Playing Both Sides.
The Self
Assessing Me.
Against the Muddle.

The current cease fire that is the result of the stalemate on the Syrian front as both sides step back and scratch their heads, is about what could have been expected to happen from the start. Favoritism for the Russian alliances by the Russians is blackened by the British press as they let loose at the baltic pot from the safe preserves of the great British kettle. The tit for tat sniping in the gutter press and the tattlers is an old and world weary game of we are good and you are bad, school yard king of the castle games of the old Etonian smoke screen that the daily rags keep billowing into our eyes. This is an ancient ra ra ra game of baiting and posturing from the elite adult camp of our revered leaders and so called betters ranks for livening up the day a little to ease the way as they trudge through the reams of policy we all need safeguarded on our behalves, and which incidentally we only ever get snared by instead. The poor little dears and after giving themselves another pay rise and only a year after they decided to hike the pay to an honest level to cut out the fudgers and fiddlers claims that keep embarrassing them when the perks are applied for. And when the normally friendly and in their camp reporters expose their expenses to us to shame the rotten scoundrels. Calm down now Mrs its all a bit of a friendly neighborhood pantomime you say, oh no dear that’s all behind us these days it’s more of a West-End farce luvvy and make no mistake there are quite a few back stage Johnnies on the prowl of the footlights brigade at the Yes Ministers table of presentations.You know they stretch a point, can be a bit thick and insensitive, try to cover every emergencies, try to get into every nook and cranny. And they usually end up carrying the load and getting all tied up before they get discarded as being only good enough for a single shot. The news and all of its sad misdirecting and innuendo laden sensational claims are taking away from the Syrian conflict that the figures do not all add up yet again, seems the only thing worth platforming in the house is own benefit schemes, while the only things worth reporting on are the ones that are shy of a few facts or can be spun out to mislead the lost page three oglers. This is stopping us from seeing the fact that someone in the Syrian conflict is playing both sides one against the other, lost in translation or by magical misdirection this seems to be a forgotten little bit of useless information:

When you play the game of middle for diddle
Its as bad as what Nero did with his fiddle
Both sides lack a piece and see a riddle
If the answer isn’t in the outsiders its in the middle.

Both sides are defending their friend
And loyalty assured will never end
While mutual signals they both send
Without treatment it cannot mend.

Someone is lying in the pack
Stabbing both Spartans in the back
Playing the old game I’m alright Jack
Landing blindsiders with unerring tack.

The morally depleted with a sappers dog
Sparking fires to ignite the slumbering log
Hiding close quartered in disbelief's fog
From under a blanket with a winter tog.

Giggling as both sides call each other names
Easy against two that don’t play these games
Standing back while each other blames
Two cancel out and then just one remains.

Both sides are defending each others allies and calling each other names, very lilliputian of them, but also it is clouding the issues. They are in a confused and ill informed stance and that is true for both sides. How can a world unite when every moron thinks that their own philosophy and political stances or religions are the only ones that should inhabit the earth. Life is diverse yet power makes idiots of captains at the helm, and somehow they all think only one size fits all. The diversity of life is what gives us a richer heritage than any factory process production line output of the bog standard universal idiots and slaves to the system we keep churning out. Programmed by the propaganda to be ‘better shoppers’ and buyers in a world of limited resources. There is no room for a totalitarian rule, a single system and no way will all religions amalgamate for conveniences sake. A human charter that has personal responsibility written into it, with a charter for the diversity of nations and to stop international conglomerates from using financial sway to steal any unwary nations power, and to tie them into guaranteed agreements that will bind and constipate the growth and progress of mankind for decades or even centuries to come. Trade agreements are by mutual consent, the one sided iron clad enforced and guaranteed agreement that is so called unbreakable is a dictators tool for control that the world does not reflect in our daily or corporate lives and should never be allowed to exist. The fact that this will only ever be a first step towards an escalating mission creep to erode all civil liberties and human rights is a forgone conclusion by the stance it takes. It speaks from the rhetoric of the diktat and comes right out of the enforcement clause from hell handbook of my way it the only way, yours is the highway pall. When the wording is inclusive and has accepted the rights of both parties on each side of the divide then it will be a progressive and therefore inclusive process that will serve all that are included in the start and all those that join or leave as their circumstances dictate. Right out of the pay as you go charter of the modern day. With a pay for view and for use policy of join up but then paying weekly or monthly is out of the question so we pay for each point as we go. No iron clad enforcement policies of the dying old way of not getting anyone to act as debt collectors. To go out and knock doors for debtors and defaulters are the only real growth sector in every country and in the industrial sector the growing demographic in that equation is the hard pressed the defaulter and the penalised or blacklisted. How can we say we are heading to a better future when the maths of the equation is underpinned with the language of threats and coercion. Where industry uses more and more non renewable energy sources to generate more power to produce cheaper less right for purpose goods. That will go straight to landfill is less than a year in a cultural industrial environment where undercutting your competitor is supposed to bring better value to the end user. Yeah mate who calculated that one and what set of idiots did they slip it by on. Time to wake up and stop these short term quick fix quick profit destructive people keeping on doing this to our future and our children’s future, because historically the quick profiteer gets in takes on the blind side of someones ignorance and then is long gone when the fan gets re-coloured brown.

The statement that we are all just biological creatures on gods good earth is a broad and sweeping day dream from the daydream believers of yesteryear's pretty colouring books for the simpleminded. The hard cold fact of life reveal the world only ever looks beautiful and that it is at the natural level it is in reality a dangerous place to live in. With enough understanding and caution man has adapted to the harsh conditions of this world with a reasonable set of results and successes under his collective belt. But some worrying trends about the nature we are most prone to is only now showing that the modern mans approach to the world and its ways are still coming from the zeitgeist that we will dominate and control it all. Well only a fool does not learn to live in harmony with his environment for it has taken harsh revenge in the past against the unwary as well as the ignorant egotistical rule that stems from this unchecked base nature. Deserts are a natural blight on the land but there are some man made modern day testaments to where land management has brought about ravages to the land that even time has not yet healed. Historically we abandon land and move on when we do not reinvest in and this leads to a ravage that time should heal if we are driven from it. But the greatest indictment is from when bad hygiene caused plagues and ravaged nations and had decimated populations to devastating effect. Man is a disease ridden and prone race that at the base level is still racked by the filth that an elite system produces in it spawning ghettos. Over the long history of man the term biological has not exactly been lived up to. Bio-idiotic, bio-infested, bio-genocidal, bio-suicidal, bio-egotistical and even bio-destructive are better candidates for the labeling of this retarded and selfish race. That we still are even now in what are perceived to be more enlightened times cannot claim to be getting any closer to our so called common goals or aims for a better mankind. It is becoming more and more more clear that we are not even able to call ourselves bio-diverse as we seek to churn out a ubiquitous mankind right from a state planning and development blueprint for the multipurpose worker. But a biology of logical being is definitely not who we are as a race. Even bio-rational as taken from being seen as a race with a biology that as a race has a disposition to rationalise and reason is also a candidate for the makeup of a character in the daydreamers kindergarten book than any level of achievable reality for mankind. We just do not fit the profile as a race, but the exceptions hidden in that one to ten percent of people actually live the ideal, the rest are kept too poor or too busy and hard pressed to give a monkeys about ‘all that poncy shit’ at the hard edge of the bottom line in life.

On a lighter note a point in reference came up this week that brought to light that there is a word in our language that did not have a counterpoint. A few years ago a friend mentioned that she though that the word best suited to counterpoint paranoia was ‘pronoia’ par as fear based or worry based thinking and outlooks as the whole world is opposed to the sufferers outlook, opportunities and friendships (or lack thereof) and pro as in in favour of the world is out to help you, is aiding you and people are just steering you and are not in opposition to you. So given this fine example the word that stuck out was biological. A literal breakdown of biology and living things and yet the makeup of the word suggests a logic base to it. So this term for all life suggests that life follows the logical pathway. So the word that immediately sprung to mind was biorational and then a look-up of the dictionary followed quite quickly thereafter. This definition is even more logic based.The definition for a being that is emotive by orientation was elusive till three started to form, but you judge for yourself. If you relate to any of the definitions ad you can take the time to email so a count can be made, there is no user count on this site to track it, but all unique email addresses will be counted and the results will be posted in Facebook and in a later blog, just a bit of pre-March madness. No need to write anything blank will do, or you can just put it in the content and it can be read without opening it as long as it is soundbite size. This is only a bit of fun and to see how far and wide the survey goes outside my normal circle of known friends. Why it has an email count instead of a like or repost to see how many can be bothered. If you just repost it the count is lost on each other persons pages copy of the post, so no total can be known.


Logical -

A Marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts.

B Capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning.

C Capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner.

D Based on known statements or events or conditions.



Rational -

A Having its source in or being guided by the intellect (as distinguished from experience or emotion).

B Of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind.

C Consistent with or based on or using reason.

D Capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers.



Reasonable -

A Not excessive or extreme.

B Marked by sound judgment.

C Showing reason or sound judgment.



Emotional -

A (Of persons) Excessively affected by emotion.

B Of more than usual emotion.

C Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.

D Of or pertaining to emotion.



Empathic -

A Showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states.



Qualitative -

A Involving distinctions based on qualities.

B Relating to or involving comparisons based on qualities.


This is just a small attempt to see how far an idea will spread, just like those school teachers asking to show our children the reality of far reaching consequences from joining groups and social media platforms and being open and disclosing to much personal information to unknown people. So can you take the time if you have an interest and state the country you are from and can you tell if it was from source that you found this article (my site) or was it posted by a friend or group, and what social media did you find it on. The original link is my site then my Facebook page which has a small friends list and not on a group page, as groups have other agendas than the ones they use to fish with this is true of all groups except hobbyist’s. The political and product placing groups are beginning to be obvious so any comment you can add please put in the email and not in the header content. I would appreciate it if you can take the time and make the effort and I will keep you posted as to the results.

In the Minds Eye.
The Harvest
Reaping Time.
One Fine Day.

The fact that most analysts today fudge their disciplines and either deal with psychosis or relate to neurosis up to their own point of either preference or tolerance is making two camps. The idea that mind is everything is only ok in the demigod and celestial view that all is in the image (minds eye, picture etc) of gods all seeing. The idea that all things today in the world are the product of imagination and a set of disciplines to ground the celestial image to a fixed reality is the view from the ground up. The idea that mind produces the image is a little bit of tech love for the delivery device that is really just a purpose designed tool to deliver images, concepts in a figurative complete picture that will still require a grounding in our physics has to raise the question where do these conceptual gems originate from if they do not know our physics, periodic table and relative materials and tools as well as environment for which they will have to be adjusted to fit. The unconscious mind (psychosis experts pay attention here will not be repeating this later so take notes) has an awareness of the physics of the universe that it lives in and this information was gained from the first point where everything a child puts into its mouth up till education instructs its memory capacity. This awareness of the known universe is added to and stored in the unconscious mind each and every day. Yet the eureka moment of blinding insight and there are less and less of them in this day and age if the truth be told. They are much reduced and cannot compare to the blinding insights of old that grounded whole new understandings, sciences and disciplines.

The fact that the iceberg model has been used by the Freudian and Jungian logic houses has done more to cloud the water of true understanding of the models of the mind, ‘the part above water is the conscious mind, the part below is the subconscious mind’ now if ever there was a mariners tail this one is titanic. The use of something else has been long overdue, the cube for the logic heads is a fair model for the lame thinkers and fond repeaters of other peoples ideas and that manage to eek out an existence from touting some one elses ideas as the in focus locus of the fount of the dear departed’s legacy of wisdom. The highly emotive model of the dodecahedron is the flesh for these building brick merchants of the bones and scaffolding of life observers, five cubes make a platonic base. The idea that logic is affected and a mental imbalance ensues, and is therefore the basis of a psychosis is the preserve of the observational record keepers and the founts of other peoples legacy wisdom techniques and doctrines. The same though is also true for reasons base, the realms of lunacy and the babblingly incoherent take the accolade in that realm of madness. The observer using an objective POV and then researching or recalling the remembered doctrine to deliver a profound diagnosis (what they think is going on, on the inside) relating to motive, manner, expression and malignement or cause from effect for an informed observer. Now the subjective view is always nothing like that mate you are just a spectator with many seasons under your belt and are right some of the time and the fans don’t remember the failures their club goes through, loyalty to purpose won’t let them. From the inside you may be the target that must be fooled to let them feel safe and so they will act accordingly, especially people pleaser’s that are trying to deflect interest and interference.

Standing on the sidelines is all a matter of being in snapshot mode, the scanning is a very selective function and has an underlying criteria, expected outcomes and the snapshot for memory recall is prejudicialy set by disposition, bias and attitude. The information is seized on in this fashion, watch the spectator get to their feet in anticipation and then if delivered as expected (expectations are met) become exultant and revel in the moment and dismissed and awed or downed if not delivered on. The magical artifactual way to enhance a reputation is to reinforce the legend and to just pay oops to the hard facts as they rear their heads. The model of a set of twenty seven cubes has a central cube that when exponentialised the greater cube is formed, now we are aiming at the logic head only in this model. The central cube is the focus of consciousness, the other cubes that are touching and adjacent to the central cube is that six faces are in direct contact and three planes are aligned. The other angles are only in rudimentary proximity one place removes except at the vertices (corners) giving another four planes. So we have three planes that run right to left, or east to west if you are a sun worshiper. Then there is the plane that runs from south to north if we are magnetically disposed. And finally there is the up down bobbing of the central plane or core being for the bipolar by disposition. So that just leaves the crisscross pairs, the corner to corner connections that are the basis of the nine square cubed. Nine cubes to a level as a logical model for the focus of concentration that is the keyhole onto the world through which we all look out and never notice that is has all of the same confines and limitations as the hijab has for a Muslim woman. We are all fixed focus and therefore can only look in one direction at a time hence the need for scanning and snapshotting and assessing, opportunity, availability, suitability need, want etc. Now depending what informs your recognition centers browser it will latch onto shots that are taken in fast motion at about fifty to a second but focus only sees one in the fifty, your projected unconscious will snatch the one you can recognise or associate with the most and if you are balanced and healthy it will be recognised and processed normally. If the person is neurotic or at worst paranoid they will latch onto the darkest context of the moment. Editing it by a predisposition that is preset to worry and uncertainty, reading their worst expectations into the normal events as they will be feeling vulnerable by nature, temperament or from experience.

The limitations of the mind are further undermined by the model of consciousness being limited by a conscious and an unconscious definition related to a part that is in control and another that is out of our conscious control. The consciousness can be focused to gain further control of the physical aspects of the body, yoga masters have been doing it for centuries. The martial arts use repetition to train the unconscious reactionary level to a new set of responses, the kata is a set for of reactions done with a conscious will ti instruct the reactionary level to defend the self. The whole point of it is so that mastery is achieved when the reactionary level is done by responses that are trained and the fixed focus of the conscious mind is just on guard. The mind when seen as a model that has either a cube as the seat of perception with its six degrees of connectivity to the out of focus elements of being that interface with, memory, the physical state and the levels of awareness that instructed by repetition and training or experience. The field of view is limited but we all have the potential within our imagination to retain a better model of the world of being, the physics and the realisation of movement, momentum, mass and speed to navigate our way in life. The faults come from poor psychological modeling, misunderstanding people and being able to read intention and so get exchanges right will take years to better inform our inner model. The fact that some people stop updating the inner model and so repeat the same mistakes again and again. The central point of focus has the ability to pull on by concentration and need in the moment to vary the scanning and processing ability that has a link into what is called the unconscious. The truth is nearer it is not unconscious but is just a set of trained programs that are not being consciously processed employed run or accessed at that moment, the focus will alter by the circumstances we find ourselves in. This could be better seen as modes rather than conscious and unconscious, or even that the field of focus of awareness is the brains CPU and the rest is the operation systems drivers and interface set that is run by requirement and need given how we believe we are experiencing life. Quick movement or fast action situations, do not require the exchange and interface skills for relating to people in a social or work situation. This Jo ninety or matrix view of swapping skill sets into and out of conscious intent is still not reduced to conscious control by are loaded by intent and focus like the kungfu master is focused on being ready to react or respond to events or to drive them in the initiative. It all falls apart when you get in the way by trying to gain to much control rather than being flexible and giving your bets golf game response, recovery and adaptability will harness the process more than interfering with the process in action. It is a fine line of bringing a skill or set of reactions to bear by focus and intent and trying to control the process.

The facts of this process is the same for all forms of being, animals play fight and repeat to gain skills just as we do. The nature of the being has no detrimental effect on the process, no moral overview in the animus but in the human condition we have inherent inhibitions that can impede the whole process.

The current debate that we have a moral imperative to reduce bullying and harassment in the workplace especially for women in a male dominated environment. The old barrack room get with the program stop winging, man up dialogue that has been around since apes trooped together is the last bastion of the ingrained behavior that is trying to be addressed in the debate. The oversight is that it is being argued from the stance of decency, the model of the decent human sentient being that as yet is not established in our collective aims for ourselves is the wrong place to start the argument from. The area that is missing from the debate is not understanding why it is still endemic in the corporate and still largely male preserve is not understanding why it is being defended and preserved. This will take looking at the nature of the beast to better understand why it is being protected by a closed door approach to its preservation. To better understand what is going on that is not being tabled in the current discussions as they resound in the airwaves of phone ins and newspaper discussion pages and even the odd research and show programs on the one eyed beast is this missing level of understanding of the motive that is behind the closed door lip service approach that is being brought out in a lame fashion. Under the lame excuses of its always been this way, its the nature of the beast etc.

So lets step back from the explosive device and look at why would we want to keep a bad natured, manipulative exploiter in the mix that is just seeming to indulge their own bad nature at the expense of the so called weaker not good in the kitchen victims of their attention. This is the weeding process in an all male preserve and has been there from the very beginning and is that a leader may be called on to do a bad thing for the greater good of the group. This requires a leader having to have access and control over a bad person with a bad disposition and no moral inhibition, the army and politics of old from the empire building period of man used this extensively for those treacherous moments for betrayal, internal executions and coups that went on in the day are cases in point. Collect as much information and proof on the individual in question, then when the day comes give them the opportunity to serve and that their family would be looked after and their reputation left intact was the alternative to the given option for them to fall on their sword or to bite the bullet when they prove to be beyond coercion. So how do you change the mindset of a CEO, a government group that there is another way forward in a world that is becoming less competitive and where contention and undercutting tactics have served their purpose. The guarding of unsavory people with abhorrent behavior practices are still a toll in the toolbox of someone that believes that winning is all it is about and that the decider has the same level of moral caliber as the twisted one with the bad personal habits. Changing a mindset and set of tools that are used in a situation or grouping takes time like the kungfu master practice and results are still the closed door behind which this arsenal is still secreted away from the nice sensible peoples of the world. The small minded view on the world and its trained set of thinking practices that the moment pulls on is still directly related to what works and what is known to work effectively for the type that employs them. As long as CEO’s think they are in a cutthroat competitive field that the handbook for is called the art of war will still keep in their private arsenal the tools that get in their view the job done. They will be thick skinned enough to take it on the chin that it will upset some people but the rest are only interested in the results and so it is a trade of and they are aware that one day their time will be up and the next Johnny come lately will start their reign after their fall. The maxim of ‘it’s just the way the cookie crumbles’ will almost certainly be the philosophical shrug that they tell themselves as they pack up their spoils and take the last walk into the void.

This makes the point of trying to get the lion to admit it is a lion is more than a moot point. If you really want changes made that will last it is a long term program. No one can learn to be a kungfu master without putting in the time effort and energy into the discipline to set the level of practice to the form to be learned. If they do not agree with the philosophy or the doctrine and are just learning the skills they will not provide the dedication to the actions to gain the skills in a balanced way. This in itself is just a stumbling block for the ones that want to make lasting changes as they will revert to type if it does not take. The environment needs to change to facilitate the new philosophy, it must have successes that sell it and not just a sentient being ideal for the betterment of mankind mantra to a results driven being. The playing field must be proven to no longer need a black opps approach to dealings, this is the stumbling block to the need for change, then there is the teaching and screening for only trained managers is a fairy tail that has no basis in fact, every CEO climbed the greasy pole and has proven themselves in deed and action and their means are never questioned in a cutthroat all is fair in love and war environment. So cut the debate being aimed at naming and shaming people that pay lip service to the ideal but get down and pray to the god of success. This idealistic need to table a debate from the higher moral ground is lost on the nature of the beast. It will take changes to the game at the game level with a proven record of success under its belt, it will take a better education that instills better moral values that have a factual and pragmatic use in life and a proven track record to ever get onto their radar. Until then why should they change public ridicule does not stop their own accumulation of the accolades of their peer groups and the gains and spoils of war are their main thrust in life. You will only ever be seen as someone who wants to take away what they know works for them without even the decency of replacing it with as effective a set of new practices to take the place of their war chest arsenal that is time proven and the environment with the Chinese market, the oil pricing, the trade block agreements being enforced on nations and not to their own good but to the better benefit of the imposer. This says the climate still models the need for their arsenal and will not be replaced by an idealistic set of values that appease only the activists need to change the real world into an idealistic state for a sentient and beneficent being that is not reflected in all of the natures of all men as we are in this world today. As a supporter of the need for change and having studied the arena and the players for nearly forty years it is the nature of he beast and the culture that they belong to and it is not the same as the majority. But in a culture that is berating a man that could not admit that he has ‘the balls’ to push a hypothetical button in an as yet unrealised moment. And the way that public opinion is not defending his pacifistic state of being says more about the public only care about what they want and can their government deliver it in times of need. Can they get what they want in the local shop and can they get it for less than someone else in the same market or even in another country. When this endemic nature to the ways of life is changed the debate will move into the training program for a better state of being for all mankind.

The Heroes and The Fallen.
The Warrior.
The Warrior.
Valhalla Arisen.
A Poem
Chris Millar

From the depths of time until the now
Not the holy dues as someones cash cow
Taking new stock of all that we are
Not so short sighted but visions afar.

No more humbling, bumbling and fumbling
No under the breath stammering and mumbling
Stood clearly on the shoulders of four giants
That left to their own would become tyrants.

Looking back the lineage what do we see
All the forebears that led to you and me
Now looking forwards to where we might go
Then suddenly doubting all that we know.

Our past is the trap that has just been shed
The script is scrapped for all the lies it misled
Knowing the moment to respond before it is gone
Like the famous pen that once writ moves on.

Its not in the moment that we weigh it all up
The doing does that in the balanced cup
The time to count costs and to tell the tail
Of how you succeeded or how you did fail.

Valhalla’s fair banquet is at the end of the day
Where food and libation loosens some say
Sits winner and fallen at this fair table
For all sat here have proved they are able.

Balancing the Tradeoffs.
The Harvest
Harvest Time.
A Shady Diktat.

The problem with a new medication is what you think it is for and what you are led to believe it will do. The second area that will confuse the unwary is the sense of relief that it felt when it is named, known and hopefully found to be treatable. This will relax all the tension of the worry that is accumulated while it is tested and pursued while it is an unknown. So it may well take looking the medicine up just to see if the placebo effect of taking the worry of the unknown out of the equation has any long lasting effects on the actual medical problem. The bottom line is time will tell. Take a medication that has a mild soporific effect (sedative or relaxant) and the dosage has an accumulation over the day, the first dose sets a mark, the next raises the accumulation and a third may well just saturate the system that will have an escalating effect the next day as the first of the day will still have the residue from the previous dose in the system due to the slowed processing from sleep.

In the case of a neurological disorder in a person say OCD being affected by a treatment for say a gastric problem that has a side effect of a mild soporific it will relax some of the underlying tension that is the root cause of the neurosis that is OCD. This is a happy coincidence if the OCD sufferer is not already being treated with a relaxant to reduce stress and tension to calm the condition down. If the person is a functional OCD person, who has managed the condition and tailored the condition to a working solution for themselves, say a programmer, the fastidious nature the high repetition, the neatness the attention to detail all symptomatic and yet tailored for a particular type of work. This will then have the unhappy effect of interfering with their ability to motivate as the mild soporific will inhibit initiative, direction and the evaluation processes to keep their condition working for them. The tradeoff for the working wounded is to reduce the medication take it only at night and rely on the slow processing to keep them more effective, the downside is that they will take a while over the course of the next day to get back up to speed again. In the case of a medicated OCD sufferer being given another medication that has yet another destressing value to its repertoire will only add to the accumulative effect. The enlightenment that has come out of the valley of the dolls approach to keeping them dependent and subdued is that we know that drugs put into the body for a continued length of time will cease to have an effect one day as the body begins to build up a tolerance to them and will over time be able to negate them. The wise know that you do not saturate, that you if anything under medicate to aid the system and not take over the processes or try to overpower the ailing function. The sledgehammer approach to medication from the one size fits all approach to the blanket of ignorance is bliss daydreaming delusional mindset. Is if in doubt blast it out, like using an antibiotic is a good and a bad thing, the good is it will kill the bad bacteria, the bad is it will also kill the good bacteria, this Domestos (‘kills 99% of all household germs stone dead’) like nuclear solution is a last resort at best and was at one time under the impatient, patient doctorates stock in trade blanket approach to treating the ailments of the mass of man.

So the tradeoff is that under medicating and avoiding the saturation mechanism will give the drug a longer lifeline in the patient than one that engages the saturation point and spikes that with any other incidental or accidental tranquil medication. Having the effect of forcing the immune systems aggressive response to fight the medication as an enemy of the function of life. The trick is to stay below the radar of when the medication becomes an enemy in the host, when and how does it become allowed to move from beneficent support to aggressive overkill without setting off the immune system response. Softly softly catchy monkey springs to mind.

The EU and American directive to use their guaranteed iron clad will and to use the coercion of commerce to force their will on the world has almost hit that saturation point. A lot of the collective unconscious are waking up and they have not hit the ground running as previous generations have coming awake in a fear induced state will make them run right into the tricks and traps of the beaters of old but this generation are not doing that instead they are orientating, taking stock and using tactics similar to trained guerrilla fighters that find themselves behind enemy lines. The problem for the sweeping diktat is its old rhetoric is now falling on deaf ears, the discrepancies between what we hear, what we see and what we know are all now fueling our ability to know better. The first of the marks have shown that that was anticipated and is just another level of the same tack for the ground runners of old. So the increased mindfulness will force them to the keen edge of knowing. No prejudgments, no assumed levels, not stock or bag of prepared reactions will preserve their life to get them to where they wish to be and away from the beaters tricks and traps to fit them into someone elses program for their use.

The strongest argument for not joining the EU block for the British Isles is that we have higher capabilities, we are more adaptable and have a deeper history that has produced greater innovation to problems as they arise. Our long term thinking and planning will override most short term quick solutions as our tolerance to quick fixes that only make unknown headaches for tomorrows children or our own tomorrows, is now an unpalatable dish being served as cold rations at inappropriate times and inappropriate ways to serve a mechanistically produced schedule or plan of convenience that only ever suits someone elses agenda. The English mindset have some of the greatest strategical mindsets in their history that have evolved into some of the clearest thinking planners the world has at its disposal at this time in history, the trouble is they suffer from national low self esteem levels that leave them vulnerable to bullying and the subtle art of persuasion layered at the guilt level under the veil of self worth. They trust to readily and are prone to impatience when unstable. Their own self image has been so eroded to the point of annihilation equal to character assassination and they have been complicit in the process by association. To self effacing and giving in to size and strength when they are a David among giants. This little island set apart, has just endured the worst ten years because of fear mongering media reporting on events that have never realised the threats that they warned of, there is no Jihadi’s with a scimitar under every bed but the media keeps telling it like there is, what ever happened to responsible reporting and the use of scaremongering. There were no Ruskies taking over our unions, but the state killed their power anyway. The extortion practices that the EU block use on land locked states and still extort on the Norwegians is tantamount to a dictatorial state using gangster style tactics to defeat opposition and to force their will on the defenseless, Switzerland being a case in point. This nation and its scattered parts needs to take better stock and to start to believe in itself again for we are the core of the integration of the major four blocks that will make up the essence of the unified fields that will formulate the world class citizens of tomorrow.

The overkill of a saturation blitzkrieg as a solution is a filibustering technique of the thug house of solutions to a problem. The idea that we are all of a similar stage of development is not addressed properly with the western model and the third world models being the bipolar way to look at a diverse range of races and nations and their inherent skill sets and capabilities. And to not make the mistake of just looking at it from a purely genetic definitions table of merits grading sieve from the tiny white coat brigades mindset variety of observational record keeping. This nation started of a a thuggish boor that employed pressgang techniques on an unwilling and belligerent workforce, then coercion and finally the diktat that was broken when the hothouse became more streamline at producing a malleable workforce. This no breach birthing solution has produce a great deal of forward thinking people. Their focus at the ground level with no real sense of identity and being treated as a commodity has left room for listlessness and self doubt room to grow. A more tailored approach is necessary to integrate the four block solution as its vieing slows to developing a better interface for mutual exchange and cooperation. The infra structure needs good solid modeling, the groundwork needs investment (long tern no quick fixes or time wasters applied) of the right caliber. The short term solutions need to address gigabyte transfer rates globally and no cost effective idiot can be allowed a say because of their magical slide rule they always use, medicate the little buggers and get them out of the equation and do it quickly. This is not a cost effective exercise but an investment and we will all have to dig deep after bailing out the little gamblers that never even got forced into therapy for their crimes of arrogance but that is another issue for another day. The big four are the new world engine that is not in doubt but the Driver and the engine are not one and the same, the computer and its infrastructure and just being outlined in the sketch pads and think pads of the mobile and relaxed out of the press and the glare of the hubbub of life. The design implementation and their implications are still in the redundancy testing phase for the newly world awakened. The hard pressed and just out of the fires of hard times will forge the new steel of the sword of truth for the new age of man. So if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen as lots of things are brewing. Out of the shadow of the diktat and into the light of cooperation and reintegration is the first foot forward and as the old saying goes, best foot forward and in ‘their’ case that is by the left quick march. But the newly awakened are all about stealth, learning from others mistakes and profiting from them, they are still hanging back because of the mixed messages, the facts that don’t add up to the media and state rhetoric. The lie of life makes for a cautious survivors tactical base in a steel trap situation.

The pantomime of the fallen out brothers on two sides of the divide is just Rab C meeting his Spanish counterpart across the divide to us but down south it has other connotations more of a classical Cain and Able for the modern times. Or even a Joseph being harassed by his blood kin by envy and with spite. One to watch as the first act is over and the second is about to start, drinks and treats ready to hand are we all sitting comfortably then we will begin.

Any nation at this moment in time will one day reach our level of sophistication, the British and the American investment in the trappings of modern day world values and trapping is what has led to the technological advances that have all come of the back of the world wide app, no the web is just an instant means of communication, the word of mouth is off that page as Facebook is just finding out as it tries to be your main link app for its own undisclosed reasons, no the cc text and the conference call connections of the phone will keep real issues of the snoops radar for as long as we keep it that way. Let the idiots bog themselves down with storing bulk useless until after the fact information. Let them get tied down by snooping every rumour they hear lead they are fed and it will keep them out of the way of the pace of development and will leave them clueless in a desert with no name an electronic limbo for control freaks. Who says destiny has no sense of humor. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of busybodies now could it. There is an irony in having moronic interfering busybody snoops all tied down with the tedious process of sifting minutia for little snippets that may one day prove useful, nice to see them keep themselves so busy with the big picture by attending to the details of every grain of sand.

The time is coming for us all to declare ourselves and to make our stands, the day is approaching when we will recognise our own potential in the moment as it unfurls and we will have to know ourselves really well before we make this leap. Any of mummy's little darlings that find this all too much should leave the field now, any snivelers with no place to run as they no longer fit into kindergarten and are being forced to grow up quick welcome to the club and yes you have been pussy whipped and yes those are still apron strings tying you down but don’t worry we will sort you out just step this way please. This is the old guard solution that was ingrained in the dinosaurs of old and is the hereditary stance of the march of time as it plods relentlessly on in its old fashioned crushing manor of getting things well done or crispy fried for the servings of daily life. Not exactly the mine hosts or even table d'hote menus of choice servings for the generations that have been given the spoilt for choice problem too early and before they had earned the right to it. The A la cart menu is only for the privileged that have earned the right to choice and will only ever take what they want or need from the platter and will have the presence of mind to leave enough to go around. The platter that is the quache of the community bowl, the choicest trimmings saved and vaulted for the Valhalla elite as they return from the fray for the well deserved spoils and laurels of the privileged few. The earned rights in the passage of life by the right sort of metal. We have till June to find out if we can leap from the top board after having the gaul to demand to stand there and claim the right. So are we the right caliber to take the leap of faith, are we the right stuff to be the fairest in the lands, are we capable of seeing it through for this one cannot be dropped when picked up. We have the skills and so do two others, we have the history and so does one other, we make less short term quick fixes as we are learning better and we have the natural resolve to stand against the tide of adverse opinions and rebukes from the cheap seats. A nation decides and if anything the Scottish question has once been raised answered a lot of the doubts for most of the voting Brits on this island mainland. We need to forge a better set of supportive policies to keep our four nations working for our collective good and to stop being a cash cow to a dominating diktat that clearly does not understand us like we do ourselves. This has to include the complete Ireland and not just its northern foothold, this must now sing in the wave of rebukes and tidal backlashes the EU has in its dirty tricks back. Keeping this ruler of the waves afloat till we are all better able to stand under the combined weight of the four nations in relation to the four power blocks sort of David aligning with the giants instead of killing them for once. Have we come far enough do some soul searching ask questions, listen to debates but don’t buy into anything lest it comes from your self, there are many councilors and advisers to the king but only a king can make a decree. A good king will be better informed by the will of his people than an idiot trying to just make his mark or leave his stamp on history ever will.

The West-End Farce.
The Harvest
Grim Reaping.
The Stalking Horse.

The public banter between David and Boris, begs the question just when did Boris meet Dave. This very public spat after the disappearance of his old bromance buddy form his middle of the road days is a little bit too hard to believe. Just who are they playing to the good old boy versus the towering leader, not the stuff of legend or even a reasonable train journey magazine article. But here it is washing the smalls in the public gallery, some world class statesmen would be cringing over their latte at the thought of such a public schoolboy production aimed at the cheep seats but there it was for all to see.

Sometimes the obvious is staring us in the face and because it is to simplistic too neat or too convenient we dismiss it before getting a good look under the hood to see how it was tuned and to know a little about its performance. The referendum up here raised a few issues about rigging and an old ploy of the politician is to table an unpalatable subject then to give it the superficial frosty coating and then glibly dismiss it hoping the opposition were caught of guard with a good response to the attempted whitewash and grandstanding technique. This is an old standard and has worked in the house for centuries and has the same credentials as the filibustering tool of allowing no opposition and to attempt to slip one over by using the rules against the unwary.

Well the question of rigging is actually a forgone conclusion as the EU have never conceded to British applications in the past Britain's batting scores are some seventy two to nothing before this sensitive issue was forced on them by the populaces interest being spiked and the grumblings from the ranks. Nothing fishy there then. Then there is the strange case of the late runner (Boris) and the missing intentions. Then there is the eleventh hour delivery tactics of the Pearl harbour declaration of war on the enemy via text by all means. That this had such wide media coverage and just how was that one leaked to seed the crowd or was it just an oversight like talking after a broadcast while the mike is still on. Media lightweights or media manipulators, the mighty EU diktat has never been sidelined from its purpose in the history of its rise to its exulted position as the all high pinnacle of German excellence with its stranglehold tactics of the iron cross to bear down on land locked non members to extort its will even if it has no elected mandate. Very 1945 USA truckers unionist behavior, but that could just be a coincidence, if anybody out there actually believes in them in this day and age.

Back to the west end pantomime for the idiot media punters that still swallow every hook line and stinker from the ‘report only what we agree with’ form of delivering the news as needed buy the over the morning coffee brigade of punters. So we have a very public spat from two old school frat buddies and Tory trough skimmers and scammers claiming to dislike ones personality, to be ‘miffed’ and ‘slighted’ in public ‘how dare one’ or even two. Haw Haw and while they lord it over the media releases with this twaddle just what else is going on off the pages. The whole thing about a whitewash is that you make it look like its a real fight from two old war weary veterans of the old camp school troopers facing up for a square go, and wanting to see them foul. Then you can get some interesting side bets from the buyers and liars, that when the EU landslide happens as it will, as its rigged to do. Then they can at least claim it was fair play not the product of scripting or of foul behavior. You can smell the billingsgate market enterprise from up here luv.

Not for the weak of Heart.
The Self
Knowing Thyself is ...
Not for the weak of Heart.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Humble mumble and fumble
The preserve for the bee to bumble
To push then pull, that old herd and fleece
Escapee from a box once in Greece.

The beats as it sweeps as it cleans you out
Will be long gone not hearing your startled shout
Using prudent and wasteful to buckle you down
Wagging finger, reproachful frown.

Tied by the string of the apron’s bind
Caught in the cats cradle’s untutored mind
The fool steps of the cliff small bag of cares
Heedless of the calling out of dares.

Here to see the right for the waking mass
To take them forward to the master class
The dumb mind is often reeling
The sure footed know by feeling.

The leap of the fool steps into fresh air
A beautific smile transfixed no sign of care
But be forewarned angels don’t you dare
He’s safe in the sight of that visions stare.

One step to far for mere mortal man
Who logically follows his divisive plan
The blind obedience in the precog’s faith
Steps his dance around the feral wraith

The hunt is on for the bloodlines of ascension
The vieing and jostling causing tension
The clock is now winding down
The four are now vieing for the fifth crown.

Troubles surround and seek to confuse
The wisdom of Solomon is not for you’s
Many advisers surround the throne
Decisions are made by one alone.

Four angels at the corners of EDEN
Not tied nor parceled or neat and even
Not just the corners of a pyramid base
The fifth pinnacle raised to oversee this place.

Cabinet Shuffles.
The Self
The Self.
Referendum Shenanigan’s.

The main thrust of what the EU has been doing may well be in conflict with what is is actually doing in the name of convenience. The whole thing about a unified world will be hampered by the surge towards efficiency and trying to be cost effective as the main result from this sort of drive will only ever produce results that will be quick and cheap instead of the solution for the needs of the moment. The world does not dole out it’s crisis's according to speed and pricing. It is inconvenient and costly as history will attest to. The main drive towards an EU open door policy takes the stance that the peoples and races of the world are all basically the same, with the same world view of integration and drive towards progress and improvement. Well the EU peoples all share a need for free movement for work and lifestyles. The problems started when people like the Brit abroad wants to take their Marmite and other favorite goods with them, so lets provide it locally and reduce the packing nightmare that is the holiday luggage weights adding to the cost of fuel. Then came make it only available for slim people as opposed to the wide weight range of real people. One size does not fit all but to make it easier for the new mobile workforce. The powers that be chose to regulate weights and packaging so the people that are not well educated in the ways of other nations could at least get their goods in recognisable weights and measures that they could relate to reducing the need to educate the upwardly mobile work migrants into the ways of others. The whole idea and its relevant problems all stem from this EU wide standardisation policy. People are resistant to change and they feel that it is easier to standardise everything around these ill educated people in the ways of the world. This Island nation shares a language base with its cousins across the pond and yet we are worlds apart in social practices and monetary goals. We still have a strong reserve against living for the money and yet they do and maybe always will. While we as a nation still find something unpalatable about such naked avarice and choose as a people to value the real prise of life over the acquisition of cash as the compensation for the lack of any real sense of life.

Movement between member states in a unified EU is a good thing for the land locked and border-less state that is sees itself as, yet the need to distinguish their own from the rest of the world never seemed to even enter their superior brains. The middle eastern philosophy of the world and its ways is largely ignored in their view abroad. They like the English abroad tend to take their own standards with them and even burden themselves by hauling their baggage with them, cramming every necessary thing that they might need just in case. The clue to the unspoken problem is the mindset that plans for the unforeseen circumstances that life likes throwing into the mix just to keep life interesting. The Asian mindset is again not structured on the middle class western paradigm of a unified world. Every nation the world over even those in unified blocks or in binding trade agreements are just beginning to show how big the whole problem is. Sticking our heads in the sand and just bulling on in the old way of we have started so we will finish is starting to show signs of being unfit for purpose. The most galling thing or the bitter pill that is looking like it will have to to taken soon is the loss of investment, time, planning and effort, in scrapping something that did not have a chance in hell in the first place. But it does mean that we should salvage what is working in the can of worms and it does mean getting our hands dirty in the clean up and scrapping process. The political requirements of each and every nation in this real and very gritty world of the living is developed from the will of its people with no exceptions. The idealised state is a pretty drawing room of the pretty cartoon world of the wishful and very immature thinking out of the writers book of characterised viewpoints like Alice in wonderland. The clear and present fact that there is no universal man and no universal social standards in the mix ready to be blanket applied to the idealised ubiquitous world state citizen of the once and future tomorrow state of living in an unstable world is the elephant in the don’t mention it out loud room of inconvenient truths. It was a brave attempt to reform the world to a work orientated approach to keeping the whole thing moving to break the stagnation from over self indulgence. The time is fast approaching where someone has to state the obvious and to raise the uncomfortable truths that have been swept under the blanket approach to not mentioning the brazen facts that leave us all more than a little uncomfortable with our own needs in the involved processes will mean that no one will be immune to taking a hit in the reshuffle that is necessary for the balanced growth of a once and future unified world.

The main problem with the problem solving racket has always been the problem should be taken to the solution provider that is not just all about their stock set of skills that are used in a blanket approach to all problems. Present a carpenter with a problem and get a wooden solution, present a bricky with a problem and you will sink with the bricks and get walled in by the cement and finishes and they will bump the cost as this is the nature of the beast. Now take the problem to a lawyer and you will be locked down in litigation and double billed as they are more interested in keeping themselves working and earning than delivering a solution that will make them redundant. An industry that has cost cut its way forward and has steered a mean course close to the edge of insolvency is not the one that will produce the right solution for the problem and the fact that they will only ever view it through the rose coloured glasses of self interest and with a mindset that can only ever utilise the skill set they are trained in. This sledgehammer approach of the journeyman is the problem to modern day solution finding.

The sage is always limited to the disciplines that they have mastered, the philosophies that they have gleaned the grains of truth from and the methods that they have developed to gainfully employ the teachings. The limitations are that you cannot charge a lot for your services, people will do without rather than pay what they believe is an exorbitant price for something no matter how much they feel they want or need it. Then there is the distribution, how do you reach a wider audience with the same effect for the reduced price of admission. Roadshows were an earner for a while, take your show on the road and the costs are reduced by mass bookings. An enterprising guru in the eighties had made good use of video distributions and would send them to the ashrams around the country and the world. Now with video conferencing that has now reduced the distribution problems. The internet is again a wide distribution system with enormous potential and yet again the thief is in the system and will spoil it’s potential earning capacity by having to use extortion practices and verification means with complex passwords and security dataminers as they data trawl everything and everyone for every little bit of personal detailed information. The thief s response has made its mark in the music, film and software industries to get an idea of the scale of the problem from long term free access to goods. The knee jerk from flouting the ineffectual laws of the land about the mythical ‘intellectual property’ rights of anything that you are in possession of and that someone took money from you to own and yet they insist that after the fact they can hold you to an agreement that only suits their purposes. My property is my property, if you buy a copy of my work, that is your copy and it is still your property. The illegal copying and distributing of it for money is stealing from me if it is my business and earn my living doing that. But you can show it to others, lend it as you please and as you see fit, you can even sell it on, property is ours not the lawyers who wish to make a living giving us hell for having our own rights to do as we will with our own property.

The present Power states struggle to be one of the big four has to address the fact that the late runner will be the one most likely to succeed as it will lay back, hold of to the side, watch the main bunch vieing and jostling and will conserve its energies even hiding in the slipstream at the back waiting and biding his time as the field is held by the pushy and impatient and the impulsive as they get in each others way. Watching as they contest and use up reserves needlessly in the long haul of the big race. The early starts will be the first to lag, the dark horse will use all of its management skills to avoid the pits and traps and the final stretch is the place of reckoning for all the miscalculations of the immature and impatient or the bloody minded and willful. Many will come unstuck at the classic pitfalls the breaches brook of life, the water traps and the too high and too wide jumps as well as the close to the turn surprises as they take out the unfortunate. The real test of the long haul is to not be obvious and to be able to weigh the field, the riders and their skills and weaknesses and to learn to know the moment, when to make your move, when to drop the disguise and to set the pace to overtake the field and then marshaling your reserves to set the pace to make the distance needed to leave them all behind at the finish. This takes a unique ability to know yourself really well, to have the ability to read the situation, to weigh up every player on the field and to know in the flow as there will be no thinking in the fray it will all be too fast paced for that slow old mind to weigh up the moment and it will be limited by field of vision in the heat of the moment. A singular set of skills, coupled with an uncanny perception coupled with the insight to know, if you ken what I mean.

Lets look at the long term effects of bad thinking and not to persecute the poor blighters because of it. The first on the table is the EU directive towards open borders that is proving to have been a fallacy in hind sight. A free movement of earned and legitimate members of the EU states that have paid there dues and contribute to their country as they earn their living is the naturalised state of the world class citizen. The problems the EU are experiencing in the migrant crisis is a direct result of this allowing people into the same state as ourselves when they have nor earned the right of access that is the privilege we all earn for ourselves. They have not paid their dues into any of the coffers that they are draining or just availing themselves to. The working and up and running excluded of course as they already reflect the same principles and are paying their dues as they provide for themselves. The way forward is that this will all take time, border monitoring is still needed with people that have not the means to maintain themselves in another country or do not have the will to train to earn when they get there. Facilitating education and basic provision is a must for asylum seekers and for people in fear of their lives escaping a brutality they have not the means to defend against and so had to run, or they will be on a minimum subsistence for the duration of their stay.

The second candidate for trying to enforce short term solutions on the bigger problems of life has to be the shortsighted one child policy of the Chinese. When it was put in place it was the state panacea for the day and they held the belief that it would have long term benefits for the entire nation. It on paper should have halved the population but the deficit was it was only ever halving the birth numbers. The original pairings would still be living on into an extended life expectancy and this was always the problem with us under pressure. The demographic of an aging population mass was always inevitable when population control was such a big issue, the interim period needs them to be flexible enough to sustain the structure and its needed changes to handle a smaller populace to still manage all of its assets and properties. The fact that in the press of the moment lack of insight does not allow the ability to take time out to get a better look at the problem, to weigh all the probabilities and then to place your bets on the one you know will have the best opportunity or likelihood of success. Hindsight is a great thing when it gets built into our foresight so we can hope to make quicker and better judgments in the next crises, but if even an ancient root race like the Chinese can make such oversights for the Asian leadership contender for one of the big four world states, what chance for nations that are sitting on their laurels and defending every little gain they feel they have made in life, just who will suffer because of this ego blindness. Short term quick fixes that seem to bear the brunt under duress always get left in place too long when the cheap get to make all the decisions. The propaganda is, ‘stream line’ and ‘be cost effective’ prudence that old scallywag fleecer of the unwary, that old reprobate escapee from Pandora’s box. It is past time to put her in an institution again and throw away the key, that fastidious 'beats as it sweeps' as it pockets all the loose change as it cleans you up she cleans you out. The last surviving main singer of the hymn is now singing solo and the toneless tale is falling on deaf ears as the band is breaking up. That old lie does not ring true as money is being leached out of the system, fortunes are being fleeced from the greedy in the so called free market trading houses far too regularly to be accidents and even the weather cant be blamed for the hiking of prices that a diminishing market brings out in the dealers. The squeeze is on and the tight are flexing for the grip of death. For whom the bell tolls is no longer an issue as the last echo of the faded ring of the final bell is receeding from the ruins of the twin towers after it has resounded around the globe, one too many times.

We have to set aside the resources for better think tanks and to facilitate the knowledgebase that will deliver the child of enlightenment true understanding from the muddle that is pure raw bulk data. Is now the greatest need for the old guard that must do as the Chinese aging demographic do to better facilitate this brave new world of the modern age of man. The best candidates need to be immersed at the ground level of the problem at the hands on point of interaction to be better able to weigh the thing up from the ground. They need world class experience and cannot any longer be made up from the ranks of the purely intellectual and secularised. The very core problem with the EU worker is they think they know the world but they only know their own view of it. The British mindset is one of the most stable calculators of the entire bloodlines of the entire globe. Its faults are impatience, interfering or overbalancing that and being too removed and isolated at the other end of the bipolar spectrum. The psychology needs work but the skill set and experience is second to none and that also takes into account the offspring across the pond lots of potential wrong approach and prone to bad timing, but great skill sets and experience. Just too big for their boots all the hick hayseed in a modern day serge suit does not make a great picture for the family album to show the grandchildren one day.

Well great potential does not bake a cake, getting up and making it will, so it is time to take better stock and to revisit all heritage plans with a better perspective of who we are this generation, what are our tools, what were theirs and their goals and how do they hold up in the cold light of the modern day open minded approach to modern living. We are not the same people as our progenitors who drank themselves into an early grave, had the worst set of self destructive habits that any joke god could place on his toys and playthings. But if they could have afforded the therapy at the time they would have been told that they did that to themselves. Marriage as an institution has failed as they way of life and is again being dropped from the economic drives that promoted it to the way of life standard for all emerging people. Non breeders are being seen by the church as not a sinful thing and the target of hatred but as gods judgment on a bloodline but instead is seen as the end of a lineage. Which is very karmically correct for the day. This present generation should understand that picking up the long term mantles of a bygone predecessor out of deference is a fools errand. That we should question the so called wisdom of our elders and take a look inside the Pandora’s pass the parcel box and not be afraid of being called out for ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’. This is the same wisdom that hears that you can get whatever you need when you ‘go abroad’ and so the first time you travel you trust, then when you know better than believe all that you hear and are told is true, you learn by experience to pack some and take it anyway, just in case. Or to use a well worn film quote ‘Yes Mustaffa believe in Allah, but have the good sense to still remember to tie up your camel’ god moves in mysterious ways and all of them barred to the fearful and guarded by avenging angels for the unwary. Opened only to the worthy and they will not know it was ever barred as the test is not required as their merit will precede them. For the all seeing eye holds every microscopic nanosecond and its corresponding atom in detail for recall in his being. So the tiny little details of your life are as he will know it to be, for the judge of the actions is weighed in the measure of the man and he made the measure, knows your ways and will provide accordingly.

The aging demographic is not a problem in nations that have paid their dues they stand on their shoulders. By their hard work and sacrifice we are where we are today, so lest not forget them or their contribution. The wisdom of the ages is a fools paradise, this world and its various countries that make it up have been prone to the bad psychology of dictators, kings and queens as well as international secret planners and investors in its past. Each generation pressed to get on, held in a bind to blind obedience and driven forward through two world wars and nearly into a third world war footing as fools all fight at the trough for their perceived share of whatever they think is valuable at this time in their lives. The privileged do not share the views of the common man, they will always think they can think better and will know better for the idiots in their charge. Someone needs to think for man and for sure it needs a less aloof stance than the isolated and secular view from the pinnacle of their over inflated egos and has to come from a better balanced mind than the ones that use a blanket approach. Holding the view that we are all the same people because we all have so many similarities, one head, two hands double standards, saying one thing doing another, limited perceptions and field of view in the heat of the moment. Joke programmed knee jerk reactions, badly developed natures, expectations, and value systems. Motivated by greed and self interest first gives the maxim for man most likely to be the most enduring as ‘man mind thyself’ any takers can give odds over fifty percent, but you will have to wait till the end of time to collect of course.

The trouble with thinking that you have solved a problem is the damned world will never stay static, the best that can ever be achieved is always going to be a short term solution a quick fix, but if we understand the nature of the changes that are most likely to occur we can then devise a longer term solution. Now what is wrong with that is the fact that we rest on our laurels, we will be caught unaware someplace down the line and that generation will not know how to fix it, what caused it or why its happening. So life’s purpose is attention and adaptability, improvisional skills and self reliance and durability not much to ask at all is it. If thinking in the moment requires slowing down to evaluate we need to become faster, stronger, more accurate by intent in the heat of the forge the strike of the hammer will mold the metal in the mastery of the right hands or make a mess in anyone less. The seething mass is waking and it is from a disturbed old Gothic nightmare that is disturbing them to awareness not the right awakening for a better purpose now is it. For the knee jerk could prove catastrophic just from the volume alone. Ideals and philosophies are all well and good in the peaceful pursuit of knowledge for understanding. The pursuit of knowledge as power can only ever lead to one place in this very predictable maze we are all trapped in from cradle to grave.

Rhyming Reason.
The Self
A total lack of...
No chink in the curtain of night.
A Poem
Chris Millar

This prison of the neurosis of the mind
Locked and barred yet no key to find
Many pass yet none visit in this wallow
Lots of sounds so empty and hollow.

Its not just the dark that is the night
Its the almost complete lack of light
There is no door as there was before
The simplest things are the biggest chore.

Cant talk, cant chat, nothing to say
Its been like this every single day
Cant talk about me, to not admit
That the world and me no longer fit.

This prison that locks me inside me
No visits, no release date, no getting free
Just buck up man things will get better
Your just a bit under the weather.

This to will pass as they do say
Tomorrow is still another day
See a doctor and just get well
One bottle of sedation straight to hell.

Life the cowardly double dealing
Is guilty of nothing not even stealing
This total absence of any other feeling
That leaves absolutely nothing reeling.

Light at the end of ..
A Poem
Chris Millar

Suddenly it is gone
It was there so long
Don’t know when it lifted
Just know something shifted.

Apprehension without the fear
Where it comes from isn't clear
Nothing to target no one to blame
Like the wisp that moves the flame.

You see better but not a sudden light
No sun has risen no second sight
More the queue has moved along
Not worth a mention or a song.

Things are easier having the means
No springing step not full of beans
The way never blocked, is now clear
No press behind, no move on dear.

Still stood, not shaking
No plans are in the making
One step is the start to make
No idea the next to take.

No matrix pill to restart the dream
Just taking things as they seam
Travel mates all moved on
Take new purpose from the dawn.

Like stepping out of a darkened cinema
Transported from it celluloid chimera
Waking from another world
Where magic once unfurled.

Enjoy the moment for what it is
Life is not a test, or a quiz
Wait to see what catches the eye
That is welling, but is not a cry.

The Abuse of Power.
The Harvest
Just Deserts.
Working the Strengths and Weaknesses.

We have been on the receiving end of a barrage of goading to do something, do something. Well that is the purpose of the beaters and the Tommy knockers. Understanding that power has a purpose that has a calling that must be justified. The overuse or at worst the abuse of power is the OCD level of the weak and impatient. Life requires the resolve to stick to using your singular strengths and to use the collective strengths and weaknesses to get the moment to our purposes for the needs of the day or even the moment. The proper use of power is not the preserve of the use of a sledgehammer where a pin hammer will get the job done without the risk of overkill. A weak minded or intolerant and impatient abuse of power is to run around with a ak47 in hand just to keep the herd moving forward. The Kalahari tribesman can lead the herd with a stick or better a switch in hand to herd movement is better than to harness and lead the drive with a relentless purpose. The insecure actions of the overlord approach will only have the herd looking for the breaks and letups as opportunities to shed the manacles of servitude.

Now that Scotland has some of its powers returned to it we will know our strengths and weaknesses better than any other and will not be prompted to use power when it is not needed. As a nation this land has survived under the yolk of the heavy handed approach to leading that which they have held in servitude for centuries. The first act of liberty is to celebrate and to give thanks, to take stock and to evaluate ourselves as we now find we are since the manacles were first put on. We as a people may have to look at the fact that we are now suffering from an identity crisis from the schism produced by the wedge that was driven into the heart of our communities. The propaganda that was used to frighten and control the unruly nature of the independent nature of the Scott at home has left a bad taste in the mouth, but a good mouth rinse and spit and we will get over it.

The power that we have will be used appropriately if and when it is needed and not at the insistence and baiting of the deposed as they scurry away to think again. We stated by our vote last year that no matter what happens with the promised oil bonanza from a people that have invaded countries the world over, that we could and would manage our household expenses better than the cash drain and pocket money solution that you are doling out to us. A good piece of advice right back at the nation that asset stripped the wealth out of most of the defenseless countries that they invaded and then discarded when they could no longer get what they want from them. To the people that knew that costly oil production would be the first to go in the new requirement for power production for to better manage the heat exchanger, before the imbalance wavers out of manageable means. The thirty to forty years of continuous driving to ignore the environment and to work with a will to its own purposes from prefabricated building and design plans of the dictator breed of man as it has imposed its will while stamping its mark on a world they do not feel an affinity for as they have mechanistically tried to bring the world to its will by force. This drive has started an accumulation that is starting to show serious symptoms from the interference into its natural and once balanced state. The long term issues of this drive to subdue will eventually escalate to a point that will leave us without the resources to deal with it as they are being squandered for paper that we print ourselves and award ourselves by some token system of evaluation. The power resources especially the non renewable ones are the ones that are being consumed at an alarming rate. All this in the pursuit of an ideal that the world, can earn, the books do balance, banks can get it right, our governments know what they are doing and, there are enough resources for everything and it must first and foremost pay its way. When politicians just give themselves yet another pay rise before they are kicked out of the job no longer for life. When banks give themselves big bonuses, when countries have had their inherent wealth stolen or squandered, when people are indentured to a servile existence till their old age to keep running round chasing a profit that the bankers will give themselves as bonuses, and governments will tax out of your pockets till you die in debt and from ailments brought on by being worked to death.

The beads for wealth approach to exchange will no longer work on better educated and more self reliant countries as they come on line for the world stage needs that will soon have to be better addressed are going to demand a different approach. Not just from the weather that is forcing a great awakening of the largest collection of mankind in the living and historic memory of the world. A prefabricated house building all houses to the same limited spec that does not adjust new materials to regions according to water and PH balance, weather, that does not take into account flood water levels from a management system that is struggling under the lie that they have enough money for everything and can still cover all of the bases. Flying in the face of the evidence to the contrary, schools, services, utilities, deteriorating infrastructures, police, overcrowded jails, diminishing resources. All that, and that manufacturing limitations of materials and power and storage as well as manpower over price, is further compounded by the cost of delivery. The sums do not add up to the hype and the propaganda it is past time that you admitted the problem then we can all contribute to the solution. Or we can just keep following the spooked horse that is now in full and unstoppable flight as it leads the Charge of the lightweight brigade that over flexes muscles that it no longer possesses. Denial is the ostrich approach to keep on keeping on, well hate to be the dumb kid in the crowd but ‘yer arse is showing yah big poncin wig wearing eedjit’. Or to put it politely for the word dictators that only let you use words that they will allow you to use when addressing such imperial royalty when it deigns to give you an audience at the high table. ‘I say old chap the cat one thinks is well and truly flown the coop old boy, but do try to keep it under your hat old bean I don’t think they know it yet’ shhhh keep it to yourselves we got them fooled. Very Ealing studios if not keystone cops of you, but see that script you are working to did you find it in the rubbish bin. Ah thought so right where I threw it away when I was eight, good job the writer is here to update the script in the rehearsals as they unfold isn't it. Now how good are you at making changes as and when needed and just how well do you follow orders as there is not enough time for debate so the first order is ‘This High’, that is to say. ‘In this region old bean we simply must build to this height as this is the sensible thing to do, under the needs of the present environmental factors’.

Get it,
Got it,
Nuff said.

Food for Thought.
The Self
On your plate.
More than you can chew.

The funny thing about the Americans is their short memory about their own faults and how the inconvenient truth gets shelved as they turn on any other while their own history (and recent at that) is not to good with the same sorts of crimes. Not long ago the Americans were blamed for attacking a hospital that killed numerous civilians. The excuses were lame like, acting on ‘reputable information’, these things happen etc, yet it is ok to have a go at the Russians. Short memories indeed. The pot and the kettle, just how many millions have died at the hands of the peacekeepers from across the pond.

The facts of how we used to live are all a matter of record, the wealthy have always had a taste for rich food. The advent of the cook to the chef happened well down the line in time. The history of cooks being employed by Chinese and Japanese royalty and the wealthy is detailed in history. The Romans and the Greeks alike had records of cooking for the wealthy and the well to do. The problem with rich food in the diet hit its heights in the French and British aristocracy. The advent of gout and galloping consumption and all the ailments from rich food litter the medical history of the elite and their tales of indulgent lifestyles. The same cannot be said of the poor, the salt of the earth the base stock of the manual force of the making of empires and dynastic lineages. The common man and this point is true for quite a long lineage has had to be content with stock fare that is eaten as a staple and is usually served up daily with only one or two small variations. The not so well known thing about some modern eating styles of the stars as they try to maintain enviable figures and forms is that the genetics of the lineage has been used to a staple diet with little variation for generations. In the tribal man it is small game with the occasional large game, fish and fowl.

The complications that the health and well being of our nation can be traced back to modern cooking programs on telly and the advent of the modern day cook book. Rich food can have a devastating effect on the poor digestion tract and the timeline for this wonderful advancement for man is on a par with the drop in expected health and well being figures. Post war Britain and America began a march towards growing obesity figures at this stage in time. The alarming figures for child obesity is now getting to be beyond a joke. But of course there is no connection to it and the multi billion dollar fast food industry. It is also just a coincidence in the growth of soft sweet drinks, and of course the ask your child what they want to eat fraternity of parenting has no part to play in this world weary scenario. It is all a coincidence shhhh, shhhhh, just roll over and go back to sleep.

The British government has admitted that it has been failing the mental health sufferers with their lack of responses and attitude to want to sweep the unpalatable under the carpet or try to outbound it in the bin of the forgotten realms. As the old adage ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is still the preferable way to keep the problem in the lost and never found asylum for the unwanted and hard to handle. The fact that they are recognising the problem and admitting to it in public is the first success in the steps in the right direction therapy for a government in denial about its closet problem. After all if it was good enough for ‘The madness of King George III’ it is good enough for the people of the realm.

The hard to swallow facts are the most unpalatable serving that life has to offer us. The hard cold facts served like vengeance on a cold platter are the cause of most of the nations digestion problems. The off the page tidbits and delicacies are the stuff of legends and are served up at secret venues to the elite of the celebrity listings. The plane old fare that is left for the pleb at the trough is much less palatable and has little left to do damage by, so the sweet sugary fix was hiked to start cutting down the herd. The fact that lactose intolerance has only arrived since all the full fat was stripped from the milk for cheese and cream. This was of course achieved by passing the milk in the past-your-eyes process of stripping the fat from it and then additives to the whey product to keep you thinking that you are getting any full fat milk. This is a testament to modern science and the old cover up selling process, after all what you don’t know won’t harm you unless you are whey intolerance and then it will repeat on you with an acid bite.

So no sugar tax is a solution in the anti teenage obesity problems arsenal, not banning fast food outlets near schools is just anti business and does not make good economic sense. We are of course still swallowing that old line of bull. The fact that self restraint is not taught to children, that they are indulged and given choices has nothing to do with the feed on demand generation of Dr Spock babes in the tuck shop, the only problem they seem to have is shallow pockets and only two hands. So before they fill their boots or more likely their pockets as they just have one more, remember that if a journey starts with only one step, make sure that it is not the first step on a ladder to the top weight in the mountain. An even approach is the only way to reign it all in, that and teaching self restraint. After all it takes decades to eat yourself to death and it will cost you a fortune to do it.

It would seem that the old gremlin is out of the closet, mental health issues are no longer being denied or locked away in Britain. Well if it was good enough For good old King George III, it would seem that it is no longer the sole preserve of the good old British eccentric.

Galactic Vision.
The Self
Mirror Mirror.
The Universal Mind.

The Galactic view for the new age defenders of the world has just taken a good step forward in the right direction after a very shaky start. The mottle crew were all just too busy grandstanding in the best fashion of the Avengers assemble. Every ego problem a writer could ask for started to surface. The hero in question had been solo in every altercation they were dragged into (only the reluctant heroes of course) that has the effect of making you improvise with your abilities, to have to keep gauging them against your opponent and to have to recover from all miscalculations and mistakes brings about a singular mindset that might even view dependency as a bad thing. This very act will make you self reliant to the extreme. It becomes even more glaring in a universal state where the normal's are herded while the hero was ostracised. The normal will be taught good interactive skills that will allow them to fit in better and to get along better that any that is shunned by their differences. A good thing in retrospect as there would be no hero otherwise and the rest would be history. Is it the universal mindset that brings into play the need for heroes and villains to alleviate their ordered and toned down or even mundane existence as the counterpoint to such excessive suppression and control. If this is the case then there should be more rebellion and latent’s in the change of life showing up but there isn’t as they are being to heavily conditioned and have conformed to being ruled and led as a way of life.

The trouble with the new age defenders of the known galaxy is that they all have singular points of view, strong self faith and a good and tested reliance on all of their abilities that they have to use to stabilise and assist their strengths with. The self worth that could be lacking comes from the distance from others, even lacking the sibling support will have a devastating effect on self worth and self esteem. The power corrupts principle will of course be in the final balance the more lone wolf they are left to be. When a strong individual with unusual capabilities is alienated to an extreme without the stabilising grounding from at least one good relationship with at least a few formative shared experiences will prove to be problematic at a later date. The universal need to grab and control is only a useful tool with the malleable as this will inflame the rebel into automatic defense mode. The hero has latent abilities that have an unconscious element that is closer to the instinctive drive so that they have greater control by goal orientation as opposed to the modicum of conscious intent that is needed to spark them up, so that in the heat of the battle they can shoot from the hip, in mid air doing a back flip while carrying the defenseless innocent to safety. All the record keeper and rule enforcer ever manages to do is get in the way of the process, claiming record keeping and rule protecting. Rules are for the herd Shepard and the guard dog is not of normal nature and answers to the drum of a different beat. That does not mean to say that the sheep are in danger as that is contrary to the purpose of being inherent in the ones that manage to exit the other end of the gauntlet.

The current world that needs defending needs to understand that there is an element within the structure that it has become that is counter productive to the herds best interests. That is ignoring the need for the nations of man to fit in better with the environment and to live in harmony in this great big heat exchanger we find ourselves living in. The whole idea of a money base system came from the notion of wealth, well the wealth of nations has just been proven to be either a fallacy of the weak minded or an out and out fiction to suit a minority. We are either the united nations of mankind or we are a house divided amongst ourselves. The hive mind of man has a queen, workers, soldiers and drones and yet we insist they are all the same. Control needs a handle on the willingness of the mass to exert its will by suggestion and manipulation. The media and all of its forms is this tool in action. This is indisputable and all decrying it in any public forums and spaces is falling on deaf ears. The trouble with the historic breakdown of control structures historically is like the first secretary character in the Day the Earth Stood Still (Keanu version) ‘interaction with a superior species never works out well for the indigenous, the trouble is in this instance we are the less evolved’, kinda like you are the weakest link, not the missing link. The trouble with these anomalous and sporadic throwback of the superior person is they have all shaped the path of man, superior, strategists, politicians, generals, thinkers, planers, designer, innovators and the like have popped up periodically in history and have produced life changing circumstances and opportunities for the way forward or to better steer the course of the moment as it has arisen.

One of the biggest gags of all time must be the mythical search for the missing link in the great think tank that is modern science. The lack of evidence is a glaring statement of ignorance that any such thing exists adding more to the theory of clone generations of an inferior engineered strain of mankind, that is predated by a superior genetic hosting, than any thing relating to monkeys. Hairy usually means cold climate origins, darker skin means hot climate long term residency and eye colour means blue is better for cold climates and brown for large exposure to the sun. But hey I’m just guessing here without the prestige of even a white coat or a printed piece of wood pulp with dye on it saying that in someone else’s opinion I can call myself a Doctor (white coat remember) to my name so what do I know.

Virtual Physics.
The Warrior
Taking a stand.
From Light speed to Sound speed.

Well a big round of applause goes out to the eggheads as they roll out yet another interpretation of what they think is happening (happened) light years in the past, so for us mere mortals to be able to marvel at their stellar brilliance, they slowed the track down and synced it to a synthesiser to give it an audible representation. So lets recap on what it was that got them all patting themselves on the back for and why it induced a round of drinks and a great big public fanfare. This music of the spheres they deliver to our ears is a not a symphony but is more of a presumed according to how things look from here, and according to our way of looking at things even over there. More of a symphoney than a symphony. The trouble with the voyeuristic point of view it just really depends on the seat you got, ever booked the cheep seat at the theater only to find its behind a pillar in the gods. You get what you pay for and it can only ever be judged by your own view of things according to how you evaluated them and then rated them into a scale for viewing. The observational (voyeuristic) record keepers had the same sort of belief about things way back when they were using leeches to treat people, and when if you were loud and unruly they called it madness and locked you away for it, because they had a name for it and they had a system that empowered them to work their will by, with a force of enforcers, a judicial steering comity. The trouble with taking the point of view of the observer is that all the subjective understanding is related or translated through the presumption of how it must feel to have actually have the ball at your feet instead of only ever having experiencing it vicariously by paying to see someone waste their life’s energy entertaining you by demonstration.

Second hand information may have our known universe to draw on but there is no laws of physics proven scale of things it is all pretty much still up for grabs. The greater known universe may rely on laws that do not apply in our neck of the woods, the view from our goldfish bowl of the world outside our waters is still pretty much the fish eye lens looking out across a macrocosm that has a scope that is beyond our ability to fathom from our little back water pool of radiance from our single local star. The established laws of physics even produced a periodic table, a neat and tidy persons way of grading what they think they know on a scale because of certain commonly held beliefs from observational record keeping and from repeated test to prove its stability. In an unstable and constantly fluctuating reality. So it may be better to put the champagne on ice until you have more than one fixed viewpoint of the proceedings of life. If at first you get stiffed with the cheep seats you will never be caught out like that again. The old adage that you will get what you pay for, should have a clause built into it that says how long you delay (prevaricate) and how much you invest will have a proportional result in the final analysis. Or if an accountant or lawyer has anything to say about it it will be deductible from the final bill.

But that is only one way to look at the goldfish bowl syndrome. Lets look at the idea of pyramids being built around a globe that does not have the capability for global travel, land mass separation and sea expanses excluded the easy access of the modern day Google app then know as the Gossip app, that old word of mouth embellishment that grew the arms and legs of the Chinese whisperer. And yet certain similarities that have shown up in other studies from twins, to separated at birth have shown that there are only so many things to choose from and that each person has predispositions. The similacrum idea has a foundation to add yet another view to the static one that has only ever been tested by its own standards. So until real proof from other disciplines other than our army and government favourite men in white coats, just watch the video say awe nice eh and order an ice lolly or ice cream, yeh didny think the seat wiz free did yeh. Have a good weekend one and all.

A United Front.
The Harvest
Taking care of.
The Party Line.

The problem with bulk data when it is coupled with the blanket approach is the logistical nightmares that it will spawn. Take holding the browsing information of everyone for a year on a little island like the mainland British Isles, and when you consider the size of the populace some sixty million and you begin to get the idea of the scale of the problem. The fact that there is no minority report solution to crime investigation is well know as there is no criminal without the evidence of a crime. After all intent is no proof of a crime being committed. Then there is the problem with assumption leading speculation and investigation bringing about an inquisition rather than an evaluation of the facts. To take the stance or the approach that everyone is guilty of something from minor infidelities to fudging the full facts and figure of our income and transactions not only from the state but from our partners and friends. Is more of a fact of the nature of man than any real guilt of a legislated crime. Then there is our own specialist interests for the nature of man is not to be open and honest about our preferences and tastes and we as a race want to defend this last bastion of self defense and place it firmly back under the banner if not the cloak of the man and woman hoods respective capes. This form of secrecy is inherent in the species. It also raises the question of who is it that is interested in this level of snooping on everyone. Who are they and why do they need this level of scrutiny and what evidence is there to support that it would have a positive outcome. The statement from a leading policeman that treating accusations should not be processed from the stance of believing the first half of an accusation before any other evidence has been collected and investigated is a better balanced approach to law enforcement and policing.

The fact that we are living in times where precognition has still not been proven. In the last few decades glaring discrepancies have come to light and in more than one discipline and the mystical precog has not been identified and enthroned in the mainstream mechanisms. Take the Michael Fish approach to the observations of the expert on the tendencies of the weather. The storm after the fact left a huge dent in the prestigious stance that the weather pundit’s had held for some time without any real scrutiny as to the scope of the accuracy of their expert stance. The problem is that until that point the evidence was being loaded with the successes and the glaring gap of the failures were either being sidestepped or out and out ignored. The next big problem came from the way that big investment houses had promoted the seat of the pants guesses of the big players to invest to get bigger and bigger returns. The curse of insider standards brought about the Bundesbank problem, then Loyd's the underwriters took a bashing and then the bamboo drape rained down the final curtain on the first act of this economic fall into the pit of debt that the world economy is now languishing in till this present day. The sheer logistics from the statistics of throwing the dice in a run of ‘luck’ is that it happens periodically, tossing six coins out of six in a caucus still did not guarantee a win. Yet an industry thought that it could incentivise the player and to try and load the dice in their favour says how myopic thinking becomes in secular situations. The sort of problem that shows when ego takes over and the focus shifts from protecting the investors cash to gaining the house its slice of the action. To how the rational suffers when the insider shutters come down and its part in the evidence trail has left a vast swathe of damage in the wake of the Juggernaut of the immovable debt mountain of the present ‘have now pay later’ means to no ends we all sell our rights into. The steady momentum is still there as we buy our way into even more debt borrowing from tomorrow to get by for the day.

Bad judgment only comes to light in hindsight and many a lawyer has made a living from the proceedings. When people all take the same party line it is usually because they share an incentive, a point of view or a common belief. But to listen to The prime minister of the British Isles take the same stance and argument as his opposition took to the SNP’s need for clarity and a better definition of the new powers, he used the Labour leaders argument to hide his side stepping of the issues and more to the point to avoid the question completely. So just what are we going to do with our new found powers, well looking at how others handle them would be a good benchmark to start with as they are newfangled and will have to be assessed as to their usefulness and applicability. The ‘do something’, ‘do something’ mantra of the baiter's and traders is a bit unsettling as it makes it look like it may be rigged or that we might have forgotten something important or are being kept unaware of some salient points just to see how we perform. Knowing the Scottish manner it will take the form of seeking to better serve its people and not to enforce an austerity measure when the British people are resistant to paying their dues into a failing system, that no longer looks after its own electorates best interests, nor defend the constitutional rights of its own sovereignty. Failing in the sense that it now works against the best interests of it electorate and works more in the best interests of its investors and backers instead. When governance loses the plot so much it is only a matter of time before it comes to the place where pride first landed on this ball of dirt.

If you make broad and sweeping statements and do not have the collateral, the will or even the inclination to back them up it is only a matter of time before it will become the proverbial house of cards and become a pile of rubble under the pressure to do the impossible against all the odds. The oil result was always on the cards and was negated by the better judgment of the Indy ref rhetoric in the lead up to the referendum in twenty fourteen. There is no reason to hurry as fate has an outcome for us all. The myopic leaderships of history have traditionally led us consistently up blind alleyways and into stormy waters and yet still chooses to bait rather than find ways to resolve our differences and find better ways to integrate the whole species of man into the family of man. Using someones ignorance against them and placing the bets on the blind side of their awareness is not a new tactic and the best course of action is always to ignore their timescale and to make only the moves you are sure of, until it becomes obvious by it exclusion what the missing bit is, then to play their ignorance that you now see against their betting style to clear up in their wake. After all a house that is divided amongst itself is a ruin in the making. And can be exploited against its own collective best interests. The existing footprint from the established foundations of the diversity of man, has had a devastating effect on the climate of the entire globe. Ground temperatures, sea temperatures and the shifting el nino effect. The mismanagement of the excess of liquid water as the ice percentages decrease say more about the arrogance of man as he continues on his set course to who knows where because they have started so they will finish as they have always done. Says to us that it is well past time to scrap the machine that no longer serves the right purposes for us all. But just ripping out the foundations and bringing the house down is one thing but with a system that is not the approach to adopt. In the rational world of systems and systems management a prototype or functional model is built first. It is then run in companion or parallel to the existing one to see the discrepancies and redundancies quicker and then it is put through exhaustive testing to see how it holds up to the course of daily use. Then it is taken to excess to see if it has the scope to handle the situations even beyond initial expectations and is often called destruction testing to see what it takes to make it fail.

The worst trait of man and especially his time worn control functions is the well used stance that if you cannot prove or disprove the matter then you can discredit and undermine the oppositions stance to put them in a bad light. Only ever possible if they are trying to hide something or cover up some glaring gaps in their thinking or planning. So in answer to the pacey pacey jibe of do something, do something the obvious answer is. When we know what is needed, when we know what resources we actually have and then when the way to achieve it is worked out and at least tested, we will. So just out of curiosity is there a time delay on your betting in this matter and just what do you stand to win if you are right. But even better than that is a word of caution from the betting houses of the land and that is do not gamble with money you do not have and only with capital that you are prepared to lose if you are wrong, so place your bets gentlemen and take your chances. You do not put up with three hundred years of servitude, watch your nations wealth asset stripped to the bone and its industries and land sold out from under its people just to fumble the ball in the closing stages of the race. Lets take a leaf out of Mr Murray’s book and not go for the coin of the Wimbledon gold and instead aim for histories bounty in the prestige of the world stage instead of the small minded, petty and greedy baiting and plundering tactics of a nation that seeks to police everyone just in case they can make a case and make a buck or two in the favorite pastime of the litigators. Gotcha is still the long haul and patience is its only known enemy.

They say that to get out of hell all you have to do is beat the devil at one of his own games, well that might just be true of god to, and knowing that man has not passed the test of time in any way shape or form god might just choose patience as the game you have to beat him on, while the devil has a host of games, that rely on, greed, selfishness, envy, sloth, pride, lust and the last is the gluttons for punishment. Every one of which will roast the soul to perfection, while god just keeps you hanging around till you get the point and get distracted and get back to the point of life and just get over your grievances.

What the Hex.
The Self
Taking care of.
Jinx that Minx.

Well after the result many will claim they could have won that bet, that a maxim like ‘good start bad finish’ was the sign of the times clincher for what would follow, throwing a hex at the start of the event. Hilary and the camp of more of the same from a government that has signs of paranoid tendencies and control issues with dreams of world domination in its bag of tricks and traps may well have been given the treatment that it so richly deserves. When you ignore the will of the people the great mass that props up any society and drive with a will to impose an unpopular set of rules and regulations, you will eventually reap what you sow or just simply get what you deserve. To ignore the greater need of the herd and its balanced or even unbalanced beliefs of its own identity and sense of destiny is the folly of the ignorant of the nature of the human condition. The traditional two horse race now has a starting line up of five diverse and popular stances after the starting line up of the caucuses. The primaries now under the belt of the populace the horses are now under starters orders and the gun is in the air for the race to start in earnest. Bets are being placed the papers are favouring the obvious and that is always reason to stop and take a better look at what may be going on just off the pages of the tabloid leak led issues. The mud slinging will start soon not just to muddy the waters but to obscure the weaknesses and hide the glaring discrepancies so nothing new there then. After the dust has settle from the current storm cloud of the sweeping winds of change it is time to batten down the hatches. Until the wind has been taken out of the media speculation pundits sails for following the tried and tested old favorites that get rolled out in reaction to upsets and bumps in the road swings and shifts that take the legs from the tried and tested old formula tactics for reporting these events. It will be worth a close look to keep the weather eye on the events across the pond as they get up to speed in the race to the highest place.

The idea that the NHS is in trouble and that it needs to step up to the plate to give better service at the weekends for the same pay in a five days a week cover program that is quite frankly not doing the same job as their forefathers did and to a better standard than more of the tick box multiple selection educated can do. The fact that the birth rate is falling, people are over medicating, over eating and over indulging is producing the authoritarian over reaction to clamp down with austerity measures on a populace that does not seem to be capable of self control, restraint or discipline. The measure that is missing in a subjugated populace is that they have no clear evaluation of their own self worth and as commodity purchasers are bread to be impulsive about their ‘perceived’ or trained needs while being submissive and will do as they are told. If they lack self evaluation they will follow the herd as they are unsure what they should do, they will be influenced by the directives read from everything around them, social expectations, peer group pressures, family needs, neighbours achievements. They will read the world as it whizzes by as the script for the day. Their forefathers were more integrated, understood themselves better and managed better with less of an education and more common sense with a better interaction with their world and each other than the current generations of introverted small screen gazers. With a falling birth rate, a longer life expectancy the confines of the goldfish bowl will apply, that is a goldfish will only grow as large as the environment can sustain. Well this environment was made before the seed was planted in it.

The truth that each generation gets what their forefathers wished for them and that is an easier time of the process of life, a less hassle and more cosseted path to travel. Is as history can attest to not what is good for the offspring and is just a parents wish list for what they felt they missed out on. Usually summarised as giving them a better start in life. It is this folly of the hard pressed that have not evaluated their own true worth and the part that struggle and hardship had to play in the making of their capabilities, that is the single greatest problem of the self evaluation process. Most of the errors stem from the problem of not taking stock of any changes we have gone through after the stage or during the process in a healthy way. The same is true in having a good look at the path we have traveled the distance we have covered or the terrain we have overcome. This evaluation process when it is delayed or not done will mean that our initial self image will have been set at a formative point in our life and one of the most formative times is after puberty as we evaluate ourselves within our peer group after the changes in our youth say thirteen to seventeen as we evolve our own self expression and self image both in our family group and our social sets. So to still be living with the value sets aspirations and self image of our teenage being well into our twenties and thirties is how far we are out of step with life and our perceived place in it. As the bard once penned ‘oh what a gift for god tae gee us tae see oorselves as others see us’ this saying is the hardest thing to achieve at any point in life but in our youth and at formative times the focus is being diverted to the issues and away from our part in it and on how it affect us not on how it is changing us. In that objective stance we are almost incapable of making the subjective observations that could give a better balanced view of the process and the changes it sparked. Most adults are in their twenties when they begin a formative reassessment process as their ways and methods cease to be as effective, their assumptions are missing the mark and it often gets mistaken for a growing up point in life. Well ask any septuagenarian how old they feel and they will think they are older but they will sill feel young at heart and this is for life. The reassessment of self has a purpose to better align us with our new peers as we move along, to make us reevaluate our methods by their effectiveness and how appropriate they still feel to our new selves as we feel ourselves to be at that point in our progress.

The introverted view of the invisible mindset of the Brit is a compounding problem to the healthy assessment of the self in life, denial, self effacing, don’t look, don’t stare, don’t judge and worst of all don’t get involved all conspire to compound the problem of what is not a simple process in the first place. It is much easier to say the thing, than do the thing is the truth of all the ways of life. The problem is that ‘to heavy’ an introverted stance is as bad as too great a sense of self importance, both inhibitors to the healthy process of good self assessment. One is an ego promotion device that will lead to a fall, while the other is a self annihilation process that will undermine good involvement and interaction with your peers and the world at large and all of its daily processes. The imbalance of wrong evaluations can have disastrous effects in either extreme. The main problem with a herd that follows is if the ego gets inflated by artificial circumstances, a wrong egocentric nurturing environment and they start the escalation to the godhood. This feeling of power over others is an unhealthy thing and especially as that is only the unbalanced egos perspective of seeing influence in action and assessing it from the core of self instead of the core of the greater good of the group. The nurturing formation process of a future Hitler or Mussolini is the worst case scenario, but with the inhibited factors surrounding the British psyche this at its worst only produces divas and drama queens, and at best good examples and informers and instructors.

Recognition is the main point of the inherent process for self assessment, it requires a healthy ego balance, too much makes for a totalitarian head of house, too little makes for an indoor doormat. The timing for evaluations after the puberty enforced one is dictated by the feelings of relevance of purpose and the rewards of actions and involvements, relationships, goals set and achieved or set and underachieved. In effect how well we feel we are doing, fitting in and getting on in life are the deciding factors. Life will not stop, it will not slow down and the process must still be gone through either willingly or under duress of necessity. The truly privileged among us that can raise the resources and facilitate the time to give themselves a retreat to better manage the transition, will still have to come out of the nursery and back into the wild flow of life so it is all swings and roundabouts and horses for courses when it is all said and done. The very fact of the nature of transactions and transitions is governed by the balance sheet of karma some you win some you lose is a point of view, but there are trade offs in all of the processes. The philosophy you use to accept it is personal. The fact is that to gain something in a limited bag environment you must replace an existing item, upgrade it, transfer it or replace the whole unit. The oldest saying in the reincarnation process is for a new life to begin an old one must end. We can only carry so much with us, so when we want to restock the kit bag compromises will need to be made. This more than any philosophy we adopt to make the process more palatable is the governing factor for self assessment. The tools you will need are a state of absolute even radical self honesty, a realistic expectation of known skills and resources as well as a reasonable assessment of the time left to get to the next stages. This whole process and the tools required must also include a better evaluation of the life experiences that we have already achieved to help produce the reorientation needed to get back on track in life.

Say one of our life goals is to be able to carry more, to give our-self a greater diversity to facilitate the ability to adapt to more situations for longer and to retain more than the peers of the group is this not ego or worse still greed. Ask the same question of one who has two mouths to feed, then three then more and the ego equation will not even be raised as this is then the sacrifice of the capable to facilitate the incapable. The perception from hindsight is invaluable for the process and should be balanced with insights into ourselves and our changes in tastes, requirements and needs and how this will have the effect of changing the overall targets and goals of our original list. As we mature the goals change the needs alter, the payoffs are no longer the same. The original goals of a provider and carer have to take into effect the increasing capability in the charge. And how that will then delimit the amount and kind of support that is then required. The better job we do in this kind of situation will have a diminishing need for input and supervision and so has an inherent redundancy point in the final stages of the care, we will have to face letting go which is not as easy as just saying it is. A government that is still labouring under the directives that were laid down several generations ago and are employing a we have started so we will see it through approach has not had the presence of mind to adjust to the times and the needs of the herd. The aging demographics is proportional to the birth rate decrease and the needs of the many may well still outweigh the needs of the few, but woe betide the leaders that cannot see the day when they they whittle down and try to squeeze out those that will one day take the helm from them.

If you incarcerated someone and removed them from the slow lane that life was say in the forties and fifties the damage to their social skills and ability to fit back in would have been minor compared to the damage that is done to the incarcerated in a fast paced quick changing environment like the present day world stage. Their skill’s would still be in play and valuable as changes were slow at that time and in that era. The out of touch syndrome is just as bad when applied to an aging generation that has not kept up to pace and has secularised itself from the rat race for the need for the call of the retreat of the inner sanctum. Getting set in their ways and being uncomfortable with change is also signs of entrenchment that should be sending up red flags in the process. Missing the market and wrongly gauging the mood of the voter can be a costly experience for any potential political candidate. When unforeseen turnarounds and unexpected results show up in pole predicted static events that should just produce more of the same. Is when early signs start to become the first repository of the pundits of the process that missed the call in the broadsheet poles in the first place. It is safe to assume that they are clutching at straws, that they are out of touch and that they will probably back the wrong horse at the end of the day. After all when they get it wrong they tend to pull out all the stops and get it outrageously wrong. Missing the point by a mile in an election run up can end up as a career changing event for the budding Nostradamus of the tabloids political pundits prizes. But it may well be a game changer of unprecedented proportions to one of the old guard as they take the last and final dignified walk from the stage of life. A rare gift in people is the ability to accept defeat in good graces and to applaud your adversary with a dignified response, to accept that in life we are all of us more out of step and winging it most of the time, that we are getting up to speed in a volatile environment that is prone to switches and changes that will leave a lot of the fallen on the playing field of life. So a Salute to the better person is not always a salute to the victor.

Arrested Development.
The Harvest
Reap what you Sow.
Out of Sync, Out of Step.

A discussion on radio with a well know interviewer, I hear she used to know one hundred Scottish women. Was about the value of short term sentences and how much they will affect the incarcerated and how they will be able to reintegrate in a meaningful or useful way back into society. During this discussion it came to light that Scotland has the highest ratio of prisoners in the whole of the EU. That it also had the highest re-offending rates in the British isles. That reintegration was problematic and it raised, lifestyle issues, the lack of integration opportunities in a country that has seen its armies, once the second highest work recruitment for the country being all but disbanded, its coal industry die at the hands of a foreign states governance, its steel industry finally close, its fishing industry has been decimated and control of it handed over to a foreign national country by our own foreign state governments stewardship on our behalf. And to add insult to injury the foreign manipulation of the oil markets are forcing out all (so we are led to believe) the more costly oil producing and gas production providers in the industry to stabalise prices from the companies that never pass on the benefits to the customer. These companies will now have to face the fact that to continue in these artificially deflated price wars, they will be producing at a loss of profit. This after more than a decade of artificially inflated price wars, where a country that has ruled the OPEC states financial capabilities with sanctions and trade restrictions, import legislation restrictions. All this on groups of people operating not by ‘their’ rules and giving over control to them because of feared and as yet never realised world ranging terrorism. Again something does not add up.

But to get back to the statistical point about jails and jail populations in an oppressed, asset stripped resource for a so called equal partner in an empire built union. One that this country has been asset stripped to save the southern half’s industries as they decline world wide, and to have been denied reinvestment and to face the fact that it is all just a coincidence and not an act of contrition against a country that will not surrender its own law, or sovereignty to a thug, occupation and dictatorial master just wanting obedient slaves and for this nation to just (in their contemptuous view) have the good grace to roll over and die when we are told to do so by their obvious betters.

A lack of prospects in a nation that is already asset stripped to the bone, a lack of opportunities where the invaders now outnumber the indigenous nationals and the state structure is rigged against helping our own and is favouring the ‘non’ invaders. Now the whole of the EU with new laws for further enforcement being tabled and brought into play in this testing ground for pushing the willing to the limits of endurance and beyond are backing up the play to keep us servile. So with a history of this sort of disfavour built into the treatment of the Scottish national there is not a good prospect for that to change anytime soon. As the greatest likelihood is still more of the same, as funding for schools and education, tax on police, cut backs austerity and all the usual suspects in their Dr Mephistopheles bag of political dirty tricks for invaded nations are being lined up against us. In a country where the only investment is in roads and rail to and from Aberdeen (the oil and gas capital of the north) to better get the last of the now to expensive to farm for goods down south where they can be handled by our betters. While they supply the mercenary workforce which is leaving out the rest of the country from the divi that are the ones that actually need the investment more. They would be able to say that it is all coincidence and is not a result of any kind of deliberation and yet three hundred years of this and their country has never had to take the hits this so called equal partner has had to. The final insult is of course that it is our continued belligerence and non cooperation with the state driven directives that really alienates us, and that is why they like the phrase that ‘you did this to yourselves’ and are so keen to use it at every turn in their diktat.

The older still maxim’s of being hoisted by your own petard, reaping what you sow and of course they are all flown under the banner of the Sword of Damocles. These apt and pertinent sayings all leave out the fact that this country has not sown its seeds, it has never stood on the world stage as a sovereign state amongst equals and that it still believes more than any of the maxims of the oppressor that ‘every dog will have its day’ and that this nations day is fast approaching and the call is waiting for that dawning day, the troops are ready and are no longer listening with a willingness to follow the orders of another for someone else's better benefits. But will stand up as one nation under our own banner and declare that there is nothing else to be stolen, asset stripped from us and like the African Brazilian slaves that developed a dance style called Capoera and danced it right before their slave masters. It turned out to be a fighting style and fitness program that would galvanise the spirit of defiance against an inhuman imposed regime. This very spirit was the core of the foundation for the runaway slaves in America, and was instrumental in forging the fighting spirit of the men that joined up to free their brothers and sisters still being oppressed in the south for cotton masters.

So when social conditions improve for people that are being marginalised, that have all of the cards stacked against them and to the better benefits of an invasive intruder, that holds all of the keys and still gives itself and its own privileges that the natural Scott will never be given. Then the whole problem is not going to go away to soon. It may just be under another maxim’s banner and that is 'an aye for an aye' is what we will deliver at the poles. A united front the only unity this country has ever had, was taken in the face of political fixing, smearing and dirty unionist tactics and still fifty nine seats and a small Scottish invasion later, we are still no closer to stating our independence and claiming our own country back. The writing may well be on the wall for a nation that is now controlled from a foreign national soil, that is paying huge sum's of money to it while giving away our nations and their own sovereignty to a foreign diktat. The funny thing about rebellion is which side of the historic divide you find yourselves on. The victor writes the version they want everyone to believe. Take North Korea problem and lets apply the ‘hoisted by his own petard’ maxim to it, and it could look a little like this.

Kim Jong-un tells his shut of and secular people that he and his nation are greater than the Americans that they beat in a war decades ago, beat to a standstill that is but beat non the less. The rhetoric from a divine ruler has to be seen to progress as the hardships they face and endure in this propaganda driven regime has reached near mind control levels of power over the populace. They as they strive need to know that they are living up to the hype of the great leader and so like Hitler at the hands of his lieutenants must rely on others to keep him informed and they will all be advising greater goals to demonstrate this world status they are led to believe is true. The paranoia that drives cleaning house of undesirables is a symptom of an illness of living a lie. The need to have space domination in a country that switches the light off at night and hides in a cloak of darkness, is more to do with keeping out any external seepage of the truth to undermine the lie they are told. But escalation is still the problem when the truth has a way of working at the edges of everyone's awareness. The truth will out is a fact of life. The unconscious gives away tells, the posture, the tone of voice the visual and immediate tells are suppressed in propaganda. Reducing the likelihood that discovery is about to happen, but like a floodgate breaking the impetus of our collective knowing is pushing towards a point where the lie cannot be sustained any longer and then beware the floodgates of the repressed for they sweep away all of their oppressors in one fell swoop. So are the liars and their propaganda dealt with in history, the French, The Chinese are two cases where the worm has turned and run amok with the lagers and hangers on as the fleet of foot and planners will know well in advance and try to have escape routes just in case of that fateful day.

So is any nation ever really aware of the truth of things in any other country in the world, where foreign visits are to enclosed habitats for money makers to fleece and off the beaten track forays are frowned on and should all be managed, but if the leaks are happening then it will only be a matter of time before it collapses and yet it is teetering and tottering instead of falling in its death throes where foreign travel is being limited, press releases are all to allay fears. Air travel now has a footprint crushing the life out of the industry, only last week one man had a flight all to himself to get to his destination, off season and mid week but still a valid statement of the times in microcosm.

The cracks are starting to appear, money is being siphoned if not out and out drained from the market places as fortunes are now regularly wiped out in the bear pits and bull pens of the world markets with alarming regularity. Yet energy like money still has to be exchanged into something else even if it is just a credit note, for later use. It is not so much the fact that the weather is increasing in its wild ways and the markets are being hammered in the storms in the financial sectors. It is the regularity of both and the timing of both are niggling at the edges of awareness of the mass. While the state release propaganda is no longer a palatable meal and is going down as well as all the low call swill from the sugar mines of the drinks factories of the world. Where is the substance in all that we are force fed as the truth of how it is. Maybe just time for a change of diet and a better exercise regime to get up to speed with the ways of the ever changing world in which we live in.

Coin tossing Politics.
The Self
The Self.
On the turn of a card.

The recent revelation that the American Iowa Caucuses had an unprecedented six coin toss winner to give Hilary a lead in the proceedings. Now why cant our politicians just settle for this kind of voting I will never understand. After all the odds over the nation if everyone took out a coin and just relied on the whims of fate, or pure old statistics for the logic heads out there would still on reflection of the probabilities produce a close run thing. Yet another stalemate of the fragility of a dissatisfying process that has never delivered in any generation all the way back to when only an elite few had the right to vote and the populace was considered too thick to understand what was good for them. Hmmm have we moved on that far I wonder.

In all the nations of the world it is still highly probable that the man in the street can be swayed by statistics (real or imagined), the reminding the voters tactics of the 'others' faults to tip prejudicial thinking in the marginals and swing voters (if they actually exist) of the ranks of the mythical undecided. Or are they more likely the uninterested in politics, groups of getting on with life here boss attitude to leaving the stink bomb that is politics for the unwary to accidentally pick up the banner for.

So with a country like Scotland still reeling from its massive SNP swing in the last voting, the creation of fifty six new jobs and after a minor invasion south of the border into the haloed citadel of the rulers of our wealth, finances and resources to show a united front in the face of future retaliations at their hand. Even after the DWP poured cold water on the safety of all long term pensions and the likelihood of a continuation of the sixty five year age of retirement being kept. Has had the effect of stilling the strong voice for independence into an underground position of wait and see how they play in retaliation to this blatant defiance of the rule of the diktat. It is still pretty much a 'time will tell' policy that has been on the receiving end of the backlash of its masters. The same rulers who put guns and tanks on the streets of Glasgow just in the last century to quell any form of rebellion in the rank and file. But the attacks on the SNP and the undermining snide swipes of the tattlers are if anything a comfort to the silent majority as if, if they were not a danger they would not be being targeted. Small comfort for the front line troops so it is just time to send food parcels to the front lines and to remember who it is that stands between us and further austerity while we gear up towards the courage to stand up and reclaim that which is ours and ours alone to decide the fate of.

Well even if the Clinton camp managed to pull of a six out of six result out of the magicians hat, is it likely that any other form of against the odds results are likely to turn up from the same stables, can lightning strike in the same place twice. The holy grail of statistics says no, but we do live in a real world no matter how much we section it and slice and dice it into smaller more manageable chunks and organise them into some logical structure. That us mere mortals can use to help us to see it all in a smaller more functional way for day to day living and working. That may well be their only unprecedented result for the duration of what is normally a boring round of the usual rehashed rhetoric from the usual suspects hiding behind their newly polished fresh faced images to sway public opinion that they are indeed the horse to back in the unfixable honest process of delivering the facts and services to the people they wish to represent at the high table far from the hog troughs of the plebs.

So before you go and put a big wet kiss of consent on any bollocks papers, remember that what you have been fed as information or statistics, proofs and accusations of foul play and unfair behavior are the marketing tools to sway the heads that are unaware of all of the facts behind the rhetoric we hear and the propaganda they peddle. That little x in the box carries a lot of your rights into the hands of people that are not to concerned with their protection as they are with what privileges that they will get wielding your power of proxy as they see fit, after all what could go wrong, just whats the worst that could happen. After all they are all honourable gentlemen and ladies and they wouldn't stoop to dirty tactics now would they, just sign here in the little box please and just leave us to worry about it all.

Obsessive Compulsive Delusions.
The Self
The Self.
Disorderly Perceptions.

Ever had that feeling that no matter what you do you are on a collision course with an inescapable event and that no matter how you try to steer, change horses or try to deflect off the rapids, you still find yourself pulled back to that one inescapable certainty. So call it kismet, fate or destiny it is your ultimate destination when there is nothing you can do to alter course and even a one hundred and eighty turnaround just puts the vehicle into reverse and you arrive all facing the wrong way, just all back of the bus and sh@t. So to misuse a well worn and much abused saying may be the only course of action left to you, when faced with the inevitable, cease to struggle and even comply with it to get it over with quickly. The saying ‘when rape is inevitable cease to resist and get it over with’ has had some terrible abuse over the centuries, more by the supporters of the fact than the defenders it would seem. There was a debate on a radio program this morning that was about Julian Assange and his incarceration without trial and his EU ruling about that non house arrest. One of the guest speakers was a pro political result supporter who just wanted the man extradited to face the music so to speak. With the old well worn quip that: ‘if he was innocent then he had nothing to worry about’ by handing himself over to an extradition. The man had no idea of the amount of innocent men that have been accused wrongly and endured years of torment at the hands of a vindictive person. And didn’t mention the UK’s current procedures for rape trials. Being against all forms of violence against women for any reason is a personal view and any man that uses violence to control a woman or intimidation to control her deserves the full weight of the law brought to bear to bring the facts to court to ensure the victims continued safety and to restrain the man till the verdict is received. One of the other guest speakers was from this very camp herself and she managed to raise some very salient points. She is an active member of the group Women Against Rape. This is a summary of some of the arguments.

The interviewer asked the conservative gentleman about the validity of Assanges point that he has been under political arrest and detention or house arrest without the same cursory rights as the accusers and was being judged as guilty before the case even began. That the states handling of his situation and their drive to hand him over would placed him in a position where he can easily be extradited to the USA for the leaking of sensitive information and acting in a manner likely to threaten the national security of the USA, not the UK. The man opened with the fact that it was rape accusations and it was from a fellow EU member and that they needed to at least question the man to see if charges needed to be made, this was not a railroading it was a legal cooperation with a fellow member state that had a civilised criminal justice system comparable to the UK, and was not a backwater country with barbaric and outdated violent practices still inherent in their judiciary. That if the man was as he claimed innocent then his actions of running and hiding instead of facing the music was more than a little suspicious. The interviewer asked about the cost of the action to keep the man pinned down over the years and the gentleman responded with. It has had a cost of about eleven million pounds sterling. The interviewer then took up the accusation of rape to bring the woman into the debate with: as a supporter of women’s rights and being aware of the treatment of rape victims under UK law how did she see the situation. She opened with the fact that she had not seen and was not able to access any declarations from the accusers and so could not comment on the validity of their claim, she then went on to add that she was not willing to be used as a foil to bolster the gentleman's argument, as it would be speculation and could not have any bearing in the case. The woman then added that the country the gentleman eluded to had an appalling conviction rate in these types of cases and had more than enough time to send officers over to interview a man in a custodial situation to get the answers to the accusations and to take down the details of his side of the argument to the case in point. The gentleman was rattled to say the least and began to turn on the woman as a anti rape campaigner was not being fare to the case as it was up to the law to satisfy its own case in its own way. It then settled down into the interviewer being surprised by this obvious turnaround from a concerned woman not supporting her sisters plight ignoring the fact that an accusation is just that, that the facts in this case are still as yet to be established and then proven and in a country that built its present legal system on an innocent till proven guilty platform. We have not heard his side of the story yet and they are all making it difficult to get to them with this sort of rhetoric. This is where circumstances took me from the debate to get on with the day at hand.

It was while getting a wash into my new washing machine to clear a backlog built up while my sanction was being enforced by the kindly state providers for care in the community, that the money issue for the above case came back, just who in this country would waste eleven million pounds hounding one man, when there are hundreds of rape cases here every year, where vulnerable women have died because they were not believed and not enough was done to protect them while the suspect man was out on bail unsupervised. Surely the need for that amount of cash is clear in cases like these. Yet one pending case against one man who has not been questioned in his incarcerated situation by the relevant authorities with a similar civilised legal system that was compared by a pro exctactionist on air. We all share the view that a rapist must be brought to trial yet the authorities have all the time that Julian has been holed up in the one spot where he can arrange to give his statement to them and yet ....

Obsessive compulsive disorder, when you break the meaning down into manageable chunks is:

Suffering from a obsession:

Not being able to let something go and move on, an irrational need to keep pursuing a purpose, goal, person or objective to the exclusion of other rational or pending needs, the gamer’s that sit in a chair twenty-four seven is a case in point, they will only leave for food and toilet breaks. Irrational and unbalanced thinking.

Suffering from a compulsion:

Feeling compelled to do something, against your control ability or even your better judgment to manage the emotional imperative and are prone to the impulse taking over actions, thought and feelings.

Suffering from a disorder:

To be subject to bad logical actions, irrational reasoning and to not be functioning to the established ‘norms’ of the herd or species. This is often seen as being part of the delusional process, where a wrong minded rational is so far removed from the ideal of the normal world that it looks like the sufferer is in fact delusional.

To overlook the obvious may just be an oversight from the lack of facts, it may be due to irrational assumptions being given an airing to satisfy a need to believe or to just avoid looking at the facts in a clear and rational fashion that will clarify the discrepancies so that we have to face, some unpalatable facts of life.

What do we call it when all of the presented facts do not add up to the case that is being presented. The worst case scenario is that we are actively being misled, that all of the facts being presented are being given a bias to support one side of an argument. So when we find out how there is eleven million pounds being spent on one case that is still missing the statement from one half of the parties involved and an expressway has been created to extradite that person. When we have sent loads of detectives to investigate on foreign soil cases on our behalf, like the McCann disappearance. When the Women Against Rape will not jump on the bandwagon of what they perceive to be a case that does not measure up to the stats for the type. It may be time to worry about the idea that the EU is really our friend, when a weekend trip for a team of four officers could have returned by now to deliver the statement and to have returned with new evidence to start an inquiry. That could have been in its conclusive arguments by now. So something else is definitely going on off the page and it may well warrant another look, especially on the run up to a well publicised referendum that is shouting the odds on sovereignty. One to watch this little gift horse from the Brussels with the diktat muscles.

The Sweetest Deal.
The Self
The Self.
A Singular Point Of View.

The day begins with an alarm going off, the day demands your attention there are things to do and people to see and places to be. The schedule of our lives is mostly out of out hands. The needs of the day are pressing, the options are limited and the game is afoot. Just when you think that you have it all mapped out then a side swipe or an emotional tsunami wipes your day right of the map. If it looks to good to be true then it is someone else’s wish, if it seems to good to be true then it is someone else’s bliss if it feel to good to be true is that a lack in you. Just looking to make things better, or go more smoothly and then just when you least expect it. Eyes meet and then in kicks the head trip of the insecure.

Where is this all going, is it worth a second bite, can I keep it on the side and off the radar for a while, or must it be all up front and on the e-vile devices, faceblank, youtwat and sounddoubt. Does it have to be on my profile or can we lay low and off the radar. All the modern day neurosis of the hide and seek the salamai game of paired choices. Just how old does it have to get before it doesnt matter to natter. Just what if the other is all up front and its already on her profile, tweets and meets disclosures of the I have nothing to hide variety of live in the open glare of everyone elses opinions and quotes.

Never mind the Quality.
The Warrior
The Warrior.
Don't buy the Bull.

When was the last time you took a good look at the quality of what we are buying, under the so called quality trade marks or prestigious brand names. Took a walk through an inner city shopping mall on one of the high streets in Glasgow today, every shop on the ground floor had except for the well known chemist at one end and the cafe’s and eateries where empty of any sign of customers, except for two that each had one and one was accompanied by a bored boyfriend just waiting for it all to be over. This walk left the high drive at the manufacturing level to meet pressing deadlines seam like a farce in the face of this dereliction of the bargain hunter and demanding consumer. Well must just be that the X-Mass rush and the January sales have drained the pockets and the will to shop till they drop from the demanding and needy customer base. Decided to continue this observation onto the high street shops. Who by comparison were doing a right old trade of browsers and pricers doing a lot of window comparisons and parting with little cash at the checkouts. Being in browser and sampling mode myself I decided to price some goods that need to be replaced in case I get a grant that was allocated and then got lost in the post. Ever the optimist better to live in hope as the payoff is worth the wait, than to live in doubt and just get pleasant surprises every now and then.

Went into a local store that will remain nameless as they are blameless for selling for a profit that is the remit on the tin and that is what it does for a living and we back that with every pound that we spend. The cut priced jeans caught my eye and at a very respectable ten pounds for a bargain pair, or twelve fifty for the next one up with more choice of colours including the old elusive charcoal grey pair was quite a good price. The feel of the once legendary long lasting durable poor mans clothing tuned in at a predictable comparison to what was once described in tailors terms as ‘lightweight summer apparel’ and clearly lacked any of the once legendary qualities of ‘hard wearing and durable’. The mountain man all terrain all weather legendary forefathers of this modern day cheep alternative left the newbie feeling sparse and threadbare and leaving more than a little to be desired by what was missing in the material stakes. Then took a stroll past the ‘Levi Strauss’ stand and decided to have a quick feel to see how the jeans that set the standard were bearing up over time. Well if you don’t believe me try it for yourself, still this is not a conclusive lab paid for opinion predetermined to the cause result, but just a rule of thumb approach to the state of modern manufacturing.

What to do in a dumbed down cheep third rate version of the life our generation all made sacrifices to facilitate, that we gave our best hopes for a better life for the next generations. Only to find in hindsight that we were cheated out of the life we were led to believe our sacrifices would bring, chipping in for a National Health Service, paid for by the blood and sweat of at least the fifties generation, the sixties generation then took up the banner and invested again. Then along came the seventies Thatcherites children that all sold it off for a quick turnover, the upwardly mobile quick fix children of the now, now, now philosophy of spend our granddads inheritance before they spend it in their old age. Well that did put paid to all that sacrifice, especially for the next generations that are now looking at less ill health being catered for, except at the wealthy end of the spectrum.

So standards have slipped and care became care less in the community as the test them to destruction mental institutions where the voiceless were incarcerated for god knows what purposes, drug trials and experimental surgery and other behind closed door scandals that lead to the closing of these institutes, to their extinction, no carcas no crime and no evidence either. Now the community houses and attendants to the ones that have some form of autonomy. Are now represented and monitored in a cheep and heartless drive to minimise costs and to keep them within the communities to better integrate the whole as segregation alienates us greater than any other thing in the history of dealing with impaired people, while incarceration alienates people only by time lost and lack of social inclusion.

The world has been redirected under the accountants banners of being more efficient, being cost effective. The values that have been lost in this impersonal drive are, fit for purpose, value for money, durability and returns for the investment staked. Shoes used to last eighteen months in durable souls and heals, now three to six months and the energy lost in non renewable energy sources has leapt in bounds. The straight to landfill cheep plastic ideal that consumes an exponential of lost reserves in their production costs. With each batch of useless and cheep modern day designs being produced is not serving the people that want longer lasting better quality products. For this type of identifier is still the blurb in the ‘lies pitch’ sorry ‘sales pitch’. So like the shop who’s nature is to pile it high and sell it cheep like the great Mr Ford once coined in his day at the wheel. For to get mass production on line (pun intended), can we just turn round when they scream about the so called dwindling energy reserves generators, coal, oil when they are the greatest squanders of this precious resource, as we can only ever buy what they design, make and price then deliver to the cattle market outlets, that we are all trained to attend to get our goods from when the bell sounds. We are that well trained, you don’t need to watch planet of the apes where Cesar is brought up in a house as part of a family and is then caged by the masters when his nature and physical strength become a problem for them. To know that we are taught, trained and then controlled at every level of life, not for our needs but for someone else’s high and mighty view of how we can better facilitate their needs than any we might aspire to from behind our collective cages.

Would it not be an odd thing that in the discarded emotional level of the superstitious needs of a subjugated breed of subservient man, they threw the baby out with the bathwater for efficiency and the illusion of control. There in lies a truth and a secret that will come back to crush their mechanistic march towards their superior ideal. After all it is not what you know that will get you in the end it is what you overlook, what you compromise for speed, cheapness and efficiency that will bring this shoddy sham up short in the end. Weather they got the drift from the wind of change that blew a fierce warning, took a surfers tidal fall in the warning tsunami or were to fixated on their open door policy as they mistook the diversity of man and tried to treat us as all the same, at the same level of development and that from the top of their collective tree they see only their own dominion. This blindness is the very thing that should have them questioning their own directives, methods, path and likely outcomes in this circumstantial pause in the headlong rush we all now find ourselves in and yet, right back to their old games, right back to the old ways and out comes more of the same. You cannot at a later date say you had no idea, that you were ignorant of the facts, that you were given no warning. Well now that the shoe is on the other foot, the power of the pound in the pocket of the newly awakened is the pound of flesh that will end your penny pinching cheep ways and means.

The life blood of man has an inherent knowing that is now growing and they have you in their sights so, run, hide at least make it interesting. Any open door policy is only ever intended for the inner circle, family, friends and trustees, but unknowns, that spill our blood in close quarters and trusted spaces that were driven out of their own lands with fear and terror tactics, have now been all welcomed in the open door of the we are all one big happy family of man, even when the facts the figures and the history prove otherwise, flying in the face of good sense is the ultimate folly of man, led by those that wish to set us against each other to get the dumb animals culled, now they cannot be tricked into open war.

So the next level of growth in the inner knowing is to first take stock, orientate, never be impelled by any instigator, keep our own council, identify the not us in our midst and just guard against them to keep ourselves safe and separate. To learn to know our own, to weed the other out by their behavior and to steer the course of our lives back onto the course that cheap accountancy, blame and derision hijacked our original misguided children from for quick returns and ease of access.

Life’s Blood.
A Poem
Chris Millar

That sturdy pulse that rhythmic silent sound
That keeps the life’s blood flowing round
That on occasions when some eyes we meet
That will sometimes skip it’s steady beat.

This quickening of the beat once steady
This blood rush makes a few quite heady
This is the life blood singing for the soul
This is the duet that makes two halves whole.

Then when the rhythm sets the pace anew
Then when awakened this quickening will renew
Then eyes meet again and the charge is passed
Then hand outstretched a dance is asked.

When the look says yes and hands are joined
When the moment is set and time purloined
When time calls the tune to a faster beat
When head and heart will glide the feet.

How poise and bearing strike the stance
How this rare moment is not just chance
How time is measured by the others bearing
How being is wrapped up in the sharing.

We beat, we pulse, we seek, we strive
We thirst for what makes us feel alive
We lost ourselves in the musics by and by
We now stand no longer just you and I.

Where once there was just a single need
Where the dance changed that in it’s deed
Where a tune turned magic in a jingle
Where two now stand that once were single.

Pressing Times.
The Harvest
The Harvest.
Printing out the Minutes.

The hands of time must always move on, they like the famous tide, have no idea that you have a privileged ticket and own the shipping line and that as its owner you will give the order to cast off and so it will just have to wait for you. Only to realise that we only own our own track in the timeline of the ‘real’ world. We are lord and master of our own time, resources, skills, ideas and it is up to us to avail ourselves of the opportunities as they arrive. We evaluate them as they approach, we relate to them or we dismiss them as irrelevant, if we are impatient and do not evaluate them well they will be dismissed in a snap moments judgment and be gone before the realisation hits that we missed out on something.

The worst time crime is when circumstances seem to conspire against us, like when the wrong goods are delivered, or when the goods are missing a vital component and you don’t notice until it is nearly built or in place. Then try and get customer services to not keep you on hold for an hour of naff elevator music, with the odd infuriating ‘you are in a holding line and one of our can’t be bothered’s will annoy the life out of you when we let you through', even if they finish off with a ‘your call is important to us’ and you know it will cost a fortune so decide to try again later. Then there is Mr important as he hold your attention with his trivial view of a problem he thinks you should have been able to deal with and how its all eating into his time, so get it fixed if you please, after the time he wasted bitching it up and putting you down could have gotten the job done in the first place.

Then there is the last bus or train syndrom you get there as it is pulling out of the station a full five minutes before it should as the last look the driver took you were not in his sight and so he is at least in the clear as once he is started he cannot stop its in the rules you know. Or after typing up that long report and copying and pasting it right into an email instead of an attachment, and when you hit send the computer has crashed and can only be restarted, no saved document and the email is trashed and you have to start again from scratch.

The rare one is the one that starts of real well everything is going fine things are speeding up and the work is getting done at a great pace, then an annoying little thing that makes you say typical happens, then within minutes another and before you know it, the day has become sinister and all that could go wrong has gone wrong and by the end of the day as you have a soup, glass of wine and warm your feet by the fire or curl up on the couch you smile that you survived the day and never killed anyone.

Good thing this only happens every once in a while or your new clothes for your next wardrobe might come complete with little arm straps and a zip up the back. Then there is always the good advice syndrome that goes with one of these episodes. The top of the list is ‘remember to breath’ or the newfangled ‘this too will pass’ and there is never a cricket bat to hand when they volunteer the words of wisdom , their own grown sage advice. But never mind you just might be their secret Santa one day and then you can serve up one of your own as the recycled present you didn't like last year is given a new lease of life at their expense with the world weary cliche ‘payback’s a bitch’.

Tick Tock.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Only a minute since last glance looked
Pressing time feels well overbooked
The march is raising the hurried pace
To much cramming and not enough space.

Frantic then hectic clashing and colliding
Jumping out from where they were obviously hiding
A time waster, magnifying little and drawing it out
Being patient and polite, denying the need to shout.

Not enough things and to many people
Chaos’s sermon in this church of no steeple
Random incidents that are seen as just our luck
Time to man up no passing the puck.

Being held by circumstances as others pass by
Raising a plea to the unanswering sky
Fretting and shifting by the inconvenient intrusion
Feeling scrutinised not part of the inclusion.

Placed on the spot to produce what is not
Delivered derision showing the little you’ve got
Belittled and made to feel not measured up
The last little dregs from the bitter wines cup.

Not valued and worthy, but times worst waste
As welcome as any sour or bitter after taste
The moment is passed and time moves on
The memory fades and the discomfort is gone

A Moments Inspiration.
The Warrior
The ultimate warrior need not fight.
In the Glint in an Eye.

A young mother took inspiration from watching another young mother take her children to school, guilt at what she felt she was not doing motivated her to ‘do something about it’ she changed her ways and so was inspired. There was nothing wrong with her, the other woman was not better than her, she just saw the world differently for a moment through the other woman’s eyes or her supposed vision of the others supposed life.

Another story from women this week about a woman who thought it was time to speak out to defend her tale from her book about the treatment she received at the hands of her male colleagues at work, her breast milk inspired these bull traders in their bear pit to sneer and jibe. A very male reaction to drive the odd one out off the patch, yet another tail from the bullpen antics of the knuckle draggers world of play. They even took her expressed milk and drank it, yeah guys that really says a lot about you as a group. The male action to belittle is a territorial threat display. but why is it always worst against women. Do they feel threatened by them why so degrading and belittling. Any scientist want that one for a study.

The camp of the belittle-rs in the union conclave have yet another smear the Scott story, following the Donald Trump storm in the coffee grounds fiasco in parliament. That is that those nasty Scottish people are taking the inventive, time with all the wealth excess from the recent cutback by the lords and master crushing penalties to the union of equals. All this to make holographic defacement's to the coin of the realm. Illegal in Britain and a criminal offense that is punishable by a lengthy prison sentence last time the statutes were consulted. These people that the high and mighty tend to target when they are disobedient or who just dared to stand up and talk of nationalism in an equal union partners neck of the woods. A crime against the slave masters rules and regulation of their own laws, thankfully we have our own up here. But there has been a spate of tactics and lying stories that are all designed to discredit Scotland in one fashion or another. A Unionist Scott stands up and attacks an American presidential running candidate, the unionist papers pick it up and before you know it a British government that usually ignores anything that Scotland’s own say when they are genuinely outraged at bad peoples behavior, drags the case into the lords on a big media bandwagon yeah like that does not stink of castings and lines and sinkers for the easily hooked. The red herring being played again by the fearless nation of the old empire as it again sinks to underhanded tactics and tricks from the usurpers handbook for the fearful. Just shows us that they are running scared and don’t want this exclusion of Westminster from our nations political platform to get any worse. Well you are helping us better than if we were paying you to scupper your own again, and this early in the game to. Then they tell our cash strapped and recently underfunded local authorities to raise capital by raising the council tax, wages diving, jobs being relocated south of the Equal opportunity divide, and if we cannot raise cash and have to fight to keep local authority, hospitals, schools, police (vat cost effective up here nothing but the best for us) and local libraries, that the unemployed need to job search for work while students need for research and OU course work. The list is only starting as there is more to come from the dirty tricks and infighting styles of the lords and masters crush and destroy your enemy style of mutual participation with a nation that has almost fifty percent of its people ready to shut the union and stand alone against more of the same from the bitter together camp of unionists view of how to undermine the credibility of something bigger than themselves. Just more boys from the bull-pit and bears-den baiting and stomping their ground in the media spotlight and claiming to be acting in Scotland’s interests. Well a media campaign is one thing boys but it is still the final count at the polls that will show that it is now over fifty percent and that you are doing better damage than if we paid you to throw the fight for us.

The labour party dirty tricks in the indyref run up had the same effect. So keep on keeping on boys it just must be fate at this time that this nation is being aided by the dirty tricks you pull, the smears you try and the rags that run with the stories. This nation found ways round the bridge crack up and all the blame that was thrown and just got on with the work at hand, didn’t even stop to be baited, didn’t even make a bad mouthed comment back we just let it all slide.

There used to be a gag a few decades back that told of a group of a dozen lads all walking down the center of the links fairground in Kirkcaldy, they are all a bit boisterous and getting loud, a younger kid runs up to the leader aff, kicks him in the nuts and runs off, with that the lads are all yelling for revenge and chasing the kid as he belts off and then the kid ducks down a side alley to get away from the chasers. The lads all hare round the corner leader aff at the front and are pulled up short when they run into thirty Glenrothes Young Glens tooled up and waiting for them and the young kid is leaning smugly by the top man in their team. He looks at the top man and says that’s a fiver yeh owe me brother. And the rest as the say is history or the casualty list for the local A and E.

It is not what you think you know, it is not what you already know. It is what you do not know and cannot anticipate that will take the legs from you when you least expect it. The thing that will get you is in your blind side, it is not on your radar and your spy’s and lies will hear nothing about it and then it will be too late when it hits you, wanna bet. That is just life man that’s just the way it is.

Who of us is worthy.
A Poem
Chris Millar

What makes the mind stilled, till you know what is dear
When you can stand resolute, without a hint of fear
Where you can see the way, that is pristine and clear
How it is then ‘truth’, that will distill that joyous tear.

What the heart then knows, that cannot be swayed
When the impetus within, knows not to be delayed
Where deliverance is assured, all that was prayed
How faith in its truth, conquered fear as it played.

What replaces fear, becomes faithful and strong
When that which was lost, will finally belong
Where the emptiness left, that will no longer long
How the rapturous return, sings the hearts lost song.

What plans or agendas, can fill such a head
When the heart is fulfilled, no longer misled
Where the healing is over, the last blood is shed
How the lost when returned, soul nurtured and fed.

What questions are left, when it’s all said and done
When the shadows are laid, and the lie is undone
Where the prodigal returns, he is the long lost son
How that which was lost, will start newly begun,

What makes the arrogant think, that they know more
When being distracted, by life’s daily chore
Where after comes first, then later before
How in the end no place is left, but life’s final door.

What man can sit, on his throne at his table
When none are worthy, and none are able
Where truth fills all, that removes the false fable
How slicing and dicing, is futile with life’s little cable.

What time can be called, after the toll of that bell
When light fills the space, where the lost child fell
Where none can withstand, the truth from his tell
How the soul cant be sold, when it’s not yours to sell.

Life at the Sharp End.
Black Friday.
Black Friday.
Paid in Full.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Not a growth sector to be found
But the man unleashes the hound
Dogging the benefits hits the news
On a nation that paid its dues.

No words of fealty or profound
Now the austerity horsemen come round
They strip our rights with their micro bites
They want to arm police in case of fights.

If jobs were growing and industry stable
Would they hound the infirm and discriminate the unable
This will not be a Grimm fairy tail
If we shine our light on how they all fail.

They opened the borders they now close in a rush
The same old order using the old sweep new brush
Austerity concentration camps are the center
Abandon hope all ye who enter.

Work as they tell us will set us all free
To let one and all be all that we can be
We will die in the traces and rot in the field
The pen is now mightier than any sword they did wield.

Shut down the hospitals and price out the care
We paid in our dues and the cupboard is now bare
Generations paid for this with their life blood
Is anyone else tired of chewing this old cud.

Money is stripped and assets taken
Yet they insist they are not mistaken
No ss signs or arm bands on show
We all know how this song will go.