed and is then encoded into the genetic root is all about location location location. The Island mentality of a well stocked land that has easy provision and good stocks of wildlife and has a good system of population control will as the Fiji Islanders did produce a more open society with a greater caring for each life and will have a greater social cohesion but be prone to the guile of the peoples that are rooted in a harsher history with life threatening competition for little or nothing, the classic marauder is the typical stereotype that springs to mind. The pirate mindset that takes to the ocean currents fishing for opportunities that has no care for the damage that it leaves in its wake as it strips the gullible and fleeces the unwary. These nations have written a black history in blood in the lifelines of the nations that they invaded and claimed as empire builders trophies. The older empire builders like the Mongols, Moors and the Romans are all said to have been empire builders with great dreams of dynasty in their bios. But taking other lands will cost in blood and a wealth of dynastic history will be trashed like the mythical and legendary Alexandrian Library with its fabled wisdom of the ancients. But history is written by the people that survive and many people even kings and queens may just have been like you and me and found that circumstances forced their hand in the beginning and that everything that came after was what the day demanded. Think not, then ask yourself how many of your high minded dreams of life have you ever been able to fulfill answers on the back of a GB fifty pound note and bung them to me to keep the score by.

Behavior and survival skills are formed from the periods of lack of success as much as from the successes. The rare lucky breaks can fool the unwary and will just delight the pragmatist, a dispositional bias towards making the best of any given situation will produce a more gregarious being. There is no nation in the world today that does not have its historic hands steeped in blood, and there is very little evidence of a national stereotype that reflects the ancient tribal states, sadly gone from a harsh world but not forgotten and are indeed earning their place in the character traits for island paradise legendary statuses. The odd thing about the group thinking practices of some nations and even religions is how they interpret the terms of the day, the customs of interactions or even the tenets of their faiths. For instance the Muslim that lives a good life in the eyes of Allah and observes the tenets of his faith will when entering paradise be given seventy virgins. Now to the land walking man this may have more of a sexual overtone in a sexually repressed cultural background, than is how the mind of a god will see it, earthly life demands progress, the genetic heritage is the bloodline of the sins of the fathers, traits, manners character and its defects etc. In paradise gender is not on the table that is an earthly necessity. In a holding or reception and sorting area of paradise you will be given seventy innocent souls to tend to and if after time they are reduced to, slaves, property or treated as extensions for your own ego, do you think your soul will not be judged by these actions to not be ready for paradise and so the wheel turns. All that rush to get there and to arrive with murderous intent in your heart, vengeance in your mind and glory blinding your path is the wrong approach to attaining paradise. How man chooses to look up to paradise and heaven and interpret his visions, is not the same view as the maker of man in his view on the nations of man and all his tribes. The descent into matter and the struggles of life are the character shaping tools of the prison that we are born into. The first perfect man had not the knowledge or even more importantly the understanding to be worthy of paradise. With this distinct lack of character as a start point and the fall was inevitable, and unlike the angelic host man must earn the right to walk into paradise and heaven by right of character and not by force, deception or in bloodshed. You cannot murder or kill your way into the gentle and beatific state of grace that is paradise or heaven, you cannot lie, cheat or steal your way into either also. Thinking that you can is the blindness and ignorance that willfully interprets all that it sees and hears by its standards and never shows the capacity to see what it is that the maker has in mind for man, and all his creatures.

While the star seed children would ask was the original Adam a full developed and mature man a clone production of innocent origins left to fend as a populating program by planetary seeders. The school of thought from the belief that life is dispersed across the living universe by the naturally evolved means of the environment that it finds itself in. The seed that was washed up on these shores had a genetic imperative, the will to breed and the need to succeed is all that there is in the bigger picture still has not thought back to the very first genetic imperative. They could view that all of life is mind in action and deed, they could postulate that even the atom is/was seen as the first building block of life. Is this the limited thinking of the reader of a book engrossed in the story and lost in the tableau of their imaginations interpretations of the words on the page. The atom in the scope of their vision as they ignore the ink, the page the binding as merely the container. If the last few decades dirty habits have proven anything to us that is the packaging takes more to make than some of the products in them does. And takes a lot more to get rid of than the consumption of the product takes leaving us with all the long term consequences from dismissing it as merely the container. It is well to remember that this environment was here before the microbes started building ant hills and colonising the container. This container has been ignored to the point that its lack of management will prove to be a worse problem for the ignorance that just wants the freedom to enjoy and to play at life with no consequences for the journey. This folly will have repercussions for generations to come but why worry not really your problem is it just pissing down the river of time to the next generation village of man is very tribal of a so called modern sentient man.

Life takes management skills to ensure a safe existence not just for the self but for the collective that we are, as the race of man. If the star seed are too blind to see that the height of mankind's progress has to be a beneficent sentient being, surely that would require an ability to live in harmonious symbiosis with our living quarters at least as a start point. Rather than taking the high handed view that this is all waste as life is the final product of existence and the placenta world is discardable because of this so called obvious fact of life as seen from the itinerant mindset's point of view. Life is renewing on a cycle, born, living, breeding and then dying, in a long life container, this life support system took some design to make and implement to just simply be a product for the scrapheap of life. For the religious it means that scriptures are the road map, but the inner being has three silent voices to aid the return of man this is the hand we are all dealt in life. The preservation ‘instinct’ the father of all creation as it instructs all life from the impetuous driven microbe to the communal herd, tribe or clan. The emotion written protector of life the ability to know to hold back to roll over to submit to the will of the situation to survive is most active in the young. The second still voice the intuition the ‘teacher’ in the heart also seen as the Christ, the Buddha and by some as the higher self. The ability to ‘know’ without having all of the facts the very development stage of the western teenager in principle. This interpretive ability to get ahead of the moment and to, with practice ‘trying it on’ to eventually reach the right conclusions the trial and error instruction of the school of life. The always right suffer greatly from this being obsessively active and overdeveloped from a background of a dangerous beginning in life, heavy paranoia or self preservation drives only serve to mangle the process. The third silent voice ‘inspiration’ is in the land of the mystic, the dreams of Joseph and is the canvas of the artist and poet the inspired perception and insight that produces fully conceptualised insight into a problem, situation or to produce a new revelation for use in the world, or even just to learn how to crack the nut better to get at the food, in the land of the tool makers.

So given that god hasn't turned up yet to reveal himself to the head of each of his seven churches on earth, and there is only evidence to suggest that there is only three developed and active at this moment in time. They had better have had the foresight to have left his seat open for him in his property on his earth, after all he did make this place before the Adam. Till that day he broadcasts to mankind in other ways than just the three silent voices, to clearly lay out his intent for man, it is time to start dealing with the woes of the world, the incubator of life needs maintenance Instead of following the written down evidence of mere men as his word on his earth that we were given dominion over. Time instead to ask why did we let it get into this state of waste, war and profiteering at others expense even to the subjugation of the weaker nations. While the star seed only act like locusts that use up a planets resources to head back into the great unknown leaving a used up husk behind. Who is more likely to take notice that the wonky planet we are on has a wobble in its orbit that is reaching a repeatable point where prevention of mass life extinction is waking up the masses to the ball of dirt’s plight. As the planet goes into a warmer closer orbit for an as yet unknown period, we are trapping more heat at ground level in the cooler non tropical planetary tilt raising the ground temperature while the tropical half of the planet is reaching new ground temperature heat trapping heights that have not been in existence at anytime in the history of the planet. That is guilty of heat trapping house builds with insulation saving money, something we can qualitatively ease at will in the west. Having the effect of warming the ground and keeping the higher atmosphere colder to start the deluge from the accumulated humid moisture levels from the over evaporation from the tropics. Just who is likely out of the two fore mentioned religious and 'star seed' children would take the action necessary to save the planet and its future generations from an overheating planet with rising magma and moving tectonic plates. All this in a wobbly spinning ball in space. The first choice is not the star seed children with their disposable mentality to life and its problems. Not the religious as they will fall to their knees and pray that their god for 'his' will to be done. While the rest of us are kept without the resources, the means and even the will to do anything about it. Time for the fourth church of man that is not prostrate in fear kowtowing to the words in a man written book, or are seated in arrogance of basking in their presumed right in his presence and only fall to their knees to pray. As the star seed are stood looking up at the heavens as if they are the inheritors of some divine privilege to witness the universe their creators made just for their viewing delight. No the fourth church is not a house of worship or praise, it is the house of understanding. The pragmatic survival instinct to assess the situation and to garner the resources and to mobilise the masses to prevent loss of life on such a scale.

Unless you off course belong to the school of thought that you rule all, and you now have enough automated processes in place to reduce the need for a larger population and are stuck with the animal husbandry problem of culling the surplus here. In this case it is in your best interests to delay, misguide, misdirect and to interfere with any form of planning for salvation. Good job these are the people that also own the paper process that all life has been taught to rely on, printing what you need to allow certain growth, penalising and shutting down any unwanted developments and counter project plans that anyone else may have. The evidence is in the wiping out of billions if not trillions every five years for the last thirty years in a stable free market exchange, with a steady rate of output growth every single fiscal year of it. No well take a squint at this then. If you have a market opponent that is beating the big money investment backed horse in the so called open and even playing field market place. When does it become prudent: ‘a sound economic investment’ to infiltrate your opponents organisation and to sabotage them from within, like say Volkswagen for example, even just to sow the seeds of bad practices from say hired in management consultants with other undisclosed agendas, depending on their own personal investment portfolio of course as this will affect their judgment and the outcome. Does the whole thing take on a new light in view of the fact that industrial spying to get ahead of them is no longer effective when they are all down to the last few good ideas left to start from in the first place. It is after all a market with no new growth sectors in the last ten years, that are showing significant returns to get further investment from. Is someone taking steps to bring about their own conclusions, or is man no better than a self destructive beast, manipulated into submission with dreams of paradise. Or are those that have their eyes on heavenly glory but lack the science the materials and the wealth to do anything about getting off the globe, as we all head into the next sleep walk into the abyss of ignorance and self annihilation, through lacking the will equal to a small abandoned or deserted child traveling to a country unprotected and with no guarantees of a chance of survival. Who lives in hope or faith while he/she still gets up the next day and gets back to the days problems. Showing signs of less fortitude than is needed for the task at hand. Like the itinerant child, dealing with the day to day problems is what is keeping us all from dealing with the bigger picture. The servitude of existence is the manacles that tie and bind us to this place. A probable mantra for the new age could go something like this. A tidy as you go, clean up as you use and to dispose with wisdom policy, to strive to reduce heat use and to lessen the heat trap temperatures is a good start for an interim policy in our collective daily use. This will not of course stop the effects of more downpours in the areas prone to or are affected by this problem, so a better water management strategy is needed. How we provide and facilitate the use of our resources now and how we divide our time effort and energy to the right tasks for the times we live in given the situation we find ourselves in will dictate the survival rate of the whole creed, colour and races of man on the third spinning rock from the solar central heating burner.

Branching Out.
The Harvest
Sluicing The Overflow.

Well 2016 is shaping up to be a leaner meaner problematic development year as the new critical’s of the last set of disasters are beginning to settle into our minds and the effects are changing the courses of lives and communities. The flooding has raised a few more questions than it has answered. One of the most critical points to be raised is the system just wants it all to go away or fix itself and it will not pour good money into non profit regions or areas in a commercially compounded capitalism viewpoint. This will have the effect of forcing communities to take stock and make their own provisions to deal with the next deluges. The quick fix solution to the we are far to important and busy with critical fictional monetary and trade situation, and of course there is the media migrant and Isis stories to keep going as we need excuses to free up all that black market oil back into our economy. So go build a dyke or two, set your own levies is the form of do nothing until it is mission critical type of modern day governmenting solutions from the people that rule the people they couldn’t care less about. If you aren't contributing to their coffers you can either do or die.

The current solution of if you are going to be flooded anyway we will compensate you immediately is a good responsive knee jerk to reducing bureaucratic levels of assessment from the process. But it just doesn't go far enough. Is there any indication from other rivers that it is a sea level swell, not from the coastal reports anyway. Is there any indication of the rise being clearly linked to rainfall in exposed areas causing surges into downstream towns and cities. Well lets just not share the woe with the country cousins and pay them to take the hit. The land that is being flooded is riverbank property and is only a problem in rural towns of small residency areas, if the rises in water levels in exposed areas are just not happening or just not being reported. To save arable land that is under threat it may be past time to consider sluicing of some of the volume into temporary holding ponds, tanks and reservoirs as it reaches a particular level in problem area rivers and to create runoff bypasses or a moat overflow system in denser populated towns and cities that are height activated to deal with and manage the water away from the troubled areas instead of waiting to respond to a critical situation. It may be possible to use inner city waste lands to convert to temporary overflow tanks and even rural areas where the land is selected because of natural underground water retention and flow facilities already known, eg: natural caverns and cisterns even flooding old mines that have a naturally slow seepage in their makups. Transporting the water by miles in an island nation is less prohibitive than for the Nevada desert scenario. The state solution of well its your problem just what are you going to do about it, we are all watching to learn from your mistakes.While the biggest ‘mistake’ of course is to do nothing and to hope that it will somehow fix itself out, is right out of the technical manual that gave us the golden classic for fixing a bad reception TV in the past, if in doubt just give it a clout.

It is as well at this point to remember that in this world and especially at this juncture in mans progress on the wheel that we all of us are formed by the decisions we make and are delimited by the decisions that we don’t. For every decision that we choose to make the choice will inevitably exclude some other choices by rote. The excessive melt water problem in a warmer phase of a planet that has been prone to a wonky celestial path that brings the ball of dirt a little closer to the sun for a period of time then swings back to a colder period as its unstable orbit is the evidence of the hot and cold phases. It is past time that man started to mange his life expectancy on this unstable ball of dirt a lot better than he has, or is excempt for the able to pay as they will only spend what it takes to ensure their own survival and hell and be damned the rest of the pack. Right from the old survival handbook of the diminishing gene pool contributors tactics. Just take a look around at some of the most distinctive races of man for a good look at how far back in the racial stereotype this response has already happened. Any nation that has insects in its diet to this day including the aboriginal races, has starved to a limited gene pool before. This just cant be a problem of bad resource management, China, Japan and some other cultures have been weather and temperature affected in the planets history enough to have forced land into bareness and for the surviving race to have a strong cultural look that lacks diversity in certain reinforced areas. Skin, eye and hair colouring are a good indication of a smaller gene pool having existed in the past at some time, while hot climates will favour the survival of darker skins and darker colourings over extended periods of time. This in no way is any form of accusation just an observation of the evidence with greater insight of time in mind, retaining a good overall view of the nature of hard pressed man in given situations. The feed Africa plight of the band aid sticking plaster event raised the question why did tribes have an inclination to take up the gun before they would co-operate to survive. Why was the handout their other solution to their immediate problems and why is it harder to stay industrious in hotter climates. The willingness to work in extreme heat and the fact that we are all food to some animal has a diminishing returns value in the survival stakes of organic life on a very unstable spinning ball situated in the outer rim of a small galaxy far from the universal core.

The natural solution of the migration of man is that denser and denser populations now exist in the cooler regions of the planet namely the western hemisphere and above the pacific in the so called third world regions. The current extended drought in Australia is a case in point for the cycle to be heading back into a warmer phase for the spinning ball, as the heating up at ground levels are getting larger and the heat trap is not good with so much magma so close to the surface, sea temperatures rising and the scorched earth hectares mission creeping a little every decade. So the monetary drain from so called market driven stock exchanges is looking like a good way to cover up saving for a larger save a core of humanity tactics project like an arc against the forth coming changes in regional temperatures. The mismanagement of water in the cooler regions will just compound the problem, but for so called wealthy nations to not have the money and for unforeseen market forces to even exist in this control freak day and age is leaving a big hole in the thinking of the misinformed public mindset, we all know that something just doesn’t add up.

It is interesting to note that an unstable orbiting ball of dirt that may well have had its core knocked out of balance by bloody minded nuclear testing may just have got the smack the faulty TV solution from a race that show the racial stereotyping of a whittled down core genetic root at some point in its history. Or we may just have tipped the uneasy balance over the edge, only time will tell on that one. A strong case in point against inbreeding just to survive or for environment to create colouring and cast for survival against harsh extremes, reducing the cognitive tribal thinking processes, producing a tribal headman godlike leadership for the superstitious mindsets.

The idea that we live on a ball of spinning dirt with some surface water over a heated core with moving landmasses that are subject to stress and release (volcanic) actions, leaves room for consideration that the orbit may also fluctuate up and down. This would have the effect of exposing the polar caps more in the coldest extreme phase when it is furthest from the sun, the planets ice ages and more there is even more trouble with this rise and dipping waver in the planets hotter or tropical periods.

It is time for a world management solution to save the entire planet is called for now as we face the start of the incline into a tighter orbital phase that will warm the planet gradually. In a warmer climate either manage the water better or live with the flooding as it will eventually make people do something themselves region by region or hot spot by hot spot, or they will choose to abandon the homestead and take to higher ground. Does this mean that coastal areas are also going to become a problem in the future from rising sea levels. The land mass scorching on a planet with growing heat trapped ground temperatures from greater heat retention domiciles with better insulation and less water retention locally still overheating a warm and draft proof environment is compounding the problem and adding to the store of woes that are still to be harvested.This is an escalating problem that a quick dunt in the antenna wont fix.

A full hands on wide awake set of solutions must have to eventually start with a heat reduction orbital device that reduces the scorched earth temperature zones enough to stop or regulate the volcanic actions in the pacific basin. Mankind is now at a propitious point in his own development in that we now have a larger educated more technologically minded populace than at any other time in history, we now have near instant global wide information and data exchanges at our fingertips. And money is going missing from a world wide ‘market driven’ exchange. China is reclaiming land from the sea, it could be to force storm-fall further away from populated areas reducing the fierce effects from the south China seas storm track. This is arguably the worst storm area on the globe. But with an increased military stance this all smacks of mobilisation. The new land would be good for space development, larger ship development like arcs, laugh if you like at a postulate, but life is stranger in reality than any work of fiction. The paranoia of China’s neighbour says more about their own insecurities than anything else. If you don't think they are paranoid just look at the North Korean secular state and its aggressive stance on the world stage.

To say that the weather is the least of our collective problems is an understatement given the present ecological situation which the newly awakening will find themselves in. Just why at this point in time are so many wakening up, disengaging from the hype and taking a quick orientation to take stock and are as yet still hanging back. As if that will do anything worse than what will happen if we do nothing. Something just doesn't add up mate and there is someone accounting for it, and it is all of us that will pay for it if we leave it too late. If quantative easing has proven anything it is that stable countries can and unstable countries cannot print their own money as they please. That wealth is not in the printed and coined token and that due credit needs to be paid to this reality. The age old argument about signs of intelligence stemming from having the wit, knowledge and using the available resources to facilitate our own existence and ensure a stable future, are surely in question given the current state of the ‘run from the heat’ and do nothing about the water with excuses like ‘money’ is in short supply or ‘there is no profit in ensuring the survival of the lower cast, especially as we have automated manufacturing processes that make a workforce redundant in this day and age’, and not to mention that a culling is overdue. Is a problem, clearly shows that it is: ‘they don’t want to waste time on things that they consider pointless’ or are ‘counter productive’ to some other non disclosed purpose. The inhibited awake are stuck in the roundabout that it does not add up, they don't buy the ‘its just not an economically sound investment in long term solutions’ argument for all of us ‘well we do intend to leave the planet and you will pay for this privilege for us, sorry there are no seats for everyone you understand don’t you’ is one stance for it or ‘We are investing in a more immediate problem that is of world importance and we don't want to scare the natives with the problem or the scale of it’, is another shut up and go away response of those that are definitely hiding something up their collective sleeves, the Chinese markets losing money is a state filter but what is losing money in great wads really all about, chance and happenstance creeping into a know commodity volumes marketplace?

Things that don’t add up are: fifty years of investment in new materials and the best we hear about is hydrogen can be condensed into metal from gas to solid takes a lot of addition to the process. And is only at the early stages of theory and testing no prototype in place yet, and is it still technically hydrogen when its in its final stage. Bonding of materials the old alchemy in modern guise. Over the last three decades trillions of dollars and pounds have disappeared from the free market exchanges, with growth sectors that showed increases in product output year by consistent year and yet wipe outs happen with alarming regularity. Not a clear sign of intelligent man in action now is it. Automated manufacturing processes have reduced the workforce year by consistent year for more than two decades, longer lifespan facilities are being closed down by degrees, the NHS is being privatise, money is used to constrict a practice? Economics are a tool to control the life flow as seen from the height of the mountain. They profit only the showcase examples to keep the illusion alive and to stimulate areas, just try getting a startup up off the ground, then tell me it needs celebrity status and then just ask Jamie Oliver, Stalone and any other instigator of vanity projects like restaurants and clothes lines and perfumery and even jewelry and you will begin to get the picture. Music and entertainment is still needed to pacify the herd as a restless herd may stampede if over excited or pressed by fear.

The other side of the Coin.
The Shoe, Cross Footed.

The western mindset thinks from its elevated platform as it looks out on the nations of man and takes the stance that all mankind is equal, that each nation is living in the same time and era as every other, what if that is simply a trick of the light from on high and a lack of oxygen that is skewing the view, giving an illusion that we are all at the same point in time when some nations are clearly medieval or even neanderthal in their ways means and methods. What if it is past time to keep looking at the world from a single perspective and accept giving technology to emotive and irrational culture will reap a wild wind. The fact that we do not understand some mindsets is not true we know them all we have lived them they are in our genes. Not to sound condescending or to come across as superior is a tool of the manipulator, for we are you just further down the time line, we are at best cousins some generations removed from one another, a separate branch if you like from each other but from the same root. The western world has at its core a distrust of emotional living with a cultural nod to the levels of feelings of well-being instead of the self indulgences of the escalation of need that comes with easier access and it’s campaign mate the old moreish trend for mission creeping that is the nature of the beast. Restraint is part of our inherited 'ways' and is a learned means for survival gleaned from the island mindset we stem from, but this is not the case for nations with a larger land mass with more space to breath in, at their collective roots. Close quarter living has a genetic imperative to find ways and means to suppress outburst as they would attract or alert predators and this shows in this nations mindset just as a very simple small example. So behavioral control that stems from keeping the peace says more about the living conditions that formed us than any pseudo modern psychoanalysts device for insight into the workings of man.

The present obesity problem is a case in point showing the decay of some forms of restraint and self regulation, for the once hard pressed are now getting greater access to more my dear Oliver. You can’t have more as this is now raising the national average to noticeable and worrying levels. Other nations that are in their infancy can hanker after the greater tech but they will not have the maturity to handle the ease of access and with little or no self restraint except at close quarters living, from nations that had to huddle to fend from predators, because lets be honest about it man isn’t exactly that caring except in his own self interest, then he can be quite gregarious and even generous to get what he wants, that is outside of his own ease of access provisions, and will pay quite handsomely for the tidbit or savory morsel and even more for a reluctant or exclusive delicacy. Than to spend his time effort and energy tokens on paying bills and settling debts when you dont feel you have to.

The sex attacks in Germany brought to light one major difference between us and immature nations and that is they know how to use our weaknesses against us, while hiding their strengths in our midst. While the British luvvy’s handling of the sex trafficking in Britain was to hush up to save face about untoward goings on in our own back yards, cant say bad things about johnny savage if he is in the fold, but with the Muslim question came an uncomfortable and glaring difference, they are not like us and are trying to bring their customs with them and to insinuate them into our society as they think we will change to accommodate they never spoke out against their children’s drive back to the bloodthirsty ways of their genetic roots as they jumped ship for the freedom of a more emotional life oh and all in the name of a good cause of course, kill for God as if the lord of life and death needs your help. Oh and you still cant murder your way into paradise, lie or cheat your way into heaven. And why would god need the ants help to keep down the other different ants? must just be an ants view of its own all important world view. The Muslim community did not behave as a Brit would until the media pressure demanded they speak out. A nation that shows no self restraint and insularises itself against the world is a problem as it is fear that closes doors to the plight and circumstances of the oppressed and pursued. The small minded backwoods mindset is necessary in its own neighborhood Mr Deeds, even if it comes with many pearls of secular wisdom, it will still just be a little fish out of its depth in the main stream. But when that mindset has nuclear capability there has to come a point when all nations put their differences aside to deal with a rogue that is threatening and posturing as if they are under constant threat, armed to the teeth and ready to fire at any time of the day or night it’s just not right. So is the world waiting till the point where diplomacy has clearly failed or is their a perceived preemptive point that will force the situation. We are not the same we are divergent and different by course and needs and experiences. We made this tech and have earned the right of passage to it, but in the hands of a savage or savage mindset with no moral compass or even a modicum of compassion we may just have handed the keys to the worlds destruction to the idiot child in the room. That is not to say of course that they are the literal ‘all’ classing every one in their herd as the same type and that most are capable and responsible, but the ones in power are proving that they like us in our distant past are not yet ready for true power or to lead a community let alone a town or even something as large as a city or the universal dimensions by comparison a complete country. It may be time to lock knowledge away and to secularise it and watch just who we educate, in case they close their borders and start to build weapons of mass destruction and start threatening the world with stupid vainglorious claims. Just because someone comes here and lives here does not mean that 'they' are like us, it just means they like what we have and enjoy for a lifestyle and the access to more is addictive to nations that have so little. I do mean the hard pressed migrants and not the socially capable and inclusive working and educated types.

If time travel was possible I am afraid that sending the modern cultured and less aggressive team back to a medieval time-line would decimate the travelers in quick time as the primitive seeks to exploit the weaknesses of others to their own ends is a genetic imperative of the times they live in, the artificial cutthroat economic and business model does not compare on a level battlefield, the arrogant we are bigger, better prepared, know their weaknesses and have greater firepower has lost through arrogance in the past against so called inferior forces. We need to understand the genetic imperatives of each nation better instead of using a flat earth view that we all have two legs, arms a head and a torso, and we even have the same breeding apparatus and waste functions as any measure of man and his current state of genetic development. This does not affect the natural level of knowing that is capable from any genetic pool regardless of its limitations. We know that the pack can bring down the elk, we know that an immature pack will be driven off by a seasoned moose. So we also know that the thug or bully like Sadman Hussein served a harsh purpose in a harsh terrain. That ignorant and naive thinking when financed by the ignorant may well have long term consequence, that even though we cant go back and undo the deed, this is now where we find ourselves and what are we going to do about it. This piece is aimed of course at any world class leaders that are not currently tripping over their modern manners and social etiquette to get things done in the fray, as they keep their political careers in the heads above the gushing waters position on the lead up to the campaign trail. There is no greater crowd pleaser than the real steel contender that old rocky road stallion, surprise from the ranks, taking the all mighty ego out with the sucker punch or a hay-maker. Underestimating what is successful is not about its size, armour or strengths as the weaker mind will always loose to the better perception with the greater insights into the others state of being.

This of course is the prejudicial view that smacks of the old Germanic eugenics themes. The other viewpoint is. That a once proud world leading empire that was the most civilised in its day then had to contend with, the fact that the Germans the French and the English have been invading their countries for centuries and are still trying to make them into puppets to the western ideals. The fact that someone invades your country takes all they can freely and harasses your women and molests your children and crashes your economy wiping out your centuries old wealth reserves is reason enough to hunt down your enemies. Could this just be symptomatic of a genetic instilled reprisal mechanism or is it deemed as payback to the infidel returned from the crusade. Karma payback is a bitch take it from one who knows.

Data Minefields.
The Donnald
Trawling the Rubbish.

Well having listened to one too many fake radio phone ins, and hearing yet another so called snarling Scott with an opinion and an attitude the ears cannot believe a word that they are hearing (the snarling pit bull is still the unionist), the stay at home keep yer heed bellow the parapet, never stick yer neck oot, butt and ben mentality is really a secret pit bull guard dog snapping at any passing notion or daft idea. Not the Scott that is part of the 1.6 million freedom seekers but part and parcel of a media campaign to smear the Scott at home, this Donald Trump is more than welcome here our people can all stand up for themselves when the need arises. His politics at home are a case in point for his nation to decide and they have cause to vet a potential white house candidate as much as they need to without a media campaign that is a smear on the Scottish sense of fairness. So not buying one little bit of the airwaves BBC campaign, may have to resort to listening to Sunny Govan radio to clear the senses and get the heed back tae normal so am ir.

The current idea to collect a years information and store it in the American view is it is no use in the preventative stakes campaigns that they delude themselves can ever have any factual pragmatic effect on crime statistics. They cant even predict political candidacies, market responses, why they should be storing rain water and transporting it to hard pressed areas like Nevada’s evaporating dams. While the lawyer based blame and penalise mentality of the Great British traditions will keep the info and use it in case of a prosecution after the fact, because ladies and gentlemen there is no crime in thought only in deed. Until the crime is committed there is no guilty party, but trawling info with a given moniker, an address, a circle of known associated the prosecution rate will soar. They line it up, they take the run, the crowd is baying, they take the shot, and they score, hear the Hampden roar .........

Successful British prosecutions will be a shining example of how johnny come lately we really are. There is no preventing the unknown there is no minority report. There is only ever the evidence after the facts just like good old Sherlock taught us.

The public have odd ideas as to what they think the political process and politicians should interfere in. The case of Deirdre Barlow is now historic with the mention in the house to free the Watford one. The idea that they can or will have any effect on the process is mystifying to say the least. The country is facing a water management problem, with bigger deluges containing rainfall locally using a water tank in-house and using the runoff from rainfall reservoirs to help in dry summers just makes good sense. A growth industry in the making and yet we will see them lend their might to a public outcry about a mans opinion being different from some of the collective, it would just be a joke if it was not so farcical.

The devastation that has befallen the Labour party is a notorious point in the history of democracy that clearly shows that the hard pressed tax paying card carrying voters thought that leaving a note for the incoming treasury sorry we spent it all in a right old spend, spend, spend spree, is no laughing matter. Will ultimately all have responsibilities and consequences, and for the hapless fool that thinks they can do as they please in power the bottom line will be seen in the poles. The whole idea of boom and bust, is conserve to boom and spend to bust, and a five year (used to be only four?) turnaround it keeps them from getting to entrenched at the public trough. Time to stop the party political help yourself to the expenses as you also fill your pockets kind of management of a nation. Time to set down the format for a true democracy that is of the people (ǂ not an elite minority) for the people ǂ by the people ǂ.

As a resurrectionist, that believes the souls progress in each body is to make a healthier body by physical integration and that both genders have to be experienced as the souls is gender-less, so orientation over the many life times is a preference gained by experience, as the swing in gender goes back in history to even Sodom and Gomorrah anti gay stances, although why gods breeder-less demise by the Christians took such an evangelical zeal, when Lott was just asked to find one good soul to save them and not to find one non gay, but that’s just history now. The full swing of the genders follows the four poles male, fey-male, woman and tomboy. The heterosexual breeder is man, boy, woman girl and of course the infant states. Non breeding is a natural response to denser population numbers and should not be a surprise, the dandy and the fop are historic stereotypes now but they were a previous population response so why is it so difficult to accept that life eternally cycling will one day achieve a point of eternal life. The full body regeneration process that when arrested shows up to scientists as cell mutation lumps or cancers. Artificial lifestyles mucking up the natural processes. No knowledge is still ignorance in any dictionary. Yet again the male is shying away from breeding.

The weather is again weeping for the loss of seasons
While governments and agencies search for reasons
They tell the land owners being flooded, well pay you to let it happen
A quick payment compensation scheme, can you hear the sound of clappin

Lets trawl the net and record it all says the tune-setters of the secret policeman's ball
As we scramble to get the daily jihad count to fall
This action we know will not prevent a single solitary crime
Its for after the fact evidence trails for the ones that don’t turn out fine

As politics is being asked to make a judgment on Donald Trump
Surely that’s not cricket just gammy leg before the stump
They deal and trade with worse than him so a platform it will become
Well see the final dickering after the final sum.

The gender swing is reaching its zenith once again in time
From man to woman through the four pillars we refine
The soul will dance the dance to lead then to follow
Even though this simple truth some may find hard to swallow.

The Waking Dream.
Or the living nightmare.

Now that the water management issues are being more fully addressed, and that this is mainly happening in a world that, when in an ice age has enough water to freeze both caps from the hot regions evaporation's and to store it using the condensing process building up the water deposits over time. The main weather problem is normal snow that is not frozen falls as rain, normally three to four inches of snow would only make for about an inch and a half of water when it is not cold enough for snow. The summer and winter tilt of the world usually swap the evaporating and condensing processes as they switch seasons, this is now out of whack as the Australian drought is clearly showing. An expanding equatorial heat girth is keeping most of the condensing north of its line leaving the southern hemisphere out of the natural water distribution process as the tilt is more forward in that region. The greater earth level heat retention means that heat is now trapped at the lower levels and does not reach directly like a volcano, open fire would streaming the heat upwards penetrating the higher atmosphere. The west is now in the cooler process and as more moisture is being lifted higher from the warmer climes and it is no longer cold enough here at ground level except on higher ground, mountains and hills we are getting deluges equal to three feet of snow in a downpour. If river flood levels are any indication to go by.

In any country that has stopped storing water in the form of water boilers, cold water tanks where the last filtration for drinking was done in the attic from silting and sedimentation process. We have put all that water back into the water tables and the hermetically sealed evaporation cycle. With a funded drive to replace boilers and to convert attics removing the last of the long term water closets, all we now have is the WC as a short term water deposit at the local area POV one per household. Couple this with the replacement practices of getting rid of the old coal fire heating and even the smokeless fuel solution which was demonised in the drive for grant based or government sponsored drives for heat efficiency in the home with insulation all part of the evangelical zeal of the social planners of the new officious efficacy age of the waste management and downsizing policies from the social housing handbook of the new age domocile dogma. The local authority cut backs have also seen dredging in high risk flooding areas not get a seasonal tweaking just before they are under threat, as prevention is the ounce of wisdom to the builders pound of cure. The question is how high do you build when you don't know how much water will fall and if you give a river an extra six feet at the troubled points it may still exceed this with no knowledge of the unknown quantity in the air. Building up to hold back water that can not be given an accurate volume scale still has a hypothetical margin that needs to be quantified, a genuine need for quantative easing in a real situation. And not just to let the greedy keep fleecing the needy print your own pile or wad goverment solution.

Now with a clearer understanding of why so much water at a wet time of year is causing so much concern in a land where ground frost is common for short spates in a country that regularly had snowed in winters. The burning question of course is what to do about it. In a land where heat trapping by buildings has changed the input and returns in what was once a natural system. Storing one to two hundred gallons of filtrated rain water in each houses back gardens has an appeal as a drought barrier, and as a spring sprinkler system but will not be cost effective except as a grant based incentive. A region or district by district solution is a logistic nightmare but may be a more cost effective rainwater storage system, but they would probably be under the stuttering hands of divergent and different minded cash strapped local authorities controls. The easier solution is a street by street or town by town solution of about two to three hundred gallons per head of population. The spring run offs back into the waste pipes would be temperate by season and only really be filling to capacity as the autumn closes and then on into the winter, but the equation that says this much stored on the ground in a finite elements dispersal range means that the rainfall will be less by an average of the same ratio to what is stored.

To say that the weather is not all of our problems is an understatement when you consider the world wide scale of the problem. The funding is out of the profit and loss column of accounting and rests squarely in the hands of the instigators of the problem making a direct contribution to the startup costs and a fair amount to the running costs to get the program actively up and running. Its also about where does the rest of the startup and running costs come from in a dwindling 'community chest' monopoly game system.

A final note to the swollen earth theory will be better demonstrated in this google earth simulation. But the outline for it is this, if the sun track across the earth (not the equatorial divide) has most of the dried out scorched earth terrain on the globe, then why is it not as prominent in the Mexico area and the peninsula of Panama that connects Columbia and Venezuela must be the cooler Atlantic currents up into the Mexico bay area or the elevation from the spindle to the ground just aint the same as the south pacific Australian and northern African continents elevations. The panama strait must be under the canopy of the lush southern Americas jungles steady blanket of air moisture cloud cover. This lack of clouded skies in the south pacific and the Aussie outback may well be a factor as no humidity equals low cloud cover.

If there comes a day when the earth space program gets into the outer atmosphere and builds a sun screen heat diffuser for the sun track summer and winter high points. The scorched earth and the water problem could be better managed and regulated. So start a chip in fund or a national and international kitty kinda quickly. Makes you realise where all the new educational standards have come from and why they will be needed. This will create the largest educated and highly skilled work forces on the globe at any time in history. Now that is high hopes or the single biggest planetary project that will have the effect of unifying the global countries that have never been able to see eye to eye, historically or even in present and recent history.

Strapped for Cash.
Taking a Pounding.

An old chestnut has turned up on the rounds of the airwaves daily diatribes in the form of a question and that is: 'would Britain be better as a cashless economy'. The people that are tabling the question in the first place are highly suspect as nearly all of them were living in the credit base economy and never had to dirty their Lilly white hands. The reasoned argument's began to sound like they were fielding their sponsors criteria more than any hard and fast understanding of the cash economy, to many generations removed from the people that held the old penny, shilling and its cousins in their hands or more likely in their pockets.

Understanding what it means to live in the cash economy never came up as only the hard pressed still live in its disciplines. The easy credit system has evolved to cover broader more streamline outlets. While the cash strapped are bound by bad credit ratings and maybe even have a history of defaulting and absconding at its worst levels and this gives the whole thing a feeling of being a facilitator or a convenient outlet for the so called black economy. This was the most popular angle being presented on the so called open radio forum, but the sheer lack of input from the actual people on the cash system which in Britain is forty eight percent of the populace were conspicuous by their absence from such a high percentage ratio that was not represented in the stream of the 'open callers' who clearly favored the live high and well on the never never element of the credit trap. People who still regularly use cash and usually draw the cash from the bank and work the fortnight or month in discipline and self restraint were probably doing something else with their time that made better use of their time and resources, than the mindset that were bored and browsing the airwaves. While the fifty two percent just swipe and flash the plastic often into a sizable overdraught to accommodate their need in the moment and their obvious lack of self control on the small things and shy away from the larger purchases, which a cash orientated incomer would have to budget to facilitate a savings plan of one to five months for the bigger purchases. The easy attitude to a credit based easily extended credit system that allow a great deal of have now and pay later built into it is in stark contrast to the have what you can afford and make it last style of hard pressed system that relies on living within your means, so even if bad debt gets you into it time will make you better at money management by the rule of hard lessons and hard knocks.

The whole debate didn't quite degenerate into a credit browsers drop in but it never seamed to get to the hard facts about what would happen to the cash strapped if it was removed and only a regulated card for the hard pressed was issued by rote from the remote management system the world is becoming by the convenience driven credit browsers are turning society into. The incentives all seam to smack of the tactics of the drug dealer in that they make it convenient when you are first into it recreationally and the extend credit and even introduce you to other products with free samples till half a decade down the line when you are hooked and not so flush its bottom of the queue and take it or leave it is the sort of service that you will get. The big fault with the credit based provision compared to the cash in your pocket is that with only two pounds left to spend you can go to a shop that deals in cash and get minimal goods for a pound and leave a pound for a second go for cheep provisions at another time, but with some shops using a credit spending limit on the card of two pounds you cannot do that. The cheep goods can get you buy till the next pay but the goods on credit will use it all up in one go.

Like wise no one is really looking at the same tactics that investment houses and and banks use at their hard edge have a stark similarity to the drug dealers ways and means with new customers. The tactics of financial credit houses are ease of access till the hook is in and after a few generations of taught ways from committed parents the numbers will eventually reach the proportions that they will command more than fifty two percent of the credit transactions and then it will be a whole new ball game. If the automated level of credit and credit rating is a robotic and impersonal process then there will be no regulating them from cutting off your money, freezing your assets (all electric) and putting who ever they want into credit limbo. The cant do that so easily with the cash in your pocket. This could potentially last for as long as they like for their own reasons and laws will become wavers to the mighty hand that will hold the welfare of people in a claw like grip to guarantee no dissent and blind obedience will be expected to follow. The would make this the ultimate dictators tool in a democratic state. With no voice to argue the points and no right of access to the credit at the wave of a ban or freeze, then who are you gonna call.

A cash based business is beginning to use tactics to punish the cash trade while giving benefits to the credit junkies. This sort of sanction has only one ultimate purpose. It will take a hard stance by the cash based to keep the totalitarian tactics to a crawl, allowing the hard pressed to live at a subsistence level and help to stem the flow towards a credit based economy. The last vestiges of hope lays in the hands of the hard pressed and not in the quick fix never never card hoppers ranks, so the last people to have a say in the final push for the credit economy are the sell outs that cant live without the convenience of living well on debt as opposed to living on the hand to mouth system. It is just the few businesses that are holding out on insisting on credit only transactions as recommended by their creditors and the leverage applied by their creditors against their outstanding loans in harder times, as they are penalised for cash transactions. The tactics alone are the biggest cause for concern in the argument as it stands to date. After the financial ruin that investment houses and banks caused in the last recession coupled with the fact that they have never really been made to pay for their mistakes or out and out losses but have just skimmed by on the bailouts from governments and the tax payers pockets. Would you trust them in the cold light of day that is the real question about a credit based economy in light of their previous history and in the wake of the last ten year recession that we are all still feeling the bit from. So would you trust a banker with all of your assets and with the power to sanction you at will?

Accounting for Engineering.
The Self
Personal Liability
Mixed Signals.

Welcome to 2016 the world is finally at peace, all trade embargoes have been lifted, all the despots and dictators of the globe have abdicated and mankind is looking forward to a new golden age of peace and prosperity. Then we all have to wake up to the harsh realities and face the uncomfortable facts that it was just a winter hibernation dream of the somnambulistic types that tend to shut down in the cold from the heavy reaction to a warm summer turning into a cold winter even if it is only for a month to a month and a half at a time in this well socially engineered and prudently financially accounted for western hemisphere.

Well the weather and its long list of soon to become usual suspects for the residual effects of the decimated winter season are acting up again or even just causing the 'worry wart' watchers of the day to cry ‘gardi loo’ at every thermostatic fluctuation. And though it is prudent to watch our step it may actually be past time to look at the likely culprits of the modern day changes in temperature, as the clock is ticking for a point of no return where the melt to freezing ratio of the ice stored water. Is soon going to recede beyond the point of intervention as the ice is not reforming as well or with the same volumes as it used to. Just ask the Canadians that live in the thick of it and especialy listen to the regions that are seeing ice shelves diminish and recede with each thaw in each passing year.

In the new year in this country a prince suggested that it is passed time for the establishment trained engineers, that are so in his opinion dismissed from honours and accolades, when they are the centre of the mechanistic and monetary create a new widget to sell to the must haves consumer process. May well be sticking his neck out before the furore begins. Well much as the bearer of bad news is never well received as it will undoubtedly undermine some investors concerns and will come with a legal compensation clause to ruin their day or just upset their future myopic planning stages for gaining at someone else’s expense. As they all invest not to save the planet, no returns in that, no they invest in schemes that cut corners, meet budgets and find the cheapest manufacturing processes with the cheapest materials available for greater returns. Sort of minimalistic accounting with diminishing returns. No an accountant and investor will not pour money into a known or percieved non profit area. So just who is it that is left to pick up the bill as they step back and conserve capital until the storm passes and lucrative opportunities can again be seen, as they spring from the hard pressed as new shoots from existing developments or even new branches from an already top heavy tree of greed and need for quicker and quicker returns in a fast fix and fail culture of enterprise.

Well the building industry saw fit to cut the cost of housing to further inflate a diminishing property market, sometime in the late seventies to mid eighties, it was phased in as quite a lot of people then were buying the land and in skills co-ops were building their own and each others houses. This led to the bringing in of planning changes and other sorts of so called 'regulation' as money constriction to the process to turn the cash back from free enterprise to a cash strapped industry, with a historic poor record and with a growing reputation to be the last ranch of the cowboy builders in the growing prairie dust of the crumbling ruins of an industry strangle-held by the penny pincher's of the local authority blag it and grab it claw back experts that like to hold things and people to account, exempting themselves of course. Then time and materials and their growing costs were becoming a big concern, just how did a failing industry that used to employ the grease the wheel principle of forward motion become more legitimate and still get the cash incentive. Well just about then the process was local authority bound and became a nice little local earner to supplement the dwindling coffers using the new found methods of the claw-back variety. Some bright spark in the process no doubt got a gold watch for the idea, the old why reward with a bounty for a well spotted earner when you can get away with awarding a pittance and a round of pointless applause in a cheep and meaningless display of false gratitude.

The normal run of the mill events that governed the cooling and warming of water and its even distribution around the globe in the past was that water was evaporated from the tilt of the ball that was in heat or summer season and it then condescended to return to earth in the cooler climes of the winter side of the planetary central heating system, the winds had an effect and the amount of retained ground heat and heat directly lost into the upper atmosphere took the water higher for greater distribution all had a balanced part to play in the process. So what happened about forty to fifty years ago and why in the last thirty years has it sped up to this constant deluge of water and flooding every three to five years and why so prominent a rise in flood levels in the winter period in the cooler western climate. That should be getting a lot less than it is. Well the western climate is not doing enough in its summer exchanges, the western evaporation process is not really spreading its warm evaporated waters back across the cooler divide to the winter lands in the tipped region that may not be tipping as much as it used to the wobble in the axis may well be to blame, as no south pacific nuclear testing country will accept any responsibility for any global fluctuation to the process of the world that was in a stable environment then and something that has to be big enough and powerful enough to affect the changes to the processes we see now. Or is it a series of small changes that have caused this devastating slide in the water retention cycle of the earth. Either way no single explosion could as they like to tell us, 'could have this sort of effect' but when there is an accumulation effect from repetitive and continued explosions staggered over several decades. This theory could have more than enough clout to level anyone's doubt especially as the megatonage increased in bold exponential moves to test theories in a living environment. Not exactly Nobel prize innovation design or thinking in action in hindsight now is it. Makes as much sense as testing mustard gas in the kitchen while the kids play in the living room.

But there has to be more behind the escalation and the destabilising of the weather of the world than some old knocks and bumps under the sea bed can singularly be blamed for and all this testing done right in the pacific weather, earthquake and volcanic activity problem area.

The answer to this puzzling problem may well surprise us all. One of the lead contenders in the water cycling problem for the British isles may well just have an engineering cause at its root both a social engineering problem driven to cut costs and produce cheaper alternatives to stone built to prefabs this change compounded by the penny pinching ways of the Brit at home has a part to bear in the situations development to its present situation. Just how long ago did the building industry stop for reasons of cheaper costs cutting efficiency and good sense, driven by the ‘evangelising gurus’ of the new incomes from old ways house salesmen. Changes in building regulation and local authority regulation practices. The rot set in when they chose to stop putting cold water storage tanks in the new generation better built, better designed houses for the new age ladder climbers to join the fun of the climbing and falling game of finding shelter and being able to pay for the privilege. Ignoring the fact that this tank acted as a drought reserve for warmer summers is largely lost in the translation from old practices to the new brooms short term thinking that has the main eye on the profit for the next generation of future property owners. At the local point of need at the time it was a moot point to argue any form of it must be there for a good reason. This would have gone pretty much unheard as the sales pitch from the new evangelists of the property boom before the gloom and bust happened would probably have had incentive lines that went something like this ‘we have stable weather patterns ma’am’, ‘taking up valuable space’ in the smaller designed cheaper houses. This tank meant that each house had up to 100 gallons of cold fresh water in reserve at any given moment holding back the water from the sea levels of our now risen seas. When did the hot water tank with its paltry twenty or so gallons supersede the cold water tank in the loft and wouldn’t one hundred and thirty gallons per household be a well needed barrier and flood-bank for the rising tide of this modern day ‘cheaper is a wise policy’ brigade of shortsighted profit watching grubs of the modern day Dickensian Britain. A real solution is to try and store the matching value for the total landmass as it was at three to four inches of snow, excluding high ground and drifts. The weekly water needs of the average household has grown with central heating, modern bathing and has only been dented with the falling out of custom and favour to making tea or coffee as much as we used to. Water has become a fixture and think it was only moved indoors a little over a hundred years ago. That is now used quicker and in greater volumes than when it was carted by buckets to the bath by the fireside. Then drinking water and waste was treated separately, and was amalgamated as a cost cutting sound economic decision by the profit orientated money grabbers of the next few decades. The other problem is one that may surprise you and that is that this period of time has seen a drive for economic use of heat and this has brought some other problems in the convector conundrum of the missing evaporation from the west for our cold weather cousins in the their winter period. Insulating property has kept the heat rising exchange process inhibited in a growing exponential that is starting to reap devastating reward from cheaper by the dozen, minimalist philosophies of the new age conservatism and reduction gurus of the seventies and eighties, with their mantras of make it smaller, make it cheaper and sell it for the same price by the new age candy salesmen as they peddle their wares to the unwary in the guise of convenience and ease of access. Or of course we could all just choose to turn back over under the nice warm blanket of its someone else’s concern and just drift off till the waters float the bed out into the streets with our sleeping carcases on it until it does become not someone else's but everyone’s problem. When will industry learn that cheap is not a wise policy as the redress and the claw-back are a bitch in the process, and of course they will all have left the process with their takes long before the other shoe falls.

Evaporation is a problem in warmer climates, like America has with its drying reservoir’s open expanses in hotter climates as they evaporate quicker under exposure. The cost of underground cold storage of water brings additional problems with the idea of massive underground reserves, and piping it in is only ever been seen as a short term solution to a growing problem in the constant struggle to beat the suns thirst for water. The Australian drought is yet another case in point. So the western heat exchanger was funded by the man in the street up till forty or fifty years ago when this process was engineered into the social level of housing and the conscious thought that savings are a good thing in the land where it is known by the test of time that cheap is not a good philosophy, and that you only ever get what you pay for. As it will come back for a second and third bite of the rotten apple that it truly is and you can bet the third bite is right in the ass. The expanses of deserts on the world are a historic dark indictment against any idea about the new age concept of ancient wisdom in man’s genes will save us from the same folly as we are sleep walking into this ecological disaster in spite of knowledge of their failures thinking we are better educated, better informed and will not be so stupid as them. But the saving grace for mankind is that we do learn even if the process is more of a case of overcoming stark stupidity, breaking the we have always done it this way rules, it was good enough for our fathers ways and means, and the worst of all 'do nothing until you have to' school of thought, always considering the fact that you will have enough time, manpower and have enough materials that can do the job and that the plan will not have cost-cutters and cheap profiteering in the mix, should make the solution easy and quick an...... sorry dozed of there for a minute and fell into la-la land again. Decisions decisions turn over and drift off and wake up adrift in the fuddy-duddy thinking that the ostrich is said to favour. Or can we turn our schools of better thinking to the problem and avoid waking up in a few more decades with a steadily rising problem that will not drain away.

The seasonal exchange could benefit from greater heat loss in the winter to slow the saturated downpours in this region and distribute the water back into a more normal weather pattern. The old seasonal process would be helped if each area or even each house had a water retention tank that subsidised their own water that holds maybe two to three hundred gallons underground per household holding back the rising tide using a modern day filtration processes and water purification principles, nice to know that not all engineering designs are just profit based cheap solutions to a potential emerging market for the demands of the next generation gadget freaks. If the retained water is slow released in a sprinkler system in the spring emulating the seasons slow release actions. This will then aid the crops and act as a drought reserve for warmer summers if the balance is re-established. A final point to note in this argument is with less heat loss through the now well established development of cost effective design from the sales pitch boys rhetoric of ‘it makes good sense’ philosophy of 'do yourself a favour, don’t want all that bought and paid for heat escaping out the roof now do yah' thinking, from the band of brothers spin profiteers handbook of 'closing the deals manual' of sales pitches. But just where does all that trapped heat seep into or out of, could this be why the ground level of heat trapping, is warming the ground by seepage then into the lower currents instead of the higher ones they used to reach. And does a warmer ground level have a part to play in the warmer winters, as the cold does not penetrate too well down from the high level Arctic winds to ground level in built up areas these days. Even mountains and hilltops as well as exposed ground are not as prone as they were to frosts and snowfalls say for the last forty to fifty years as they once were. The final nail in the coffin for the heat loss problem came from the EU directive to stop direct heat loss from coal fired heating systems as we were all on an evangelical mission to fill the gap in the ozone layer that heat was seeping out of and which the direct sunlight pouring in unfiltered would kill the planet through. A wee bit before your time was it try asking a parent or older person, if you can get your face out of your phone long enough to remember how to speak to one of the older generation. So with all the western hemisphere using insulation in its house building policies, having stopped water retention at a local point of need for cost cutting exercises, effectively trapping heat at the ground level longer before it disperses more slowly and in a more muted or dissipated fashion, causing a warmer globe on this hemisphere. The sheer volume of retained moisture or ‘water’ in the atmosphere in the western region says how much cooler this part of the globe is by laws of physics as heat stored water needs cold to condescend to and the deluges we are currently experiencing are the proof in point of the process in action. No plausible deniability when the evidence is up to a meter just outside your property. This would not be a problem but why is this moisture not attracted to the pacific areas enough to help alleviate the Australian drought. That it only gets down as far as the south china seas and the china storm trail. A case of all or nothing may well have been an extreme to far, a balance must now be struck to take greater care about total changes without long term modelling to see the potential risks in a realtime environment is better than having to deal with the fallout from back yard experimenting with nuclear power.

This would truly be ‘the’ natural solution being aided my a man made design, man and nature working hand in hand ........ no didn’t drift off again this is what is needed or we will destroy our habitat for quick profits for greedy little needer's. The lifestyles that need to change are the turbo charged accountants solution to the problem when it is used to promote cheaper quick and easy solution to critical areas for all of us. Not just bankers are wan*ers they brought their cost cutting penny pinching buddies with them, the saving of the penny to salve the financial symptoms are now demanding the pound of cure. A solution like Norway’s to punish the bankers is nearing its time to get the tight arsed buggers to be held to account for their quick fix and profit shortsighted ways before they find a way to bill us for the remedy with compounded interest off course. Either make the changes now and reinvest in the continuance of life or face up to our playing our collective parts in this casual and wanton destruction of our little ball of dirt just so some system can profit at our expense, for they will never take a hand in the clean up process or admit any liability for the damage, wasn’t me me’lud. I just inherited the problem from my shortsighted predecessors, flies in the face of the fact that they are still doing the same wrong thing in continued ignorance compounding the problem for us to deal with at a later date. Maybe it is past time to take the French, Chinese decision to cull the top level of confused and indecisive management that is still stuck in their old ways for a meagre profit in the current financial environment, as they have passed their genetic peaks and are now lines in regression, as is the way with lineages, once they peak they then decline if they don't ascend that is. Best to stock them as they come into their prime and to cultivate the chasers to follow them on with. The only rewards that stand the test of time are the investments of time effort and energy in provision for the needs and timing the deeds to establish long term goals and not to be suckered into the false investment returns of the quick and easy solutions from the idiots handbook on how to avoid blame and to abscond with the maximum profit before someone catches on to your game closeted gurus of the get in and out quick brigade of investors. In a present cultural environment that does not encourage any level of personal responsibility and personal discretion as this usually turns on the unwary into personal liability, disclosures and other forms of deniability papers like pre-nups are a case in point. Making sure that the rats will all be heading for cover and will be in the ranks of the first protesters to hide their past crimes.

Can’t think who to blame,

don’t know where to hide their shame,

couldn’t care less as long as they gain,

here we go for more of the same,

Its past time for a change of game.

They're just the new PC dictator

Just a claim jumping profit maker

They take the line of the easy plan

Stripping the idiot for as much as they can

When its all been said and done

They get the money and you get no fun

Its a rigged game that just canny be won

Its passed down from father to son

Never take the pittance when you can cream the ton.

Welcome to the first dawning of the new year everyone, now the question of the day is do we stay in the old warm comfortable ways of the pit, or is it time to get out in the cold light of day, decisions, decisions, decisions. Don’t turn over you don’t know what you will wake up to the next time you stir, and the clock is ticking and work is calling, bills to pay, things to do, needs to meet. Hello World? Is anybody awake yet.