Dunfermline Glen.
This one is hot of the memory presses.
Plans of Mice and.
Dunfermline Glen, way back when.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Way back in the day when first we met
The magical meteor shower hadn’t happened yet
Was reading alone in Tarzans tower
A beautiful day cant remember the hour.

You walked on by and we both had a look
I pretended to be really into my book
You and your friend stopped on the bridge
I propped my feet on the railing ridge.

When we met we bantered as we talked
Keeping it up as we stood or walked
We met again and drink was consumed
Picking up where we left we both resumed.

Sleeping under the stars and moonlit walks
Cant remember what started the talks
One night under the meteor shower
Held spellbound for more than an hour.

It came to pass that we would run
The trills and spills and for the fun
Holed up in the woodland cottage home
With lots of walks for us to roam.

Picking hazel nuts right from the tree
Was one of the better memories for me
The day we broke crossing the impassible river
The bramble feast was a bit of a life giver.

The day came when the search found us
We let them take us without a fuss
Keen though the memory is for me
It was one of those things not meant to be.

Not what it Seems.
Born into Rights.
Shifting Trees to see Better.

The big debate about the race hate in Labour during an election run up does not seem even slightly suspicious, the fact that it was caught on camera right in the middle of a media data collection point cannot have gone unnoticed. Yet it is still being hashed and it is even being taken to task by its parties. The whole idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity is beginning to show form yet again. The blatant tactics of some people and ones that are prepared to take the fall and to retire on a book deal is all just pure speculation honest.

The seventeen schools that were such a big part of the months front forums has just had an update that some students will be back to their original classes by next month. The bad news (really for kids, getting off on a break?) is that some of the schools will not be ready till the start of the next intake August - September. The building regulation system is well in need of an overhaul and the vetting process for signing off work done also needs reviewing, but hey that is only some peoples opinion honestly so it is.

Taking your kid off school for the family break can still get you fined and threatened with incarceration if you flout the rules. The standards of education state that we are not achieving targets and by the looks of the grading, a couple of months off over the final terms would not make a dent in the results. So yet another jobsworth holding up a perfect ideal for imperfect people to fail by. Talk about hunt them down and put them out of our misery, anyone for a rat hunt, names and addresses on the back of a GBP £5 note and send them to my ‘recover from your house fire fund’. No donations will be turned down beggars cant be choosers so even a pound will do.

It seams that pregnant women are being attacked by the we can think for everyone brigade of Dudley do rights as they canvas mothers about their drinking habits during their pregnancies. The truth be told mankind has been living with the realities of drink and all its issues for centuries, yet the modern day Hitlers with their scientific idea of perfection will insist that it is in the babies interest. Just as soon as one of these trial lives that are not born yet speaks up from the womb to defend their unborn rights then we should all listen. Like a crime is not a crime until it is committed, a fetus is not a person until it is born into life. The idea that it has no say about the poisons you take is a harsh fact of life and the people persuaders that seek to have us all living up to their loftier than reality states of perfection has just about had its day. Come on sign up to the big rat hunt the officious little diktat are getting to be really annoying the PC dictators are everywhere load up for bear and lets do a rat hunt and expose the little people haters and lynch them by the words out of their mouths. Seriously Mrs put the step away from the lynching device put the rope back on the wash line, it is just a virtual hunt, photos, quotes and what they think gives them the right to think they can speak for everyone.

The self appointed and the self anointed are no the saviors of the human race they insist on setting ideals that are so above the herds potential that the only thing we can ever do is fall from grace. We cannot make perfection or nirvana from a sows ear me dear. The modern approach of setting realistic goals and devising the means to reach of the stages on the way to the first targets seams to be beyond their capabilities to grasp the realities of the nature of man, his present levels of development and awareness and the likely hood that we will ever be able to change the leaden brain into golden consciousness in the first place, just who did the feasibility study on that one. Answers on the back ...... Yeah, Yeah my fire fund, you know the drill send, send, send, have a good weekend.

Light at the End of.
An Opertunity.
A Glimmer of Hope.

The tragic Hilsborough disaster is filling the airways with sounds of vindication and validation after the findings of the inquiry. The survivors and the families of those lost to the human error of thinking that a human being no matter how well trained in a uniform will make perfect decisions still has to be addressed. The nature of man to try to save his own ass is one that is built right into the DNA of the species and yet there are still some among the herd of man that will do the right thing and will take it on the chin says stronger than anything that we are all on a spectrum of human behavior, that ranges from selfish and self seeking to altruistic and self deprivating. Doing the right thing for the greater good of the herd is not a genetic imperative except where offspring are involved. The social cohesion of taking ones place and guarding us all is learned behavior that may or may not be passed on genetically and may well be a case for nurture over nature.

A week to go before the vote and the tension is fair fizzling along. The public seem to have made up their minds and the poles all show the SNP clear lead. The papers are all saying it to as well as the airwaves broadcasting the alternatives as if they have a chance. The nation is split but in a good way for once. The Westminster front is down to a limited account of the non Scottish residents and some of the sell outs that want to be nanny’ed. The people that are choosing a Westminster party are really showing us where their allegiances are. The Brit Scot at home is not someone that can call themselves Scottish just a freak of geography to them. The Scot Brit on the other hand knows the harsh realities for the rest of us at the hands of a Westminster Landlord.

Mrs Amal Clooney took a swipe at the Trump card that is sweeping the USA as the states all get behind the big mouth, well according to Amal he is making it with only the male voters, and as the man is still mouthing off she may just be right about that. The Hilary Clinton camp on the other hand have been accused of shutting down a competitors site by swamping it till it was taken off line. The tactics are being used to say she lacks the character to lead by doing this in the nation that sneaks a look at their peoples privacy without the right to do so. If the returns from the cast votes are being compared region by region and it is all in the laps of the gods, because that means that the swing voters and the undecided hill have the last say. Only trouble with this sort of politics is the absolutes will be known at the close of this leg and the campaign will be focusing on the swing and undecided for the close of the feature. Well it is still too early to say but the female contingent in the USA have a chance to back a woman even if she is not in the same party as the Trump. Canny call him ‘the Donald’ without hearing Andy Stewart singing ‘Donald wheres yer troosers’ in ma head. So this one is still the one to watch. There may well be a glint of a light at the end of this tunnel vision but we do live in interesting times.

Well the nation cannot really be shocked that the Government was last night defeated again in the House of Lords on the issue of unaccompanied refugee children in Europe being given refuge in the UK. The whole idea in a cash strapped, austerity driven economy that sold the family silver, borrows more than it makes and is on a permanent borrowing spree. In a nation that imports more than it has to export and with education and the cost of living what it is it will be a decade to a decade and a half for these generous gentlemen to start to see a return on their investment. No real surprise but it does sadden the soul some. The SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson criticised the Prime Minister for failing to see the comparison between the children at risk in Europe and the Kindertransport scheme, which helped rescue nearly 10,000 mainly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied territories in 1938/39. The Walk on by statement may well come back to haunt Cameron as he is coming to the end of his term and the cards are still pretty much in the air as to where he will be at the next election after keeping the nation under the grind of austerity.

The Meandering Way
This one woke up this morning and scrawled over the page.
The Parting Off ...
The Meandering Way
A Poem
Chris Millar

First one foot and then the other
In sandal, trainer or even bovver
Take the time to set a steady pace
Walk, trot, dance or run, it’s not a race.

Take in the sights and sounds along the way
Enjoy life’s diverse company every day
Take time out to just tread the water
Life’s too boring doing just what you autter.

If you attract an enemy for the darker deeds
Enlist good friend’s for the greater needs
Set some life goals or follow your dreams
Up close nothing is as it first seams.

Create your tools and polish your skills
Make some dates with thrills and spills
Sample the wares on life’s rich buffet
Listen to wisdom and have your say.

Learn to trust, then faith is still to be found
In all the ways and ties that keep us bound
See that truth is not just the black and white
That situations are most often won without a fight.

The greatest enemy is one you carry with you
It's shadow undermines all the things you do
The whispers from that dark well of doubt
The means by which failure is brought about.

Time to tally when the journeys done
On reflection memory will tell what won
Trophies tarnish or get lost along the way
Regrets are whatever never saw the light of day.

This one was home grown in August 1998. Then was first shown in 2006.
Bounty Happen.
A Poem
Chris Millar

For all the joys of this earth
Do we realise their worth?
Indulging in excesses of every kind
Confusing feelings diverting the mind.

Gorging till senses are reeling
The heart is devoid of any feeling
Still there is something inside
That this illusion can't hide.

Revealing the hidden
What’s dormant till bidden
Putting gratification, to one side
For just the physical, is where we abide.

When we're tired, we all need rest
Life’s not an exam or a test
Pull aside and learn to play
Find the things to fulfill your day.

Feeling better and refreshed
Is when we’ll be 'at' our best
Keep the goal within sight
Never struggle with all our might.

Realising the inner potential
Uniting emotion physical and mental
Is the purpose of every, soul
Like destiny is some self-fulfilling goal.

Can you Believe IT.
What it says on the Tin.

Well the phones were a buzzing and the questions just kept coming and the question was about green cars, does the carbon footprint of your car influence your purchasing options. The answers came thick and fast, a couple of motoring journalists were also on the line and the results would surprise the common man. The main thrust of the callers all had gas guzzlers and they boasted enough to make Jeremy Clark purr. The upshot was a bragging platform that resounded with if it mattered when ‘China’, manufacturers etc all keep belching it out and paying lip service to the idea instead of getting behind the program. The carbon emissions summit had a lot to do with the format for the show but it did not bode well for the outlook. The only thing that had a great deal of measure was the statement from a 3.5 liter gas guzzler owner, that if they made only electric (needs more generators if they are all electric) or hydrogen based fueled cars and stopped making combustion engines (oil company chaos and crisis) then they would all have no choice but transfer to a cleaner car as there would be no alternative. The owner did say they would keep the guzzler as a collectors item and keep five gallon in it for short day trips. So there was little evidence of any form of guilt from the shameless petrol heads. One woman called in and extolled the benefits of her hybrid electric and the interviewer asked if it would be any good on a long trip like from Scotland to London and the stammering and flustering started. The radio guy then asked what she did for long haul drives and then she admitted to having a three liter car for long trips defeating all of her original bragging. The whole thing was a bid of a let down with some arguments being more in favour of cost and reliability as manufacturing and other countries carbon output being raised to the point that any little this would save the planet by would be like a drop in the pollutants tidal wave output. Then one caller stated that in the lifetime of the average family car the carbon output would be hard pushed to match what it took to create the car in the first place.

The secondary issue that took up the idle time was after the VW and now the 14 popular diesels that have just hit the headlines as car manufacturers are now being seen as fiddlers and cheats it seams the tech has been lied about again and again. Could this be to keep up employment numbers in the industry. The statements of manufacturers always reflect the salesman's tactics of never let a sucker have time to think. Once hooked the spiel is always heavily laden with promises and guarantees as per item, but the pitch is aimed at egos and at the closet petrol head in every careful drive. The whole idea that salesmen can be taken at their word is the stuff of legendary tales and TV or film scripts. The reality of life is the sales department and the promotional drive is only ever outed for its over statements and outlandish claims when the consumer testing starts and the mags all rate them against their nearest compatible alternative for engine, style and performance as well as functionality. Then the add campaigns all tend to trickle down to hard sell tactics at the outlets. The idea that every manufacturer should be held to product testing outside their own domain and against market competitors before they are allowed to make their sales pitch. Before they hire expensive promotional campaigners to pitch their products is a little before its time at this point in the timeline, but who knows maybe that will become the way of the future one day. Keep everything crossed till the day it does and nothing will ever get achieved again so maybe just hoping is enough for now.

The whole world has never taken anything at face value, from either the press, TV, Politicians and media moguls since the world shrunk to the new digital global wide instant communication of the present www platform. This smaller world and immediate feedback and instant access facility is the single greatest advancement that mankind has ever had at his disposal. The idea that we can stream video across the globe with minimum delay, have live chats and video link ups is all new and will need better policing. The latest rush to get some so called broadband providers to understand that they must deliver what they say in their spiel is certainly a step in the right direction as getting people to market their goods with a policy of does what it says on the tin is well overdue. The idea that products are anxiously awaited with bated breath by long queues of avid fans, with hands full of ready notes or wallets full of burgeoning plastic to pay for the desirable object have peeked and will wain as the global resource squandering and manufacturing duplicity begins to get global comparison sites and the message that was once safe in one continent till the drive petered out, then leapt to the next to start again are now a thing of the past given the global net and the eager users all chatting, comparing and keeping each other informed and up to speed with the latest about absolutely everything. Has and will continue to have an effect on product information, comparative reviews and the truth about reliability and performance as well as durability and is a game changer the likes of which the minimal information online specs per product will do nothing to the process. The writing is very much on the wall for this sector whether it likes it or not, watch that space. The sales techniques of the past will soon start to disappear as the online ordering makes product knowledge an iffy thing when you cannot tell anything about a product by shape, design and feel in a virtual environment. It will only be a matter of time before the virtual object will have to be view-able in 3D or they will not be allowed to market it online without an in depth review or a comparative testing to rate the mechanism, materials and performance as well as just prices for the good of consumer confidence. Buying blind from the blind sided sale is an old market dealers domain and will need better regulation as we all know they cannot be trusted and they cannot be believed. It is in our nature to doubt the too good to be true and it is a shame that we are more often right than wrong about it.

The Scottish Skills Shortage.
Making up the Difference.

The airwaves resounded to the sound of the Scottish skills shortage debate this morning. Namely that there are a greater number of people training for positions that do not exist in the same numbers as the numbers of trainees for these positions. This is causing a shortage in the skills base that people are not training for and an excess in skills that have a shorter number of positions. The main point that was not being discussed was the fact that the education system was out of touch with the workplace requirements for the said skills. Why are there courses with positions available for an area of industry that does not require the numbers that are being trained for in the first place. The lack of awareness or direct liaising with the required industries to manage the courses that should be available to the numbers required. The fact that some people will when trained will have to move to fill in the gaps in other areas and regions shortfalls is another factor that was not brought up in the discussion. The industry sector in Scotland has had a shrinking footprint for the last few decades and the lack of parallel representation and awareness of the need for each industrial sector namely the minimum qualification levels and the number of courses that reflect the numbers required for each sector is an issue that need to be redressed in the future. Training for training sake is not a solution it is an industry that is creating greater redundant workforce to get the numbers to fill their courses. A little better thought and planning is becoming a new priority for the age as the industrial footprint of this nation is still shrinking as the third world countries start to take over the manufacturing and industrial footprint that is out of our power capabilities as power and resource transportation and storage costs have put that firmly out of our reach.

The fact that the complete manufacturing base in the British Isles has been shrinking for the last three decades and the education system has been missing its market and miscalculating its numbers for the home market and dealing with foreign numbers aimed at foreign templates and the whole thing has become confused and the overlaps and the shortfalls are now becoming problematic as a result of this oversight. The human condition is prone to oversights and is liable to dismiss the irrelevant because of a prioritising mindset that has to deal with the essentials of the moment over the long term view with budget restrictions and sometimes less than sound judgment is engaged in the heat of the moment.Making the needs of the moment having a temporary priority shift because of circumstances and this is always prone to errors of judgment and the bad results are called accidents. The definition for an accident is an unplanned event or series of circumstances that occur to the detriment of the person or people in the incident. This can affect property as well as the personal state of wellbeing.

The trouble with starting out in any direction is that if you have miscalculated the direction that you have taken or the route that you thought would take you to your desired destination. Then having to readdress the situation only to find that the original plan was off by a few degrees will have the traumatic result of having to make a course correction or even a goal setting change that will scrap all the planning and provision from the first course of action taken. The results of a catastrophic change in direction can even make some people lose hope and give up the journey completely while some will make it look as if it was all natural and was just a mere adjustment. Horses for courses springs to mind.

Policy Broadcasts.
Chaos Reigns.
Starting Over.

Yesterday Kezia Dugdale was broadcasting her manifesto and policy points on the airwaves and she proved that she is a mistress of misdirection and answer evasion tactics par excellence. One of the pointers that was brought to the table was in reference to her new stance of keeping jobs local and improving the local resourcing policy she claimed to back if not promote. The question that was leveled at her was if this was indeed her new stance for the labour party, then why were her parties promotional documentation all printed in Wales in contradiction to her parties new stance on local sourcing. Without even a splutter or a pause she launched into having to deal with realities and that some things were planed well in advance and had been put into action before the time of delivery to be up and running as fast as possible so there would be no false start to the campaign launch. The next stumbling block came from the question, why was she head of the ‘Scottish Labour’ party when in view of the printing choice and then the local sourcing error or oversight when clearly the Scottish people do not have a Labour party it is an English party and that they should present themselves as the Labour party as the Scottish ‘branch’ of the Westminster party they really are. She again did not miss a beat and fielded the question by heading into her campaign rhetoric and basically did not answer the question. The interviewer then asked what were the labour parties priorities for its membership (mostly English and Welsh) considering the colour distribution from the election maps of the 2014 referendum and that they held no seats in Scotland. She retorted with it was her membership and the working person. In a high unemployment region they are losing members and voters. This again was glossed over with more electioneering. The rest of the phone in was less productive and just gave her a better platform for the election campaign which she never really strayed far from throughout. The fact that the SNP are a Scottish political party that puts its members (no English, Welsh or Irish so far) first is a hard act to follow. The Scottish Socialist Party is again a country specific party that has the word ‘Scottish’ before the party name to not confuse voters, yet the Scottish Labour party is in reality not a Scotland based political party and should just be called ‘Labour’ for Scotland and it is labouring every single day as it deludes itself that they or any other Westminster based party stands a chance with the Scottish electorate next month.

This country (Scotland) has stood up and counted and since the IndyRef they have had a while now to swell the ranks of Scottish people for the good of Scotland. Lets see any Westminster party that is trying to call itself ‘Scottish’ by just putting ‘Scottish’ before the party name do well with this transparent act to galvanise support from a nation that has just gotten off its knees and is determined to rise and stand on its own two feet by its own decision making and managing its, resources and manpower better than any absentee remote controller south of the border can. The nation is just finding its feet with a strong presence holding its own when not being excluded from English only issues to the point that we as a people would rather have this united front than have to split the Scottish power base with the SSP as they are intent on bringing it down or undermining it and therefore doing Westminster’s work for them. So if Scotland is truly their first priority then it is about time they stopped attacking our strongest representation at home and down south in over three hundred years. We would like to think that having put ‘Scottish’ first before the party will mean that they really mean what they say. Time to get behind the flag and then deal with the politics when we have established a majority enough to separate us either in an IndyRef2 or better yet in a UDI to take rather than beg for our inherent rights as a sovereign nation. So if the SSP can show the form to work for the greater good of the nation and to put party and policy issues asside till we have the platform this will be the strongest message this emerging nation can send to the international countries of the world that we would be seeking trade deals with from that new footing, so best foot forward, game face on and go to your corners or take the count.

After a disaster it is hard to get your head around the realities that you are left with to face, the clean up costs the liabilities and the resources and cash available to recover some of the lost ground it soon becomes clear at this point just what it is that you have lost and if it can ever be reclaimed or has to be consigned to room 101 as discarded and belonging to either another time or lifestyle that no longer exists.

The Best Of Service.
Keeping it Real.
Facing the Aftermath.

Woke this morning in a strange bed in a strange house feeling lucky to be alive. Have been trying to get my disabilities assessed by the system. Loss of concentration, forgetfulness and being easily distracted. And a house fire on Saturday night will probably bring this to a head, I have been falling down the spaces in the system for the last fifteen years. The fire happened by my being distracted from something important that needed attention then by something else getting in the way and taking my attention away from the necessity namely changing the batteries in the smoke alarms. Replacing a faulty kettle that has been faulty for over four months right through a state sanction. And was my main cooking device for the process. While changing the batteries I took both units down from the ceiling to see what I was doing better as I had two temporary batteries in the house to replace them with. When the phone rang it was my daughter and I got distracted by the call so I tidied the alarms into a drawer to deal with later. After the call some time later I had to get to the shops and that was the last I recalled them till after the fire. The fire brigade said the fire started with the fridge freezer well as it was unplugged by me about three years ago and I had visitors that I had a falling out with and they left in an angry reaction, I could not be sure and wanted to say nothing until I could see for myself. I managed to get access yesterday and low and behold there was only one plug in the wall and it was the kettles and the kettle was not to be found, in my rush to get back to my film in the bedroom I forgot to switch it off at the wall as I have done several hundred times over the last stretch of my life. So still waiting for them to confirm my findings. The fridge freezer was the second casualty in the fires progress. And the damage looked convincing in the thick of the moment but further study will prove it was the kettle. After my guests left the alarms never came back to mind as I was seething and hurting from some personal jibes and hateful words. The kettle was on a schedule to be replaced on my next benefit payment. I am after some push and shove I am finally on anti depressants.

My medication was destroyed in the fire and I am lucky to be alive as I was trapped upstairs in the bedroom from the fire by thick black smoke. I tried twice to get through it but I was panicking and gulping air and could not focus enough to calm down. So I dressed while maintaining a connection to the operator on the emergency services line. I had time to get the laptop out with some clothes onto the balcony and closed the door. I dressed and packed the laptop and went back into the bedroom (the door was closed) grabbed a coat that came to hand. I then tried the second attempt to get down the stairs telling the operator what I was doing. The smoke was denser and impenetrable the handkerchief on my nose and mouth was only a little help but I was still hyperventilating and had to get back in the room. I then went out to the balcony again and closed the balcony door to put a barrier between me and the smoke that had rushed in when I opened the door (should not have done that). It was getting smoky on the balcony so I opened all the windows to the outside one was open to start with to breath out off, once this was done I had a realisation that I may not get out of here and I began to relax to the inevitable I knew I was trapped and in gods hands. My breathing was switched to nose breath and my focus came as the panic left me. This was a death trap with no way out from the fourteenth floor, it had been twenty minutes that I had been on the phone the engines and the ambulances had all been there for about five to ten minutes. It was another few minutes before I heard the battering ram being used. I banged on the bedroom door not thinking that they must have seen me on the balcony leaning out the window (before I opened the rest) to get air as they arrived. They took ages to get the door broken down and then they went straight to the fire and dealt with it. When the first fireman reached me he had no breathing apparatus with him for me and so I had to wait till they cleared enough of the smoke so that I could walk out. I thanked the emergency services man and hung up the call, later I found out that I had been on the phone for thirty seven minutes. I walked out of the building against the odds and was in real good nick more by good luck or providence (taking the panic into account) and got the all clear from the ambulance man. I spent the weekend in the Hamish Allen Center in emergency accommodation, only had a few pounds on me as I was buying materials and had just forked out. I had a tenner in a jacket and twenty in a shoe for dire emergency in the flat. I lost nearly all of my clothes in the last wash in the living room that were waiting to be put away and some personal property. The new cooker and fridge looked intact when I managed to gain access to the property to try and salvage some things to not be so naked in the world yesterday. Had to go and get back the money for the materials from the last friend I had in the world and managed to alienate myself from him as well, as eighty pounds of it was a loan to him and so it was a difficult exchange this was paid before the fire and was a very different world away post fire. When I got to the property the main damage to the front door was on the lock side but there was extensive damage on the hinge side (strange?) of the door meaning the reason they were taking so long to get in was they were not hammering the lock side to start with, this seems strange as there were police there and training would suggest that not even the apprentice would make this sort of mistake yet the evidence is on the door of the death trap with no fire exits. I am not ungrateful to be alive I am pleased as it was me that phoned it in this defeats the depressive attempting suicide scenario and puts it down to faulty electrical goods and poor attention and being distracted, the meaning of an 'accident' is ‘An Unplanned event or series of unfortunate circumstances’ my scenario definitely falls into that category. The housing offices stepped up and yesterday I was decanted into temporary accommodation for about two months until the property is restored. I have no insurance since the policy renewal came up mid sanction and I was living on emergency rations from a food bank and the kindness of strangers. So as I have not mentioned the kettle and they insist the fridge and I had said nothing thinking an act of malice by a hostile visitor until I could see for my self glad I never said anything at the first mention of it. So lets see how long it takes for the constabulary to actually inform me of their finding. As a layman's opinion carries no weight except that I saw it with my own two eyes. No fridge freezer socket burn mass it was all on the kettle and the lead was burned through the other socket was free of damage. Lucky to be alive and glad to see the new day even in a strange house arising from a strange bed and feeling out of place, I suppose that will last for a little while and will pass as all things surely do.

I would like to take a moment to thank some people who were key in looking after me during the trauma. All of the fire service men for their help in getting to me and dealing with the fire and clearing the hazards so I could walk out of the building. Brian and Richard the ambulance men that attended me after I was evacuated. The WPC who got me a bag of clothes from my property and my glasses for me thank you all very very much from a grateful survivor. My housing officer Morag for dealing with the emergency and getting me access to the premises to salvage goods and then staying with it by transporting them to the decant flat. Thank you very very much I could not have done that without your help. I would also like to thank Wullie for settling me into the flat and giving me the tour of the facilities and for tuning the TV and replacing the cable so I could have the news and some radio. The flat is a comfortable furnished flat with all the amenities except washing machine but I have just been informed I can use my old flats launderette so the smelly clothes can all now get washed at the next available opportunity once I get washing powder and can make the hike something else for the shopping list for the day.

So the order of the new day is to start a shopping list for emergency essentials, my hair clippers suit and other job seeking essentials are in the now boarded up flat and so the list has to start with the need for a jacket as the suit will need dry cleaning before it can be used, grooming and shopping for food, as my two weeks of saved food were lost in the fire. The fact that I feel relieved and very happy to still be here is reinforced by the view from my decant flat it overlooks a cemetery now if there ever was a message in a view this one will not go unnoticed and unheeded. This is how a refugee must feel when they lose all that they own and are left wishing for clean clothes, water food and shelter as the priorities of the day. The fact that my new cooker and washing machine survived intact and with nothing but dust to wipe from them is a minor miracle when you see the damage the kitchen sustained in the fire. The airflow in the flat means that a gale that blows through my main door is extracted out through the vent in the kitchen window was the saving grace of the whole incident. The fire in the kitchen had a tough time trying to backtrack into the kitchen and so followed the air to the kitchen window and had to pass the fridge freezer and now the rest is history except for the findings of an insurance investigator. Life is interesting at the moment and will no doubt throw up some twists and turns, but my disabilities and work capability is now coming under question and will probably produce a full assessment if the luck that woke me up in the middle of a fire (sugar crash) as I was passed out on the bed and the alarms did not have their guarding status reinstated because of my inabilities. I have been like this all of my life and had to stop being a joiner as I was a disaster waiting to happen and had to leave to make sure that my mistakes did no damage to others. At least the anti depressant is a boon and I am not as nervous as I am off it but just as easily distracted and sidelined. Now that I can get access to a washing machine to clean up my fire damaged clothes to stop having to walk around stinking of smoke and burned wood, things are looking up a bit for now, hhhmmm decisions, decisions.

Just because you’re Worth It.
This one goes all the way back to 1998. Then was first shown in 2000.
Just because you’re Worth It.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The glamorous girls in fashionable clothes
Making lots of money as everyone knows
Commanding respect every where they go
And don’t we just loves those glitzy shows.

You are the Icon’s of your generation
Showered with open adoration
Emulated in what you do and say
Your doting fans willingly pay.

By wearing sprays and lotions
Expensive perfumes and potions
Painting false beauty to behold
Now bearing natural beauty, that would be bold.

What I say now, I say with regret
The pollutant’s tide hasn’t turned yet
Manufactured waste is a byproduct
Hardly of good conscience or even good conduct.

This destruction makes mother earth sick
And ‘Just because you’re worth it’
All this in the name of vanity
Perfect in this world of insanity.

The Game Players.
This one goes all the way back to 1999.
The Game Players.
A Poem
Chris Millar

This world is a crazy mixed up ball
It's time to restore life before the fall
The heart calls to the souls of light
Rally the banner to end this fight.

A legion of the greedy
Have learned to fleece the needy
As they twist life's great game
And they revel in the fame.

Lets call time on this hellish hump
Bringing them to earth with an almighty thump
The wind blew and seven Oaks died
The market trembled and the brokers all cried.

With David's key and gods plan
To open the seven for child woman and man
Some have known the truth all along
And put what they knew into song.

This plain speaking rhyme
Heralds the ending of their time
Within Eden there is a tree
The truth of this tree lives in you and me.

Sorting the Rubbish.
On the Spot.
Separating the Facts.

The airwaves resounded to the tune of rubbish this morning and the main point of the debate revolved around the Hull local authority saying it would take punitive action against its paying populace for not doing a job properly. The fact that they were not cleaning their cans and bottles both glass and plastic properly was the excuse they were using. The very fact that cans and all types of bottles have labels on them mean that they have to be washed seemed to have been missed by the local diktat as it chased people about their responsibility and lack of due care and attention to the process. Just a case of the pot calling the kettle mauwkit springs to mind. The fact that water is an issue in the world today how many times does waste need to be washed and how much water is being used to achieve what one washing process will have to achieve, namely separating paper from waste products for recycling. A rinse is good enough at the home base as an industrial washing process is needed at the processing level seams to be outside the thinkers remits as they line up stones and start throwing them for sport or even to raise money in fines. The whole idea that waste paper will be washed and pulped is not an issue where plastic and papers are gathered together as the washing will collect the pulp and compress it easier than transporting it in piles of dry paper, as it will require more power to use a compactor to compress the paper for transport.

The lack of standardisation was also brought to light as each region has its own local methods and some places have up to seven bins to store the rubbish and have it absolutely separated before collection. The goods one would suppose are collected on separate days requiring many uplifts to collect the waste as mixing it on the same day defeats the purpose. The more uplifts required have additional cost factors, from transport and processing machinery, fuel and power, manpower in wages from collectors to processors. The fact that most people seamed confused by the differences between regions and areas compounded the ignorance to a large degree. Some regions had a disability sticker for people with physical disabilities and their bins were treated differently in that they were picked up from their storage space then emptied and then returned when emptied. One caller said he had issues as his uplifters would just abandon the bins on the street and it was a chaotic mess and scramble to get your bins and return them himself all complaining always fell on deaf ears.

Having been born in the last century in the mid fifties the then ‘bin men’ used to have to got round each house and physically lift and carry the bin to the lorry. Then they had to return the bin to its original spot and to carry out any loose rubbish that was intended for uplift, small furniture broken goods all except rag. This was the day when we had little food waste as most houses at the time still had back gardens and most people had a vegetable patch or flower garden and sunbathing area that doubled as a drying green. The food waste was used in a home compost area for the garden and some had a water barrel for the dry periods. The wheely bin stopped the injury claims from lifting and carrying unknown weights usually from the back of the house to the road until the first time the council told us we had to start putting our own bins outside the front of the house. So the invention of the wheely bin was a multy purpose labour saving device. The time is coming when we have to consider a nationwide rethink about the universal practice of dealing with the nations waste as landfill is getting out of hand as the land is unusable for centuries that will require reclamation projects that will take more money than the land is worth for good use. One process that is well thought out and does not have blame built into it is required for the next steps forward into the next decade. The idea that separating the rubbish at source and is then costing more in power and hours and resources is a no brainer and needs shunting into the sidings or put on the scrap heap of failed good ideas. This just compounds the injury where it takes more power to wash and clean something because of standards that have been dreamed up by good intentions or for punitive purposes to generate revenue.

A standardised method that is implemented nationwide is long overdue, local authorities need guidance on these issues or the free market independent waste managers will continue to exploit the loopholes and just take the best pickings for themselves as there is still money in waste that is economically recycled. The sheer amount of plastic that is in the water system from discarded plastic bags is the single biggest problem with waste that we still are not tackling because of finance and non profit margins. Educating people is one thing but would general waste bins, for glass, plastic and paper (all have to be industrially washed) be in a single plant while the general wast and food waste is dealt with separately be a good starting point. Ensuring the bins are dealt with to the fee paying customers satisfaction not create an atmosphere of greater cooperation instead of passive resistance to outright belligerence as an interface with the customer be a better PR exercise than threats of punitive action. Softly softly catchy monkey, or even more fly’s with honey springs to mind to eradicate this ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ stance of stone throwing threatening and posturing action that makes up this modern day stand off of dealing with excessive packaging because of manufacturing processes. With no one willing to take the responsibility for the instigation and management of it it may require the creating of a governmental department that is in place to set it up and instigate the process and to tailor it till it gets the job done to every ones satisfaction. But each new broom just keeps on sweeping it under the metaphorical carpet of a heavy workload, or misdirects attention into phony wars and mythical crisis. Instead we are hearing that old worn and weary chant of ‘tote that barge lift that bale if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail’. Past time to change the record if you agree repost this and lets see if it gets to the right spot with the right stuff.

Best of Intentions.
To much Baggage.
Setting Realistic Goals.

The airwaves gossip and public dissection device was cutting up the caller on politeness and task mastered the people paying for the call to stick to the question and to get right to the subject. This had to be the number of callers as the subject in question was getting wide and varied responses. Still mentioning the local weather in an opener with a statement like ‘Good morning from sunny Aberdeen’, hardly counts as a bad thing. The subject in question was ‘do we have the right to total transparency from our political figures’. The case in question was Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and his six month relationship with a sex worker. The main thrust of the debate took the stance that he had declared the details and confirmed that he was unaware of her occupation, that they had hooked up online on a match making site. So the majority said that as he was divorced and it was not extra marital his dating was his own business. The second line was his occupation and how the media decided not to mention the incidental relationship and of course the conspiracy theorists had to get a mention. The moral left also had a go about the moral certainty of the elite leaders of the country and how a greater level of transparency was needed for national security, portfolio declarations, income and associations as well as which boards and companies they had any ties to. A minority also called for his resignation and that of course is the exclusive area of the extremist. The debate left off at the point that most people thought that a single man has a right to not have to have his dating life open to public scrutiny and smack of the Hyacinth Bouquet variety of curtain twitching getting out of hand. The would be Mrs Whitehouse candidates all thought that total accountability by the elite should be mandatory and that they thought that it should go with the territory instead of across the board for everyone.

The comparison to the Norway system was reviewed and given some air time at the end of the slot and the parallels where drawn and the system does work for a smaller country with set or limited investments and export capabilities. The fact that it has only recently been updated with a user login to show you who has been reviewing your status has had the effect of reducing the number of inquiries by about ten percent. The curios and the casual neighbour, friend or family browser has been dropped and the business end is still functioning so the inquiries are from official functioning bodies and maybe even prospective employers to check that they are not offering a prospective candidate a pay cut as an incentive for a position with them. The legal channels made up the rest of the inquiries and so the dip in numbers are the ones that are looking to compare or to verify income.

Edinburgh is having a good look at the foundations of public and privately funded building for schools as a direct result of the present schools crisis about the missing ‘ties’ that came to light with seventeen schools being closed for structural checks. The regulations stipulate that the ties between the inner and outer walls have to be at set intervals and a metal detector confirms the presence of the ties where they should be or if they are indeed missing. More than seven thousand pupils have been affected by the after effects of the collapse of a wall at Oxgangs Primary School. The investigating engineers have also said that they found "further serious defects" within the building on Friday. The teachers have taken up the call for the PPP contract system to be reviewed in light of the findings. The fact that the buildings were supposed to have been checked on a daily basis to confirm that building standards and practices were being met will no doubt be the next line of investigation for the new foundation for the next generation of school building for the next few decades.

The trouble with total transparency is the resentment that most people will feel about to much of their personal data and information will be exposed to partners, colleagues and family. The idea that information should be shared has to be unilateral and that includes the highest ranking to the lowest positions in the land. The amount and type of information will have to be restricted but dating and relationship information is usually flashed on social media sites so unless you are a friend or a family member of the person it is outside of the snoopers charter. The idea of personal privacy is being eroded by degrees and the result will be a big brother information fest the likes of which this world was never meant to have. The iron fist will use data that was only available in investigations about perpetrators of crimes, to strong arm people into doing as the state that has shown it does not serve the people but its own self interests and uses any means at its disposal to work its will. The state is the body we elect to use our right in our collective best interests and that will all change when they get this into reality if they are not stopped before hand. The fact that democracy is the rule of the people, for the people by the people is also eroded with the elite status of some levels being above or outside the long arm of the law. This is not supported in a nation that has squandered its national wealth and borrows money at exorbitant levels of interest instead of seeking a better deal. Is our collateral that low under their the ministration of their collective hands hands as we change horses every few years the bill of previous investments ripped out or replaced by the latest think tanks sweep of the new broom.

This is one has not seen the light of day since 2006.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Let me tell you how you brighten a day
It’s the person you are not the things that you say
I’ve see you warm and giving
Those moments made life worth living.

Your imperfections are perfect in all that you do
In all of creation there is no other like you
A whole life story is written in your face
Your nature is just full of grace.

I pray your happiness will keep you secure
Your manner is gracious and rarely unsure
In your company I lose all sense of time
In all our exchanges I am left feeling fine.

Its power is precious and keeps you from harm
With poise and good bearing you exude charm
May all my best wishes light up your way
And let the universe embrace you and provide for your day.

Time and Again.
This is one has been repeating since 05/04/1998
Time and Again.
A Poem
Chris Millar

The Wheel turns and round we go
Were it ends, no one can know
Deja vu tells us when we get it wrong
Repeating mistakes eternally long.

Either getting it wrong a hundred times
Or paying your dues in a single time line
The exception to this rule are the followers of faith
Who will walk their path in a state of grace.

In life’s game of snakes and ladders
The good get better and the bad get badder
Some people never seem to learn
While some people seem to earn and earn.

When sated feelings have had their fill
Boredom turns the taste to swill
Time and again, to get it right
Something inside keeps the goal in sight.

Right action will help defeat the fear
Even when the way ahead, ain’t clear
When you are no longer getting deja vu
This lets you know the path ahead, is new.

Live life, like it’s your starring role
To climb the ladder and not fall down a pole
How to find the way in this darkest night
You must become your shining light.

The Charioteer Of Life.
This is one from 1997
The Charioteer Of Life.
A Poem
Chris Millar

As a charioteer of life, I fight
To control the black horse and the white
Forging them into a willing team
A simple task this might seem
The secret of its success is very simple
As obvious as a maidens dimple.

If this key to life you would employ
This same secret for girl and boy
No one simply ends the muddle
For mastery and control, never struggle
Faith when stirred deep inside
No doubt must ever override.

Life's rewards are never found
They grow where application and will abound
Instinct whispers in the gut
Telling intuition how to end the rut
Elevated by feelings growing higher
Ascending on the inner spire.

If life's rewards you would gain
Don't view this world with disdain
If nothing you venture then nothing you gain
Beware! No promise of immunity to pain
The guardian for your finest hour
Vigilance each conscious hour.

Don't choose a path, just a destination
You've no time to get lost in hesitation
The important things aren't just where you're going
It's not just the knowledge it's more the knowing
Gain your balance, keep your goals in sight
Obstacle and distractions don't stop to fight.

Mass Disinformation.
Misinformation's Tool.
Rigging The Vote.

The nervous little leaders are showing the sweat they are in with yet another blanket approach to getting their opinion in your heads shows clearly that they still don’t understand how people view with suspicion not the information but the dubious source that it comes from. This will have a greater negative effect than they have taken into effect. They do not know how they are viewed and what effect this will have just simply because it comes directly from the knackered nags mouth. The information is surely going to have their bias built into the presentation of the information is going to have lots of deleted emails going unread just because of the mouth that it comes from. Lets just hope that they have had the good sense to not waste good money on a bad job by paying for printing out their propaganda loaded information sheets and then posting them to the deaf ears they will fall on and get the expected straight to bin reaction that even a novice psychologist could inform them that it will be the demographics greatest likelihood given the entire scenario surrounding the topic and the source, if the novice is in any way worth their salt.

The fracking quick and dirty solution to the renewable needs campaign is about to enter the final round of its final bout before being considered not fit for purpose and to stop funding this dog that don’t hunt. To stop handing out contracting and prospecting rights, the ringer in the ranks is the redirection of accessing wind power stage two from just land and sea based Don Quixote jousting mates and to raise the stakes to upper strata wind farming without the land based eyesores. The blot on the landscape is a penalty to a country that has a high dependency on its landscape and views to entice the yen out of the gawpers and immersions trippers from getting the well placed selfy for their instant upload to bolster their been there done that got the selfy in their urge to fulfill the Kilroy was here lifestyle status reports and Facebook albums. This is bringing an old tech back out of the discards from long begone times. This tech is not high tech but when coupled with other techs will provide an interim fix and then a base for future expansion. The idea of using the upper airwaves to raise or lower a dirigible with a wind turbine in a funneled enclosure will localise the production of power into the grid that will not be restricted to the fickle land speed currents and directions. The gas bags and even hot air ballast units can raise the unit into faster streams and when packed into flocks they can add a boost to the grid that could take the edge of the brown out trips switch problems that are being anticipated from the current power production models by covering the low voltage points that will become common placed otherwise.

The dirigible freight train ‘Sky Train’ solution to moving freight over large landmasses say from China to Moscow, across the African continent, coast to coast in the USA. The power to the rails to allow the ‘Sky Train’ to be anchored to the ground will allow the use of sails to power the movement of the freight. The power generation on the train (several linked carriages) one of them being the fore mentioned ‘Sky Generators’ to power up only enough of the track magnets as each ‘Train’ approaches the segments it will be traveling over. This will mean that the rail will only become powered up as and when needed for each locomotion and the ‘Train’ is the power source for rail and that it generates the power to carry and deliver on a fixed course that uses old sailing ship knowledge to sail the airwaves on a fixed course and to backup to power driven against the grain where needed. The consumption of energy is reduced to a needs must development and the rail is in a powered down state when not in use. By using a mag lev anchoring rail line that is powered by the ‘Sky Train’ to tie the train to the ground giving it the same purchase as an old style clipper or cutter to plough a path in the air. The magnetic levitation rail that was developing towards the mag monorail trains that are still in the developmental process or even mothballed because of the velocity problems is a key tech for the whole design. The twin parallel rails will anchor the train and the ties will house the breaking device needed to reduce speeds to manageable levels. The winches that will raise and lower the train into slip streams and down to loading bays are the anchors that keep the trail stable instead of prone to large drifts and the power assisted drive mechanism (electric propellers) are the drive that will help the train stay on a schedule and to a fixed course. The savings on transportation costs from the container ports having to use air rather than sea freight is best here and oil transportation itself can only benefit the seas, all that is left there is to get the plastic out of the water asap.

The dirigible freight train ‘Sky Train’ solution to moving freight over large landmasses say from China to Moscow, across the African continent, coast to coast in the USA. The power to the rails to allow the ‘Sky Train’ to be anchored to the ground will allow the use of sails to power the movement of the freight. The power generation on the train (several linked carriages) one of them being the fore mentioned ‘Sky Generators’ to power up only enough of the track magnets as each ‘Train’ approaches the segments it will be traveling over. This will mean that the rail will only become powered up as and when needed for each locomotion and the ‘Train’ is the power source for rail and that it generates the power to carry and deliver on a fixed course that uses old sailing ship knowledge to sail the airwaves on a fixed course and to backup to power driven against the grain where needed. The consumption of energy is reduced to a needs must development and the rail is in a powered down state when not in use. By using a mag lev anchoring rail line that is powered by the ‘Sky Train’ to tie the train to the ground giving it the same purchase as an old style clipper or cutter to plough a path in the air. The magnetic levitation rail that was developing towards the mag monorail trains that are still in the developmental process or even mothballed because of the velocity problems is a key tech for the whole design. The twin parallel rails will anchor the train and the ties will house the breaking device needed to reduce speeds to manageable levels. The winches that will raise and lower the train into slip streams and down to loading bays are the anchors that keep the trail stable instead of prone to large drifts and the power assisted drive mechanism (electric propellers) are the drive that will help the train stay on a schedule and to a fixed course.

Hindsight is a great thing for berating the bad thinking of the old world planners and is an unfair tool for change but a straight evaluations of the effectiveness of planning to get the perceived results in the present day is the tool to redress the planning shortfalls that life delivers across the board to all disciplines and techs as well as material shortfalls, manpower education and skills deficits. Good foresight by comparison is the luxury you get after the proof of the pudding stage of development and implementation has passed the point of commitment and made the grade in all its expectations and outcomes. This of course is still a hit and miss expectancy and is prone to the blindside of bad projected specs and techs. The wrong assessments of the times, manpower, skills and materials is one level of the problems that traditionally show up with too long a term in office and to tight a schedule to get things done by. But the very worst mistake and the one the people will traditionally punish a government on is money, waste, poor planning and worst of all bulling on against the mood of the nation that has had it up to here with the shortsighted policy grabbers that only show signs of trying to stay at the trough or to keep the feedbag on and don’t really care enough about their nation enough to do the right thing for it and would rather take the safe and sold out course they started with rather than face the facts that the nations people know it has to be done and that the governing body is now part of the problem that is keeping a wealthy western nation that had great industry, great products, ground breaking innovations and now stand kneed deep in debt to other nation blocks instead of enjoying the status and wealth that should have delivered this nation in this day and age. Our children like the children of the ones that fought and died for a free world belief in two world wars, that gave their blood to ensure a better future for them, then invested their efforts and money into national industries and a great NHS structure, are having to listen to austerity from the greedy the grubby and the shiftless non deliverers of policy as they try to sell this nation into a collective captivity to a block head group and extortionist that give out grants as bribes in areas that will win them extended contracts that will only ever work against the collective interest of this nation. We are now having to look at the prospects of starting again from scratch, learning to believe in ourselves again and to get up of our knees and stand on our own two feet. This is not possible with leaders that insist that selling out is the best way forward. Extortion and coercion are the tools of criminal behavior and anyone that says the deaf ears of the EU will suddenly start to hear us after ignoring a nations needs to protect its people from an invasive intrusive set of standard that ignores our own in favour of another s is not selling the right message for progress and improvement in any ones books. Time to take another look at the guard dog at the door and to see if they are still British and are still defending the nation its people and its assets or have they already sold out all our historic worth to keep floating in deeper and deeper debts.

Bearing Fruit.
A Poem
Chris Millar

In the still warm night
Bathed in Silver moonlight
Lay lovers lit by firelight
A night when needs inspire
Raising feelings higher and higher.

Caught up in a firm embrace
Hunger steals another kiss
Breathing fast and heartbeats race
Peaks are reached deep within
So the need again can begin.

The need a hunger to a starved soul
Two willing halves seeking to be whole
Eyes feast and moments linger
The heart dumbfounded become a singer
The pace slows to the novice beginner.

Contented paired in the debris of the night before
Satiated needs force the cleanup chore
The growing light warms the humour more
Two pairs of hands with a single drive
The task completed to restore the hive.

The dawning day replaces the weekend glow
Every look and touch a steady know
The kids awakened and the breakfast made
The passion now a shadow of the evening shade
Love lingers stronger from renewal re-made.

Are Any of Them Fit to Rule.
This first saw the light of day 0n 6/6/1998.
Are Any of Them Fit to Rule.
A Poem
Chris Millar

Are any of these parties fit to rule?
With leaders, that only look the fool
The Lib Dem’s and Nationalists lack street cred
Conservative and Labour are in the same bed.

They tell us that we are free
Then restrict all it could be
Our Freedom is only a token gesture
They squander resources, on architecture.

This rush to make a Seat of Power
Perhaps leads to some predestined hour
Being misdirected left and right
Just what goes on out of sight?

We know the cost of an election change
As each New Broom will re-arrange
We vote them in then rue the day
For all their changes we’ve had to pay.

These selfish people who take their fill
Will pass the hat to recoup the bill
These fools are blind and they lead the lost
Bet it won’t be them who pay the cost.

Broken promises litter their path
Fueling the fire of a civil wrath
A single direction is all we need
Not some mighty heroic deed.

The ‘Voice of Reason’ needs its say
As democracy has almost had its day
Acting together lets devise a plan
Providing our needs, like no other can.

If you hear this call you lion hearts
And can rally all our scattered parts
When there’s nothing left for us to atone
We will never again walk alone.

The future heritage for our nation
Cannot be born from trepidation
Bold leadership will find the way
Perhaps, to take us to our ‘Perfect Day’.

Healing Scars.
Being Well.

The Icelandic freeze out of the media intrusion has dozens of reasons in the closet that would have liked not to have the link thank you but. Progress is a forward only motion to a race that does not know that stepping back, taking the high ground and doing a reconnoiter is all part of getting the lay of the land and orienting better on goals that have become obscure from landscape drift and getting all turned around in the night or the bush is how to lose sight of the ball, to miss the target and to have such a public stocks with armloads of rotten opinions, bucket loads of stale and used views and all the hullabaloo that goes with such a public furore, is never going to have a good outcome under a glaring spotlight. Ah well someone would rather have the spectacle than any pretense of a justifiable inquiry but we will have to take what we are given by our self appointed, self anointed public intenders.

The Real Steel wars are getting laced with fighting talk as the state bank balers all seem to be white collar backers and don’t seem to understand the significance of a home oriented manufacturing base for to subsidise our own workforce of the base benefits to keep self esteem as high of the doldrums and down in the dumps as possible or stand by for a state funded cop out that comes complete with a built in depressor for anyone that can push the panic button in a crisis. Backbone and a will to achieve good outcomes a must for the inheritor of this fine bromance bust-up. Then there is the old reliable sales pitch the help with retirement delay and spin that will be out of the hands of those that offer it after a few more elections under the nations belt. One to watch there as the smoke screen is thickening up and the crumbs are being offered at the thirteenth hour to let the current soon to retire leaders the chance to duck this spruce goose of a flying nightmare, still pissing down the timeline but just a decade at a time is still p in the intake valve for the next up to bat.

The search for quick profits from a nation of shopkeepers that would (have?) sold their granny down the swanny for the sake of a quick return from the blind side. The sales of British businesses are boost to any foreign manufacturer as they have bought us up piece by piece and then shut them down or taken them out of the British workforce's jurisdiction to remove a rival by buying it up after they have beleaguered the company is the preserve of the shark attack. It need only to look at Nestley and Cadbury to see the tactic in its most modern incarnation to get an idea about what snake in the Jurassic Park is shutting down the defense perimeters to leech away the core samples that were the founding of British manufacturing excellence in the world of our forefathers. The very people that paid with their lives to give the sellout of their ungrateful upwardly mobile now now now generation the goods to sell of for a fast buck, a sticky yen, fickle frank or a pressurised Deutsche Mark if EU understand me.

The Chinese and Scottish agreement is getting a lot of slating by the rumour mongers and slated by the old Bulging Bureaucratic Chipmunks (BBC), half the facts again and all of the old bias in presenting them still does not make this a new mix cake for the high tea lovers but just another stale muffin from the past their sell by date offers of the airwaves chasers of the old pup addictions. So this is an agreement to agree on mutual agreements for a later date and the outlines are in place ahead of the time. Hope the first lady of Scotland is as canny about selling all the wrong rights to all the deb snappers of the ailing economies of the bamboo mandarins of the foreseeable next generation of ticky mans new portfolio for the next half century or more, don’t want to handcuff the next generation of voters and political candidates by selling out their future because she yens a quick return. Naw she jist widney dae that it could kill a great career after only just finishing the apprenticeship.

The Hero.
This was first Released in 2000.
The Warrior.
Heroic Makings.
The Hero.
A Poem
Chris Millar

I always loved myth and fable best
Where a lad would begin a quest
Seeking a treasure of untold wealth
Or magical powers over life and health
Pulled into some great plot unknown
Led like a dog is by a tasty bone.

Dragged through hazards and enormous tests
Defeating monsters and overcoming obstacles brings out his best
Then by chance along his way
He meets his love that he'll wed some day
He learns from fate and from friends
That to succeed one gives and bends.

Life seasons the boy into a man
As life unravels its great plan
No first try will succeed
Determination will finish the deed
Never stopping to question why
You wont know till you try.

Hidden along his twisted path
The tricks of fate and a devils wrath
There is always some twisted wraith
To test his courage and his faith
Fortunes swing and fortunes waver
And will they end in his favour.

Once again his prize is gone
Told in odes and in song
From his blackest hour and darkest night
Rises his Phoenix in heroic might
Heading for that final battle
Once again will fortunes haggle?.

When its all been said and done
The hero lives the prize is won
And what a gift to behold
A gift worthy of the bold
What then of these lords of night
Don't you know that right is might.

Minimal Thinking.
Topic All
New Ground.
Legalising Pitfalls.

Poor British youth they are missing out on some much needed shuteye, the weary and bleary eyed that have half the drive and energy of previous generations, still yawn and want to snuggle back down as they need all that best time of our lives to rest for a growing body and mind to develop well and get up to adult speeds. Yeah the days of the double ended candle are long gone as the forty something youth of today, plan mortgages, retirement plans and save every penny for a rainy day and the......... WTF (What the Fortune) is going on. Drink drugs and rock and roll died with the older gen, then sex and sin are too much of a problem and way too many responsibilities for a young head to get its grey cells around, alright step away from the educational and parenting mechanism, keep your hands in sight at all times and then tell me who they are and what did you do to with the children of the revolutions children. You have the right to ‘not’ remain silent and no attorney will be appointed to protect your sorry asses. Are you the son of the pied piper by any chance. But honestly all joking aside how the hell did we end up in a world like this one is some galactic demigod having a laugh or what. What a switch when the youth of the day feel they need to be the adult, while the adults are all chasing their lost youth, for truth be told it was all media hype and they feel they were passed by by something that never existed in the first place. The fifties children watched the hippy generation missed the boaters all morph into the medallion men with a penchant for sports cars and skimpy kiddy models. Are we just doomed to be dysfunctional in our own way in every generation we inhabit.

The major debate of the day was producing ripples from the outset with quite heated responses and interjections that required a good deal of mediation to keep the subject on the original content and to the specific question that was being asked. Is the ‘Living wage’ a step forward or are there major problems with the way it is being introduced. The main problem with the whole things seems to be it is being ageist. A twenty two year old pays the same bills, works the same hours and is being paid less than the ‘old boy’ was one outcry, to rounds of hear hear me dear. The cold facts are this is ground breaking and only a test and that ‘they’ don’t want it to work and they are limiting it by age is the paranoid view that raised its suggestions to the subject. Then came the accusation of the employer with a keen eye to use the zero hours contract to outwit the devil, while only employing under twenty fives, also got a mention. Then in came the late starter from the back of the PC packs repertoire with the obligatory why isn’t the question of a fairer pay for women being tabled after all they do the same job and get less pay for the same hours. The best response of course is that it is not the living wage as that is calculated to give a particular standard of pay and spending power to the worker, but the region by region is the same except for London. So it is neither national nor is it a ‘living wage’ as it falls short on the calculation for what makes a national lifestyle comparison. Still it is groundbreaking but it does represent a two tier working ladder, the minimum wage is age related and the living wage is age responsive. So the old boy network are still using dickensian rules of thumb to keep the oppressed down and under the afore said appendage. Does the minimum wage get used for ex offenders as they get back into society yet Mr Fagin and does an age restriction apply to that as well or once a lag always on the blag.

The question of legalising drugs was also tabled in the airwaves agenda for the early morning coffee fraternity and the results were again straying from the main topic to subsidiary points of reference and the wider impact on social and policing costs for the program. Lots of other programs being run in other countries even got a mention and more than a few passing set of statistics were quoted to make points. The fact that regulation is as needed now as it was when prohibition did not work for drink and that control is a better educated, better levied and informed process than random sampling by idiots that are open to the bad boy image and buying the illicit to be seen as edgy or cool. It is passed time to sit on the fence with this issue and it is begging the question if you know that you have a raging bull breaking down the law and order effectiveness and eating up the budgets of A&E, police, criminal proceedings and filling the jails to exclude murderous intenders then we have to start asking why is it still being debated and why are lobbying and campaigners still being ignored or suppressed.