On The Surface (First Looks).
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Looks Matter.

Well if no one wants the thirteen billion give it to us, we will invest if on behalf of our Irish cousins honest so we will, to be sure, to be sure.

The most significant problem with the investigation and what actually instigated it is the Swiss Tax haven status being threatened by the cheeky Irish deniers. They deny that they are ‘owed’ the money because that would imply that they are giving companies tax benefits to gain a business base.

The funny thing the dog did in the night is the most unexpected response to an obvious predicament like business companies acting like virtual companies to avoid tax payments to a country, they want to trade in. Money that is not subject to tax is less likely to show as pure income and can be drained of at the corporate level for bigger bonus payments for the rip off artists.

After all Ireland did manage to keep a revolution funded against sanctions and money control practices from the antagonists camp for decades. And the Irish are excellent at turning a pound and gleaning the coin, they graft and even if they did not coin the terms ‘Grifting, grafting and Navvy’ to name a few, they certainly embody the terms better than most nations do. A nation of people that lack most of the fear reflexes the rest of us are prone to, and quick to step up and start the punch up for pride and slights than the other Celtic (Keltic, not the football team) nations of the region.

Now R&B looks deceive Chris Brown is brandishing a gun in direct contravention to the rapper profile, guns, buns and bills (girls and money). The gangster status is of course laughed at by real criminals and gangsters but this photo opportunity will not harm the actors profile with the record companies, and even if they turn on him, just about run his course, getting long in the tooth, new kids on the block and drop him for younger talent. His underground status will take a boost in the right managers hands. So a siege at home not a bar (law suits agogo) a nightclub, no body guards all in the nest so to speak, hmmmm saying nothing so am ir, uh uh naw me min.

Brexit Means?

The lady like many before her said a meaningless thing ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and this took a great media internet chatroom drive, that started with closing posts and snippets on leave EU pages and groups with the slogan signature Brexit. To get the whole subject reduced to a meaningless word or slogan that can then be bandied about.

So lets start a counter program for an EU exit (UExit ‘said You-Ex-It’) and reclaim our directive from the we rule and will do as we please even ignoring the peoples mandate and vote results if we choose. So does EU Exit mean EU Exit. When the EU are getting up on their hind legs and pissing off Ireland by stepping on their Sovereignty (not a thing to do ‘to’ the Irish) you would think they would know better. So is it a Swiss directive to crush the opposition.

The Irish denial of competing with the tax haven status of the Clockwork neutralities is beginning to sound a little like the kids, caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Next they are losing ground on the TTIP ground. The ‘unworkable’ status it was just given is a clear signal to back off and try another approach, this is always the trouble with sending signals over open communication media outlets in a cryptic fashion, eventually the newly awakened will click on to it. Now dedicated comms are subject to various forms of spying and monitoring by various groups and bodies that do not see things the way the signalers do.

A Headless Beast.

The biggest con the world has had played on it is that evil has a baddie, evil is legion and has at its root a consensus of similar nature and larceny in their hearts. Well Isis has declared that one of its many hydra heads has been killed. Is this a ruse to throw of the persistent western directive or the local resistance as they relentlessly pursue the baddies abroad. Wonder who’s faces are on their current deck of infamous playing cards.

So Isil or Isis getting savvy and sending out mixed or just smoke signals to throw the western bullheaded of the tracks.

Specific Ed.

The great big drive to create dedicated workers for dedicated markets and industries is as much a form of educational directive that is best seen in the tactics of sending state sponsored murderers and country invaders into the classroom to recruit the next generation of invaders. Get them young springs to mind and they are there in the career section of our youth and even younger school kids line of sight.

Training a workforce is more important to the state shapers than, teaching the humanities, better logic or even reasoning, good social manners and how to maintain good relations, no people skills in the curriculum of any of our so called western superior forms of education. No career specific topics or even any practical skills, mechanics as industry took that out of the career prospects of the previous generations, now its all drive in service centres. Wood and metal work classes have all gone the way of the dodo and what we are left with after science and then art is taken out of the equation leaves the dumbest herd of bipedal idiots the world will ever produce, coming to a generation just a few decades from you down this timeline.

Little and Large Ones.
Into Daylight.
Killer Saviours.

Well the latest laugh to come out of the we don’t know what happened to the threats to our livelihood honestly, where your tagged and tracked flying profit killers disappeared to we are the wrong ones to ask about our vested interests and product protection programs. It must have been a conspiracy from the protect wildlife by not killing them who decided to smear and incriminate us honestly so it is. They are obviously hiding behind their goody two shoes reputation and bloodless record to hide their despicable killer ways. Sorry what was that, yes we raise wildlife to kill them for sport and we have annual and lifetime subscriptions available for our ticket paying murderers. But see these too good too be true, squeaky clean images we think that is a ruse to hide despicable practices behind off the radar so to speak.

On the one hand in the red corner. An industry and lets not kid ourselves it is not, that rears livestock for shooting has no compunction about dealing with predators to stock. They trap and preserve the product as it is their livelihood. They are so successful at this that other wildlife bird numbers under their umbrella are reaching record numbers on their preserves. Compared to other wild regions on this island mainland. This ‘shooting range is a glorified name’ for shooting fish in a barrel, no natural escape and it is a slaughter not a natural hunting, with winners and losers, no they have an almost guarantee of some kills even if they are not gun proficient, they shoot down to restocking levels in nesting areas.

On the other hand the blue (bloodless) corner an organisation of people that believe that it is cruel to raise and then sell killing rights to gun owners in a contained no miss environment. They also believe that animal rearing for food is bad and that inhumane killing is wrong, their kill listing historically and to date is zero.

So take a moment to let that sink in and then ask who is likely to profit from this endeavour, a reputation that will tarnish and affect donations is a loss of livelihood. While the other has a protected product that is intensively farmed for hunting (in the very loosest terms of the word) or more nearly extermination for sport and profit.

No jury still out on this one then, like me are you so persuaded by the media hype that you cannot think either and will swallow the media line and just move on.

The Power of Profit.

It has taken some time but the plan behind the government stance on nuclear is just beginning to become as clear as crystal, after all they are dropping subsidising renewable energy. Now we all have to ask why a dirty high maintenance nuclear program with a proven history of failures and disasters to its name and not the renewable industry.

Well lets look at the party political system that delivers endorsements for industries and denies grants and subsidies for others. The party political system is funded by donations from industry and commerce no undisclosed insider fiddling these are honourable gentlemen. There is enough dirt to get them without resorting to this low tactic lets leave that to the tabloids. No the industry is going to be made to incorporate clean waste disposal and checking, better resource management, renewing and investing in natural product depletion, cleaner production methods and waste handling and disposing. This is costly and has a better mark up that a renewable static source that is low maintenance, is cost effective and has little or no need for reinvestment except to expand the system in new impoverished areas. The future changes will mean that this will become the cheapest power source for the end user in the future of this becoming responsible plant of the outer rim solar system of this galaxy.

So with waste management, getting a cut, replanting renewables, exploration and maintenance all getting a slice of the profitable action. Power is still a big earner for the greedy self investors that give the political parties their advertising cash to get elected on their behalf. Not your behalf oh no they are not there to serve you but their own interests. And as they say you and I can go to hell and to hell with the planet as long as their buddies get a profit, stiffing us with a dirty and costly high profit means of power production. That our children and grand children will be saddled with the clean up bill, for as you know they will not change what earns for them just to save the planet. The day they do it will be a cold nuclear age winters day in our future hell first.

Pounding A Taking.

A financial consultant has determined that Brexit is a very good idea and that the Euro is a bad investment for BI (The British Isles) and that the Euro is not worth us investing in oh and we should have an independent currency separate from the UK. When or if we hand in our notice to quit and take out our three hundred year shares in the corporate entity of Britain that we have contributed to.

The nation is getting a clearer idea that separation is a good thing for all of us, that as equal members in a unification agreement, gives it a modern stance to deal from and will better serve our people, with mutual security concerns, power, and property links. It is not as if we can just cut off at the wall and move fifty miles north in a huff now can we.

Celebrity Status Updates.

The death of Jean Wilder was not for his family that unexpected an event, but for his legion of fans it was a blow to those not in the know. Though it is another sad loss to a talent base that is diminishing by the decade, Bowie, Robyn Williams to name a few. It is the inevitability of the slow creep of life, we are all currently on an inexorable path in that direction ourselves.

The latest Airwaves should we debates that never settle issues, reform laws, make cultural changes in thinking or viewing subjects, wanted to hear the man in the streets opinion on how much do you think we have to declare about out personal health, disabilities or emotional conditions and mental states to the real world, family, friends, work colleagues and bosses or employers.

Never did get the final as it was time to head of to do this. But the main points are pretty obvious. How much you disclose depends on the law, when the law arrest statement was amended to indicate non disclosure being taken to task at a later date in your own defence it firmly laid responsibility on disclosing any health or physical disabilities that may have consequences at a later time, failure to disclose losses of concentration and being easily distracted, and getting left and right mixed up could hamper your abilities as a driver and machine operator, to not disclose this to an employer is fraud and is punishable in court as non disclosure. Any confusion like aspergers spectrum stuff of not getting the gist and playing as if you do is a lie and liability is a legal earning device in our state run society. These disclosures will affect insurance on site, machine operation and callback and scheduling if loss of custom and income are at stake.

As for family and friends, if any social occasion will be hampered by your disability you do have an obligation to or you can just do as I do decline with weak excuses. Emotional conditions and psychological ones will already limit your friend listings anyway. Family need to know for care support, and checking that when it finally arrives, they are next of kin and will have to do the mop up and clean up at the final stages so try hiding it all you like the only person to suffer will be yourself.

How does this rate air time it is as obvious as a glass pane is..

Middleman Tactics.
Time Outed.
The Nature of Exploitation.

Man the noble beast of creation, formed out of the firmament of material building blocks of the known materials of the given universe. Created by the great hands of a majestic and benign god of creation, with an as yet undisclosed destiny to be realised (stay posted for updates) at some as yet undisclosed point in future time. The great facilitator, the benefactor of being and benign custodial guardian of this world paradise that is earth.

Excuse me while I hack and spit swill my mouth and rinse and spit and have to clear my throat before I can carry on. Lets take a look at two of the most dominant profiles man has in his resume shall we and the image is not so majestic when we get down to the character and nature level of survival.

On the one hand we have a group of mankind that sits in obvious greater knowledge than the general body of the herd. On the other the first time around new kids on the block.

The world is more indoctrinated in this day and age but essentially it is still the same as the it was thirty or forty years ago, when you leave the beaten track. It does seem in the western hemisphere that it is a little more forgiving and the hard elements are being filtered out. The effect is it is less punishing into spiraling harsh lifestyles, drug and crime, prostitution and violence, debt and deteriorating spirals with a diminishing provision to a destructive point at the wrong end of its spectrum. The news media tells us that other countries are not as fortunate and that is looking less and less true.

The present system is handed over to each successive generation that matures to the responsible position of fleecing the sheep and greasing the wheel. Those that keep things running and make the rules and balance the books are the tiller-men not the wheel-men at the helm but they do get their script from the captain of the vessel.

Then there is the the new kids on the block, that if mum and dad did their jobs well will not be wet behind the ears when they fly the nest. There would be no shearers and clippers if they do not exist so some may well still be a little damp in the recesses of their hard to dry places.

All the impedance of life is not incidental all the inconveniences and detours and misdirection's are a deliberation, enforced by the laws of physics. In the known universe and off planet it may all be very different. On this planet and within the confines of its physics and all its related laws the most dominant one is resistance and friction. If you use force (may you not be stupid enough to have the force with you) in this spinning ball of dirt you will meet resistance, friction happens, wear and tear is here to stay. Matter is imperfect and if a god made it then it was a deliberation not an anomaly of random generation.

Yet if out and out open criminality is in recession it has not been stamped out. It may be on the low down, the off the page or just has anti radar esp. So larceny is a problem with the human condition, getting your dues is still a career objective if not a lifestyle choice. Taking the max, having it all, getting your share, fool if you don’t, are some of the most used self motivators doing the rounds it seems like for ever. For larceny to be effective it needs to prey on the ignorance of others, it has to have guile and subterfuge built in, it is better on gullible and innocent than on the wary and worldly wise. But essentially no one steps in and saves the fool, we all leave the kid to get stung and the stinger gets to jump ship and abscond with the glean of the day. Now is the fleecer someone that was stung too much and this in their eyes is justifiable restitution as long as it is a little here and a little there and no one gets completely cleaned out. The ‘no harm done’, ‘no blood no foul’ rule seems to cover the blind eye to the winking nod. That’s just life is just what some people say, yet if this is seen as a bad trait it will only ever be eradicated if those bitten do not bite back and pass it on. This of course takes a quality of nature that does not seem to be inherent in the fresh batch.

Paying dues and slipping a wad to the dictator to bypassed the rules is still as much a lie as it was when it first was given the rounds of the hearsay devices. To try and bribe someone says that you believe in cheating, having this larceny in your heart is taken as an indicator of dishonesty and will have a karmic repercussion, not then, at some later time when you feel you are getting away with it all that will be the appointed hour of your fall.

Masterful Mediation.

The most powerful position to influence outcomes has an initial stance of openness that has to be transparent. There is a point when confiding in a friend reaches a point where the accumulation of their good insight historically reaches a critical mass, that if you had spent the same time applying yourselves to would have reached the same level of competency, but they begin to have your ear and the subtle little tests of suggestibility start to filter through your guard. The temperature in here, the food here, the better place be, until they will lead and you will follow. Then you will wonder how they hold such sway over you, well this is a subtle long play game with no guarantees of success, but the rewards as they say know no bounds.

The manipulator that call themselves a mediator is in an exceptional position of trust, human nature has no self restraint built in except at the instinctive level, to pause, to lessen profile. to slink off, to hide and stay still. All instinctive actions that if they are raised to self restraint will know no bounds.

Vegging On The Ridiculous.

The ‘how you should all live’ and the ‘what you should do in life’ brigade of pseudo dictators are at it again, swamping the deadhead airwaves with ‘helpful advice’ for the ill informed, out of touch normal's of the world. The thing they wanted to know that was so pressing it was getting airwaves time and phone-in status was “Should the doctor prescribe ‘Fruit & Veg’ on the NHS’. Well this may need cultivating, and new shoots could branch off, or it could just have seasonable appeal, and of course it could all be a load of manure heading for a good flushing. Either way we will try to raise to the challenge.

You are the greatest living expert there is on you, for this no one else will know or can do. A single life has no room for two, no two objects can occupy the same space and time to be and do.

The life you live no one else can live, even twins with all of their similarities in taste and qualities are no exact match, even cloning defies this misnomer to the nth degree. The analogy is you are the star striker in a game of football, you belong to one of the two tribes at play on the field. When you are in play the ball is at your feet and the voyeuristic spectators all have an opinion and a POV but too removed to be of any use to you while in play. The next level of ‘unbiased’ observation is the linesmen and the referees as they follow the action closer to the play with a wide enough perspective to see more of the players in the field of action. Either way they will have an opinion but are more prone to obstructions of view than the seats of the gods will. If you drop the ball or lose control it is still up to you to get back into play, from where you find yourself after dropping out of the action. The ref cant do it for you, another team member cant play for you but can for the team, only you from where you are can negotiate your way back into play, take pointers and listen to advice but get used to making up your own mind or one day your unconscious will stop in certain areas when someone else has produced better results and will start to kowtow to their will and you will be powerless to stop it.

So why are some people asking us to take away other peoples rights to decide or not to decide on points they think or believe are the ‘right’ way to live or be with a set of rules to follow as if they are the doctrine for all life. When a question or statement starts with ‘Should we make them’, ‘do they deserve to decide for themselves’, ‘the law should force them to’. All of these are the little suggestions that will sap the will over time and produce people that will concede to the greater good as if it is god.

Political Tiptoeing.

The longest running conflict of the modern age has been brought to an unprecedented ceasefire, with totals of millions displaced and a death count of over a quarter of a million lives lost.

This may seem like a little considering the lives lost in the Gulf, Vietnam, WWI and WWII but a life is a life is a life. Look at it any other way and we will sanction killing anyone that gets in our way before to long as we escalate to the nth degree if we get away with it, don’t get caught or found out in the process.

Passing The Calamity.

The old saying “Buyer Beware” should have been ringing in the ears of the new owner of BHS when he was offered the company for the huge sum of £1, but his greedy eyes were on the breakup pricing of strip the pensions, sell the properties and work the idiots to the final whistle and let the debts build to unresolvable heights, as they would all have jumped ship by then.

Given the unscrupulous nature of man is it any surprise when these things turn up periodically and do they disappear completely when not on the media radar. Are the rest of us just not as larcenous as the ones that get caught or are we better at getting away with dumping our troubles on others as second hand goods. Take a look at gumtree and Amazon and the spin off tales to get the gist.

Distorted Perceptions.
Singular Intent.
As Good As.

If we are all equal and have the same rights, how are questions like,

‘Should we ban them from doing this’,
‘How do we control them’,
’They should not use language like this in front of me’,
’They should go back where they came from’.

that still keep coming up, If we all have the same rights and the language is defined by our dictionary, and we all have autonomous rights to use the language to express ourselves. As the dictionary does not have a disclaimer on it outlining legal and illegal words how can some people pick on certain words. Yet some people insist that their version of how the world that holds all our individual worlds in it should in public places reflect their own set of rules for every other person on the planet. That laws should be made to enforce it and all this in a democracy, where we all have equal rights. This is dictatorial rule by the superior person because the not so pushy let themselves be led and pushed around.

Superior Being.

One who believes that all other life is beneath them, that they and only they can make judgments for the lesser being as the lesser being does not do what they would do in a given situation. And based on a scale of returns, outputs and results they think should happen in their idealised delusion. That there is only one rule and it is theirs. They never have a problem dictating to lesser beings, taking decisions on their behalf and taking the cream for serving their fellow man to their view of an enlightened world. When they say they are helping you, they always mean to do what they want you to do, never what is right for you or even close to what you want for yourselves.

Now the fact that they have chosen from our language ‘bad words’ and ‘good words’ says more about them than the audible containers of meaning that all of the languages of the world are made up from. Now in society we keep making up ‘Wendy house rules’ around children, but children are not all sweetness and light.

Proper Behaviour/Appropriate Behaviour
Good Manners
Consideration of others
Respect for the elderly

With all these ‘rules’ not laws it seems we are a dictatorship and it is not coming from the monarchy, the government or the law but the nameless, the faceless chipping in from the sidelines as they pass by and walk off watching us chase our tails.

All words written down are the expression in writing of sounds that come from our mouths, the meaning that is attached to them and the context and any legal issues are not mentioned. The court has a contempt thing going which is just a means to control the uncontrollable the legal excuse to seize and restrain till either the prisoner cools down, or the judge feels satisfied. So how can a sound from an orifice be considered bad, and another considered good, except for a manipulator all words are audible sounds to convey meaning between beings of the same race and breed.


To make up for to feel contrite, chastised and even put in your place. The person that does wrong is judged to be punishable, not not guilty if they do not appear or act contrite. To the satisfaction of the dictator demanding the show of contrition.

The conman and the player can act very well better than average, to be believable to convince you their actions, manner and dialogue is true and real. This covers every range of emotion, every type of behaviour and a good deal of characterisations. Now if a public speaker were to try and convince you or persuade you of their data, information and dialogue they would have to be able to maintain sincerity, conviction and engage your trust.

Now Hilary was a lawyer once and she defended some men who were accused of raping a twelve year old girl to her physical injury. A brutal crime and there are recording of her describing how she got the men off, caught off guard all it takes is believing she is the bad person and we forget everything else.

Now on the other hand Mr Trump makes a stab at alluding to an apology just because he thinks others would expect it from him and yeah he sounded sincere, but never actually apologised. It has been an interesting week in the political stratosphere. But that’s enough star gazing for the mo.

Michelle Obama for president, yeah I know but if I write it often enough who know what may happen. After all would you vote for any of the other two sincere folks in the political stable across the pond.

Male Control & Bitch Support.
Take the High Road.
French Fleshing.

The airwaves this morning were all over that French Dressing Police fiasco in the media howlers f.f.s (For, Fingal's, Situation), telling people that have the right to dress as they please they want to see more flesh. And these people let them, wonder where they bought the fake police outfits, these days they all wear battle fatigues and mufti and carry war grade weapons to get cats out of trees f.f.s. (see the last one). Still it shocked and it awed and then it got what it deserved it was beneath any serious attention after about ten minutes in.

So right like these French out of work actors (because live TV is killing the industry) like rent the cossies see and then they tell the cameras to be there and they get a few girls in mobile tents to act it fir a bit of celebrity juice and like you got a neat up to date live part on yer not currently employed actors CV, then there is the director to thank, the wardrobe to spank and then its all down to the likes, shares and the free booze party trails init.

The best result from phone in was the rave from the grave for Nigella Lawson the cook that did not dare to bare, except her very public breakup, what a quick way to tell the market you are available again is it not, could be could be, another world that celebrity stratosphere. That woman was always burking the trends so she wiz. Min ah either need a pint or its past ma meds time.

Bridging Generations.

Well the swell of opinions in the Corbanite debacle are getting to be ridiculous as they all take side swipes at each other (on a public stage I might add) and don’t see what is really going on with all these staged outbreaks, flashes and revelations. The Trotsky’s are still trying to topple the last bastion from his pinnacle and the old fool is listening to new age Lieutenants with media savvy and what will convince the media programs to cut a better slice for themselves. After all Jeremy is no tech savvy new kid on the block and this will work, or that has a chance must be ringing in his ears right about now. Well take advice all you need Jeremy, but it is a king, a commander a leader in chief that makes the final decisions. It is good to listen to the young, makes them believe you are listening to their generation after all, but it is never good to try and set up situations complete with camera crew (sorry CCS footage) and all the media harrumph that it will cause should get responses like, a man of his age should know better. Honest Mrs was just trying to use the moment well and without a real camera crew the bits not on camera are the bits we need to show. Ah well Jeremy welcome to the new digital age.

Broadcasting Broad Shots.

And talking about media expose's the phone ins have produced a database of callers that have particular views on record at the station ready to be called in to answer the other side of the question if it does not naturally appear on it own in a spontaneous combustible form. Well the we have an expert of the phone ready to back you into a corner if we do not like your view, never really got off the ground did it......

So the things about the air-wave phone in productions is the database of likely suspects that has been compiled, instead of a list of professional ringers being brought in on a program specific bias. Would you put money on it then, all that ready resources not being made the best of. The corner the expert rotten veg show was never going to be a winner in Scotland not our kinda game, all seems a bit to English for us to raise to the bait for. But be our resident knowing caller now there is the Scottish eggheads delight.

Rigged Ringers.
The Finishing Line.
Two for One.

Political positions are not jobshare positions, there are no part time rights, no ‘cover me today will you pall’ excuses to drop the ball, not be held accountable.

Well while the world has been carrying on lets look at what the liars and triers have all been up to off the page. Well they have been electing themselves as the party of the people, a collective masquerading as a singularity. One person makes a decision for man, a leader a decider, when a group does it, this makes a bland trip a safe route a steady progress. A statusquo begins to establish, the we have been here for ever and have a set of traps and tricks to hamper and deaden the bad effect the headstrong ego maniacs of history have done to the world. The bureaucracy the grey men the we have been here since the dawn of time. What have they informed the parties to do so that parties still hold sway, after all it is harder to persuade one willful man than it is to corrupt half a dozen selfish self indulger's, that tend to copy their peers and are influenced by this. So the party tack is set ‘up’ a likely ‘man/person’, make them look like the man/person of the moment, a people pleaser and get them elected, then blacken them and make them have to fold the deal and then send in the prize winner to replace the ringer.

An elected leader as we have all believed we have been voting for, is being attacked by the mob rulers, the group thinkers, the statusquo keepers. The nameless faceless above reprisal and responsibility and accountability secret sam’s that think they will win in the end as they are not visible. Have been using a front man as a party leader a man of the moment a nation maker a deal breaker. Now how do the henchmen get rid of Cesar, the knife, knight of long swords, the poison chalice, the painted and tainted tar and feather discrediting. Smear or blacken all that cannot be brought to heel, that which cannot be bought doesn’t want their deal.

So an elected government has the backing of the people, a party leader is the best of their bunch and there is only one slot available, it is not a job share position. The party is the field that the prize was selected from we do not hire the field. From a monarchy the next thing is a presidency, then it is a custodian not an unelected group of we have it under control, unaccountable faceless liars. So an elected leader has a constitutional responsibility and accountability in law, a shoe in has none and they also do not have the electoral rights so they can pretend all they like they cannot make legislative changes but they can suggest it in the media to the gullible and the easily duped to make them behave as if it has become law. The gang of faceless, blameless unaccountable thieves of destiny have a consensus of their own vision of keeping things right where it can have the life milked from it, the fat of its land stolen and its reserves drained into their real purpose.

No these are not lizard men, aliens that is part of their disinformation, no they are us but more so. They have learned to live of the weaknesses of their prey. So the party is a device like the bureaucratic framework of the establishment, that works as a collective, the world is becoming a breeding program for obedient sheeple. The program has a benign approach but imagine what would happen if we all woke up at the same time and found the parasite still bleeding the life from us. What do you think would happen to the great OZ when the curtain falls. The veil is lifted, the scales fall from the eyes of the dreamers, the sleep falls from the dozy and the parasite is exposed. A knee jerk suggests they will be stamped on as insects.

So what would happen on the back of a gold haul achieved by people raising their game in the heat of the moment was the catalyst that ignited the spark. Now if the fat lady sang off the page and just a recording were taken in a secularised situation, would that then stop the song waking the world. The voice resonating truth, the words carrying the meaning to the mind and the tune stimulating the heart to true life. So why is it a redeemer, a saviour, a fat lady, king Arthur and not a band of like minded parasites. And who is legion and what is the antichrist to a group so the singular baddie is not a real likelihood it is a group that is legion, a leader inspires, a saviour redeems a king commands and even a singer holds an audience in sway.

Hunt the C... .

How do we identify a group action and know it is not part of our own sweep, when is a group a headless chicken, and when is it just our tail wagging. You begin to see the problem, when you realise that misdirection is the stock in trade of the group.

Infiltration, misdirection and all the tools of the ego player, they play your ego against you and keep you focused on doubt or greed as they drain and bleed all that you have. Right before your very eyes they will work their charms and lies to get all that you covet while they shatter all your ties.

Find the B.... .

They say that when the student is ready the master will appear, what they don’t tell you is if you do not measure in character on the once over you will never even know he/she was ever there. Skills, a need to know and potential are no guarantee of anything, not in this game of life.

Recognition the primary recall device linchpin, the thing that it all revolves around, no recognition no recall. Memory is affected by vitamin D and B12 so sun and meat in the diet, if you are not a grazer that is.

States Of Imperfection.
The Harvest.
Full Yield.
Double Standards.

The idea that there is a perfect something in this world and that all of life should be held up to this lie of perfection is the worst form of social abuse since the start of time.

Find an imperfect world, with imperfect people and with an unstable environment and undermine them by their lack of perfection, browbeat them until they are unsure of themselves and will be advisable by demonstration or by word and deed. Can be owned as they will believe they have no life nothing to contribute or give so they will sell their time effort and energy because of a perceived lack of skills or powers. Keep them enclosed in this device for six thousand years so that the bloodlines soak up this stupidity as the reality they live in, their world is, their selves are. And they will be subjugated to the will of the invaders. Those that do not behave as human are not and so shall they be judged. For this world was ordained to be by his will and not their image of it.

To hold a perfect ideal before imperfection is to belittle and undermine by the nature of evaluation by comparison. The tools from Pandoras box, the little sack of lies, the trips and ties, effective on the uninitiated useless against the wise. The cat in the sack handing out the black, must now take another tack. Only what you still own will be heeled at that thrown, those that are missing have gone or are grown, to forge their path on their own. That which is mine will be left alone are not subject to mammon’s throne, all transgressions will be made to atone, doesn't need to be written in stone.

Quality Counts.

An Olympian ideal does not come with a seal, that's just not the deal its based on the real. An Olympian was in a secular existence when the thing all began. The sport of the barracks, the competition of men amongst men, the high land games of the Greeks all about the laurels and not the gold of avarice. The recommendations by house captains of the champion of the games was recommended into a games so wagers could be made, the things of honour did not exist, the knights of chivalry centuries in the future from this gleam of an ideal, have no role to play in these first games of supremacy of house battalion and region or kingdom. The recommendation and promotion was all there was, no internet to get to know about them so reputation and stories where the media device of the day, the campfire the strange lands new stories and grand tales even legends of gods and demigods. Slaves from households and chattels from domains and champions from the field of conflict all competing with legends by reputation. The Olympian ideal was the one who behaved better than the back stabber, the undercutter, the cheat and sly player. So confident of their honed skills and practiced abilities they had no need to take the craven line of attack.

The honours system came into being when people began to serve their king and kingdom with merit, to promote to represent and to champion the country of their origins. Service to the nation is to bring gold to the depleted coffers (a generous nation is always left poorer in coin than life.) that need the commerce, to raise the profile of the nation on the world stage to better trade with their neighbours and fellow human nations no matter their level of development or history of reputation, for to penalise a nation because of a few bad apples is to play into the hands of the dark seed of the soul. The Olympian ideal is when you have a collection of exceptional's we note the ones that stand head and shoulders above the rest, the king of kings at the highest, the champions champion, the Olympians Olympian, who do the best of the best 'think' is their best, dead heroes or someone living.

If you ask any modern day Olympian why they do the sport when there is no pay in the job, they have to seek a patron, a sponsor, a grant system or crowd fund by virtue of reputation, was it gold, a laurel or a status notation for their country. So in the days of honoured service empire period, with so many exceptional's and some bad apples the thing would always be susceptible to corruption. To be 'made an example of' is the way to make an exceptional and once someone becomes exemplary the field has a leader a favourite even a steady deliverer of form in results. To deal the moments as they arrive with certainty of application and drive to produce results with little waver or drop in standard. Olympian by definition and worthy of demigod status for a nation like Greece in its day, the trail and the legend has gotten lost in the mists of time, to resurrection by modern standards has watered down this evaluation process, to the point it can be exploited or corrupted. To stop this the ideal must be a raised standard for the correct stature to show head and shoulders clear of the field.

The one thing that has come out of the last two Olympics for the British Isles is a love of country a belief that in the crux we can raise our mediocre home delimited skills and reach for the sky's to prove the love on a podium. The highest accolade they wish for is to have that recognised, now a wee gold medal is a reminder, and something to hand down, the memory should let them dine out on it for a while and be introduced into otherwise closed segments to further their life away from the homestead. But recognition for the love of country how dare they presume or the media on their behalf ridicule and berate the thought. There is a cost to throwing stones in this world, and it is chipping away the fabric of the lies.

Youthful Dreams.

The young and impressionable are being impressed into false ideals as the tools of mayhem and their power being usurped to the will of the dissident and the agents of chaos.

We guard our stock more than we do our young, an online survey last week was used to highlight the point. A young boy and girl a cat and a dog were all chosen for their appeal and were asked (the human ones) to look distressed and abandoned in various public places under the watchful eye of the camera and crew. The results were not surprising, the girl was first to be approached in quite short time that is one good mark for Josephine public. The next was the dog on a leash and roaming at an intersection (more incidental passers by) and then came the cat all catching the attention of the ladies. The boy was left in his distress and after forty or so minutes it was called off with no takers coming to the aid of a boy in distress.

What does this say about us or is there something wrong with boys of a particular age. If the boy had been child sized instead of eleven in years he may have fared as well as the girl did. But that is pure speculation and cannot be verified in that instance.

Is a boy of a particular age and size meant to rely on their own judgement and to have enough sense to fend for themselves, are they considered to be jail bait at that age looking for all the wrong sort of attention and are they considered to be liars and dangerous in situations like that. That of course is another test entirely and it will have no good results I think. If the drunk and lost woman one shows how men see single females of a particular age and how they tend to seek to exploit the situation rather than come to a damsels aid in her distress. Do we distrust women and only see fakers acting in distress as a lure to the fleece.

Undermining Success.
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Shortchanging Goals.

The airwaves abound with the ringing in our ears with the great British tradition of shooting ourselves in the foot at our own success. The question was all about the funding for the Olympics and was it justifiable. Well the Olympics is a sporting event for events and sports that are not financial concerns, no great business franchises getting a niche spot on the platform. The question of funding is being questioned. You have to look at the question of loyalty from the fractions that pour cold water and bring things down. There is no doubt that the human condition likes to maintain its right to an opinion but as to the weight your individual or small speakers platform can sway the outcome of such successes is beginning to be the elephant in the room. The real question should be why are we picking on a historic moment for the country, the investors and the participants that went into the making of the outcome.

If this was a corporate investment the shareholders would all have the champaign out and be celebrating record returns, making a mark in history, investing in future champions. The school of thought from the house of Thomas the doubter is right in there on cue with the same unresolved and maybe unresolvable stock case of inappropriate undermining tactics as if they have a right to piss on success as they see fit as if there is an answer to the points they raise again and again with alarming regularity.

The Wrong arguments:

The money is better used elsewhere:

All non profit and with as much financial returns potential as the Olympics and corporate bodies will take the returns as profits.

Social default problems:

For thousands of years money has been thrown at social deficits and problem areas with little or no success. The problem is still unresolved and is reinvented and returned with each successive generation.

Housing, the poor the sick and the infirm, are always low down on the social purse strings allocation priorities. This will not change in an accountant, profit and returns for investment equation is used to evaluate every aspect of our existence.

The moral duty of the ill informed is how they are talked into following religious charismatics and even army recruitment for the lifestyle while serving your nation. The same tactics are used, one side used to pressgang to get its numbers while the other always turns its enemy against itself. The moral obligation argument is obsolete and only the privileged and undermined will even feel the guilt in this day and age. The cause will always betray you how else will it recruit the next generation with the new twist it is given in the makeovers.

Each successive generation is ‘supposed’ to receive the inheritance of the previous or from their fathers and forefathers generations. The sins of the fathers are also the benefits, genetic and nurturing that reforms behaviour. They are to inherit the best that we can leave them as a responsible race of beings passing on the benefit of our experience, not the results of our, greed, short term thinking or even dirty nuclear and waste developments ecological practices and their offspring for the next generation all the little unresolved worries they leave behind or bring with them.

Positive Aspects:

The money invested over four years amounts to one weeks rental fees in the EU. The fact that successful sportsmen and women is that they receive a large part of their future income from sponsorship's from endorsements, and it can be lucrative, the funding is means tested and stops as their ability to provide improves. The bitch remark was and they don’t even pay any back. A non profit sport that makes no purse or prize money events should like students pay back the investment, the corporate returns from these endorsements are evident in the income bracket but their sole purpose is to inspire sales, interest and returns. A Student will be earning for themselves when getting into the market and an investment with a earning potential from productive company is money for money. The student will not be inspiring, or figurehead-ing a corporate promotional device. They will trade time, effort, energy, skill sets and with time experience to a profit driven enterprise with a bottom line on results. Not the same measuring stick at all when applied to the Olympics.

The news showed a table of the investment in the games ans since our investment in 2008 to this year the money has certainly made the difference. It also related the 276 million per capita breakdown to £1.09 pence per person for a four year investment, that works out at one quarter of this about twenty seven pence per head over four years. Now consider the EU equivalent of £1.09 per week so that’s over fifty two pounds a year per person to be part of the continental diktat gang. Terrible should all be taken out and shot and once we get all the jumped up little moaners for the sake of moaning we can start on the rest of the idiots ....... Min must be past time for the meds.

Foot Shot.

As a native of a union of four nations it does not come as a surprise that our island mindset if so heavily self-deprecating self defeating at its worst extreme and progress undermining. Now in an island that has been invaded and asset stripped so many times there is no surprise that it is almost instinctive to hide our assets and to be suspicious of the ruling body. Some of the others traits of not disclosing and to be evasive as an instinctive reaction to some official busybody that is nosing around in your business when they do not have the legal standing to do this.

As a native of the second biggest nation in the British Union it is still easier to understand that a monarchy is not the best form of governance for a nations interests, not giving the nod to the present queen and her reign would be an act of total stupidity. There are exceptions in every rule of thumb and there are exceptional's as well as black sheep in every lineage (exempting generation leaps) but the queens just have the advantage over the road rage imperial rulers that the male lineage had a tendency to produces.

Interesting Incidentals.

What is the difference between a winner and a runner up, you will hear about the winner again and may never hear about the runner up ever again. The differences in a winner that keeps on repeating is no record breaking status or achievements. A winner that is improving his/her last performance is on a path to excel. The game of life is not all about the words used to exchange meaning

Obedience Draining.
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Child Robots.

A picture that painted a million tweets and bleats and a virtual outpouring or online rubbernecking was of a child covered in blood, in distress and unable to cry, mopping the blood and stoically trying to normalise in a terrifying situation.

Education has lost its reason as a first year child is given ‘home work’ because the diktat says so, as bad as the computer says no as a rational response in a reasonable world. Excuse to abuse and use force is more likely the case, the powerless exercising their limited but annoying personal discretion to the annoyance and intrusion to others lives, and they give themselves immunity to do this and we let them.

There is no substantial or even good evidence to support sending children to school too early, the early peer group bonding is killing the drive to succeed and has replaced it with a fear of not fitting in, hey well done Einstein’s well done. The Scandinavian model shows that seven is the best time to start, that they have to fit in and make friends at that age is a stronger overriding rule with greater effect than killing maternal needs too early just for obedience.

The league table of child education figures clearly show that an early school age is not a good start for children, but out come our national child catchers the Fagin’s of the modern age as they beleaguer and blight the childhood joy of children and we endorse them, we let these creature of dubious character and let them kill-joy as they hound and pound. The workhouse children of the new age unite stand up and throw of the shackles of these joy killers that put you to the task and keep your knows-es to the stone that grinds so to spare sore behinds (slippers, belts, canes of old) as they harry and worry the innocent lambs ......... Yep this new med is getting the thumbs up, just needs a pint to wash it down and its a night out in a capsule.

Docile Workforce.

The problem with a docile workforce is that innovative changes to the methods become an endangered species just simply because the lack of investment in the obedience leash just has that sort of impotence effect.

Obedience is a good thing in times of trouble but when you are in peaceful times it is a sledgehammer to a nut. Time to use the tool for the job, each according to his need, by the standards of his deed. Still for the cattle market owners of the livestock of the herd of man that is not the first order of their need to pen, coral, herd, and milk or send to the abattoir when redundant or on schedule as the terms of their contracts that are written in the blood of our race dictate.

The lack of innovation is being felt as the tech has peeked and the endorsement of the mass is still in the jury out position and that leaves us in a limbo for the moment. But as the Olympics has proven help is at hand there is relief to be had if you can handle it.

Short Term Results, Long term Deficits.

So the Olympic selection process has to change the on the day trials are nothing to go by, the grading of the quality like the eternal Usain Bolt from the human race, that Olympians Olympian of the track has no equals and will show in the primaries, the practices just about everywhere they go in life. Now the one hit wonder that is more our national type, not the Mo of the broken mould the one of a kind variety is now the usual crop from an island nation, but the exception does happen. No our staple diet is one hit wonders that if they peek to early they will now mop up in the team body on the day and without these three to six year careers our total output has been the bare bones variety.

So now we are getting our peeking too early under control do you think we can stop from shooting our wad all at one go sorted next, its cripples the ability to ... cramping our style even to make a lasting impression, to get back in the saddle and mount the insurmountable .... Min these pills are the best so they ir.

Hot Stuff.

There is an article about sizes as if they may hold an insight into men of the world as they like to think of themselves.

What if there was another way to look at this map of the worlds manhood, well all the ones that would stand up and be counted and a lot measured up and the idiots all started saying its because of genetics, race, lineage and other breeding pen observations. Love it how all the idiots of a like mind all flock together.

Now what if heat had more to do with the blood pulse that is the gush of life’s great reflex. What if moderate temperatures and loose clothing have the good all stretched out to cool down more, what if colder climes lead to retractable variable length versions of the tool of choice. What if the lineage of the cooler climes have a greater statement in the present day than at any time in the past. If you look at the foundation of the USA from european migrants, no benefits, no rights and they claim all they can get and take, then after wholesale slaughter and near genocide of the nations of the natural land owners, they found there they breed all over the place and yet they still rate the same as the European paradigm as the colour swatch clearly shows.

So what does that mean for Scandinavia, the Southern African states, Italy, Spain as the runners up after the life spurt from the crucible of mankind’s home. So do the genes actually have a mapped out course to follow, all colour coordinated and all.

Stock Mismanagement.
Grading Lines.

The dog looks like a bruiser and the man then seems like a loser, not a very good chooser. The big debate about dangerous dogs has just been given the book by its cover treatment and the judges all proved they are more interested in little traits than the health of the bread. Any animal can be trained or twisted into its bad nature and aggressive responses even man. Chimps, monkeys of all kinds and the opposite is also true, good behaviour and responses make exceptional creatures in all of the stages of the animus of the instinctive being. Hippo’s, Elephants and even birds go rogue and leave the reservation and the picture of before and after will always astound.

When we all take responsibility for our part in making outcomes the accuser creating resentment, the persecutor generating fear and hate. The liar hiding inadequacies or misleading people away to pass by. The encourager wanting to promote a product of the back of your inevitable success, who coral and inhibit your progress to ensure compliance, not the grounds for a mutual alliance.

Picking from an impressive lineup is always a problem of interpreting the qualities well with a view to them delivering in the line of fire. Picking from a normal stock with one or two exceptions and even one exceptional is a different game entirely. The Cruft’s style of judgment has had its day as they have to take some responsibilities that judges tastes inform standards to breed to and all the resultant lineage ailments that particular breeds have are a direct result of trying to please a judgment standard, the conforming to the judged ideal is now losing its appeal.

Existing lines all have traits and weaknesses that should not be bred out but should receive better nurturing to help them manage themselves better. A stable of prime horse flesh will produce natural exceptions that a good groom will enhance and learn how to show to good effect. The sale of such good lineage stock has to be brought into a comparable environment to continue the instruction into the instinctive level of the lineage for future champions to spring from. Place one in a worse environment and the results will have been wasted by the lack of understanding that the lesser environment has as its guidance.

Breeds Apart.

Well if I was an American and had the right to vote there is only one candidate in the mix but because she is not in the race she cannot even get a place. Michelle Obama is proving to have all of the skills, the potential and the popularity that make the others look like second class citizens all trying to wangle their angle in the public trough. This woman is of a different class and would if she was in the running make all the others pale into the grading of 'also rans'. Watch that space for the state of grace.

The big furore that is being mumbled and grumbled in the wings is how did a third rate country like Britain that does not have a great Olympic history get to have its day. Well Andy Murray and the others about five years ago all began to realise we aimed to excel or peak in the knock outs just to get into the big event. Peaking too early is a British fault and has beleaguered us as a race for centuries, we took the unprecedented action to analyse why we were prone to this premature emasculation and had to be honest, we get all excited by just being chosen because of poor or low self worth. This is why our best has to he hot of the press and that training is now focussed to keep up the levels like working on the katas before the competition. So raising our game to progress in the reality of the moment is just delaying the need for approval for the main event and not just to please a demanding coach and his lineage of previous successes he would beat us with. Now the cat is out of the bag we just have to be honest the therapy for premature emasculation in competition is save your best for the task and make sure qualifying is relegated to an aggregate of input over previous matches. So practice is the place to make mistakes and not to excel to no audience no accolade. I think it is just called upping our game, balls in yer court how you handle it is all about you.

Advantageous Couplings.

When two opposites collide from any other side, it’s just fate playing tide. As the light settles down and the loss makes a frown. The union will strengthen as the similarities will lengthen. The odd couple to begin with is out of the flow, the more they dance they more they will grow.

The oddest things are beginning to show up in the margins, the same old story lines are no longer a sign of the times, they are proving to be just hangovers from the previous generations, who when up to bat left us in a state of tat. The legacy of each successive generation since the rock solid dinosaurs of the fifties and sixties left a hole in the handovers that let the punk start to junk and leave a distaste like bad skunk.

The antihero has never really taken off, alternative humour from a succession of barely remember-able alternative comedies left a drain on humour that the PC dictator has tried to jump on and penalise everyone for bad humour. The fact about mirth is the ability to see the absurdity in the self, the situation and recognise the prissy pride tripping us up, pretentiousness is still a good self leveler. Good humour is a bit tacky it makes us squeamish, it is bursting the pomposity with absurdity.

Now the generation of spoilsports have a new blazer and crest, the are the killers of the jest. The PC pulpit gripers a whole generation of botty wipers. They cringe and winge at every turn, in witch trials where humour will burn. They persecute and execute by handing out ‘not acceptable’ stickers. They tell us what they think is good behavior, like they are the second coming of the savior. Time to belt the little snipes, getting tired of their rigged up hypes.

Harvest Bounty.
Silent Type.
A Weaks Money.

The airwaves were off the station as much as they were off the mark. The subject ‘is the Olympics worth the money honey’ the answer it seams is debatable. The clue is in the amount when you take into account its a weeks EU cash that is funding, self worth, the pursuit of excellence, achieving goals and representing your country. Targeting records and setting and exceeding ideals. These are all priceless and yet an accountant says they ‘should’ be accountable to the needy of the world, yeah true after you is the answer they wish not to hear my dear. It is time the recruiters to causes became the example and not the dialogue of I would if I could you do it for both of us. Misuse of position and influence is the biggest crime. The discrepancies of life have been around for thousands of years and money time and effort has been thrown at it with no noticeable successes. It is not that simple but the young and easily impressed think it ‘should’ be or wish that it was as they rush to the treacherous embrace of the fickle cause. The cause will betray you because its root is in the ability of the needy to adapt or more truthfully in their ability to not adapt. Raise them up to a new order of life and they more than can be accountable fail to sustain and maintain enough to stay at the new elevated station and will more than not revert to their known and comfortable way of being. If the youth of the day is like we were in our generation we regarded the wisdom of elders and fell for most of their digs and jibes but never held it against them, the dues for the course.

The absolute waste of cash back seat drivers that say it is a waste of money, are like the guy that enlists others to go and fight in another land, or to lay down their lives for a cause that is not representative of how the enlister, lives their own life, and is definitely not their cause either. These money could be spent better on the poor the needy recruiters that we don’t see any of them giving up their goods like Gandhi. Nor do they devote their own lives to the causes they spout, but they enlist to the cause from the converted enemy to fight their cause for them, no I think not. They seek to bring confusion and mayhem to their enemy is where they are at.

The fool that rushes of at someone elses behest is a seeker looking for a cause or a quest. The inciters of motives that take the easily impressionable and point them at a destructive course of action while they think they are heading to glory are the anarchist and they are killing for a worthless cause. A cause that will betray them at the drop of a hat and sacrifice them to keep their own cells alive and thriving that they will only ever commit at the last moment and only to keep the faith in the other cells. All this as the spurned then turned are sacrificed at every turn to confuse and cause mayhem to their real enemy, and if turning their enemies idiots and easily led into tools of their own destruction then so be it.

No Others Keeper.

There is no solution in money it takes education, not guns, not throwing cash to salve conscience to even get that one in a hundred exception to their rule. Give a man a fish and he will be back tomorrow for another brother, give him the means a fishing rod and he can feed himself. We are not our brothers keepers, guide, support even mentor but not keeper.

As a dozy even gullible easily led bit of a retard with learning difficulties in my early years. I was often the brunt of the joke to the hunters of easy prey. They had a slow ‘late delivery’ in their midst and confused my sleepy ways with the slow of the early’s, a very different breed indeed. You are reading the evidence in my defence, you are following the wisdom of not just learning to know in an academic fashion not even the benefit of having practiced it to know better about the limitations of mental planning versus real-time application. No you are reading the keen edge of knowing from the extents of wisdom beyond experience. My older brother looked at his idiot brother that could not stay focused long enough to avoid the pratfalls, did not retain enough to learn better and was ill informed and lacking in capacity and he did not want to be his brothers keeper. But he like his ragging peer group all thought I was an ‘early’ the product of young parents breeding in the heat and burning of the waste of the day. He started a regime of pouncing and accusing and ragging in an intensive fashion that felt subjectively like persecution and had an atmosphere of a tyranny. This woke me up and got me to focus attention very well, but when his peer group took his behaviour with me as a sanction to do likewise it became no safe place or no safe harbour to get away from it, it was everyone and all around me, the only safe harbour was my grans house and when she died at fourteen with my imagination focused on fear and persecution and needing to be ahead of the next incident I lost the balance of my mind at fourteen. When it did not let up and everyone was doing the same thing, I was explosive, and the ‘it was just a joke to the moke’ never did anything else but look innocent while I blew up and was easily set off, so as a problem child I was treated as the problem, not the laugh a minute self indulger's at others expense, no they were all just innocent. I was the problem.

The school became a surrogate escape from the house, I joined every after hours club I could, aeromodelling, photography (black and white development and printing), acting and gymnastics. Singing and pantomimes and stage productions were the carrot and getting away from my personal ‘Kato’ to my ‘inspector Clueso’ it was a balance to the unbalanced state, and it was compelling and suited all my difficulties well. Avoidance was something I learned well as confrontations were to be avoided if I was not to blow up again for someone elses entertainment. As a slow learner, delusions, dyslexia and states of confusion with a low vocabulary I became the strong silent type to hide the faults and took to hiding or going off on my own to get out from under, paper round in the morning, baker job Saturday mornings washing the baking trays from the night shift. Silver service waiting for the bakery at functions and dinners. All while at school, potato, berry and greens picking and some planting with my mum during holidays. My mother was left to keep me close at hand and to do the washing, shopping, tidying (no good at cleaning) and cooking, as my keeper lit out for a life of his own.

Never having a peer group to bond with and the state washing its hands of me with their child psychology unit I was abandoned and within two years was so disruptive and destructive as my episodes escalated. Left me isolated from the normal repulsion and bonding behaviours of a peer grouping, my difficulties were compounded without the grounding of peers keeping me level and smoothing my rough edges. Classed as having behavioral problems and character defects, with learning difficulties as well as poor communication skills and reasoning capabilities, when the state short term solution failed to see the job they started through. I was thrown on the street at fifteen and if I had allowed the course of life I found myself in to take would have been a career criminal with very nasty tendencies, a resentment isolated neer do well does not get it loner to be shunned. But faith will and imagination are the natural tools to cure anything and to design the tools and management systems to cope and progress out of the mire to safe ground that is higher.

The solution is with children that are slow, from the late and the early’s to go. Take from the late, those that just like to wait, of the others most just wont skate, such is fate. Late developers are rare and don’t do well in the scare, that’s not how they fare, time to take more care. All under one banner is lazyness’s manner, like the works and the spanner. Time to think again and assess the crop, for the regime that is not working now has to stop.

Unification Theories.
Unified Whole.
It takes more than Two.

There is no we and one me in team, the weakest link will make it all sink. We cannot move faster than our oldest and slowest. The wisdom of age is lost on the young and the need for caution is just to slow or cumbersome. The team that is pulling the best on the day become the vanguard leading the way. The ground breakers and the risk takers will have the reward as they work in unison and in great accord.

No man or woman is an island but the return of the prodigal means that you will spend some time in retreat when at odds with the world and the ways of its people. The wheel of fortune is the first hurdle after the retreat, and getting past winning is the feat. The spoils are for the group and none are left out the loop, cross this and we are all in the goop. Provision is an activity and the best able and most capable are the ones up to the task, the rest did their bit and fed them when they were last. The old and the child for man and the wild need caring and sharing, the old for what they gave to the group when they were up to bat, the child because the day will come when they get to give back. Team GB has made a big splash for this country and has revitalised the bloodline lineage that has been depleted for some centuries.

There is no high ground, there are just the accolades of the day and to each the chance to partake and revel in them as is our way. The vanguard of tomorrow will see this high bar and if invested in can take the tribe very far. Worthy is the child tempered from their wild, don’t spare that needed rod or bear the brunt from a little sod.

The children are housed in a home as that is where they are well grown. We belong to the clan and that is life’s plan, for all the clans and tribes of man. This day the veil and the scales are falling to the new tune of the times calling. We take to the dance for therein is our life’s chance and the wheel of the reel turns best by the feel.

Headless Chickens.

When a group that is still getting by with old tricks and traps when they are yielding less and less in the catch. Have to retreat to think again to take stock and see why there is a shortfall anything else is bullheaded stubbornness under or in the face of an imperative that is giving no respite to repair, or redesign to fix the shortfall. This as we all know has no place else to go and the answer is so.

Chasing our tails and not seeing the folly is entertainment for a tormentor or someone that likes to gloat at folly. So if some nations have us chasing our own tail it is because our thinking is being informed by the actions and deeds and rumours they broadcast. But in the centre of the spotlight we can show who we are and stop chasing the tail as it doesn’t get far. No need to prove by raising the bar just perform what we can and do it well, the evidence will then do the tell.

The headless chicken running around not knowing to lie down, does not know it lost more than the crest of its crown. To not know defeat is the route to the time out seat, to not know the win means get ready to begin. To know who we are has taken us this far and there is room for our others in all Gaia’s car.

It is easy to lose the plot and forget what we have got, as we try to keep going when we untie life’s knot.

Bringing up the rear.

The seasoned warriors will walk with the infirm and the old, for the sacrifices they made are the stories they were told, of caring and sharing and the heroics of the bold. They defended the clan to the last woman and man and are lauded by the respect of those that came next. Some seasoned will walk with the vanguard on duty at point, till they know how many do get the point. The line produces scouts that will ride out of the cover of the brotherly hide. They will walk unencumbered and loose to the task, studying the skyline and unafraid to ask. They will share in the stories of the aged’s fair glories, and know why as a people we live in the far from the steeple. To tread the path from summer to winter camp, indelibly writes the ways of the clan stamp.

No enemy attacks from the front of the line, the coward needs stealth and the thief of time, the scavenger separates the weak from the tribe, using stealth and cover for a cur to hide. When the second wind starts to bite, the old will feel the call of the fight, to stake out the last in a test of all might. Slip the camp in the night and seek an enemy to fight, the brother bear is no match but their not here to win, to give up the struggle without a fight is a sin, but the bear that provided has his day to win.

Treasure Trove.
Raising The Bar.

There was a video on my Facebook page and it had, Lady Gaga, Cara Delveign and Russel Brand, John Lennon to name a few all talking about how, fame, fortune and celebrity is a hollow thing and how it can never define you or fulfil you as a person, course not its just a hobby a skill or an outlet for your personal tastes and goods. There is no celebrity world it is a media construct, the successful in the pack all dip in and have and maintain a life outside of work (oh yes it is) and the life work balance is they get invited to ‘better’ social functions, no just better reported. Still with Facebook you can be a small pool celebrity to.

The most defining things if you ask people in their forties and fifties are having their children, the time with their parents, holidays :- days at the beach, camping, picnics, play-parks and nature, skinny dipping, children's birthdays and rights of passage. Not the Oscar doorstops they have in a cupboard, the gold discs on the wall or any little trophies they won making the easy money.

The airwaves had a little slot about finding the meaning of life and on a phone in that implies there is an answer, to the question what is the meaning of life. Well what defines you is more to the point the meaning of our own existence and lifeline is as unique as we all are. The greatest truth does not have an answer only a point of view a wealth of experiences, goals set and achieved, worth, mirth and pleasures shared, hardships endured, surviving against the odds in difficult times and circumstances. This is the one question next to ‘is there a god’ that will remain unanswered as a fact or proven till he shows up himself. Like the Gambler lyrics stated ‘time enough for counting when the dealings done’ you have to have lived and experienced, because if all you did was learn and work, you will be defined by lessons and duty. If you expressed yourself and displayed your talents, shared with people, joined in adventures, play and games. Cared for and valued people and times in your life, the answer is ‘yes I am satisfied’ with all I have done, shared, experienced, played and fought and won as well as learned of loss and being bereft but still got back up and moved on. If life has to be held to answer for anything it is did it deliver, but if you were absent in your own experience of your life then it will feel hollow and empty. Fill it to have value in it, let the lost kid themselves there is an answer. The real question is did you live or just exist.

The other point of view about defining yourself or finding meaning in your life is if you invest in something and it rewards or pays dividends. Deciding to marry for love and have children, investing time money and effort, making plans educating, enjoying, sharing and caring. The rewards and dividends are periodically delivered and the investment is for a lifetime.

Career has the same thing attached but who is its legacy for without people to share with, so career is better balanced as part of a relationship. The development of relationships in the wholly depersonalised and cold environment of the contractor, the zero contract working. The office impersonal work ethic means that if you have not got a stable home life out of work you are more prone to becoming obsessive in the fake celebrity world, the American attitude to not taking holidays shows in the high stress levels and stress related conditions coming out of their statistics. Saying that material goods are the peer group stick they beat themselves with. The middle eastern stick is Islamic steroids and peer group and social burdens to conform to the rule, devotion, duty and being seen to be the same as. The Indian social diktat that the retarded community requires blood for honour says they are brow beaten into it by social custom and peer pressure. The yank is proving he is a dedicated worker or he will lose his job at the next personnel casting off and load lightening budget cuts in a no job security environment. So which nation is any better, life is denied as it is kowtowed into peer group diktats and social pressures as well as paying those dues we all like to kid ourselves we no longer have to pay. We have all been brow beaten into regular pay, hours and the extra mile lie that there are twenty more willing in the pack if you are not willing. To get the regular money so you can borrow to raise your debt to a steady reliable payment system. The maze of mankind, the real world that is the land of the punkawalla, means you live of what the world has provided for the day and try to reduce the hours to get it, rather than get conned into steady money and regular income. The price you pay the master of the cloven hoof is in service and regular attendance and a steady flow of cash to pay the ‘debt’ and then life will tweak you again and the hikes will force you into having to borrow more. The cycle of existence is regular, duty laden and guilt edged and remorse tinged, with envy coloured glasses in myopic focus on the keeping up the lie.

The thing that fulfills you must come first in your life, the spiritual and the artistic and the academic are some of the best to not suffer from the loss of the personal. Finding that you will not compromise, sell out or be sidetracked or sucked into the vacuous career or celebrity lifestyle are important before chasing dreams. The fulfilling of your life will result in just that, the chasing of dreams may well leave you hanging from a very lonely cloud, if your feet are not already well planted in the roots of your life’s blood.

Homecoming Heroes.

Congratulations to team GB, and the individual accolades for the team performers, Mo and all the first timers, record breakers for an outstanding team performance so far and good luck with the rest of the games. And of course for some oh oor own, to Andy Murray and all the other Sots in team GB well done people, long mae yer lums reek.

First Among Equals.

The working stiff keeps up a relationship (working one) with the people at work. With a lack of the criminal element in society it has meant that there is less and less need to keep up good relationships with the neighbours but that is a different story. The contractor has less need to make greater contact with workmates, with no need for a fuller relationship. This has had the effect of undermining our strength in numbers compounded by the attack on trade unions by the mechanistic manipulators. The contracted, and the zero contract working environment when combined with the creation of the modular open plan office has meant that the deterioration of the need for connections outside the family unit or the peer group unit has almost been eradicated in just four generations. People have been weened of unity the pack mindset and the effectiveness that a group action has against the machine. The broken unions are the last bastion of the people. Like we can see with the Labour party problems, the labour party are now being harried out of existence or being made impotent, to further undermine any form of people concentric organisation and resistance to rule. The Trotsky infiltrators that are trying to hijack the party and make it a corporate enterprise need a lesson from the body of the believers. Numbers still count, even if relationships in work are ‘made this competitive’ it is just management making you distrust one another for control. The lies and manipulations of the human resources over personnel is a point in case, personnel is people concentric, human resources is cattle management by the land owning cattle drivers. We are led by the ring in our noses, and driven by the ties of our reigns (apron strings) to plod the wheel futilely to sap the will, deny the imagination and undermine faith for obedience and conformity. This is the price of buying the dreams of others, instead of buying into your own, selling ourselves so cheaply for a pittance and an empty existence when the world needs attention, not polluting the air, water and using up all the resources and denying any form of future for mankind.

The day for the last vestiges of the rebel alliance to unite together and make a stand is coming and the empire has to be consigned to history by the power of a true democracy. Not the top down version of a dictatorship in a benign velvet glove no, this is the time for people to stand up and be counted, or to get on their knees and accept subjugation to rule.

Ever had your FB Group hijacked, your email account hacked, they had to test it on some and to see if they could seamlessly infiltrate and paint you any colour they want. Been asked to change your passwords in certain accounts, ones that the central buy up everything and own everyone still didn’t have, well they have them now if you changed yours when asked. After all how do you get rid of people that never cross the line but just razz the picket lines. Infiltration of the T3000 is at hand with auto-bots with artificial humanism's to simulate real people and even posting on a friends timeline in their ignorance just to nudge you back onto the rulers pathway. If you don’t know it you cannot fight it all you can do is not play and retain who we are and we construct for ourselves and invest in ourselves and there is nothing the concrete mindset can do if you do not engage with them. But their game, their rules and their punishments, your choice.

One for all or all for nothing your choice, your party.

When you have not lived and have not experienced anything but the doled out excuse for life from the fake life we all sell out for, can you say what will be the meaning of your life when you sell yourselves for a pittance instead of enriching yourselves with the rewards of life. So what will be in your life chest at the end of the lifespan, regret, unfulfilled wishes, appointments, meaningless tasks to get little bits of paper to get things you will lose or sell when you are forced to move again.

Karmic Debt.
Havoc & Confusion.
Hunting Tactics.

The inglorious twelfth has left the starters orders and the starting guns report is resounding round the airwaves as the starters and runners barely get into the first groupings in the early stages of the first stretch of the race. The world is not all made up of grazers, there are predators in the mix, like it or lump it, the squawking few that project human ideals and standards on the animal kingdom have just watched far too much Disney. Animals are not human like it or lump it. Human nature without nest instruction is quick to revert to feral survival instincts. The secular lifestyles of the western coddled and tended do not reflect the instincts of man or mankind but have a closer bearing with the pacifistic prey of the animal kingdom.

The grouse land managers are being accused of protectionism of their product and using ‘cruel’ or inhumane methods to manage animal numbers, born into the natural food chain and both predators and prey, the grub hunters are not vegetarians themselves, but the human pacifistic tendencies of the human grazers are trying to control the natural order in most species to predate their natural prey, now fox hunting increases the rabbit population and that is almost certainly a boon to the nocturnal and trapping hunters.

The land management that keeps the predators away from the shooting stock, that are not cattle yarded and then driven to an abattoir after an incarcerated and victimised existence for meat on the table. They have a short free range life and are then corralled into a shooting range like fish in a barrel. The are shot to restocking levels and then the rearing for ‘sport’ begins again. The fact that other wild species are thriving in these game reserves is getting a cold reception from the so called humanitarians who unreasonably want to deny a predator in their own species from pursuing their own right to rear domesticated stock for hunting and for food purposes. The wild game industry thrives from this, the unreasonable attitude of the veggie dictators never gets mentioned as it is uncivilised to want to eat free grown animals that do not have modern day rubbish fed to them, that are not brought up in stressful situations and are then brutally slaughtered for their carcases.

So no reasonable arguments are leveled against these: ‘we dictate that everyone living near us should behave as we dictate as we have greater rights than everyone else’ don’t even see the problem with that in a democracy. Some people who have tried to become vegetarians have been subject to b12 deficiency and all of the health problems that that bring with it. Unlike these dictatorial few who thrive and show no health issues of the b12 except they think that they can dictate to all the animals in the zoo and enforce a one set of rules (their own) on everyone else. Now if we can look at how much of the populace are unaffected by being vegetarians, except the ones that start to dictate for everyone to adopt their own rules and standards, against the numbers of well balanced meat eaters in the realm who tend to live and let live the other people around them. Then add to that the number of failed vegetarians that have developed health issues trying to be a ‘good guy’ by trying to live by some dictators universal human standards. Then we will see the facts from the fantasies of the deluded few that think there is a universal human that can live to a universal standard by living in a uniform way as dictated by big brother from the house of Thomas, he that preys on doubt and uncertainty and ignorance to work his or her will on the unwary.

Having said that there is a problem with the industry, the land management that keep depopulated raptors out of the equation like a shepherd wards against the wolf for the herd. The rise in wildlife numbers of some eighty species in these wildlife hunting preserves. Shows that the hunted species is a hunter in other regions where cultural development of the environment is aimed at other stock and grain production to the point that natural flocks of the game bird are few and far between. So what if the reintroduced hunter has a private stock bread in the area that is preserved just for them and it will satisfy the needs of both sides as the gamekeepers will be needed for the job, where the bird protection society leaves them to fend and the wild in new regions do not have the necessary prey to sustain them are they in fact not actually doing what it takes to make a success of the exercise. They have a tendency to not breed well or survive well when just left to fend. The wild population of the game birds has been managed into the shooting barrels as the cheapskates in their group would just go on wild shoots to bag the weekend lunch for the price of a couple of cartridges. Two wrongs do not make a right and there is no right when two distinct strains of our own species are being labelled with the same handle to confuse the matter.

Grading the Goods.

These are strange or interesting times and the problem with the phenomenal rabbit is it was inside the citadel before it was sealed shut. People need to be emotionally evaluated and graded and the world is only measuring form at the moment, slide rules, measurement charts, yield projections and all the trips and traps of logic, as reason is so unstable if it is off the normal track by two big a beat. Time to grade without prejudice, like children in school, quicker should not play with the slow as the predator reflex is still unsheathed at that age and is akin to loosing the fox in the henhouse. The late developers and the slow learners the product of late breeding usually, will have a greater decline from the early and quick to pickup.

The emotional maturity is never assessed as it is taken for granted that that is an on going process and that the circumstances can influence or inhibit the responses. That of course is the excuse to not do what is necessary. The personal conflicts and investments we get involved in will produce graded results, and that is the main problem to grading a variable of unknown quantity, quality and consistency, but if science can get its denial sorted about all things emotional it can produce the spectrum and the point of personal tolerance. The fact that science is preoccupied with all the physical levels of being and the chemical and physics aspects of the world and its contents, is not lost on the layman observer. The emotive cannot bring about repeatable results and the variances that deny them the clinical unrealistic testing stations they demand are necessary to investigate and experiment. The secular testing of isolated portions of life and then trying to relate that to the real contaminated environment actions and interactions can never produce repeatable proofs. To secularise something into a sterile environment that is first of all alien to the test subject is to already contaminate the process but hey what does a layman know about that sort of thing.

Now all germs are a culture and they breed at near blood heat, so living and working in an artificial closed environment with blood and above temperatures is an ideal culture breeding ground but again what does a layman know about that.

Lofty Ideals.

The diktat of the mad bat and its middle platform status. How can a secular minority get into such a lauded position that it believes that it can dictate for the entire race of humans. There is only one race and we are not all vegetarians, yet this politically correct leaner's on our unguarded sensibilities that are all lumped under one catch all collective banner so we don’t see the soft shoe shuffle going on off the too sensitive to look at page of our bad character historic references. Is being used to slip one by us well its time to tell the nasty police manipulator of our sensitivities. State is loud and clear meat eaters, yeah I’m human and have the same rights as you and in a democracy there are more of us than you grazers and so with one idiot one vote get back in your dictatorial domain and preach to your own. Count the meat eaters in the world grazers, count the amount of B12 sufferers (like me) and see who holds a majority while all the loud mouthed PC dictators all climb into a spotlight and see what they can get away with because we are being shamed into believing we are all the same type of being and that we should all be aspiring to their lofty impossible ideals. Put up or shut up dictator had enough of being pushed around by manipulators from the minority view side of the tracks.

Getting to Know y...
Meddling with the Metal.

The labour cheats and game riggers are back out in force clearly showing disrespect to the root of their own being. The people that are joining from this point in time must all be transient dissidents that are out to get us (no paranoid wimps here) to usurp our infighting manipulations, please mummy court decide in or favour or we will hold our breath or just scream and scream, you get it the brats are out in force. The management level idiocy is trying to kill the last people generated force in politics and its asking its mates to legislate it. So which part of the peoples party no one is there for the same reasons and that means it cannot by design or nature be manipulated by a quantifying management level run by morons from outer space and their air head friends. So as a political body of the people for the people by the people all new members have the rights that their money gives them, all judgments are a manipulation of the liars, for the liars, by the liars. The tools of the manipulators trying to infiltrate, usurp, divide and parcel up in pieces or destroy from within. Wonder how that will work out for all the spanners in the works, last time it was reviewed the spanner never survives being thrown into the works. Maybe time to mangle the angle and replace the broken and get back on track again. Time as they do say will tell.

So these johnny come lately’s that think they can just move in and muscle the body into obedience with legal action. All against the will and rights of the members that elect them, it looks like the beginning of the end for this form of modern day hostile takeovers for the egocentric and out of touch with their roots and are at odds with the body of their own organisation. Makes you wonder how these people think that they can get any votes or support from the members in the future. Shortsighted to say the least, makes you hope that there is still some justice left from the original population control and behavior mechanism to tell them to stop kidding themselves. The organism is a self regulating mechanism that elects its governing body it is not a privately owned corporate body or business. Therefore it is not subject to any rules or laws that it is not breaking ie: state laws. An autonomous body that elects a head to lead them, have the right to behead the usurper and elect their own representatives that reflect the will of the electorate. The body is an independent group of like minded people that contribute to the running of it to act on their behalf, the failed management team that no longer represent them and think they can legally coerce obedience will get a nasty wake up call soon. This is really a case of the jumped up tail trying to wag the dog, time for the doghouse and short rations for them, with muzzle and collar and lead training to get obedience or its the vets for them as distemper is a critical crime in a civilised and safe environment. Who do they think that they are, shake hands and go to your corner, no gouging and we expect a clean no holds bout. Seconds out round three.

Resurrecting Ghosts.

The old guard had its day and then just faded away, they never really had their say, just to busy making hay.

The dinosaur had its time, the history we have can teach lessons in retrospect but resurrection is not an option. The dinosaur is best left in history and has no place in the modern progressive state of the present day. There is no golden past, no historic ideal anywhere in the actual history of the world, each golden age had its own troubles that underlined their perfect state.

The thought that they were even asking the question is worrying in itself, do people who hold information about us have responsibilities to go with their unlawful storage of information about others. That history has proven is never used to the advantage of the person, but to the advantage of the thief. Personal information is an identifier so that access can be easily granted to accounts, health records and benefits or grants. Any other use of it is in contravention of the persons right to their privacy. The hard line of this information is its easy for aliens to buy the life details of a deceased person to look more real and fit in on earth, or just the illegal type that want your passport data and use your bank details and birth certificate to clone a virtual you. The whole idea of one accredited means of identification an ID card is only one thing besides your other wallet buddy the bank card, the NI card. Wow do you think the robbers are investing in these so all they need in a wallet, is the plastic and the cash is just a bonus. They can steal a life as well as some readies. Pretty sure they are, there are crooked, priests, judges, cops, health staff, some people will sell you as quick as their own granny. So mustaffa you should believe in god but remember to tie up your camel after all god is not your valet.

Monotheistic Morons.

Black and white, wrong over right, best kept out of sight, or become subject to might. The purist stance of thinking that there is a universal measure that all things can be judged or measured against says more about the limitations of type and preference of the individual than any mythical golden rule. The singleminded are a problem there is only the two sides and no middle ground yet they campaign to sweep up the floaters, duh yeah of course there isn’t.

Monotheistic or single minded people in a a flexible and transient state that seek to keep the shoal, pack and herd mindset have an ego need to climb the hierarchy to be king of the hill or at least one of his lieutenants. Outside the two tone view of light and dark there is a spectrum of the rainbow, light the great white is refracted into a spectrum and black absorbs all colours.

Pocket Bond.

The awful form of body shaming the heath crap sellers are filtering into chat rooms and media releases is about starting to work, people everywhere are all so neurotic they cannot go outside and get photoed by the flash happy cash strapped social media third element. Who needs spies or the paparazzi when every person in a western street has a device that takes pics, records sound, holds notes and even has video. It can be uploaded to central spy hi sky and that’s you tagged for the day. Yes they are coming to get some of you. The rest are just beneath their notice or they already got you yesterday.

Seams Like.
Coercive Nature.

Coercion in the workplace had an airing today and the flavour was sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, and all the forms of the weak in a powerful position throwing their clout into the mix. This has been going on in the workplace since before the rise of the human resource departments were a wet dream in a backroom boys glinty eye.

So what exactly do the human resource teams with all that psychological profiling press release skills for the position get it so wrong. Or is the savvy mean streak learning to fool the closeted as they squirrel away their time in the back room closets of the industry rooms radar.

So if the media is to be believed somehow the big old bad dinosaur of my era has escaped the personnel departments scrutiny and checking and even got past the new gen human resources filters to terrorise the meek and the mild. In the unguarded and wild workplaces of the real world environment. Yeah sounds about right to the ear that one does, after all the next gen are the generation of box ticking education systems. Companies want old style dinosaurs with killer instincts and still head hunt them like anyone will tolerate them in this day and age, no this is one for the infamous room 101.

The army and the police are still getting stick about how misfits and dinosaurs and even bullies are getting into uniform right under the modern day recruitment techniques of the lauded human resources departments. The children of the personnel department generation of boomers and gloomers. Something is not adding up me thinks. There may be a pattern emerging in the same old media stereotypes being rehashed generation after generation until someone shouts c’mon min this is pish so it is, they were a dying breed in ma time let alone, surviving in the sewers on waste to resurface, like the mimic from the gutters to plague the workplace of the children of the children of the children of the flower power children. And lets be honest they only managed a knee jerk rebellion in the guise of the hunk of punk that frittered out after five hollering years into a faded memory of being less than the reality. That started to get the old hippy slogan rehashed, if you cant remember it you were never there. All hyped up and redressed as a serious contributor to modern music genre. Yeah course it was black bags still get binned in every household in the land just to commemorate the whole era.

Now they could well have been the stereotype for the bully in the work place, the sexist to your sister front line of not giving a crap about the rules and fitting in. Or .....

The herd tactics are the same as for the pack, the single female is cut out and covered by the bull in the rut and the rut is a bloody and violent affair and that is more like the animal debasement of the breeding impulse unleashed. The dominant must dominate, the fragile will complain but the deed still gets done. The idea of the activity behind the word fu****g, is best described like this. It is where one person gets all of the pleasure and the other is used as a convenience. Most dictators hate this word as it implies dick was involved or is implicated in some fashion.

Educational Salve.

A wealth of knowledge is a debt in the pocket these days, the sheer cost of an education is a fortune but then again the teaching establishment is not there to teach. Oh no it isn’t that’s all behind them in the quick fired slow witted present closeted generations turn at the wheel. An education is what you get from and in life. A teaching establishment calling itself anything to do with education is full of its own swagger and has bought its own hype. You will for an exorbitant price be taught to go and read up on the information necessary for a particular type of work. You will then be questioned on that subject and given a choice of options in case you are too lazy to actually do the reading bit.

Real education is about reading up on a subject and getting to know how it is in reality, what it takes, how it happens and how many are needed for the process. The little bits of paper are all about getting or raising self worth, starting to lose the doubt and to believe in yourself is the final process of the whole diploma accolade.

So faith and self belief has more to do with getting things done, learning and raising skills and abilities as well as healing the body and mind or even the emotions than any bit of paper you can pay through the nose for. So you can get off hopes treadmill and climb the faith rope and not the greasy pole.

Forecasting Disaster.

The doom and gloom merchants that all tried to keep the dependent still shackled to the safe and narrow, have had to back off as the swell of self belief has surged to 'well lets give it a go' and we can then 'see how it turns out'. Well suck it and see is a valid qualifier in the early days of finding feet, planting new foundations and setting out the stall for the first time. The day is coming when it will be needed to get up off our knees and take the reigns and realise there are no guarantees in this or the next world any more than there was in the previous ones. Hey ho here we go wheeeeee.

Crowsnest Views.

Whatever the weather we all must trundle on, set the table cook the meal, eat then clear-up and then wash and put away. Nothing is as simple as saying making tea, dinner, supper, but we all know its easy to say and is so much more in the play. The goal should be the target, the means takes into account fitness, preparations provisions and materials and of course familiarity with the task and how to complete it. Walking to a destination is a route plan, a mode of transport, familiarity with the rout and its distance, and time evaluation (in case of a return trip), any stopovers that are necessary and that is that. Unless of course you are a thirty something China man trying to report a lost wallet in Europe. While on your way to a walking holiday in Italy. Seems translators are not an option and a lot of refugees 'look' Chinese. Of course it did not help that the man could not speak the lingo, but it was worse that the authorities did not have a phone translator service like our benefits system has. But the saviour of the day was an app to the rescue, blimey you could not write a better real time add for the translator app but there it was.

An aid worker saw that the man was a little bit too well dressed and not like the unfortunates the camp was used to and that he did not speak any English or European and was not aware of the refugee lingo either. This of course roused the budding aid workers Sherlock curiosity and so the tale ended with the man relating, he was handed a refugee form by the busy official because the official assumed the non European speaking person in front of their face must of course my dear Watson be a refugee as there are no other sorts of travelers in Europe at this time because of the bombs and terrorist threats. What became of the man is never clear as there is no follow up to the Tales of a Transient Tramper.

So too busy to check and make the identification not even having a smart phone in the job to translate for them. With a global map to identify region click and up comes the dialects of the country and bingo its into snap chatting without the need for a third party, just a handy carry it with you at all time smart phone with the companies online apps to bridge the language barriers. A must for the travel companies, information centers of the world, available from the staff of your local travel information centers.

Hi’s and Lows.

Banning is an inherent big brother tactic, a should we have even more useless sway over the incidental choices of the seekers on their paths. Inhibiting choice freedom of decision and blocking paths yet another form of body blocking the quester on the drive of the gauntlet. The fact that radios, papers and all modern day media outlets have interviewers and writers that frequently ask the dumb question ‘should we ban this’, ‘is it time to use legislation to stop this’. All right out of George Orwell’s big brother knows best fest, that old dated tomb 1984. The idiots in the pack proceed to answer the dumb question as if changing legislation to discriminate in a democracy is a valid state of the law. Personal responsibility will take the control freaks right out of the equation and that just of course leaves the chatroom, groups and pages on the social media platforms. Where every now and then up comes one of these idiot tests and in dive the shills to set the mark up and hey presto entertainment for the bored.

How low can they sink, to the height of high stink, easy when so many never stop to think. On the know as the game will grow in the nod and the wink.

Ways and Means.

The idea of sport as in being made sport of, involves the lowest form of debasement, berating, ridicule enticement and baiting all the measures of the gauntlet. Ideally it is a testing form of measuring temperament, pre-induction, pre-discipline to know the materials quality (react or respond) and quantity (endurance and limits) all really a weighing process for induction into the group or form.

It is very rare that anything is just how it appears to be or that it is as it presents or represents itself to perception.

Cupping (no if your as old as me not that form of spooning) was not exactly getting a toast of praise today on the nations airwaves all thanks to the spectacle that is the Olympics as some swimmers were seen with the aftermath marks of the controversial technique.

The main protagonist argument came from the good old concrete boys as they labeled it hocus pocus, black arts, without logical or practical basis for conclusive effects. That all that it did was salve the emotions, that it had no physical or pragmatic effect an emotional placebo by their nut and bolt rational.

This argument that only chemicals and solid input like food can effect the body is as old as the hills. We the essence of being that is resident in the host body are therefore experiencing through sensation and emotion the interaction of mind and body through feeling. The body is just the computer hardware, the mind the software and the essential person (the ‘I’) is the operating system in this form of argument. The deal we are led to believe from this view is that it is a one way communication and interaction system. That healing needs a physical thing to heal pill, cream, lotion or treatment. So what is rest and relaxation got to do with recuperation.

The fact that most medicines in the world today rely on the placebo effect, believing you are doing something to heal yourself empowers the immune system to boost the repairs. Has no place at all in the dunderhead argument. So the fact that we need to empower our belief that we are doing something to heal ourselves triggers the appropriate response. That fact that some chemicals have and effect and that after a time the effect stops was not even raised. Pain killers stop working at the chemical level. Look at terminal patients that have their morphine raised as their tolerances rise, the meds doses rise. Then some unfortunate accidents happen that have been written off as mercy sleeps. Now if the same prognoses was used with athletes that think they are struggling and need something to help them believe in themselves does the med work because of the chems or because the struggling faith crisis gets the better of the athlete. Those that are not prone to self doubt, undermining themselves and have faith in their recuperative powers, their ability to keep improving get better results. If the drug dealers hype is to be believed then it is still aimed at those in need of assistance.

Now Neo will it be the red pill to stick in the chemical solution, or the blue pill to hairy fairy land. Just what is your self determination and do you need a salve, a cupping or a massage to raise your esteem. Answers on ....

Excellence over Mediocrity.
Luck Intervenes.
Weather This.

Wow what a downpour last night or as my old mum would have said ‘It’s hail water oot there, gled tae be in ootae it’.

A deluge of water streaming down the streets, carrying mythical invasions of ghostly foreign fleets. A night under the storm, safe in the hearths warmth sheltered from elemental harm. A cacophony of rhythms beat out the sound, delivered by aerial assault in waves that pound, accumulating in waves that sweep the ground.

The airwaves were awash with the topic of looking down our noses on the disadvantaged and ways of making them stick out even more than is comfortable for a country with such high world broadcast standards for human rights. The topic in question is ‘What is the true value of a school uniform to you’. So how exactly do the high and mighty find new ways to keep these already socially snubbed unfortunates, to still kept feeling their disadvantage even more. Well lets not give them enough money to make their socially ostracised offspring stick out like sore thumbs. When the whole point is they lack the uniforms and accessories to fit into the herd on an equal basis, but lets penny pinch and make it all about the money and give them less than it takes to buy what is needed to fit in with their ‘peer group’, yep that is a rigged game of swapping stones for social ink bombs that stain the child for life. My how we have progressed with each successive generation. They can at least congratulate themselves that they no longer cast real stones in their public ridicule games of king of the hill for their own progeny’s social segregation games. Nice to feel superior by looking down our noses isn’t it, now is this a typical British or just Scottish national pastime, answers on the back. So if these disadvantaged people that obviously cannot afford the meet the monetary requirements and so their children will suffer. Which includes the ones trying to better themselves, or are just trying to not get picked on or made to endure being made to feel inadequate are the real victims, regardless of the built in sacrificial lesson to the adults to contribute more by giving them less than enough money to get the uniform and accessories. If they keep claiming they are helping the children then they are failing, for the child cannot choose the parent, and the lack in the parent is being taken out on the children. A uniform and accessories is whats needed, either bear the burden of the cost for the few that really need it so they can fit in and will not rot on the vine. This will give the rest that roasting that either makes a resentful dropout and social reprobate, and in very rare occasions produces one in a hundred that will punch above their weight.

For the people that organise these charitable sporting events can tell yourselves that at least you are reducing the participants in your social stoning games. After all who needs the modern day equivalent of a pen/pencil rubber, sharpener, ruler satchel, shorts, plimsolls (sand shoes), swimming trunks, towel and goggles. When you have snazzy plastic sandals and everyone else has real shoes, when mum can get plenty from more of the same from jumble sales. When going to get decent shoes for ‘the big school’ meant a trip to the local begging panel for a chit or line and then to a real shoe shop in Cowdenbeath at eleven for the first time, and never seeing how embarrassed your mother was at not paying but handing over a charity slip as the new shoes on yer feet were bran spanking new and you couldn't take yer eyes of them all the way home. Where you had to go and take them off as they were for school and it was back into your ‘sannies’ to kick about. No it leaves no scars none that the high and might can see anyway from their lofty peeks, all the way down into the gutters of the past.

What a big improvement this nearly enough money game is from my day when , it was all free school meals and no school uniform as the comprehensive schools then had few that demanded uniforms. Especially when you had your older siblings hand me downs that delivered the social stigmata mark, to make you stick out and get your daily dose of some snide persons superiority in a berated exchange or beating. My how things have improved. To expect people that have this sort of behavior to ever improve is too much to ask of the morally superior. The wheel may turn, the times they may be changing, but it still seems that the more it changes the more it stays the same. My what laudable human rights we pretend we have. And how superior they are, as we spread the word about ourselves as they are PR’d on the world stage GB public release to other countries in the world in the first century of the third millennium since we nailed the carpenter to the two bits of wood.

Grin and bear it, buck up, never mind it will soon be over, this too must pass. Cant keep a good man down and the rest are just being kept where they deserve to be. Cross the road, never let eyes meet, don’t get caught alone or caught out at the mercy of the privileged herd of young as they look for sport or entertainment at someone elses expense.

Who’s Brothers Keeper.

Russia in the western world wide bad books again, they must surly be used to the doghouse of western standards by now. Still it is good of them being our someone to look down our noses on, after all what is the Brit abroad if he cant look down his nose on all that is beneath his high standards. The rest of the world wide bandwagoners will just use that to oust a potential medal winning haul so they can try and glean from the fallout. Wow how superior the west is no wonder we invade other countries, dictate to them and enforce our rule we rock.

We are a diverse world, the supremacists have never proven superiority but after two failed world wars, one failed secretive world domination program, that’s three strikes in anyone's book. We still have the gall and outright arrogance to think we are better when we behave with the same level of scruples the drug users and takers all use to flush the system before going (detox) to the events so they can appear squeaky in the world glare. When the Olympic ideal is at its highest it is for the very heights of our Olympic standards, nobility, courage, responsibility, playing by the rules, saving lives and bringing aid to the less fortunate. Till then corporate backers all apply the rules of their despicable trade and they sully the very thing they clamor after.

Manyana, Manyana, Manyana.

One fine day, when your time comes, take your turn, leave some for others, don’t shame me in public. Who do you think you are, mind your tone with me my lad.

Tomorrow never comes and so does not exist ever, for tomorrow transforms in time to today, right now and the carrot is perpetually still held out. Rome wasn't built in a day, finish it in the morning. Leave some for later, one bit at a time. The day is made up from three time segments, earlier (before the ‘now’), now (the present), later and the later is some indeterminate time in the same day.

Observational Delusions.
Harvest (Rev NRM)/Jera.
Seed Crops.
Snobbish Behavior.

Well the airwaves hit new heights this morning in a phone in from the snobs and yobs version of the punch and Judy stance of presenting a misnomer. The first caller had a few good digs and the rest all seemed to follow suit. The question was what to do about drunken behavior on board air flights. The duty free got a discount when it was noted, 'don’t let them buy any at departure' and then that would mean the cash was spent in another country if you could only buy the stuff on arrival. Then there was the tanking up or pre-fuel stage of the ‘log in’ up to two hours before so you (we can sell our overpriced drinks) can tank up from boredom, put up with delays annoyances and your resentment will be peaking before you even board the confined rat packed seating shuttles. And last but not least what about stowing a carry on after a home binge, let the taxi driver bear the brunt of the shuttle or a designated sober person. So the behind the chair routine top-up the confined space (close quarters) with lots of annoyances all around. This of course is just the weather report, now lets look at the character of the behavior of the culprits in the usual suspects lineup.

So make a pressure cooker environment, stick the fussy quiet life seekers with low tolerances and a lot of British reserve in the mix with the nouveau riche, working salt of the earth, that use drink or drugs to get hi over their fears of flying, close quarters with unknowns, going someplace new. The sort of people that work hard fifty odd weeks a year for a pittance in service to the likes that will look down their noses at them in a social setting. So the bungee jumping, all action life is a hoot is mixed up in economy cattle grids as they all pay the same price and are therefore all the same type to the seat booker’s philosophy of a buck is a buck and yours is as good as the next persons so take it or leave it. The I’m to busy or too important or just cant be bothered attitude must be trained in it cant just be accidental. And the list of viewing attraction identifiers is endless and the camera sales from them must be legendary by now. What with the likes of Naomi Campbell in the ranks of the celebrity get me off this cattle-market cheap flight season of early releases.

But all joking aside, the real problem is people don’t know people nor do they see themselves properly. The environment for the common man has heavy peer pressure to not act pretentiously, to fit in and conform and the price of failure is to be ostracised, ridiculed penalised in the know. This means grand and elevated status diction, behavior and manners are all picked on as being from another clan, herd or pack. They tend to live at pack, herd, shoal and flock status levels and judge by association and similarity. As we all do and it is all about peer related evaluation. If the ostracised are of a finer quality it is assumed that they will remain on the outside and not try to rejoin the clan. That making the long trip into the development of self will lead to stronger stock or the formation of new groupings. The old pretentious ‘We are not the same, you are uncouth, boring, judgmental, crass opinionated loud and expressive, making the ex member the ‘cured smoker’ on a mission, me thinks the cured doth protest too loudly suhr. So the stereotypical not one of them is no longer forming into the flight of the pretentious soaring over their old nestlings. In the age of better standards of education, more social opportunities and platforms for advancement that is now just a tacky dated cliche by comparison. Even though there were one or two planted stereotypes on the phone in no one raised to the obvious bait.

So the get the dog to chase its tail just proves that its not just dogs that do it, cats and most long tailed animals can snap at their own rear ends in annoyance. So adrenaline junkies and the snobs on the one side, the stretching the group to new levels and pledging friends to join them, with over drinking and the hothouse and containment temperament testers pitfalls and traps in place for the unwary as they try to fly the flock or set of in new directions and drag the close quartered with them. It is a recipe for the work placed eye on the Joe public real telly segments of the 80’s and 90’s variety. So people in the herd that no longer feel like they fir in or belong and are trying to branch out into new areas as cheap magazines tell them to do. Make the mistake that going alone s never good and that they drag a not ready to follow follower with them. Now with online groups a ‘getting to big for the nest’ one will attract the right quality and the quantity will be good enough to select from and the new GPS trackers will line you up locally, a few drinks first after the talk page hookups and the getting to know sessions. A girls/boys night and who knows if they are local, and the players get spotted and dropped or black balled early enough and it is a whole new market. Not skills based, not background exclusive, not religiously orientated but with sub groups for the inclined. Sorted ‘tell em’ where you hear it from first.

Maximum Investment.

The main objective in any startup development is to not take too much out of the running capital before it has hit sustainable mass. To illustrate this I will tell you a tale I was aware of and this view of it was the one given to me so I will use no names.

A social club was agreed to be built by a local/regional group of like minded hard working men and women with their own skill sets as the input and cash for materials. They say it took this kinda off the beaten track place eleven years to build the premises and get the bankroll to start it up. As an introduction they hired a band from ten o’clock at night till one o’clock in the morning on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with a D’J on a Friday Saturday from one o'clock till two in the morning. They charged only a quid at the door and the drink was all club priced, even cheap grub like soup, stovies and hot rolls or chips and suppers on site (great food) all weekend. There was also bingo and slot machines as you would expect. They say that friends and contributors never paid more than a few bob for a drink and that some could take from the back of the bar. Not a good business practice though if it was true. But it was shut down eighteen months after it opened and the tale is one of loss for the community because if was a hoochin hidey hole every weekend, nae bother and great nights of which I have many a happy memory.

The idea with a business startup is to get over the inertia and get the body up to speed asap, once it is then it is a case of reinvest to the extent that it provides you the income you feel you need to have the life you want and for it to pay for it, a critical mass point of sustainability. The reinvestment till that point is to offset, material hikes from the greedy machine, legal paper squeezers from the grubby blackmailers. Blocks on product by similar suppliers you know how this squeeze works. It means living small when you want to live big after all we all try everything else under the sun first and only get to doing our own thing when we have exhausted every glint of a hint of a probability of not having to go on our own.

Recording Rights.

Laptops and phones at public events, cattle control is illegal and not the paying public’s responsibility, time for the cheap skate organisers to pay more of their way as running costs they take too quickly from the capital base or just spend as they go or please. So do the organisers have to pay and invest in the tech, like bands on the roadshows invested in staging, lighting large screens etc. Now for this generation of smart phone and laptop they can have signal blockers set up in the arenas and that should effectively block that, well except for old style offline cameras, with memory cards and great lenses, for stills and video. Oh well ho hum look at the things still to come.

Tail Chasing. (Ever Decreasing)

The fact that we are competitively set against ourselves and that the competator is sold as the other it is in fact the dog being enticed to chase its own tail as the tail wagging the dog, but when the dog wags the tail that is a different tale entirely.

Personal Discretion.
Unqualified Opinion.

The funny thing about life is if you are not in it you cannot win it. Still if we all must be responsible for all out conscious and unconscious actions, intent and drives, impulses as well as conforming to a universally accepted way of being. As taken from an unwritten chapter that declares, good behavior acceptable practices it begs the question in a land that has to steal information about us about habits, behavior, means and history. Does this apply that they have not got the rights to dictate, or to expect a standard as no one has signed up and filled in the contract. Just like a parliament cannot claim to own a country and be its servant. It cannot claim sovereignty as the residents convey their rights to their elected representatives to act on their behalf. Armed police are on the streets in a country that you are innocent till proven guilty and yet there they are. Until a bomb goes off no crime has been committed, and whenever a crime has the time of response means in this day and age they are gone before they get there.

Now unless these armed and dangerous people can teleport to the situation they will just end up doing what the regular unarmed cops will do and that is, get the information. Mobilise while the route is sussed and forwarded to the lead vehicle, have to get through inner city (London) traffic and get there while the crime is still sizzling feature hot on the fervent lips of the media presenters (and the cameras are still rolling) is a subtle fashion to size the situation and be advised as to the innocents, access, perpetrators etc..... You do see where this is going horses and barn doors all spring to mind in a confused media package. Funny how the powerless in the face of the unstructured still revert to fear based solutions. Or huge well publicised, we are armed and extremely dangerous, well equipped and trained for any event and shouting it out in the well focused media scattergun approach to declaring to the unseen intruder in the house, that ‘I have a gun and I know how to use it’. Any struggling screen writer please leave this plagiarisers appetiser for the college kids or first year students. If it wasn't pathetic media mush it would be laughable. Some government lackey gets funding to keep fear alive and to add knobs on a force that already has it covered as best as is humanly possible to do. So is this just another Westminster nice little earner for the boys club, and what sort of message are we sending the terrorists. We fear you, your terrorism is working we are ramping up the the scaredycat stakes so now we look ‘ridiculous’ a level of Hogwarts dismissive testing. And if we say the word out loud enough will the whole sorry media exercise just fade away into the Ministry Of Magic Tricks bottom locker where it came from.

I know chaps its looking a bit boring out there while we try and wangle our way out of the Brexit stupidity, lets whip up some media frenzy of the fear category type about the mythical bogymen variety just to liven up the day. Unless of course they really have been working on other things besides the Harry Potter cloak of gullible incredulity. Have to just like everyone else keep an eye on the press releases for the latest fiasco in the mythical chase of the diminishing terrorists. Surprised they haven't tried recruiting them as they make our own look like the knuckleheads that would think that arming police on safe streets is a good idea, must be graduates of the Donald Trump school of political correctness. Man must be needing the meds again, this is getting hard to swallow.

Personal Liability.

So the state thinks its ok to bring in a medical professional hope they know how to listen when the symptoms have all been declared and they are liable when they state that you are undiagnosed. That if the condition shows easy distraction, low concentration memory loss like the dustbin driver that never declared his defects to safeguard his income. Because the state has not got an earner wrapped around the undiagnosed conditions and illnesses. But if you declare these conditions and at some later date when forced into penury existence, you are not liable they are and the professional man in the hot seat is. For personal discretion before the fact will almost certainly in the light of the new transparency rules be personally responsible and liable for any injuries that arise from his discretion and subsequent ruling on your fitness for work. The fact is in that situation because if you do not declare before an incident something you later rely on in court makes you liable of not declaring and forfeit to rights representation and costs. Any no win no fee lawyer will tell you this is the nut grabber sweat and it should be brought to bear at the sharp end in the interviews and the assessments. As legal aid has been cut off unless your name is ex prim minister. Then no win no fee is the way for you and me, bulk cases and actions are the first tide turner to use so get it out and about.

Conning The Conner.
Breaking Inertia.
The Garden Path.

To encourage someone to believe you and then to support them until reliance on your input, being there or aid becomes a crutch for them is this not a position of trust, and then just why did you do this what was the must. Confidence, to confide in, to take comfort from, that old not feeling alone. The actions without trust that come from the heart of stone. To sucker the idiot with a punch, to watch them play an immature hunch, they could believe in a free lunch, subject to knickers in a bunch.

They do say you should not try and teach your granny how to suck eggs and I suppose the same is true for your granddad. The sheer fact that nothing is new under the sun except for the next in line is as old as the hills. The virgin snow is just virgin for the first footfall after the last cast. The new territories were only new for the settlers and in their never having been away from home they treated it and all they came across as there just for them. They never considered that their choice to leave home and move to other lands meant that those lands would already have been populated just made them consider they had past the point of no return and so took it upon themselves to play god on someone elses territory.

Then to compound the larceny in their hearts and minds they constructed ownership and asked the Indian where were his/her papers as every white man under gods sky had a document of proof of ownership and the indigenous didn't get the fact that as they were not white men, they had entitlement by possession and a lineage way back to when the white man was living in caves and wearing skins. Now you and I know the lie for what it is, the con was getting the tribesman to buy into needing a piece of paper to still remain on his own land. Awe the clever or is that cunning like the fox white man out on a limb and with a nation of people that had no defense against their wiles. And of course the turkey shoot and the barrel of fish entertainments began. To the shame of the land grabbers and deceivers as they laid waste and decimated then finally laid claim to what was not given to them. Still there is only one interpretation for the saying ‘what god has brought together let no man put asunder’ isn't there boys, payback is a bitch take it from one who knows. The decimation of nations of man for the glint in the eye of the dreams of avarice, wouldn't want to have to owe that debt only be owed it, some will be on the wrong side of that judgment one day as the tally of the tithe is brought to account.

New Growth.

Well spring sprung and the summer was under a cloud and the overcast skies are like the hidden bushel light. Glinting but not quite sparking into brilliant bright. Roots did sink stalks did stretch and the stems all branched, leaves clothed the naked bush and the flower is promised soon with a whiff of the hint of fruit in the air. The promise is for an autumn festival atmosphere with the heavy water before the heaters are turned on to dry and warm the nights against the change to winters blanket. The wheel just like the tide cannot be affected or changed, one turns notch by inevitable notch as the other surges by the ebb and flow and cant be rearranged.

Landscape Orientation.
Motion Less.
Dumb Herding.

The whole idea of education is reversing by disposition as much as orientation away from intellectual excellence. A general dumbing down seems to be the directive behind the process is generally producing a capable set of skills but incapable of autonomy. An indecisive base needs better management and more control than self autonomous distinctiveness.

Forty years ago autonomy was still a much needed directive in education, pre box ticking evaluation systems being introduced it was to take out of the final batch. This produced a divergence of drive and interpretation as loggerheads, bottlenecks and with instinctive skills producing willful response levels created a crosstalk and interference to unified directives echoing mayhem and chaos. Now we have greater tech and yet it is simplified to the point of becoming idiot servants, point, click, speak or pick. The tech is high and the menu's and apps are slick, that's the trick to fool the ill educated that they are getting cleverer when in reality the education is dumbing down. They cant control people that can think for themselves and worse yet, if you can think and can process for yourselves you will see that it is just Ozymandias behind the footlights curtain pulling levers and using smoke and mirrors on out dumb side in our distractions and in some cases of advanced thikinosis right before your disbelieving eyes.

When you consider that life is supposed to be experiential and that thinking is just a means to crack nuts, and get at the savory delicacies of life for any advanced level monkey brain it will all start to make sense. In the seventies very few people could use or program their video programmer. Except to record what they were watching in the schemes and estates. There were and still are exceptions, but ‘nobody likes a smart-ass’ was a saying and was rife in the times and dumb was seen as being good in the herd. Anyone that showed to be too different was about to get it and in those days you never did it twice unless you were a glutton for punishment. In this day and age parlance that translates to ‘a masochist’ or a sadists delight.

So here we all are in the box ticking low brow hi tech world of the present day, all the gadgets and still no real genius showing and the tech is about to plateau at the smart-phone level of handy apps in your handheld devices and off course it even has a tool for the plastic loving closter wankers a built in vibrator for those lonely nights and you don’t have to carry any suspicious or obviously sexual devices in your weekend bags. My how the times have changed and how far we have come ‘tech’ five steps forward, intelligence three steps back. Not exactly progress when you look at it that way now is it.

To target predictable useful responses reducing reactionary and counter productive practices taking of prejudices glasses. To see our way clear, to step up and out without fear, carry only the precious and most dear, the crows nest gives sight but the captain must steer. Five steps forward three in reverse, not exactly progress more the gear of reverse.

Hidden Wealth.

The training of instincts in skills is a bonus to the bloodline, if the instructions are encoded in emotions and the skill is an active and not a passive set. It makes Matrix or Joe 90 a poor tool-set because the machine upgrade and download of a skill-set requires a symbiotic hot live link. The natural bloodline does not need this cyborg frippery and the skill-sets from an endorsed bloodline can be excessive for the times they are imbued at an ascension point in a lineage. The endorsement of the skill-sets of say three hundred years or even three thousand years from swordplay, tracking, defense, power-plays, languages and you begin to see why the delusion of genetic manipulation needs bloodline cultivation. The cyborg will find that low level electrical static generation and nanobots with energy conversions in the system will be subject to wear and tear, loss and power outs. This is not even mentioning that the energy will run out some day. If nuclear is brought into play too quickly with an immature or ignorant footprint it will only end in disaster, that thankfully those that do not have the fallout on their doorsteps will be able to reap the rewards from other peoples failures. Do you learn from other peoples mistakes, no never been a second child then, big sis or big bro will be trying it all on the go in the flow and the second will get to start from knowing better by bad example and by luck or good design. The Elder that is instructed and lead is not capable of full autonomy and so will be on the leash till freed or liberated.

Shadow Caster.
Defense (Rev NRM)/Eihwaz.
Don't Admit Later.
Oz Cranking Handles.

The weather and the times conspire to better climes. Well the airwaves abound with questioning sound.

The Shadow that follows us in the light, reports what we are worth in the night. The blanket that does surround, as the streets we pound, taking us to what will astound.

The Russian question and the western influence are all the current vogue. But the biggest shadow to follow anyone about in their next life must be the list of cronies and the system accolades that may well haunt the future career of a once was, a candidate for the lauded position of recognition, ‘say didn’t you used to be someone in the real world at one time matey.’. The Corbyn landslide and citadel that stood against the spy's and infiltrators that tried to bring the peoples shepherd down with its lone wolf attacks, the sacrificial character bombers, the mud slinger’s and the rules carpers all tried and they will not give in. The ruling class do not hand back forty years of subjugation just because the prisoner now knows that he is locked in. No this will require an all out attack on the sacred ground of the holier than thou right in the midst of their inner sanctum to route the parasites from the feeding trough.

It does seem a shame that the game riggers, plot makers cannot see when they overstep lines, break protocols, trash taboo’s and ride roughshod over the salts sandcastles and daydreams of how they wish to believe life truly is for them. Cold water in the face, sharp wake up calls, herding and asset stripping and yet they still cannot see why they should not do these things. Well their breeding program is being arrested and they still cannot create the perfect genetic long life model of a superior body, yet that does not stop them, science, army funded development, secret departments that answer to no one. Funds that go missing, agreements that break traditions, developments that never have good outcomes for the pleb at the base of the pyramid they perch on the shoulders of those that support, endorse, and blindly go along with so the users can take even more. Well he that is precariously balanced on a pole, should not take offense to the root of the pole lest he undermine his own precarity. Dogs chasing their own tails, round and round the carnival wheel goes and it never stops on a winner, why would anyone keep going back. The carnival arrives and they walk down the high street, they put on a few shows stay a few days and are gone, as they can only fleece each sheep once, as it needs time to get over the sheering.

Tense Timing.

One of the things that we tend to forget to ask as we are told that the world is made up of random acts, random incidences and coincidences, is why is this happening at this particular time and even worse for considerations purposes is why are you instigating this at this time and in this fashion.

Timing is not coincidence, lets just take the Sherlock stance for a moment, that there are no such things as coincidences. This will lead you to consider all the lines of consideration that are associated to or with predetermination, allocation of manpower and resources and worst of all timing, get this wrong and there are no coincidences just lost opportunities. But it has to be said paranoia begs the question that has not been asked yet and that is what exactly is the plan, was I the only one not to get a script, why am I out of the loop, not in on the gag always on the sharp end etc. Etc.

Now Pronoia is the concept that the world is conspiring to aid you to help you and to get you to your destiny because it loves you. Good storyline for a Wendy house children's book and the way the west keeps it plebs growing up thinking, well all the old cartoons no longer get broadcast and that leaves us all looking at the harsh realities. Why are the French and the Chinese at this time trying to get us to invest in nuclear, yet their own footprint development plans are all more ecologically based, renewables and suck. Yet we are somehow obliged because someone will feel offended if we go hang on a minute, yer aving a laugh aintcha mate. Well the timing is a little susspect, they are not going to do that on their own lands, build experimental developments, but on an island nation that is secular and divorced from any fallout well that does say collusion, and that we are the mark. Now are we going to have a crinkly hinkly or are we going to declare the kings new clothes.