Blogged Out.
The Self
The Harvest
The Slumbering Giant Awakes.

The foetal slumbering at Terra's crucible core, stirs restless in its sleep
Shuffling the mantles blanket, moving mountains still waters fill the deep
Causing fluid changes raising a fever swell, as the sleeper tosses and turns
Clouding all the machinations of the brooding, blinded, worms.


The seasons dance that wove between tempestuous and temperate
Despite appearances are not the random act of some god's fickle fate
Though fate may yet serve a purpose that has not yet been seen.
So any arriving bandwagons are suspicious if they are timely and too keen.


But as old father time closes this annual chapter on the years auspicious events
The fabric of the old regime is showing some obvious vents and rents
There is reason to look forward and maybe to raise the glass of cheer
The lessons of the events, take the pro-noia view and leap forward in faith not fear.


As this closing year repositions in the rearview mirror of next years pressing now
With sated bellies and cosily warmed souls from the seasonal holy cow
With the festive grouch bag filled to overflowing in this soon forgotten present
Maybe its time for resolutions that for once, will break the custom and not relent.


Taking stock on the highway of life and regarding how far we have come
Knowing that 'we' are 'together' more than the collective sum
It's time for a change of tune, to dance to a different drum
Regardless of the bleating of the down-sayers dismissals of 'whatever',' ho-hum'.


Born into a world of abundance, the soil must still press down upon the seed
The journey out of the dark, is a struggle not a heroic deed
The newly sprouted find themselves in the company of those that came before
The struggle is won the deed is done, no need to make life a pain, or a constant open sore.


Take renewed inner strength from the light of the dawning day
Determine to learn the paths to stick to and never lose the way
It's a short walk with ready provision till the new shoots will show
Emerging from winters darkness, a sated feast in winters famine ready now to go.


Stepping out on a virgin plain with many miles to go and promises to keep
Time for changing tack to be the shepherd, instead of the bleating sheep
A full provision for the journey is in the working bounty
No longer blinkered by the town view, but seeing the larger county.


Well folks that's all for 2015 from me as it is the last day in the library (internet access) till the fifth of January 2016. So if Ah dinny see yeh before it hay a guid new year wan an all.

Saturation Point.
The Self
The Warrior
Eroding Barriers

The most recent flooding to date has by and large been from rivers bursting their banks. The soil saturation is very noticeable and the flooding last for a few days. The receding waters take very little soil with them and at the wrong time of year with the soil not frozen and compacted. The spring thaw turns to evaporation quicker and is slow released into the soil completing the hermetic evaporation cycle in condescension. With a soft soil warmer winter the draining will have an accumulative effect. A country that is susceptible to land erosion would fare better with a less moist soil. Landslip and erosion are the product of two much water in soft warm soil where the saturation point on an incline or on a rocky base that has an incline will have a higher likelihood of causing a slip or mud slide.


The greater rainfall over any warm soil expanse as it soaks up the downfall it will become a mire quite quickly. The water retention on the surface is going to be responsible for minor erosion of the topsoil. When the saturation point is in a chalky or clay based sediment or even sandstone then it will have a cumulative effect over the years. The origins of the phrase ‘weather like this is likely only happen once in a hundred years’ is likely attributed to comfortable people living in a perceived calm predictable set of circumstances and a stable environment making observations about predictable conditions they see from the stance from the long stable and evenly predictable weather conditions of the Victorian and early this century times. Something happened to the world weather patterns some thirty to forty years ago. To not go on a witch hunt and start chucking blame about is the stance we need to adopt. These weather conditions would fool a weather sage that has an unerring feel for the weather just as easily as when Michael Fish got his storm warning wrong.


If the earth is warming in certain areas with more magma nearer to the surface then the ground retention of heat is limiting the colder upper air from settling down as far as it normally does in more settled or temperate Times. The winter cold in Scotland is deep reaching only the higher ground suggesting a greater ground temperature that is holding snow and ice at bay. A warmer climate in a wet district or region will mean that the clouds retain more water creating the potential for deluges instead of normal rainfall. The warmer climate is something that the world has gone through several times in its long history, just as it has gone through great ice ages. These variances in this temperature shift from tropical to ice ages, indicating a great shift over periods of time and yet the seasons have ruled the world above and bellow the equator for several hundred years or so. The inconsistencies in the duration lengths and not being able to factually check them leads us to think that some other factors and elements are underlying the patterns and trends.


Having said this there are other world factors that need to be taken into account. The whole pacific basin is ringed with the greatest amount of active volcanoes while the Hawaiian island erosion means that certain high water areas may be directly under the moons constant path. The whole expanse of the pacific with more and more underwater lava flows and volcanoes and the edge of the pacific basin has the greatest amount of earth quakes on this ball of dirt making it the most likely area of critical proof. The historic underground testing of nuclear weapons in the region of the south pacific may have more to do with the destabilising of the area by just being done at the wrong place at the wrong time, yeah I know there is never a good time to shatter the earth’s stability just to test a theory in our own back yard. Some other areas of concern are the current Australian drought its distinct lack of rainfall is more than just a symptom for the region. If the moons pull raises more aquatic pull directly under its path than over solid land masses, shallow crust with liquid magma closer to the surface and it is venting or releasing pressure then this land may get distended like a pregnancy bump, almost like a large creature at the core of the world is turning in its restless gestation dark dreams of destruction and nightmare stirred kicking and railing. The effect of this destabilising or changing stresses and strains on India is now reaching further inland than is comfortable for the region. If the extra water from polar melting is giving the pacific (the central heating for the world) more of a pull on the earth's crust by volume of water and with heavier liquid rock so close to the surface in the Japan and Hawaii lava flows, then it is about time we took a more active role in setting up a cosmic sun screen around the world over the region that will dissipate the direct harsh sunlight from compounding the ground warming and distended effects in the region. The raising of certain regions will in less cold airflows be more subject to direct sun heating and it is possible that new flood areas mean that there has been a loss of altitude in other areas. The balance of the integrity of the spinning ball of dirt is all down to the centrifuge effect, but any great imbalance would have subtle effects on the daily spin of the third rock as well as with the moons pull affecting the annual spin. The idea of an expanding universe also lends the theory that we pass through periodic colder and milder space and these subtle differences push the planet into colder or warmer periods.

The airflow above the equator is the greatest source of power for the south China seas storm corridor, just as the Atlantic drift is feeding the south American tornado alley. While south of the equator in the Australian region there is little atmosphere to retain enough water for a decent downpour, the British weather is ripe for the extra water with all the cloud cover and its history of all kinds of weather even in a day. If the distension in the pacific India, China area has more heat rising up into the low level air currents are moving the extra air moisture out of the region making a drought in a water vapour tunnel. Just how is the old monsoon these days is it as it used to be or is that moving regions and fluctuating as well. This hermetic evaporation condensation cycle is just out of whack with the previous thinking from a more stable predictable period in the balls history. Laying theground for the growing need fora change of thinking that reflects the current situation rather than some long lost ideal from some previous period. Adopting more of an 'As it is' mindset is required after all we can only 'pee' with the 'organ' we are born with, not with the one we wish we had. No offence intended as the language suggests after all say it in the vernacular and it degrades the message to the common tongue.


Or is the greater pull of the moon why the earth's orbit has become more elliptical and is pushing the seasons out by degrees each year. The tsunami that rocked the region so severely just a few years ago is proof that there is a destabilised platform under the pacific waters that may not be finished. This wobble may even prove to be an old dance routine that the world has stepped to in its historic dance around the suns rock band concert with Luna in a close embrace of a galactic waltz. How did continents really move over time has this been going on since time began did the earth grow in the process and would a smaller planet be less prone to the cold as its radiant core wouldn't have to work so hard to keep it in the tropical region of the weather spectrum. The changing patterns, durations and as yet unknown factors that are affecting the heating and cooling ball of dirt may have something to do with these as yet untested and unidentified extra factors in this cosmic conundrum.


It is past time for every man woman and child to be held to blame and billed for the privileges to save the globe because some money maker must squeeze yet another baw-bee from the clutching hands of the mass, while the short sighted leadership and the inability of nations to agree will do more damage than anything that the individual person can be held 'accountable' for while they all shirk any form of accountability. Industry has a price to pay if not now then at a later day. All of these factors demand another look at the problem although one thing is certain and that is that the solution to the problem, supposing that one exists anyway, will not be a quick fix or an easy job that just needs a bit of money thrown at it because if it is not a natural process then money that we print for use as we need it will not matter. As it will be a case of hang the cost and the accountants with it and just do what it takes to help stabilise the problem. It is becoming obvious that an in depth modelling system is required to get a better picture of all of the factors in the equation, don't want to get blind sided or cul-de-sac’ed by even more unknown factors. Time to get a clearer picture and to have all of the facts before we all go off half cocked just to find out that the historic weather has been responsible for greater population control than the Chinese ban on a second child did.


The fact that this economic cycle has left every nation that has worked for several generations to the point that they have not reaped the benefits of their labours. Tabloid tales about 'billions wiped of the market', and businesses collapsing and floundering for years or even crookedly existing all show some form of artificial floating is going on. Great losses and little gains are now the norm from these 'we will lead you to wherever we like bill you for the privilege and bin you if you don't behave' from the rulers of the lowest realm of hell, that have never been able to make it work but are being true blue to their 'golden rule' philosophy straight from the self preservationists handbook and sticking with the only game in town that keeps them at the top table of the elitist trough of the 'I'm doing all right Jack what's you're problem'. While the powers that be have raised taxes and frozen wages to the point of stagnating economies, the EU form of governance with its tactics of blatant kickbacks and cronyism and in coercion and dictatorial rule is just a case of someone not capable of wielding true power being reduced to what they can get away with in minor bureaucratic knit picking to help the helpless feel in control of something while the world falls into an uncontrolled tail spin that need someone at the helm that can deal with it. The idea that wealth is deliberately being drained for clandestine uses is fast becoming a likelihood that reaches back at least fifty to sixty years. Now the speculation as to why this is likely so will depend on the hearts and minds that will formulate their theories. The most common of which will inevitably come from the blame mindset of conspiracies as neurosis is still the undercurrent factor in debt ridden and ailing systems with a set of large 'enforced' regimes in place. The next area will be the scientific, from the 'debunk the hokum as it affects our credibility warblers' of the self preservation society. The fringe area will of course be occupied by the doom and gloom vengeful god children of the old and fading age of lesser wisdom, with their Toltec and other older era apocalyptic views of 'we are all helpless before the wailing wall school of thought' as they try to manipulate emotional people rather than appeal to the minds of men with any form of rational that comes from informed decision making or leadership qualities. Just to many spoiled fruits in the barrel and too much has gone to seed in a constantly watered down or thinned stock to pull from, from the gene pool of man.


On a final note the old lie about the survival of the fittest is that the fittest are the first in the stock to be killed off, with fewer of them being the survivors of the expected sayings implication. As historically in wars, harsh working environments and on back in time to the hunter gatherers period, they made up the front line, leaving a weaker and weaker pool to draw on as the ages have passed, right down the line in the weeding out of the strong, the willful, the capable would eventually produce a dependent species that is incapable of innovative thought or action, an easily pushed around gullible, obedient and tolerant domesticated sheep of a race of man. Producing a willing obedient dumb race of beings just like a dictator would love to inherit or have at his beck and call. But as Scotland has proven they can drive out the strongest from the land and leave a weaker pool from the housebound and infirm that were left to populate the pool, but even that will produce genetic re-centering, and the occasional throwback. While the original strong that were produced by the resident infirm were the forefathers of those that were driven out from their homes were the weak that produced the strong in the first place. Can an unstable environment ever produce a stable stock and isn’t that the point in the first place. The test of time is that life will find a way, while death makes its excuses and will exit the field at the early shower opportunity. Will, endurance, tolerance, fortitude and compassion are all survival skills. So even if some people are draining money to finance underground or underwater or even outer space arc’s of the old elite. The common stock has in its gene pool the right stuff for life. All the very best and have a good new year everyone and that means ‘One and All’, may 2016 bring you a wealth of understanding, the means to invest it, the timing to give it a quick start with the patience to wait till the fruits appear and the discipline to not snack on the buds before then, but most of all the wit to know better than follow folly's fickle lights to failure.

Bridging the Gap.
The Self
Elan Doonan
Spanning the Divide.

The recent problem with the road bridge, brought to light a few interesting points to note. For a national problem on a work scale that effects a countries ability to get to work and return again, changing transportation from road to rail or face the delays or commute earlier and hang about at the workplace early. Never produced even one selfy with any of the cracks in the Scottish mid belt transport bottlenecks that is a big statement about the corporate image of the governmental faculty of the Scottish parliament or was it corporate bridge management.


The unspoken problem with the road bridge, that has given good service for years is that the bridge is a suspension bridge. This is not a criticism of the design of suspension bridges, just look at others around the world like the San Francisco bridge. The problem stems from the higher wind’s effects on early designs, the bridge has a long history of restricting ‘hi sided vehicles’ not just for their own sake in high winds, but for the extra sway that the suspended areas are subjected to in higher winds with moving ‘sails’ catching large surfaces of the vehicles bracing the extra wind-force. The structure is under a constant bracing breeze most of the year but the age of it and the early design for to cover such a large expanse of water, was the result of early confidence and short foresight. Very human and very of the times when it was being planned, the build was to the wind and weather standards of the day so that fits the thinking of the day. The bridge has been an easterly ‘wind break’ for the even older fixed rail bridge for some considerable time. If the location of the new bridge is after the rail one and not before the old road bridge then it will have two wind breaks as an easterly shield. If not then it will be the main wind break for the other two from the easterly winds.


So if the planning of the day for the new road bridge is of the day it will be building to withstand the current excessive winds we are experiencing today, this is much higher than in the old road bridges day but what sort of weather will we be getting in say five decades time, and is this being taken into consideration at this point in time. Or will the dismissive cost cutter and corner cutters try to poo poo the worries of the day to stay on unrealistic and cut down budgets and time scales. Is it not better to build a low maintenance (stone cut or concrete) fixed expanse bridge that will last for several hundred years than to step back onto the modern quick fix cheaper options merry go round developments of cost cutting and high maintenance planning. The Dundee bridge has stood the test of time better than the eye catching suspension designs since they became unpopular.


If you look at some stone build smaller bridging expanses over the world some of them are hundreds of years old and still in good repair. Maybe laying the foundations for using designs that have already stood the test of time is what should be on our current planning agendas. It may be past time to start using new design methods to such large expanse with such a high wind profile area where the design itself is part of the future probable problems and be time to learn from all that has stood the test of time and how to scale them up for modern expanses. It may take longer to build and it may cost a bit more but for something that has the potential to last a century or two it may just be the most prudent saving we can give our future generations.

Slicing & Dicing.
White Cubed
Runic Tree
A String Theory.

A recent radio program had a professor on selling the splice and dice theory for the human genome. The man said they now had the whole genetic string mapped and could now do this faster than ever before. He also went on to further sell the product with the claim that they could splice with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before. The talk had the man selling the slick operation as if it was an improvement on the biological machine that is man, so man that cannot design an eye with an iris thinks that he can design a better human being, the arrogance knows no bounds. The genetic traits that are being copied will give particular qualities and enhancements but will never be able to make the immortal being. The self regenerating long lived carcase is still dependant on the necessary levels of awareness to keep up the housework. The software will still be the old present day version with all of it forgetfulness, distraction, delusions and faulty logic and reasoning all still crunching along at dos operation speeds and procedures and protocols, while the operating system will be housed in the latest designer body with all of the latest gadgets peripherals storage and CPU, but the dos operating system will not know how to handle the advanced level hardware and minus the experientially endowed and learned driver interface it will just be a dodo system in a big fancy shell. The saying that 'all the lights are on but nobody is home' readily springs to mind.


The arrogance of science is that they have nearly all of the material world mapped and they still refuse to accept that there is another half to life that they have not mapped. Consciousness the human operating system, the ghost within the world interface applications, collective memory and experiential memory, as well as genetic lineage memory to call on to use the physical machine that is the human body. Now even if you slice and dice without the relevant user experience, the essential hardware driver how do the new genetic strains ever get to grips with the hardware and all of its life goodies. Extended life expectancy auto loaded, extended healing and regeneration auto loaded set to auto respond using energy reserves that are available at the metabolic rate of the body host. No conscious override no rapid response and on a low energy cycle it may just take some time. After all the present 'healing' capabilities of the human body with its present consciousness awarenesses is still on the repair while you can mode of limping along. Still full marks for the arrogance of man still with those high hopes of the little bitty ants, just like the song says you got high hope high apple pie in the sky hopes.


Now lets look at the underlying capability of remodelling the genetic string theory, because there are limitations to how many strands there are and to how much they can be replaced with known improved strains. The likely hood is that several types of genetic golum's can be designed. But the consciousness of the lineage of each little snippet will remain within the genetic lineage that they were hijacked from. There is also the recessives as well as the normal amount of defectives from the material that goes to make up the substance of life. Whatever happens in the normal herd will be mirrored in the super genetic strains. The genetic types would come under the categories of, physical strength, stamina and endurance with accelerated healing and of course the designer looks of chiseled features and great beauty. Then there is heightened intelligence, greater concentration, balanced perception and enhanced rational or reasoning with the ability to make leaps of insight. Except that the body may have the disposition (the right sort of hardware) but the mind, consciousness will be lacking as that is not of the chemistry. Still one out of two isn't bad now is it.


Still there has to be another way for the mechanics of the body to create their new e-types its all a matter of matter is it not. So I wonder will their sales slogan carry this purchase proviso .software not included'. Ideal for lines that have accumulated the necessary life experience and have done the dolphin trick and self modified through endeavour, need, circumstances. Life encoded enhancements are the test of time grasshoppers. No passing go, no jumping the cue, no free ride, no experience no invite to the exclusive end of time finalists club.


Maybe just time to go and think again. Or back to the drawing board.

Merry Christmas.
Clan Scotland
Clan Scotland
To One and All.

The shame about the weather is that there is not much chance of a white Christmas, but is it early days or is there just an outside chance that the warm overlays are being swept away by harsher winds with a deep and biting wind chill factor. Or will this global warming el nino thaw the chill with a zephyr like breeze. Either way all the kids will enjoy the the conditions the season and the festive cheer.


That in the bleak dark winter sleep
As food and and warmth are what we reap
That feast of the well prepared, that laden the festive table
To have a feast within a famine, not the foolish just the able.


When a banquet is festooned with such rich trimmings
This Winter reparation from springs slim pickings
Gives all the revellers a chance to bloat
As niggling relatives get on someone's goat.


The day will overflow with presents and cheer
Dispelling the bogey man with friends and family most dear
May all your hopes and wishes come true
For there is no one else in this world like you.


I would like to take a moment to wish all the people that I have come to love and hope that they have a Happy Christmas and a great new year. To the tree lady with her vinegared wine, thank you for the heartfelt time. To my make-up muse and charitable confidant, missed you loads but can no longer party. To the DJ that is the host with the most, hope life is less of a rat race and more of a coast.To the shoeman artist with the e-puffer, may your glass and the grouch bag never be empty. To the lady that pursued me out of a party, nice to connect again have a great time with all you love. To the poetic dancer that fled the roost, may every day give you a greater boost. To the sons of the dancer you've got lots of years and lots of doors, open for friends and closed to bores.


To all the other people I know but didn’t mention please don't let that be the seed for tension. I am just running out of lecky and need to close. Is that a selfy quickly pose. So to one and all have a Very Merry Christmas every blessed one.


For all the absent family and friends, for all the opportunity never seen, missed chances, half glances, failed dreams that never launched. Hope that was dashed and realities that crashed. May 2016 bring a new liberty for all the faithful. Those that keep the hearth and home living well or on their own Have a bright and prosperous festive holiday and a guid new year.

Getting Baltic.
Clan Scotland
Clan Scotland
As The Climate has Changed.

Being a Scot and noticing the lack of snow here for the last thirty years is a good indicator to the reality and to the time scale of the problem. The current weather we are having is a direct reaction to the season shift. If the seasons were anything they were a balanced approach to how to slow release water in the first flush of the first warming also known as the spring, called that as it was the time that the first shoots would spring from the ground. The fact that the struggle out of the earth can involve a spurt to the light from the light deprived winter dormant seed. The way the seasons managed that was by freezing the winter water till warmth could start the thaw.


The funny thing about the melting caps on the other hand is that the nature of water heat and air currents is that more water will be stored in a cumulative air space, in the additional warmth. This is just a reflection of the physical laws of this place and the properties of the elements that make up the process. The current winter chill from the north is having the effect of cooling the air then any water held is wrung out by the chill invasion ready to fall as snow, but when its a chill wind in a warmer area it trips the switch but doesn't have the depth of chill factor to affect the lower air currents and this causes deluges in downpours back through the warmer currents back to the warmer water. This will have an effect wherever it lands, this warmer air holding more moisture will have bigger downpours than a colder clime with most of its water stored on land as snow. Makes you wonder what sort of effects create a climate that has extended deluges like the Asiatic monsoon, the clouds the heavy plants and trees and the warm air currents with more capacity to keep water in the air and hold it longer till lower/higher cold currents undermine the process. Nice if we could manage the amount of water in the air by regulating the heat but the water ratio after a deluge forces land erosion, while to much direct heat from the sun causes a scorched earth scenario. It takes a while in a colder climate to form ice at the caps to build back up and a colder world climate reduces the arable yield again this is a swings and roundabouts problem.


The current situation could benefit from a heat dispersal and diffusion band around the equatorial hot spots to reduce the bloated ball’s temperature problems, this current state of feverish climate is having an effect on the collective emotional state of man on a spectrum from temperatures rising to stone cold denial causing hot spots and freeze zones, raising the question how to establish a near orbital heat reduction system that still allows light to get to Africa and other middle eastern flash points. Now if it could be regulated on a spectrum the Solar thermostat would bring a degree of control on global temperatures. The earth has grown by about twenty six miles and it is not an even growth but is localised from the pacific and is affecting India land masses, while it has offset the orbit of the planet enough to effect the seasons as heat expands and cold retracts and exposed and vulnerable areas are taking the heat directly.


If there was a floating structure above the equatorial region only over the affected areas then the excess heat could produce energy to power a station and say if the panels were made up from rows of irises to open and close singly and in groups to affect the direct affect of uninterrupted light on the equatorial region. Or if the screen was light reactive it would have no moving parts needing less maintenance. This may even help with the effects on the storm tracks in China and southern America storm tracks right up to the eastern coast and New York. If the whole device was transparent or just the panels the object could be a rayban or sun glasses for the globe. To mimic the icon with the world smiling in its sunglasses. The extents from the central device could handle the areas of the reflectors to focus the off central area to sea filled reservoirs. These have to have two reflectors one reflecting to back to a directional focused one to direct it to a desired location and they would have to be able to be brought online when needed. This could refocus the heat to a selected site for heating water for steam turbines and the cooled water is recycled as drinking water making a desalination tool a natural and freely available second bite of the apple. This could further aid the restoration of abandoned land and desert regions and areas.


This is a legitimate and natural point to discuss space programs that are not as Patrick Moore wished a galaxy wide start trek style jaunt to see what's out there. More of a local thermostat production and energy production inner space development. This will bring into line a program for an off planet staging post to allow mining of the moon. Better than using up to much fuel in lifting off from here to mine there. So a very good taxi system could be a shuttle based turnaround for engineers on a fully automated mining unit, after all who would want to be the idiot maintenance man with no friends to live there to keep emergencies down to a trickle. No way hose a build better from the engineers of the new world that are producing the first developments of the driver less car. A shuttle can get a crew there in a few days as the ores get stored the job is done and the team can get back to life. After all the purpose of life is to live, the needs of the day are that systems must continue effectively and efficiently or it causes little fevers to spread.


All sounding like science fiction then consider space travel, submarines and the tech in your pockets, look at the first televisions of only a few decades ago to the modern day flat screens and high definition units as a start point this is big enough to get man into the position of controlling his environment better but it will take an enormous workforce and the third world has its place in the picture so elitism and conflict and competition is not against each other but a case of who gets their bit done on schedule and to the correct spec and tell the accountants this. One money was made from wealth in the days of the paper economy it became a debt driven thing eliminating the core wealth that it came from and it will eventually become a credit based system that accounts for keeping people alive and connected in a global project for the betterment of mankind's only known home. So are we finally getting fit enough to heal the planet or do we keep up with the sticking plaster approach to the problem.


A final point to take into account is the world has handled tropical conditions and ice ages in its history and has managed cold storage of water in ice deposits in the cold periods and cloud storage of water in the warmer phases, but the population of the planet was not as great as it is today, but with the technological advances at our disposal and a ready workforce to counter the effects it is not out of our scope to at least try to find a modern day solution for this hereditary problem. It is also worth noting that the growth of the spinning ball of dirt may well have destabilised the elliptical orbit around the sun to the point that has changed the seasons irreversibly.

The World of Consciousness.
White Cube
Runic Cubed
A Bright Sparks View.

In the early days of man when we were a really tribal world consciousness was found in small groupings across the globe. This had a world wide comparative relationship best shown by the development of similar concepts and understandings, even though before the advent of the time of the horse most travel was achieved by beasts of burden, oxen and cattle primarily. These small and often isolated regions like the Aztec and the Egyptians developed a pyramid culture one as huge monuments to kings and rulers while the other used their sacrificially or so science tells us. Stars were plotted by even more primitive civilisations and even the dog star was know to some tribal settlements. The agricultural and construction methods varied but were all closely related. Great advancements only really started when metal was first worked. Bringing greater advancements in weapons and tools and as trade and the development of the use of horses and the need for carts or wagons allowed for a greater volume of traffic and trade, with advent of shipping opening up intercontinental relations and the formation of treaties and exchanges in development skills.


Early consciousness and development was pocketed in the outset by being dispersed in localised groups and tribes, but development followed classic logical lines for tools, clothes, goods and shelter, the logical approach was developed from this and it was universally adopted throughout the globes scattered regions. Food was roasted, or on flat hot slate or stone, boiled or raw and that was cooking it took ages for culinary development to get up to mixing and grinding grass seeds for flour. Pragmatism is still the no nonsense approach to getting things done. In various settlements intelligence took leaps and insights started to produce small wonders not the least is the ubiquitous wheel. But great advancements still eluded the collective. Metal weapons and the horse gave the world a martial slant to life on the old ball of dirt to the extent that, the idea of the big ball being really small defied current thinking as empires began to expand and to collapse and wither with time. Knowledge was a trusted tool in every form of development and progress was its first child in man’s hands.


The ideal of getting around the globe was inhibited by the available transportation devices, carts, chariots and just riding limited the horizons of all early empire builders. The years that it took for the Ottoman empire and for Alexander to reach the limits of conquest made growth over consolidation a heavy price to pay and so despotic declines were pretty common back in the mother country while the front line moved ever farther from the motherland.


Intelligence and knowledge were stored down through the ages in scrolls then books and the oral tradition meant that as conquering forces laid waste to towns and civilisations the suffered no better fate than the library at Alexandria. Wisdom was secular and had religious and philosophical roots that kept out of the pragmatic development of logical applications, and was tailored to society and the personal arenas.


Knowledge for its own sake becomes a tool that is still one of the greatest secularising devices since Adam tried the tasty Eden fruit. Wisdom has had a less than great start by comparison to knowledge, the main consciousness tools for them are logic for knowledge with a tempered reasoning of material, processes and the inherent wisdom of hindsight. Wisdom the apparent ability rationalise giving rise to contemplation and thinking before acting because of the nature of the subject or the delicacy of the situation or the cost of the resources and materials all the way up to the almost mythical ability to make great leaps of insight and perception to gain understanding. Almost like; ‘If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh, the heart of understanding lets them both mesh’. The reasoning centrers of the mind when first initiated in an unprepared person can have various kinds of effects from irrational perceptions stretching to wrong conclusions or latching onto suppressed urges or unnatural tendencies. The more positive aspects are the development of artistic ability and the use of rhyme and reasons lover, poetry.


With just a purely logical world developed from the maxim ‘the survival of the fittest’ and man would surely have developed into his own worst manifestation of his own incarnate evil. If contest or competition is kept as the central core of society then it will parallel that course as surely as f it was taken by design. The only person anyone can ever compete against and gain from the experience is against the last best effort you made or achieved against yourself, to improve is to compete against your own previous limitations.


With just a purely logical world developed from the maxim ‘the survival of the fittest’ and man would surely have developed into his own worst manifestation of his own incarnate evil. If contest or competition is kept as the central core of society then it will parallel that course as surely as f it was taken by design. The only person anyone can ever compete against and gain from the experience is against the last best effort you made or achieved against yourself, to improve is to compete against your own previous limitations.


The reasoning capacity of consciousness is like the right handed man’s left hand side, or vice versa. The current flavour of man has developed from the reactionary punk generation that spat on the hippy love children’s daydreams and started the subversive trends that we see prevalent in the modern psyche of the fourth generation removed from the Eden ideal. The first place to suffer was the terrain of the comedian from early bawdy gusts to the new age comic like Ben Elton, with motor mouth rhetoric and snappy observations. The old style comedian has taken a bashing in the face of this black development. All forms of PC correctness have slithered out of that mire of introspective bile and its children have infected the psyche of the next four generations. If like me you dropped out before it began and only caught up with it again two generations later it is a culture shock as to what has happened to people, humour and relationships

For reason to get back on track a sort of metaphoric-le boot camp it is necessary for the fourth generation removed to set down a new precedent for the return to reason. A balanced education that incorporates the Arts and the Sciences still is the best starter platform for schools to begin with. We have lost our way on the track of the anti hero, the social misfit, the nerds and the geeks on the right side of the divide. The worst ones are the left hand divide the sociopaths and where bitterness and/or disappointment have twisted the personality creating a perversion of normal growth that is fuelled from our brutal genetic heritage or lineage .


The new rational that is beginning to become a valid part of the current trends in rhetoric is a start in the right direction. The fear stirring is still going on but there is a glint of a new awareness starting to show, consensus is being bandied about by politicians and it is the right word for any self respecting politician to start from before he bandies about speculate 70,000 troops to validate his personal or party choices in any matter. The old rule of check your information three ways (sources) into the next day before you bandy about speculations and quick observations from people with vested interests.


The last port of call for this wordy tomb is the idea that industry and the army are in the schools catching them young. Well the majority of the human herd is still the mechanistic, stable mind, balanced emotions (emotionally well nourished) and a healthy body, but with childhood obesity hitting the numbers that it is hitting the designers of the educational establishments are missing their mark on all three fronts. This is a worry in a so called modern day development of mankind.


Consciousness has begun to peek and and the peeks are again secular and removed, the herd as a rule are incapacitated and under pressure to fail by design. Not exactly a good environment for progress now is it guys. Just like the early civilisations the knowledge is used more at the top of the secular trees than at the root in the mud level. The wisdom of the ancient ages and the current rational that has been limping along without any clear wisdom for the times, the sciences, man and his society has only just been doing a serviceable job or a patch it up if it breaks policy, which is only ever the best of a bad job or the lesser of two evils. Contemplation and model testing is necessary for a first stage development but where do you go from here so far from the beaten track.


The general dumbing down of consciousness has still managed to raise the savvy of the race of man, our knowing is still growing even as our comprehension has slipped. With all of the density of consciousness hogging one half of the planet it is amazing the world has not tipped over with the imbalance.

How far does the Apple fall.
Runic Cubed
Runic Cubed
The Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Man’s drive to master the known physical universe is already being sidetracked by the black and white brigade as they pursue their ideal in a relentless drive towards our own eventual destruction. If the world of man is brought back to a good and evil scenario then this will ultimately converge at a point of resolution, and that will take the form of only one of two possible outcomes for the long term lineage of the inheritance of the genetics of the body to its generations in a final conflict (as one side will be all or nothing) or a marriage of convenience and the subordination of the loser.


If however man can assimilate the value of looking at things in a spectrum or range then there is still some hope for us. If instead of two kinds of being there are races, creeds and kinds, then there is hope. The biblical seven days and the rainbow and the harmonies of being and living in this unknown universe for an emerging sentient species of man will endorse the development of innate wisdom instead of just a mechanistic approach to life. If logic is the bones of this world in the form of its sciences and technologies and its marvels of engineering, then reason is the flesh of society and its moral bases, its caring functions, its arts and culture. But the world of tomorrow man is the fruit of our understanding and wisdom to mediate our present journey away from the precipice of the abyss, to steer a course towards a better horizon.


Science has already found that materials are at best a trade-off with a swings and roundabouts set of outcomes that always demand a trade-off or compromise, no matter what the sales hype for the new technological age is, we are still not seeing any new materials that can help with the next necessary developments. It will prove as it has in the past to be bound by the feet of clay that this environment is made up from. So a new plateau is about to be reached with social devices and transportation, engineering and technical goods. The oceans and space are still the new frontier that without investment has seen financial backing taking a step back as each previous horizon has been met. Indicating that a purely monetary driven society has nearly run its course and for further advancement. A world resource management body needs to be built with the power of veto over developers on non renewable resources and that development, study and research will not be inhibited by monetary concerns. But there is still one area that needs to be left till a better foresight and insight is developed in man collective perceptions, and that is coal reserves left till they are really needed after the wake of our current monetary drive has run its course. And that oil should be used only for industry is fast becoming a valid point, even in the face of vast finds it will take that long to level the tech platforming at its approaching hiatus. And for new dimensions to open to the closed mindset of the mechanistic manipulators of the day. You can almost hear the clichés as you read, right boys thanks well take it from here.


The real purpose of life itself is only now becoming apparent with the mapping of the human genome, and as the financial rewards system tries to get into the genetic revolution with splicing and gene therapy it is apparent that any cloning and splicing will only stop the natural inheritance and arrest it at that one point in time. A cosmetic fix at best, the recessives and skipped generations all show it is a futile and at best a salve for the vain.


The hardware is now mapped, no spiritual doctrine or religious body can present a viable mapping for the software the ghost in the machine. The reincarnationists have understood but a small part of the picture and are tied into ancient views of the tree of life. The modern day drive to eradicate emotion from the mix is proving that it will only be useful for the mechanistic man. Mind, Body and Spirit, without the pen that writes the changes is a toy and no more. The enlightening experience is a valid point from the self realisation tool kit but without understanding the eureka moment and its ability to upgrade the consciousness as the emotions re-write the physical instinctive mapping is like using a modern operating system on an old 286 machine, about as capable as a seventies scientific calculator. When you really need the latest hot rod body for the software not just any old clapped out car will do for the new path ahead. So without the ability to update the genetics as we progress we are not passing on the benefits of experience. That of course is the bottom up development a from the groundings to the palisades in the nut and bold construct of mankind and we have it finally mapped, well the obvious bits anyway from the record books of the observational record keepers.


To upgrade the machine to the best that it can be is to try to defeat the recessives that delimit the carcass to the animus. To upgrade the software or consciousness without the better machine is making a consciousness cripple. Or is it all just a matter of character and having the override keys. Some consciousnesses can overcome the delimitation’s and engage a full body upgrade to its genetic maximum specifications at the maturation point, if the consciousness heritage is instigated in that life. This ascension point cannot be jury rigged, circumvented or defeated, and just switching pairings on and off or even splicing can only ever produce one hit wonders and will not affect the evolving consciousness, this is at best good for the body only one quarter of the make-up of the entirety of being. This is a top down development for the full awakened state of man and was designed with this environment in mind before the body was made. The main lesson that should be taken from the story of Adam and Eve is that the environment was made before the body was made from the materials that were placed here. And both the reincarnation system and the DNA heritage point of view can well be echoed in the ‘Sins of the fathers’ statement. Congenital defects, emotional dispositions and psychological deficiencies. So begins the search for the unknown potential that can extend consciousness at the maturation point or ascension override the limitations of the genus or type and upgrading the model to the lineage maximum, this is the best start for the further journey still yet to be made. The modern lifestyle is triggering latents to override the full body limitations to the Brahman level of mastery. Otherwise you will plod along using your old dos system on your old 286 brick of a machine that is no better than a big calculator.


Given that science has yet to add a couple of primary disciplines to the mix it may well take the mechanistic plodding man another six to seven thousand years to complete life's process. However there are a few areas that are not on any library list for course reading, that are evolved from the live debates, the private study and bought books so looking in libraries will not always deliver the knowledge you thought you could glean from getting a library history for a supposed great mind, all you will see without their private library is the global footsteps and not the inroads they made, the debates that influenced them and informed their knowledge to better than established thinking practices. Modern day gurus do not come any cheaper than the wisest minds in the current times, so be prepared to pay and to pay attention and then to pay your dues to see the practice through, it takes sixteen to twenty one years for some types to reach the maturation point, some conscious reincarnates can achieve leaps of insight and growth spurts that push the early ascension point to an even younger age the spate of child prodigies are a case in point for this proposition.


The life experience avatar that the delimited genetics are made from, are on a renewal program that is also called the wheel, because life was on a thirty five to forty something expectation cycle. The life experience distilled into the genetic lineage was nominal at best but the modern day expectation getting back on track to the biblical four score and ten will enable with the present levels of achieved understanding through knowledge and is just lacking the wisdom to take up the second position as the matched pair chariot prancers that convey the consciousness charioteer that balances logic and reason to take the experiential being to new and as yet uncharted heights of understanding.


Some of the lifestyles of modern man are causing sporadic full cell regenerations without the substance to see the process through and so the aggressive cellular rewrites are being arrested causing what is know as cancer in the modern day medical parlance. Without the substance to engage the rewrite and the outcome of re-engineering the new emotional body the update process gets locked into a local and this is why testicular and cervical are on the lower edge as the genetic rewrite as this is the updater for the direct lineage being held off at the genetic maximum for the reasoning lacking being. The full body stage of the process usually crashes on the internal organs and the skin.


Rights of passage and ascension rights are no longer taught or handed down and a watered down new philosophical ego based naval gazing process and new age spiritualisms are the cheep modern day alternative to instilling wisdoms maturity into the being for the update process. The problem is that it takes conscious intent and an applicable process to establish these if the inherent consciousness is not mature enough to take the body off the wheel entirely and into extended life.


Imagine a process that upgrades the lungs to better capacity, that makes the heart more durable and robust, that effectively extends the delimited genetics to greater health, with a better immune system and overrides the quick repair system that leaves scars and enforces full cellular healing and complete restoration. Half the picture is only half of the story. There is no quick fix solution and there is no easy road but that doesn’t mean abandoning the journey because the terrain is unmapped and looks like rough ground. Nothing that is worthwhile is easy, no pain no gain is a matter of how hard a discipline you use to motivate yourself and keep you on track. This is not a journey for the day tripper on a journey or for the people that fancy a change it requires more than the average being is born with to get to any of the way stations on the path out of the genetic jail we are born into.

Quinies and Loons.
George Square 2014
Clan Scotland
The Mythical Cracks Appear On Schedule.

The Oddest thing that has to be the biggest irony the British nation has ever had to face is not on any schedule, list or agenda. And this little known fact could well cause considerable mirth and frivolity north of the border. Now is that crack a sign from the almighty over the great divide in the Highlander lowlanders schism. Now now stop cackling to yerselves its just not polite. But all joking aside awe well what the hell infer a penny in fir a poond.


Some time ago in the history of the mainland archipelago island in the once great British isles the divide was once a northern catholic nation with its own royal lineage and an aggressive envious southern divide that was invaded by German protestants. To illustrate this it is best seen as Catholics produced a sturdy female lineage also known as a matriarchy, while the southern cousins produced a patriarchy or good male line. Then to consolidate a union one Scottish king was welcomed into the southern lineage, an isn't it funny in this day and age when we can look back in time to look at effective lineages to when kings were so bad in the lineage that they were discarded in any old car park and left to rot. It has a further point of irony when you realise that the strongest and best rulers of the line have all been women. Hmmmmmm begs the question doesn't it. Fae a nation of quinies that sent 100 tae Kay Adams, where are the 100 men then, ow aye nae pittin yer heed above the parapit then, is that feet a hear shufflin and is that the humble as the mumble as they fumble the baw, jist on paper then.


And could that be why the bridge is cracking up at the irony. Just as a matter of interest has anyone had a selfy with this mythical crack. Jist askin so am ir jist askin min keep the heed the baws comin get ready fir it.

FIFA Las Vagas.
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Evangelising The World.

The present evangelical zeal that is trying to galvanise the investment in the seed of mankind’s supposed greater good since the beginning of Christianity, Buddhism, Zen and their comparative martyrs and gurus first instructions to the tribe of man, is now marshalling its forces in the present day advance of the righteous brotherhood of modern day man as he begins the full enlistment process to recruit the hopeful to the cause of a better world for a supposed better people.


The inescapable drive for a descent and responsible world fly’s in the face of the numbers from the self-interested, the sheer amount of corruption is not only a world-wide virus of being, but the very nature of society endorses or enforces by circumstances, protocols and the layers of the pyramid of its vaulted heights insists on it remaining that way. If a study could be done on the choices that people make in tense or tough situations to gauge what the disposition of the average person is, would it favour self-interest, altruism or just reflect the real corrupt training from the environment. In this illicit environment could you in the light of the Chilcot time span, the FIFA sidesteps, or even the mythical search for the Western born children of the Taliban the present incarnation of Evil ISIL. This brings us back to the corporate lies in the form of the Volkswagen software riggers of the modern day incarnation of the brothers of Joseph’s children as they persecute and Harrie the righteous and worthy with their schemes for profit chasing and market share defending policies of the self-interested as they try to preserve their stakes in their markets and products. Well it must be that the present day priesthood of the legalese and legitimate claimers that is still underpinning all their endeavours and are still the highest financial drain on legitimate enterprise.


The quest to have a world that is governed by the exchange from day to-night still see itself as the righteous sons of the worthy cause. Ignoring the very facts of nature and the physics of the known universe still seems to fly in the face of the established facts of mankind and his supposed better nature. Oh yeah just show me the money honey, just what are the facts and figures here and please show us your working out in the margins or footnotes, only provable fact can be allowed no more speculation or assumed rights of the presumed consensus if you please. Expert witnessesand using everybody know is no longer acceptable either.

After The Mapping.
White Cubed
Runic Tree
An Avatar Approach.

What effect does the bodies genetic predispositions have in the current view of reincarnation. It is well understood from the viewpoint of the traditional reincarnates. The souls progress is seen to be all about the experiential point of view, that the soul will grow from directly experiencing life at the sharp end of existence. This viewpoint of reincarnation takes into account that life is on an eternally renewing spin cycle for the development of understanding and wisdom gained over many generations. The Buddhist concept that souls have no control over the ability to choose the lineage they will be born into, which the traditional search and the testing of the ‘Deli’ lama, clearly demonstrates. The main theme of the current understanding of reincarnation sees the body and its limitations or enhancements, its lineage and recessive’s as simply the karma for the particular soul itself. This helps to further extend the current understanding that the soul is being characteristically developed by experience. It is good to remember that your ‘self’ and all of your investment in it, experience, understanding, character and even personality if certain ghost stories have any validity is all that you can take with you from your current incarnation or life. No material thing will leave this realm with you, this is the strongest argument for the case as it stands to date.


The main understanding from the current thinking on reincarnation and the idea of the wheel of life is that souls are born into the world and then die to be reborn again. If the body being born into has a certain genetic predisposition for health and well being then the souls experiences will be well privileged and only circumstances and poor development (waste) can inhibit or enhance the experience. If the body that is being developed has certain recessive’s, in the form of illnesses disabilities then the souls progress is taken to task for sufferance through illness or disability to grow the dispositions to overcome hardship and limitations to experience difficulties and to either develop endurance and grow to a fuller understanding from the experiential point of being. Or adversely to experience the situation in a purely negative fashion depending on the development of the incarnate soul. So suffering is seen as a process for the souls development. That overcoming it is simply just one of the two experiential points of view concerning the situation itself. Physical disability is seen as a necessary experiential point for an incarnate soul to endure in either sufferance to build the will necessary to endure or overcome the physical limitations of genetics. Emotional and mental incapacity is also seen as having the same point of either endurance of the condition or to overcome the limitations of it as their spectrum of experience allows, so from sufferance at the base level of the spectrum of character to the suffer in silence point of placid acceptance, right up through the acceptance, denial and endeavour traits of living with the condition through to the immature blamer and complainer to the stoic point of character that never shows any weakness and takes it all on the chin depending on how many lives the soul has lived, are the valid states of character or lack of it for the immature soul. The direct memory of any of the previous lives is inhibited when the souls is cast outside a continuous lineage, it is interesting to note that some reincarnates that died in sudden or horrendous ways has been seen as why some children have displayed knowledge of dying or having lived before which usually passes by the age of five (there are always exceptions in an imperfect state) and is usually dismissed by the parents as the active imagination of the child acting out. The church used baptism to cleanse any disturbed souls as they were seen to christen the consciousness into the present body by their new given name in the name of the godhead. So the soul is settled into the new life and ready to start this incarnations progress on the wheel. Stopping any hell born from sneaking out of the fiery pit no doubt. The reincarnation spin cycle will over the lineage of a particular genetic lineage develop a souls predisposition. The characteristic types on that spectrum only serve to reflect the state of the incarnates developmental progress.


The genetic enhancements of good health and well-being are experienced as an advantage or disadvantage that will affect the development point of being. The genetic disabilities of physical handicap and disability are for the soul to gain a fuller understanding of characteristic development. The same is also true for the emotional and mental faculties of the incarnated being all empowering or delimiting the spiritual disposition and resolve of the individual. Wealth and advantage are again just an experiential development process for the particular incarnation. The fact that karma is a balances and checks system that is used to level the processes of necessary developments left to experience or to delimit the character because of any unbalanced predispositions weighing down the advancement in a psychic mire. The weary soul that does not start to comprehend the processes of life and wearies at the seemingly senseless and randomness of life at the sharp edge. Will be more prone to suffering and may even unbalance the conscious state or affect the emotional well-being in an adverse manner. It does sort of beg the question that if consciousness is the core of the soul as the body is a physical mass to inhabit then does consciousness have to experience all of conscious life, animal, flora and then up the sentient trail to benign sentience. Then it will take forever on the wheel by sheer will and application alone lending the whole concept more into the realms of the scientific point of view with millions of years or millennia to be proven against, rather than the seven-day eventists view of a magical sweep of a deities hand. Unless the world and its timeline was a virtual creation all detailed and tagged over time from beginning to end like a 3D environment has a timeline for access and each object has a database of parts materials etc and the deity just placed the creation point at day one, had an avatar and walked the pathways of the virtual reality before committing it to run. for the first seven days to creat the necessary environment for a stable matrix to start from. Allowing the random startup or selected startup of available self-aware types to be imbedded in matter to experience the reality of being first person POV.


In a nut shell that is the established considerations of the reincarnation process as opposed to the idea of the immortal soul as seen by the religious bodies of the established world. They postulate that the soul is cast into the physical dimensions from a lineage of the first man, the notion of the ‘Adam’ is, that the raw inexperienced soul is set into a state of paradise from which the inexperienced soul is by default cast out into the inhospitable world of chaos. The downfall from paradise is a predictable outcome given the souls inexperience and ignorance in the well provided paradise and with an uneducated ego at its base, the inevitable fall was the only outcome from such a virginal and innocent state of being. The religious view that the soul is travelling the world of experience to regain the character to be fit for paradise is the unstated script of most god head religions, earning its way back to paradise. The notion that a single creator made the environment before planting the seed or creating the first man has similar analogies in the making of the nest or lair before the delivery of the brood, litter or clutch into the nursery, this has a parallel in the parables that have managed to evade the comparison in any religious tenets has until now largely gone unnoticed. The prodigal or lost soul on its way back to the original souls home. But life when you leave the nest hardly ever brings a comparable substitute home to the life that journeys the pathways of the world.


The assumed fact that a souls incarnation will have to take into account productive and unproductive states of being to fully comprehend the extent of experiential understanding that is needed. Has its roots in the concept that there are four distinct states of manifest being in the stable of mankind. The Male state of being that is encapsulated as the dominant state of mankind and this historic dominator uses his position for the access to breeding females and food and shelter, which is all very primitive but no less pertinent, no seed no cycle. The women of the clan have been subjugated by spiritual, financial and social circumstances and practices, even physical domination practices like binding feet takes the process all the way back to the earliest dates for this kind of behaviour in so called civilised man’s dominions and communities. With the advent of sciences viewpoint that make up the necessary pairing for the breeders of the clan of man, this subjugation has ensured that women are tied into a social structure for the breeding program for the continuance of the tribe. That leaves the non breeding state of the socially included helpers that are not sexually active even called mules or societies aunts and uncles. The state of being that is a non breeding particle in the model that is sexually active and is attracted to its own gender make up the fourth quadrant in the group inclusion of mankind’s socially understood dynamics. The reincarnating soul will have to directly experience all of these perceptions of personal points of view by at least living it once, or will be there in sufferance till a rational is struck for comprehension to grow. The state of consciousness as it experiences and grows has to be likend to the software in the machine (body) and that it is effectively upgraded and improved or delimited by the experiences of the particular incarnation.


The complete picture of the reincarnationists view does not state that the final journey is towards a reconciliation with a deity, but that life has a purpose over time for the souls sojourn from the blackness of ignorance to the enlightened state of benign sentience. This is all from the standpoint of the souls progress from the experiential point of being and so far implicates environment as tutor, container or even prison for the duration or a repeat till comprehension is achieved on the spin cycle of reincarnate life, when a point of ascension is achieved and the transcendent soul is taken off the life eternally renewing itself on the established view of the wheel into the life eternal state of blissful being. Life Eternal. Not to dissimilar to the notion of the prodigal sons return to paradise lost, for the religious bodies of the world with their fall and return philosophy for spiritual being. The idea of a successful lineage of ascended souls that remain here incarnate as they please to oversee the process of the wheel is very enticing considering that both spiritual philosophies beg the question that the environment was made first before the march of consciousness began the journey out of the base matter and ignorance or innocence of the first state to the ascended and beneficent or benign sentience. The idea that an Indian Brahman is reputed to create a body for use and to dismiss it when it has served its purpose adds further to this theory.


Now we come to mechanistic man and his viewpoint that the physicality of being and the mind is all that there is has at its central core the DNA base for all beings. This religiously held belief that man is the sum of his chemistry his genetic lineage and experience is all that exist and except for the intellectual viewpoint of philosophy. That mind and body and its necessary ‘well being’ are all that constitute the parts that are considered to be the properties in the make up of a human being. The idea of a soul has largely be dismissed as emotional delusions or the necessary devices for to allow a deprived state of being the useful crutch to lean on to get through a debilitated existence. So speaks the materialistic and mechanistic man with his house of science with its viewpoint of being concerning the material world and it’s make-up, from the standpoint of the sciences, engineering, psychology and philosophy to draw on for their data and relative understanding. With comparative religion coming pretty far down the list for pragmatic materialistic man with a fixed focus on the immediate and limited spectrum of historically established and provable observations and testing data to draw on for any form of validation. So as the genome is now mapped and science spends its time switching and splicing, the proof of this having a lasting effect on a lineage will require maybe a five hundred year study to see if unexpected recesives inhibit and are behind the skipped generation probability. It is becoming clearer that certain characteristics are passed on in a lineage, the argument for selective breeding is a case in point for the ascended souls theory and even that ‘Mammon’s’ realm serves a higher order and needs policing is an equal point to note.


There is an old saying that states if you have a problem that requires a solution then you have only the facilities and resources available to you as well as your life experience to draw on before you might have to ask for assistance to get a resolution to the problem you need to resolve. It has been established over time that if you ask a carpenter for a solution to your problem, then carpentry will be used as the base to deliver your solution. If you ask a metal worker for a solution to your problem then you will get a smiths or a steel erectors solution to your problem, if you ask a builder that covers all of the disciplines for building structures and creating habitats then you will get a builders solution and finally if you ask a lawyer for a solution you will end up tied up in litigation and they will own your goods till you make restitution for their services. The solution will always grow out of the discipline of the guru and will be delimited by their experience and knowledge, so careful what you ask for may just have an equal point in careful who you ask for what you need, you may just get their best to date model delivered instead of the all time all sing and dancing polished and tried and tested solution any hard pressed buyer wants for their hard earned, with all of the usual set of neurotic need for getting all of the guarantees they can and in writing or on contract would be better if you pretty please.


In all of the sciences you have the same problem with asking for an answer to a non physical problem or anomaly in life it will first of all be identified into a particular discipline and then a solution will be concocted to suit the budget they will require you to pay them to use to get you your solution. It will either have to be square pegged into one of their established round holes or they will have to develop a new discipline to get that all elusive solution. The radium spectrum, the electromagnetic, the light spectrum will all be tested against the philosophical implications of the unknown area and all perceived repeatable and provable test cases will be reviewed and tested against the anomaly. When this only proves that the new problem or area for consideration are seen as being outside of their fields of knowledge or experience then they will return a verdict of ‘outside of our field of experience or knowledge’ and that will as history has proven be the end of your enquiry with that particular set of experts.


The limitation of the present set of knowledge bases that the established experts in all of the sciences have to draw on relies on repeatability and provability. This really limits the enhanced understanding of the third area of the definition of being namely the spiritual or as they like to euphemise it into the state of ‘well being’ or even its to pragmatic area of philosophy or psychology with its much maligned poorer cousin parapsychology. This merry go round has been in place because the established view of being that comes from the ancient concept of mankind has three constituent parts, Mind, Body and Spirit. The emotional nature has so far been ostracised as being beneath the notice of the sciences except where problems from this disapproved of point of experience has caused problems in the mainstream of society, disruption and chaos are still seen as the main offspring from this tacky and ill thought of and often inconsequential transient state of experience. The main problem with emotional behaviour is no two people express the same emotional responses to similar or even exactingly alike circumstances. The emotionally driven are easily overcome as history has proven just ply them with drink and stand back and watch the fallout. Drink and emotions do not mix ask any late night weekend medical person on A&E workloads in inner city modern man’s domains, any continent or any country ‘No’ but that’s another story and needs some finger pointing.


The main problem with such a long term cycle of non progress in an area that has had such historic and thorough testing must eventually raise the question that something is missing in the quantifier and not in the results. It sort of further begs the question that after several millennium of chasing its tail the observational record keepers still have not identified the area of lack in their own perceptions and insights, that formed their earliest definitions into the manifest state of being that is the collective known as mankind. So how to quantify an area without an established scale to define its range, how do you comprehend its qualities and quantities without a set of definitions to test them against. When the whole area has been categorised under the headings of problematic, self delusional, personal interpretive experiences based on personal philosophy or spiritual doctrines. The problem areas are again compounded by traditional spiritual schools of thinking, established views on the various states of mental and emotional imbalance That is psychosis and neurosis to you and me. Psychosis at the worst end of the spectrum is seen as pathological and at the benign and ends as being antisocial tendencies or the area of the dependent characteristic traits that require the attentions of a carer, OCD and autism and aspergers to name but three. The neurosis at its worst end of the spectrum has roots in emotionally imbalanced, the traditional cannon fodder of the old mental institutions of the old Victorian era their solution was to shut it away and deny all responsibility, and if anyone wants to study or experiment then keep that behind impenetrable walls of silence and denial. Words like schizophrenia and even just plain old disturbed are still the established banners that are at the head of this tacky class definitions for the emotionally unbalanced or psychological impaired. The modern day terms for the middle ground are still depression and paranoia.


This is the modern day triage ward of the resurrectionists point of view of sufferance. The mind that cannot process just simply in logic has trouble relating and nationalising not only to their world, its meaning or even what they feel they should be doing or experiencing in life. The incarnationists would just view that as the souls journey to come to terms with suffering and is only one incarnation on the wheel as it builds up experience in its eternal journey. But for the sciences this is a placation tool to a dependent characteristic that needs an emotional crutch to lean on in a world with a whole definition of being about to leave the full spectrum of understanding or comprehension.


Now with the mapping of the human genome man is again at the threshold of identifying its known areas of being with its current research into gene splicing and manipulation to improve the physical state of a single incarnation of life from a particular genetic lineage or branch of life. The whole idea of recessive’s seems to have escaped their notice as the fountain of eternal youth followers and funders will find out that you can affect a certain line or branch for a few generations but the unidentified recessive’s and incidental ones will turn the whole thing around again in just a few generations, but don’t let that stop them from fleecing and greasing the gullible to further fund research, after all that which cannot perceive with insight must take notes and test till destruction to glean understanding from data into knowledge, shame they cannot just look at the mapping, see with perceptions insight and comprehension and just see the golden thread and know, as just simply knowing is frowned on by the discipline as being an esoteric science if not an out-and-out black art in its own right. This intuitional approach to perception with insight, makes a leap of comprehension with limited data to an inescapable conclusion from genetic level of experiential understanding from some genetic lineages, sometimes refered to in the old vernacular as old-fashioned wisdom. Still a hotbed of untested, insupportable and even crank or from the realms of the old Dr Snake Oil reservation for getting the punters silver dollars. This brings us to the great store of locked in knowledge in certain lineages that is outside of the reach of conventional wisdom and study to access. The present system of knowledge and understanding that has, relied on the observationalist record keepers point of view of so called dispassionate testing and quantifying more commonly known as the ‘scientific method’ traditionally shies away from emotive statements and declarations, that would undermine their standing within their own realm and their relative peer groups credibility ratings on the world-wide stage.


The dilemma is not being able to quantify the emotive, spiritual, consciousness itself as they are all to often regarded as being more in the realms of the superstitious or even hysterical point of view of the inner states of being. Wouldn’t it be good to have a comprehensive map for that area of being that is as useful to the perception process as a DNA mapping is for the material makeup of the host body is. One for their Christmas list then, they be like ….. ‘Dear Santa just as soon as you can pretty pretty please, RSVP the Blind leading the blind’.


What if all that was wrong with them was that they think too pragmatically, the human genome passes on more than just physical characteristics it also lends credence to a lineage passing on certain instinctive knowledge, and others display some traits from that old worrying intuitional level of being with perceptions and insights and a certain level of innate wisdom to some of its current descendants, plus or minus the occasional skipped generations and clashing recessive’s of course. This brings us to the lineages that have the elusive perceptual faculties and predispositions towards the creative aspects of mind, imagination and insight. This of course begs the question where one, two or all of these faculties show up, just in a lineage in varying degrees of capability, just what is the physical process and function that writes the DNA in a particular lineage, rewriting the DNA at the nuts and bolts level is simple and is in situ, but is there a complete body renewal process for the ascended. The mechanism is not obvious from the mapping, as the mapping is just a road map of the current specimen being observed, its chemistry and base parts. Well without understanding the use of recessive’s the answer to that may just lay outside the box for the logic heads.


The product of yet another gruelling process of by the numbers break it down to the tiniest details and get out the slide rules, the almanacs and consult the ancient lab gurus, as this current incarnation of experimentalists has passed the relevent cusp, and the primal point of true vision and understanding for immediate convenience of selling out their ideals for a grant or a subsidy by at least all the generations since the hippy daydreamers acid tripped a better future for mankind under the control freaks clause that they will own and retain all knowledge under their banners, so they just signed on the dotted line and each incarnation since has done exactly the sam’e thing since. So four or five generations adrift in the continuing flow of driving ignorance of experimentation as the next level of seekers all bought the conveniently available red pill from old establishment of Morpheus and so condemned each successive generation to miss out on the blue pill Neo experience for all time. No way back as the current crop is degraded and compromised to the exclusion of the development tools to get back on the bandwagon that has more than left the solar system of comprehension and is heading to the outer limits of the known universe. If only there was a wise person you could deal with if you could afford him.


The inheritors of the pampered children of the pampered children of the pampered children of the hippy day trippers as they all sold out and took the record deals, book deals and were institutionalised generation after generation till we are now in the diminished rights of the individual as the institution has asset stripped them of their rights in the name of convenience, all this from the radicle demonstrators of the fifties and sixties only showed the dinosaurs or concrete boys how to close the loopholes that inhibited their total control of the masses.


So to pose a final question as the reward for reading all the way to the end, what id the process that instructs changes into the instinctive nature of man, what is the process that instructs the eureka moment for the intuitional instructional set and finally what is it that instructs the changes to the inspirational point of consciousness, one physical update by the emotive pen of experience and two software upgraders that are outside of the box of the current observational record keepers, the keepers of the mapping of the physicality of being. Answers on a GBP 200 million pound note and ……….. or you could just ask someone who ‘knows’. After all if you have a start point and a probable conclusion then the stages should be easy to road map for such educated people with big pieces of paper after their names that are really just someone's opinion of their so called brilliance.